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Author Topic: Approved Yinaya [ 09.03.2547 / Green Rider ]  (Read 3535 times)

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Yinaya [ 09.03.2547 / Green Rider ]
« on: May 10, 2016, 01:55:32 AM »

Play By:
Kyoko Fukada

First Name:
Yina, to those she's near and dear to. Aya, when she was in the Creche.
Date of Birth:
09.03.2547 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Prairie Wingrider
Nope. Not yet. Crafters beware.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Yina is a short, ever smiling woman. She doesn't quite look her age, as the turns have been kind to her, but her body is marked and marred by her run ins with thread. She reaches a modest 5'1" with a sturdy build despite the rations the riders have been put out. She's always been a bit of a handful, both physically and in personality. During the Pass, no one would've ever guessed she'd smile. Now that Thread has stopped falling, it's hard to guess the lines around her face aren't from smiling all the time.

She has naturally straight black hair that reaches her elbows that she often braids back for work with messily cut bangs she does herself. They're not quite even but she doesn't care, it leaves her hair out of her dark brown eyes.

When she's not in her riding gear, Yina is in weather appropriate attire or cut off shorts and a simple shirt. Whatever is available, she doesn't really care. The scars on her body and legs aren't something to be ashamed of. Though none of them are too bad, they're all from brief run ins from Thread and ruin the faint tanned look she might have otherwise. This leaves pinker areas of her body Thread-marked - especially along her back, shoulders, and legs - places exposed while she's riding her dragon.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
Yina was a drastically different person during the Pass than she is now. A Rider by necessity and circumstance, since she was Searched, she buckled down and did her best. Smiles were lost on this woman as she bore down into the role of a Rider and tried not to dwell too much as she watched her fellow Riders fall out of the sky around her.

It was a long pass. Because of the death, destruction, and the sheer toll it's taken on her, it's contributed heavily to her 'fuck it' attitude when it comes to things she doesn't want to do. Life is far too short and she is always looking for a reason to smile now that the sky is clear. It's almost like she's done a 180, trying to forget the Pass and live in the present.

Response to dragon color mutations:
She cares because she's curious. Yina didn't struggle and fight for Pern only for it all to fall apart now. So, ideally, she'd like everyone to get along. More importantly, she'd like everyone to stop living in the past and see what they can do to live in the now. If that means accepting crazy new things as they come, she can roll with the punches. Even if that happens to be a Black and Red dragon.

Who are you...

Likes: Crafters; because she's amazed at the vast amount of knowledge she missed out on fighting thread. She's a crafter at heart, a rider by necessity. She wants to find interesting and innovative ways that she and her dragon can be useful, and not just as hunters. They're better than that!

Fishing; she's gonna be the best damn fisher on dragon back you've ever seen. She'll shirk chores to figure this shit out and, one day, she'll figure out how to make a damn fishing net. Seriously, how the fuck do knots work and why are there so many different kind? Because she fumbles hard core with her fingers. She also thinks fish are adorable and has a hard time not just tossing them back in the ocean with a well meaning 'we'll get you next time!'

Having fun; Yinaya loves to smile, and laugh, and doesn't want to take life seriously now that she's survived the 9th pass. She's 40, for fuck's sake! She should be able to relax on the beach ( which she can't because it's full of snakes ) and bask in the sun ( which she doesn't really do, because then it's all hot and sweaty on the island ) but that's besides the point! Life is too short, now, to not find the little joys in it. Which is her goal now. She wants to find the parts of life she missed out on flying Thread for the last 23 turns. She sticks her nose in the crafting halls, she fishes near the fisher craft hall with her dragon, she bothers the brewers for alcohol, and she pesters her brother because the man needs to lighten up and realize that they're alive, on a piece of shit island that happened to survive too. Give her a fishing net to toy with, a cup of klah in the evening, or even some good company, and she's happy.

Dislikes: Putting herself in danger; she'll pretty much do whatever she has to in order to get out of it. While she adores her brother, she's not the sort to jump in the Jungle thinking being there will somehow save Y'vis. The exact opposite, really. She believes Y'vis is near invincible and she'll just get in the way and cause him undue worry.

The Jungle; Seriously. It's full of monsters. And it's hot, sticky, full of bugs, and mud... Why would anyone want to go in there?

Summer; Because she doesn't like sweating a lot through her leathers, she prefers the cooler months or, at best, swimming to cool off! Or why bother with riding gear at all? There isn't Thread about!

Monotonous drills; She's 40. Stop making her do the same shit over and over.


* OPTIMISTIC : She believes, fervently, that anyone who has survived the 9th Pass has every reason to smile for the new day they get to see. Ever the optimist since the start of the Interval, Yina is always trying find the good in everyone, everything, and every day. She wants to move forward and smile - not dwell on what's been lost or what's going wrong. She doesn't have time for that, not in her age.

* LOYAL : Yina cares for the weyr and the well being of people. Her loyalty to those that have proven themselves to her personally, runs hot and deep. Especially her brother and those like him, who have lived longer than her and fought harder for the life they have now. To her, that's all the more reason for them to enjoy what they have and not waste it.

* CURIOUS : Yinaya was a Rider by necessity, but she'll swear she's a crafter at heart. Something her dragon will usually agree with. Yinaya is always curious about what the craft halls are doing, what's being discovered by mountain, how to sew her own clothes, how to grow the new plants, and anything else any crafter is willing to take the time to explain to her. The woman's passion, however, is fishing. Mostly because it's something she and her dragon can do together. Having Rantasyth be as carefree in the water as Yina wishes to be while chasing after fish is a small job.

* ENERGETIC : She might be 40, but she can be as giddy as a newly appointed apprentice. Yinaya doesn't always act her age and has the energy and stamina to back up her bubbly, often over the top antics.

* STICKLER : No matter how silly, curious, or boisterous Yinaya may be, she is one to ensure whatever she does, she does it right. It comes from having drills burned into her brain, which were life and death. The same as taking care of her gear, her clothes, and her dragon. She might not have a lot, she might seem a slacker at times, but whatever this woman puts her mind or hand to, she does it correctly.


* FLIGHTY : Though she can be focused, Yinaya has a mission now to enjoy life. This means that things that used to be important to her during the Pass no longer hold priority in her life. Drills? Fuck'em. Her entire life was drills and thread and fighting for her life. Now she wants to explore the island, the crafts, and what life has to offer her. This desire to be everywhere and learn everything can make her seem flighty.

* DIFFERING PRIORITIES :  Has it been mentioned she has a problem with drills? And authority? Never in the Pass, when it was a life or death matter, but now during the Interval, Yinaya has quickly become a problem Wingrider and was swiftly shoved into Prairie for her stubborness when dealing with authority. She's been lashed several times for refusing to do drills before, after a discussion with Wingsecond K'rez, they came to an agreement where she was given extra work as punishment in the fisher hall.

* CRAFTER DESIRES : She doesn't care about firestone, she doesn't want to do drills, she doesn't care about Jungle Wing, or Beach Wing… Well, the fishing portion. Rather, she wants to bring the Riders into the craft halls. This means she's always trying to find ways to shirk or skip out on chores that aren't involved in the craft halls.

* IMMATURE : Yinaya can be downright childish with her family members - especially her brother Y'vis. She likes to push his buttons and can act like a spoiled brat. Rather uncharacteristic for her and can be quite annoying or unbecoming. She relies on him quite heavily and is quite dependent on his approval for nearly everything and this insecurity can make her revert to a very young mind set.

* COLD : There are a few times in which the 'old' Yinaya will come to surface. The Thread-fighting, Pass-worn woman has bouts of brutal, cold honesty. Where her smile vanishes and she can be, in a word, cruel. This side of her comes to light when she is driven to breaking points of anger or frustration. Generally not by authoritative figures, but rather, it must be a personal matter that sets her off.

Describe Yourself:

* Fun: While no one would say this about Yinaya during the 9th Pass, now that Thread is no longer falling, she tries to be as much apart of the party as she can be. Yinaya wants to enjoy the rest of her life as much as possible and tries to get her Brother to enjoy it too. This means she's ever smiling and doesn't take nearly anything too seriously.

* Crafty: Yinaya always manages to find herself in Crafthalls she probably shouldn't be, in classrooms during classes when no one quite knows how she got there, or playfully prodding people to get a rise out of them. She's exploring the island and trying to get to know people that she's not otherwise had a chance to talk to, which means she's likely to slip into a work room and sit next to a crafter to see what they're doing than not.

* Innovative: Yinaya sees no reason the damned riders can't help with more of the grunt work than they're allowed to do. They're already hunting. Why not let Riders join the fisher hall? Or any other craft? Rather than having them flap around in mindless drills. She's a progressive thinker and pretty open about it.

* Creative: Yinaya wants to work with the craft halls to see how she and her dragon can be more useful. This also means that she tries to be more involved in the crafters and try to see how her dragon can help. She'll be the first to volunteer for any crafter that wants to test dragon-wear or the like.

* Loving: She loves like the best of them and feels deeply. One doesn't live as long as she did without losing a lot or seeing a lot of death. She treasures those near and dear to her and is not shy about her affections. Life is too short to beat around the bush.

The Magic Touch:
She has probably got in a lot... a lot of trouble... for telling certain wingleaders to shove it while she goes off to do whatever she wants. Has her dragon been grounded since she's arrived at SWW? Probably. Does that phase her? No. They'll dance around the weyrbowl and fish. Seriously. She gives no shits. So she's probably been lashed before too. It's not that she's lazy - she just doesn't care for the traditional ways of doing things.

She's worked things out with K'rez since, but she can still be a stubborn wher.

Yina also never sits still. She's always fiddling with her hands, swaying in place, or bouncing her foot. Something to stay moving. Most of the time she's not even aware she's doing it.


Mother: Kalanya, Rider of Faizeth. Benden Jr Weyrwoman/ Telgar Jr. Weyrwoman Born [2512] Impressed [2530] Deceased [2555]
Father: T’vis, 2508, Rider of Kelmuth. Benden Weyrsecond Born [2508] Impressed [2523] Deceased [2555]

Y'vis rider of Xnyeth Born [ 2535] Impressed 2552.
Y’rin Rider of Ondorth Born [2533] Impressed [2547]  Deceased [2557]
L’kan Rider of Quorlith Born [2538] Impressed [2559]
Lakanya Rider of Meirleth. Born [2545]. Impressed [2563]. Deceased [2583] High Reaches Jr. Weyrwoman / Fort Weyr Jr. Weyrwoman

Children: She's had a handful she dutifully passed on to the creche. Unfortunately, this means she wasn't able to really keep track of them. She really wants to reunite with the children she has, but she wouldn't know the first thing about figuring out how to track down who they were. ( I'm intentionally leaving this vague and open, as I'd like kids to filter into her life as a "Oh, I was told someone by your name was my mom" sorta deal. ) I'll make a wanted ad for her. :3 

Children mentioned in her history so far:
1st @ 2560 / 29 turns old - Yestine played by Beasty
2nd @ 2561 / 28 turns old - Y'kin played by SirAlahn
3rd @ 2563 / 26 turns old - Cayalla played by Alerri
4th @ 2566 / 23 turns old - K'zaya by Kyya
5th @ 2572 / 17 turns old - Ysveta played by Inki
6th @ 2582 / 7 turns - Yaina played by Fiayra
7th @ 2584 / 5 turns old

Tell us a story...

* 2547-2559, 0-12 Birth at high reaches weyr. Into the creche. Her brother L'kan impresses. She's terribly excited and hopes, eventually, to become a candidate. Nothing yet, so she works dutifully as a weyrfolk and tries to keep in touch with her siblings when able.

* 2560, 13 First child shortly after being accepted as a candidate. Quite enjoys being pregnant and finds it a bit hard to give up her first child to the creche but dutifully does so. She starts to try and take extra chores at the creche.

* 2561, 14 Second child toward the end of the turn, pretty much becoming pregnant as soon as she was able. Again, she rather enjoys the experience and, though Pern is pretty much falling apart around her, Yinaya is quietly happy with chores to do, a baby on the way, and working in the creche.

* 2563, 16 Lakanya, her sister, impresses to a Gold at High Reaches. It seems impossible and is a bit of a sting for Yinaya since she's not yet impressed. She seeks solace with a Rider and ends up pregnant again, with her third, which ends up to be a pleasing distraction from the fact she's not impressed. ( Though one might suggest if she were ever able to Stand, it might happen. ) Later that turn, Y'vis becomes Wingsecond. Given her condition, Yinaya is actually available to celebrate some with her brother. Though he's not able to relax at all given his new rank, she's still really proud. ( And again reminded that she's yet to impress. )

* 2564-2566, 17-19 Exerting some self control, Yinaya stays away from boys for a bit and actually stands for a two clutches. She finally impresses, much to her uncontained excitement. Thread and all that comes with impressing a dragon doesn't even cross her mind - she just wants to make her family proud, to make her sister proud. Even her training during her time as a weyrling seemed surreal and beautiful. So much so she's not even told that her brother's are injured. Though the threat of thread loomed over her, she never really took it seriously. It was difficult for her to since she didn't really understand - no one did until they experienced it. This period of her life was pretty much the last, sweet moment before thread. Her mating flight resulted in, YUP, another baby.

* 2566-2571, 19-24 Graduation, fighting thread for the first time. Yinaya's start into fighting was delayed because of the birth of her child later in the turn, but she was thrown into it the same as all the other weyrlings. All the sweetness and glory of impressing a dragon is swiftly ripped away by the horror of reality. Yinaya starts to lose a lot of her smiles and learns to cope with the pain, and the pain of those around her, by bearing through it. Though she is never seriously injured, her and her dragon do sustain some injuries over the course of their time. Neither are perfect, but they take to their work with gusto, knowing that a single mistake might cost another their life. Though she occasionally finds solace with other riders, having to Between prevents any other children. Her brother Y'vis also becomes Wingleader during this time. She's beyond proud of him, which only pushes her to succeed and be better for him all the more. Gone is the sweet girl as a candidate and now, she's a rather serious young woman who's fighting Thread.

* 2571, 24 Evacuation of High Reaches. It's a blow to her when they have to leave the weyr she's called home for so long. Especially when her brother had been leading as long as he had. While difficult for her to leave, she's still dutiful it her following of orders. She's almost as devastated as Y'vis when he loses the Flight at Fort. Feeling displaced, she seeks to become pregnant in an attempt to find that peace she'd felt having a child before ( and also not knowing where her other kids are, or if they'd even survived ). Her Wingleader excuses her when she's become pregnant and this grants her a small, much needed reprieve, though it doesn't bring the smiles back. She has her kid early 2572.

* 2574, 27 Yinaya sustains a bad enough injury that she and her dragon are grounded for the first time since they've fought Thread, though this is not the first time they've been injured. It's a really bad score across her back that requires healer attention. She reverts to her candidacy days and spends this time healing up in the creche. She doesn't really know which kids are hers but she's happy to be surrounded by them. It's a nice, uplifting break to the point she's almost happy to be injured. Returning to fight thread later in the turn seems to only make the woman only more severe.

* 2577, 30 Rantasyth is injured during a mating flight. While not life threatening, it ruins the flight. Yinaya  is brought to the healer hall when she's mentally confused and hurt from experiencing so much pain attached to her dragon in such a way. She needs a week or so to really heal up and recover from the experience of being melded with her dragon and experiencing the thread score with her Rantasyth.

* 2582, 35 Y'vis is very badly injured and nearly sets Yinaya off in a panic when she initially hears of the injury, thinking that he was dead. She visits him often and tries to help take care of him when she can.

* 2583, 36 Lakanya dies in childbirth and Yinaya is beside herself in grief. Distracted by the news, her and her dragon are injured once more. Yinaya hides herself away to work through her grief and pain, trying to console herself since she doesn't really have anyone else. It's a particularly rough time for her and she feels especially hopeless having endured thread and having so little to show for it. She misses her dragon's mating flight due to the injuries and eventually seeks out the comfort of another rider because she feels so lonely and feels like she's let her dragon down. She invariably ends up pregnant and takes the time as a small respite. The child is born mid 2584.

* 2587, 40 When thread stops falling, she damn near doesn't believe it. It's like an entirely different person emerges. Yinaya and Rantasyth are both so grateful to have survived, they can't believe it. Upon the discovery of Fort Isle, they're even more relieved and hopeful. She actually starts smiling more, starts getting involved in the relocation with more vigor and less a mechanical -requirement-. It's as though finding the island had revitalized the woman and found the candidate that smiled and was excited for life.

* 2589, 42 Not even [{S'bok}] and his Black could put a damper on how she's blossomed since arriving at the island. Though she can't believe they're still doing drills, being able to fish? Being near and dear to the crafters? The woman in damn near flourishing and no one would guess she's 42 and had lived through the catastrophe. If anyone asks, she's still got a lot to live for and she still wants to experience so much.

Yinaya sat along the ledge with her dragon, watching the sunrise up over the cove. Her legs had swung over the edge and idly kicked at the air. It was really quite a sight. That she'd be able to witness such a thing without the silvery death of Thread clouding the sky was something she was always thankful for. There was not a morning that Yinaya nor Rantasyth didn't marvel at the sunrise, at the cove, at the island.

"I'm thinking we'll skip out on drills this morning," Yinaya murmured aloud. If only to hear the sound of her voice break the quiet. Her vibrantly colored Green nudged Yinaya with her snout and thrummed amusement.

Can we play in the water, Aya? Rantasyth cooed sweetly.

Just the thought of her lumbering green bouncing around in the waves was too sweet to pass up. "The fishers are going to chase you away again," Yinaya warned.

They'd have to catch me!

Yinaya barked a laugh as she finally stood. "Fine, fine," she said, still aloud. Sometimes it was nice just to talk. Something she'd adapted over the turns because otherwise her weyr felt too empty. "But if they tag you, we'll be out."

What a fun game!

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Sr Weyr Woman Halirina
 Harper Sevastjan
 Brown Weyrling Sethunya
 JM Herder Keassa
 Blue Rider C'ace
 Bronzer L'ale
 Green Rider Niema
JW. Healer Loressa
Mountain Wingleader W'sar
Weyrling Haithen
Blue Rider K'eeda
Fisher Ysmersa
Green Rider Seaphonellqua
Candidate Searic
Green Rider Cassipiora
Weyrfolk Daysepona
Brown Rider B'nyn

Inactivity Preference:
Kill them
Mauling Permissions:
Rough'em Up
Anything Else:
The notes about K'rez were discussed with Hart. 

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
2564 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 20.1M
Mature Height: 3.8M
Mature Wingspan: 33.4M

General Appearance...

Rantasyth was a tiny Green that hatched from a small egg toward the end of the clutch. She seemed pitiful at first, trumpeting out for Yinaya because her wings were too heavy, the egg shells were everywhere, and she was lost. Just a tiny baby Green in a sea of sand. Her hide was a lovely, bright green but didn't really come into the wide hues and variances it is now until after her first mating flight and she was fully grown.


Mind Voice: She has a very bubbly, giggly voice. Smooth though playful. Much like Yinaya when she's being bratty, though Rantasyth is always well meaning and sweet.

Likes: Fishing; because she's like a cat with a laser, she just wants to pounce and play. Really carefree now that there's not Thread in the sky.

PLAYING; Can't we all just get along? She wants to perpetually play with everyone. But ESPECIALLY Blue Dragons and whers. The only exception to this rule is her Rider's siblings dragons - so Y'vis's Bronze and L'kan's bronze.

Blues; seriously. She adores Blue dragons and blue whers. In like a 'let's be cuddle buddies'. Or let's play.


Bronzers / Brown Riders; Too serious, too entitled, too much, too big. Get away. Do not want. She doesn't like them paying attention to her, she doesn't respond to coos or thrums. She pretty much ignores them. Minus the exceptions listed above.

Flights; attempting to do mating flights in a sky full of Thread has permanently scarred this dragon from mating flights. She might rise once a turn, but the flight is brief and she picks a Blue that will be gentle, kind, and playful.


* STRENGTH : She's not the biggest, she's not the fastest, but this Green is a brute of a green. It might not show in the lines of her body, but this little monster can exert herself to haul with the best of them and can topple Blues when they're caught off guard. Don't underestimate her playful demeanor, Rantasyth is a powerhouse of a Green.

* STURDY : Delicate and dainty she ain't. Her limbs are thick, her tail is stout, her muscles are defined. Almost like her mother might've been part wher. Though she's not deformed, she's still a thicker Green. She is very well balanced and sure footed, finding motion on the ground and wrestling to come almost naturally to her where other dragons might find the movements awkward or off putting.


* SHORT ATTENTION : In earth terms, she's like a cat and a puppy rolled into a dragon. She wants to go, go, go, and play, play, play. Is there something moving? She wants to pounce on it. During the Pass, Yinaya was always forcing her to task. Now it seems her Rider has 'let go of the reigns' and lets her dragon play.

* SLOW : Hunters would have no problem catching her in the jungle, let alone out in the open. Her mating flights, when they happen, are short. She's never been a fast flier or a quick runner - that's never been her thing.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #(119300); Text: #(c3fb00)

Member Info...

Anything Else:
-If- she rises, it's during the winter months. So, 2.10. That's it. She's not a force. 

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Yinaya [ 09.03.2547 / Green Rider ]
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If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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Re: Yinaya [ 09.03.2547 / Green Rider ]
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Image Credit:
Link to line art., Colored by Inki and RaynePOTM
Flit Details

How it looks.
Date of Birth:
03.03.2590 Weyr Hall
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr, Weyr Hall.

General Appearance...

This blue is a dark royal harper blue, with shades of accompanying, dark almost black blues to compliment, he will stay reasonably small, in both wing size, width and length, stopping growth earlier than most other firelizards.


Due to his tumultuous hatching, the fall rattled his brains a little too hard and will cause a slight, and mostly endearing, learning disability. He will be fickle, flighty and easily distracted, but tries his hardest to pay attention because he really wants to be useful and helpful to his bonded, whom he loves, he tends to scream a lot at things he doesn’t understand, albiet a little more quietly than the ear splitting wail of his birth.

Mind Voice: He's bothersome with pictures and trills, always wanting attention, ever curious and always trying to be helpful. He'll eventually learn the most damndable phrase ever, What this? which, to him means a wide array of things, from 'what is this' to 'what does this do' or 'why' or really, just a generally question or prompting for Yinaya to show him how something works. He's like a child that wants to be shown more or continually asks 'why'.

Likes:Shiny Things; the epitome of a hoarder, his collection starts early. He steals things that are shiny or he thinks are neat and brings them back to his 'nest' to show Yinaya, Rantasyth, and his favorite Green ever, Seafoam.

Crafts: He doesn't have the mind for them, but he likes to sit on Yinaya's shoulder, chirp What this? while she works, and watch her. It's one of the VERY few things he can actually sit still for, as he feels like sitting and watching is the BEST way to be helpful.

Fetch: Name an item, any item, or picture it and dare him to find it or go get it. It's his most favorite game ever. It's the best way to distract him when he's being bothersome in his bouts of What this? when he sounds like a broken record or he's being stuffy. He'll spend marks upon marks looking for a certain lure that Yinaya has pictured or hunting for a shell that she's imagined. She's actually had to hunt him down and lure him away from some of his hunts with food when she imagined things that didn't exist. Throwing items for him to catch midair works just as well.

Dislikes: Being away from Yinaya: He's a needy baby. Don't take him away from her when he doesn't want to be or you'll be graced with an earsplitting trill of despair until he passes out from exhaustion.

Being Punished: He's a thief by nature and doesn't understand ownership. Occasionally he steals things he shouldn't and Yinaya punishes him by sending him to 'timeout'. This means he has to stay on her bedfurs for a certain amount of time away from her. He hates this. HATES. He makes a weeping trill sound and generally sounds pathetic. While firelizards have perfect memories and he understands that he shouldn't steal THAT ITEM again, he simply can't grasp that things -in general- belong to other people. But once he's stolen something and has been punished for it, he won't steal THAT ONE THING again. No promises on things like it.

Other Flits Besides Seafoam: Sometimes it's like Ripples doesn't understand he's a firelizard. He has no desire to be social with other flits besides Seafoam and doesn't even acknowledge other flits unless they make him, and then it's usually to shriek in fear then cling to Yinaya. He doesn't know what to do with them when they force their presence on him and he doesn't want anything to do with them.

Member Info...

Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW


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