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Southern Winds Weyr

Author Topic: Don'tcha just hate it when... [ 21.06.2589 / 8:30PM ]  (Read 1136 times)

Offline Seaphonellqua

Don'tcha just hate it when... [ 21.06.2589 / 8:30PM ]
« on: May 14, 2016, 09:20:53 AM »
Se’qua occasionally hid from her Brothers. She needed the space that they were not often inclined to give her. Q would outright refuse and N’aen would take it the wrong way. So she’d had Tinth go Between somewhere so the Green could fly around. Her brothers would look for her sweet Green and leave Se’qua to herself at the underground lake. Her sweet boys, Raen and Victor, had decided to accompany her. While Se’qua never really expected much of her Bronze flits, it always made her feel… important when they picked her over their respective mates. A subtle reminder that her bonded beasts would always pick her.

Of course we would, the Green remarked, faint affection in her words that she reserved only for Se’qua.

The underground lake was slowly becoming more popular than Se’qua would’ve liked. Word got out, people flocked down if they didn’t get lost, and ruined the beautiful quiet. She’d intended to stay only so long as she was left alone. People, in general, were bothersome.

Given the dark expanse of the underground lake, and the inky water that reflected the blue light of the glows, she felt it safe. Victor and Raen darted about the pebbles along the shore, hunting for any manner of threat that might bother their Se’qua. The sentiment was cute. “There aren’t any beach snakes here,” she teased the beasts, rather approving of the way her words echoed back to her. Se’qua shimmied out of her shorts and kicked off her boots. She tossed off her shirt and moved to the water in her underclothes, not opting to be completely naked since she could have company at some point. Less to do with being prudish and more to do with not wanting people looking at her.

As she tested the cold water, Victor and Raen dove ahead. Splashing her and ruining whatever slow progression she’d been about to take. With a small, rare smile Se’qua followed them in until she could push away from the bank and swim father out. The chill would be chased away with some movement.

Length: 20.5M || Height: 5M || Wingspan: 36M
Any and all powerplay allowed by N'aen, Q'nys, L'ren

Tags: open 

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