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Author Topic: Approved Yaina [ 33.06.2582 / Weyrbrat ]  (Read 950 times)

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Yaina [ 33.06.2582 / Weyrbrat ]
« on: May 15, 2016, 08:43:21 AM »

Play By:
Park Min-ha


First Name:
Yaina [Yah-ee-nah]
Nina or Nia
Date of Birth:
33.06.2582 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr

Your Reflection...

Appearance: She is as adorable in personality as she is in appearance. Her jet black hair is eerily straight and rarely tangles. While she wears the normal clothing of the children in the Creche, she likes to dot her hair with the shells and shiny rocks she finds by the dock. Her feet are always tilted inward and when she speaks to a grown-up her hands are always locked behind her back and her head is held high. She keeps a bag at her side at all times full of the items she finds while playing in the water. She can usually be seen examining them or handing them out as friendship tokens and currency. Occasionally she will pull a tiny net from her bag. The net looks incomplete as if someone had taken a broken net and salvaged this piece from it.

It is very obvious that even at her age that she will be spunky when she grows older. A bit headstrong she often finds herself in situations that are a bit more than she can handle. One of her problems is she does not know much about the world even at her age and is completely lost about anything that is not relating to the sea. She has a hard time admitting that she does not know much and puffs out her cheeks when someone proves her wrong.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: The 9th Pass is nothing but distant memories to her now, though she sees the effects it has on those around her who are older than her. It scares her a little bit because she does not quite understand what exactly happened and if it will happen again soon. She has complete faith in the Riders though.

Response to dragon color mutations: She thinks they are pretty and does not understand why anybody wouldn't. Maybe they will mutate to breath underwater.

Who are you...

The Sea: It is the biggest puddle ever! There might be people like them that live underwater. Aside from the smell of dead and dying sea creatures, it is the best scent in all of Pern. It also feels great on the skin and hair. Also fish live in there and fish are the cutest creatures every.

Fishers: The best game in the world is standing behind a Fisher while they are fishing and willing the fish to bite. It is great to see their dedication and love of their trade. When they sit to fish and they are looking out over the water, it is almost as if they are connecting with the water the way a Rider does a Dragon. Between the Fisher and the sea a secret song is played and shared.

Parents: She does not know who her father is but she is sure that he is good at what he does. She has heard her mother is a Green rider named Yinaya. She is proud of her mother and the dangerous activities she does for the sake of the Weyr. What is the point of only having TWO parents when some of the grown-ups are so nice? She quite likes C'ace as well and calls him her father by choice - even if he does not see it this way. C'ace is a shining example of how to have fun with other people who are age challenged like she is.

Other Children: They are just so fun to play with! They seem less stressed and upset than the adults. Most of them do not mind having a little fun. Tianaice is fun to be around too! Children are so much more imaginative and willing to play than grown-ups.

Found Things: There is nothing better to construct stories around and admire than those things that are found by the dock. The best found things are shiny.

Mud: It is just so uncomfortable and gets everywhere and is hard to get off. Nothing pleasant about mud at all. Must avoid at all costs.

Food that isn't fish: Fish just tastes so good and there are so many different flavors. Why eat anything else? Well I guess plants that go with fish are okay too...

Being Alone: You cannot have fun as much fun by yourself as you can with other people. It is scary sometimes to be alone too.

*Energetic: She seems to never run out of energy.

*Having Fun: Life is a playground and laughing is better than crying.

*Dedicated: If she has a task she will complete it no matter how long it takes.

*Meticulous: If you can't get a job done right, why do it at all?

*Open: It does not take much for anybody to get to know her. As long as they are willing, she is willing.

*Attitude: She has absolutely zero problems stating her opinions. This gets her in a lot of trouble.

*Naive: She knows little outside of her hobbies.

*Stubborn: It is very hard to get her to budge when she does not want to.

*Group Worker: Everything is better while done in a group. It makes her very uncomfortable whenever she has to do any chores or activities alone.

*Carefree: She does not think about consequences as much as she should. She is super relaxed about everything she does.

Describe Yourself:

* Headstrong: ----- She is never in any danger about doubting her thoughts. Yaina definitely has a strong will that is a little hard to deal with at times.

* Passionate: ----- She very much has her beliefs and hobbies and she is very, very into them.

* Talkative: ----- It takes a lot to get her to stop talking when she is among friends (and sometimes strangers too).

* Friendly: ----- She very much likes making friends and is very open to meeting new people

* Proud: ----- Her mother is a hero for fighting the Thread so why wouldn't she be proud to come from such a blessed line?

The Magic Touch: One of the Fishers gave her a tiny fish net. She likes to throw it into the shallow water near the dock and pretend she is catching fish.


Yinaya rider of Rantasyth Born [2547] Impressed [2564]
Father: Currently Unknown
"Adoptive" Father: C'ace rider of Reesskith Born [2566] Impressed [2579]

1st @ 2560
2nd @ 2561
3rd @ 2563
4th @ 2566
5th @ 2572
6th @ 2584

Too young to have children.

Tell us a story...

* 2582 - 2585, 0 - 3 Turns: Yaina was born and dropped off to the Creche never to see her parents. She grows from a fussy baby to a fussy toddler.

* 2586, 4 Turns: Yaina makes friends easily and enjoys the different games that they play together, making up some new ones of her own.

*2587, 5 Turns: Yaina is moved with the children to their new home at Fort Weyr. She is quite upset by having to move and makes quite a fuss the whole way there and for several months after. She, however, finds herself delighted to see how close they are to the sea. Yaina is still too young to completely comprehend the dragon color.

*2588, 6 Turns: Everyone is still gossiping about the birth of the new dragon mutations, but she still has yet to form an opinion. All Yaina really cares about is her new fishing net given to her by one of the Fishers. It really is just a piece of a once broken net, but she still finds delight in it.

* 2589, 7 Turns: Yaina is mulling over the gossip of the passing adults of Black Neisoth flying Gold Kalestath as she plays in the pool. She watches tiny fish zig zag through the water and muses that they are similar to anxious firelizards. She then thinks the mutations are such a delight and it is perfect that Neisoth will father the new clutch. Maybe there will be a Dragon who can breath underwater as a result!

Roleplay Sample

Yaina watches the other children playing by the water. It is a little chilly out for her but it is otherwise a nice day to be enjoying the sun. She lays in the sand by the dock and listens to the chatter of both the children and the adults. A very tiny gust of wind plays with her hair as if to say hello. She giggles at this thought very pleased and content to make an imaginary friend of this wind. Slowly she feels a weight on her eyes and she drifts away.

Several hours have gone by when she wakes. The chill disturbs her and the previously friendly wind turns into a bully. She slowly sits up and yawns, biting down into a thin piece of fog. Somewhere behind her on the dock she hears the grown-ups discuss bringing the children in before the fog thickens. Yaina frowns at this and starts to shiver.

If only my mother were here to keep me warm.

She stands up and stretches her arms upwards.

Of course she can't be because she is fighting hard to keep all of us safe!

Yaina chides herself as she starts to follow the children being called in. She thrusts her chin up and marches forward. A noise echoes in the fog behind her. She stops and turns around, slowly blinking. Maybe it was the fog playing tricks on her but Yaina could have sworn she saw a glint of shining green in the water. Within seconds it was gone leaving only ripples in its place. The wind picks up around her and Yaina sends a quiet message on its breeze.

"Please let me meet my mom, even if it is just once."

The ripple plops again as if in answer. This satisfies Yaina and Yaina goes inside having no doubts that her wish will be fulfilled.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
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Mauling Permissions:
Bring it on

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Re: Yaina [ 33.06.2582 / Weyrbrat ]
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2016, 11:45:43 AM »
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