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Author Topic: T'lor - [32.09.2538] - Green Rider of Olaryth  (Read 1417 times)

Offline Red

T'lor - [32.09.2538] - Green Rider of Olaryth
« on: May 21, 2016, 10:21:30 PM »

Play By:
Harrison Ford

First Name:
Whatever Rïne wants to call him.
Date of Birth:
32.09.2538 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Ruatha Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
2559/21 Turns
Wing Rank:
Wingrider - Beach
Isotarïne of Hiraeth

Your Reflection...

Appearance: T'lor frequently wears a wherhide jacket and a wide brimmed, suede duster. T'lor is normally a little scruffy around the chin, as he only shaves once every couple of days. His body is covered in various, small scars, but nothing too severe.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: T'lor dealt with the destruction of Pern and the Pernese people by relying on his family for strength. Between them and his lovely green, he was able to stand firm in the face of assured death and come out relatively unscathed. Looking back on the Catastrophe now, he can see how stupid some of his decisions were and has aimed to not allow others to be so bold and reckless.

Response to dragon color mutations: T'lor isn't one to judge a book by its cover. He is willing and prepared to give all riders and dragons an equal chance to earn his respect. If the red and black dragons prove useful, great; if they are a problem, he'll hold it against them.

Who are you...

Children - T'lor, like his weyrmate, adores children. He loves their laughter, the patter of their feet on the stone floors, the way they tumble about when they play, the trouble they get into, and everything in between. Though he doesn't let children get away with misbehaving, when he and Rïne are alone, he'll laugh about their misdeeds and wonder what type of wonderful people they will grow up to be.

Farming - T'lor is a native of Ruatha Hold and an ex-Farmcrafter. Despite the constant threat of Threadfall when he was a child, he grew up outdoors, farming, as was tradition at his Hold. While somethings from his past remind him of the awful experiences all the survivors faced, raising crops does not drum up bad memories. He can be found occasionally, during his free time, after caring for his riding gear and dragon, toiling about in the Weyr's fields near the cove as his dragon frolics in the waves.

Firelizards - The green rider finds the little 'lizards adorable and incredibly useful. His flits, a bronze named König and a brown named Fürst, help him scrub Olaryth, fish, deliver messages, and to put children in line.

Sandy Beaches - Nothing relaxes T'lor more than being on a soft, sandy beach, listening to the waves crash and fold over the shore. He loves the feeling of sand between his toes, the smell of salt in the air, and the glimmer of the sun off of the rippling coastline.

Sunning - The best way to enjoy the aforementioned sandy beaches that T'lor likes is the sprawl out on a blanket, soaking in the sun. It warms his aging body and darkens his skin. His sense of responsibility fades away when he is lit by the sun's bright rays.

Rain - When it rains, the sky is cloudy. When the sky is cloudy, the air gets chilly and the sun is hidden. Both cold air and a blocked sun makes for some pretty shoddy sunning weather. Without the ability to sun, both T'lor and Olaryth grow grumpy and don't get the chance to warm their bones.

Being Inland - For his entire early life, T'lor was completely surrounded by land. It was not until he became a rider that he experienced the joys of the beach and the ocean. Now, when he is out of sight of the ocean, he grows crabby and irritable.

Body Odor - There is absolutely no reason why someone should smell like body odor when they are not performing hard labor. All riders and most holders and crafters, have open access to bathing pools and sweetsand. The stench of sweat and dirt that combines into body odor turns the man's stomach.

Being Alone - Like most green riders, T'lor is a sociable person. He doesn't like being away from people and feels depressed when isolated from other riders. He is always in a group of at least two and, though he may not be performing a major role in the conversation, he will be present in the group's conversations and antics.

Elitists - Elitism does nothing but cause problems. It isolates people, it causes discord in the ranks, and it hurts people's feelings. He does not like when people speak ill of the red and black dragons without giving them an equal chance and can not stand when riders, especially bronze riders, treat the other dragon colors as less than equals, simply because they fly bronze dragons.

Diplomacy - T'lor is a good choice for a mediator when there is an issue between two parties. He is a good listener and empathetic to peoples' problems. Of a sound mind, he is able to develop peaceful solutions to most conflicts that appease all parties involved.

Planning - T'lor is able to plan operations and activities to a minute detail. It doesn't matter what the even or operation is; it could be a birthday celebration, a Search, or a guard operation. He relishes playing with times and numbers and is pleased when a plan comes to fruition.

Swimming - Though he learned how to swim late in life, T'lor picked up on the skill with reckless abandon. He enjoys the water and the freedom he experiences in the waves.

Fighting - Despite the ban on dueling, T'lor is an expert in combat and he practices almost daily. Be it with a knife, a sword, spear, or bow, weapons feel comfortable in the man's hands. Though he hopes to never use such talent against a human, it can prove invaluable in the fight against Hunters.

Fishing - Though he grew up in a landlocked Hold, since coming to Fort Island and Southern Winds Weyr, T'lor has developed a knack for fishing. He is able to toil with the nets as if he were Fishcraftbred and relishes the hard work that comes with the task.

Nervous - Despite be resilient and calm, T'lor is a nervous individual. When the outcomes of a dire situation are unknown and uncontrolled, the greenrider cannot help but worry about what might happen.

Cooking - T'lor and his family are glad that there are cooks in the Weyrhall and that he doesn't have to cook. His idea of cooking is to burn something over the fire. The blackened husk of whatever it originally was, is rarely edible.

Vision - While he is not necessarily blind, he is not one to call upon when something small needs to be read or for identifying something in the distance.

Running - Its a good thing that T'lor has Olaryth to get about. He doesn't move very fast and can only run short distances before becoming winded. Some may suggested that he was always like this, but T'lor knows that its his age catching up with him.

Concentration - T'lor and Olaryth are two flighty peas in a pod. They both struggle with focus and are easily bored. The trick to get the rider to focus, at least, is to assign him to a task that he enjoys doing.

Describe Yourself:
Family Man - Being Holderborn, T'lor has always been surrounded by family. He was devastated during the Catastrophe when his family was all killed. Now that he and Rïne have a large family of their own, he is able to take on his role as a caring weyrmate and nurturing father.

Chivalrous - A man should do what he can to remain honorable and respectful. He should own up to his actions and take responsibility of any of the problems that he causes. It was for such a reason that T'lor and Isotarïne were together to begin with. T'lor got the woman pregnant during a Flight where his green, Olaryth, was caught by Rïne's blue, Hiraeth. Once he found out, he owned to it and took care of her. From that, their relationship blossomed.

Resilient - T'lor, though a gentle person, has a thick skin. He's able to withstand outbursts of high emotion as well as teasing and joking from people he cares about, such as his kids and Rïne, as well as her fire-lizards.

Trusting - The greenrider believes that all people are inherently good and will respect and put trust in someone until they give him reason not to. He will believe what they say and not suspect them of lies unless they have proven to be untruthful in the past.

Calm - T'lor, as well as his family, see him as a calm individual. He is slow to rise to anger and prefers to handle stressful situations in a steady, logical manner. This helps him cope with his nervous tendencies.

The Magic Touch: T'lor likes fruit. While other riders are looking for dried meats for a mid-afternoon snack, T'lor pulls out a nice, juicy red fruit to eat.


Mother: Talya, b. 2522, Jr. Journeywoman Farmer, d. 2548, Herdbeast
Father: Lorin, b. 2518, Sr. Journeyman Farmer, d. 2563, Thread

Siblings: Lalya, sister, b. 2543, Holder's Wife, d. 2563, Suicide
Dormin, brother-in-law, b. 2540, Holder, d. 2563, Suicide

Tallorine, daughter, b. 2565. Impressed Green Shyuth in 2578. Jungle Wingrider.
J'dan, son, b. 2567. Impressed Bronze Brynioth in 2583. Jungle Wingrider.
M'dak, son, b. 2572. Impressed Brown Dallarth in 2587. Beach Wingrider.
C'dus, son, b. 2575. Impressed Green Tilioth in 2589. Weyrling.
Terric, son, b. 2579. In the Creche.

Tell us a story...

2538, 0 - Tallor is born to to Farmercraftsmen, named Lorin and Talya, at Ruatha Hold. As with almost all Farmercraftsmen, his parents are not housed in a Crafthall but in the individual Holds themselves, providing crops for the Holders that reside with them.

2543, 5 - Tallor's younger sister, Lalya, is born. The boy is happy to have someone else in the family and looks forward to being able to help take care of the little one. It is also this turn that his father starts to teach him the basics of the craft of Farming.

2548, 10 Talya is killed by a kick from a herdbeast. She was attempting to strap a plow to the lumbering beast when it was startled by the sudden appearance of a dragon. It kicked out and crushed the side of her skull, killing her almost instantly. Tallor, still a little young, doesn't completely understand his mother's death for a few weeks. He kept asking Lorin when she was going to come home. When he finally understands that she is not returning, the boy cries for days.

2550, 12 Tallor joins the Farmerscraft and begins his tutelage as an Apprentice. He swears to make his mother proud of how well he can farm and puts all of his focus into his work and studies.

2551, 13 Lorin is killed by Thread while serving as in a ground crew. The fall had ended and he and his team were investigating a burrow. As he stood prepared to scorch the burrowing spore, the ground gave way under him and he fell into the pit and was devoured by the Thread.

During the sweep after the Fall, Tallor is Searched by a rider from Fort Weyr. Instead of being taken to back to the Hold with his sister, the boy is taken to Fort Weyr and becomes a Candidate. At first, he complied with the Search, though he was extremely uneasy about leaving his sister behind. However, after a few days, the realization that he had a chance to Impress his own dragon made him extremely excited and happy.

2552, 14 Tallor stands on the Hatching Sands for the first time. Despite what he had been instructed, he could not help but feel nervous about the event that was taking place in front of him. Shells were cracking, dragonets flopping out on the ground, Candidates getting clawed and trampled. It was a terrifying sight to behold. Yet, despite his misgivings, Tallor wanted nothing more than to Impress. However, he would not Impress during this Hatching. Disappointed, Tallor returned to his Candidate's routine while his friends tottered about with their newly hatched dragonets.

2557, 19 Fort Weyr's Candidate Master assigns him to a green rider as a mentor. This rider, named R'lek, was initially disgruntled about being assigned a tag-along. However, he develops into a compassionate mentor to Tallor and helped the Candidate overcome his nervous tendencies. Tallor on the other hand, gladly accepts any help he can get. He is afraid of aging out of Candidacy and if being paired to a rider will help him, he happily accepts the mentor.

Lalya marries a small-time Holder named Dormin. He had been friends with Lalya since Tallor and her were children. Despite the tumult of Candidacy, Tallor is able to attend their wedding. He is overjoyed that his sister was able to find happiness in such a dark time.

2559, 21 Tallor stood on the sands in front of a clutch of rocking eggs. Throughout the warming of this clutch, he had his eyes on a particular egg. It was a little smaller than the others, but the shell was a gorgeous mottling of greens and tans. He didn't care what color dragon was inside of its shell, but he hoped to Impress the little beast the burst forth from such a beautiful egg.

Sure enough, when the egg cracked down its length, a little green head popped out. She mewled piteously until she was encouraged to break the rest of the shell by the dragons about her. She burst from the egg and latched her eyes on Tallor. He experienced the ecstasy of Impression and learned that her name was Olaryth.

2561, 23 T'lor is transferred to High Reaches Weyr in an effort to help spread the dragonrider's out evenly. He and Olaryth were fresh graduates from their time as a pair of Weyrlings and provided some fresh blood to the ranks of High Reaches Weyr.

Olaryth is caught in a Flight by Isotarïne's Hiraeth. It was Olaryth's first Flight and it resulted in Olaryth being caught by a dragon who's rider was a woman. Though he would never admit it, this was a great relief to T'lor. Though he would never deny his Weyrmate's choice of dragon, he greatly preferred women over men. Isotarïne becomes pregnant from the Flight and, dutifully, T'lor commits himself to the woman. He would stand by the bluerider through the pregnancy and the first couple of years of their child's life. However, a few months into the pregnancy, Isotarïne lost the child due to unknown complications. T'lor realizes that he loves his weyrmate during this tragedy and could not imagine being with any other person. The feelings are reflected by his dragon and T'lor redoubles his commitment to Isotarïne.

2563, 25 Lalya and Dormin commit suicide at Ruatha Hold. The strains of the Catastrophe grew too much for the pair. They had lost their little field to Thread, as well as their two herdbeasts. They lost all hope of survival during this apocalypse and would rather die with dignity than to be devoured by Thread. Though saddened by the loss of his final family member, T'lor understands their decision and, slowly, is able to come to terms with their deaths.

2564, 26 Ruatha Hold falls. Though he is not sworn to protect the Hold, being assigned to High Reaches Weyr, the loss of the Hold hurt the greenrider. It was his birth place and the ancestral home of his family. He mopes about the Weyr for a couple of days before Isotarïne is able to cheer him up.

Olaryth rose around the middle of the Turn and is, as per usual, caught by Isotarïne's Hiraeth. T'lor manages to convince Rïne from going between and she becomes pregnant. T'lor is ecstatic as this is the second time she became pregnant with his child.

2565, 27 Tallorine is born in the first month of the year. T'lor is proud that his firstborn child is healthy. Isotarïne lets him name her so he made a portmanteau of their names. He is so pleased with their baby, T'lor gifts Isotarïne with a clutch of firelizard eggs. During their hatching, she Impresses one of them, while T'lor accidentally Impresses one as well; a bronze named König. The rest from the clutch, unfortunately, did not survive. For the first time in several Turns, T'lor feels like his family is back. He is at peace.

2567, 29 Olaryth rises and is caught by Hiraeth yet again. T'lor convinces Rïne to not go between and she becomes pregnant yet again. Though she accuses him of it and he denies it, T'lor is trying to keep her pregnant so she doesn't have to fly Thread. Later that year, at a Hatching, Rïne, who is very heavy with child, witnesses her brother get trampled to death by two hatchlings. The strain of emotions forces her into an early labor. Though he was not initially aware of the events, T'lor rushes to her side as soon as he finds out. Their second child, Jurdan, is born, prematurely. Though he is a little small, he is, to T'lor's relief, healthy. For the remainder of the turn, T'lor tries his hardest to keep Isotarïne distracted from her brother's death.

2568, 30 Jurdan falls ill, much to T'lor's dismay. His premature birth compromised his immune system and he spends much of his first Turn in life in the Healer's Hall. This is a blessing in disguise, as his weyrmate spends much of her time in the Healer's Hall with the babe. This gives her a distraction and keeps her focused on something other than the loss of her family. T'lor is comforted by the fact, however, that she is able to keep tabs on their child's health and doesn't feel concerned while his is flying Falls.

2571, 33 High Reaches Weyr falls. Rïne is pregnant again and, despite her demands, T'lor refuses to let her fly straight to Fort Weyr, for fear of Threadfall. He knew that his weyrmate would most likely lose the fetus between, but he could not risk losing her or Jurdan. They wrap the boy up in a flying jacket and several furs, and the boy survives the trip to Fort Weyr.

The Weyr is different than what T'lor remembered. Even though in his youth there was tragedy, the Weyr still had an aura of brightness and tenacity. Now, to T'lor, the Weyr seemed dark and dead. The horrors of the 9th Pass were, unsurprisingly, taking a toll on the emotions of the dragonriders.

2572, 34 Rïne's first born child dies in the fight against the Thread incursion. While he knows that she is devastated, he cannot help but feel slightly detached and unfeeling about the situation. He puts on a concerned persona and comforts his weyrmate. Rïne becomes pregnant again and, later in the Turn, gives birth do Madak. In spite of the loss of his family, T'lor is starting to build his own and hopes that nothing ill befalls his weyrmate or children.

2575, 37 Conandus is born. He is another result of T'lor's attempts to keep Isotarïne from fly Thread. She is starting to catch on but T'lor continues to swear that getting her pregnant is not his way of keeping her safe.

2578, 40 Tallorine Impresses green dragon Shyuth and, rapt in their celebration, T'lor and Rïne conceive another child. T'lor swears that he did not intend to get his weyrmate pregnant this time around. Isotarïne keeps the child but swears that she will not bear anymore children for T'lor.

2579, 41 Terric born and with his birth, Isotarïne's oath to have no more children comes to fruition. Though he is disappointed that he won't be able to keep her in the Weyr and away from the danger of Thread anymore, he is happy and satisfied with the family that the two of them grew together.

2583, 45 Jurdan Impresses a bronze dragon and becomes J'dan. T'lor is proud that his first born son Impresses a bronze dragon and it fills him with fatherly pride. A wingmate of T'lor's gifts him with a fire-lizard egg in congratulations and celebration.

2584, 46 T'lor gifted egg hatches and the green rider Impresses a brown fire-lizard. He names the 'lizard Fürst. König welcomes the brown as a brother and takes him under his wing. Though he is happy that there is another little 'lizard flitting about, he's initially concerned about being able to care for the flit. Those concerns fade when he realizes his bronze is caring for the 'lizard as well.

2587, 49 The 9th Pass suddenly stops. In retrospect, the cessation was not sudden, but with the constant fall of Thread, T'lor lost track of the Turns. He moves with the rest of the survivors to the newly discovered Fort Island. He is a proud father of yet another rider, when Madak Impresses a brown. The hatching of a black dragon intrigues the green rider and he looks forward to seeing if the new dragonpair will serve any use to the Weyr. Isotarïne becomes an assistant to the Weyrlingmaster and T'lor joins the Beach Wing.

2589, 51 Kalestath rises once more and the fully mature black dragon, Neisoth catches her, placing a young S'bok as the Weyrleader. Though he is not one to judge, T'lor is concerned about the boy's lack of experience. The entire Weyr is comprised of dragonriders that fought Thread their entire lives and lived. The boy Impressed after Threadfall ended.

Imyth's clutch hatched. It was a horrendous occasion that ended up being more sad than happy. However, during the tragedy of hatchlings betweening, Conandus Impresses Tilioth and becomes C'dus. While he is unable to outwardly express his happiness, T'lor makes it clear to C'dus that he is proud of his son and promises to teach the boy what it meant to be a green rider.

Roleplay Sample

The sounds of a happy dragon were unmistakable. Deep, rumbling grunts that shook the ground, solid impacts of clawed feet as they scoured the sandy beaches, and the splash of wings slapping against the surface of the water. T'lor watched as Olaryth flopped about in the shallows of the cove. While it appeared that she was simply having fun, T'lor had her go into the water to clean herself off. They'd worked all day with the fishers and the green had gotten all sandy when she landed on the shore.

There were still some fishermen out on the waters, their draconian escorts flying above them; some even pulling nets. However, T'lor's assigned vessel, a smaller boat, had already caught its load and returned to the cove earlier than the rest. T'lor didn't mind, he realized as he lounged on the beach. It meant more time to relax before the morning's drills were put into full motion. He sighed, pleased, as the dragon splashed again.

Not even a scant ten years ago would T'lor have thought that he'd be able to lounge on the beaches of a tropical island. Yeah, sure, there are dangers on Fort Island, but he'd rather take his chances with Beach Snakes and Hunters than with an onslaught of Thread.

The greenrider stood to his feet and called out to his dragon, "Alright, you! Get back on dry land so we can dry you off before drill! Don't need that water freezing between.." Olaryth grunted, clearly angsty, but she complied. The green came trudging out of the water and shook vigorously, spraying the, previously dry, sand about her with a mist of water. Wiping his face clean of salt water, T'lor managed to get the riding gear re-slung and mounted his Weyrmate. With an unspoken command, the two of them lifted into the air and took flight towards their weyr like a great green arrow streaking through the air.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Calladren, T'nax, U'thar, and V'len
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Rough 'Em Up
Anything Else:
Character inspired by lacihparg

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Colored by SirAlahn
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
2559 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 25m
Mature Height: 5M
Mature Wingspan: 41.5m

General Appearance...

Olaryth is a large green, on par with the largest ones of her color. Her hide fades from a darker, earthy green on her dorsal side to a lighter, olive green on her ventral side. The phalanges of her wings are of the darker color, while the membrane matches the lighter color.


Mind Voice: Olaryth speaks in hushed tones; light and lilting but quiet. T'lor likens her voice to a gentle breeze over reed pipes.

Hiraeth - Since she was caught by the lightly colored blue, Olaryth has refused to let any other dragon catch her. She views Hiraeth as her mate and understands that her rider and his were mated as well. She constantly flits about him, checking him for wounds, broken skin, and even dirty, dulled hide.

Flowers - The green finds the blossoms of plants intriguing and pretty. Olaryth is easily flattered by a few garlands of flowers. She likes all sorts of flowers, though the more vibrant the colors, the more she likes them.

Swimming - Though its proven dangerous on the island, the green likes to swim in the ocean. She loves the way that the water splashes about her and how its almost like flying, but not in the sky.

Hunters - Though it is pretty much understood that no one likes the Hunters, Olaryth holds a particular disdain for the beasts, though it is strange of dragonkind to do so. Her mind relates their danger to that of the dangers of Thread.

Night - The night is for sleeping, the day is for living. When Olaryth is forced to be up too long after sundown, she grows grouchy. She can not think of a reason to miss a good night's sleep.

Thunderstorms - Rain is one thing, but when the sky launches dangerous bolts of lightning around, Olaryth becomes wary. The sky should not be a place of danger, but a place of fun, flips, and flying.

Hunting - The green dragon is surprisingly good at hunting. Whether alone or with a wing of dragons, Olaryth has no problem startling wherries into flight and then catching them. She wishes that she would get the chance to hunt more often.

Agility - The green is a nimble beast. She is able to twist and turn around trees, rocks, and other obstacles on the ground with relative ease, especially in comparison with her bigger cousins. She is even more agile in the air where she is not bound by the limitations of the ground.

Concentration - Olaryth is bored easily. Unless an assignment is of dire importance, the green will quickly become disinterested in the activity and wish, vocally, to do something more fun.

Worrywart - The green dragon is definitely a mother-wherry when it comes to those she cares about. She'll constantly fret about their well-being and is not satisfied until she's had the chance to inspect a loved one, upon their return, for any injuries.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #ABCF57; Text: #6B8A49

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Flights: 2.3, 30.6, and 10.10, Choice Catches

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
2565 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr

General Appearance...

König is a light bronze throughout his body, but his feet and tail grow darker the closer it gets to the ends of the appendages.


Mind Voice: The images that König projects are clear and strong. He tends to exaggerate his actions and portrays braveness in a much grander fashion than reality.

Fürst - Ever since the little bronze hatched, König took the 'lizard under his wing and taught him how to be a grown, male fire-lizard. The two of them are almost inseparable.

Fish - If the bronze fire-lizard had to pick a favorite food, it would have to be fish. He doesn't care how the meat is cooked, though he prefers it raw, König will gladly devour any fish that is proffered to him/

Whers - The little lizard does not like being near whers. He cannot understand that they are a failed step between fire-lizards and dragons, and prefers to be out of the room of which he shared with a wher.

Green Fire-lizards - He finds the green variety of fire-lizards to be irritating and insubordinate. They cause more ruckus than what they are worth and he refuses to rise to catch a green fire-lizard during a Flight.

Member Info...

Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
2584 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr

General Appearance...

Fürst is almost a cinnamon brown in color, from head to tail. The color is unbroken, save for one lateral stripe that runs from front shoulder to rear shoulder, on both sides. The stripe is such a dark brown that it almost appears black in color.


Mind Voice: Fürst doesn't relay images too much to T'lor. He prefers to send them through König. But, in the few instances where he does relay images directly, Fürst's images are clear and concise. There are no embellishments or exaggerations; it is simply the truth.

Fruit - Fürst picked up the fondness of fruit from his bonded. While Köning is devouring fish and other meats, Fürst will get his protein for the day and then beg T'lor for a piece of his redfruit, or whatever other fruit the greenrider is eating.

Green Fire-lizards - At odds with König's preferences, Fürst likes green fire-lizards. This is a boon for the pair; the bronze can chase the gold, and the brown has a harem of green 'lizards that dote on him.

Lightning - Lightning scares the little brown. A thunderstorm is one of the few times that Fürst could be seen wrapped around T'lor's arm or neck.

Vigorous Activity - Fürst is not a hardworker. While other 'lizards may earn their keep by keeping watch or detecting danger, the brown would much rather be sprawled out in the sun surrounded by two or three green fire-lizards that are competing for his affections.

Member Info...

Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW
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Re: T'lor - [32.09.2538] - Green Rider of Olaryth
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Re: T'lor - [32.09.2538] - Green Rider of Olaryth
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This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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