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Author Topic: Approved Paylae [27.05.2573 9th Pass] Holder  (Read 3516 times)

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Paylae [27.05.2573 9th Pass] Holder
« on: May 26, 2016, 02:13:10 AM »

Play By:

First Name:
Date of Birth:
27.05.2573 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Paylae usually wears her hair pulled back from her face in a messy bun, but if her hair were to be let down, it would flow in waves to frame her feminine face, something which she tried to avoid around most men. Her clothes are practical, if they show off too much, she might draw unwanted desire from men, if they show off too little, she doesn't feel happy with herself. After all, she works hard to maintain her lithe figure. Additionally, working in the kitchens means that clothes get stained frequently, so any good clothes would be wasted on Paylae. Perhaps she would seek to show off her figure some more after she becomes more experienced in the ways of men and women.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Her marriage occupied most of her life, as a child, she only knew the Hold, her family, and her fathers Wher, and after she married she only knew the tight walls of her cot with her husband or the kitchen at the Hold. Paylae simply wasn't exposed to it that often. It is only now living at the Weyr that she is beginning to understand the subtle politics.

Response to dragon color mutations: As said previously, Paylae is only now beginning to understand the politics of the Weyr, she is mostly annoyed by the strict rules of the Weyr, but unsure as to why these dragon mutations should cause such a rift, after all, they're still dragons.

Who are you...

Alcohol - being with Neriherem means that she has to be able to appreciate the taste
Whers - her favourite companion, firelizards are too flighty, and she'd never a chance of a dragon, so whers are absolutely perfect
A little bit of dirt and mud - when the first rains come and the Weyr turns muddy on the edges, she loves to have a mud bath, her fathers Wher was the same, so that's where she picked it up

Being drunk - she likes to drink, but doesn't like completely losing her inhibitions
Being alone in a large area - the doesn't mind being alone with her thoughts, but if she is all by herself in the giant dining hall or something, she feels uncomfortable
Naive/frivolous women - she thinks they're weak
Sex - her husband had been her only sexual encounter, and he definitely did not inform of the benefits a woman should receive in bed


* DETERMINED : Once Paylae has decided something, she will most definitely see it through, doing whatever she has to in order to succeed in her undertaking.

* CREATIVE : She is good with her hands, after years of shaping pies and cakes into unique and exciting tableaus, which is something that she has kept up in the Weyr as well, once the holder kitchen staff combined with them and she found her place within them.

* LOYAL : Paylae needs people to rely on, but she will only feel worth if said people rely on her as well. If both can find a mutual reliance upon one another, she will stay loyal forever and never betray your secrets.

* DECISIVE : The kitchen worker is very quick to make decisions, having to think fast in order to say the right thing in order to avoid getting into trouble with her husband, who had always been very quick to anger.

* THOROUGH : Through her work in the kitchens, she realised that thorough checking and rechecking was what ensured perfection in everything that one does.


* STUBBORN : Once Paylae makes a decision about something, its very hard to deter her. Whether it be an opinion about someone or a course of action. Deterrence requires incredibly convincing evidence.

* RECKLESS : After being stuck under the thumb of a negligent husband, in her newfound freedom at the Weyr, Paylae has developed a sort of reckless attitude towards her own life. Whilst enjoying her job in the kitchens, she is jeopardising it by supplying Neri with his ingredients. This recklessness also shows itself in trips into the jungle or sea without thought of her safety.

* BRASH : Now that Paylae has a voice, she will speak her mind about everything and anything, and whilst that sometimes allows grudging respect, it mostly just grates on the nerves of those of the traditionalist persuasion.

* DOMINEERING : She will also try to force her opinion upon other people, usually resulting in screaming matches that forces the other person to give up arguing with such a pig-headed person.

* IMPATIENT : In anything other than her work, she is impatient. If she wants to get somewhere, she wants to get there fast, not wanting to waste the time that it takes to walk there, or if she wants to do something after a conversation, she’ll rudely cut off the speaker in order to quickly do what she wants to do.

Describe Yourself:

* TURBULENT: ----- If you get on the wrong side of Paylae she is bound to explode at you, if you're big enough and she thinks you can handle it, she'll probably aim a kick at you, but if physical violence won't effect you, she'll just swear and curse at you until you get the picture.

* SARCASTIC: ----- Her sense of humour has flourished without a man keeping her under his thumb and it is sharp and sarcastic, mostly welcomed by those who have a sense of humour themselves.

* ARTICULATE: ----- Her parents taught her well, she can scribe and she is an articulate speaker, quick and efficient, using the best possible words to describe the situation, recipe or instructions.

* JUDGEMENTAL: ----- First impressions are very important to Paylae, she will have decided in less than a candle mark whether or not you are worth her time, and then see will tell you what she thinks and go on her way.

The Magic Touch: The only thing that Paylae has ever truly wanted is to have the companionship of a Wher. She saw the incredible bond that her father and Misk had, and since then, dreams every night about the day she can get her own Wher, an opportunity few and far between for a kitchen worker. And she's a specialist decorative cake maker, soon she shall be making all of the cakes for all of the weddings, I assure you, she will.


Mother: Holder - Payleria
Father: Guard Holder-Wherhandler (Wher Misk) - Marlerlilae

2567 – Brother – Harper Hall - Payler
2568 – Brother – Healer Hall - Paylil
2570 – Sister – Kitchen Worker – Married to Harper - Maleria
2575 – Sister - Marlerliria
2576 – Sister - Marliae
2578 – Sister - Pallilae

Children: She hasn’t been able to have any with her husband.


Tell us a story...

* 2573-79, 0-6 Paylae is born at Fort Hold to her holder parents. Every night, her father, a guardsman of Fort, would go to his duty watch with his blue watch wher Misk, and Paylae would stand in the dooway, having emphatically to them as they left. Her family is large, having two older brothers, one older sister and in the next years her mother gives birth to more children after Paylae, giving Paylae another three sisters (born 2575, 2576, 2578). Her eldest brother heads off to the harper hall, the turn Paylae turns 6, and she takes the walk down to the harper hall every sevenday to bring him a little bit of mischief, he had always been way too serious.

* 2579-82, 6-9 Her second eldest brother and Paylae spend a lot of time together, both arguing and having fun. A particular day, in her seventh turn, the two had gotten into an argument about who was the one that actually caused their mother to get annoyed this morning, and a shoving match begins at the top of a flight of stairs. Unfortunately, 7 turn old Paylae is not match for her significantly older brother, no matter how strong she thinks she is. The young holder tumbles down the stairs and breaks her leg terribly. She is carted off to the healer hall and her brother is punished for his actions (not drastically, but he was given enough chores to make him remember what he did wrong). Paylae spends 8 sevendays being transferred in and out of the healer hall, her bone having shattered on impact and the healer having to reset the break many times to fix it properly. She is finally released, but the break never properly healed, and Paylae spends the rest of her life with a slight limp.

* 2582-85, 9-12 Her older sister is married off to a harper and starts working in the kitchens, and from the stories that Paylae hears about all the beautiful and delicious foods that she makes, Paylae decides that when she gets married, she wants to work in the kitchens as well. Her family is all quite close by and with so many younger siblings Paylae never feels alone. She spends the days curled up with her fathers Wher, Misk, enjoying the companionship of the creature that many think is ugly, but young Paylae thinks is the most beautiful soul on Pern, and her nights curled up with her younger siblings. Paylae is happy.

* 2585-2587, 12-14 At 12, her parents marry her to a Peacekeeper and associate of her father named Triance and Paylae moves into his home. The opportunity to work in the kitchens of Fort Hold is presented to her, and the young girl snatches it up, beginning work within the sevenday. In the kitchens she meets the other kitchen hand, Mariinniia. Mariinniia’s husband Neriherem frequents the kitchens in order to give quick shows of love to his wife. Something which Paylae’s husband did not do. And frankly, when Paylae told him about it, looked down upon such a display of affection.
 Whilst she still speaks with her siblings, her husband looks down upon her taking too many ventures to go visit them “You’re place is in this house.” He would say, so it is only with Mariinniia now that she can find a true friend. Mariinniia births two children in this time and seeing their adorable pudgy faces, Paylae decides that she wants her own. So they start activity trying and still Paylae does not conceive. Her husband turns cold and abusive, a very traditional husband, who decides that they will have children. However, as much as they try, and try is a sensitive term, because he was not a very good bedmate, Paylae could not supply him any children.  He turns even more abusive and sour, forcing her away from her family and friends, treating her as a broodmare, not allowing her to experience what true love making should be like. Paylae retreats into herself, drawing away from family and friends, taking each day as it comes, not truly understand what her future could hold.

* 2587-Current, 14-17 Fort Island is found, and Paylae and Triance are shuttled over to the Weyr along with all of the other refugees from Fort Hold. Once she arrives, she recognises a familiar face, Neriherem, the husband of her long time friend, Mariinniia. It is then that he tells her, with tears in his eyes, the Mariinniia died on the voyage to the Weyr. With this news, her husband decides that Paylae can no longer associated with Neriherem, as Triance believes that she shouldn’t be socialising with unattached males. Paylae has still not been able to get with child, and her husband turns to a crafter woman to beget him a child instead. The crafter becomes pregnant and Triance leaves Paylae, barren and alone. Finally being able to come into herself, she is accepted, along with many other kitchen folk, into the ranks of the Weyr kitchens, and they help to develop her personality that had been crushed by turns of living under Triance’s thumb. A season after Triance’s departure from her life, Paylae hears news of a hunter attack, and the few crafters and holders that were killed in it, Triance and his child’s mother were killed.

"Misk. Misk." The child's chubby hands reach out towards the Wher's face, attempting to grab its large snout. Paylae gives the Wher a roll of her eyes, as if he could understand the gesture, and sets the child on the ground. Allowing it to crawl towards the Wher.

The blue, docile and loving of children as he is, slumps down onto the floor to give the toddler a nudge of its head. Allowing it to grasp onto his more tightly.

"Up. Up." The child exclaims, wanting to go for a ride on the blue's back.

"Alright, alright, you little demanding monster." Paylae reaches down to the young child, imagining what it would be like to be holding her own little toddler in her arms, and allowing it to ride around on her own Wher. Misk snuffles, impatient to get the child on his back so they can have fun together.

Paylae glances towards the mother in the corner, a fellow kitchen hand like herself, waiting for the nod of approval, she receives it with a grin and a wave of a hand, and sets the child on the Wher's neck, keeping one hand securing the toddler, knowing that small hands don't grip very well.

Unable to help the happiness within her, as the child laughs and giggles, grasping onto the Wher's scaly neck ridges as he makes an effort to jump around a little bit to give the toddler a fun ride, a grin spreads wide upon Paylae's face. She remembers the years that she spent playing with the Wher, now much older now, and familiar with the ways of children.

What would it be like one day to see this situation with her own family?

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Bring it on
Anything Else:
It's her goal to get a Wher, so, I want

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Re: Paylae [27.05.2573 9th Pass] Holder
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2016, 12:55:45 PM »
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Re: Paylae [27.05.2573 9th Pass] Holder
« Reply #2 on: May 29, 2016, 03:05:16 PM »
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Re: Paylae [27.05.2573 9th Pass] Holder
« Reply #3 on: May 29, 2016, 03:51:29 PM »
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Re: Paylae [27.05.2573 9th Pass] Holder
« Reply #4 on: April 12, 2017, 08:39:56 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Wher Details

[ PAY-lassk ]
Date of Birth:
20.05.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Mine Hall
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
Paylask's egg was large and tan, with a surface like soft leather. It was remarkably free of wrinkles for a wher egg, almost having a smooth appearance and without the supposedly lucky ring at one end. In any case, it suited the wher that hatched from it.
Mature Length: 3.85M
Mature Height: 1.5M

General Appearance...

Even upon hatching, Paylask was a dark creature. The bulk of his hide is a deep dark brown like unsweetened klah, save for the areas on his underbelly and spines that stray to a shade so light and washed out it almost looks grey. He also has a sprinkling of tiny spots along his back, shoulders, and the arms of his wings. These, like the webbing of his wings, are a creamy tan in color very much reminiscent of the egg from which he hatched.

While not quite the biggest a Brown watchwher can be, he's nevertheless large and long. But where some others of his caste might be bulky masses of bulging muscle, Paylask has an almost sleek appearance to him -- at least for a wher. He'll always be rather lithe for one, deep in the chest and taller than one for his size should be. But he'll never look as blocky as other large whers often do.


Empathetic: When he bonded to Paylae, Paylask's mind slotted in against hers like the smooth stone hinges of some hidden seamless door. While not oppressive, there's a particular enveloping quality about his presence, steady and unshakeable as the mountain in which they live. Quiet he may be, but he's there for her no matter what. Paylask will never be incredibly communicative, but there is no doubt as to his love and loyalty for his handler.


The Kitchens : Particularly their smell, since like all whers he doesn't have very good eyesight. But since this is where Paylae spends most of her time, it's a place that he'll quickly come to recognize as familiar and comfortable. Woe to those who seek to infringe upon it without permission.

Warmth : He'll curl up by the ovens if he can get away with it, probably far past when he'll even fit in any of the nooks or crannies of the Mine Hall kitchen. Paylask will also follow his handler to the Bathing Springs if she lets him, and sit in the shallower end of a pool with her. Not to mention he'll insist upon curling up with her at night to keep both of them from getting cold.


People Near Paylae : He just doesn't like it when people get in her personal space. It will make him downright huffy and grumpy, or even aggressive if he thinks they're too pushy. Perhaps obnoxiously, he'll get in their way and block their path to her, which may lead others to think he's stupid or not properly trained.

Sweet Foods : Paylask will only get into Paylae's cake ingredients once. After that, he'd avoid them even if she tried to force them down his throat. Sugar just isn't a flavor he enjoys.


* STEADY : Not anxious, nervous, panicky, or prone to excitement, Paylask will always have a sturdiness about him, even before he's fully grown. And if he feels like Paylae is doing something pointlessly reckless or stupid, he'll leave no doubts as to his feelings on the subject, even blocking her from going somewhere or holding her down in extreme cases.

* MEASURED : Paylask doesn't act without purpose, nor will he go anywhere he has no reason to. Were he a smarter creature, he'd be the sort of person who thought out all their options or would be good at games involving strategy. As it is, he'll be an efficient worker if his Handler ever gives him a task.


* OVERPROTECTIVE : Paylae is his whole world. If someone makes threatening motions toward her, they are going to get mauled. No amount of training will ever change this, though he will tolerate people she is comfortable being around. But the minute someone might turn violent, he will too. And he might even turn snappy if someone is yelling and it distresses her.

* PRICKLY : Though he's pretty mild most of the time, Paylask does have a temper on him. He's not necessarily territorial toward other whers, but he's not overly fond of most people. If they try to pet him or get over familiar, he'll growl. If they don't heed that warning, he'll bite.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
I hope you like him and think he suits her. :love:

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