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Author Topic: Mature Gold's Flight, Bronze Love [12.03.2590 1pmish] L'ale, l'nal, Callista  (Read 2665 times)

Offline Yestine

She stood in the archway of her weyr that lead out to the ledge where Tanilith perched. They watched as Oriath blooded for her flight and Yaya felt excitement well up inside her and turned to Tanilith.
//I hope the call for me// she said in hushed need as the Queens emotions slowly began to settle over the Weyr.
They would be fools not to include you said to her rider in a frank, almost irritated tone.
Yaya rolled her eyes at her dragon and turned back into her Weyr. She pulled her riding clothes from her body and shimmied into a dress that was meant to tantalize and entice any who looked upon her. She cleaned her face and fixed her hair was she  eagerly awaited the call from the twins to come to their Weyr.

Ever since the first time she had fallen into their bed she had fallen heedlessly for the males, wanting nothing more than to share their free time and have their children. She was always at their beck and call and one of the few greenies that made of their group of favorite green riders. She enjoyed being one of their top choices when it came to picking who would fill their bedfurs.

They are calling said her grumpy dragon and the female wasted no time on climbing upon her dragons back and flying to the twins Weyr. She dismounted from her dragon with as much grace she could manage in her hurried state to be at their side when the flight was in full swing.
She smiled as she walked into their weyr and dipped her head ”Hello” she said gently with a wicked grin upon her lips and a glint in her eyes. She stood, letting them take her in. Her long dress was not designed to be worn outside of the bedroom and was almost see through. It clung to her body in all the right places and showed that she wore nothing underneath it.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Hope this was an ok starter @SanctifiedSavage @SirAlahn @Lyndsi
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Offline L'ale

Oriath Rises, the Bronze remarked but without the usual bloodlust that might accompany the thought. He was not moved by her call or motivated to take wing as so many others were. Instead, he watched on with interest, but not of a sexual need. Illoth, like his Rider, had no desire to be mated to the Gold. He had eyes only for Greens. There was still a stirring in their bodies, of course. That affected the entire weyr though.

There would be no denying that. "Looks like we won't be hunting this afternoon," L'ale said to his brother. They'd been tending their gear in the weyrbowl, prepping for just that when the Queen rose. Instead, the twins gathered up their supplies and climbed on their dragons. Rather than racing to Vanelwynne's weyr - they went to their own. //Get ahold of Yestine and Callista,// L'ale relayed. He wanted to see his beautiful Callista, nice and plump, and his lithe and limber Yestine. They'd be a delightful contrast to serve them for the afternoon and into the evening. Callista was nearly ready, he believed. If he could be trusted to keep track of time.

Which was fishy at best. L'ale relied on his Green Riders to deal with their pregnancies and keep him informed. Not the other way around.

Once the twins arrived at their weyr, they took the time to strip their dragons of their riding gear. Just as Yestine arrived. L'ale actually stopped to take in the sight of his Jungle Green, smirking. What need did he have for a Gold Rider when he had this? "Care to help us out of our riding gear?" he said by way of greeting in a voice akin to a purr.

Illoth and Skeleeth's weyr ledge was already a fair deal larger than some because it housed both Bronze dragons. To be polite, however, Illoth launched himself up and clung to the nearby mountainside to allow the beautiful Tanilith to land next to Skeleeth. His blood raced more for the Green than it did for the Gold in the air. She was his more than he'd ever be Oriath's. How is my lovely lady? he asked.

Length: 38M || Height: 8M || Wingspan: 65M
Any power play by L'nal is acceptable.

Offline L'nal

L’nal felt Skeleeth’s idle interest a breath before his Bronze commented on it. Oriath is Rising. And much like his brother, the big Bronze experienced nothing more than an idle want at the Queen’s declaration to the weyr, a reflexive reaction to the sheer force of her will over all the dragons that lived there. But beyond such a thing, Skeleeth’s attention would not be on the Gold this afternoon.

“So it seems.” Agreeing to L’ale’s observation with a low chuckle, L’nal was quick to gather up their gear. No point in even attempting to finish their prep now; any hunting endeavors would have to wait until tomorrow when their Wing duties resumed as normal.

Moving seamlessly as ever, the task of removing their dragons’ riding straps took the twins only a few moments. And while the Gold Flight itself did nothing for L’nal, the messages transmitted between their dragons added a thrill of anticipation to the low grade desire already coiling inside him. Yestine and Callista all at once? That would certainly make for a pleasurable afternoon for all four of them. If Jungle Wing wasn’t already short-handed, surely he and L’ale would consider putting Yestine in much the same state as Callista, growing steadily rounder with their next child.

Yet they both knew it would be irresponsible to remove another of Jungle’s Greenriders from duty when they had already lost scouts to the Hunters. Ah well. Even just the thought of Yestine’s supple body in comparison to Callista’s gravid late stage of pregnancy had L’nal readily distracted.

Having them both here would be all the better.

Much like his twin, L’nal took a good long look at Yestine when she arrived. Faranth, but she was just what they needed this afternoon. Her quick arrival only reminded him why she was one of their favorites. Callista surely wouldn’t be far behind save for the moments lost from not being able to go Between.

“I would offer to help you out of your dress, but I rather like the sight of you in it.” The tantalizing transparency of it, not quite enough to conceal her body but enough to tease them, was quite fetching normally, but doubly so in the growing haze of Flight Lust.

As Tanilith landed next to him, Skeleeth crooned to her—truthfully, the sound was more a rumble for its depth, but the intent was still the same. Eye-catching as always, he told her, approvingly as he rubbed his tail along hers.

All power-play by L'ale is acceptable.

Offline Callista

“Oh, right there. That’s it,” she cooed to the rider.

That’s not what the healer’s meant, the green snorted indignantly.

Callista ignored the green. Her focus was held exclusively by the man lying in the cot. All other sounds were just background noise that meant nothing to her. Her attention would waver to no one else until this make slaked the hormonal need that had her body aching for another’s touch. She wanted nothing more than to be consumed by another. He ham-handed at her swollen tit, like some adolescent boy excited for his first squeeze. If not for the way she craved any amount of touch, she would have laughed. Instead, a low moan of pleasure erupted from parted lips.

Her hands stroked along the arm that held her, encouraging him onwards. It was fortunate for him that she was in such a mood, since his only knowledge of foreplay seemed to be groping. It was amateur at best, which was disappointing considering Callista was less aroused when she had to play teacher. She didn’t want to have to think for him. She wanted her mind to become so blurred by sensations that all she could rely on was instinct to move as she was bid to.

Besides, she was killing two wherries with one stone. She’d asked how she could help out in the Healer Hall and when they’d looked at her, they apparently made some internal decision that she would be incapable of anything “useful”. So she’d been asked to visit and provide some comfort to the wounded. So, comfort them she would. And she could have very good bedside manner when an injured rider needed it (of course, any holders or crafters were ignored). What better way to take a man’s mind off the pain than with the pleasure of feeling a woman’s body? Or the feel of her soft touch?

A loud bugle echoed across the Weyr. There was no mistaking a Gold was rising, unless you’d purposefully rejected hearing anything because you were so absorbed in the moment as Callista was. Ariyath, on the other hand, heard and understand what it meant immediately. Mine, Oriath is going into Flight. I must see Illoth and Skeleeth. It was well known between the two of them that during any Gold flight, they should be with the twins. Regardless if they called or not, they would be there.

The bronzes’ names were enough to break her concentration. //What did you just say?//

Now Illoth has called for us! We must go! Callista didn’t need to hear her again. She pulled the rider’s hand from down her shirt, kissing it with haste and then his cheek. “That was wonderful, but we’ll have to pick this up tomo—er, in a few days.” Gold flights did tend to disrupt Weyr life more than usual and she would not cut any time short with the twins if they wished to prolong their time together. She smiled and tapped a finger to his lips. “Make sure you’re hot and ready for me then, will you?”

Callista made her way at a strong walk. Normally, she would be running to her green, but not only would that be difficult at this point, but she would also never endanger the baby should she trip. The baby’s health and safety came first and foremost, and she knew they would understand if she wasn’t there as quickly as usual.

Ariyath gave her rider the time to dismount at the weyr ledge before she flew to Illoth’s side along the mountain, eager to please now that they were all there. Callista was far less presentable when she arrived. Her hair was somewhat windblown, which probably also caused her rosy cheeks, and she was already near breathless. But she was there. Where she belonged.

The haze of Flight Lust began to sink in to her already wanton and pregnant frame and her body moved independent from a mind that had no care to think anymore. She reached L’nal, knowing that Yestine would take care of L’ale, and her hands moved to begin removing his gear with a swifter pace than her norm. Her stomach brushed against him as she gazed up at him, her eyes revealing the surmounting desire to have and be had by them.

Powerplay by L'ale or L'nal is acceptable.
Callista gave birth 16.6.2590

Offline Yestine

 She glowed under the doting eyes of the twins and stood there allowing them to take in her body barely shrouded by the dress. She could see by the look in their eyes it had the desired affect she had been going for. She always enjoyed inspiring lust from the bronzers for her, she did all so could to make sure they considered her one of their favorites.

When L’ale spoke in his way of greeting she grinned wickedly at him and nodded her head ”I would love to” she said and looked from one twin to the other. She paused in her advance for a moment when L’nal spoke to her and smiled ”I am glad you are enjoying… but I promise it looks much better pooled at my feet” she winked at the bronzer and moved to L’ale just as Callista entered the room.

Yaya watched her walk straight to L’nal with no words and began to care for the male. Even in her late stage of pregnancy she was beautiful. Her dark skin glowed from the pregnancy and her dark gleaming hair was worthy of envy. She smiled as the woman began to ride him of his riding gear and turned to her own bronze twin.

She untied his riding jacket and removed that and his shirt, her fingers teasing over his bare chest and the scars that graced his body. She bit her lip and kissed lines down his hard stomach as she moved to kneel before him. She grinned wickedly up at him and began to untie his riding boots and then his pants. Yaya looked up at him from under her long black eyelashes, her brown eyes dark with lust and desire.

She pulled his pants down to the floor to pool at his feet and kissed at the soft skin of his pelvis, her hand reaching up to tease his length. She moaned at the view of him as the Gold’s lust settled over her like a thick fog.

Tanilith settled on the ledge next to Skeleeth and thrummed her pleasure at him as he looked at her and spoke. As perfect as ever she said, returning the compliment and crooned at him when his tail rubbed against hers. She looked up at Illoth, who gripped at the cliff face and crooned her pleasure at him as well I am better now she said in a purr. She reached out the rub her small cheek against whatever part if Illoth she could reach.

There were only three things that made Tanilith not her normal proddy self and that was Yaya, the babies, and the bronzes of the twins. No, for those three things she become the most pleasurable creature to be around.
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Offline L'ale

L'ale was right. Having both Callista and Yestine in their weyr was a grand decision. Callista's beautiful body, round with their child, put the final burn in his blood that the Gold lust had initially set there. With everyone finally accounted for, L'ale smirked at his brother before his attention was invariably drawn to Yestine. Her remark about the dress being best on the floor drew a soft, throaty laugh from the Bronzer. It might just end up there if he didn't keep it around her waist and grip it as he fucked her.

Either were possible at this moment.

L'ale didn't help Yestine undress him but neither did he hinder the process unnecessarily. He liked the attention, let her take however long she needed, but he also appreciated the looks and touches. Even the way she bit her lip, eager. Not just because of the Flight lust, but because this was his Green Rider. No Gold claimed him or his brother - oh no. This evening, the twins would take their fill of two beautiful Greens who held their attention more than any Queen could.

L'ale stepped out of his pants and boots, needing no more encouragement. He was already fully hard when Yestine touched him from her kneeling position. A great position for her to start in, he decided. One of his hands tangled in her hair and, without being too forceful, brought her closer. A clear indication he wanted that sweet heat of her mouth wrapped around him.

Blessed Faranth, she was beautiful kneeling in front of him.

Illoth's thrum was deeper than its usual tone as he regarded both beauties now at their weyr. Fly for us, our pretty Greens. My brother and I have a need that only you two may satisfy. What want of a Gold have we when we've you? he encouraged, eyes bleeding into purple. The Bronze was itching to Chase and he had to Greens there, either he'd be happy to catch and claim now that his Rider was being attended to. One for each of them.

Length: 38M || Height: 8M || Wingspan: 65M
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Offline L'nal

True to what L’nal had thought, Callista arrived not far behind Yestine. And if having one beautiful Jungle Green in their weyr had him all the needier, two was even better. Particularly when they contrasted so, one still svelte and the other possessing the more dramatic curves that Callista did in her current state. So it was with a wicked purr that L’nal welcomed the woman currently carrying their child. He would have beckoned to her, but Callista had already wasted no time in crossing to him, her touch light and teasing but still purposeful as she divested him of his riding gear.

If anything, the look in her eyes only made him want her all the more. Particularly since L’nal had a particular fondness for pregnant women. Something about the swell of Calista’s belly made his blood burn hot, nerves singing as her flesh brushed against him. “You look good enough to eat,” he teased her lowly, one hand settling on her stomach and the other gripping the back of her neck. With a light but possessive squeeze, he further communicated his appreciation of her and pulled Callista into a heated kiss.

Oh yes, he would have her squeal for him before the Flight was over.

Just as her proximity made him fully hard, having Tanilith pressed against him made Skeleeth’s eyes blur into shades of purple. The small Green could no doubt feel the rumble of pleasure through his ribs where her hide touched his. And at his brother Bronze’s suggestion, his rumble turned into a deep thrum of draconic laughter.

Such attentive Greens. Breath hot on Tanilith’s neck, he rubbed his snout against her pretty hide, tail twining and then untwining with hers. Fly fast for us now. Neither Tanilith nor Ariyath might be in the throes of their own estrus, but with Oriath’s will blanketing the weyr in lust, it didn’t necessarily matter. If they were willing to flee, Illoth and Skeleeth were more than willing to chase.

All power-play by L'ale is acceptable.

Offline Callista

Re: Gold's Flight, Bronze Love [12.03.2590 1pmish] L'ale, l'nal, Callista
« Reply #7 on: January 27, 2017, 04:38:44 PM »
She was so lucky, she thought to herself as she gazed upon L’nal once he’d been divested of his gear. Not only was she wanted and useful to a sexy bronze rider and Wingsecond of the most prestigious Wing, but there were two of them. She should be thanking Faranth every day that she was one of their chosen ones. That she was able to give them what they needed and to their satisfaction. Pleasing them made her feel warm and gooey inside, like she could melt with how good it made her feel.

Callista’s own smile was slow and playful when she responded, “I’m all yours.” And she meant it. The twins could do anything to her and there wouldn’t be a word or noise of complaint. She was theirs to do with as they pleased. The Jungle green rider sank into the kiss, her body warming with the need to be touched and press skin on skin.

Her hands started at his chest, loving the feel of his hardened physique under her fingertips, before they slowly made their way down to his member. She teased along his thigh, heightening the anticipation for a few moments, before her hand softly ghosted over the firmness of his cock. Her hands were soft, but sure, as they wrapped around it and began a slow tease.

Ariyath needed no further prodding to get her into the air. She launched skyward, instantly taking off towards the water and away from the Gold’s Flight. Come and get us, she teased. She knew Tanilith would be right there with her, and moved so the two of them could work in tandem to keep the two bronzes guessing as to which direction to go between the two of them. Once they were out over open water, she pivoted upwards, splitting a bit from Tanilith to keep the bronzes from being able to work together to catch the two of them at once.

Spoiler for OOC:
Beasty, let me know if the dragon part is okay :love:

Powerplay by L'ale or L'nal is acceptable.
Callista gave birth 16.6.2590

Offline Yestine

Re: Gold's Flight, Bronze Love [12.03.2590 1pmish] L'ale, l'nal, Callista
« Reply #8 on: February 03, 2017, 10:24:39 PM »
Her body thrummed with need, setting her nerve endings on fire, as the Gold's flight lust fully settled over her and the feel of L'ale's length in her hand. While she had only been teasing her bronzer her touches would not remain that way for long. As his fingers grasped her hair she moaned in excitement and looked back up at him, her eyes flashing with hunger from under long dark lashes as her hand gripped his base and her other his hip. She smirked at him as she let him guide her closer before she turned her attention to the part of his body now at her lips.

Her lips parted and her soft pink tongue darted out to tease the tip before she opened her mouth and slowly took his length within inch by inch. Her hand at his base moved up to catch the saliva from her mouth to wet the rest of his length and as her mouth teased, her hand began to stroke what she did not have in her mouth.

Tanilith launched into the sky behind Ariyath and contorted her body around the other green in a teasing, tantric, aerial acrobatics. If you can added to Ariyath's tease and worked with the other green as the fly through the sky out over the open water and away from the flight of the large Gold. She would do her best to out maneuver the bronzes, no one liked an easy catch after all.

Offline L'nal

Re: Gold's Flight, Bronze Love [12.03.2590 1pmish] L'ale, l'nal, Callista
« Reply #9 on: February 25, 2017, 05:53:43 PM »
It pleased him all the more that Callista knew she was theirs. There  was something especially satisfying about women like Callista and Yestine—how willing to please they were, how attentive, how beautiful. Neither L’ale nor L’nal were the sort of men to chase women anyway; and what need would they have for such things when there were already such lovely Green riders more than willing to tend to them, to enjoy their attention and bear their children?

“Yes, you are.” The words were murmured against Callista’s lips before he kissed her again, hard and wanting. L’nal arched against the touch of her fingers on his chest, his abdomen, his thigh… She always knew how best to tease him, which was yet another reason he so appreciated her company. When she finally did wrap his fingers around his length, albeit lightly, she managed to coax from L’nal a sound that was half groan and half growl.

With the Flight Lust running hot, he’d want more than just her hand soon enough. But for now, he was content to tantalize her in return. With one hand on Callista’s side, his other slid between her legs, nudging them apart. L’nal teased his fingertips against her, seeking to slake some of her lust in exchange while he claimed her in another rough and prolonged kiss.

When the two Greens took to the sky, Skeleeth wasn’t far behind, just as Illoth would be too. Muscles bunching, the large Bronze all but threw himself off the ledge, wings flaring out to catch the air and then pushing down with a mighty stroke to take him higher.

All those others could chase their shining singular Queen. He only had eyes for Ariyath and Tanilith, the Greens seeming to glow with their own luminescence against the sky and the blue of the sea. Have we ever failed to catch you? There was an unmistakable burr of want and playfulness in his voice, but Skeleeth knew well enough neither Green would make this an easy chase.

All power-play by L'ale is acceptable.

Offline L'ale

Re: Gold's Flight, Bronze Love [12.03.2590 1pmish] L'ale, l'nal, Callista
« Reply #10 on: April 12, 2017, 05:36:55 PM »
There were few things on Pern as good as a Green Rider on her knees in front of him. Especially Yestine or Callista. While each woman was different, distinctive, and desirable in their own way, he enjoyed either. This time, it was Yestine who knelt for him.

Whose hair he gripped. Not too hard, not wishing to really direct her. Rather, he wanted her to take whatever she would. A wicked part of L’ale was more than pleased to have her want him, want to have his cock in her mouth. Especially to watch her do it. The feel of her tongue, her lips, her hand… He groaned long and low but had the self-restraint not to buck into her mouth. The burn of the Gold Flight’s lust through him made it excruciatingly difficult not to just fuck her throat, but that’d bring a quick end to something he certainly wanted to savor and enjoy. Gold flights lasted long enough he could revel in the feel of her mouth, draw it out, before he would invariably fuck her.

He let her tease him with her mouth, let her taste and take him. Would until he was certain that he couldn’t handle any more stimulation. Then, with a throaty growl, he gently pulled on her hair to draw her off his painfully hard cock and gestured to his bed. “Hands and knees, Yestine,” he demanded.

How the Greens danced in the air for them! Though neither Bronze could hope to mimic their aerobatics, Illoth didn’t try. He watched and hunted. Tailed them close. While he would never be as quick as a Green, there was no doubt in either Bronze dragon’s mind who would have the stamina to remain in the air. Their beautiful Greens would tire and, in the end, it would be Skeleeth and Illoth that would catch them. That certainly, that possessive knowledge, had him purring, we will catch you beauties. You will be ours.

Length: 38M || Height: 8M || Wingspan: 65M
Any power play by L'nal is acceptable.

Offline Callista

Re: Gold's Flight, Bronze Love [12.03.2590 1pmish] L'ale, l'nal, Callista
« Reply #11 on: March 29, 2018, 10:43:09 AM »
This was what her body had been craving all along. Her hormones had been making her near-desperate for physical attention to the point where she was expanding potential bedmates to those that were breathing, in the same room as her, and available. But none of it had even touched on slaking that need. None, until now.

She should have known better that her body had been craving only the best attention. She’d been with the twins so many times that her body had been conditioned to them, where only they could satisfy her. The realization hit her as a wave of pleasure rolled through her in response to his words and rough kiss. Any space between them was too much, as her body fought to be touched in any way by his. Her belly, by now larger than her swollen breasts, lightly grazed against him while her hand continued to tease and massage at his member underneath.

Callista moaned into their kiss, breaking it off momentarily so she could catch her breath when his fingers slid between her legs. Her hips automatically twitched forward at the touch, craving whatever he might give her like a recovering alcoholic being teased with a bottle of the best liquor on the shelf. She needed no further encouragement and widened her stance while her hand tightened its grip on his length to pleasure him with earnest as she became lost in another rough and heady kiss.

Ariyath and Tanilith moved with practice grace and skill, having flown together so many times before that they needed no mental nor verbal communication between the two of them to be able to react to one another’s movements. One of them needed only to move a certain way before the other responded in kind, either by accelerated action to keep their distance from the handsome bronzes or to entice them with fluid, tantalizing dancing in the sky.

The green dipped down towards the water, wingtip grazing the surface just enough to force a spray of water to follow in her wake. Ariyath twisted upward and back toward the stars to reclaim the distance between herself and the bronze predators. In an ordinary flight, she wouldn’t waste her advantage of speed at playful maneuvers like these, but at times like this is far more fun to tease and tempt whilst enjoying the chase.

Powerplay by L'ale or L'nal is acceptable.
Callista gave birth 16.6.2590


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