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Author Topic: Approved Y'tol [16.06.2554 9th Pass] Bronze Rider  (Read 2257 times)

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Y'tol [16.06.2554 9th Pass] Bronze Rider
« on: May 29, 2016, 06:35:00 PM »

Play By:

First Name:
Date of Birth:
17.06.2554 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Telgar Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Jungle WingRider

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Y’tol is highly threadscored, he flew thread for 16 turns, and whilst everyone had already retreated to Fort Weyr by the time he graduated Weyrlinghood, 16 turns is a long time to fly thread without being scored. His left shoulder is the worst section, from a patch of thread thrown about by a buffet of wind from behind him, but he has other, smaller threadscore patches dotted across his skin. The bronze rider usually has a smile on his face, and likes to wear loosing fitting, deep-v necked white shirts to show off his sparsely haired muscled chest.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Y’tol lived through it by trying to connect with people more. He wanted to know everyone he could, so that if anyone died, he knew he would not have missed out on an opportunity to meet someone who sacrificed their life for Pern. Very dragonrider loyal, he is a bit of a traditionalist, and isn’t very supportive of holders, because he doesn’t understand their hierarchy and why they treat their drudges the way they do, in the Weyr, even the lowest kitchen staff is treated with respect.

Response to dragon colour mutations: Y’tol is very hesitant over the new colours, he doesn’t understand why now, of all times, when they are trying to remake themselves, something like mutations would make an appearance. He tries not to think about the colour mutations themselves too much, and mostly complains about young people in power. Not that Y’tol would ever show too much animosity to anyone.

Who are you...

Women – he likes the way they think, the way they look, the way they sound underneath him while having sex, yeah, they’re great.
Laughter – what’s better than a good hearty laugh to cleanse your day away? Having a good hearty laugh with a bunch of other people who have had a long day
Large crowds – he likes to feel like he is a part of something, a big reason why the big crazy Weyr family works for him. His favourite part of the day is supper times, where most people drink and eat and share stories of the day.
Flights – whether for greens or golds, Y’tol loves the exhilaration and the flight lust that comes along with it.

Complainers – you don’t make anything better by just complaining about it, be proactive and actually try something, but don’t be a negative pansy – the only time you’re allowed to complain, is when/if you’re in the healer hall
Holders – or at least the ones so set in their holder ways that they try to look down on people, there are no drudges in a Weyr, everyone is looked after. The dragonriders looked after the holders during the pass, so why can’t they just be nice and look after the people that change their sheets?
People who don’t respect dragonriders – he purposely met as many people as he could, so that he would have memories of people that had died. Their memory should live on, even if only through him, so he is very familiar with the heartbreak associated with loss and death. Therefore anyone who does not respect that sacrifice is an idiot and selfish and doesn’t deserve how good they’ve got it, because you know what, they’re alive.


* EMPATHETIC: Y’tol likes to feel what other people are feeling, being able to put himself in other peoples shoes help not only the people who he’s trying to understand, but himself by making him feel needed.   

* FORGIVENESS: Growing up in such hard times makes him want to forgive people for mistakes they make, he doesn’t want to feel negative about people, life is too short for grudges.

* HOPEFUL: Every day Y’tol is hopeful for the future, he definitely believes that dragonriders have lived through all the shit that has happened to them so far, and therefore they’ll make it through anything else that will happen to them.

* APPRECIATIVE: Seeing people die every day in constant threadfall made him very appreciate of every single person who takes on the dragonrider challenge. But those crafters and holders who have come out of the Pass in a positive mindset, he appreciates them being forward thinking.

* KIND: Life’s too short to not be kind to people, every wants a little bit of niceness in their life, and Y’tol is happy to supply it.


* NAIVE: After making his way out of the pass, he believes that whatever the mutations mean doesn’t matter, because they’ve figured their way through everything else. He also doesn’t really believe the rift formed by the mutations is really a negative thing.

* OVER-ENTHUSIASTIC: Anything presented to Y’tol will be undertaken in extreme enthusiasm, which, sometimes gets on the nerves of the more serious Weyrpeople.

* FLIRT: Y’tol likes to spread his love around, not currently finding anyone to keep him occupied for long enough to tie him down, so perhaps inadvertently he left a few broken hearts in his wake, although he would never do so on purpose.   

* DEPENDENT:  Y’tol needs to feel like he isn’t alone, and he can get distracted and unpredictable if he feels like he doesn’t have people that he can depend on.

* VAIN: He likes to spend time on his appearance, whilst he won’t hesitate to get down and dirty, any permanent damage to his face would distress him greatly.

Describe Yourself:

* CURIOUS: ----- The thing that spurred his learning of rider’s stories was mostly prompted by his curiosity, the more people he talks to, the more he learns about Pern and how other people live.

* KNOWLEDGEABLE: ----- He likes to learn things, since being at Southern Winds, Y’tol has expanded his “story search” to crafters and holders, and some of the crafter stories that he had come across piqued his curiosity and caused him to seek out someone to learn specific crafter skills, e.g. sewing, baking and hand reel fishing.

* STORYTELLER: ----- After learning so many things from dragonriders for over 20 turns, Y’tol has taken to telling some of their stories at dinner and supper times, at some of the larger gatherings, with a few heroic embellishments of course.

* LOVING: ----- Y’tol has a lot of love to spread around, anyone who looks lost or alone will probably find themselves being looked out for by Y’tol.

* COMPANIONSHIP: ----- He needs people to feel accepted, he needs a close wing in order to focus on concentrate on his tasks, which is why Jungle works so well for him, despite not being as serious as many other Junglers, they need to be close in order to trust one another in the Jungle, this companionship is what Y’tol craves.

The Magic Touch: Y’tol likes to keep remember those whom he knew that passed away with their most memorable story, however with the lack of available people, it’s been hard for him to keep track of it in something like a journal, so he had to resort to carving an image representative of the story, and then carving the persons/dragons names into it. The trunk in his Weyr is full of carving and old papers.


Mother: Meyannah, Weyrfolk
Father: Y'vis of Bronze Xnyeth, born [2535] Impressed [2552] - Played by Kit
Meyliah, Weyrfolk. Born [2551] Married
Unavin Rider of Green Caelith Born [2567] Impressed [2586] - Played by Beasty
U’kir Rider of Bronze Goranth Born [2573] Impressed[2586]
Ysmersa, Fisher Hall, Born [2575] - Played by SanctifiedSavage

Aunts and Uncles:
Y’rin Rider of Ondorth Born [2533] Impressed [2547]  Deceased [2557]
L’kan Rider of Quorlith Born [2538] Impressed [2559]
Lakanya Rider of Meirleth. Born [2545]. Impressed [2563]. Deceased [2583]
Yinaya Rider of Rantasyth Born [2547] Impressed [2564] - Played by SanctifiedSavage

K'eeda of Blue Aeleroth – Born [2569] - Daughter of Lakanya - Played by SanctifiedSavage
Yestine of Green Tanilith – Born [2560] - Daughter of Yinaya - Played by Beasty
Y'kin of Brown Aduskoth - Born [2561] - Daughter of Yinaya - Played by SirAlahn
Cayalla - Glasscrafter - Born [2563] - Daughter of Yinaya - Adoptable Profile
K'zaya of Bronze Fyenoruth - Born [2566] - Daughter of Yinaya  - Played by Kyya
Ysveta - Candidate - Born [2572] - Daughter of Yinaya - Played by Inki
Yaina - Born [2582] - Daughter of Yinaya - Played by Fiayra

2572 – Yolata - 18 - Rider of Green Zephreth - Adoptable Profile
2575 – Nishi - 15 - Rider of Green Xasheyth - Played by RaynePOTM
2576 - T'vye - 14 - Rider of Bronze Aitorith - Played by Kyya
2578 - Tiranatol - 12 - Apprenticed to the healer hall
2579 - Yolinadae - 11 - Weyrbrat
2581 - Yonila - 9 - Weyrbrat
2585 – Minatol - 5 - Weyrbrat - Crafter mother


Tell us a story...

* 2554-58, 0-6 Yolatol is born at Telgar Weyr to the Bronze Rider Y’vis and Weyrfolk woman Meyannah, with only one older sibling, Meyliah, and the two children grow up in the Creche together, only three turns apart in age.  However, Yolatol does not remember anything of the Telgar Creche, as, in 2558, the whole Weyr has to evacuate and desert the Weyr. He arrives at High Reaches Weyr at the tender age of 4, therefore all of his childhood memories have the snowcapped mountain peaks of the High Reaches in the background.

* 2558-66, 6–12 Starts to help around the Weyr at this age. Does chores for riders, and tries to grow up a little bit earlier and prove himself useful. He is adorable and friendly, so most riders don’t mind him being underfoot and tolerate the excitable child trying to help them out doing little chores. It is during these times, the Yolatol manages to get some of the riders to tell him their stories, as too many riders pass with their incredible tales untold. Some day in 2566, a blue dragon stops him as he hurries past, delivering a tray of food to a bronze rider, the blue dragon’s rider come hurrying out of the hall, a grin on his face, and informs him that the blue decided that Yolatol should stand for the upcoming hatching. Yolatol is delighted, hoping to follow in his father’s footsteps.

* 2566-72, 12-17 He stands for many turns, and whilst sometimes feels disappointed, if in a hatching, a dragon walks straight past him not even acknowledging his existence, he simply buckles down, supressing his doubtful thoughts, and gets on with it. He learns from an older fellow candidate how to carve the strong wood of the broom tree, and he starts to record the stories he learns from older riders, through carving representations of the tale, and inscribing the rider and dragons name upon the artwork. In Rayneth’s clutch in 2569, at the tender age of 15, Yolatol impresses Bronze Bayorth and is gifted with the honorific, Y’tol. Whilst he did experiment a bit with his sexuality in his 3 turns of candidacy, he did not sire any children during that time, and his investigation is brought abruptly to a halt in his Weyrlinghood. Two turns later, fresh out of Weyrlinghood, the Weyr evacuates to Fort. It was a harsh blow for Y’tol, leaving the cold, stony peaks of the high reaches, the warmer Fort climate didn’t agree with him, and sometimes he dreamed of the cold and the snow.

* 2571-76, 17-22  These are Y’tol’s formative turns of his sexuality and coming into himself. He learns that flying greens and golds are just as fun as anything else, the women of greens are just the same as golds, sometimes even more fun. Two children are born to him, one in 2572 and another in 2575, of two different mothers, both in the aftermath of a green flight, and Y’tol decides then to leave any of his children in the care of the Creche, just as he grew up.

* 2576-81, 22-27He starts to regale the Weyr Hall at dinnertime with passed dragonrider’s stories. Bringing his large trunk down from his room, and randomly choosing a carving at random, before launching into the usually exciting tale. Whilst he embellishes some stories, and most riders know that he does, many riders become more willing to share their stories with him, wanting to know that their name will still be spoken if they fall to thread. And so, riders come and go from his Weyr, he and Bayorth developed an open door policy, for both story-telling and sex alike, and when the Weyr takes a heavy loss, or simply when Y’tol feels as if the mood is low, he hauls his trunk down into the Weyr Hall, and riders and Weyrfolk alike eagerly gather around the storyteller. His next three children are born in 2578, 2579 and 2581, each raised in the Creche.

* 2581-87, 27-33 It is in a threadfall, late at night, high above the Harper Hall, that Y’tol and Bayorth obtain their worst threadscore yet. It was a difficult flight, the wind throwing the thread out of it’s usual, and slightly more predictable pattern, and many rider-dragon pairs went between that day, and never blinked back. Y’tol and Bayorth were almost one of them. Receiving a firestone sack from a Weyrling, the bronze pair had hovered to attack the sack more easily, keeping both eyes forward to watch for the next wayward patch they would go after, what they didn’t notice was the patch which had been blown up in a gust from somewhere underneath Bayorth’s tail, and after the gust, were on a one-track course, through their left shoulders. It hit Y’tol first of course, half of the patch hitting the Y’tol’s shoulder and he screamed as the thread ate through his tender flesh, the other half of the patch continuing on to Bayorth’s own shoulder. The pair blinked between, back to the Weyr, but they hadn’t been quick enough, the thread had eaten through both of their shoulders, and they were out of commission for a month. Waiting impatiently to be let back out there again. Not long after, they could joke about the event, saying that they had done it so that they could match, afterall, riders couldn’t be left to dwell upon their scars, they would all be left with many more before the Pass ended. Throughout this time, Y’tol learns that a few crafters, similarly evacuated to Fort, found thread scars sexy, some didn’t, but naturally, Y’tol never gave up a good opportunity to use his body to his advantage. So he fathers another child, this time by a crafter woman, in 2585.

* 2587-2590, 33-36 Everyone moves to Southern Winds, Y’tol himself being involved as a rider who scoured Pern to find a suitable place to move. He loved the warm cozy cove, and the leafy Jungle of Fort Island, and is therefore incredibly happy when the decision is officially made to move. After discovering the dangers of the Hunters and their presence in the Jungle, Y’tol immediately joins Jungle Wing, not hesitating to jump on a wing that very much appeals to his nature to protect the few people they had left.

Halt, child.

Yolatol scittered to a halt on the rough ground of the Weyr Bowl, his eyes widening in shock as he quickly reached to steady the jug of klah that he had started in a precarious wobble on the tray, in his haste to do as the blue dragon ordered him. The young Weyrbrat looked around above him to find the blue dragon that was the source of the words in his mind, the sensation unnerving the young boy, but he couldn’t spot the dragon.

“You there!” Spinning quickly, once again almost tipping over the pitcher of klah, Yolatold turned to the source of the noise. This time at least, he could spot the speaker. A rider was hurrying over to him, a large grin on the mans face. “Liramyth tells me that he senses you will make a good candidate, you’ve officially been searched kid,” the blue rider slapped him heartily on his shoulder, “Congrats.”

Yolatol’s mouth fell open, “Really?”

“Yeah really.” The blue riders face was covered with a grin, obviously he liked this part of the job.

“Can I say thank you to Liramyth?”

You’re welcome. Yolatol looked around frantically trying to source the sound, and a large blue head snaked down from the Weyr above them, to pin him with a large multi-faceted eye.

If you want to scratch my eyeridges I’ll accept that as a repayment, and that you’ll come introduce your dragon to me when you impress.

Yolatol obediently lifted a small hand, tiny in comparison to the dragon’s head. “But, you’ve just let me stand. You don’t know I’m going to impress. Do you?” The eyes whirled fast, and the Weyrbrat, now candidate, heard a low rumbling sound coming from the blue.

“Liramyth is proud of his candidate choices. He’ll never pick one that he doesn’t think will impress. You’ll see.”

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Bring It On
Anything Else:
Not yet

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
13.06.2569 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 37.1M
Mature Height: 7.42M
Mature Wingspan: 61.5M

General Appearance...

Bayorth’s growth as a dragonet was reasonably standard, he went through a growth spurt a little earlier than normal, but didn’t give him anything of an advantage over the other dragonets. On the larger side of the bronze sizes as an adult, his chest/abdomen section is a little larger than the correct proportions, more barrel chested than his length would suggest.

His colouring is a dark bronze in the shade, with glints of lighter, more yellowy bronze as the light hits his hide. A major threadscore lies on his left shoulder, mimicking where threadscore appears on his rider, the patch of thread having half hit Y’tol, while the other half grazed by him to Bayorth’s own shoulder.



Mind Voice: Bayorth’s voice is low and rumbling, Y’tol has many a time compared his grumbles to that of thunder as it rumbled across the mountains of High Reaches.

Female dragons – Greens, golds, reds, Bayorth likes any woman that will give him a good flight
Hunting – those Hunters need to be stopped – and Bayorth is big and bad enough to do it.
Discovering new places – Bayorth likes to be able to fly high over the Jungle, and spot new clearings, hills and possible hibernation locations for the Hunters, although he hasn’t been successful yet

The black dragons – just more large males to steal his possible mates
Uppity talk – he is very happy being a bronze, and will only bow down to the queens, snarky language from other dragons bother him
Whers – he doesn’t hate them, he just prefers to keep them at arms length, there will be no cuddling or hanging out with Whers from this bronze.


* LONG DISTANCE FLYING : Due to his slightly early growth spurt, he had more time to get his wing strength up and it has developed into extremely efficient long distance flying.

* BRAVE : Whilst Bayorth didn’t inherit his riders more reckless nature, he none the less, will try to protect others with his own life if necessary. Which is definitely going to get him in trouble with the Hunters one day.

* LOYAL : Even if Y’tol is wrong, Bayorth will back him up all the way, and perhaps will even continue to try and prove his riders case so that Y’tol doesn’t seem like an idiot.


* STUBBORN : Bayorth will back up Y’tol no matter what, even if the man is being an idiot.

* PICKY EATER : To the annoyance of the Weyrlingmasters in their youth, Bayorth would spend ages running the beasts ragged before picking the one that he liked the look of best, and sometimes, earlier when Y’tol didn’t think to correct him, would occasionally kill them, decide they were not good enough, and then leave without eating it. He has gotten slightly better about it, instead sitting on his ledge to spy the perfect one.

* MANIPULATIVE : With some females, Bayorth is unknowingly manipulative. He had no particular love to be tied down to one female, none have been stubborn and strong enough yet to completely capture his attention. And therefore, will unknowingly, use those more naïve greens to his own betterment, as an easy catch when he wants them, or as a cuddle buddy if he feels left out while Y’tol is getting frisky.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #(4F3A17); Text: #(DBC87D)

Member Info...

Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Y'tol [16.06.2554 9th Pass] Bronze Rider
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2016, 12:09:35 AM »
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Re: Y'tol [16.06.2554 9th Pass] Bronze Rider
« Reply #2 on: May 31, 2016, 09:14:48 PM »
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Re: Y'tol [16.06.2554 9th Pass] Bronze Rider
« Reply #3 on: May 31, 2016, 10:08:19 PM »
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