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Southern Winds Weyr

Author Topic: In Southern Winds - Summary and Map  (Read 7915 times)

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In Southern Winds - Summary and Map
« on: January 24, 2014, 09:08:13 AM »
This is the actual location of Southern Winds, based on a fantastic remake of the Pern map by Khovs on DeviantArt. They've allowed us to use it in order to show you the location of our RP.

1.  Training Field2. Farm Land
3. Beast Craft Hall4. Barn and herdbeast pen
5. Fisher Craft Hall6. Cove
7. Hatching Sands8. Sick Weyrs
9. Healer Hall10. Healer rooms & Offices
11. Weyrling Barracks12. Weyrling Master/Assistants Office
13. Ground/lower level weyrs14. Bathing Springs
15. Weyrhall16. Kitchens
17. Storage18. Candidate Barracks
19. Ranked Rider Offices20. Candidate Master's Office & Classroom
21. Weaver's Cave22. Harper's Cave
23. Former Miner's Cave24. Smith's Cave
25. Weyrfolk Community Cave26. Creche
27. Wher Handler caves ( reserved for crafters)28. Hotter Springs reserved for laundry
29. Crafters, Holders, Family Caves30. Passage deeper into mountain and to Underground Lake

A map of the current First Hold construction site.

[ We'll see about getting more maps up that are a bit closer. ]

In 2529 BR ( Before Relocation ), Pern undertakes the final detonation on the Red Star in an attempt to permanently alter its orbit. They succeed, but not in the way they intended. Rather than pushing the planet further away from Pern, the faulty detonations instead bring it closer, exposing Pern to an increased amount of the Thread still trapped in its gravity. Furthermore, AIVAS’ “Overkill” initiative backfires and feeds the Thread spores it was meant to destroy. Extended, almost constant Threadfall begins.

This marks the turn of the 9th Pass in which the Riders are steadily overwhelmed, Thread burrows destroy vast amounts of land and herds, and eventually leaves Fort Weyr and Hold as the last stronghold on a dying Pern. Thread burrows consume all the viable vegetation in the areas the Riders fail to protect, leaving the land desolate and unable to sustain new life. Especially as thread continues to fall for longer that the usual 50 turns.

 After the end of the 9th Pass, the surviving dragon riders at Fort Weyr sent out a series of scouts in search of a new home not ravaged by Thread. The land has been stripped barren and they'd been surviving on rations and food stores from the small gardens and crops still surviving. The thread scarring of the planet was severe enough that the nutrients in the soil were insufficient to grow new crops. One rider, D’mir of Bronze Thianorth, discovered an island chain far to the west of the Northern Continent. Located near the equator, it sits in a heavily tropical zone that features lush plants and fertile soil. Relatively untouched by Threadfall, it seemed a virtual paradise on which the survivors of the 9th Pass could rebuild.
The new colonists named the largest of the islands “Fort” in honor of the Hold and Weyr that had held so strong against the extended Threadfall. Evacuating the damaged Northern Continent, the remaining dragon riders, weyrfolk, and holdfolk traveled to Fort Island to rebuild. In the turn 2589 AL, Southern Winds Weyr was founded. As yet, with construction focused on making the Weyr livable for both weyr- and holdfolk, no permanent Holds have been established.
Fort Island features a thick jungle that occasionally gives way to grassy hillsides suitable for farmland. As the island chain shows evidence of being a volcanic archipelago, it also features a large basin from a long-dead volcano. It is in the jutting ribcage of this behemoth mountain that the survivors of Fort made their new home. With a large Weyr Bowl perfect for grazing herdbeasts, the crater has provided nearly everything that the survivors could want by way of shelter and resources. With a cove cut into one side of the mountain by the elements, a portion of the Weyr Bowl opens onto  a warm sandy beach that leads to the ocean.
What the refugees did not count on was the existence of large reptilian predators they have since named “Hunters”. Traveling in packs, these creatures show evidence of having evolved in the wild from firelizards, or perhaps the serpents that live in the ocean. Though similar in size to whers, their predatory nature and pack-mentality can make them deadly even to dragons. Their natural defenses, including sharp teeth and claws, make them formidable opponents. Their attacks have been one of the major obstacles to settling Fort Island since the survivors arrived two turns ago.
Furthermore, the stress of both the 9th Pass and the crossing to Fort Island has yielded an unexpected effect. The first time that Gold Kalestath rose to mate—shortly after her arrival on the island—her resulting clutch featured a mutated dragon. Neisoth, the first Black dragon to ever hatch on Pern, bonded to a young Candidate named S’bok. Though the other dragon riders were at first unsure what to do with this unusual pair, the two turns since his hatching have shown that Neisoth can stand toe to toe with any Bronze dragon. His increased aggressiveness makes him particularly suited to fighting Hunters, while his headstrong and arrogant rider has earned a somewhat poor reputation in the Weyr for his impulsiveness.
Nevertheless, none can argue that S’bok and Neisoth are not a skilled pair. When Kalestath rose to mate yet again this turn, Neisoth was among those who participated in her flight. Much to the surprise (and murmured horror) of the other riders, it was S’bok who emerged from the flight as Weyrleader.
Now, with Kalestath’s clutch sitting on the Hatching Sands, there is talk in the Weyr that it may yield more giant black beasts similar to Neisoth—or even other, possibly ill-fated, mutations. 
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