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Author Topic: Approved W'um [01.04.2522 9th Pass] Assistant Weyrlingmaster  (Read 2418 times)

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W'um [01.04.2522 9th Pass] Assistant Weyrlingmaster
« on: June 08, 2016, 09:49:01 PM »

Play By:

First Name:
Date of Birth:
01.04.2522 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Ruatha Hold
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Assistant Weyrlingmaster
Yarina - deceased

Your Reflection...

Appearance: In his younger days, W’um had a beautiful head of hair, but he very quickly developed a receeding hairline, and decided to start shaving all of his hair off instead. Yarina said it was attractive anyways. W’um now is mostly unfussed by the clothes he wears, his leathers, are aged and worn, and his head doesn’t need to be shaved any longer.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: W’um just coped, he went through stages of extreme grief, losing lover, child and holder roots alike, but in the end, it was he and Liramyth to the end of Pern. 

Response to dragon color mutations: It goes against everything that W’um had ever known, but he doesn’t want to have negativity in his life, he doesn’t have time for that anymore, regardless of his worries, he tries to push them to the back of his mind. Let the young Weyrleader prove himself, and then no questions need be asked.

Who are you...

Klah – A good way to start his morning, and it has consistently been a good way to start the morning for 60 turns.
Alcohol – He misses the Benden wine of the good ol’ days, and dislikes the new, less fruity varieties of Fort Island
Children – W’um tried to spend as much time as he could in his own children’s lives, but always felt as if he hadn’t done enough after they passed, he loves seeing the look on kids faces as they gaze up at a hulking giant dragon.
Food – W’um just wants to eat everything and anything, he’s the perfect guinea pig for the kitchen workers who are trying something new.
Friends – After losing so many friends through threadfall, he wants to make the most of them now.

Boring people – Why waste your turns being boring? We’re all doing to die soon anyway.
Being told no – He’ll continuously rant at the younger bronzers who try to tell him what he can and cannot do. “I searched you, don’t tell me what to do,” is his favourite response.
Hunters – Abominable creatures that are against the laws of nature, he doesn’t like them one bit.
Losing control - Both of events and of himself. If things don't go his way, he is liable to sort of break down a little bit, and therefore lose control of himself and he hates that feeling
Losing faith - it happens every now and then, it's not common and it's not pretty, but sometimes he questions what he's still doing here. The only thing he had ever known is thread, and now it's simply gone. Is he even useful? Sometimes he needs to be reminded, and when he breaks out of it, he hates himself for losing faith.


* WISE : W’um had learnt how to pick his battles, knowing when to give in and when to keep fighting.

* KNOWLEDGEABLE : It’s hard to go 68 turns without learning a thing or two about Pern, and he’s happy to share his knowledge to whomever asks it of him.

* TRUSTWORTHY : W’um is always going to be honest, and those who have spent time with him know that they can come to him with anything and everything.

* LOGICAL : He will try to never to make a decision based upon fear, however, at his worst, he needs to be reminded to be the logical person he usually is in everyday life.

* WARM : He’s always happy to share a joke with you and will try to make the best of every situation.


* OLD : Physically W’um is not of the same calibre he used to be. He gets distracted from human conversations by Liramyth and will sometimes forget names, although he apologises profusely when he does.

* DOESN’T CARE : Since he is not required to train all of the time, he is sometimes not very willing to follow orders, simply being out of practice.

* WHIMSICAL : W’um is a bit of an eccentric character now, wanting to experience everything and anything, but also having bouts of doubting himself when things go wrong.

* SELF-INDULGING : Life’s too short to not eat what you want to eat, or sleep in when you want to sleep in. 

* ANXIOUS : When really important things don’t go to plan, W’um can fly off the handle a little bit, he wants things to be good all the time.

Describe Yourself:

* LOVING: ----- W’um and Liramyth just want to spread all of their love around to the whole Weyr. He lost his blood family, so the Weyr is his family now.

* FLIGHTY: ----- Whilst W’um tries to be carefree all the time, he does have times when he can’t deal with mistakes, or he remembers everyone he’s lost, or when he questions what they’re doing on Pern now that threads gone. Even though he’ll teach new dragonriders that they’re always going to be needed on Pern, he has times when he questions that truth.

* KIND: ----- Never will he treat someone badly who didn’t deserve it, he will try to the best of his ability to find the good in people.

* TEACHER: ----- All the knowledge he has filed away in his brain needs to be taught to youngsters. After all, he’s going to die soon, there’s no point having all the information sitting useless in a rotting body.

* MYSTERIOUS: ----- Surviving so long in constant threadfall has left him, along with the other older riders, something of a legend. “The mysterious fading blue dragon and his rider who can make any child into a dragonrider.”

The Magic Touch: Being with Liramyth for so long, he will definitely have to be reminded to speak out loud for the sake of other people, he could spend hours just locked in conversation and forget that other people are with them.

Quote from Dragonflight –
“Don’t quote me verses I taught you as a Weyrling.”
“Then have faith in what you taught.”
This would perfectly describe W’um’s actions when he is at his worst, he’d definitely need a bronze rider to tell him to have faith every now and then.

With his experience, he has become a mentor for some of the young and struggling Prairie wingers.


Mother: Wallemhia, Ruathan Holder, born. 2504 d. 2564
Father: Nineum, Ruathan Trader, born. 2500 d. 2564

Wallemuem, Tanner, born 2520 d. 2546
Ninehum, Tanner, born 2524 d. 2546

Mariya, of Yith, born. 2541, Impressed. 2557, d. 2563
Yarum of Zemyenth, born. 2560, Impressed. 2575, d. 2580

Tell us a story...

* 2522, 0 Born to Wallemhia and Nineum at Ruatha, with a two turn older brother, Wallemuem. His mother was a holder, she worked in the fields to pick fruits, and his father was a goods trader for Ruatha, travelling with the tithe trains and goods across all of Pern, bringing back stories from every corner of the globe.

* 2525, 3 Aivas is discovered but as young as he is, Wanuem does not know what this could potentially mean for all of Pern.

* 2529, 7 The detonations against the red star fail, and constant threadfall begins. Hearing the stories from his father, who never liked to hide them away from the truth, of the amazing dragonriders who save them each and every day from the threat of thread, plants a seed inside him and begins his dream to becoming a dragonrider.

* 2530, 8 Fall of Bitra. His mother had been originally from the hold and he realises that the dragonriders aren’t able to control what is happening, obviously it is because they need more dragon riders to help them, so his dreams become not just a wild idea, but something which he actually strives for.

* 2534, 12 A blue rider searches him in a rush for High Reaches Weyr, and he is taken straight onto the hatching grounds from his hold, barely able to say goodbye to his family, but unable to wipe the grin from his face as he is whisked off for the chance of a lifetime.

* 2534, 12 Shoved into a white tunic and plonked straight onto the hatching grounds, an egg explodes into pieces right in front of him, and Liramyth topples out of the egg, at Wineum’s, now W’um’s feet. The young holder, now dragonrider is both shocked and pleased by his immediate impression, whilst having the dream for so long, he didn't actually believe that it could come true. Being granted the opportunity, so quickly, and in such a time of need for Pern, makes him even more determined to be an incredible dragonrider.

* 2536, 14 The trade routes of Pern shut down and he hears how badly it is effecting his parents, as his father is now out of a trade and a job, who now has to start working in the hold, not being able to travel and see the wonders of Pern any longer.

* 2536, 14 W’um and Liramyth graduate Weyrlinghood with flying colours and are excited to be allowed to fly a fall for the first time. Finally being able to defeat at least some of the thread that is plaguing Pern.

* 2538, 16 Liramyth searches his first candidate, and the blue is very interested in watching the candiate’s progress through the turns and is incredibly impressed when the child finally impresses. Liramyth reveals to W’um that he just gets a feeling from some children, either strong or weak, but always a feeling. Liramyth could never really describe it in a way that W’um fully understand, but tells his rider that he only chooses those whose signature is very strong to him, he likes to see them impress of course and doesn’t want to give anyone false hope.

* 2541, 19 Birth of first child, Mariya, with a Weyrfolk woman. W’um didn’t have time to experiment in his candidacy or Weyrlinghood, so now he accepts both men and woman alike into his bed. Mariya grows up in Creche under the watchful gaze of her mother, with the occasional visit of W’um and Liramyth.

* 2543, 21 W’um and Liramyth are badly injured in threadfall and spend several sevendays in the healer hall, complaining continuously about being stuck inside in the clammy air. It is there they meet T’nax and Xenrith, injured in the same horrific fall, and they begin a friendship.

* 2546, 24 Fall of Igen and Tanner crafthall, his two brothers had been studying in the tanner hall, and in the evacuation stayed until the last minute to get all of their fellow tanners out. The riders couldn’t hold the Hall and both his siblings perish. W’um hears the story of their bravery through the ranks of riders who were there protecting the hall that day and whilst he is saddened by their passing, he had spent the same amount of his life not knowing as he did growing up with them. Leaving his home at such a young age meant that whilst he did have a connection with his brothers he was simply not close enough to them, their lives, their trials and their tribulations to truly feel affected by their passing. The blue rider thinks of it merely as another Holder tie severed, making it easy for him to squash his feelings of heartache and grief.

* 2549, 27 Ista Weyr falls and a green rider, Yarina, arrives at High Reaches, W’um and Liramyth fall in love and they decide to become permanent Weyrmates, Liramyth never flies another green.

* 2552, 30 Yarina gets pregnant, however mutually they decide that the Weyr needs as many dragonriders as possible, and it is more important for her to fly thread. She goes between and loses the child. They do not resent each other for the decision and become closer than ever, afterall, they have all the time in the world to have children.

* 2557, 35 Mariya impresses a green, and he is so very proud of her, Liramyth himself having searched her, the blue dragon assuring W’um that her draw was strong and he was not influenced by familial ties. 

* 2560, 38 Yarina is injured in threadfall, and while not badly, she is grounded to ensure her full recovery. In that time, she becomes pregnant again, and her injury keeps her grounded long enough for the child to be born. W’um and Yarina welcome their son, Yarum, to Pern. He is raised in the Creche but both parents keep a watchful eye on him.

* 2563, 41 Nabol hold falls and Mariya falls with it, desperately trying to save the hold from being destroyed by thread. Whilst W’um had always had a soft spot for holders, his own parents being holders themselves, with Mariya’s death it becomes hard for W’um to not blame the stubbornness of the holders of Nabol for his daughter’s passing. This is the first death of close family members that truly cuts him to the core, and whilst he has seen friend and fellow wingmate fall in thread, Mariya was his first real exposure to true grief.

* 2564, 42 Ruatha Hold falls and his parents, both aged and slow, do not survive the horror of the crazed evacuation. All of his family from his holder life are gone and whilst he knew that his parents were only a matter of time, he is completely tied to the Weyr now, and he buries his holder life, along with the memories and the grief, simply focusing on the Weyr and thread.

* 2567, 45 With only two more Weyr’s left to fight. The strain is felt upon all of the dragonriders, and falls get more and more dangerous. In his 45th turn, W’um had flown back to the Weyr to get more firestone, the Weyrlings not being able to shuttle the firestone quick enough for the ferocity of the fall. He turns his head to see a very familiar green fall from the sky, and rushes to catch Yarina as she falls out of her riding straps, thread having eaten through the leather and her through her back. She breathes her last gasp of air in his arms, and he has a battle of wills with her green, holding the dragon to the ground just long enough for him to secure her body onto her saddle. Yarina had always told him that she wanted to go between with her green, not wanting her body, which had spent so long in the sky, to rot under the feet of the Pernese.

* 2568, 46 High Reaches Hold falls, and the it hits home for the Weyr, holder, crafter and Weyr causalities piling up. W’um and Liramyth once again are injured in threadfall.

* 2571, 49 High Reaches Weyr finally falls after long turns of battle, and the weary riders take all the survivors possible with them to try to defend the only stronghold let to them, Fort Weyr.  It is a crushing defeat, but one they realise quickly that they cannot dwell upon, with every survivor squished into limited space, they must protect their final stronghold.

* 2575, 53 His child Yarum impresses, much to the happiness and surprise of Liramyth, as the blue did not personally search the child. W’um doesn’t know whether to be happy or not, having lost so many of his loved ones to thread already, wondering deep down if Yarum might not have been safer to stay as one of the Weyrfolk.

* 2580, 58 His fears are realised as Yarum makes rash decision in a fall, costing him his and his dragon’s life. W’um, a man who had always hoped to have a family, had no relatives left, and relies upon his friends and fellow dragonriders to keep him from falling apart with grief, and he gets grounded for a sevenday because his wingleader is worried for his mental health.

* 2582, 61 With so little Pernese and so little ground to cover, the strain is lessened upon the dragonriders. W’um flies many less threadfalls, he and Liramyth being so very aged by threadscore and time.

* 2587, 65 Despite being old and weary, W’um insists on going on to help investigate for a new Weyr, much to the worry of some of the younger riders, but he needs to feel like he is still useful. "Dragonmen must fly when threads are in the sky." But he is old and there is no more thread, so he must find a way to be useful.

* 2589, 67 Neisoth flies Kalestath, and S’bok is now Weyrleader. W’um is unsure that so young a man is experienced enough to be Weyrleader, as untarnished and unknowing of the horrors of threadfall as he is. But, he is reminded by Liramyth that thread is no more, so perhaps those who are untarnished by the horrors are better equipped to deal with new issues that will arise. 

Liramyth, Sereth, Lorath, back to the Weyr for firestone! Their flight leaders call echoing in the blue dragon’s ears. The Weyrlings cannot keep up! Now!

We must head back to the Weyr. Liramyth informs his rider, and, securing the image of the Weyrbowl firmly in his mind, the three blue dragons blink between simultaneously.

A quick spiral to the packed dirt of the Weyrbowl, leaves W’um enough time to examine the state of the medical response. Weyrfolk women were flitting between dragon and rider, only a few being severely injured, whining with their pain, but most being shuttled off to the ground level Weyrs to rest. The fall was terrible, wind picking up thread and flinging it out of it’s usually predictable pattern, not giving the riders any time to rest.

W’um jogs over to the firestone sacks, hastily stuffed by Weyrlings as exhausted at the riders themselves. His head snaps up as a heart wrenching shriek splits the air and he watches in horror as a familiar green body plummets to the ground.

LIRAMYTH! But the blue had already risen into the air, trying to catch the green whose tail and neck was threaded horrifically, green ichor dripping onto the blue as he tried desperately to break the green’s fall.

W’um was on his feet, sprinting towards the plummeting dragons, staring in horror as the rider’s body slipped from her riding straps, eaten through by thread, “YARINA!”  Liramyth had succeeded in slowly their fall, and Yarina only fell a few feet into the waiting arms of her Weyrmate.

“Yarina…” W’um sobbed, staring in horror at her chest, where thread had eaten its way through to her ribs. “W-W-W’um.” She stuttered, coughing up a mouthful of blood through her beautiful lips, a small hand reaching up in an attempt for one final caress of W’um’s face, but her hand fell before reaching him, as her action draws the last bit of life from her body.

Her green emits a great keen starting to extricate herself from her blue mate. ”NO! WAIT! Liramyth hold her!” W’um and his blue battle to keep the green grounded, as W’um wraps Yarina in his arms, running to her dragon to secure her, one last time, onto the riding saddle.

”GO! GO! She’s ready go…” The green leapt into the air, and blinks between, the Weyr echoing with the hair raising keen of sadness and tribute, for a dragon life lost.

Liramyth shuffles towards his rider as the man collapses onto his dragons shoulder, weeping for his love lost to him.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Kill them off – he’s old, probably would die soon anyways XD
Mauling Permissions:
No one lives forever – 50 post threshold
Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
2534 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
 Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Measurements: Listed in the dragon information.
Mature Length: 28.5 m
Mature Height: 5.7m
Mature Wingspan: 47.31m

General Appearance...

Liramyth doesn’t remember his gangly dragonet days, although W’um will tease him and say that he was such a pretty boy in that time, always preening and making sure his brilliant blue hide shone. Over the years, his colour has dulled, both through age, and the lighter criss-crossing threadscore that covers almost all of his hide.


Mind Voice: Soft and mysterious with a slight echo to his tone. He likes to confuse the candidates and keep them guessing as to where he is.

Children – he likes to have them come visit him, but feels no moral obligation to search them even if they beg
Firelizards – it was a shame when he has been so many killed by beach snakes, they’re both afraid to get one themselves and have to deal with losing it
Being right – he loves it when his candidates impress, it means he’s still got it

Whers – he doesn’t understand the ugly scaly creatures, they’re so complicated and not at the same time. They’re too confusing
Drama – he’s too old for that shit, he doesn't have time for riders to be holding grudges and doesn't want to be wasting his time trying to fix other people's problem. He'd prefer you keep your petty troubles away from him and his, although he's too much of a softy to really turn someone away who needed him.


* CANDIDATE CHOOSING : Not once has a candidate he chose stood on the sands and not impressed, but that does mean he’s only picks about one a decade

* TOLERANT : Liramyth likes to have children crawling all over him, and as long as they'll give him an eye ridge scratch to make up for them accidentally kicking him in the face, he doesn't mind.


* PICKY : Picky of females, picky of candidates, just an overly complicated if lovable blue

* EASILY BORED : After so many years, like W’um, he doesn’t care to have to go on and on with drills. It’s a good thing that he is exempt from constant drilling due to his age, otherwise he’d be a bit of a loose canon.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #(9DBCCC); Text: #(2A5C82)

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Liramyth keeps a careful eye on the candidates he searches, and has only ever searched candidates who became dragonriders.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: W'um [01.04.2522 9th Pass] Assistant Weyrlingmaster
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2016, 09:56:59 PM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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Re: W'um [01.04.2522 9th Pass] Assistant Weyrlingmaster
« Reply #2 on: June 09, 2016, 07:49:19 AM »
If you have any questions, please PM either Southern Records or Weyrhandler.

The SWW Staff Team
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Re: W'um [01.04.2522 9th Pass] Assistant Weyrlingmaster
« Reply #3 on: June 09, 2016, 08:05:58 PM »
If you have any questions, please PM either Southern Records or Weyrhandler.

The SWW Staff Team
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