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Southern Winds Weyr

Author Topic: Tracker Inki's Thread Tracker  (Read 3731 times)

Offline Inki

Inki's Thread Tracker
« on: June 10, 2016, 11:41:55 PM »
Thread Tracker

"Alright alright, let's keep the questions to minimal stupid, thanks."
-Blue Wher Isk and Blue Wher Yinsk-
-Green Firelizard Seafoam-

[24.06.2591] [2pm] The New Normal, Event
[23.03.2591] [6:10am] Looks Like We're Having a Bonfire, Event
[06.02.2591] [5am] Hope in the Sails, Event
[06.10.2590] [10:20am] The Sea's Revenge, Event
[16.08.2590] [5.15pm] Look at the Teeth on that Thing, Event
[21.05.2590] [6.15am] I'd like you to meet... Yinaya
[20.05.2590] [8pm] The World Changes Around Us, Event
[07.05.2590] [8:30am] Top of the Morning, Vicymus
[15.04.2590] [8pm] Will You? Yinaya
[02.04.2590] [7pm] Troubled Times, Yinaya
[33.03.2590] [8pm] The Fruits of Cooperation, Event
[17.03.2590] [5pm] All Tied Up, J'hal
[04.03.2590] [10am] Good News and A Question, Ysmersa
[03.03.2590] [1pm] A Second Chance for a Crazy Fisher, Yinaya Mature
[03.03.2590] [12pm] They're your problem now, Open
[01.03.2590] [12pm] A Fisherman's Search, Albree
[28.02.2590] [7am] My Connection to the Past, Eimerra
[26.02.2590] [11am] Making Too Much Noise, Event
[17.02.2590] [5:30am] An Uncomfortably Unexpected Encounter, Yinaya Mature
[15.02.2590] Volunteers for a Particular Errand, Event
[14.02.2590] [4:30am] A Good Reason to Get Out of Bed, Yinaya
[21.09.2589] [8pm] A Night on the Docks, Ysmersa

M'dak of Brown Dallarth
"Alright so um... I'm gonna go now..."
-Brown Dallarth-
-Brown Firelizard Rudas-

[01.06.2591] [5am] Ambition, J'ken
[03.09.2590] [9:30am] Come Love, Ilse
[03.08.2590] [5.02am] A Sunrise Celebration, Nishi Event
[22.04.2590] [11am] Haven't you heard? He's dying! J'dan
[19.03.2590] [8pm] This isn't Blackmail, This is War, Event
[12.03.2590] [12pm] As Dense As The Jungle, Ilse Mature
[12.03.2590] [1pm] Oriath Rises, Event
[05.03.2590] [3:15pm] In The Radiant Sun, Olaryth || Vorloruth
[01.03.2590] [6am] Not a Toe Out of Line, Event
[36.02.2590] [3pm] Family Support, Albree || Tallorine || K'vish
[26.02.2590] [11am] Making Too Much Noise, Event
[21.02.2590] [4pm] Awkward Afternoon Aftermath, Pythia
[07.02.2590] [10pm] Basking in the Glow, S'bok
[23.01.2590] [10:45pm] Klah and Long Nights, Isotarïne || J'dan || A'ron || Albree || Tallorine
[28.08.2589] [8pm] A Gift for A Friend, Ilse
[16.08.2589] [7:30am] A Morning with the Beach, Niema
[12.04.2589] [5am] An Early Morning Training Session, Marika
[24.01.2589] [11:30am] Love Struck, Ilse
[10.10.2587] [6pm] Firelizard Training, Sokon
[13.05.2587] It's only forever, it's not long at all, S'bok

Inanna of Green Cremath
"Let me help you with that."
-Green Cremath-
-Gold Firelizard Miss and Brown Firelizards Terra, Khaos and Faux-

[03.09.2590] [9am] The Weyr Provides, Galleweyne Event
[22.08.2590] [8.30pm] One Last Time, A'lori
[31.07.2590] [6pm] Smaller Isn't a Bad Thing, Event
[19.06.2590] [8:30pm] All the Pretties Shine, Laimora || K'zaya || Colvin
[23.04.2590] [11pm] Its Time, K'zaya
[07.04.2590] [5:30am] Tired of Waiting, K'zaya
[15.03.2590] [5:40am] Breakfast Delivery, K'eeda Open
[03.03.2590] [12pm] They're your problem now, Open
[01.03.2590] [6am] Not a Toe Out of Line, Event
[20.02.2590] [8:30pm] A Friendly Meet, Albree
[20.02.2590] [12pm] Salt and Sand, K'mar
[25.01.2590] [12pm] A Race in the Sky, Sheklelu
[15.01.2590] [8pm] Sweet Rolls for the Injured, S'bel 
[07.01.2590] [7:30pm] Not Sure What to Expect, Erieen
[15.10.2589] [8am] Pregnant and Bored, Vestanna
[30.05.2589] [8pm] Special News, C'ace

"Seriously get away from me."
-Brown Wher Paylask-

[13.10.2590] [7pm] Learning the Ropes, Event
[03.09.2590] [9am] The Weyr Provides,Event
[15.06.2590] [5:30pm] Kitchen Duties, Thealdrae
[20.05.2590] [8pm] The World Changes Around Us, Event
[21.04.2590] [8am] The Best Part of Waking Up, Penderton
[16.04.2590] [2pm] They're Building a Wall, Event
[16.04.2590] [2pm] Kneading the Pain, Solo
[06.04.2590] [11am] Pie face, Arrobella
[20.03.2590] [1pm] If you can't take the heat... Keron
[14.03.2590] [10am] Busy Day as Always, Sarinea
[10.03.2590] [4am] A Healer and A Baker, Larilla
[24.02.2590] [9pm] Cocky Adventurist Seeking Lovely Lady, T'kyll

Y'tol of Bronze Bayorth
"You wanna go talk about this somewhere closer to a bed?"
-Bronze Bayorth-

[18.05.2591] [9pm] Who Wants to Have Fun Tonight? Event A'yara
[07.04.2591] [5:16am] Bright as a Mirror, Eimerra Event
[26.01.2591] [10am] Next Contestant, Arlais
[16.09.2590] [7.10pm] The Sky Calls, A'yara Event
[30.08.2590] [11pm] Flight at Night, Event
[22.07.2590] [1pm] Within Limits, Pythia Event
[22.06.2590] [5am] This Is Our Sky Now, Marika Mature
[02.06.2590] [6pm] Gotta do, what you gotta do, Arlais Event
[23.05.2590] [7pm] Vasalyth's Flight, Esclamonde Event
[15.04.2590] [12pm] Found you!Nishi
[07.04.2590] [4:30am] Jungle Wing's Responsibility, Event
[03.04.2590] [8pm] A Lesson with the Master, Tyldas
[02.04.2590] [12pm] Let's Start a Riot,  Event
[19.03.2590] [8pm] This isn't Blackmail, This is War,  Event
[11.03.2590] [12pm] Ruffling Sibling feathers, Unavin
[06.03.2590] [7pm] Tarzan or George, who knows... T'kyll
[36.02.2590] [12:15pm] Let's speed up this process, L'ren
[18.02.2590] [11pm] Three's a Crowd... To Most A'yara || M'rek Mature
[08.10.2589] [8:45am] A Father-Son Competition, Y'vis
[08.04.2589] [5am] Right Side of the Bed, Vestanna
[20.05.2587] [10am] A Decision To Be Made, L'ale || R'sin
[06.07.2567] [5pm] A Turning Point Solo

W'um of Blue Liramyth
"Alright then kids, what do you wanna know?"
-Blue Liramyth-

[27.04.2591] [9:15am] Dog Paddle, Open Weyrlings
[26.01.2591] [8am] A Little Learning Goes A Long Way, Open Weyrlings
[37.10.2590] [4pm] The Moment of Truth, Event
[34.10.2590] [12am] Midnight Snacks, Open Weyrlings
[05.10.2590] [8am] Communication is Key, Open Weyrlings
[16.08.2590] [8am] In The Beginning, Open Weyrlings
[08.08.2590] [12pm] An Old Rider's Lunch, Calinaza
[01.08.2590] [2pm] The Death Keen, Event
[03.07.2590] [12pm] Sitrep, Vanelwynne
[34.06.2590] [10pm] Remember What You Were Taught? Event
[02.05.2590] [10am] Of Ever Changing Times, Sashana
[16.04.2590] [2pm] They're Building a Wall, Event
[04.04.2590] [5:30am] Prairie Wing's Responsibility, Event
[01.04.2590] [7:30pm] Flitter Watch, Lunielle
[01.03.2590] [5:30am] Wake Up Call||Prairie Wing, Event
[20.01.2590] [11am] Dragonhealing, Lunielle || Loressa || Cersidus
[10.01.2590] [8pm] Must be at least this old to ride, Open
[15.01.2590] [11:45am] Sunbaking, Sionann || Yinaya Open
[07.01.2590] [7pm] Passing Down the Knowledge, Seng
[04.01.2590] [7:30pm] A Pile on the Weyrbowl, Sashana

Iralye of Green Rallekath
"Excuse me?"
-Green Rallekath-

[24.04.2591] [6:10am] Hope for a Good Hunt, Event
[20.07.2590] [4am] A Little Bit of Drama, Event
[22.06.2590] [8pm] An Evening's Drinks and Betting, Event
[10.05.2590] [11:30am] Rooting for Shoots, Kaladesi
[03.04.2590] [8pm] The Down Low, Open
[24.02.2590] [8pm] I Can Do This, L'ale || L'nal Mature
[18.01.2590] [5am] Disappointed, Callista || Yestine

B'ron of Bronze Leremith
"I will be Weyrleader again, mark my words."
-Bronze Leremith-

[19.04.2591] [7pm] Hardening Eggs of a Broody Gold, Event
[07.04.2591] [12pm] This is the welcome party, Weyrleadership
[06.02.2591] [5am] Hope in the Sails, Event
[15.09.2590] [8pm] Chance and Conviviality, Event
[01.08.2590] [2pm] The Death Keen, Event
[31.07.2590] [6pm] Smaller Isn't a Bad Thing, Event
[28.07.2590] [11am] Soggy Salutations, Roxalin Open
[34.06.2590] [10pm] Déjà Vu, Event
[22.06.2590] [8pm] An Evening's Drinks and Betting, Event
[20.04.2590] [8:45pm] Always an Impressive Clutch, Event
[08.04.2590] [6:45am] We Have Standards, X'kis
[02.04.2590] [8pm] Let Off Some Steam, J'thir
[19.03.2589] [8pm] Boiling Over, Halirina Mature
[16.03.2589] [1am] Drinking Mercury, Vanelwynne
[32.09.2576] [2pm] Through the Ash and Flame, Event
[05.06.2571] [10pm] Loss of Control, Halirina Mature

"Come oooon. It'll be fun!"
-Green Tressisk-

[29.03.2591] [8:25am] How's Your Temperature? Event
[14.02.2591] [6am] They Do Move in Herds, Event
[37.10.2590] [9pm] If I Fell, S'nis
[37.10.2590] [6pm] Greeting the Future, Event
[13.10.2590] [7pm] Learning the Ropes, Event
[03.09.2590] [11am] Overwhelmed, a bit, and unsure, S'nis
[15.07.2590] [4pm] By the Skin of Your Teeth, Event
[20.06.2590] [6pm] Catch Me If You Can, Event
[10.06.2590] [12pm] Another Lunchtime Announcement, Event
[04.06.2590] [10am] Avoiding Responsibility, Elremmiria || Nealros Open
[20.05.2590] [8pm] The World Changes Around Us, Event
[06.04.2590] [6:45am] A Bittersweet Homecoming, Nycolus || Tavianna || Nealros || Notkerric
[20.02.2597] [2pm] Moving to Fort Island, Tavianna || Nycolus || Nealros || Notkerric
[10.02.2583] [11pm] Mother Knows Best, Tavianna
[16.09.2582] [4pm] Bullies and Bruises, Nealros
[01.03.2581] [8am] They Must Be Well Behaved, Tavianna || Nycolus
[27.02.2581] [4am] I Want That One, Tavianna || Nycolus

"Oops... Did I say something wrong?"

[24.06.2591] [2pm] Can't You Tell I'm Starving? Open
[24.06.2591] [2pm] The New Normal, Event
[18.06.2591] [1pm] What Lies in Store, Event
[28.04.2591] [1:45pm] Practical Skills, Open Candidates
[19.04.2591] [7pm] Hardening Eggs of a Broody Gold, Event
[33.10.2590] [11:30pm] Fate in the Night Time, Event
[22.10.2590] [1pm] A Closer Inspection, Event
[15.09.2590] [1pm] Courting Your Destiny, Event
[01.07.2590] [12pm] Try and Try Again, Open
[34.06.2590] [10pm] Déjà Vu, Event
[22.06.2590] [1pm] The Cradle of the Future, Event
[34.05.2590] [4:30pm] Weaver Hall Press Gang, Event
[20.05.2590] [1:30pm] Singing with Flits, Lokin
[13.05.2590] [8am] We're Planting What? Event
[02.04.2590] [1pm] Today is a Mess, Open
[03.10.2589] [12pm] For The First Time, Yinaya

"If you need me, I'll be in the pens, like always."
-Green Ellsk and Brown Sensk-
-Gold Harrier-

[30.04.2591] [5:05am] Blood and Guts, Event
[20.01.2591] [11:30pm] Wings Are Not Made To Be Broken, Solo
[13.01.2591] [4:50am] Wilderness On the Doorstep, Event
[04.07.2590] [12pm] Everyone needs to eat, Nettanya
[22.06.2590] [11.30pm] A First Time for Everything, Seng Mature
[22.06.2590] [8pm] An Evening's Drinks and Betting, Event
[09.06.2590] [8:30pm] Your Gift is Hatching, Seng
[09.06.2590] [8pm] The Eggs! Open
[14.04.2590] [12pm] Not Quite The Same, Keassa
[12.04.2590] [8pm] You see, I would like to court you, Seng
[22.03.2590] [8am] Working with Beasts, Isalia || Droissa || Oarlen
[13.05.2590] [8am] We're Planting What? Event
[25.02.2590] [7pm] The Start of Something New, Seng

Z'ryr of Brown Rhymoth
"You know where to find me."
-Brown Rhymoth-
-Bronze Firelizard Boomer and Blue Firelizard Larrikin-

[08.04.2591] [5:45am] Changes, Open Prairie Wing
[30.04.2591] [6:30am] The Bitter Break, Open Prairie Wing
[06.04.2591] [7:06pm] With Gloss and Glitter, A'lori Event
[22.02.2591] [4:45am] Flight of the Rising Sun, Event
[01.08.2590] [2pm] The Death Keen, Event
[09.05.2590] [11:45am] A Noontime Chat, V'len
[08.05.2590] [8:30pm] I Want the Spotlight, Q'nys Event
[15.01.2590] [9pm] If You Want Me, I'll Be There, Q'nys Mature
[02.04.2587] [11pm] A Whole New World, A'yara

X'rine of Brown Tocath
"Come on."
-Brown Tocath-
-Green Firelizard Trouvaille-

[22.07.2590] [1pm] Within Limits, Pythia Event
[34.05.2590] [4:30pm] Weaver Hall Press Gang, T'ghen Event
[18.04.2590] [2pm] Dirt and Dust, N'iko

Q'ellan of Red Ooromoth
"Ah yes, I see grey... and more grey..."
-Red Ooromoth-
-Blue Firelizard Void-

[26.01.2591] [8am] A Little Learning Goes A Long Way, Open Weyrlings
[05.10.2590] [8am] Communication is Key, Open Weyrlings
[27.09.2590] [8pm] Who Doesn't Want a Surprise Flit? A'lori Open
[03.09.2590] [9am] The Weyr Provides, Bekareni Event
[16.08.2590] [8am] In The Beginning, Open Weyrlings
[01.08.2590] [2pm] The Death Keen, Event
[35.06.2590] [12am] Sharing with Reds, L'anna || F'erro
[34.06.2590] [10pm] Remember What You Were Taught? Event
[34.06.2590] [10pm] Déjà Vu, Event
[22.05.2590] [1pm] Cradle of the Future, Event
[12.10.2587] [11am] Trifling Friends, Bekareni

P'run of Black Salnoth
-Black Salnoth-

[26.01.2591] [8am] A Little Learning Goes A Long Way, Open Weyrlings
[37.10.2590] [6pm] Greeting the Future, Event
[05.10.2590] [8am] Communication is Key, Open Weyrlings
[16.08.2590] [8am] In The Beginning, Open Weyrlings
[01.08.2590] [2pm] The Death Keen, Event
[35.06.2590] [4.30am] The Bestest of News in the Earliest of Morning, Faytona
[34.06.2590] [11pm] Room 13, S'ric
[34.06.2590] [10pm] Remember What You Were Taught? Event
[34.06.2590] [10pm] Déjà Vu, Event
[30.03.2587] [7pm] Dreams Do Come True Faytona || Bl'yx
[25.10.2581] [7pm] A Little More Interesting Bl'yx Mature

-Gold Darsk-

[17.09.2590] [8pm] Endgame, Event
[15.07.2590] [4pm] By the Skin of Your Teeth, Event
[15.06.2590] [7pm] Come One, Come All, Open
[22.05.2577] [8pm] First Step of Many, Everalsie

"Oh just piss off"
-Blue Virosk-

[24.03.2591] [8:45pm] Unspoken, Jossekayne || J'dan
[15.02.2591] [4am] Commiseration, Jossekayne
[14.02.2591] [6am] They Do Move in Herds, Event
[34.10.2590] [10:30pm] In Competition with the Wind, Event Galleweyne
[30.09.2590] [8am] She Burned Me Down, Jossekayne
[16.07.2590] [1pm] Ways of Life, Open Jossekayne
[05.05.2590] [6pm] Working and work, Solo
[27.01.2590] [1pm] Just Some Heavy Lifting, Jossekayne
[07.2587] [5am] Breaking the Ice... or the Glass, Tolanna

K'rez of Brown Denoth
"Be serious"
-Brown Denoth-
-Bronze Firelizard Ierne-

[14.02.2591] [6am] They Do Move in Herds, Event
[37.10.2590] [4pm] The Moment of Truth, Event
[06.10.2590] [10:20am] The Sea's Revenge, Event
[03.09.2590] [12pm] Tagging Along, K'eeda || S'bel || Thiis
[03.07.2590] [3am] Welcome to the world, little one, K'eeda
[35.06.2590] [1am] Remembering and Forgetting, K'eeda Mature

Spoiler for Past K'rez Threads - Courtesy of Hart and Wren:

[ 07.04.2590 ] Let's be Losers Together
[ 07.04.2590 ] Like the pinwheels of your mind
[ 04.04.2590 ] Prairie Wing's Responsibility
[ 01.04.2590 ] Just run of the mill
[ 17.03.2590 ] Long time no see
[ 15.03.2590 ] Oh, did you need your clothes
[ 01.03.2590 ] Not a Toe Out of Line
[ 01.03.2590 ] Wake Up Call
[ 26.02.2590 ] Making Too Much Noise
[ 22.02.2590 ] Hands-On Experience
[ 10.01.2590 ] Wheel and Turn
[ 37.10.2589 ] Sober isn't so bad
[ 20.10.2589 ] How did... what? Fine.
[ 21.09.2589 ] Rider's Bet II
[ 17.09.2589 ] Come and Get Me, Boys
[ 02.09.2589 ] Clothes Off!
[ 02.09.2589 ] Lets get this over with
[ 30.08.2589 ] You made me come find you
[ 22.08.2589 ] Off kilter
[ 14.08.2589 ] You've got to be fucking kidding me
[ 14.08.2589 ] Tell me I'm being stupid

"Oh come ooooon. Don't be boring."
-Bronze Kensk-
-Brown Firelizard Rell-

[18.05.2591] [11:00pm] A Different Kind of Fight, Event
[31.02.2591] [2:45pm] Rocks Fall; Everyone Dies, Event
[14.02.2591] [6am] They Do Move in Herds, Event
[32.01.2591] [6:10pm] Fruits of the Earth, Event
[05.01.2590] [8pm] Midnight Serenade, Event
[17.09.2590] [8pm] Endgame, Event
[03.09.2590] [9am] The Weyr Provides, Event
[02.07.2590] [9.30am] Congratulations Are In Order, W'lleni Open
[21.05.2590] [6.30am] What Have We Got Here? Penderton

"How may I help you?"
-Green Firelizards Sweet Pea and Hellebore-

[04.05.2591] [5:45am] Justice is served, Event
[34.05.2590] [4.30pm] Weaver Hall Press Gang, Berlya Event

"Well no that's not quite accurate."

[19.04.2591] [7pm] Hardening Eggs of a Broody Gold, Event
[06.02.2591] [5am] Hope in the Sails, Event
[37.10.2590] [6pm] Greeting the Future, Event
[33.10.2590] [11:30pm] Fate in the Night Time, Event
[25.09.2590] [7am] A Rainy Morning Hatching, Event
[03.09.2590] [9am] The Weyr Provides, Event

"Oh for Faranth's sake"
-Brown Thrask-

[29.03.2591] [8:25am] How's Your Temperature? Event
[01.03.2591 [6:30pm] Into The Dark, Event
[37.10.2590] [6pm] Greeting the Future, Event
[04.09.2590] [12am] A Hard Day's Night, Open

"Utaith you know you could be a little nicer... Ow"
-Green Utaith-
-Brown Cyprium-

[01.02.2591] [5am] Ride The Wild Wind, Event
[25.09.2590] [7am] A Rainy Morning Hatching, Event
[07.04.2590] [5:17am] Now it's a party! Open B'lye

"I'm sorry... I'll leave you alone."

[01.03.2591] [8am] Nightmare Dilemma, Open Lorna
[07.02.2591] [2pm] Please Don't Talk To Me, B'lye
[33.10.2590] [11:30pm] When The World Is Waiting, Open
[25.09.2590] [9am] The Pain Never Fades, Open
[25.09.2590] [7am] A Rainy Morning Hatching, Event

-Green Cinnask-

[01.03.2591 [6:30pm] Into The Dark, Event
[13.01.2591] [4:50am] Wilderness On the Doorstep, Event

-Bronze Eppask and Brown Ynesk-

[32.05.2591] [11pm] Marks are worth something here, Event
[13.04.2591] [12:20pm] Watched Pots Still Boil, Event
[31.02.2591] [2:45pm] Rocks Fall; Everyone Dies, Event
[19.01.2591] [11:25am] Hush Hush, Event

"Oh darling"
-Green Sohsk-

[31.02.2591] [2pm] Life is full of surprises, Everalsie
[14.02.2591] [8am] I didn't know what else to do... Rossed
[14.02.2591] [6am] They Do Move in Herds, Event
[13.10.2590] [7pm] Learning the Ropes, Event

"You see, I thought of them more as guidelines than rules"
-Bronze Herald and Blue Larcen-

[24.06.2591] [2pm] The New Normal, Event
[28.04.2591] [1:45pm] Practical Skills, Open Candidates
[19.04.2591] [7pm] Hardening Eggs of a Broody Gold, Event

"Honestly, this is nothing."

[25.05.2591] [5:10pm] Ichor in the Water, Event
[32.04.2591] [5pm] A Relaxing Jaunt, Beach Wing
[31.02.2563] [11am] Point of Ignition, Event

"Yo, we'll definitely fight you."

[24.06.2591] [2pm] Can't You Tell I'm Starving? Open
[24.06.2591] [2pm] The New Normal, Event

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Threads To Reply To
If they're not here then just poke me in plotter or tag box to remind me they exist  :love:

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Thread idea for P'ar and Vironethian
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Was the sacrifice worth it Elrost - Sep 22, 2018
I didn't know Sohrelle - Sep 27, 2018
Practical skills Ysveta - Oct 6, 2018
Welcome Ysveta Na'va - Oct 7, 2018

In Progress

Month 08 Oriath and Imyth, creating first straps - wait until the month after or so to do a flying thread with all three classes.

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Award Tracker
Coded by SirAlahn

OOC Awards
|| Name|| Qualifications || Egg?
Advertiser  N/A    No
Contributor  Creature Bank    Yes
Donator  Donation Thread    Yes
Invitational  RaynePOTM    Yes
SWW Harper  SWW Encyclopedia    Yes
Gambler  Rider’s Bet IV   Yes
High Roller  Earn the most points during a Rider’s Bet   No
Cardsharp  For making a perfect OOC wager   No

In-Depth IC Challenges
|| Name|| Qualifications|| Egg?
Blast from the Past  Here    Yes
Echoes & Ghosts  Here    Yes
Harbinger of Death  For killing a Character    No
Beach Survivor  Participating in a Beach Snake attack    No
Jungle Survivor  Participating in a Hunter attack    Yes
Ocean Survivor  The Sea's Revenge    Yes
Premium Poster I  For writing a post of 500 words    Yes
Premium Poster II  For writing a post of 1000 words    No
Premium Poster III  For writing a post of 1500 words    No
Event Responder  1; 2; 34; 5    Yes
Event Responder #2  6; 7; 8; 9; 10    Yes
Event Responder #3  11; 12; 13; 14; 15    Yes
Event Responder #4  16; 17; 18; 19; 20    Yes
Event Responder #5  21; 22; 23; 24; 25; 26; 27; 28; 29; 30   Yes
Event Responder #6  31; 32; 33; 34; 35; 36; 37; 38; 39; 40    Yes
Event Responder #7  41; 42; 43; 44; 45; 46; 47; 48; 49; 50    Yes
Solo Event #1  A Turning Point || Y'tol    Yes
Solo Event #2  Kneading the Pain || Paylae    Yes
Solo Event #3  Working and Work || Vironethian   Yes
Solo Event #4  Wings Are Not Made To Be Broken || Elrost   Yes
Solo Event #5  N/A   No
Solo Event #6  N/A   No
Solo Event #7  N/A   No
Solo Event #8  N/A   No
Solo Event #9  N/A   No
Solo Event #10  N/A   No
Tryhard Soloist  Writing a solo of 2500 words   No
Master Soloist  Writing a solo of 5000 words   No

IC Milestones
|| Name|| Qualifications|| Egg?
Adopt an NPC  B'ron    Yes
Make an NPC  Here be    Yes
Free for All  1; 2; 3    Yes
Free for All II  4; 5; 6    Yes
Free for All III  7; 8; 9    No
Free for All IV  10; 11; 12    No
Join the Party  1; 2; 3    No
Join the Party II  4; 5; 6    No
Join the Party III  7; 8; 9    No
Join the Party IV  10; 11; 12    No
Private Party  Beasty; Lyndi; SanctifiedSavage    Yes
Private Party II  6 Private Threads with 4 Players    No
Private Party III  9 Private Threads with 5 Players    No
Private Party IV  12 Private Threads with 6 Players    No
Attend a Hatching  Ysveta    Yes
Full Faire  Inanna || Miss; Khaos; Terra; Faux   Yes
Double Down  Fisk || Isk; Yinsk    Yes
Egg Basket [Flits]  Harrier's thread    Yes
Egg Basket [Whers]  Darsk eventually    No
Jack of All Trades  Fisk; Vironethian; Kenna; Elrost; Gwinn; Elrethra; Harper   No
Rainbow Handler  Daresik; Kenna; Paylae; Fisk; Tresrissa   Yes
Rainbow Flyer  Y'tol; M'dak; W'um; Inanna   Yes
Rainbow Flyer II  P'run; Q'ellan   Yes
First Candidate  Ysveta   Yes
First Crafter  Fisk   Yes
First Dragonrider  M'dak   Yes
First Holder  Paylae   Yes
First Wher Handler  Tresrissa   Yes
First Weyrfolk  Mauddra    Yes
First Impression  One day    No
First Flight [Participating]  Oriath's Flight    Yes
First Flight [Hosting]  Rallekath's Flight   Yes
First Run [Participating]  Darsk's Run    Yes
First Run [Hosting]  Tressisk's Run   Yes
First Character to 100 Posts  Fisk   Yes
Second Character to 100 Posts  M'dak   Yes
Third Character to 100 Posts  N/A   No
Fourth Character to 100 Posts  N/A   No
Fifth Character to 100 Posts  N/A   No
Sixth Character to 100 Posts  N/A   No
Seventh Character to 100 Posts  N/A   No
Eighth Character to 100 Posts  N/A   No
Ninth Character to 100 Posts  N/A   No
Tenth Character to 100 Posts  N/A   No
First Closed Thread  A Healer and A Baker    Yes
Fifth Closed Thread  2; 3; 4; 5   Yes
Tenth Closed Thread  6; 7; 8; 9; 10   Yes
20th Closed Thread  11; 12; 13; 14; 15; 16; 17; 18; 19; 20   Yes
30th Closed Thread  21; 22; 23; 24; 25; 26; 27; 28; 29; 30   No
40th Closed Thread  31; 32; 33; 34; 35; 36; 37; 38; 39; 40   No
50th Closed Thread  41; 42; 43; 44; 45; 46; 47; 48; 49; 50   No

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2536 // 40 turns
Blue Rider of Aidath
Physical Description:
*Silvery hair, it was a mousy brown, but she greyed very early, she likes to call it silver
*Reasonably thick build, she's never been conventionally attractive
*5 ft 2
*Stoic - S'are has lost her entire family, and is only just now rebuilding with 1 young child and a Weyrmate, but she hasn't been broken by her losses as of yet.
*Brash - She's a bit... over the top. Laughs a bit too loud, eats a bit too much etc.
*Dedicated - S'are's life revolves around the Weyr, she wants nothing more to live, breathe and die a rider.
S'are doesn't have any connection to one of my PC characters.
Impressing at a young age, after growing up in the creche, S'are hasn't known anything other than the Weyr and Weyr life, and she would steadfastly defend any and every aspect of it. Whilst her large family of half siblings that she knew from the creche have now all perished in thread, S'are recently just met a green rider. He wasn't what she expected. S'are had never thought that she would fall in love. With either man or woman, she had just never been particularly interested in it, nor thought that it was necessary to enjoy life. But F'nen was surprisingly patient. He waited for her until she knew what she wanted, and with the addition of a possible child, he allowed her to choose, something which S'are felt simply... appreciative of.
She carried the child to term, and he asked for them to be Weyrmated, she agreed and she's been slowly coming to terms to a new lifestyle. Sharing a Weyr with someone, having him there when she gets home, worrying about someone else. She'd never... worried about someone before, it'd just been her against the world. Sure, she had friends, but... a partner in life? That was different. S'are kept telling herself that without him, everything would be fine but... maybe that simply wasn't true.
Intended Outcome:
Staff injury and/or death

Silver Rain - Through the Ash and Flame [ 32.09.2576 // 2 PM ]

2584 // tba
Physical Description:
*Lanky but will bulk
Ingor is Inanna and B'gor's eldest child.
Has grown up within the creche of Southern Winds Weyr, and has enjoyed most of it.
Intended Outcome:

None yet

Spoiler for Oops:
2573 // 17 turns
Holder Wife
Physical Description:
*Blonde hair
*Very short of height, but with reasonably successful child-bearing hips
*Bright smile
*Weak - Mentally and physically, Sohrelle has always been a bit weak, all of her opinions are simply made up of what has been ingrained into her, not anything that she personally believes
*Wife - Pretty much her sole purpose is to be wife and mother and to fit whatever cookie cutter shape that is supposed to be.
*Dutiful - Sohrelle doesn't complain about being told what to do by her "betters"
Married young, Sohrelle has been the epitome of Holder wife for most of her life. Whilst she knows and has known those who have defected from the Holder lifestyle, she simply has no capacity to understand it. It's not something that would ever cross her mind and is therefore not something she could even begin to understand even suitable reasonings for.
Sohrelle "loves" her husband, as all Holder women should, and pretty much spends her days looking after their two young children and keeping their cave-household.
During the first hatching, Sohrelle managed to secure herself a weak little wher which no one else stepped forward to take, and before her husband could tell her no, she was stepping forward to bond with them. Their training hasn't gone well so far, Sohrelle a bit too weak and scatterbrained to stay fast to the mental connection with her green, Sohsk.
Intended Outcome:
None - just here to test some things out

Learning the Ropes - [ 13.10.2590 // 7pm ]

2551 // 12 turns
Physical Description:
*Skinny and malnourished
*Dark haired and light eyed
*Wearing varying degrees of clothes that don't fit together, nor do they fit her. Ragtag bunch of hand-me-downs.
*Scrappy - Qire has always done whatever she had to do in order to survive. Her days have been spent with a dagger against her thigh and her nights with one under her head.
*Loyal - If you succeed in gaining her trust you'll have a loyal friend for life. Qire always repays her debts.
*Dreamer - As much as outwardly she's always spoken about keeping a realistic view on life, she's always harboured a hope for a better life.
Qirelai was your typical Nabol Hold street rat. Born into the life of drudgery with no real way out except into the streets. With so many other, and much more experienced refugees coming into the Hold, even the life of a drudge was looking less and less reasonable for Qire's future. Quick with her hands and quick on her feet, Qire was quickly absorbed into a gang, but she purposely stayed away from some of the less... tasteful jobs that were brought their way.
She didn't seek out the dragonriders, didn't hear of their arrival, just happened to be skirting through the backstreets as a blue flew overhead, and the swooshing of the wings as the dragonrider landed to seek her out was the only thing that alerted her. After she got over the initial daze of seeing a dragon up close and personal, Qirelai didn't hesitate to accept search. Collecting her meagre belongings, Qire slunk her way to the courtyard for their departure. 
Intended Outcome:
Injury is fine - staff or player is fine. Porque no los dos?
Medium serious, not something that will cripple her permanently, but hard core scars? Ugly, ugly wounds which will play up for the rest of her life? Yes please.

Point of Ignition - [ 31.03.2563 // 11am ]


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