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Author Topic: Good Morning! [15.03.2590 4:30AM] // C'dus  (Read 1443 times)

Offline Marika

Good Morning! [15.03.2590 4:30AM] // C'dus
« on: June 20, 2016, 03:55:48 PM »
Marika woke earlier than usual. Carefully she slid out from beneath Ian’s arm as she left the bed they shared. Kelith stirred, feeling Marika awake, and similarly untangled herself from Ashineth.
It’s early. Even for you.
//I know. I want to stop by the Weyrling Barracks before I meet you in the Weyr Bowl.// Marika told Kelith as she hunted for clean clothes through the haphazard piles of stuff. She really ought to clean up in here some time, make it easier to find things.
Did you ask Tilioth’s rider to join us?
//Not yet. That’s why I want to stop at the Barracks.//
Kelith lifted her head to stare at Marika in the darkness, eyes whirling slowly.
Do you think waking him up this early is the best way to ask him?
Marika shifted uncomfortably and then shrugged. //Well if I wake him up then he’ll already be up so why say no at that point?// She replied back as if that were the most logical thing in the world.

She found her last boot underneath a pile of shirts and pulled it on. Telling Kelith that she’d meet her down in the Weyrbowl, Marika slipped out of her and Ianathe’s weyr with Slade firmly on her shoulder.

It took her a minute once she got into the Weyrling Barracks to find the bed C’dus was assigned too. She hovered over him and shook his shoulder. “Hey,” she said in a loud whisper and once he started to stir she stopped shaking him. “Get dressed. Meet me out in the Weyr bowl with Tilioth in a quarter of a mark.” That was all the explanation she gave before she turned and headed back out, not even questioning whether the younger Weyrling would follow.

She took one more detour on the way to the bowl, stopping at the kitchen to fill a bag with some dried meat, fruit, and a couple pieces of hard bread. The least she could do was bring the kid breakfast if she was waking him up at the crack ass of dawn.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Let me know if that minor power play is okay. <3 @Drewliet
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Offline C'dus

Re: Good Morning! [15.03.2590 4:30AM] // C'dus
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2016, 06:19:43 PM »
He was dreaming about something bright and loud. It was some kind of gather, with every harper playing their own song and the music clashing into cheers and laughter. C'dus was in the middle of it all. Basking, lolling and entirely embracing the cacophony like it was a warm blanket. In his sleep he was smiling.

A jarring note cut through the din. Everything vibrated and fizzled, fading abruptly. The boy's eyes shot open and the first thing he saw was a firelizard, not the owner of the shoulder it was perched on. "DON'T HURT ME!" He'd shout, flinging his arms up reflexively to guard his face. It was after this that he registered the words that had interrupted his dream. He peeked between his hands, squinting in the darkness to see who it was that loomed over him. He wasn't able to fully comprehend just why Marika was here before she turned and left.

Are you going to listen to her? The inquiry was soft and sleepy, but C'dus felt an excitement in Tilioth's question. The green was past her sleep-all-the-time phase and most days he felt their drills weren't able to fully satisfy the exercise and stimulation she demanded. C'dus groaned a response and rolled over, groping blindly for clean clothes. He didn't want to know the time, he knew it would only put him back in bed.

Let's go, dear one. He pulled his slept-in shirt and pants off for a fresher pair, slipped on a pair of solid boots and then meandered out of the room with his green on his heels. On the way he yawned a solid five times and Tilioth had to gently butt him in the small of his back to keep his pace up. Maybe we're going to be initiated, the young Green said, Kelith is a smart Green and the other one.. Ashineth. Maybe they will teach us how to be a good Green pair. That was an interesting notion and C'dus spent the few moments it took to reach the bowl to muse over it.

Stepping out into the weyrbowl, C'dus exhaled. The sky was only beginning to show the barest beginnings of sunrise. He wasn't sure when he'd last been up this early, with exception of when he hadn't fallen asleep in the first place. He didn't see Marika yet but he knew he had arrived with time to spare. C'dus lead Tilioth over to one of their favorite basking rocks and he perched up on it. Tilioth was below him, stretching like a feline.

Impressed Tilioth on 02.01.2590.

Offline Marika

Re: Good Morning! [15.03.2590 4:30AM] // C'dus
« Reply #2 on: June 21, 2016, 07:40:27 AM »
Marika wasn’t far behind C’dus and Tilioth and Kelith flew down from their weyr ledge having spent a few extra minutes snuggled with Ashineth before joining her rider in the bowl. Marika was pleased to see the boy already there, good he didn’t waste time. Kelith landed lightly near Tilioth and gave a playful nose nudge to the smaller green. With exactly a turn age difference between them Kelith was much larger than the younger green but as Marika eyed Tilioth she thought the young dragonet would turn out to be as big, if not bigger than Kelith. Tilioth certainly shared a lot of the same gangly disproportion that Kelith had when she was younger.

Good morning little sister. She crooned pleasantly. Kelith and Tilioth may not be clutch siblings but they shared the exactly same clutch parents in Thianorth and Imyth.

“Catch,” Marika said as she tossed the bag of food up to C’dus. She waited until he’d gotten that and then carefully handed him a mug of steaming hot klah. Even she wasn’t going to start her morning this early before a little klah in her system. She kept one mug for herself.

“Why did you think I was going to hurt you when I woke you up?” She hadn’t realized it had been Slade who had startled C’dus. She wondered if maybe some of the Weyrling pranks and hazing were getting out of hand. Bored Weyrlings could be quite the handful. It was one of the many reasons Marika was infinitely glad Kelith and Ashineth were old enough now to warrant their own weyr.

“Were you serious about wanting to get into Jungle eventually? I come out here to train every morning. If you want to get into Jungle you’ll have to be the best and I can help you train outside of the classroom…if you want?” She’d hesitated a beat before the last part, as if she were actually concerned about him spurning her offer to help.
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Offline C'dus

Re: Good Morning! [15.03.2590 4:30AM] // C'dus
« Reply #3 on: June 26, 2016, 06:53:48 PM »
The sound of wings brought both their attentions to the sky as Kelith landed. Tilioth groaned a little, envious, and spread her own immature wings haphazardly in greeting to the older weyrling. She met the nudge with a light headbutt in return, and wove herself around Kelith like a kitten greeting its mother.

The sun must sigh when you take to its skies, she said to her fellow green, dreamily. I can only hope for half as much grace when I am able to fly. She flopped down to the earth, digging her claws into the soft dirt as if punishing it for trapping her here.

C'dus, oblivious to the conversation, instead looked for Marika who he figured would be arriving with her bonded. She was easy to find with so little activity this early and so he was ready when she tossed the bag to him. The offer improved his mood immediately, and the klah was accepted with a grateful bow. He set the mug on a flat bit of rock to let it cool some, but immediately broke into the bag, crafting rough sandwiches out of the meats and breads and nearly swallowing them whole.

He heard her question and realized his mouth was stuffed. C'dus swallowed, hard, and then swigged some klah to wash it all quickly down. He registered that the liquid was still burning hot only then and coughed, rasping and panting. "Sorry," he wheezed, clapping a hand against his chest.

At least he recovered somewhat quickly.

"I thought," one last cough, "that your lizard was gonna kill me." He wiggled his left hand at her, showing her the missing tip to his ring finger. "That he was trying to finish what the last flit tried to start." His face only reddened slightly and that was likely from his struggle with the klah and not any kind of embarrassment. C'dus wiped his palms on his pants, sweeping off the gathered crumbs and then hopped off of his perch. Tilioth remained where she was sprawled and he stepped gingerly around her. "Firelizards are the bane of Pern." Except his mom's, they were okay.

"But anyway. Yeah. Jungle is the plan, kind of a family thing." Except M'dak, but C'dus knew if his brother wanted to, he could switch any day. "My sister's a scout and my one brother's got this big, beautiful bronze that has seen his share of hunter action." C'dus eyed Marika for a minute, in a friendly sort of way. He was aware of the training and skill it took to be a Jungle rider, but he always sort of took it all for granted. He'd just sort of assumed that when the time came, he'd be initiated, and that was that.

"What sort of training, exactly?"

Impressed Tilioth on 02.01.2590.

Offline Marika

Re: Good Morning! [15.03.2590 4:30AM] // C'dus
« Reply #4 on: June 27, 2016, 09:56:23 AM »
As Tilioth curled around her Kelith rumbled in an equally feline like manner. Kelith, like very many of the Weyr’s greens, was a sucker for praise and flattery. She preened under the younger dragonet’s attentions and compliments.

With the help of me and my rider you will be a beauty in the sky in no time.

Marika leaned against Kelith’s forelimb, a small grin hidden as she sipped from her klah, patiently waiting for C’dus to regain his composure. His answer when he was finally able to give it took her by surprise. Slade could be intimidating for sure but—ah, it made sense when he showed her his hand. //Slade, how about you go back to the weyr and go stay with Soot and Ian?//

She wasn’t planning on doing anything they would need the flit for and she preferred C’dus to be relaxed and comfortable. The brown flit turned his head to look at her, as if considering the command, and he hissed his displeasure. But he was well trained and even if he didn’t like the order, he would follow it. Ruffling his wings, he pushed off Marika’s shoulder and blinked Between.

C’dus’ comment that firelizard’s were the bane of Pern made her bark a laugh. “Well, Slade can be a bit much and he’s not the nicest of lizards but I’ll make sure he’s not around if we’re training.” She promised.

“Hmm, that’s right; Isotarine has quite a few kids running around doesn’t she?” Big families. That was something Marika was unfamiliar with.

“You and Tilioth are about three months, which means you’ll start ground drills soon. D’zel’s going to run you guys until you collapse. You’re going to march until you puke. If you think you’re in good enough shape just based off the training you’ve done so far or the training you did as a Candidate, you’re in for a nasty surprise.” She wasn’t going to sugar coat anything for him. Being a rider was hard. Being a Jungle rider was harder.

“So to start,” she said, finishing her klah and setting it down in the dirt against the rock to be gotten later. “You and I are going to go for a run and Kelith and Tilioth can warm up with some wing exercises.”
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Offline C'dus

Re: Good Morning! [15.03.2590 4:30AM] // C'dus
« Reply #5 on: August 16, 2016, 05:37:54 PM »
Kelith's promise to Tilioth had her more eager than before to begin this "training". She let C'dus know as much, flooding his head with warm thoughts of the open sky, the bright sun, and the glory they'd one day feel as dragon and rider. C'dus waved a hand at her, physically shooing the mental images so he could focus on what Marika offered.

The firelizard left abruptly and C'dus gave Marika a sheepish, albeit grateful, smile. Maybe eventually he'd make an effort to stop being bothered by most flits, and Slade was probably a good place for him to start. It was a little rude, he realized, to make a flit leave at his expense when he'd be spending extended time with its bonded day after day. Tilioth crooned at him encouragingly. One step at a time, he told her.

Marika's explanation of the future he had before him was a bit daunting. He grimaced. The older girl was right, and almost despairingly he'd run his hands through his tousled hair as if preparing himself. "No stretches first? Just.. off we go?"

C'dus cinched his belt a little tighter and extended his left leg, rolling his foot at the ankle as if this would have any affect on how he performed. Tilioth, meanwhile, was already moving a safe distance away from the trio so she'd be able to extend her wings without fear of catching them on something, or someone. She'd wait for instruction from Kelith, however, to ensure she was doing it right.

"And uh," he'd speak this last bit quickly, lest their exercise begin before he found out, "How long do we run for?"

Impressed Tilioth on 02.01.2590.

Offline Marika

Re: Good Morning! [15.03.2590 4:30AM] // C'dus
« Reply #6 on: August 22, 2016, 11:38:20 AM »
If C’dus could eventually be okay with a flit like Slade then he’d be fine with any flit and if only the boy knew how often Marika enjoyed her time away from her obsessive and over protective fire lizard. Sending him off had not been a trouble at all. Slade bitched and complained but even he would be okay curling back up in the bed furs with Soot and Ian for a few more marks regardless of how much he claimed to dislike them.

Marika shot C’dus a horrified looked. “Faranth’s Egg! Of course no stretching! What has your mother been teaching you?! Hopefully not to stretch cold muscles. We’ll do a nice slow jog until we’re warmed up and then we can stretch and then we’ll really get our blood pumping with a proper run.”

His look of concern and the charming way he prepped by rolling his joints made a hint of smile spark in her eyes even if it didn’t quite make it to her mouth. With most people it was the opposite way, they were all smiles from their mouths but they didn’t always reach their eyes, Marika’s smiles started in her eyes and rarely made it to her lips.

“C’mon, best way to start is just to start.” She nudged him slightly with her elbow as she started at a slow, easy lope across the dew soaked Weyr Bowl. The pace she set wasn’t taxing and slow enough that they could still talk if they wanted to.

We’ll start with some slow furls and unfurls. The green said, spreading her large wings out away from her body, stretching lightly before bringing them back in against her hide and then back out again. One of the best things about stretching this early is that the sunlight will shine so pretty on our wings and all the big dragons waking up high in their weyrs will see how pretty we are.
The languid motion with which she stretched out her wings did indeed seem like the draconian version of either flipping her hair or batting her eyes. Had Marika seen this she would have given an epic eye roll in response to her dragons vanity and preening. Faranth help her when Kelith rose for the first time.
All power play by Hart and Ianathe is allowed

Offline C'dus

Re: Good Morning! [15.03.2590 4:30AM] // C'dus
« Reply #7 on: August 22, 2016, 06:30:01 PM »
"Oh," he breathed. Cold muscles, bad for stretches, noted! The dig at his mom didn't offend him, though he'd roll his eyes in good humor. It was common for him to be teased about things he did wrong when both of his parents were well respected, and well seasoned riders. But hey, don't blame the child for his father's sins (or, in this case, virtues) right? He bounced on his heels, Tilioth having infected him with some of her eagerness. Besides, a relaxing jog was a much more appealing way to wake up than the full out sprints he was expecting.

Like a puppy on its mother's heel, he paced after her. One advantage to being so tall were the strides he was capable of, and boy could this boy work it. With a little bit of refinement, one could even call him graceful. But surely, next to the more practiced Marika, he was all flailing limbs and jarring motion for the first couple of laps until he found a better rhythm. 'Who taught you to do this?" He wasn't breathing hard but he found it difficult to form a sentence and not also faceplant with some of his concentration off of putting one foot in front of the other.

Tilioth meanwhile was having a more enjoyable time. She was able to keep her eyes on C'dus for the most part, central as the dragons were in the bowl. She was pleased to discover, though, that it did not feel so important to keep him in her view. Inherently she trusted this older weyrling pair and the knowledge they offered. After that point she was very careful in every movement she made, meaning to mirror Kelith as closely as she could.

And won't it be impressive for them to see how much we care about our home, too! The younger dragon didn't want to catch eyes for her beauty, just yet, but being appreciated for her efforts will always be a welcome thing. She was a bit clumsy to start in the exercise, much like her bonded, but she seemed to catch on quicker than C'dus. When she was comfortable in the motions she'd tilt her head up toward the high weyrs as if hoping to see a great Bronze or Black, or perhaps even a Queen watching them.

Impressed Tilioth on 02.01.2590.

Offline Marika

Re: Good Morning! [15.03.2590 4:30AM] // C'dus
« Reply #8 on: August 23, 2016, 11:42:04 AM »
Marika kept the pace steady, watching how C’dus ran. Those long legs of his really were a boon. Marika was tall for a girl and yet the younger Weyrling kept up with her fairly well. She was impressed. If he trained diligently and got his breathing regulated and his endurance up he could out run most of his Weyrling class she’d guess.

She gave him a side long glance at the question. “Who taught me to run?” She teased. But she knew what he meant, or at least she thought she did, that he meant the training and the practice. She wasn’t always the best at picking up on inference or social cues. It’s part of what made her seem cold to people.  For a few seconds she didn’t answer and the only response was the thuds of their footsteps on the wet, dewy grass.

Marika hadn’t grown up in a family like his. She thought it must be difficult sometimes to have a mother so firmly ingrained in the lives of all the Weyr’s riders. It didn’t matter what Wing they were in now, or what Wing the future riders would go into, all of them would be Weyrlings under Isotarine.

“I taught myself I guess.” She finally said with a shrug, her own breathing becoming heavier as their warm up continued. There was no sadness in her voice, no resentment, just plain and simple fact. It was what it was. Her father hadn’t been interested in teaching her because she wasn’t male and her mother was dead. Any siblings her father might have given her she didn’t know about so there were no older brothers or sisters to look up too or learn from. She learned what the crèche taught her and the rest she did herself. It had been survival. She would survive because she would be the best at everything she did. That was her only option. There wasn’t room for failure.

Marika gave a nod of her head and lead C’dus around, turning their path back towards where their dragons were stretching. They’d get back and then they could stretch themselves.

Kelith cooed her approval of Tilioth’s form. Good job little sister. The older green followed Tilioth’s gaze upward to the higher weyrs. Some of the older dragons were indeed stirring, Marika and Kelith weren’t the only ones in the Weyr who took advantage of the early mornings to get in some exercise. But if any of the dragons up there were noticing the greens below she couldn’t tell.

Now try alternating them. Kelith extended her left wing, keeping her right one tucked close to her body. It used a different set of muscles to make sure one stayed tight while the other pressed out. The greens relied on their speed and agility in the air and if C’dus and Tilioth truly aspired to Jungle Wing one day, she would need to be able to turn and twist and change directions in the air on a mark, manipulating her wings like this would help her do just that.
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Offline C'dus

Re: Good Morning! [15.03.2590 4:30AM] // C'dus
« Reply #9 on: August 26, 2016, 07:56:32 PM »
Her response was a bit startling, All Work and No Play Marika was full of surprises, it seemed. C'dus relented from the nickname, settling instead for Mostly Work and Sometimes Play Marika. If she was still watching him, she'd see his face twist into a fit of held-back giggles. He was certain his mentor would revert to her former name if she knew his inner narration.

Unfortunately for C'dus, his thoughts were, as always, privy to Tilioth. The dragonet chirruped a giggle, herself, and chanted out, All Work and No Play Marika makes C'dus erratic-ah~* It belatedly occurred to her that Kelith was still there. She did a little shuffle, sheepishly, and then added, But Mostly Work and Sometimes Play Marika makes C'dus.. happy-ah?

The boy stumbled in his step, a guffaw sparking from his lips. Lucky for him their warm up was winding down and he clutched his sides as they made their way back. "I'm sorry," he breathed out, "Tilioth is up to no good. Don't mind her." Desperate to change the subject and to save face, he tried to clamber back to their original topic. "Seems like you'd be a pretty good teacher, give my mom a run for her marks, eh?"

The Green carried on like she hadn't just doomed her bonded. Kelith's praise was well received and she gleefully switched as she was told. It was only awkward for a moment before she slid back into the rhythm of the stretch. Her muscles felt foreign to her, but the movements sang to her soul in a way that told her this was the correct thing to do.

When C'dus was near enough to Tilioth he scooted right up near her. She was the shield from Marika's potential wrath. He didn't want to seem obvious, though, so he tried to appear very interested in the way she flexed and bent her wings.

Impressed Tilioth on 02.01.2590.

Offline Marika

Re: Good Morning! [15.03.2590 4:30AM] // C'dus
« Reply #10 on: August 29, 2016, 11:53:21 AM »
Marika was indeed still watching C’dus, checking his form and keeping an eye on his breathing so she could make sure she didn’t push him too hard for their warm up. Her brows knit together, curious at why he was stifling laughter. Her confusion lifted though when Tilioth sang out to all of them with one of the many nicknames Marika was known by. All work and no play.

If she thought anything of it, her face remained blank and the only indication that she even heard Tilioth (it was impossible for her not to hear) was that her gaze slid from C’dus over to his dragon and then Marika picked up her pace, long legs propelling her forward so she could sprint the last few feet to where the dragons were stretching. It gave her distance from the other Weyrling.

“It’s fine.” She said between breaths, shrugging as C’dus apologized. The nickname didn’t surprise her, she knew she had a reputation among the Weyrlings. And to be honest it wasn’t even close to the worst thing she’d ever been called. Cold bitch. She’d heard that more than a few times, sometimes whispered, rarely to her face. But it seemed even the newer Weyrlings knew her reputation these days. Gossip always traveled fast.

Wordlessly, Marika grabbed the two water skins she’d brought and handed one to C’dus. Klah was good and all to start one’s day but it wasn’t exactly the best thing for hydration. She watched Kelith and Tilioth too for a long moment, gulping down the cool water. She’d decided a long time ago it wasn’t worth her effort to try to change people’s perception of her or fight the nicknames or gossip.

“C’mon,” she said finally. “Let’s stretch before your muscles tense up.” She started into her own stretches, considering his question. “Never really thought about teaching actually.” She wasn’t sure why she’d felt such a pull to ask C’dus to train with her. But he wasn’t wrong, she thought she could be good at it and even more surprising, she found she actually enjoyed it.

Kelith led Tilioth in a few more alternating stretches. My rider thinks work is play, I think.

//Traitor. We have fun!// Shards, even her own dragon was against her this morning. She frowned as she stretched. Was she really that bad?

“How’ve you been adjusting to Werylinghood? Anything giving you trouble? Want to work on anything in particular?” She asked. Better to keep the focus on the work—err, well wasn’t that just living up to her reputation? But Marika wasn’t good at small talk and she didn’t know what else to talk to C’dus about. She didn’t have an easy time with people, it wasn’t like with Ian where she’d known her forever and was comfortable.
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Offline C'dus

Re: Good Morning! [15.03.2590 4:30AM] // C'dus
« Reply #11 on: December 15, 2016, 05:51:15 PM »
He was almost expecting tears or some emotional outburst- something he was pretty used to given his normal routine of blowing off girls once he'd satisfied his desire for them. When it didn't come he didn't know if he should be more worried or just relieved. C'dus sucked on the inside of his cheek, chewing it and hating himself. Marika carried on, gave him water, his heart sank a little more. She was just being kind and helpful and here he was, the biggest jerk. He ducked his head like a child, his tousled hair falling over his eyes and hiding his shame. He was going to be better than this, C'dus decided, at least for Marika.

The boy drank the water without wasting too much time. He set the flask back down and then became a mirror to Marika once more. The stretches loosened his joints as much as the slight tension in his belly, and as she pushed past the mockery he decided to not apologize again lest they linger on hurt feelings.

Tilioth wasn't in such turmoil. Deflating C'dus's ego was something she thought necessary and so she could only feel this was a positive turn of events. She didn't miss a beat with Kelith. If this is work it feels like play, so your rider is very smart. It was true though, the young dragon was quite enjoying herself.

Marika's questions finally forced words out of him. C'dus shrugged, "It's everything I expected it to be, I guess. It's been almost disappointing- Tilioth is amazing and everything but I don't know. To finally Impress and to be on the same track as everyone else in the family.. it feels a bit average." He struggled to phrase his words, frowning. "I feel more useless now than before. At least they let candidates have a little more freedom, this lockdown makes me feel like some delicate flower."

As he said that, he realized he hadn't been able to instantly think of it because those feelings of boredom and rebellion had lessened with the morning's activity. Each drop of sweat took those toxic thoughts away. C'dus grinned, cheeky, "This is better though. Everything feels a little more focused now, like the future is obtainable and anything I want to do is possible." Okay, maybe that was a little exaggerated, but he wanted to suck up to her.

"You really are good at this."

Impressed Tilioth on 02.01.2590.

Offline Marika

Re: Good Morning! [15.03.2590 4:30AM] // C'dus
« Reply #12 on: December 24, 2016, 03:52:58 PM »
You should say something if what Tilioth and her rider said bothers you.
//It doesn’t.//
Then why did you run away from him.
Marika shot her dragon a long look as C’dus drank. //I didn’t.//

Marika had never tried to dissuade the names the other Candidates and Weyrlings called her. What good would it do? People would think whatever they wanted regardless of what she said. All she could do was show them differently by succeeding and being the best rider she could be, besides Ianathe was vocal enough for the both of them whenever she was in ear shot of such name calling.

Most of the time she is very smart, even if she does not always listen to me.

Marika shot the green another warning look before turning her attention back to the younger Weyrling. C’dus’ answer coaxed a rare smile from her. The expression changed her face completely, making her seem younger and far more relaxed. She was delighted by his answer. Good. He shouldn’t be content with just Impressing. It should feel average. There were plenty of other Weyrlings and plenty of other Candidates ready to be Weyrlings. It took more than a dragon choosing you to make you a good rider.

This was the mindset and thought process that had drawn her to him in the first place during T’nax’s silly “sharing of feelings” and “getting to know one another” game during Oriath’s flight.

“The lockdown is sharding frustrating.” Marika agreed. She had been about to add something else about how the lockdown was necessary right now and that it wouldn’t last forever but C’dus threw her off with the compliment. “Running and working out in the morning helps get me focused for the day too.” She muttered lamely.

Marika stood, shaking out her warmed and stretched muscles. She held out a hand to help C’dus up. “C’mon, let’s keep moving. For this next exercise, we are going to spar.” She moved to pick up a stick and began to draw a large circle into the ground, a make shift arena for them. “Candidacy kept you in good shape, so sparing alone isn’t going to be challenging enough. You need to work your mind as well as your body now that you have Tilioth. So, while we spar, our dragons will follow our movements on the outside of the circle. When you go right, Tilioth needs to go right. When I go left, Kelith will go left. They won’t engage.” Tilioth was too young for physical sparing at this point. D’zel would skin her alive if she got one of the new dragonets injured while training outside of classes. Especially after how Imyth’s hatching had gone.

“But that doesn’t mean she can’t help you, this is for her as much as you. If she sees patterns in my attacks she can give you advice, she’s a second pair of eyes. This will help you two start working together. You need to be able to communicate seamlessly and together.” C’dus was going to have to focus on her attacks while also trying to mentally keep in communication with his dragon. It was going to take all his concentration and focus.

Kelith moved to stand behind Marika just outside the circle. Marika waited only long enough for Tilioth to get into place and for C’dus to have a moment to be ready and then she was on the offensive, shooting forward on attack.
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Re: Good Morning! [15.03.2590 4:30AM] // C'dus
« Reply #13 on: January 08, 2017, 06:00:48 PM »
She smiled. He grinned back, the eager child again. Emotionally he wasn't too hard to please, but her smiling had a much higher value to him. He found himself edging away from Tilioth under the guise of a few more stretches. As C'dus did so, the green dragon gave him an affectionate headbutt. She wasn't yet big enough to send him sprawling, but he indulged her a little and gave an exaggerated yell, waving his arms to catch his balance. Tilioth breathed out a snort, seeing through his mockery. You're trying very hard. He pretended not to hear.

The dragonet scoffed. Tell me about it, she'd say to Kelith, but without the smarts. Despite herself, there was an affectionate purr lingering in that statement. C'dus would never truly be able to incite her wrath.

The boy took Marika's hand, levying himself up with her aid and brushing off his trousers after. His expression remained light, but upon hearing they'd be sparring now, he blanched a little. The weyrling was a lover, not a fighter, and he'd never cared to change that. He didn't object, though, as he watched her draw the circle. C'dus was doubtful sparring would ever help him against a hunter, but having better reaction times and synergy with his dragon could not be passed up. He knew that flat out, brutish dueling was not the intent here- or at least he hoped this wasn't Marika's plan for revenge all along. C'dus gulped.

Tilioth was nearly prancing on the balls on her feet, claws splayed like a kneading feline's. Stretching had been new and different, but this sounded more exciting already. Briefly she looked to Kelith to see what position the other green was taking, how literally she was expected to follow her bonded's movements. She also moved to the back in short order, taking note of the line that she wouldn't let herself cross.

C'dus was a little slower in getting himself oriented. Tilioth, you gotta help me out here. He felt some mild anxiety, he didn't mind intentionally looking silly but when it was out of his control he did get embarrassed. He also knew he couldn't make a game out of this if he wanted the training to continue. He planted his feet firmly and raised his arms in what he thought was a good defensive pose. Tilioth murmured encouragement to him.

But Marika was very quick, and much better at this as expected. As she came toward him, C'dus tried to counter her, but overcorrected himself. Off balance, he fell for real this time. Tilioth also rolled, but in a controlled fashion, tucking her wings down safely. It is good to stay standing, she chuckled into his head. The weyrling picked himself back up, gritting his teeth while his face flushed.

More frustrated than anything, C'dus didn't let himself get situated this time. As soon as he was standing he'd sort of throw himself toward his sparring partner, swinging one arm out a little wildly. It occurred to him that rules hadn't been set in place as to what was okay and not okay to do, but that was too late to consider with him going full out. Tilioth, behind him, lunged forward, too, but didn't let herself go within the circle.

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Re: Good Morning! [15.03.2590 4:30AM] // C'dus
« Reply #14 on: May 11, 2017, 06:44:08 AM »
Marika could have gone easy on him, eased him into the activity, it was barely dawn after all and she’d dragged him from his nice warm bed for this. But in her mind, going easy on him would be to do him and Tilioth a disservice. Kelith took place on the opposite end of the circle from Tilioth just as Marika stood opposite C’dus. The older green moved a little languidly, as if she were used to this sort of thing by now with her bonded.

“Good,” Marika said as C’dus’ first instinct was to counter her attack. It didn’t matter that he’d overcorrect, he’d learn the nuances in time. There was no glee or amusement in her face at his fall, she would never make fun of such a thing. The point here wasn’t to beat him down or bully him and learning balance was important. She circled to the left as C’dus rolled back to his feet. Kelith crooned an appreciative approval of Tilioth’s own roll. You are moving well.

C’dus continued to impress Marika as he didn’t hesitate once he was on his feet to come at her. Some people she’d tried this exercise with were prone to fall constantly into a defensive mindset. They’d only react to her attacks and always be on the back foot. Very few people had the wherewithal and natural aggression to try their own attack without waiting for someone to tell them exactly what move to do. The lack of rules was intentional as well. The jungle and the wild had very few rules it adhered to. Hunters had even less. Those who only relied on one set of moves and skills would not last. Adaptability was paramount. Sometimes—sometimes even being willing to do what must be done to survive was also paramount. Various riders took that mantra to different levels but that was a moral and ethical discussion that was more suited for long, late night talks over wine and klah, not the sparring ring.

Watch your left. While Marika kept moving, light on the balls of her feet, Kelith was able to watch C’dus’ body more closely and could see the moment he began his swing. When Marika had been a newer Weyrling, hearing that voice in her head would have made her want to turn to Kelith, which would have broken her concentration and left her vulnerable. This was part of what she wanted to teach C’dus—to become to in tuned with his dragon that her voice in his head would be an extension of himself. Marika’s arm went up to block the wild swing and she twisted her torso, getting momentum behind her right arm, hand in a fist as she struck out at C’dus’ exposed side. She was looking to connect solidly, enough that he’d feel it, certainly she wasn’t pulling her punches and she didn’t expect him to either but she wasn’t looking to actually hurt him.
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Re: Good Morning! [15.03.2590 4:30AM] // C'dus
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Kelith’s praise had Tilioth feeling that arrogant sort of good that often lead to judgement lapse and error. She felt that her success with this exercise, even though it was just beginning, meant that she could put a little less effort into the whole thing. C’dus and Marika’s bodies were quick moving, after all, and she had a hard time following after the first initial tumble. The green’s inexperience in following her bonded’s movement was now very apparent. She did not quite know how to translate his movement into hers and she found herself looking to see what Kelith was doing instead. The older dragon had a grace and finesse that made younger Tilioth envious. Perhaps, had she kept her eyes on the humans, she might’ve been able to warn C’dus of the oncoming blow.

Meanwhile, not seeing any signal that he’d gone too far or overstepped boundaries, C’dus’s plight continued. His swing was blocked and then just as easily she had responded with another blow that staggered him again. Tilioth! he’d plead, his pain ebbing into her, are you enjoying this?

It wasn’t too harsh of a blow to knock him back down but he knew he’d see bruising there in short order. His hurt was lessened by the guilt that came to him from Tilioth who had straightened out her priorities after realizing what had happened in her langur. I’m sorry, she said to both C’dus and Kelith, for surely her teacher had also witnessed her fumble. Keep going, I will follow you, I promise. She spoke with encouragement and settled back into a ready stance.

C’dus got his bearings once more after separating a few feet back from Marika. He did his best to size her up, knowing his height was a disadvantage when she was so quick. He dropped his stance, not quite a crouch, but enough that his eyelevel was just below hers and propelled himself forward in a charge meant to grab her around the torso. His arms were not entirely outstretched but half way so, ready to either grapple her or deflect a punch if it came. This was more of a wrestler’s move than a fighter’s, he knew, but it wasn’t the only trick up his sleeve.

His legs were long and truthfully his strong point. If she moved out of the line of his charge he’d try to trip her up with them, if she met him head-on he’d then try to bring his knee up into her chest if the tackle failed.

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Re: Good Morning! [15.03.2590 4:30AM] // C'dus
« Reply #16 on: June 18, 2017, 06:17:08 AM »
Most of the time when she roped people into sparring with her they didn’t take to hear the “no holds barred” part of the instructions. The fact that C’dus quickly sized up his strengths against hers and switched tactics accordingly was impressive and yet another tally mark in the column of reasons he was a good choice for a Weyrling to take under her and Kelith’s collective wing.
She hadn’t been prepared for the fight to switch to grappling, she’d underestimated him and expected him to want to stay on his feet. There wasn’t enough time in their small circle for her to avoid his charge so she braced and let his momentum bring them both to the ground.
Kelith didn’t move as much now, Tilioth wouldn’t need to either. With their riders on the ground it became a mental game for the dragons.
If you get your left arm around his you can try to flip him. The green projected to both Marika and Tilioth so the younger dragon would understand she could still work with her rider at this point.
Marika had hooked a leg around C’dus’s hip and had intended to do just as Kelith suggested and try to use the boy’s on momentum to flip herself on top.
“Good move.” She grunted, air pushed out of her lungs as they hit the ground and Marika didn’t give him more than a second to relish his success. //Stop giving away our strategies!// Even her mind voice was heavy with effort as she worked not to break focus. But she wasn’t really mad, she knew why Kelith did it.
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