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Author Topic: Approved Arrobella [16.1.2557] Holder  (Read 1885 times)

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Arrobella [16.1.2557] Holder
« on: June 28, 2016, 06:10:09 AM »

Play By:
Helena Bonham-Carter

First Name:
Bella, occasionally Arra/Arrow, though that's more frequently reserved for her wher nowadays
Date of Birth:
16.1.2557 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Nabol Hold
Wher Color:
Impression Age:
Holder/Lower Caverns Worker/Queenhandler
Kaerin (deceased)

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Likely the first thing that you notice about Bella is her hair. It is tightly curled and often unkempt, poofing out at weird angles. Its often been likened to a wherry nest, and it’s a surprise that there aren’t any twigs stuck in it, though she often puts hair clips and stuff in it when the fancy strikes her. Other than that she really doesn’t put much care and attention into it, and it shows. Her skin is much paler than usual, probably down to her being a bit of a night-owl and not going outside much during the daytime, preferring to stay indoors.

She’s very skinny, for someone who cooks a lot. For anyone, for that matter, as she’s built like a stick, no fat to be found anywhere and apparently little muscle. Don’t let this fool you, however, for even if she isn’t particularly strong she’s devilishly quick and agile. Her clothing is often tight fitting, and varies between plain and extravagant, depending on her mood and want. She likes wearing dresses, so long as they don't get caught up in her legs.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Bella was born during the chaos and that is all she knows. Many people died all around her, only 1 of which she ever truly cared about. Her husband had become the single focus of her life, and having him taken from her was like having the rug swept out from under her feet. On her own, the struggles for money, food, living space and safety all became too much for her, and she cracked. After that, the world could burn for all she cared. And burn it did, all around her. But somehow she soldiered on, Arrobesk becoming her leaning post and simultaneously forcing her to redevelop a the backbone that she'd had as a younger woman. Like was no easier, but having a big wher to help her bully her way through it helped.

Response to dragon color mutations: Bella thinks the blacks are awesome and she wants one (or would, if she didn't have Arrobesk). The reds look pretty stellar too. She's got an odd amount of respect for S'bok. She likes his style and guts, the young upstart. Plus lots of people don't like him, and that makes her like him more.

Who are you...

Spunky people - Bella only really likes people who stand up for themselves. She tends to push people's buttons in all sorts of ways when first interacting with someone new, which she thinks lets her get to know someone's capabilities real quick. This tends to come across as her bullying weaker people.
Unusual/new things - Never one to follow fashionable trends of the time, she love sit when new stuff creates social waves. It's interesting to see how people react to shit sometimes. Like the black dragons, and ESPECIALLY the new Weyrleader. People get hilariously hung up about it.
Nighttime - Bella loves the darkness, even better when it's dark but you can still see where you're going. Clear starry nights are the best. And nights are cooler.

Strong sunlight - yeah, she doesn't get out much during the day, if she can avoid it.
Firelizards - annoying chittery little things. Why would she need one when she's got Arrobesk anyway?
Weak klah - she likes it strong, with lots of sweeter to make up for the bitter taste, and doesn't particularly care if it's been badly brewed.


* Confident : Bella knows what she's about, she knows what she wants, and she ain't afraid to demand it.

* Authoritative : Bossy may be a better description. Unless Bella has decided she likes someone, she may instead decide to bully them into doing stuff for her. Arrobesk helps back her up with this, when she's around.

* Intelligent : Sharp as a knife, with a wit like a whiplash. Her words are as keen as her mind, and just as dirty.

* Devoted : Bella loved her husband. More than that, she was devoted to the man. Many would say obsessed. There was nothing Bella wouldn't do for him, including bringing him the Lord Holder's head should he ask for it. Thankfully for the Lord Holder, he never did. Kearin was a decent man, if ambitious.

* Agility : Bella is not one of those women who is stronger than they look. She looks like a twig, and she snaps like one, unfortunately. She's pretty feeble when it comes to lifting things. But then, she's got Arrobesk for brute strength. Bella's own skills lean more toward speed and agility. She can have a knife in her hand and at someone's throat before he can draw breath.


* Bereft : Losing her husband hit Bella very hard. Her idol, and with him her world, was ripped out form under her feet, and it took her a good while to recover. But she's never really been the same. Things don't seem to matter to her as they once did. She only has her wher left to live for now. The rest of her life... she's just filling the space with things she enjoys doing, with little care for how others may be affected by it. This is why she likes trouble and chaos, because it's fun to watch others react to it. Some people just want to watch the world burn, and Bella, sadly, is one of them.

* Selfish : Bella lives only for herself and her wher. Few others matter to her, certainly not people's feelings. She doesn't do charity, shares only with people she likes, and only if she wants to.

* Temper : If things don't go Bella's way, she's apt to throw a tantrum until they do. She’ll talk, she’ll rant, she’ll scream, she’ll get in people's face, push, slap, pull hair, she’s not afraid. Bella’s not afraid of anyone.

* Wild : Bella does what she wants, when she wants, and between with anyone who wishes to tell her otherwise. She'll just laugh in their face. Following the orders of someone she hasn't chosen to respect has never been her strong point. It's another story if she's decided that she likes someone; she may choose to do as they ask. But only if she wants to.

* Remorseless : Consequences for others aren't something Bella cares about, beyond watching people struggle with them. As such, if she causes someone else pain, suffering, or trouble, it doesn't bother her on an emotional level. Her frozen heart has no warmth left for anyone other than her dead husband, and her wher. Any remorse or regret is reserved for her husband, and he only.

Describe Yourself:

* Forward: ----- Bella has never been afraid to say exactly what she thinks. Or ask for exactly what she wants. Whether that is a roll in the bed furs or that pretty dress someone else is wearing.

* Fearless: ----- Bella has a disconcerting lack of fear in the face of danger. It stems out of her having nothing to live for save her wher - if she can go to death proudly with Arrobesk, then she'll face it laughing.

* Open: ----- She’s quite open in her opinions of people; If she likes someone, great! They're her best buddy. And if she doesn’t? They should be prepared to be ignored or, in a worse case scenario, expect to be picked on for just about everything, bitched about, even pushed about. If Bella doesn’t like someone, she hates them.

* Mad: ----- Many people will describe her as this, and she will neither confirm or deny the accusation. She certainly acts the part. This mostly stems from the fact that she's more than a little unconventional, but she does have a gleam in her eye that suggests she's a little broken somewhere.

* Cook/Vinter: ----- She was raised by cooks and married to a Vinter. She learned much off of both. She used to love creating sweet treats and potent drinks, and a little of this still carries over past her loss. She still cooks for something to do and to satisfy her sweet tooth, and she still brews on occasion as a way to remember her beloved husband. Her pies are considerably better than her moonshine.

The Magic Touch: She has a habit of staring while people-watching.


Mother: Arella, Baker/Drudge, 2538. 
Father: Belaronan, Baker/Guard, 2532.

T'nan - 2552 - of blue Belarth 2571 - Deceased 2574
Aronia - 2553 - of brown Aronsk, Guard
Laronella - 2556  - Deceased 2553
(Arrobella - 2557)
Belaria - 2559 - Drudge

Children: None, though not for lack of activity. She's unable to have children as her uterus didn't develop properly. Not that she knows that, not has she ever asked a healer about it.

Tell us a story...

This is the perfect place for you to write out your character’s history. Dot points work out best. So list the important events in their life and a small description of what happened.

* 16.1.2557, 0 Bella is born into Nabol Hold. Her parents are bakers, who have 2 daughters and a son already.

* 2558, 1 Nabol is a turbulent place. Tensions between residents and immigrants are brewing rapidly, fuelling a wealth of suspicion and distrust. Crime is rising, the desperate resorting to thievery and mugging to survive. Everyone is watching their back. Belaronan decides decides to learn how to defend himself and his family better using a weapon, like so many others. Belaria is born.

* 2561, 4 When Crom falls, and Telgar Weyr is abandoned, many begin to say that Nabol is next. A sense of impending doom settles over hold folk, not helped at all by the new influx of refugees from Crom. Many seek to blame the dragonriders for Pern's sudden downfall and their own troubles resulting from it, including the Lord Holder. Though Belaronan quietly agrees with him, he's smart enough to know that taking it public like that is going to strain relations further and, anticipating the Hold's collapse, gets his family out early.

* 2563, 6 Nabol falls. Though Belaronan and co got out early, they don't make it to Ruatha before it too collapses into Fort, and so they're swept up in the tide in that direction instead, along with everybody else. In those tough times, Laronella sickened and died. Bella remembers nothing of her sister but the mourning of her passing, a hurried affair for which her parents felt guilty about being unable to give her a proper send off. It was her first proper introduction to the effects that death could have on people. Seeing the way it affected her parents, the young Bella decided that she wouldn't let it make her depressed like that.

* 2564, 7 Having made it to Fort the small family of bakers, with not a Hall Crafter among them, are absorbed into a life of drudgery, of resentment and the backstabbing that comes of it. If the kids hadn't already learned to hold their head above the water as refugees, they certainly benefitted from that practise now. Bella learned that to get anything you wanted in life, you had to be willing to take it and protect it fiercely, or else someone else would take it from you. She couldn't trouble herself over the loss that others would feel over it.

* 2570, 13 Tironan was searched to the Weyr. Bella resented his leaving for a while, as he was her favourite brother, in as much as she didn't like the rest of her siblings. She would actually chose to work together with Tironan. She was also a little jealous that he got the chance at an easier life with cool shit lie dragons and stuff in it. He Impressed to blue Belarth after almost a turn of standing.

* 2573, 16 T'nan returns and Belarth searches Arrobella, she instantly forgives him and eagerly follows him back to the Weyr, if only so that she can get away from the rest of her family. How could she resent him a luxurious life as a dragonrider when he returned to offer his favourite sister the same? The Candidatemaster is less than impressed with her troublesome ways, and she ends up spending more of her time doing punishment chores in the kitchens than actually being a candidate. She also quickly learns that being a dragonrider isn't quite as luxurious as she'd imagined it to be. When T'nan is brought down by Threadfall the following turn, she retreats back to Fort Hold, having lost her reasons to stay at the Weyr and having developed a distaste for the idea of putting her own life on the line like that for a bunch of ungrateful Holders.

* 2575, 18 She falls back on kitchen drudgery and other rather unsavoury ways of surviving, having learned much of the ways of men as a candidate at the Weyr, clawing away at life any way she could, stepping on others to keep herself afloat. Then she met Kaerin. For some unfathomable reason, she fell for him and she fell hard. A Vinter, great, he had a craft! She liked booze, moonshine or not. But for all that, Kaerin was not a good Vinter, drank as much as he brewed, and gambled the rest away, for he had nothing else to gamble with. The fall of Tillek had seen to that.

* 2581, 24 Things went great for a few turns, or so the two young inebriated revellers thought, until Kaerin's debts got ahead of him. Owing money to the wrong people, as it turns out, is a very bad idea in desperate times. Desperate measures had Bella finding Kaerin beaten to a pulp in their tiny alcove of Fort when she returned home. Bella panicked. She ran. Or tried to, there's really only so far one can run when confined inside a single Hold with deadly levels of Threadfall on its doorstep. Once her hysterics had calmed enough for her to attempt rational thought, she turned to the wherhandlers, where Aronia had succeeded in using the skills given to them by their father early in life and obtained both a brown wher and a position as a Hold Guard. But hiding in her sisters shadow wasn't enough, and that was never Bella's style anyway. She need a big, scary looking bodyguard of her own, at her beck and call. It came to the astonishment of all when at the handing out of the next clutch, the gold egg that was so keenly guarded by the mother wher was rolled toward Bella. But the gold would have it no other way. "Apparently they match well," the gold's handler shrugged, "Mama reckons no-one else would appreciate 'er the same."

But no-one doubted the mother's intuition on hatching day, when the ugly little demon-spawn rolled from her egg shards and tore a red path through her siblings and a few spectators too before finally taking possession of Bella. Arrobesk was quickly revealed to be a nasty piece of work, even as far as whers go. Ambitious, ruthless and with a violent streak a mile wide, damage control became the central focus of Arrobella's wherling training from day 1. Despite this, despite everything, Bella loved Arrobesk fiercely and, as her golden mother quite rightly predicted, was the only one who did. She adamantly refuted even whispers that the whercraft would be better off without such a taint to their future bloodlines. As it turned out, Arrobesk's runs were short and bloody, and the gold's intense jealousy of anything that might possibly compete with her made her a rather terrible mother, so her success rate with hatchlings was mercifully low.

* 2587, 30 With the end of Thread everyone, including Arrobesk, is shipped off to the newly founded Fort Island. Suddenly finding herself living in a Weyr again, Bella quickly stakes her claim on the night time baking shifts in the kitchens, and flits between that and what limited guard duties she can do with her temperamental wher queen. Arrobesk continues to rage against being a junior queen, and fiercely patrols the little section of the wher halls that is hers, though for the sake of everyone else in the Weyr she's rarely allowed outside this zone unless in the company of her handler.

Bella swept into the small warm cavern, the only one who managed to do so without a menacing growl coming from the other corner. It helped being mentally linked to the grouchy mama wher, since the gold could predict her arrival. Small pile of pies in hand, she minced across the hot sand quickly and hopped lithely up onto the cooler rock that she'd assumed as her perch with a sigh of relief.

"All still there Darlin'?" she asked the gold before tucking into a mouthful of pie, hissing and spilling crumbs everywhere when her tongue caught the still hot meat within. It was always worth checking with Arrobesk, not that any of the other 'handlers were particularly concerned when eggs disappeared from Arrobesk's clutches. She knew well that they'd all rather prefer the hatchlings came from any other mother, but alas golds were few and far between, and riders needed all the wherhide protection they could get. Waving some air at the pie's contents with her free hand, she did a quick egg count while waiting for it to cool a little. "Huh, 16. Good girl," she said even as the gold stood and shook herself free of the sand. The big wher abandoned the clutch in favour of sniffing the pies.

"Ah ah ah! Manners, Princess!" Bella snapped, snatching the pies away as a marauding tongue poked from between the whers sharp teeth and pushing the golden snout away gently. Arrobesk curled a lip at her, not amused. She was a queen, and she wanted, so she should get. But even so, Bella got a reluctant thought resembling please over their bond since, well, Arrobesk did ultimately have some affection for her handler.

"That's more like it," Bella replied happily, giving the gold an affectionate pat on the nose before popping a pie neatly into the waiting maw. She took another bite of her own, by which time the tiny snack had disappeared down Arrobesk's throat in a single chomp. The golden mouth opened again for another.

Bella tsked. "These are for me. You'll get your dinner in the morning. Nice tasty heardbeast, most likely, not this mushroom concoction that us humans get in the pies." She'd made them herself, she knew there wasn't any meat in them, despite what the bakers told the other holders. Meat was too dear to be putting in pies nowadays, especially not when the dragons kept sharding eating all the prime beef. The best they got was wherry every now and again. She sighed. At least someone was managing to maintain a decent crop of berries on the Hold fringes, so bubbly pies were still a thing. Maybe she'd have to go back and make some later.

Arrobesk grunted. She wanted some too.

"Oh shush. Nobody's starving you."

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
J'hal, J'dan
Inactivity Preference:
Kill 'em off
Mauling Permissions:
No-one lives forever - post limit 50
Anything Else:
Oh hells bells here they come...

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit: Me. All me.
Link to line art.
Wher Details

Date of Birth:
26.7.2581 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
Large and knobbly with a distinguished sheen that marled it as undoubtably a queen egg. Each knob seemed to have a different colour cast on it, like a rainbow. Superb looking.
Measurements: Listed in the wher information.
Mature Length: 4.8m
Mature Height: 1.7m

General Appearance...

She is a wraith, of wisp of a creature with long legs and a thin build- a gold built for speed if there ever was one. She lacks most of the deformities in hide of a wher, smooth to the touch and undeniably lovely. Her hide is a pale yellow, with gold bordering on orange forming many twists and turns over it. Isn't she a gorgeous little thing? If only she didn't know it. She's gained a collection of criss-cross scars from fighting other whers, and marks on her hide from where she's frequently had to be chained up in the past.


Empathetic: There's a surprising amount of love between these two, for all that they seem heartless to others. It's a very possessive kind of love, though, and neither take kindly to the other showing any sort of affection for another, though they both do it. Girls have their needs too, after all, though Runs and dalliances are only ever one-offs and cannot match the bond between them. Bella quite frequently chatters to Arrobesk and though the wher never responds with words Bella gets a good enough picture from the whers various emotional changes what her opinions on the things she's saying are. To someone external it sounds an awful lot like Bella's talking to herself.

Herself. Arrobesk is a very vain creature, and quite firmly believes that she is the best and that everyone else should appreciate that. Also that as the best, they should all bow down to her and do what she tells them to do.
Arrobella. Arrobesk will concede that her handler is the next best thing to herself and thus she's something to be treasured. Bella is Arrobesk's favourite thing, though unlike her other things Bella does irksome things with irksome people. Arrobesk will only forgive her these dalliances because she is the favourite thing.
Power and ruling. She has a very small kingdom, alas, and little scope for exerting her will outside her own den and scaring unwary holders that she and hers come across when she's outside of it.
Hoarding things. She becomes very attached to her hoard, since she can put them where she likes in her den and they'll stay there, and do as they're told, unlike other whers and people, who don't listen to her. She likes being able to exert her will on things, and if they can't decide otherwise then all the better.

Other female whers, whom she views as competition for males and seniority.
Authority. Arrobesk wants to have things her own way, all the time, and doesn't take well to being told no by any other than Bella (and not even then). She's far from being the senior Gold at Southern Winds, however, and resents the restrictions they put on her deeply. She won't do what she's asked unless compelled to do so.
Having her things taken from her. Her things are hers.

Strengths: 2+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* Determination : She will strive to dispose of all who outrank her, to rule from a throne made up of the bodies of her enemies... at least, that's the vision. She will never stop rebelling against those above her in rank however.

* Speed : Less chunky of build than others whers, and with the long legs as a gift of her size, in a straight line Arrobesk is remarkably swift. Her length does leave something to be desired in her cornering ability though.

Weaknesses: 2+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* Pride : Her stubborn pride won't take the insult of being the lowest ranked queen in the Hold/Weyr. She allows it to rule her, and every moment not spent with Bella is time that she spends obsessively contemplating the downfall of any she see's as being in her way of obtaining what is only rightfully hers.

* Leadership : Once she does have power, she's a horrible leader. Oh, put her in charge of something military and she's beyond amazing... but as a queen she fails horribly. She's of a fierce temper, and she loves nothing aside from Bella. Even her own clutches are only tools to her.

* Violent : While other queens may care for their subordinates and keeps them safe, they're merely toy soldiers to Arrobesk. Arrobesk would kill them herself if the step a toe out of line. She holds no remorse, no pity, no love for any besides Arrobella... and if she is not carefully monitored she will smash any queen egg she ever lays. If she doesn't just kill it at the hatching. Greens are also found to be killed by this gold- their ability to clutch makes them possible rivals. Her runs are bloody events. She demands that the males fight over her, and she will injure any who displeases her. However, she often chooses browns for her companions - bronzes means there is a chance of a gold egg, and she despises nothing more. She wants to be the only queen after disposing of all the others - why would she bring another into this world?

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Arrobesk was originally written for Bella by the wonderful S'yal at Warden's Weyr, and subsequently edited to fit with this site.

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Re: Arrobella [16.1.2557] Holder
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Re: Arrobella [16.1.2557] Holder
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Re: Arrobella [16.1.2557] Holder
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