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Author Topic: Ar'tan [10.09.2558 | Brown Rider]  (Read 1264 times)

Offline Alerri

Ar'tan [10.09.2558 | Brown Rider]
« on: January 08, 2017, 07:18:59 PM »

Play By: Ryan Phillippe


First Name: Arotan
Honorific: Ar’tan
Nicknames: None
Date of Birth: 10.09.2558
Place of Birth: Telgar Weyr
Dragon Color: Brown
Impression Age: 2573/15
Wing Rank: Wing Rider, Beach Wing
Weyrmate: None.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: He doesn't really have any special markings on him. He does have some scars from over the years. They weren't kind to him as he grew up often in a fight of some sort. He was beaten badly in one of these fights and a mark left on him is his chin where a piece of metal hit him there. He doesn't like the scars on his back and won't say how he got them either.

He has a limp with his left leg. He shuffles a bit as he walks so the pain doesn't bother him much. He keeps his head down although he is often very observant of what goes on around him.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Thread, the natural enemy. He grew up used to having thread falling. He came to understand it just as a way of life. He was told it would end, but he was a skeptic on such a thing. He believed that somewhere someone was mad at them and the thread came down as a punishment for that hitting them all.

Ar'tan stayed in doors. He wasn't one to head outside for anything knowing that he could be hurt from the thread. He had no reason to be outside honestly he preferred playing inside the weyr instead. He enjoyed his days among the creche children when he was visiting there. His mother dropped him off and left him for days on end when she had work to do in her craft. He understood this and looked forward to his days there. When it did finally end he was shocked. His reason had not lasted or maybe they had been forgiven. He never voiced his opinion of why to anyone.

Response to dragon color mutations: Dragons are beautiful in coloring. While he has one that is the color of the earth he finds the blue and green to be the most beautiful. In his mind red is one step above his ranking on beauty for appearance. Black though is the ugliest dragon he sees. He doesn't care for politics so he's not one to care who is in charge of what.

Who are you...


Nature - Having been mostly inside due to thread falling when he was younger he will do anything now to be outside. He enjoys just sitting somewhere outside and taking it all in. His favorite spot is the cove recently. He loves just sitting on the sand and looking around taking it all in. If it starts to rain he still just sits there.

Intelligence - to have passed the time when he was younger he would study a lot. Now though he seeks out anyone who can give him a good conversation. It isn't always easy to find, but he does try. He understands not everyone was brought up the same as him.

Wood - He isn't a crafter, but he does like to take a piece of wood and just make something out of it. Lately he has taken several small pieces pushing them together just right to make it look like a dragon. The coloring is off, but he doesn't usually have the best pieces of wood to start with.


Bullies - He grew up having to fight from time to time. He doesn't care to use his fist if words work better. Unfortunately there are some idiots in the world he had learned who prefer to use fists. He will do his best to defend himself if someone starts something he will finish it.

Silence - but only from his dragon. He doesn't understand why his friend doesn't talk to him more. He understands the wisdom that comes from his dragon but doesn't always agree with what is said. He has learned better to disagree and not say anything than to argue with a dragon.

Drama - He isn't one for the dramatic in life. He likes more the quiet times. He knows there are times when life is more messy. He may hate when drama shows it's face, but he will take it head on.


* Finality : He will see a project through to the end no matter what. He doesn’t believe in leaving things half done. He will work as quickly as possible to make sure things are finished before they have to be.

* Ability : When he does something he gives it his all. He doesn’t do anything half way. If he is fighting he will make sure the other man doesn’t get back up.

* Perspective : He doesn’t allow things to cloud his judgment. He thinks through things knowing he needs to keep a level head. Fantasy doesn’t invade his thoughts. He doesn’t daydream either.

* Perseverance : Having gone through what he has in life he gets up and keeps going. When knocked down even in a fight he gets right back up and keeps going. Very  little if anything can keep him down for long.

* Honesty : Ar’tan believes in being honest to a fault. He doesn’t like liars and does his best not to emulate them. Secrets harm more than they help. He is an open book as well. He takes care not to hide or lie about anything.


* Leg : His leg can get the better of him. If he is sitting somewhere too long it can be hard for him to get up and get moving. He does give it a good rub down, but sometimes that doesn't help either.

* Temper : He is a hothead. Easiest way to put it really. He can fly off the handle depending what is being said or done. It isn't easy to be angry at the right person, at the right time, and in the right place. He has yet to master his temper. There is no telling what disaster will lie in wake when his temper is lost.

* His mouth : He could learn a thing or two still from his dragon. There are times when he will get a little mouthy. He knows not to do it to his superiors, but that doesn't mean he won't do it with riders at all. He has had to be taught a lesson once or twice from this happening.

* Arrogance : He is not one to claim he has a weakness. He would prefer to think of himself as a work in progress if he must, but he won’t admit that. Nobody can beat it out of him either.

* Hatred : Ar’tan finds it easy to hate. He can become filled with it at times. Hate for what has become of their world. Hate of the thread from before. Hate of the creatures that want to take lives. Hate for his leg.

Describe Yourself:

* Friendly: ----- Ar’tan likes making new friends. He enjoys learning about people. If anything he likes it when he can figure someone new out.

* Zest: ----- He believes in living each day to the fullest. No reason to put anything off tomorrow as it’s a new day full of new possibilities.

* Compassionate: ----- Having gone through what he has in life, he doesn’t wish that kind of thing on anyone. If he sees someone who is in need of assistance he tries his best to help them. If he can’t help them he tries to find someone who can.

* Hardworking: ----- Ar’tan doesn’t believe in lazing the day away. He does his best to fill each moment of the day with something useful. If someone asks him to do something he makes time for it based on importance through the day.

* Observant: ----- Ar’tan does his best to watch out and make sure he doesn’t miss anything. He’s not perfect in this, and sometimes the biggest detail does get past him. It isn’t often that does that though. Usually it’s the smaller ones he misses more often than not.

The Magic Touch:  He loves to collect knowledge of any sort. Even the little things as long as it's not gossip he will learn of. He even tries to keep things straight about the people he meets. It doesn't always work though as he often gets people mixed up.


Mother: Norrula - JM Weaver, 2525.
Father: A'dar - Rider, 2530. Dragon - Sukilth, Brown. Impressed  - 2547.


Mizai - JM Miner, 2542.
Thekko - JM Smith, 2545.
Goye - Rider, 2547. Dragon - Terioth, Blue. Impressed - 2561.
Tena - Apprentice Harper, 2550.


Zarra - Rider, 2552. Dragon - Shalirrath, Green. Impressed - 2567.
Rekaku - Rider, 2554. Dragon - Kraketh, Green. Impressed - 2569.
Dinurra - Apprentice Fisher, 2552.


Deenni - 2575
Noca - 2578
Weena - 2581
Zateezi - 2581
Sela - 2581

Tell us a story...

This is the perfect place for you to write out your character’s history. Dot points work out best. So list the important events in their life and a small description of what happened.

* 2558, 0 Arotan was born. It was a nice crisp fall day when he was born. He is the youngest born in his family from regular siblings to half-siblings.

* 2561, 3 His home was abandoned. They went to live instead at Fort Weyr. It was an adjustment for all of them. One that was easy met for him. He hadn’t lived long enough to have much of a routine when they changed locations.

* 2563, 5 Word of Nabol Hold reached them. Many around Fort weren’t happy hearing such. There was a few boys around his age who thought his father was no good since he was a rider. It was the first time he got into a fight. He got his butt handed to him. His older brothers found out and taught him how to fight. Their father learned of this and told Arotan he didn’t want him fighting any more. It was the first lesson in learning words were better than fists. It didn’t take though.

* 2567, 9 With the other places closing and new people moving in, things continue to change. Arotan wasn’t sure he liked change until a pretty girl came in from another fort. Her brothers were protective of her. When he gained a kiss from her, her older brothers taught him a lesson. His brothers learned of such thing and tried to continue his teaching on fighting. They also taught her brothers not to mess with their younger brother. He figured the girl wasn’t worth the trouble and left her alone.

* 2571, 13 Arotan started to think of his future. He loved seeing his father flying along with the others. Crafting like his mother just didn’t seem to fit with him. It was then he notice another female from a different place some hold that didn’t exist any more. He liked her very much enough to enter bed with her. It was the first time he found that being with a female was a very nice thing. His brothers found out and teased him to no end.

*2572, 14 He had heard of such things. Arotan had a feeling he was for the skies, but the day he was searched was a day he wouldn't forget. He was excited to join his father and elder siblings in such a thing. He wouldn't have a dragon to impress yet, but it was a start and in the right direction. Some would have thought it fate, but for him he thought it just natural considering where he grew up and that it was in his family.

* 2573, 15 Impression! He couldn’t hide his excitement when he impressed a brown dragon. Chulerth was something in his mind considering he would be joining his father in the skies. He could hardly wait to get started any more than his dragon. They both seemed to fit together well considering their personalities.

* 2575, 17 Finally he was a full fledge rider. No more training. He didn’t mind the lessons having a love for learning. He just was glad he would be part of a wing and help the rest of their people like his father. He wasn’t sure he would make a name for himself, and was fine with that. He was assigned to his father's wing. That suited him.

In celebrating his graduation to full rider instead of just someone learning the ropes, he found some pretty girl. They spent the night together. He had no idea who she was before that night, but he wouldn't forget her soon after though. Nine months later his eldest daughter was born.

* 2578, 20 Having found himself attracted to another female a brunette that worked with food, he found it easy to be around her. It took a few weeks before she agreed to a date. They ended up drunk and in bed together. His second daughter was born later that year. He heard what his first daughter was up to and did his best to make sure she stayed out of trouble in an indirect way.

* 2581, 23 A time like no other in his life. He felt on the top of his game. It came to him as a bit of a surprise when he learned he was with three different ladies all in the same week. He doesn't remember all the details of that week, but he does remember the outcome. All three of them ended up giving him one daughter each. He wasn’t sure what to do about having five daughters. He felt like he was going to have trouble later.

* 2583, 25 Ar’tan was wandering around the tunnels. He liked to explore when he could.  He was enjoying the walk when he found an abandoned nest. Most of the eggs had already hatched expect one. He took it to his cave not stopping before he got there only to find he had himself a new blue companion. Seeing the wings he named the blue Swirly.

* 2585, 27 Having heard of rumors of a man trading eggs, Ar’tan went to see what this was about. A dozen flit eggs were available, but it wasn't an actual trade. The man had three already and was trying to find good homes for the others. He had one, so another wouldn't be an issue. Taking one egg home he wanted to see if his luck would hold. He had one flit who seemed to like him. He also had his dragon. As luck would have it the egg was not a dud like the others the man traded as part of a scheme to get resources. Instead hatched a nice bronze fire lizard. Given the look of this one which was odd Ar’tan named this one Quirk.

* 2587, 29 Riders were being sent out to locate new homes and assess the land. He was in a group that went east to see what they could find. They didn’t find anything useful. Upon their return they heard of the land to the west. He was glad of the good news. He wasn’t worried that he wasn’t part of the group that found it. It was a relief to know they wouldn’t all be so close in quarters.

He had heard of a black dragon hatching out. It seemed to be the talk of the weyr. He wasn't interested in such things. Figuring that it wouldn't amount to much he kept his eye on his duties and let things lie.

* 2589, 31 A new leader comes when a black flies a gold. Not carrying who leads what it doesn’t really affect him. He figures it will be same old same old in the daily routine, but will go with the flow considering any changes.

Ar'tan was wondering what the day would bring. He had a sense of adventure in his soul although it could lead to trouble. He knew he had to be careful too much trouble was not a good thing. He wasn't looking to cause any, but sometimes it found him. He was trying to stay away from it today.

He knew today was something. He wasn't sure what yet though. It wasn't the day he was born. It wasn't the day he had impressed. Nope something else was about this day. Something happened, but he wasn't sure what. He wanted to find out. He wasn't sure he would though. Many seemed to ignore this day for him. All but him that was. He was too curious for his own good.

Member Info...

Created By: Alerri
Other Characters: Sheklelu, K'vish, Cayalla, T'kyll, Gillior
Inactivity Preference: Kill em off or have them fade away.
Mauling Permissions: Bring it On!
Anything Else: Nope everything covered above.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Devian Art

Dragon Details

Name: Chulerth
Color: Brown
Date of Birth: 2573
Place of Birth: Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother: Kiberith
Clutch Father: Dekkath
Mature Length: 35 Meters
Mature Height: 7 Meters
Mature Wingspan: 58.1 Meters

General Appearance...

He was your average dragon growing up. He didn't really stand out among the other browns any. He has no marks that would have him stand out either. It is noticed however that he is an even colored brown instead of any other marks or coloring to have him stand out among dragons.


Mind Voice: Muddy like. He doesn't care for talking unless necessary. There are times one would think he's got attitude with his voice, but not very often. Depends on the situation.


Silence - He enjoys hearing the silence of the weyr around him in the early hours or the late ones. He isn't picky about which hour he is listening to. He choses his words carefully and while he does talk with his rider he doesn't say something all the time. Sometimes there can be a day where he doesn't talk to Ar'tan. Sometimes he does it to teach his rider the value of silence, and other days he does it just to annoy the lad.

Mud - He likes the feel of it between his claws. Crazy, probably, but hey it feels good. He will seek it out if either him or his rider are having a bad day.


Working - way too hard that is. He hates it when there is a simple solution and its overlooked. It drives him crazy. He points this out many times to his rider.

Females - he doesn't understand why anyone wants to hook up with anyone outside of flight. He will seek solitude before he will find himself surrounded by any females. Yes he loves to fly them, but spend time with them outside what is necessary? Um, no thank you.


* Calm : While his rider is full of hatred, he does his best to try and calm his rider down. He likes making sure nothing happens during these times. He prefers it to be nice and quiet instead of hearing the hectic noises around him.

* Clever : He likes to show how smart he is from time to time. Often he will give a smart remark in response to his rider, who doesn’t really appreciate it. He likes being as witty as possible. Sometimes it even earns him a smile from Ar’tan.


* Neat appearance : Enjoying the mud is something he can’t get enough of so often he will be covered in it. He isn’t one to fuss over looking his best. He doesn’t care for baths if he can get away with it. Unfortunately to oil his scales though a bath is necessary. He grumbles through the whole thing.

* Loose : He prefers to be more relaxed than anything. Very little bothers this dragon. He tries to have this rub off on his rider. It doesn’t always work.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #391E15; Text: #F4A460

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Not really. Pretty much all said above.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Deviant Art

Flit Details

Name: Swirly
Pronounced: As it looks.
Color: Blue
Date of Birth: 2583
Place of Birth: Fort Weyr

General Appearance...

A blue with swirls on wings. Average in size without any other interesting markings. The swirls are usually noticed pretty quickly given the wings.


Mind Voice: Swirly parrots only one word, which can be annoying at times. The one word – fish. Other than that no other words or phrases. Swirly will communicate by emotions instead.

* Fish – one of this flits favorite foods really. Gets really excited when seeing one just swimming wanting to go catch it. Considering Ar’tan is part of Beach Wing it is sometimes hard to do his duty of fishing when he has this flit along.

* Others – Swirly is a very friendly flit. Enjoying the company of anybody around, this flit will do what is necessary to gain some attention. Granted if there is another being around trying to get attention, Swirly will step aside and let others give attention as well as giving attention too.

* Confrontations - This flit doesn't understand why this needs to happen. Why everyone can't just get along with each other in harmony is something that escapes this flit's grasp.

*Impatient - When it's time to go fishing, Swirly will shake and get very excited. Not one to wait well when it is not fishing time the flit often tries to persuade Ar'tan to go fishing. It doesn't work though.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Pretty much taken care of above.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Deviant Art

Flit Details

Name: Quirk
Pronounced: As it looks.
Color: Bronze
Date of Birth: 2585
Place of Birth: Fort Weyr

General Appearance...

Quirk has lines running along his leathery hide. Nothing on the wings just the hide. It helps him stand out a bit more among the other flits.


Mind Voice: Quirk is a bit of an oddball. This flit sometimes communicates with pictures and sometimes with emotions. Sometimes the flit doesn’t respond at all though.

* Humor – This flit enjoys a good joke. Quirk will play jokes on others. When others play jokes too this flit enjoys watching.

*Shoes – for some reason Quirk enjoys being around shoes. Of course the flit has to be careful not to be stepped on when someone is putting on shoes or kicked when they are moving.

*Bugs – for some reason Quirk hates bugs. Ar’tan isn’t sure why. He figures the flit might have been bit by one, although there wasn’t a time in his memory that would have happened.

*Travelling – Quirk likes to stay more close to home than having to travel around the world. When Ar’tan had to leave to check out the world for good land, this flit wasn’t very happy.

Member Info...

Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW
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Re: Ar'tan [10.09.2558 | Brown Rider]
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