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Author Topic: OOC Sibling Strife for a Brown Rider  (Read 1223 times)

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Sibling Strife for a Brown Rider
« on: January 12, 2017, 01:38:45 AM »
Wanted:  Less-Than-Friendly Siblings for a Jungle Brown
A family divided

A Bit About N'syn: N'syn and his family are originally from Dorado Hold, on the Southern Continent. Some members of the family were originally Glassmiths, but many of them ended up becoming drudges after the Crafthall fell during the Pass. N'syn himself is the odd one out among his siblings, since he was the result of adultery on their father's part and kept/raised out of a sense of guilt. Suffice to say, his step-mother and siblings saw his very existence as a kind of betrayal.

Note that this family is not a happy one. Some of the circumstances, especially from Kalios, are extremely "traditional" and even abusive, though this was mostly directed toward N'syn. To this day, he and his siblings are basically estranged and will not be happy to see each other if when they cross paths. As a whole, the family held no love for dragon riders, and still don't, putting them firmly on the Holder/Crafter side of the current weyr conflict.

I'm not going to list it all here since it's a bit long, but more information about his family's timeline of events can be found in N'syn's profile.  :love:

Family Tree--
DEAD -- Navaine. N'syn's biological mother. Drudge. Born 2543. Deceased 2560.
DEAD -- Mandigora. N'syn's step-mother and biological mother of his siblings. Drudge. 2528. Deceased 2584.
DEAD -- Kalios. Mandigora's husband. Sr. Apprentice Glass-smith. Born 2526. Deceased 2570.

Neveros. Brother. Sr. Journeyman Glass-smith. Born 2542.
Xuline. Sister. Future Hold Headwoman, former kitchen drudge. Born 2544. Ranked NPC Adoptable.
DEAD -- Zhaqdra. Sister. Kitchen drudge. Born 2547. Deceased 2569.
DEAD -- Kuvesdel. Brother. Drudge. Born 2550. Deceased 2572.
DEAD -- Savorir. Brother. Drudge. Born 2552. Deceased 2572.
DEAD -- Zheezran. Brother. Drudge. Born 2555. Deceased 2581. 
Koisar. Brother. Drudge. Born 2564.

Available Characters--
Neveros. Half-Brother. Senior Journeyman Glass-smith. Born 2542. Turning 48.
           Neveros is very much his father's son, having joined the small remaining ranks of the Glass-smiths in his father's footsteps. Their personalities are incredibly similar as well, with Neveros being very much a traditionalist in his view of the world. He is a serious and not particularly nurturing man with a potentially explosive temper. He's married, but the name and rank of his wife, as well as the number of children he has, is up to whomever adopts him.

Xuline. Half-Brother. Future Hold Headwoman. Born 2544. Turning 46. Bear in mind she's a ranked NPC, and thus is listed in this thread.
          Xuline is a demanding tyrant of a woman who has risen among the ranks of the drudges and administers to the kitchen with a strict expectation of perfection. It takes a driven, highly organized individual to be Headwoman and maintain the feeding of the weyr. She firmly believes that drudges are undervalued by the weyrfolk, and would only find a truly respected place within a Hold. She is highly traditional, hailing from a large family and having one of her own. Her promotion to Headwoman of the future Hold is her proudest achievement other than her children. Xuline distrusts dragon riders, thinking them arrogant and entitled. She has a particular dislike of them because of her half-brother, N'syn. She is suspicious of Steward Gariysien, and the two frequently come into conflict over differing points of view.

Koisar. Half-Brother. Drudge. Born 2564. Turning 26.
          Moody and temperamental, Koisar is not necessarily the most pleasant of men. I haven't really determined anything about him, so he's pretty much a clean slate except for his hatred of N'syn.

OOC Info: After the fall of their home, the entire family had been relocated to Fort Hold. Around when he was twelve, N'syn gets Searched while riders were visiting the Hold. However, to his family, he essentially just vanished. Surely, it was thought among them that he had died or run away since N'syn left Fort Hold and never looked back -- and without saying goodbye. For any of his three surviving siblings to come across him now will be very much an unpleasant surprise.  :para: 

Any characters made for this ad should be adoptable in the event of inactivity.
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