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Author Topic: Info Insects  (Read 1073 times)

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« on: January 12, 2017, 01:33:44 PM »

Aside from the fish, insects are the second most populous creature on Pern. They act as food sources, fertilizers, pollinators, and in most cases are a natural defense against Thread. On Fort Island there are many varieties, most of which are still undiscovered in the depths of the very dangerous jungle.

- These small, beetle-like creatures possess six legs and are experts at digging and burrowing. On the northern continent their bodies are furred against the cold, however in the South and on Fort Island, too, they have wider limbs meant for shovelling through sandy terrain. Scatids are natural tillers, and they keep the ground aerated and therefore more fertile. They aren’t extraodinarily colored, blending into the ground instead with earthy tones.

- The trundlebug is a peculiar creature. Farmers value them for their appetites- they’ll eat parasites but leave vegetation alone. These insects come in many different color varieties, but their hue will always reflect their surroundings, giving them amazing camouflage. A trundlebug always travels in a straight line until it cannot go any further. If it is disrupted before it should be, these insects emit a horrible smell.

- Grubs are arguably one of the most useful insects on Pern. They come in two man-made varieties. The first is a furry, grey, legless creature that is earth dwelling. When it encounters burrowing thread, it will consume it before much damage can be done. The second variety is called a vine grub, and it was adapted to live on and among plants and therein keep safe against spores. Grubs did their job fairly well, but as living beings even they weren’t prepared for the long pass, they could only eat so much thread before everything was simply overwhelmed.

- These beetles are water dwelling, despite their namesake. They favor freshwater lakes and ponds and feed off of plant algaes that collect on stones and rocks in and near the water’s edge. Rockmites are a good source of food for small wherry and firelizards, but you usually have to get wet to get to them. They’re usually shiny black in color, but reflective enough to shine with a color in their surroundings. Enterprising crafters will gather these to turn their shells into jewelry.

- These insects are a notorious pest on Fort Island; while they couldn’t survive on the milder beaches of the Northern Continent, they were previously common around the coasts of Ista and the southern settlements. None had been particularly upset about them apparently going extinct during the Pass—but as with many things, they’ve carved out a place for themselves in what does remain of Pern. Small as fleas but numerous in number, they infest—and nest—in decaying organic matter on the edges of the sea, laying thousands of eggs that, in turn, hatch into thousands of larva and render meat and vegetation alike unusable.

- Thread-eating and Hold dwelling, sandworms are a tough, armored creature native to Igen. However, like the grub, they weren’t able to withstand the sheer amount of Thread spores and likely went extinct around the time that the Hold was evacuated. It’s possible that a few survived deep within the caves of Igen, but until someone goes digging around with intent to find them they won’t be seen any time soon.

- A popular bait among hobby fishermen, wrigglers are worm-like insects found in fertile earth. They live anywhere there is rich vegetation, feeding on tubers and whatever decay they come across in the ground. Wrigglers are easy to harvest in large quantities, and can even be used as a food source in dire times. However, their value as fishing bait goes uncontested, and most would prefer to give a few up to catch a fish rather than settle for the wriggler.

- Named for their tendency to “fly by”, these are small and harmless (albeit annoying) insects. They have tiny bodies fitted with tiny wings and tend to mass in the thousands on warm summer evenings. Fy-bys resemble terran gnats and often attract great numbers of small wherries and terran birds to feed on them during their swarms. Good hunters (both human and dragonkin) will note when the fy-bys begin to amass, and use that time to collect whatever feathered beast is unfortunate enough to get caught.

Credited to Drewliet for use on SWW; credited to SirAlahn for use on SWW
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