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Author Topic: Approved Tianaice [ 21.09.2581 / Weyrbrat ]  (Read 2866 times)

Offline SirAlahn

Tianaice [ 21.09.2581 / Weyrbrat ]
« on: February 28, 2014, 03:11:45 AM »

Play By:
Elle Fanning

First Name:
Date of Birth:
21.09.2581 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Tianaice is tall and precocious for her age, appearing closer to 10 or 12 than her 8 turns would apparently allow. Her long blonde hair is one of her proudest features, and she enjoys wearing it loose or in a braid; when braided, Tia often weaves blue or green ribbons into her hair. These are her favorite colors, not only because they are so healthy and clean looking, but also because those are the colors of her parents' dragons. What little variety is available for children in the Creche, she prefers clothes in similarly cool and earthy colors. Even though she might not wear bright shades, Tia's inner vibrancy makes her memorable. She is quite and strong -- not haughty or stuck-up, but observant and thoughtful. Now she is childishly pretty, but her features promise that she will grow into a beautiful young woman. Tia keeps herself clean,neat, and tidy; even so her, pastimes and favorite chores frequently leave dirt under her short fingernails. She has no qualms about thrusting her hands into the dirt, or among plants, or into whatever other task is assigned to her.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Tia doesn't really remember much of the 9th Pass. Hearing stories about so much death and destruction makes her sad, but she is hopeful for the future of Pern. What she does remember of the 9th Pass was the fear her beloved parents would never return from fighting Thread. This has contributed to her being openly and eagerly affectionate toward the people she cares about. She wants them to know she loves them. In part because of this experience, Tia is quietly thoughtful and unlikely to complain about her own personal hardships. 

Response to dragon color mutations: Tia doesn't really understand why everyone is so upset about it. Neisoth is still a dragon, and he and his rider have proven that they are powerful, ambitious, and willing to take the reigns when others might be afraid to assume leadership at this crucial time. Like her father, she's likely to shrug and change the subject.

Who are you...

Likes: Gardening : Tianaice's favorite chore is helping to tend the medicinal plants grown by the Healers, and the small amount of crops kept by the remnants of the Farm Crafthall. Even so young, she has quite a green thumb.
Her Parents : Tia adores her parents, and is very close to them even though she lives in the Creche. No matter their faults, she loves them unconditionally and has no problems telling them so.
Dragons : Probably because she has such a close relationship with her parents, Tia is exceedingly fond of their dragons as well. She admires the beasts, and hopes that someday she will be Searched to become a rider herself.
Animals : Tia loves animals, including herdbeasts, runnerbeasts, watchwers, and flits. She hopes to someday own some of her own -- or at least be able to help tend to them.
Rain : She loves stormy weather, and even being out in the warm tropical rain. Humidity doesn't bother her -- she'll just dress appropriately.

Dislikes: Her father's reputation : Tianaice adores C'ace, but she is fairly embarrassed at the commonplace knowledge of his escapades.
Unfairness : While others might say that the world is categorically unfair, Tia believes it's up to people to be better. To be fair. She is easily angered by people who are cruel or who treat other people badly.
Being responsible for other people : As one of the older children in the Creche, Tia is often positioned as the leader over a small group of younger children. She does not shy from chores or responsibility, but she doesn't like having to shepherd or manage others.
Bullies : Tia will be the first to stand up to people who are needlessly mean. After everything the Pernese people have been through, you really have nothing better to do with your energy than tear other people down?
The spotlight : Tia still wants to succeed at her goals and be great at her passions, but she doesn't crave public recognition for these things. Her own personal success is enough. And she dislikes the idea of having so many eyes on her.


* OBSERVANT : Tia, in part because of her quietness, is a good listener and observer. She has a mind for noticing and cataloging details.

* JUST : She always tries to be fair, open-minded, and just in her interactions with others. Tianaice doesn't passionately dislike anyone. She prefers to take people for the whole of what they are, rather than just judging them on their strengths or faults alone.

* INTUITIVE : Tia has natural intuition, both for people and plants. She might not always be able to explain the reason behind some of her actions or the way she feels about things, but they do tend to pan out when she listens to her gut instinct.

* AFFECTIONATE : When she cares for someone, there will be no doubt. Tia expresses herself readily with affection, and dotes upon those who are close to her.

* DECISIVE : When it comes down to it, Tianaice will make any decision she must. It may just take her a few days to think over all her options. When she is in a situation where she must act quickly, Tia will do so competenly. She just doesn't like it.


* CLINGY : Because she wants so badly for her loved ones to know how much she cares about them, Tia hates being parted from them. She can be a little clingy towards her loved ones and perhaps over-protective.

* WITHDRAWN : Towards people she does not know intimately, Tia presents a very private front that allows none of her innermost thoughts to show. She shies away from the limelight.

* TACITURN : Tia is a girl of few words, almost selectively mute save around her family. If she can get by communicating without words, she will.

* APATHETIC : If it's a subject Tia isn't very interested in, she tends not to have an opinion on it at all. The best you'll get is a shrug and maybe a noncommittal grunt.

* SENSITIVE : While tense or dangerous situations don't bother her, Tia is deeply sensitive toward personal criticism. She will not cry in front of others, but will be wounded by being told she is not up to par or otherwise somehow deficient.

Describe Yourself:

* QUIET: Tianaice is a quiet, reserved young woman who keeps much of her innermost world to herself. She is an introvert, and does not mind silence or being alone. Even so, she does not like being lonely.

* INDEPENDENT: Even as young as she is, Tia is capable of making her own well-reasoned decisions. She prefers to be around her loved ones -- who doesn't! -- but she will never hide behind them when it comes down to needing to dictate her own actions.

* CONSERVATIVE: Just as she is reserved, Tianaice is not particularly impulsive or mercurial. She will never be as wild as her father.

* UNFLAPPABLE: Tianaice is hard to shake in times of crisis or need. She will always rise to the occasion, even if she doesn't really want to prove herself as a leader or a hero. She is strong and steady.

* SECRETIVE: Tia may share her affections readily for her loved ones, but she doesn't often tell people her innermost thoughts -- and it can take quite some time to open up to new people.

The Magic Touch: Tianaice is effectively a selective mute. She only rarely speaks to anyone save her parents and siblings. She simply prefers not to speak if not absolutely necessary, though this may make other people think she's haughty or superior. When she does speak, her voice is a very soft, almost rough alto.


Mother: [{Tannye}]. Green Rider, 2567.
Father: C'ace. Blue Rider, 2566.

Siblings: Cilosen. Brother. 2583.
Kalecace. Brother. 2585.
Rhanaice. Brother. 2586.
Cealest. Brother. 2588.

Tell us a story...

This is the perfect place for you to write out your character’s history. Dot points work out best. So list the important events in their life and a small description of what happened.

* 2581, 0 Tianaice is born to Blue rider C'ace and Green rider [{Tannye}] from the result of a flight. She is the oldest of both their children, and as a result is particularly doted upon by both of her parents, whom she adores in return.

* 2583, 2 Tia's half-brother, Cilosen, is born. Tia is not old enough to remember this event, but she does know who her brother is and makes a point to keep an eye on him in the Creche. As the oldest of C'ace's children, they are perhaps the closest.

* 2585, 4 Her half-brother, Kalecace, is born. She at least partially remembers this event. Like Cilosen, she makes a point to keep an eye on her sibling and help or protect him when necessary. While she has formed few lasting attachments among the other children in the Creche, Tianaice dotes upon her siblings much as her parents do to her.

* 2586, 5 Her half-brother Rhanaice is born. This is the first sibling that Tia truly feels "older" than when he is born, as she takes an active role in helping to care for him among the relative chaos of children in the Creche. Tianaice's reluctance to talk begins to concern some of the workers in the Creche, but the fact that she does speak to her parents and siblings keeps them from being truly worried about her development.

* 2587, 6 End of the 9th Pass. This leaves an impression on Tia because this is the first time she truly feels that her parents are "safe". She is glad they will no longer have to fight Thread, and intends to take full advantage of the increased free time they have. While she doesn't fully understand the events leading up to the move from Fort Weyr to Southern Winds, she's excited about the prospect of exploring new places. The birth of Neisoth leaves little mark on her, since her father doesn't feel particularly strongly about it.

* 2588, 7 Her half-brother, Cealest, is born. Like with the rest of her siblings, she takes an interest in his well-being and does what she can to make him comfortable in the Creche. She might not be much interested in baby-sitting the younger children, but she makes an exception for her siblings.

* 2589, 8 Present day. Tianaice has discovered her love of tending to plants and animals, and enjoys getting to do these as chores around the weyr. She's hoping that someday she will be Searched to be a dragon rider... but failing that, she'd like a watchwher and a whole faire of flits to call her own.


These were her favorite days. When, even among the busy schedule of a dragon rider, her father could find the time for the two of them to steal away from the weyr for some relaxation. Tia didn't mind the chores, nor the people that lived there. She just didn't talk to most of them. But these afternoons were... different. Special. Ever since C'ace had happened across the tiny, secluded island, they had been coming here on the days that he had no other responsibilities. It was their place.

Reesskith lay curled in a half-circle in the sand, thrumming away contentedly. The sun hadn't yet begun to set, but it was hanging low in the cerulean sky. Having spent the day swimming -- in a span of water thankfully free of Beach Snakes -- Tia didn't think she had any energy left for any more excitement. Happily dozing, she lay sprawled across her father's lap while he re-braided her blue ribbon into her hair.

Tianaice loved the feel of her father's hands. They were always so sure and gentle, carefully combing her locks of hair into place with his fingers while he braided them. Most days she redid the braid herself, but it was always special when C'ace did it instead.

"Can we stay here?" she asked softly. Sleepily.

Her father chuckled, and Reesskith rumbled a laugh that Tia could feel vibrating through the sand. "As long as you like."

Member Info...

Created By:
Sir Alahn
Other Characters:
Finnmaghaine, O'sir, M'rek, A'lori, Tyldas, L'nal, Erieen
Inactivity Preference:
NPC, don't kill please.
Anything Else:
This character is an NPC I'm adopting from SanctifiedSavage, who is playing her father, C'ace. Vasonim is adopting her mother, [{Tannye}].

This template was made by AJ of RPG-D
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Offline SanctifiedSavage

Re: Tianaice [ 21.09.2581 / Weyrbrat ]
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2014, 11:42:56 AM »
« Last Edit: April 12, 2014, 03:18:01 PM by SirAlahn »

Offline SirAlahn

Re: Tianaice [ 21.09.2581 / Weyrbrat ]
« Reply #2 on: May 06, 2017, 12:38:09 PM »

Image Credit:
Created and Coloured by Inki
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Per the norm.
Date of Birth:
09.06.2590 9th Interval
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

This green will start off tiny, the smallest of the clutch, but will grow to be a reasonably large sized green, 0.8m, almost perfectly proportioned, but with a slightly longer tail than she expects (occasionally being the only clue to her hiding location).  Her hide is a dark green, with wingsails patterned like the foliage of the jungle.


Mind Voice: This darling is fun but can be quiet when she needs to be, and amusing with her antics but not annoying. She'll have fun when she wants to have fun, and calm down in the arms of Tianaice. Emotions will be her strong suit, but she'll be good enough at image processing and parroting important words, depending on how much Tianaice wants to teach her.

*HIDE AND SEEK – This lady likes to hide behind things, mostly flowers and trees, but also hair, people’s arms, a jug of klah, Tianaice will probably spend the first few sevendays trying to find her flitter, before she can even start to train her.
*CHEWING – Almost like a teething toddler, this green will chew on anything in sight, fingers, tables, tails, she’ll be careful to keep her teeth out of the way, after she realises that teeth hurt flesh, but she’ll never fully be able to break the habit.
*TIANAICE – Her favourite person, thing, creature, everything in the world, she would do anything for her bonded.
*WHERS/FIRELIZARDS – She likes playing and having fun, and if she can get another wher or firelizard to play along with her, it’ll make it even more enjoyable. Dragons are just… a little too big to play with her.

*DARKNESS – It makes her feel alone, therefore, once night falls, she will stick close to Tianaice, trying to keep touching her at every opportunity, in case, for some unknown reason, she disappeared.
*COLD – Being cold makes her sad, being cold means that she’s not near Tianaice and able to soak up her warmth.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
She will rise 27.09, is not a force catch.
Born of Harrier’s Clutch, distributed in this thread.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW
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Offline SirAlahn

Re: Tianaice [ 21.09.2581 / Weyrbrat ]
« Reply #3 on: February 22, 2018, 11:51:22 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by RaynePOTM
Wher Details

[ CEE-ask ]
Date of Birth:
07.01.2591 9th Interval
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
A mottled, lumpy, brown egg of medium size, the egg Ceiask hatched from was pretty much the perfect definition of a wher egg. With two exceptions, it was the first egg that the Gold Kyarsk ever laid, and it had a lucky fold. The luckiness of the folds had never been proven, but for many wherhandlers and crafters, there was still a sense of pride for getting a bondmate from an egg with a ringlike fold at the peak. Only time will tell if Tia feels the same.
Measurements: Listed in the wher information.
Mature Length: 3.2 m
Mature Height: 1 m

General Appearance...

The colour of freshly tilled earth before the loving hands of the Farmers water it and plant, Ceiask’s hide looks warm and textured. The slightly more red-hued colour on his wingsails disappears almost entirely as the Brown has a habit of tucking his wings very close together over his back. Closer than would seem comfortable to most, but it’s always been his thing, and when he stretches them out it almost seems as if they’re growing out of his back like tree branches. He has a lighter underbelly, which wasn’t there when he first hatched, only beginning to lighten after the first few months of his growth. And, given he works so hard and is always covered in dirt, there are plenty of days where you still can’t see it. Ceiask’s head and feet are a little bigger than they should be, for seemingly no reason, but that just means more of him to lie on Tia’s lap to share warmth. 

Whereas Tia is tall for her age, Ceiask is pretty damn small for his. A small, round wher, but muscled beyond belief through hard work and an iron will. There may be some Blue’s bigger than him, but he still has all the strength and determination typical of his colour.


Ceiask doesn’t have a feel or sound, so to speak. Many handlers can say that they feel the rumbling of their bonded’s feelings, but the bond between Ceiask and Tia seems to be more subtle than that. It’s more that Ceiask’s present in her mind is a continual warmth. She just feels, more when connected to him, even if she can’t really describe what he feels like. She can’t feel alone because there’s just this press of life, a life beyond her own but so tightly attached that you can’t tell where one starts and the other stops. It’s subtle, and sometimes she might question if it’s really there, but in the brief moments where Ceiask truly withdraws from her (usually to protect her from feeling pain), it’s unmistakable.

* COMPANY – Although Ceiask isn’t a loud wher, he very much likes being around lots of people and noise. He doesn’t have to be a part of it, per say, he just likes to be there to enjoy the happiness and energy bouncing off other people.
* SUN – Being outside in the warmth is the best thing ever for Ceiask, he’ll put up with eye goggles or a blindfold or a collar, anything if it allows him to get outside where he can feel the warmth on his hide. The first few months of his life were cold, he’d like to not have it happen again, and gets a little sulky in winter.
* BEING TOUCHED – Ceiask likes bathing in other people’s energy and warmth, so being touched and hugged and laid on makes him feel wanted and loved. He doesn’t have much of a sense of personal space, and that doesn’t always isolate itself to Tia. Unfortunately, for a girl who doesn’t really talk, having to explain to someone why her wher is totally happy to just flop onto a random stranger at lunch isn’t a favourite pastime (I would assume).

* OVERLY TERRITORIAL PEOPLE/CREATURES – There’s just no need to be grossly aggressive to people who aren’t doing any harm. If you don’t like something about them, or you sense something harmful, that’s different, but if they just are in your space or touching something, there’s a certain… lack of dignity about frothing at the mouth over it.
* BEING LEFT ALONE – He just likes people, he doesn’t get why he has to stay behind at times.
* BIRD SQUAWKING – There’s just something about it that grinds against his ears in a painful way, even to the point of lying down and trying to cover his head.


* CALMING: Ceiask just has a very warm, calming energy, which makes him good with the other children in the creche and the animals around the fields. Although no one is really sure if it helps the plants, it can’t hurt.

* IRON-WILL: One of the tenants of Browns is that they’re determined and unshakeable. Sure, there are exceptions, but there are stereotypes for a reason. He mightn’t be as big as the others of his colour, but he doesn’t shirk his work, and he won’t stop until Tia tells him to. He doesn’t like to leave a job unfinished, and he doesn’t like being told he’s not good enough to do something. Give him a chance to prove you wrong, and he will.


* OBLIVIOUS: Because Ceiask is so laid back, it’s easy for him to miss stuff. Like when people are a little uncomfortable with being touched when he wants affection, or when noise is turning from good excitement to bad excitement. Thankfully, he dotes on Tia, and will follow her anywhere if she thinks it's time to go, and thankfully she’s usually right, but it would be nice if he noticed it himself. 

* GRACELESS: Too big feet and too large a head makes for a weirdly balanced wher. He keeps a safe distance from the plants at all times because he does tend to trip over his own feet a little. In an adorable, endearing way, until he bumps into you and you remember whers are solid muscle.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
I hope you like him <3
Inspired by this gif:

(Made by RaynePOTM, and I love him <3 )

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW
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