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Author Topic: Info Death Rituals  (Read 912 times)

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Death Rituals
« on: January 12, 2017, 01:41:41 PM »
Death Rituals

The Pernese oversee a variety of tradition when it comes to burial and remembrance of the deceased. One thing remains true throughout, that since the Pernese are not a religious people there is no thought of what “comes after”, simply actions taken to remember the person for what they did and who they were. Mourning periods can vary, but mostly it’s left to personal preference.

With the still very recent Pass, things were a little different. Overcrowded holds and weyrs could not allow the threat of many bodies to add more disease to those still surviving. Fire pits were used on a daily basis to burn those that had perished, and then they were buried within. The location of these were remote to keep water supplies clean, which also meant that families were not afforded the ability to gather and mourn appropriately. As well, there was no guarantee that Threadfall wouldn’t threaten the process, and so there was very little time offered for a relative to come and identify who had passed before the body was transported to the pit location by dragonback.

Presently, some ability to have a traditional burial has returned. Today’s threat of hunters and beach snakes, however, means that it is very rare for a slain person to be safely recovered to be honored. As well, certain traditions like a burial at sea are still too risky unless it’s in the dormant snake season, and even then the manpower required isn’t always easy to afford.

It is no great secret that if a dragonrider must die, he wishes to do so with his Bonded in the between. Dragonriders have one of the greatest mortality rates of all the Pernese professions, but they take death no less lightly. The keen of a mourning dragon is haunting and hard to forget, but these intelligent creatures know that dwelling on the lost is no way to press on to the future. Funerals for riders are scarce and probably nonexistent, these days. Wise weyrleaders might have a gathering held in their name when they pass, but for everyone else life goes on. Of course, the greatest honor and the best way to remember a Rider is to have a harper write a ballad of their adventures, but we can’t all be legends, can we?

Each individual craft does something a little different for funerals. A Deathsong is usually sung and those that were either family or close friends will accompany the body to its final resting place. Those that lived near the coast were often buried at sea, whereas those near mountains had great catacombs dedicated to those of a remarkable life. Here, too, funeral pyres were sometimes used, but there was time to construct a platform and no need for multiple bodies. The ashes were sometimes kept, or allowed to simply disperse.

Holders, unless high ranking, were largely left to their own means when it came to the disposal of a loved one. There weren’t mountain halls to honor them for an eternity, and most often they didn’t have access to boats to reach the sea. Therefore it was very common for these folk to use pyres, or to make modest cemeteries to hold the generations of their family line. The Lords and Ladies were a different story, though, and it was nearly required to host a banquet in their name when one passed. They, too, had their own cemeteries, but these varied from mausoleum to their own, smaller, catacombs depending on location.

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