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Author Topic: Open Hair of the Dog [ 1.1.2591; 5 AM ] || Open!  (Read 1098 times)

Offline Nikota

Hair of the Dog [ 1.1.2591; 5 AM ] || Open!
« on: April 16, 2019, 10:12:43 AM »
To those who might doubt whether the Interval was truly different from the Pass, Nikota would always simply point to the schedules that people kept. Neither Fort Hold nor Fort Weyr had ever really slept, though for vastly different reasons:  in the former, the whorehouses, gambling dens, and violence had never really stopped; in the latter, there had always at least been riders, Healers, and ground crews active because the Thread never ended. No space in either settlement had ever been completely abandoned, even if those who stalked and hunted there had wanted others to believe that they were.

In contrast, Southern Winds was almost quiet. The sheer emptiness of it at certain hours still made her feel alienated sometimes, as much as she’d never thought she’d find herself missing the uncertain, constant threat of the old Hold. Hadn’t that been something she’d been oh so glad to give up when she’d been Searched? But there was something inescapably wrong about there being any time of day when nearly everyone was asleep.

For that reason, Nikota was thankful for the kitchen staff more than they would ever know. No matter the candlemark, there was bound to be someone there either cleaning from the previous day or preparing for the next one. And in this instance, on the morning of the new turn, it was some combination of the two. There’d been no issue with her request for a large cup of unsweetened klah and a half loaf of the fresh bread they were baking for the inevitable (if slower) flood of breakfast-seekers as the Weyr’s residents woke and shook off their hangovers.

As Nikota took a seat at one of the long tables—sitting where Jungle Wing usually did just through force of habit—it comforted her too to see evidence of the celebrations from the night before. Other staff were just now sweeping the floor and clearing the detritus, and she even found a mostly-empty cup of some rough alcohol that she poured without a second thought into her klah. Even if the rest of the people had gone to bed, the remnants of their merriment would still be present for a little while longer.

She’d intended to sleep longer, but her own habits had roused her like they usually did. With it cold enough that morning to make her shiver, she’d stolen a longer shirt to wear over her own from the Bronzer whose bed she’d woken in—he certainly wasn’t using it at the moment, given it had lain on the stone floor of his weyr since it had gotten thrown there the previous night. Nikota figured it would find its way back to him eventually, if he cared enough to track her down and retrieve it.

For the moment, though, she was content to sit in the relative silence and wake up a little more. Maybe some of her Wingmates would make an appearance too, accustomed to rising early even if they did have this day off from their duties.

Spoiler for OOC:
Wanted more to do with Nikota, so I figured I’d post an open thread. 8D Feel free to throw literally whoever at her, since anyone could conceivably be in the Weyr Hall at this hour on the first day of the new year. ( Up to and including the Bronzer mentioned in the post, if you feel so inclined >:3 )

Bellarith | 23.2M Long | 4.64M Tall | 39M Wingspan

Offline T'kos

Re: Hair of the Dog [ 1.1.2591; 5 AM ] || Open!
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2019, 06:59:50 AM »
“Good morning.” T’kos said politely to the rider that was in the dining hall. The weyrfolk got small nods. Enough to show that he appreciated the work they did so that he didn’t have to, but still noting the fact that they didn’t have a dragon.

Jairynth had woken him because of a persistent itch, so of course he’d had to sort that straight away, now it wasn’t worth going back to bed. Given the party last night, not that he’d been able to drink, he was feeling a little more tired than he liked. Which meant one of the pots of klah had his name on, and if he could manage it, some of the pastries that might have been left over.

Luck was with him as he found a tray with a couple of the small berry tarts on them, a pot of klah was easily obtained and he tipped as much of the sweetener in as he dared take. The bitter taste just wasn’t something he was fond of.

Now he wasn’t quite sure what to do with himself. A day off (well, sort of, no lessons or useless chores, even if the usual dragon related things were still there. Not that he counted caring for Jairynth a chore).

He stopped beside the bench with the rider, eyes passing over her knots and smiling slightly. A green out of Jungle wing. Good company then. “T’kos of Bronze Jairynth, Weyrling. May I join you?”

Offline Nikota

Re: Hair of the Dog [ 1.1.2591; 5 AM ] || Open!
« Reply #2 on: May 23, 2019, 09:21:40 AM »
Most of the time, Nikota didn’t associate with weyrlings. They weren’t much use to her until they graduated and got sorted into Wings—which was the point at which she started to pay attention to the younger riders, once they’d made something of themselves. Even so, it was normally rare for any of them to move from weyrlinghood to Jungle straight away. Only one recently, a hard-working Green rider that had secured herself a place among them just the previous day. Time would tell if the girl was worth her salt, but Nikota trusted her Wing’s leadership. If they thought she was worthy enough to join them so young, then there had to be something to her.

Such as it was, though, it was good that T’kos had introduced himself fully. She’d have had no idea who he was otherwise. Her eyes slid over him critically where he stood, taking the measure of the boy. That he rode a Bronze did get a grunt of approval from her, though. Hopefully he wouldn’t turn out to be one of those bleeding heart types like some of the ones in Beach or Prairie.

“Go for it.” She gestured absently to the expanse of bench with a flick of one hand. Odds were he wanted to take the opportunity to interact with a rider from the Weyr’s most prestigious Wing, and she was in a good enough mood that morning to humor him. In no particular rush, she sipped her spiked klah, and then added, “I’m Nikota. Of Green Bellarith.” T’kos had introduced his dragon, so she supposed she’d extend the same courtesy.

How sweet of you. The Green’s tone was anything but.

//Go back to sleep, you sour bitch.//
« Last Edit: May 23, 2019, 09:22:00 AM by SirAlahn »

Bellarith | 23.2M Long | 4.64M Tall | 39M Wingspan

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