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Author Topic: Info Medicinal Plants & Their Uses  (Read 884 times)

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Medicinal Plants & Their Uses
« on: January 14, 2017, 10:02:01 AM »
A note on obtaining medicinal plants:

These plants are usually obtained by a knowledgeable Jungle Rider who has been taught to identify the various plants and how best to harvest them or, very rarely, a Healer will go out with a full group of Riders. No Healer will go out with just a single Rider, and neither will they go out often. It's usually to teach a Rider what to look for, how to collect the plant, etc. Not to be the sole gatherer of said medicinal plant. That is more the responsibility of Jungle Wing.

Medicine Availability:

While the Healer Hall is generally well supplied, that doesn't mean that they use anything in excess or that supplies are readily available to anyone else. Fellis addiction can be very hard to maintain due to the Weyr's strict control over medicine, extra numbweed isn't likely to be laying around, and even Redwort is strictly monitored. That's not to say waste doesn't happen and people don't get their hands on it, just expect it to be difficult since the Healer Hall is the only source of these things and procurement without a Healer would take a pretty sneaky thief.

Medicinal Plants and Application

Through a thorough boiling process of the fellis tree, the juice produced is a soporific. The juice can be easily added to beverages, which mask the incredibly bitter taste of the medication, making it easier for patients to consume the sedative. Whilst useful to the Healer Hall, fellis juice is addictive and potentially dangerous if given in strong doses. Healers have in past avoided giving fellis juice to pregnant mothers and additionally, only supply long-term fellis treatment to those who are terminal or in severe chronic pain. 


An anesthetic produced in salve form, which when applied on open or closed wounds provides temporary relief from pain. Particularly efficient for the Weyrs in times of threadfall, when immediate attention is required for painful thread scoring. The preparation process for the numbweed salve is a long and uncomfortable one: 3 days of boiling the plant in large pots produces a pungent odour, making the task unpleasant for those given the chore. Care must be taken in the numbweed application process, as the salve can sometimes cause excessive bleeding if applied overmuch.


Always found in close proximity to the ging tree, needlethorns can only be harvested for their medicinial purpose in winter and autumn, when the poison within the thorns have dried up. The needlethorns are sturdy, thin, and hollow, which are used by Healers as a needle to drain blood from willing donors for production of immunizations for some of Pern’s most dangerous plagues. 

Since the Catastrophe: The needlethorn, whilst able to grow on Fort Island, has not seen much use, due to the collapse of most of the Healer Craft Hall and loss of their knowledge of serum production. It's primarily used for sewing up wounds when the more delicate metal needles aren't available.

Essential in surgery, applying a liquid extraction of redwort to the surgeons hands prevents them from being effected by numbweed and seems to act as an antiseptic however due to its prevention of the anaesthetic effect of numbweed, redwort is rarely applied directly to a wound.

Originally regarded as a useless weed, the nettle plant was once endemic on both the Northern and Southern continents. Only during the 9th Pass did the Pernese discover it actually had an applicable use; when the leaves are fermented, they produce a clear and highly alcoholic liquid that can be used as a kind of analgesic. Like fellis, its use is strictly monitored by the Healers, and it is usually mixed in other drinks to mask the strong taste. Doses are typically very small and diluted, since most people cannot tolerate it straight, and it can be addictive if overused. While not strictly a soporific, nettlesap can also be used to promote sounder or more restful sleep—as well as to calm the nerves.

Harvesting:  Fortunately for the survivors of the 9th Pass, the nettles can also be found on Fort Island and grow in abundance. However, the same dangers are inherent in its collection as with all other plant matter harvested from the jungle. Furthermore, those gathering the stinging nettles must wear thick leather gloves in order to avoid an incredibly painful and itchy rash or “stings” on exposed flesh. The most common way to treat exposure is with the application of mud, which soothes the irritation caused by the plant.

Credited to Inki for use on SWW, credited to SirAlahn for use on SWW; Additions and edits made by SanctifiedSavage
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