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Author Topic: Info Harper Crafthall  (Read 1305 times)

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Harper Crafthall
« on: January 16, 2017, 09:36:44 PM »
Specialties and Professions
     Performance – these Harpers must be the best of the best in terms of their performance in front of crowds. They must know when to be background noise, and when to take the attention of a crowd. The role of a performance Harper must also to be to listen to what is going around them, at the performances they attend, and in times of strife in Pern, must be able to calm, rouse and inform everyone in a crowd with their music.
Spoiler for Sub-specialties:
Vocal – these specialise in the singing of musical Ballads and Sagas, their voices must be able to clearly tell the story of their song and enchant their crowd with their voice. Additionally, some vocal specialist must be able to blend in a choral setting. 

Instrumental – both soloist and group instrumentalists, must be able to act as the centre of attention, but know when to back away and listen, both to their follow performers and to the conversations in the crowd around them.
     Composition – they must have intimate knowledge of musical theory and be able to apply it into creating new songs and ballads to inform and teach the people of Pern. What they compose will last much longer than any other form of record keeping in Pern, and therefore the most important events in Pern’s history lie in the hands of the composition harpers.

     Archives – these Harpers are in charge of the physical versions of all Pern records. From receiving supply orders from Weyrs and copying the original papers, to writing an unbiased telling of Pern events, they must have in depth knowledge of all of Pern’s history and a steady, neat hand. 
Spoiler for Sub-specialties:
Scribes – before the invention of the Printer Hall, the scribes spent all day making copies of important and unimportant documents. Now, after the fall of the Hall, they are becoming necessary again, although unfortunately supplies to make multiple copies of documents are rare. 

Historians – specialists in the knowledge of Pern’s history, they must have an incredible memory and eye for detail.
     Instrument Construction – even though supplies are low, there was once enough material for Harpers to specialise in the art of instrumental construction. They must have knowledge of the different types of materials and the timbre that they will produce in different instruments. Instrument Constructors must have a wide knowledge of many instruments, but mostly, at the upper levels of their craft, have specialised in a particular instrument.

     Drum Messengers – whilst mostly not needed on Fort Island, small as the current settlement is, drum messengers were in charge of relaying emergency calls, dragon rider requests and major announcements across Pern.

     Musical Theory – typically the more detail oriented harpers, those specialising in musical theory provide a basic knowledge to all areas of expertise. In order to compose, perform, scribe and even construct, one must have been taught musical theory.

     Teaching – whilst all Harpers are teachers, some can chose to specialise in it. These Harpers must have a general knowledge of all forms of Harper specialties, but specialise in what they can teach ALL Pernese, not just Harpers. They would teach ballads, sagas, vocabulary, numeracy and history to all Pernese children. For examples of Pernese teaching songs, click here.

Rare/Lost Harper Specialties
     Printer – emerging from the archive specialty of the Harper Hall, the printer hall has since collapsed and remerged back into the Harper Hall, due to lack of supplies.

     Dance and Defence – the art of self-defence was taught alongside basic dancing lessons, to all Harpers in 2nd interval Pern.

Apprentice Classes
Apprentices in the Harper Hall typically study for more than 7 turns, but throughout their time, establish a specialty within their craft. In their first turn of studying they would undertake all varieties of Harper classes, however, most of their classes in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th turn will become specialised as per their talents.

Class Subjects
Musical Theory
Drum Messages
Instrument Construction

Apprentice Schedules
||Turn 1
7:00am Breakfast
8:00am Class 1 – Musical Theory and Drum Messages
10:00am Class 2 – Alternating Vocal/Instrumental
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Class 3 – Alternating Construction/History
3:00pm Chores
5:00pm Dinner
6:00pm Class 4 – Composition
7:00pm Own time
10:00pm Lights out
||Turn 2
7:00am Breakfast
8:00am Class 1
10:00am Class 2
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Class 3
3:00pm Chores
5:00pm Dinner
6:00pm Class 4
7:00pm Own time
10:00pm Lights out
||Turn 3
7:00am Breakfast
8:00am Class 1 – Normal
10:00am Class 2 – Normal
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Class 3 – Normal/Private
3:00pm Chores/Private Study/Personal
5:00pm Dinner
6:00pm Class 4 – Normal/Private
7:00pm Own time
10:00pm Lights out

Turn 2
In this turn of study students will pick 4 out of the 6 areas of study.

Turn 3
In this turn, students can keep all 4 areas of study from their previous year, or undertake private lessons with a master in an area of study. (3 normal areas of study + 1 of those has a private lesson) OR (2 areas of study and both have private lessons).

Turn 4 or Beyond
If an apprentice does not show aptitude to progress beyond the apprentice level, they may see the Turn 3 schedule for their foreseeable future. In classes they excel, they may do private/personal study per the approval of a teacher or classes may be substituted for chores or work in the actual craft hall. An apprentice that will not be tapped for Journeyman often knows and must accept this. Not everyone is cut out to be a journeyman/journeywoman.

Jnr. Journeymen
At the very youngest Junior Journeyman can only be tapped at 19 turns, and/or after 7 turns of an apprenticeships.

Harpers in the past have been sent out to different Holds across Pern to teach the young Pernese their ballads, however on Fort Island, Jnr. Journeymen simply become an assistant to a Master in a particular specialty. If an outstanding student, they can be an assistant for more than one Master, however, being an assistant is a full time job, and undertaking two is an incredible feat.  At the Jnr. Journeymen level, they typically have to do all the jobs that the higher up Harpers do not wish to be doing, such as teaching the youngsters in the Creche, or getting the unfavourable performance times.

Their schedules are flexible, usually dependent on the tasks that their Master has assigned to them, when they are not working, they do independent studying and contribute to the upkeep of the Hall. 

Senior Journeymen
After assisting a Master for a number of turns, they can then graduate to Snr. Journeymen, usually when the Master has no more need for their Jnr. Journeyman and nothing more to teach them.  They can then undertake their own study, and even take on an apprentice and teach private lessons. Senior Journeymen can be voted to Master when they reach 40 years of age but they are not guaranteed Master rank. Some crafters will retain the rank of Senior Journeyman if there are already several Masters in their Crafthall of their chosen specialization or if they have not been voted into it.

Master Crafters
Masters are considered the authority in their fields of specialization and in the Crafthall. They create schedules, mentor Journeymen, oversee Crafthall supplies and administration, and generally create their own work schedule. They’re expected to maintain respectful relations with the weyr and other crafthalls. Their job is half administrative, maintaining their Crafthall and interacting with other Masters within their own Craft, and overseeing the progress of those beneath them. They review the progress of the practical research of Senior Journeyman and decide what will be accepted into Crafthall Records, as well as deciding what apprentices will not advance. Masters only answer to the Craftmaster, who is senior amongst them and has the final say in all matters relating to the Crafthall.

Spoiler for Harper Masters:
Vocal: Total 1-2 Masters
Current: None
Instrument: Total 1-2 Masters
Current: Tyldas

Composition Total 2-3 masters
Current: None

Archives Total 2-3 masters
Current: None

Instrument Construction Total 1-2 masters
Current: None

Drum Total 1 master
Current: None

Musical Theory Total 1-2 masters
Current: None

Teaching Total 1-2 masters
Current: None

Printer Total 0 masters
Current: None

Dance & Defence Total 0 masters
Current: None

Craftmaster - Masterharper
This is a singular role, earned through vote by the Masters and held until the Craftmaster either dies or steps down, and holds the highest authority in the Crafthall. This person speaks for the Crafthall in all matters and oversees the overall running of the Crafthall, usually with the help of other Masters. It is their job to maintain the integrity and stability of their Crafthall in a desolate Pern, ensuring their Crafthall is well supplied, and always advancing. Specifically in regards to the Harpers, the Masterharper has to ensure the education of the growing generation, and be a specialist in politics and Weyr-Hold relationships. The Masterharper should be the most informed person in all of Pern.

Credited to Inki for use on SWW; Edits and additions made by SirAlahn.
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Re: Harper Crafthall
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2018, 08:59:40 PM »
Printer Hall

The Printers are a reasonably new craft in the grand scheme of Pern. But due to the large expenditure of resources in order to produce paper, the Print Hall did not make it through the Pass.

Originally set up with information from AIVAS, the Print Hall relied heavily upon the Woodsmith Hall at Lemos, however, when the hardwoods at Lemos fell in 2541, the Print Hall suffered a large blow. Whilst it was difficult for them to continue production with the loss of the Woodsmith Hall, with the help of the Harper Hall, they managed to maintain large amounts of their culture, equipment and history for some time.

However, sadly and inevitably, the Printer Hall had to be abandoned in favour of less resource expending crafts. Many Printers had been lost throughout the Pass, and the Printer Craft was absorbed into the Harper Hall in order to maintain a lot of their knowledge and resources officially in 2568.

The Printer Craft now is mostly abandoned, only few within the Harper Hall consider themselves Printers. With little equipment to demonstrate, Printer techniques are being put to the wayside in favour of Harper Hall teachings. All Printers from before the fall of their craft would now be considered Harpers, most with history specialities, and would be under the ultimate instruction of the Masterharper.

Specialities and Professions
Paper - From the correct mixtures of wood pulp to the construction of the pressing machines, these printers need to know all the ins and out of paper making. These Printers originally would have been Smiths who branched out when the crafthall was formed.
History - These Printers worked closely with AIVAS until his demise, and knew the ins and outs, not just of current Pernese history, but the history of Earth as provided by AIVAS. Dedicated to the continuation of learning and knowledge, these Printers have been absorbed into the Harper Hall.
Construction - Working alongside the Technicians Hall, these Printers would have been well-versed in the construction of any large machinery needed for the use of Printing.

Classes and Ranks
There are currently no classes, schedules or recognised ranks in the Printer Craft. Anyone with knowledge of the crafthall has been absorbed into the Harper Hall.

Credited to Inki for use on SWW; Credited to SirAlahn for use on SWW
« Last Edit: June 22, 2018, 09:00:59 PM by SirAlahn »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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