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Author Topic: Extra Credits  (Read 1854 times)

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« on: January 25, 2014, 11:51:49 AM »
Southern Winds uses a lot of pretty images and adjusted codes from several different, awesome sources. So here are the listed credits for the various aspects we have.

Characters, Content, and Setting:
Southern Winds strives to be relatively Canon in that everything here would fall in line with the setting of the Books as if our particular events had taken place. However, our characters, setting, and content is created for Southern Winds to be played on Southern Winds by our members and admin. Adoptable characters in particular are to be adopted out with the best of intentions by former members, whether active or inactive, and become the new character of the adopting member.

Staff Sidebar Image by fuguestock
Banner by RiNymph-Stock
Character Approved image by Jisei
Forms and Rankings image by BlooDoveStock
Quill on Harper group icon
Castle on Holder group icon
Potions on Healer icon
Egg on Candidate icon
Easter Egg Base
Sand Tutorial
Locked & Sticky Icons
Pernese Knots
Forum & Topic Markers made by kismet of RPG-D
All the purely textual headers are by SanctifiedSavage
Prairie Image BG stock by darkbeforedawn23 of deviantart and Artiststock of deviantart. Image made by SanctifiedSavage
Prairie Icons by Raindropmemory of Deviantart.
Pixel art header on Beach, Prairie, and Mountain theme by didthesgd of Deviantart.

Admin-made dragons are colored using this base: Pernese Dragon
Admin-made hatchlings are colored using this base: Free Pern Hatchling Template
Admin-made watchwhers are colored using this base: Wher Template - which was made for us by cweinman
Admin-made firelizards are colored using this base: Pern Firelizard

Our Hunter, Beach & River Snake, and Sharpfish art was all commissioned specifically for SWW and drawn by cweinman.

Help from Honeylove of RPG-Directory.
Various staff on the SMF Board.
Plotter Code Help from NothingButTheRain on RPG-D

Awesome users on DeviantArt:
Emote Pack by Web5teR
Flippin' Tables by De-mote
Sad by Royaba
Grump by Synfull
Flail by Vampiryyn
Emote Pack by Cookiemagic
Tardgrin by Invaderzaeon
Oh brother by Mirz123
Kawaii La by SmilingMuffin
Shiny La by SmilingMuffin
:youcrazykidsgetoffmylawn: by xxfangirlkillerxx
nonononono by colorcatcher
:popcorn: by Toxic-Fox-Girl
:waves: v4 by Synfull
War by dirtypaintbrush
Giddy Up by FireFlyExposed
:LaDrum: by MenInASuitcase
:suspicious: by Gomotes
What to do? by IceXDragon
Sleeeeeeep by prosaix
Jammin' by Animanga409
Let's Dance by Web5ster
Dancing by Megaloler
Cutie Laugh by Mirz123
:dignity-laugh: by KimRaiFan
Coffee by kandree
coffee plz by dutchie17
:coffeecup: rvmp by Bad-Blood
:tv: by Therockster
:cook: by Clairebearer
:yup: by Diegovainilla
:math: by Andygassner
:tempt: by Mirz
idk by cremecake
:innocent: by elicoronel16
stab by Gomotes
gimme by de-mote
pwease and dungo by hellspardon
Egg Bullet (Yellow) by Drache-Lehre
:egghug: by luckylinx
OMG I has easter egg by Morthax
:shakeshark: by Taimotive
Day126 - Shark by Blobicons
:rolling: by Cmotes [Permission granted here.]
Icon - Hello by fmr0
:pillowfort: by stuck-in-suburbia
:ttype:, :atype:, and :stype: by Phlum
:sleepy: by Synfull
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