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Author Topic: Approved Iralye [26.01.2563 9th Pass] Green Rider  (Read 1390 times)

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Iralye [26.01.2563 9th Pass] Green Rider
« on: January 20, 2017, 04:43:36 PM »

Play By:

First Name:
Those who are close to her call her Ira
Date of Birth:
26.01.2563 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Jungle Wingrider
L'ale and L'nal will soon be her most frequent bed partners, but they’re definitely not Weyrmates.

Your Reflection...

Iralye likes to wear her riding leathers, she thinks they make her look intimidating and adds to her serious demeanour which helps to discourage annoying people from talking to her. Waves of thick brown hair are usually pulled back from her face and secured in a tail behind her head by a leather thong, however, in her Weyr (when it’s not too hot) she’ll wear her hair down.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: She thought it was a terrible thing, and was horrific, but the dragonriders did what they had to do, if they hadn't done so, then the Holders would have complained that they weren't doing enough.

Response to dragon color mutations: Not into it. The blacks and reds are new and unusual but what annoys Iralye most is that S'bok has no experience in leading, he should have to climb the ranks just like everyone else, even though she is appreciative of how sure of himself he is.

Who are you...

Explicit instructions – Knowing exactly what someone wants you to do, prevents you from screwing up. When her superiors give explicit and detailed instructions it makes her feel calm. 
The occasional female blue rider – Iralye has spent nights in the Weyrs of some of the more dominant female blue riders, enjoying their confidence in the bedfurs.
Her close friends – Not having many people that she is close with means that she enjoys every moment she spends with them.
Jungle wing – They’re all competent people with similar mindsets to her, it means she doesn’t have to worry about them disagreeing or arguing uselessly.
Organisation – An organised event, drill, or hunt means a happy Iralye. She doesn’t have to be kept guessing and getting anxious wondering what she’s supposed to do.

People who don’t know what they want – Iralye gets uncomfortable by people who don’t know what they want, because that may mean she’s at risk of something bad happening.
Holders – They always complain so much about everything, even when riders do something great, they have to complain that they weren't told.
Male Brown/Blue riders – Her sexual encounters with them during her youth left her unsatisfied, so she tries to avoid them as much as possible now, although flights mean that she often doesn’t have a choice.
Disrespect – Anyone who is disrespectful to their superiors, don’t know how good they have it. They’re alive, they should be thankful and be listening to the people who are obviously better than them.
Recklessness – It risks everyone around them, she’d rather they just get themselves hurt and away from her so she doesn’t have to worry about them screwing anything up.


* OBSERVANT : Iralye quietly observes of everything around her. She likes to know as much as possible about a place or situation or group of people, so that when given instructions, she already knows anything and everything that could happen.

* DEDICATED : Any task given to her will be undertaken efficiently, not necessarily quickly, but in the end will be perfectly done.

* INTELLIGENT : Iralye is very good at picking up new crafts, whilst she never had the opportunity to train in a specific one, and nor did she ever want that path in life, Iralye was always quick to learn in her Creche, Candidate and Weyrling classes.

* DETERMINED : Iralye doesn’t like to be given impossible tasks, because she will waste so much time doing it. It will crush her if she can’t achieve something because she is so determined to do well.

* DISCIPLINED : She is the perfect little green Jungle rider, not talking back to her superiors and following orders from them without question (as long as they include all necessary information to begin with).

* HUMOROUS : When she does speak, Iralye has a quick and dry humour, favouring puns and sarcasm.

* IMPATIENT : Iralye is impatient when it comes to people being not as good as she is. If someone has been given a task, and she thinks she could do it in a mark, then as soon as the mark is over, she’ll get really annoyed at said person.

* DISMISSIVE : Once Iralye had made a decision that someone is not worth her time, she will immediately dismiss them from her life. This also includes Holders whom she will not bother listening to at all.

* CAN'T EXPRESS EMOTIONS : Most definitely not one to tell people her feelings, perhaps its because she likes to squash anything that would make her uncomfortable.

* INTOLERANT : Stupid, slow, lazy, boring or inefficient people are not worth her time, and she will not tolerate how much they are lacking are a person. 

* JUDGEMENTAL : One wrong action will be all Iralye needs to dislike you, and it would take a lot of good actions in order to get back into her good books. 

Describe Yourself:

* PRIVATE: ----- Iralye doesn’t like to speak of her personal life, what she does behind closed doors is her business, or only the business of people that she feels would benefit knowing.

* QUIET: ----- Preferring to watch and listen, Iralye is a very quiet person, not feeling the need to fill empty spaces in conversations with talking.

* SUBMISSIVE: ----- In the bedroom, and in her Wing duties, Iralye is incredibly submissive, whilst in other aspects of her life, she will stand up and defend those she loves.

* RESERVED: ----- Whilst she will back up those whom she respects, she is definitely not someone who would start an argument or a fight without a lot of pushing.

* ELITIST: ----- She is very much a believer in the hierarchy of the Weyr and expects Holder’s to understand their position… below riders.  Crafters she is conflicted about because they actually are useful.

The Magic Touch:
* She has scars vertically down her left thigh from a bronze dragonet that raked her at the hatching in which she impressed Rallekath.
* Very much Bisexual, but only enjoying dominant personalities
* Close relationship with her father B’lye and his Wingleader W’sar, she had a tricky decision choosing between Mountain and Jungle, but decided that the adrenaline filled Jungle Wing was better suited for who she wanted to become (strong and useful) rather than who she could easily fall into being (someone who just wanted an easy life).


Mother: Iratimie of Blue Hioryth, born 2542 (Impressed 2559) d. 2586
Father: Mountain Wingsecond B'lye of Green Uereth, born 2539 (Impressed 2551)

Siblings: Probably many more but her father never told her about anyone else when they finally became close
K'eir of Brown Sicharth - Born 2557, impressed 2570
Lyannaly - Journeywoman Weaver - Born 2559
T'kray of Green Kylath - Born 2561, impressed 2578
[{Kyfer}] - Apprentice Harper - Born 2565
Merikelye - 2580 - Female

Irapin - Son - 2588

Tell us a story...

* 2563, 0 Born at Fort Weyr to Greenrider B'lye and Bluerider Iratimie. It was this turn that her father lost his leg, so she has gone her whole life only knowing him as the mono-legged rider he is today.

* 2569, 6 Fort Weyr was a treasure trove of tunnels and dark corners for Iralye to explore, whilst she enjoyed sitting in the corner of the Weyr Hall and observing everything that was happening around her, she also loved to run through the tunnels, chasing tunnel snakes and trying to cut their heads off. It was a bit grim, sure, but it made her feel like she was doing something productive at least, instead of just hanging around in the Creche will all the other children, who were too immature for her liking. In her 6th turn, a poisonous spinner bit her and it took over two marks for someone to find her. She could have very well lost her life. Luckily, the Healer on duty when she arrived could work magic with spinner venom, and managed to drain it out of her bloodstream. Iralye doesn’t exactly know how he did this, or how she survived, all she knew was that when exploring in the tunnels from now on, she would be wearing long-sleeved pants and tunics.

* 2575, 12 Living at Fort Weyr, Iralye would creep out of the Creche most days and try to catalogue as much that happened as possible, either observing the subtle interactions between riders and holders, or finding out really how bad the supply shortage is. She would quietly creep around the Weyr, trying to find out everything that’s happening and understand why. Usually trying to avoid detection, one day she was snooping around the supply caverns and a drunk rider turned the corner, smashing right into her. He slurred his words and pointed a shaking finger at her, declaring her searched. Iralye is incredibly happy, her observations from snooping had led her to be annoyed at the Holder-Rider relations. Riders had risked their lives for the Holders and had done everything they could and the Holders haven’t done anything. She has no sympathy for Holders and was very happy to get the opportunity to stand on the hatching sands, she didn’t want want anything else in life but to become a rider. 

* 2580, 17 Iralye spent 5 turns as a candidate, but didn’t get discouraged, she couldn’t imagine doing anything else, she didn’t have any other option other than to be a rider. It is in her 5 turns as a candidate that she discovers her enjoyment of women in the bedfurs, and how much she did not enjoy men who wanted her to take charge. Iralye spent a lot of time drifting between Weyrs and other candidate’s rooms for the first few turns, and then eventually got a little too sick of not being satisfied, and toned down her sleeping around, simply because she couldn’t admit to herself why she was unhappy with her sexual encounters. Not particularly liking the idea of limiting herself to women, when she wanted children, but also not liking the idea of having to trawl her way through all the men of the Weyr to find someone who would give her what she wanted. Eventually however, in her 17th turn, she didn’t have to worry any longer because she impressed, her gorgeous Rallekath stumbling towards her after she was raked down the thigh by an impatient bronze, her leg being opened up completely. She had to do a lot of physical exercises to get her muscles back to a proper condition, however luckily, a month before the start of the Weyrling hand-to-hand combat exercises, she was given the go-ahead from the Healer Hall.

* 2582, 19 Rallekath starts to flirt continuously in her last few months of Weyrling training, and Iralye realises that she will most likely rise before the two graduate from Weyrlinghood. She rose in their 17th month of Weyrlinghood, just two months before the entire class graduated.  After a turn of physical therapy, Iralye was very pleased to finally graduate, stronger and more connected to Rallekath forever, ready to fight thread and defend Pern, like they were made to do.

* 2583, 20 Iralye becomes pregnant after a flight in her 20th turn, however, not being particularly connected to the father of the child and thread still falling around Fort Weyr, Iralye isn’t too careful about betweening during her pregnancy. She miscarries the child, and the father never knew. Detaching herself from the situation, Iralye accepts the decision she made, however deep down is disappointed in herself, knowing that it was just another way to disconnect herself from other people.

* 2586, 23 In a tragic accident, one not seen too frequently after everyone ended up in Fort Weyr, Iralye’s mother died in a threadfall, a simple mistake cost her the life of her dragon and herself, and they jumped straight between without even going back to the Weyr. Whilst Iralye knew who her father was, he hadn’t been interested in watching her grow, her mother however, had visited her in the Creche and had been a constant parental figure in her life, a fellow greenrider and woman to look up to. It was her mother’s death that made Iralye reach out to her father, or at least, to let him know what she looked like and what she was doing now. She wanted to have someone to be close with, she had a few friends sure, but she wanted a family member. They started off small, sitting together at dinner times, and then meeting together for lunch in one of their Weyrs, eventually their bond grew to its current friendly and familial relationship. After all, Iralye very much understands and respects the dragonrider way of life and their use of the Creche, so she did not resent her father for his decision.

* 2587, 24 Iralye, whilst growing up in Fort Weyr her whole life, is happy enough to move to Southern Winds after D’mir finds the island. She surprisingly enjoys the move, having many things to do and keep her mind occupied, it was a whole new place to explore, with nooks and crannies which even adult Iralye wanted to know everything about. However, the new colours concern her, what is so different about Fort Island that led to this mutation? Is it stress? Is it something in the water? Will their own currently living dragons be affected? They don’t know anything about the hows and whys and it scares her to have such a large unknown in her life.

* 2588, 25 After one of Rallekath’s flights, Iralye becomes pregnant to a brown rider called T’pin. As is traditional in the Weyr, her son was put into the Creche to be raised by the Weyrfolk. Iralye goes to see her son every now and then, but won’t start to go and see him often until he is old enough to know who she is and remember her. They way her mother was in her life, limited but still there, is the way she wants to be in her son’s and any future children’s life. 

The humming of the dragons ringed around the Hatching Sands thrummed in her own bones. Iralye had stood here many times before, she knew the drill, she knew how it went. She would wait… and wait… and wait, slim fingers crossed behind her back that today would be the day.

But this day, her fingers were not crossed, this day felt different. The sands felt hotter under the soles of her feet, and her vision seemed sharper, today was a much different day. Sharp eyes looked around the sands, watching as the first egg broke open, the hatching sands now devoid of the human hum, the echoing dragons the only sound to be heard.

It was a beautiful, sparkling green. The eggshells on her pale but brightly coloured hide, making her look like a precious stone gleaming in the sunlight. The little green creeled with her hunger, and tripped over her wings, the candidates watching anxiously for whom she would choose. Iralye itched to walk towards her, to claim the beautiful green for her own, but she knew she couldn’t the dragonet would come to her if she was worthy.

In her awe watching this green that she was so drawn to, Iralye noticed far too late, as a bronze stumbled towards her. She knew that this bronze would not be for her, but she was too late to step aside, and the beast raked her angrily with a clawed paw when she didn’t move out of the way in good enough time for him.

It was agony. A cry was wrenched from her lips and she fell to the ground, clutching her mangled thigh, still stuck underneath the claw of the bronze. He swung his head from side to side, looking around and examining the fellow candidates, the movement shimmying his claw inside her muscles and tendons, churning her leg up from the inside. 

Iralye heard a snapping sound, she didn’t know whether it was bone, or claw, or jaw, but then the claw was gone leaving only agonising pain behind.

Are you okay? Why do you hurt? I don't want you to hurt. It was the most beautiful thing Iralye had ever heard, that tell-tale dragon voice in her head, but like she had never felt before. She had impressed.

”I’m okay, I’m okay. Don’t worry.” An awed smile crossed Iralye’s face, and tears streaked from her eyes and from the pain lancing through her leg.

People are coming! The beautiful Rallekath, the pale, gemstone-like green that she had been entranced by was hers. The lyrical voice tinged with concern over the fast approaching people.

”It’s fine, it’s fine.” A hand, shaking with pain, reached up to the wedge-shaped head of the dragonet. ”They're just here to stop my pain.”

I’m hungry. You’re hurt. Iralye could hear the confusion in the dragonet’s tone, and knew that it could be a bad sign, it was all she had ever been taught, impress then feed, don’t scare them, they don’t understand the emotions.

She turned to a healer that had hurried over and hissed at them. “Get me something for the pain, or bring me food for my dragon.” Iralye would not have Rallekath any more distressed, the pain was nothing to her in comparison to the euphoria she felt, realising that she would be spending the rest of her life, with the beautiful Rallekath.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Bring it on!
Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
2580 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 20.1m
Mature Height: 4.02m
Mature Wingspan: 33.3m

General Appearance...

A light but brightly coloured small green, Rallekath is incredibly lithe, however she was mostly just thin and without much muscle definition in her forearms in her youth. Iralye and Rallekath were assigned extra muscle building exercises in Weyrlinghood in order to build her muscles so she could be strong enough to fly and carry the heavy firestone sacks. Occasionally they will still spend evenings toning their muscles but it is mostly so that the vain Rallekath can admire herself.   


Mind Voice: Rallekath has a pleasantly lyrical and flirty voice which is a joy to listen to. If only dragons could sing, Rallekath would be a beautiful contralto.

Cold and the rain - She will always fly on the coldest day of Winter and in the first monsoon of Fall
Bronzes - So mysterious and big, she likes being dwarfed by their size
Flights - They're always enjoyable, she doesn't have to worry about clutching so she doesn't have to worry about how flights are supposed to be, so she'll fly in the wind and rain to make it as difficult as possible for her suitors, only the dedicated fly her.
Herself - She's quite vain and is very happy to admire her appearance (she looks especially sparkly and beautiful with her lightly coloured hide in the rain when she flies, she stands out against the dark sky like a diamond.)

Browns - She's always disappointed in a brown catches her, they're always so nice but boring.
Insubordination - During wing activities (like her rider) she is the perfect little green solider, anyone who tries to talk back to their superiors are just wasting time
Holders and Crafters - What use are they if they don't have dragons?


* AGILITY/ACROBATICS : Her lithe muscle toning and small stature makes her very good at speed and in air acrobatics. It has gotten her and Iralye out of a couple of tight spots when the Wing has come across Hunters in the Jungle.

* QUICK THINKING : Her instincts are incredible, she doesn’t need Iralye to tell her to dodge or what to do. She is particularly good at anticipating Wherry flight patterns.


* CARRYING STUFF : She’s small, and would definitely not be the first dragon that would be asked to carry something heavy.

* CHEEKY : Outside of Jungle drills and hunts, Rallekath is cheeky, she likes to talk back and to tease, embarrassing Iralye at times at her presumptuousness. However, she would never jeopardise her position or her safety whilst doing anything related to Jungle Wing. 

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #(B7F7BF); Text: #(7B9180)

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Rallekath is a force catch and will fly on the 17.01 and 20.07 (coldest day of Winter and first monsoon of fall), she’s quite dramatic.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Iralye [26.01.2563 9th Pass] Green Rider
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2017, 03:11:12 AM »
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Re: Iralye [26.01.2563 9th Pass] Green Rider
« Reply #2 on: January 22, 2017, 03:28:42 AM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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