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Author Topic: Info Important but Unranked NPC Adoptables  (Read 1816 times)

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Important but Unranked NPC Adoptables
« on: January 21, 2017, 04:00:07 PM »
Important NPCs

This will be updated frequently with the adoptables currently running about. If you'd like one, please post your interest and fill out the remainder of their profile. These are different from the Ranked NPCs in that you are not limited to two, but we'd like you to post with them at least once a month in some way related to their importance

We still do have certain requirements or they'll be taken back by the NPC account. If you vanish for an extended period of time, or decide to stop playing them, the NPC will be taken back and become available to someone else. We ask that you try and stay true to the idea provided for them in the blurb, but you may interpret that however you like to make them your own. We'd also ask that you intend to be active with any of these characters you claim, since they were made to help move the plot along.  :love: If you run out of ideas or time, we may send you a pm asking you to post with them, or asking you to start some thread related to your character's importance. If you cannot comply, then we will either demote your character, or put your character up for adoption, depending on their importance within the Weyr/Hold.

The following ranks fall under this purview.
  • Peacekeeper Commanders - demoted
  • Assistant Weyrlingmasters - demoted
  • Masters of Crafts - adoptable or demoted
  • Red & Black Riders - adoptable
  • Gambling Den Owner - adoptable


• Master Fisher: Phenust
Requirements: Help to organize Craft Hall events, post with apprentices and journeyman, where guidance will be offered if needed. One post a month.
Phenust is one of the older Crafters left in the Weyr, though he was only promoted to Master Fisher two short turns ago. His time as a Master has thus been rather frustrating, as the Fishers still lack a proper dock, many needed supplies, and only have a few small boats. He’s making do with what he can, the best he can. While he appreciates the help of the dragon riders, he’d prefer to have a repopulated Crafthall instead. Phenust backs Maeron completely, and is a traditional Holder with a dedicated wife and a large family. He will constantly push for more supplies for his Hall, as well as Beast and Farm since they are needed to provide food. [ Phenust is 46. ]

• Master Harper: Halraen
Requirements: Help to organize Craft Hall events, post with apprentices and journeyman, where guidance will be offered if needed. One post a month.
Halraen is a kind, but admittedly overprotective Master Harper. His speciality within composition is one that suits him, with his single-minded attentiveness when it comes to his work, and his distaste of sloppy handywork that could ruin a good score. He has had a rough past when it comes to relationships, but now has pursued a marriage with a previous student. [ Halraen is 51. ]

• Black Weyrling: M'lan of Corvath
Requirements: One post a month.
Spoiler for M'lan is currently being played by Kyya:
While suspicious, inflexible, and stubborn, M'lan is nevertheless an honest and honorable young man in an unassuming package. His dragon, Corvath, holds grudges far longer than he does, but the two of them play off of each other well -- tough and courageous far beyond what people likely expect of them. Beyond what people may assume of Black Riders, M'lan is compassionate and wants to help those weaker than himself. [ M'lan is 20, and Corvath is a two turns old. ]

• Black Weyrling: N'lyse of Izelith
Requirements: One post a month.
Spoiler for N'lyse is currently being played by Chise:
A judgmental and ambitious perfectionist, N'lyse also makes for a loyal and charismatic friend with a survivor's spirit. He never really expected to Impress, so his recent bonding was taken with mixed feelings. Izelith is a laid-back, smooth-talking Black dragon, but don't let that fool you -- he's a cunning risk-taker too. [ N'lyse is 24, and Izelith is a turn old. ]

• Black Weyrling: T'veck of Baleth
Requirements: One post a month.
Spoiler for T'veck is currently being played by Jarakrisafis:
An ex-smith from prior to his search, T'veck has an experience with learning and labour that spans a different kind of education when compared to other candidates or weyrlings his age. However, he is emotionally a troubled man, with a need to protect all others despite his own repressed feelings. Baleth is nosy and with the tell-tale aggression of the black colour, but still likes to enjoy the little things in life. [ T'veck is 22, and Baleth is two turns old. ]

• Black Weyrling: T'vil of Findaeth
Requirements: One post a month.
Despite being impatient and somewhat casual about ranking within the Weyr, T'vil is none the less a punctual and eager new rider. His black, Findaeth, on the other hand, is overly serious for one so young, and finds it hard to compliment others or himself on successful achievements. [ T'vil is 15, and Findaeth is a turn old. ]

• Red Weyrling: B'gos of Akoth
Requirements: One post a month.
B'gos is the sort of immature young upstart that tends to be the bane of those in positions of authority over him. He's rather irreverent and doesn't hold a lot of respect for people just because he's told to. He still has some growing to do, but his youthful arrogance may never quite go away, and he's naturally a bit of a loner despite his love of fun. Akoth is a pushy and vindictive young Red that wants to direct his rider's energy into a purpose. [ B'gos is 13, and Akoth is two turns old.  ]

• Red Weyrling: Sa'se of Astereth
Requirements: One post a month.
Patient and logical, Sa'se is nevertheless a shy individual that struggles to carry on a conversation and can be rather blunt when he does succeed at it. Prior to Impressing, Sa'se firmly believed that the new colors of dragon were abominations, but Astereth has changed his tune -- at least toward the Reds. Astereth herself is hyperactive and chatty, with a love of running and showing off her agility. [ Sa'se is 15, and Astereth is two turns old. ]

• Red Weyrling: Carayia of Vesith
Requirements: One post a month.
Whilst wise and dependable, Carayia is the type to get a little tongue-tied when in an overly emotional situation, and prefers to distance herself emotionally from most. She will still have to build her confidence, and is working to do so. Vesith himself is a little airheaded, but energetic, with a love of the outdoors. [ Carayia is 26, and Vesith is two turns old. ]

• Red Weyrling: Saidra of Oraenth
Requirements: One post a month.
Despite being socially awkward around others, Saidra is a sincere and attentive person. She simply struggles to understand the actions of others, and, in her own way, struggles to understand herself. Saidra has much to learn, but with Oraenth by her side, she certainly has the capability to grow. Oraenth on the other hand, finds no issue in showing her affectionate side, however is incredibly unpredictable, being prone to boredom and subsequently causing trouble. [ Saidra is 15, and Oraenth is a turn old. ]

• Red Weyrling: Araena of Ceryth
Requirements: One post a month.
Spoiler for Araena is currently being played by Red:
Araena is flighty, talkative, and a bit socially inept, but at heart she's a hard worker and a motherly influence to those around her. She has an inherent respect for those in positions of authority as well as an easy tolerance for views other than her own. She has the potential to be a dutiful rider, if one that can spread themselves too thin on multiple tasks. Ceryth is a competitive and independent young Red, though he can also tend to be moody and uncooperative. [ Araena is 18, and Ceryth is almost a turn old. ]

• Red Weyrling: Ionei of Quaoth
Requirements: One post a month.
Athletic and alert, Ionei is also an intelligent and truthful young woman that is deeply affected by her emotions despite her attempts to mask them. It's a thin balance between her recklessness and ambition, particularly without much tempering and a marked lack of patience. At the very least she isn't shy, being outspoken and easily chatty with others. Quaoth is a low-maintenance and thick-skinned Red with a rather dry sense of humor and a love of jokes -- though it can get mean and mocking when he's annoyed, and he doesn't suffer fools easily. [ Ionei is 20, and Quaoth is a turn old. ]


• Gambling Den Owner: Cassaval
Requirements: One post a month.
Cassaval is the leader of a gang that's settled in the Mine Hall and owner of the only gambling den there called the Last Gambit. Set up 32.05.2591, the gambling den represents a significant investment for the gang, and Cassaval personally, so he's willing to do anything to make sure it thrives. He's a survivor who flourished during the disastrous times of Fort Hold when most didn't and managed to keep his gang together during their time at the Weyr. This makes him a man people are naturally drawn to, and want to follow.

• Gambit Madam, Cassaval's Lieutenant: Haleene
Requirements: One post a month.
One of Cassaval's most trusted allies and advisors, Haleene is a tough woman from a rough life that refused to be a victim. She's been many things in her time:  whore, drug dealer, and madam to name a few, and the latter is a role she was willing to take on again at Cassaval's request. Though he owns the entirety of the business, he trusts her to run the brothel portion of the Last Gambit and make sure it operates smoothly. While capable of being charming toward the right people, this woman is as much a predator and an opportunist as her boss.
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