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Author Topic: Approved Tavianna [ 19.06.2555 9th Pass ] Holder / Wher Handler  (Read 2622 times)

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Tavianna [ 19.06.2555 9th Pass ] Holder / Wher Handler
« on: January 25, 2017, 05:08:14 PM »

Play By:

First Name:
Tavi, if you damned dare. Or you happen to be her husband trying to sweet talk something out of her.
Lady Butcher
Date of Birth:
19.06.2555 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Notkerric ( Adoptable )

Your Reflection...

Tavianna is pretty. A classic beauty that has not been marred by the rough life at Hold or even time. She’s been mistaken for a pretty face with nothing behind her smile, and that would be a grave mistake. Tavianna is best described as a beautiful tunnelsnake. Seemingly harmless but poisonous and deadly. She’s a short woman of 5’5” and the figure of a woman who has borne several children, like a proper lady Holder, but she has a very commanding presence. Almost like there’s some manner of cruelty behind her sharp, blue-gray eyes.

She’s always dressed as elaborately as she could, even in the struggling Pern. Dresses, skirts, cinched tunics, and even furs. It’s a mark of station for a woman that technically has none. She’s just a wife, after all.

Her long, naturally curled brown hair is often left down but she has occasions to pin it back. Usually when she’s wearing her work clothes : blood stained, grime encrusted former Miner’s apron and clothes that she uses to butcher wher meat.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Tavianna was one of those people that flourished in the misery of others. She took advantage where she could, exploited when people underestimated her, and has turned into the Lady Butcher of Wher. No one is certain who suggested the butchering of wher for meat or the breeding of their eggs for their skin and flesh first, but she took to it like a shark takes to water and exploited the lack of resources in Fort, trading wher hide and meat for creature comforts. 

The Pass was still rough for her, of course. It was difficult for everyone. But she traded her conscience for survival. Tavianna is not a woman known for compassion or the concern for the downtrodden – if anything, she was one of the people to make life in the Hold worse.

Response to dragon color mutations:
As a Holder, Tavianna doesn’t particularly understand the uproar. It’s another damn dragon. Is the color that important? Doesn’t it do dragon things? If it were broken, useless, or otherwise handicapped, she could understand why it might be useless but it’s a functioning dragon as far as she can see. Granted, she doesn’t really understand the function of the other colors either so…

Who are you...

Likes: Creature Comforts; The entire reason she got into the wher butcher business was to be able to provide for her family. Not just food, but beyond that. She likes nice clothes, decent food, and wants to be able to give that to her family.

Being in Control; Life is crazy and dark. What little bit she can control, she likes being able to. Who gets eggs, who gets meat, who gets hide, etc.

Work; Not only does the butchery keep her family fed, but it’s given her something to do besides become a victim of the catastrophe. If anything, it’s made her a stronger, if colder, cruel person.

Wine; A true weakness. She adores wine. It reminds her of wealth, of rank, of station. Want to win her over? Bring Tavianna wine.

Dislikes: Dishonesty in Others; Because she can be oddly trusting, when she finds out someone has been dishonest with her she can become cruel and occasionally violent.

Being Hungry; It reminds her of being poor, of being low class, of being a drudge. While she never was one, she doesn’t want to be on their level either. A fed family is not a poor family, especially during these tough times.

Babies; Tavianna likes her family, but she does not like babies. They’re too much work. She much prefers her children when they’re older and can semi look after themselves and actually contribute to the family.

The Weyr; Ever since moving to the weyr she’s taken a hit in business. The odds the weyr leadership would approve of people butchering and eating wher is pretty slim, but she’s working on building it back up.


* PHYSICAL STRENGTH : She’s a 5’5” beauty that wears nice things. But she wields a cleaver and can toss entire parts of a wher carcass with no problem. A punch from her is going to lay low most men. She’s no shrinking violet.

* UNASSUMING : Tavianna wears the nicest things she can get her hands on. She always has her hair done up. She smiles prettily, bats her eyes, and can say the sweetest things. She’s just a wife, after all. No one would suspect she has an old miner’s apron crusted with old wher’s blood and she butchers the creatures. She is the definition of the monster behind the mask. Her smile is hardly ever real and it’s always difficult to tell what she’s actually thinking.

* CRUEL : It takes a certain kind of person to be bonded to a wher and butcher their clutches. To keep them penned up in small cages in dark rooms, feeding them wher meat until they’re big enough to kill, clean, and sell. She’s that sort of person.

* PRETTY : Tavianna is a traditional beauty. Genetics were kind to her, which enabled her to marry well – to a Peace Keeper.

* OPPORTUNIST : Tavianna wasn’t the first – no one knows who was – but she jumped at the opportunity when she realized she could profit from a wher. She’s never looked back from then. She’ll take advantage of people who are desperate and feels no manner of compassion by someone down and out. Rather, she wants to know how she might profit from any given situation.


* DISTANCED : It’s almost like Tavianna has lost a part of her humanity that’s allowed her to connect with people. It could be because she’s butchering semi-sentient creatures that project their feelings…

* TRUSTING : For all her opportunistic, cruel demeanor, she can be oddly trusting. Especially to people that have once proven themselves such as her husband. It’s like she doesn’t have the capacity to understand they would lie to her once they’ve worked to gain her trust.

* MESSY : Butchering is messy business and Tavianna is not one to really clean up after herself. She’s had herself neck deep in blood and viscera so long it just doesn’t phase her. She’ll conduct business meeting in the process of hacking a wher apart.

* TALKATIVE : For all that she runs a business of chopping up wher, she actually enjoys socializing. It’s the best way to get information out of her. Butter her up, chit chat, whatever. She likes a good conversation.

* UNRANKED : Tavianna has no weight beyond what she can throw around because she’s a butcher. She has no rank, no authority. She tries to buy out people with favors, food, wherhide, etc but ultimately, she’s just the wife of a Peace Keeper cutting up wher.

Describe Yourself:

* MONSTROUS: Tavianna feels nothing for the wher she butchers. Neither does she feel anything for anyone outside of her family or people she’s trusted. There’s a HUGE disconnect there even though she’s bonded to a wher.

* MOTHER: Tavianna enjoys being a mother ( minus the baby part ) and everything she’s done is to provide for herself and her family – mostly for her family.

* BUTCHER: She’s referred to the Lady Butcher for a reason. She enjoys it and is not squeamish in the slightest. She’s been doing it for a long time and has a rather decent knowledge of all the cuts of a wher, how to skin them, and how to tan their hide.

* WORKAHOLIC: Between being a mother, a butcher, caring for her wher, and running a side business, she doesn’t have much free time. She flourishes in this environment.

* COLD: She is a very hard person to get close to. Though she cares for her family, they’d be hard pressed to know or feel it beyond her observable actions.

The Magic Touch: No one would guess she’s a closet romantic. She likes wine, she likes a quiet night in. She’ll never be the one to initiate such gestures, or even really react appropriates, but she appreciates the gestures and actions in a very Holder Lady way. She wants her husband to approve of her, to love her, even if she can’t really feel that way about him.


Mother: Tithenna. Wife. B 2535. Died 2575
Father: Cormioc. Farmer, raised Herdbeasts. B 2530. Died 2580.

Siblings: Born 2548. Remmerra. Wife.
Born 2553. Cibnius. Farmer.
Born 2558. Elmisse. Died 2563 of disease.
Born 2564. Cavaronna. Wife.

Children: Her children will be adoptable, so profession is going to be left blank.
Born 2568. Nycolus.
Born 2571. Tresrissa.
Born 2575. Nealros

Tell us a story...

* 2555, 0 Born the turn that Paradise River Hold fell and the Eastern Weyr is Abandoned. While Tavianna is a joy to her family, the middle child to a famer’s family, the reality of what Pern is going through is starting to set in for a lot of people – her family included. But they welcome the extra mouth readily, and happily.

* 2558, 3 Elmisse is born. Fall of Southern Boll, Weaver and Glass-smith Hall. More people are brought to Fort. While the more terrible realities of what’s going on around her aren’t something she can comprehend at this moment, all she’s excited for is the addition of her sister. She’s charged with helping her mother raise Elmisse, who is a fussy, noisy little monster but Tavianna is eager to help.

* 2561, 6 Fall of Crom Hold and Miner Crafthall. More people to Fort. Tavianna notices the additional people and asks telling, but innocent enough questions. ‘Who are they?’, ‘where did they come from’, and ‘why don’t they have a house like ours?’ Her parents try to keep her away from these refugees that bring trouble and keep her focused on helping both around the house and occasionally with processing crops, but never out amongst the actual thread fall if it can be helped. She’s taught at a very young age that new people are to be regarded with distrust and disdain.

* 2563, 8 Elmisse dies of disease and Nabol falls. There’s an influx of angry, upset Holders and it’s only now that she’s starting to listen to the ‘adults’ about what’s going on around the Hold. Her parents blame the new people on the death of Elmisse and Tavianna is quick to cling to that reasoning. Why else would her little sister fall ill? Food shortage is starting to become a problem, a noticeable one to her. The realities of the world around her are beginning to take a true, darker meaning for her and, because she doesn’t know who else to blame, she blames the people not native to Fort like her parents do. Well, them and Thread.

* 2564, 9 Cavaronna is born. Fall of Ruatha Hold. Fort is getting awfully full. Tavianna is being groomed to be a parent eventually and helps her mother raise Cavaronna. More than that, her parents absolutely refuse to put her to work in the dangerous fields or anywhere else she might become prey to some of the dangers growing in Fort. There seems to be too many people in too little space. Instead, it’s her mother that goes out and works. Tavianna is expected to care for their home and Cavaronna and she does, proudly. She’s as distrusting and upset about all the new people as her parents are.

* 2567, 12 Married to Notkerric. Fall of Southern, Delta, Dorado Hold, Ierne Island, and the Dolphineer Crafthall. There’s only High Reaches, Tillek, and Fort Hold left. Because of how pretty she is, her parents secure her marriage to a Peace Keeper by the name of Notkerric. She’s not even met the man but she’s extremely grateful. He’s a Fort native, he’s safe, and he promises more than anything to keep her safe. With so many new people in Fort, it’s extremely important to both Tavianna and her parents that she have a home and someone who can provide for her. He seems to be someone who can do that.

* 2568, 13 Nycolus is born. Fall of High Reaches Hold. She’s not happy about all the new people in Fort. The Hold is getting too cramped. She’s worried about bringing a child into the disaster that Pern is turning into, but she still wants to fulfill her familiar obligation to Notkerric. Besides, he seems happy with a son. Having to raise a baby on her own – because her parents are busy – frustrate and upset her. She feels lonely since Notkerric is so busy trying to maintain order but she powers through with a newly developed stubbornness. Not wishing to fail this man that’s struggling to provide for them.

* 2569, 14 Impresses Tavisk. Tavisk is a gift from Notkerric realizing his wife is lonely, but not only that, so that she’s protected when he’s not around. Especially now that they have a son. Since their son is a little older now, he feels like she can handle a wher and a child. It’s more on her plate but she’s determined to handle it all. If anything, having SO much to do is actually a blessing and she does feel so much safer with Tavisk as she grows into a monster of a Gold wher.

* 2571, 16 Tresrissa is born. The fall of Tillek and Fisher Crafthall. Fort is the only place left and it’s not the greatest place to live. She has a new baby just as Tavisk becomes a full grown monster of a wher. Just in time too because Fort is the only place left on Pern and Tavianna doesn’t feel like it’s the safest place to life. The real struggles of trying to provide for their growing family start to wear on her though and she starts looking into less than idea ways to provide food for their babies. Having a giant gold wher following her around keeps her relatively unmolested.

* 2572, 17 She discovers some enterprising individuals are using their wher eggs for food. As in, actually eating the eggs. Being a practical woman with mouths to feed, she sees the merit in this. Its in conversing with these underground ‘farmers’ that she learns of the wherpens and the butchery going on. It’s during this time that Tavianna starts learning how to cut wher meat and process wher hide. She doesn’t actually butcher any of the wher until later on in the turn when, in a disagreement with the person she’s working with, she quits in a rage and swears to start her own business.

* 2573, 18 She purchases wher eggs ( with Peace Keeper protection provided by her Husband who believes she’s just getting them food ) and secures an empty work space from a former butcher who has been chase off by debt. When the eggs hatch, she has no one for them to bond to. In essence, they’re wild wher in tiny cages. Only three. She ends up having to kill off one early to feed the other two. It’s a messy, botched operation because she can’t house them until they’re fully grown but she gets enough meat and enough hide off the two young wher ( and she uses Tavisk to kill them ) to secure more eggs to try again.

* 2574, 19 Tavianna has tried a couple of times, with both a bought batch of eggs and a clutch of Tavisk’s, to correctly process wher meat and hide. She’s getting better at it, but it’s still an imperfect process. She’s not able to house them until they’re fully grow. She just doesn’t have the time to wait – she needs the food. But being able to get both hide and meat from the young is starting to be worth it. Her husband is starting to suspect she’s up to something and confronts her. When he finds out what she’s doing, he’s initially horrified. They have a huge confrontation but she’s adamant she’s doing this for their family. To provide for them, which she HAS been doing. If anything, this is an eye opening experience for Notkerric about the horrors of how bad things have gotten in Fort. He eventually, slowly, comes around. Not to helping, per say, but at least accepting what his wife is doing.

* 2575, 20 Nealros is born and her mother dies due to illness. A rekindling in their relationship brings about the birth of Nealros and a renewed determination by Tavianna to provide for their family. Especially when her mother dies. She feels like it could’ve been prevented if only the Hold wasn’t so terrible, if their family was actually doing well. So she endeavors to actually make the butchery a business, not just a way to feed her family. She expresses a tentative interest to her husband, just the need for some workspace. He doesn’t ask WHAT FOR, but he secures her a building abandoned by a family that was killed by sickness and she uses it to set up her butchery.

* 2576, 21 Tavianna proves to be a proficient business woman when she’s set her mind to it. The space secured for her and the blind eye turned to it by her Peace Keeper husband enables her to actually set up shop. Tavisk is a key player by providing a full clutch for her to use, both for providing wher to butcher and feed for the wher she’s going to keep. She also buys eggs to ensure she always has inventory. She starts trading out meat and hide for other types of food for her family, or for clothes. Whatever they might need. Though her husband never asks what she’s doing, he definitely knows.

* 2580, 25 Father dies. It hits Tavianna hard when he dies. She uses her business to try and buy him health care from the Healers, but she’s stricken by how little the Holders matter in comparison to the Dragon Riders. After all, the Healers are so wrapped up dealing with the Riders who are injured during threadfall that no one can be around to give him the constant care that his illness requires and her bribes don’t really carry any weight because the Healers are generally well cared for by the weyr. If anything, it makes her hate the weyr and the supposed privilege it provides to the non riders that live there.

* 2582, 27 By this time, her butchery is quite profitable. Though everyone is experiencing hardship in the Hold, her family doesn’t want for food or clothes. She works with several other bonded to wher and has formed a close knit ‘community’ or underground ‘Hall’ of Butchers. There’s not a lot of competition amongst them because food is so scarce and what they do is generally frowned upon and not talked about – though their food and wherhide is certainly not turned away. Tavianna doesn’t have -friends-, she has business associates. Her husband has come around to what she’s doing, mostly because it’s more about survival in the Hold than anything else.

* 2587, 32 End of the 9th Pass. Fort Hold might have been a den of thieves, whores, gamblers, and those struggling to survive, but it was home. When thread stopped falling, Tavianna was one of the few that didn’t want to leave Fort. She’d carved out a rough, bloody life there and being consumed by the ‘privileged’ Riders was not her idea of being saved. If anything, it ruined her business, crippled her family’s way of providing for itself, and completely disrespected everything her husband had done. She hated the decree that the Peace Keepers were to find something else to do – to become general laborers until such a time the Hold was reestablished. Tavianna holds a quiet animosity for Weyr leadership.

* 2589, 34 With no Hold to flee to in sight, Tavianna is starting up her butchery again. In the deep, deep caverns of the Weyr, beyond the prying eyes of Riders, she’s set up a small shop. Just to provide for those Holders she trusts. After all, there are still those connections from before, those butchers that understand the need for food beyond fish and what is dolled out by the arrogant Riders. Right now, she mostly serves eggs because those are easier to smuggle out and require less upkeep.

* 2590, 35 She’d really like to get to the Miner Hall and scout out the possibility of actually starting her Butchery again.

  This wasn’t supposed to be how it went. Not at all.

She stood in the center of the room, a single candle lit on a table behind her. If anything, the low light made the entire moment more surreal. Two cages of thick metal, expensive and hard to obtain, lay before her. Holding twisted shadows across wher faces that snapped and snarled against the bars. They might’ve been statues for all the concern she gave to them. Just off her left shoulder and a step behind her, casting a long shadow on the stone floor of the work room was her large, gold wher. Tavisk.

Tavisk’s mind was like a stone wall in the back of Tavianna’s. There were faint impressions of emotions but, generally, just a solid sense of support. In whatever Tavianna did. Whatever she needed. Her Gold Queen was the foundation on which Tavianna stood.

In this moment, she needed it. Because she couldn’t afford to keep the wher anymore. She had no more food for them. No more food for her children. Or even Tavisk. It was either get rid of them now, and cut from them what she could, or starve.

Tavianna hated being hungry. The weight of nothing was a gaping maw in her belly. She’d not had any food in two days, forgoing it in favor of feeding her family. She would not go a third day.

Tavisk nosed at her elbow. She was there. Would always be there. The weight of her in Tavianna’s thoughts didn’t waver. If anything, Tavianna felt more confident. We can do this.

Dressed in her blood encrusted miner’s apron, her black/brown hair pinned up, Tavianna approached the first cage. Tavisk didn’t move but her eyes shifted to a dark red. The cages were set up so that they could be opened from the side, where the metal door slid in such a way to bar the person almost protectively next to the cage – enough space between them and the stone wall that Tavianna would be caged while the wher would be set loose. It sounded dangerous save that there was now a red eyed gold wher staring at the cage that was about to be open.

Wild or no, the green wher Tavianna set loose stood no chance against the massive, explosive fury of Tavisk. The fight was brief but beautiful. The other wher in the cage actually cowered as Tavisk pounced and bore the other wher to the ground, crunching bone beneath her bulk and ripping into flesh like a newly honed knife cleaved meat. Tavisk was a monster, but she was Tavianna’s beautiful monster.

The fight was over before it’s really begun. Tavianna slid the door shut and moved forward, wordlessly inquiring if her Queen was hurt. Tavisk shook her bulk, flinging off the ichor before facing off with the next cage. Eyes red, thoughts calm. A wall of support in Tavianna’s mind. Ready and willing to do whatever her bonded needed to provided for their family.

Tavianna smiled as she opened the next cage.

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Re: Tavianna [ 19.06.2555 9th Pass ] Holder / Wher Handler
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2017, 04:35:04 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Wher Details

Date of Birth:
2569 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
Her egg was massive and easily distinguishable as a Gold, glittering and wrinkled. Almost like dragonhide.
Measurements: Listed in the wher information.
Mature Length: 5 meters.
Mature Height: 2 meters

General Appearance...

Nothing about Tavisk has ever been small. She’s a monster, has always been a monster. She’s the biggest a Gold could be, as though she’s been born into the role she has. She’s bulky, muscled, and even as a wherling, she was bulky and thick. While she’s grown into her size, she’s still intimidatingly large. Her hide is a brilliant shade of metallic gold. When she’d hatched, she was a burnt gold, almost bronze but she’s lightened up a lot with age. 


Empathetic: Tavisk is an ever present weight in Tavianna’s mind, like a stone wall in the back of her mind. Not quite a sense of images but a feeling of support. The silent body guard over someone’s shoulder. 

Children ; For all of Tavisk’s monstrosity, she is probably the most cuddly wher on the planet when it comes to family and children. She coos, thrums, and purrs for them. Noses at them and wants to curl around them. Woe to ANYONE that harms family.

Work ; What wher doesn’t? She doesn’t shy away from anything that Tavianna would need of her. Whatever it might be. This includes very violent acts against other wher.

Being left alone ; For all that she’s done for Tavianna, she’s very codependent. Don’t expect this wher to understand what ‘go outside’ means. She wants to sleep near Tavianna, near ‘their’ children, and will not take no for an answer.

Violence ; She reacts very strongly to it, having been trained to kill. So if someone becomes hostile around her, expect her to react negatively.


* Brute Strength : She’s a fighter, through and through. She will not hesitate to kill a wher and has the strength to back it up. She’s the biggest a gold can get and it has certainly come in handy.

* Family : For all it might be hard for a wher and handler to understand one another, there has always been a very close understanding between Tavianna and Tavisk. Anything for family. Be it butchering wher, selling of Tavisk’s eggs, whatever it is, these two are on the same page. Don’t expect them to have a crisis of conscious or this wher to shirk at what needs to be done.


* Stunted mental growth : All Tavisk can express through her mind is her support for Tavianna. She can’t express other emotions, can’t share pictures, and doesn’t converse with dragons or other wher. She’s become disconnected from everyone and everything else because of what she’s had to do. Don’t expect her to be helpful or useful in any other capacity.

* Bull Dozer : She does not listen to anyone else and can hurt other people without provocation if she wants to follow Tavianna and someone, harmlessly, tries to stop her. The only exception is immediate family. But she’s bit hands off of people who have simply tried to stop her from trying to fit through a doorway.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Monster wher for the Lady Butcher

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Re: Tavianna [ 19.06.2555 9th Pass ] Holder / Wher Handler
« Reply #2 on: January 26, 2017, 08:02:19 AM »
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Re: Tavianna [ 19.06.2555 9th Pass ] Holder / Wher Handler
« Reply #3 on: January 27, 2017, 12:52:52 PM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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