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Author Topic: Approved B'ron [06.06.2540] Bronze Rider/Weyrsecond  (Read 1506 times)

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B'ron [06.06.2540] Bronze Rider/Weyrsecond
« on: January 26, 2017, 04:41:48 AM »

Play By:

First Name:
Date of Birth:
06.06.2540 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:

Your Reflection...

Appearance: B'ron likes to wear clothes that make him look powerful, but don't make him stand out too much because they look "too good" to get dirty. He suits dark browns and blacks, preferring to stay away from the muted colours that Halirina prefers. He once made the mistake of wearing a lighter muted brown to a Weyrleader meeting, and hated how in-sync he and Halirina looked.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: He fought he way through to survive. He put himself in harms way everyday without hesitation because he knew he had no other choice. B'ron has never really thought much about it, it was just the way it had to be.

Response to dragon color mutations: B'ron doesn't necessarily hate the mutations but what they represent. If S'bok hadn't pushed him out of his Weyrleader position, then perhaps he would have felt more kindly towards the new colours (considering his Leremith sired a black in the first place), but now that it is S'bok making this all happen. He hates it.

Who are you...

Power: B'ron, having been Weyrleader for so many turns, hasn't had a lack of power, and now that he has lost it to S'bok, he realised that he will do anything to get it back.
Being respected: He hates it when people do not give him the respect that he is due. He has invested so much of his life into protecting the Weyr, and the people around him.
Quiet: B'ron enjoys spending a lot of time alone, because he hates unnecessary prattling.
Efficiency: Spending many turns as Weyrleader has made him appreciate those who can follow instructions and orders quickly and efficiently. He hates getting his time wasted.
Sex: Pure male domination, he expects his woman to be at his beck and call, part of the reason why he hates Halirina, because she will not be told what to do.

S'bok: B'ron feels like not only is S'bok a usurper, but an inexperienced, child usurper, who is going to make the Weyr worse off in the long run.
Failure: His biggest failure in life is losing his Weyrleadership to a mutation and to a child, he feels almost like he let down the Weyr by letting that happen.
Affection: He doesn't have any loving emotions to anyone other than Leremith, so those couples that spend all their time kissing and cuddling in public areas just confuse and annoy him.
Exuberance: There are things to be done and life has been hard, those that are too happy and too loud to suit a situation annoy him.
Holders: He doesn't like the way they run their holds and doesn't understand their prudish views on flights and Weyrlife. B'ron feels like his, (and dragonriders), contribution to Pern has been far more meaningful than any Holder. Crafters are more tolerable because they are actually useful sometimes.
Halirina: He tries to make an effort to not fight with her in public, but will purposefully antagonise her behind closed doors in the complete opposite of her passive aggressive ways.


* EXPERIENCED : Being a Weyrleader for over 20 turns during some of the hardest times that Pern has experienced, has caused him to become knowledgeable and skilful in many forms of leadership.

* AUTHORITATIVE : People trust in his experience and in his determination to make the right decisions. Whilst some may personally disagree with him, he has done a good job leading Fort Weyr and Southern Winds Weyr in the past.

* UNCONCERNED : B'ron is not at all worried about the opinions of people whom he does not deem to be worthy. Dragonriders should respect him for the work he has done, but holders? He doesn't care about what they think of him one bit. Halirina and he have a mutual dislike for each other, so over the years, her opinion of him has become less and less important.

* DETERMINED : B'ron is determined to become Weyrleader again, he will stop at almost nothing, short of actually murdering S'bok in his sleep, to regain his rank.

* STRATEGY : Planning and tactics have always been his strong suit, he's always been a forward thinker and has been able to quickly adapt his plans during threadfall and during important meetings if necessary.


* EASILY FRUSTRATED : When things go wrong, B'ron gets easily frustrated and needs to take it out on something or someone. Usually, he will reserve this for Halirina, or currently Vanelwynne, but regardless of how he takes out his frustration, it would never be at the detriment of tarnishing his name. He would never break down in front of a council for example, but would be more than happy to whisper angrily into Halirina's ear, or leave early to go smash up his Weyr.

* BLUNT : Not one to mince words, if you're being an idiot, he will tell you, if he hates your idea, he will tell you, there is no time to waste with idle political correctness.

* SELFISH : B'ron's ultimate goal is to regain his Weyrleadership status, and he won't let anything get in the way of that, he will use and abuse anyone he needs to because ultimately he only cares about himself and his goal.

* JUDGEMENTAL : He will be very quick to judge your character based upon your, profession, upbringing, dragon and more. It would be very unlikely that he would change these opinions either.

* POSSESSIVE : Since B'ron can only have Vanelwynne, he will make sure that she does not have any other feelings for anyone else, in any way.

Describe Yourself:

* MANIPULATIVE: ----- B'ron is very good with knowing what to say and when to get people to trust him, he just doesn't often use this ability. In his quest to regain his rank he will exploit all those who deign to have emotions (unlike him.)

* ANNOYED: ----- B'ron is in a perpetual state of annoyance, because every little thing that makes other people happy, (sunshine, laughing, cuddling) annoys him to no end.

* SEVERE: ----- Growing up in hard times, B'ron will not hesitate to make a harsh decision if he feels it is necessary, and will not be emotionally compromised by it in any way.

* EMOTIONLESS: ----- Love, gratitude, warmth and attachment are all not something that B'ron has ever felt for another human. Leremith perhaps, but not a breathing, talking human being, they're too annoying.

* BACK-STABBING: ----- He's going to make S'bok look as bad as he possibly can. There will be no remorse, and no trying to leave S'bok with a good name afterwards. B'ron will take S'bok down.

The Magic Touch:
- Likes to break things
- Has a threadscore scar covering his upper left thigh
- Has a habit of brushing a thumb along his jawline when he is thinking hard


Mother: Ailleron of Green Savuth, b. 2521 imp. 2536 d. 2561
Father: Beryn of Blue Jyth, b. 2518 imp. 2530 d. 2561

Siblings: B'ron could possibly have others but he never knew them and never bothered to find out

Halion - b. 2571. d. 2580

He has had children earlier in life, but never kept track of them. 

Tell us a story...

* 2540, 0 Born at Fort Weyr to a Blue Rider and a Green Rider and raised in the creche amongst other rider children. His parents were not a big part of his life, but he knew their names and looked up to them as a child, as the defenders of Pern.

* 2547, 7 Weyrs have been abandoned and holds have been lost. Fort is holding strong, but even so young B'ron knows that he wants to be a dragonrider and protect Pern from thread. It is at the age of 7 when he tries to connect with his parents, and get them to teach him watch they know about the life of a rider.

* 2553, 13 B'ron had spent the last turn getting into the face of as many search dragons as possible, so he was incredibly excited when he was accepted into candidacy and took to his classes with enthusiasm.

* 2557, 17 After 4 turns of candidacy, B'ron was getting very bored. He was sick and tired of classes and chores and just wanted to get his own bloody dragon. In one particular Sendanath clutch, B'ron was angry that all the dragons were walking past him, until the final egg lay on the sands, and he placed himself firmly right in front of it, waiting for it to crack open. Leremith took his time getting out of his shell, but was pleased enough that B'ron wasn't making him walk far to find him.

* 2559, 19 Excelling in his Weyrling training, he graduated as soon as possible, and excitedly prepared to fight thread. Watching all the fully-fledged dragonriders go out and fight while he had to stay home, frustrated him, so the day he joined a wing, was an incredibly satisfying day for the young rider.

* 2561, 21 The turns became harder for B'ron after this, he was old enough to experience all the devastation with the eyes of a man and truly understand the casualties of war. It's in this turn that his parents die at the final stand at Telgar Weyr, trying to help protect the holders, crafters and other riders for as long as possible, but the both succumbed to nasty threadfall injuries and he hardened himself even further from any emotions. He had looked up to them his whole life, but now he needed to be his own example.

* 2564, 24 B'ron worked long and hard for the Weyr, and didn't hesitate when given orders. It was during this time that he begun to appreciate good leadership and efficiency, and when he was promoted to Wingsecond he thought it was a great honour to be granted and took to it with single minded focus. It was around this time that B'ron seriously started setting his sights upon Weyrleadership and worked hard to get there.

* 2567, 27 It was the next logical step for B'ron to be promoted to Wingleader. Leremith was chasing more golds and becoming a serious contender for some of them, and his work as wingsecond in whipping the wing into shape (literally and figuratively) had not gone unnoticed by leadership.

* 2569, 29 The first time Leremith catches Kalestath means that B'ron is promoted to Weyrleader. This is what he had been working for and took to the job with enthusiasm. It was over the next few turns that Halirina and B'ron realise they can't stand each other. Despite having many similar opinions they absolutely hate to agree with one another, and over time developed more discreet ways of dealing with each other, that didn't involve arguing in front of other people.

* 2571, 31 Birth of his child Halion with Halirina. He supposed it had to happen eventually, B'ron was proud that he was able to continue on his bloodline. Surely the son of the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman, his son, would become a strong dragonrider in time.

* 2575, 35 The Weyr has been alone for turns, and crowds of refugees living in the hold and Weyr is making living conditions terrible, but the Weyrleadership can do nothing. Thread is still falling erratic and hard, and the remaining survivors are doing all they can, under the leadership of Halirina and B'ron, to protect the remaining Pernese population. This time solidifies B'ron's opinion on Holders, with all of the dragonriders trying to stay strong, it became evident to him the discrepancies between the way they all lived, and simply made B'ron more proud of his dragonrider heritage.

* 2580, 40 In his 9th turn, Halion contracted a terrible sickness, from which he never recovered and ultimately passed away from. B'ron was not a loving father, nor was he an active one, but deep down he had a slight hope that the child of the two Weyrleader's would go onto do great things, and also hoped he would be able to take credit for at least some part of it. Even then, he was sad that Halion had died, but not devastated, it just simply seemed like another casualty of hard times.

* 2581, 41 A handful of Queens are lost due to rising at the same time, and it is a huge blow to the Weyr. B'ron and Halirina must pull through together, regardless of their dislike for each other, to unite the Weyr in a time of great struggle, when it seems like all hope is lost.

* 2587, 47 The move to find and create Southern Winds Weyr is a risky one. But ultimately, the right decision as they all start afresh, however the hatching of Neisoth the black dragon puts a new wave of uncertainty in the minds of everyone. B'ron too, knows not what to think about the black dragon produced from the most recent clutch, but thinks that he has not much choice about it, so puts it to the back of his mind for the time being.

* 2589, 49 After 20 turns of flying Kalestath and leading the Weyr with Halirina, B'ron and Leremith find themselves dumped from their post, after Neisoth, the black dragon wins Kalestath's flight. This puts even more of a dampener on B'ron's opinion of the mutation colours and he vows to get "his rank" back. S'bok has no idea what he is doing, and Halirina can't do everything by herself, the boy is going to run B'ron's Weyr into the ground.

* 2590, 50 Current day, B'ron is Weyrmated to Vanelwynne after Leremith flew Oriath. Now Weyrsecond, B'ron has to figure out how to get the Weyrleadership back.

Leremith stayed close to Kalestath, not wanting her to outwing him to such an extent that he would not be able to recover. They were far into their flight now, many of the lesser dragons had dropped out, but he had eyes only for his gold. His queen.

Come to me my Queen! He called after her, luring her with the memory of familiarity.

But she didn't come to him, instead, he watched as his Queen was embraced by the black wings of a usurper, and Leremith roared in annoyance at his defeat, the sound sure to shake the ground upon which many Weyrfolk stood. The bronze plummeted to the ground in his defeat, landing on the floor of the Weyrbowl bristling with anger, before he was able to control himself enough to wing his way back up to his Weyrledge.

B'ron was sucked back into his own body, now completely himself again, but still filled with the insatiable lust of Leremith. He had lost. Leremith had lost. They had lost. And not just the flight. Everything, they had lost everything.

He ran from the Weyr as fast as he could, not looking back to watch Halirina and S'bok melt together. Weyrleader and Weyrwoman. Stumbling through the halls, he was more than happy when a greenrider, waiting at the entrance to her Weyr, dragged him inside to have her way with him. But that was not the way it was going to be.

His mind was swirling with flightlust, but his rage was so strong that it was seeping through, creeping to the forefront of his thoughts. So much so that he took it out on the rider underneath him, not bothering to worry about how much his hands hurt her, because he knew she would remember naught of it.

B'ron took her hard and fast, the pain and pleasure blurring together to fill the gaping hole that had been left inside him, when Leremith had lost. When Neisoth had won. When B'ron had ceased to be Weyrleader.

When he was done, he passed out onto the greenriders bed. He was lucky that his rage had got the better of him during a flight. The bruises she would awake to the next day, would be simply a token a flightlust, not a token of rage.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
No one lives forever - 50 posts
Anything Else:
Any notes or comments you’d like to make.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
14.01.2557 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 38m
Mature Height: 7.6m
Mature Wingspan: 63.08m

General Appearance...

Leremith started as a young dragonet incredibly shiny, over his long hard turns and threadscoring, Leremith's hide now looks almost brown. The bronze's sheen now appearing only when the sun is up, at a glance at night, he could easily pass as an incredibly large brown.


Mind Voice: Leremith's voice isn't deep, but isn't high. It's just normal. When he's happy he sounds happy, and when he wants to make himself heard, he will.

- Golds, Kalestath and Oriath especially. Greens are too predictable, too easy. Golds on the other hand are mature, and can keep up with him both mentally and physically.
- Swimming in cold water, he hates the warm beaches of Fort Island.
- Hunting, the thrill of the chase is what entices Leremith, not necessarily the violent end. It's a shame that B'ron is usually occupied with Wingsecond duties, and does not hunt regularly with Jungle Wing.

- Reds, annoying tiny little things, he can't dislike blacks as he sired one of his own, but reds are all Neisoth's fault
- Being too hot, Leremith has been known to sunbake every once and a while, but hates when he is forced to stay outside in the heat after it has gotten to an uncomfortable temperature.
- Greens, he has never had an interest in them. They are too obvious, too desperate.


* AMICABLE : Quite the contrary to his rider, Leremith has to be the one to maintain a cool head in their relationship.

* FLIGHTS : Leremith has won many a flight in his lifetime, both through sheer power and tactical approaches. He knows when to hold back, and when to push his advantage.

* PATIENCE : Instead of getting bitter about it, Leremith will be patient and bide his time until he can catch Kalestath again.


* HUMOROUS : Leremith has a bit of a lewd sense of humour, which sometimes can come off as a little offensive to the more sensitive souls, although he usually reserves his comments for B'ron, who has remained consistently unamused by his dragon's humour.

* PROTECTIVE : Sometimes this could be seen as way too overprotective, Leremith is usually calm, but will fly off the handle at a slight to either one of his favourite Queens.

* GALLANT : Leremith will always wax eloquent about his current queen.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #8A5E55; Text: #EBD89D

Member Info...

Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: B'ron [06.06.2540] Bronze Rider/Weyrsecond
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2017, 08:02:44 AM »
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Re: B'ron [06.06.2540] Bronze Rider/Weyrsecond
« Reply #2 on: January 27, 2017, 01:30:18 PM »
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Re: B'ron [06.06.2540] Bronze Rider/Weyrsecond
« Reply #3 on: January 27, 2017, 08:11:46 PM »
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