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Author Topic: Approved Kaladesi [06.03.2565 9th Pass] Blue Rider  (Read 1164 times)

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Kaladesi [06.03.2565 9th Pass] Blue Rider
« on: January 28, 2017, 04:24:18 PM »

Play By:
Jane Levy

First Name:
Date of Birth:
06.03.2565 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
2579/14 Turns Old
Wing Rank:
Search Rider, Jungle Wing

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Standing at a small 4'10" and a slight 104lbs., Kaladesi has a lithe figure that sports a slight curve at the hip. Her bust is supple but not overly ample, which is accented by a rounded rear, giving her a feminine shape. Kaladesi dresses in an eclectic and unique style. Favoring loose fit clothing, the easier to take off the better, she adorns herself with self-made necklaces of beads and shells, as well as feathery headpieces and ear piercings. She normally keeps her hair cut short, as it is easier to maintain.  When the occasion calls for it, Kaladesi dresses down, glamorously, and wears form fitting, figure revealing attire. She holds herself upright, proud to be a woman riding a male dragon and honored to be in the Jungle Wing.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Kaladesi was born in the midst of the Catastrophe of the 9th Pass. All she knew growing up was the death of Riders and the keening peal of dragons. Such devastation was normalized for the woman at a young age. Looking back on the 9th Pass, she comprehends that it was an awful time, but due to the familiarization of the destruction at the time, it has left very few mental scars.

Response to dragon color mutations: Kaladesi finds the fact that the Weyrleader, S'bok, is not only an upstart, but a rider of the first black mutant revolting. As a rider of a blue dragon, she understands that things are done in a certain way for a reason. Greens and Blues support Browns and Bronzes in combat, they are lower ranked, and are expected to follow orders. The fact that the Weyrleader is untested and has Impressed to a monstrosity that should have been killed upon hatching is bad enough, but now, the black demon has spread his genetic mistake to hatch more blacks and even the puny red dragons.

Who are you...

The Wind: Just as she is a spirited woman, she knows that Pern is alive and speaks through the sound of the breeze through the trees. She knows that every leaf on the wind, every rustle of grass in a gust, is Pern's defiant cry against the menace of Thread and a call for the recovery of her fields and forests.

The Rain: Her affection for the rain is all encompassing. Kaladesi loves the smell of the air before the clouds empty, the sound of drops pattering on stone and the distant rumble of thunder, to the bright flashes of lightning as the skies pour out their fury. She loves the scent that rises from the damp ground after the sun comes back out.

Structure: Despite her love for the chaotic forces of nature and Pern, Kaladesi likes structure among people. While Mother Pern is primal, it is the duty of the Pernese to impose order and stability to their lives and the functions of nature around them. Holders are to tend to their holds, their herds, and their fields. Crafters are to tend to their crafts, recording Records and composing music, tending to the husbandry of animals, to hammer out metal from white-hot ingots. Riders are meant to fight and defend the Pernese from any danger that the population faces, be it Thread or Hunters. They are the true defenders of the Pernese.

Permanence: From relationships to life in the Weyr, Kaladesi does not like being tied down. While order and stability in the daily life is acceptable, to have one man or woman claim her as their mate, to see the same sights day in and day out, or to deal with disgruntled Holders and Crafters everyday, grates against her entire being.

Upstarts: Ranks are designed to place the most experienced individuals and the most capable individuals in leadership positions, so that they may function to the best of their abilities and lead those who are placed under them. Kaladesi does not like it when someone rises from the bottom, without putting in their due time, to the top of the chain of command. She respects the leaders that she has served under for Turns, but those who have not demonstrated their experience, she finds hard to respect.

Enclosed Spaces: While caves and tunnels are the bosom of Mother Pern, Kaladesi would rather be out in the open skies. She can not tolerate being enclosed for long periods of time and, after being enclosed, she must spend hours experiencing the winds and the open skies above her.


Mediation: Kaladesi is able to remain calm in tense situations and is the perfect choice for a mediator between two opposing view points. She is able to hear out both sides and come to a relatively fair response.

Weaving: Though she never apprenticed as a Weaver, Kaladesi has picked up a few tricks of the trade. When she is able to have a moment, the blue rider occasionally makes her way to the make-shift Weaver's Hall and observes their work. She's got a naturally talent for making fabric do what she wants it to do and most of her clothing is self made.

Hand to Hand Combat: Channeling the destructive forces of Mother Pern, Kaladesi is a fearsome sight in the sparring ring. Be it with a beltknife or her bare hands, she is a whirling dervish of a fighter.

Tracking: Though not normally a job for a Rider, Kaladesi is able to follow the signs of animals and people through the forests. Broken twigs, bent grass, even cracked tree nuts, all stand out to her, while on the trail, and she is able to follow such tracks easier than most.

Intimacy: With a mind for her partner's comfort, Kaladesi is known for her tender, yet passionate love. Between Flights, she is willing and free with her love towards any man or woman that can charm her to their bedfurs. Once they are intertwined with passion, Kaladesi satisfies her partner and puts their desire first.


Relationships: Not one for being bound by another, Kaladesi has a terrible time in relationships. Finding a man or woman to be with her is not the problem, but the moment that they want her to become a more permanent fixture, she backs out. Just as their lovely planet, Kaladesi cannot be truly tamed by another.

Light-Weight Drinker: Kaladesi gets drunk easily. The few times that she has had nettlesap or some of the brewers' new concoctions, one or two drinks is all it took. The next thing she remembers is being taken down from a tabletop and being forced to put her clothes back on. Needless to say, her Wingleader and Wingseconds keep a tight rein on her and alcohol.

Physical Strength: Being a small woman, the blue rider has difficulty keeping up in challenge of power. Her frame does not support the muscle mass needed to conduct high strength activities. She has to rely on the bigger members of her wing.

Watching Children: Kaladesi views children as the future of her people and the future guardians of Mother Pern. However, she does not want to be the one to take care of the little ones. Between their stench, how dirty they can be, and the screaming and crying, she would rather avoid children and babies all together.

Speaking with Holders: The unwilling and ungrateful cohabitants of Southern Winds Weyr infuriate Kaladesi. For years, the Dragonriders were all that stood between Holders and the threat of Thread or starvation. Yet, a few short years of living in a new, dangerous, home, the Holders complain about "mistreatment" and the "tyranny" of the riders.

Describe Yourself:

Free Spirit: Kaladesi is a self-described free spirit. Believing in the strength of the world on which they live, she flows with the freedom of the weather and passion of nature.

Disciplined: Some say that being a free spirit and have discipline are two characteristics that are at odds with each other. Kaladesi would argue them into oblivion if she heard this. She understands that there is a time for the flowing spirit of nature and that there is a time for the order and structure of mankind. When she is performing drills or is on duty, Kaladesi is as rigid and controlled as the next rider.

Passionate: In all that Kaladesi does, she puts her whole spirit into it. Be it patrols or hunting in the Jungle, dancing at dinner time, or rolling in furs with her chosen partner for the night, she does everything all out and like her life depended on it.

Fiery: Just as with all passionate things, Kaladesi can be a spit fire in conversation. Though she tries to temper her flame, the woman can be quick with an angry retort or spiteful comment towards those who cross her.

Obedient: The blue rider has learned, from early in life, that it is best to obey the orders of those above you. They know what the plan is and are not going to tell you to do anything that will intentionally cause you harm.

The Magic Touch: When it rains, and Kaladesi is off duty, she can most likely be found out in the Weyrbowl. Sometimes she's seen dancing in the rain, others times simply walking with a smile. She's even known to drag a lover into the pouring rain.


Mother: Kalamina, Weyrfolk, 2551
Father: D'roq of Minastoth, 2549 - 2571, Impressed 2562 Deceased: Threadfall

Siblings: Domiq, brother, 2560 - 2576, Candidate Deceased: Threadfall

Children: Kailia, daughter, Candidate, 2577

*A note as to why Kaladesi does not have more children: after the birth and infancy of her daughter Kailia, Kaladesi swore off having children. Whenever her time of the month seems delayed, her and Rodeth take an extra long jump between to rid herself of any potential offspring.

Tell us a story...

2565, 0 - Being the result of Flightlust, Kaladesi was born to a woman who worked in the kitchens and Lower Caverns of Fort Weyr. Her sire, a brown rider who had lost a green Flight, had satisfied his need with this woman and the little red headed girl was born 9 months later.

2571, 6 - Despite being the typical creche child and the offspring of Flightlust, Kaladesi's father had frequently visited the creche to see his daughter. However, one day, D'roq did not show up. For days, the little girl waited for her daddy to show up to play with her, but her never did. Heartbroken, her mother finally revealed that D'roq had died fighting Thread over Tillek Hold. Saddened by the grief of her mother, Kaladesi cried for a few days, before the innocence of childhood resumed and she returned to her normal, playful self.

2576, 11 - Kaladesi's older brother, Domiq was caught outside during Threadfall. Despite his frantic attempts to get back into the tunnels of the Weyr and the stout defense of the dragonriders, a Threadspore broke through the flaming shield above and consumed the boy mere feet from the protection of the stone tunnels of the Lower Cavern. Able to comprehend her brother's death, Kaladesi is devastated by the news. To this day, she maintains a dark secret: it was to her that her brother was running and she witnessed his death, unable to do anything about it.

2577, 12 - Still harboring the grief of losing her brother, Kaladesi is Searched from the Lower Caverns and starts her Candidacy. Between her curiosity and excitement, the training and classes, slowly, help her come to terms with her brother's death.

2579, 14 - After two years of constant Threadfall and constant Candidate classes, Kaladesi finds herself, once again on the hot sands of Fort Weyr's hatching ground. This time, however, she finds herself the subject of a little blue dragonet's attention. The blue hatchling revealed to her that his name was Rodeth. Despite the general belief that blue dragons were to bond to males or masculine females, Kaladesi was proud to be a feminine woman that was bonded to her little blue.

2581, 16 - Kaladesi and Rodeth graduate from Weyrling Training and join a wing of Riders that was predominately comprised of young riders with too little experience and older riders that were flying a little slower in their age. This wing was tasked with resupplying the fighting wings with firestone and replenishing their ranks when riders and dragons were slain and disappeared between. For the next six years, Kaladesi and Rodeth slowly increased their presence in the fighting wings and proved themselves capable fighters against the mindless evil that had killed Kaladesi's father and brother.

2587, 22 - Threadfall ends. Kaladesi did not expect the menace to ever disappear, but she lived to see the day where the skies were clear and people were free to step from their stony homes freely. What they saw in those days is best forgot. The land was ravished to the point that the remaining population had to migrate to a recently discovered, unmarred island to the west of the Northern Continent. That very same year, a mutant of a dragon, with black hide, hatched and impresses to a young man.

2589, 24 - That very same young man, on his black dragon's first Flight, rose to the position of Weyrleader when his mount, Neisoth caught the vaunted gold Kalestath. Irritated by the gall of such a creature and man, Kaladesi distanced herself from those who believed that this was a step in the right direction for Pern.

2590, 25 - Kaladesi flies in support of her wing as a Search Rider. She seeks to fill out the Jungle Wing with like minded, traditionalist fighters, who are willing to pull their weight and support the Weyr, Hold, and Craft by the strength of their backs and their dragons' wings.

Roleplay Sample
The air carried an earthy scent tonight. The breeze was slow and heavy, and on it, the birds' calls were slowed and separated. The Weyrbowl was damp, recently made wet by a pouring rain and the moisture of love. Kaladesi pulled herself from the tanned beauty that laid, panting on the wet grass. She trailed a finger down the length of her partner's leg, before returning her hands to her curly black hair that was splayed out on ground. Kaladesi brushed her lips against her partners and smiled. "You are always so passionate, Niema. The spirit of Mother Pern fills you and guides your touch in the heat of the moment."

With another kiss on the green rider's lips, the female blue rider rose to a seated position. A mixture of sweat and rainwater dripped from her neck, between her breasts, to pool in her belly button. She looked about and noticed a few prying eyes from some weyrs. She waved at the gawking men, unabashed by her nudity or the lewd acts that her and the lovely lady had just performed. Grinning from ear to ear, she slid back on top of the tanned woman and whispered in her ear. "Let's give them another show to watch." With a wink, she slid her tongue the entire length of the woman's neck, torso, and abdomen, only to express her appreciation of the female form once more....

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
V'len, Calladren, U'thar, T'nax, T'lor, T'veck
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Bring It On!

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Re: Kaladesi [06.03.2565 9th Pass] Blue Rider
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2017, 04:25:02 PM »

Image Credit:
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
2579 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 30 meters
Mature Height: 4 meters
Mature Wingspan: 49.8 meters

General Appearance...

When Rodeth first hatched, his hide was a dark cyan hue and seemed mostly matte in sheen. His legs appeared to be too short for his body and possessed, in gait, an appearance that was almost feline. As he grew, his color lightened to a shimmering teal that seemed to ripple into a darker shade as he moved. The abnormally short height that he possessed as a hatchling and dragonet persisted, though he grew to the full length that blue dragon normally does. He's just a little shorter than his brethren.


Mind Voice: Rodeth's voice is husky, like a man's voice that has sung his entire life and has worn his voice down to an empty husk.

Green Dragons - A true ladies man, Rodeth likes the attention of greens. He croons lovingly towards them and gives chase every chance he gets. The fact that his bonded is fine with whomever the rider of the green is means that he releases all inhibitions during a Flight and gives chase with everything that he's got.

Warm Sand - Just as Kaladesi loves the cool feel of the rain on her bare skin, Rodeth likes the scorching heat of the midday summer's sun on the sands of the beach. The little grains slough off any dead skin and scratch the itches that he can't reach.

Wrestling Drills - Out of all of the training that he does, Rodeth does not like wrestling drills. Though he is as large as the next big blue, he is still smaller than the browns and bronzes that are in his wing. Any time that he pairs up with one of them, he's beat down and does not like the feeling of losing.

Interruptions - As his rider, Rodeth is on a schedule when he is on duty. He is expected to be at certain locations, performing certain duties, at certain times. If his day is interrupted, the blue turns into a grouch and is moody for the rest of the day. The same goes whenever his relaxation time is interrupted.

Searching - Rodeth has a keen sense for the traditional minds that would make a good pairing for a dragonet. These Candidates tend to understand Weyr and Duty first and are of the same mindset as his rider and her wing.

Aerial Combat - Because of his abnormally short height, Rodeth is more aerodynamic than his counterparts. Dealing with less drag, the blue can reach speeds that are slightly faster than other blues and can twist in the air with greater mobility.

Stamina - The blue, though fast and nimble, cannot sustain high speeds or high levels of exertion for too long. He is a sprinter and needs to fall back to recover before joining back in the fight.

Passive-Aggressive - Since he is one of the lowest dragons in the pecking order, Rodeth does not outwardly express his irritation or disdain for others. Instead, he is moody and keeps his passive comments private and privy only to his rider.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #016a91; Text: #05d0d4

Member Info...

Anything Else:

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Re: Kaladesi [06.03.2565 9th Pass] Blue Rider
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2017, 06:56:17 PM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

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Re: Kaladesi [06.03.2565 9th Pass] Blue Rider
« Reply #3 on: January 28, 2017, 08:17:18 PM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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