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Author Topic: Approved Nycolus [33.08.2568 9th Pass] Holder / Wher Handler  (Read 1583 times)

Offline Kyya

Nycolus [33.08.2568 9th Pass] Holder / Wher Handler
« on: January 31, 2017, 07:08:17 PM »

Play By:

First Name:
Family Only are allowed to call him Nyc. All others are expected to call him by his full name.
Date of Birth:
33.08.2568 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Caleah d. 27.02.2590

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Not many would deny that Nycolus managed to inherit his almost pretty face from his mother. His eyes are lighter, more naďve and a touch of green glistening in their depths. Brown hair has only a slight wave to it, framing a long face and high forehead. A sharp jawline is made more prominent by the closely trimmed facial hair that mars an otherwise unblemished face.

Unlike his mother, Nycolus is tall, standing at one hundred and seventy centimeters. He is well muscled, with broad shoulders, thick legs and just that little bit of extra weight that singles him out as having had more access to food despite the catastrophe than what others would have had. His mother made sure he always had what he needed, and his health is a testament to that.

He holds himself proudly, despite the lack of standing in the society at Southern Winds Weyr. His clothing choice is sensible, yet identifiable, never patchy, always crisp and clean. A jacket made from wherhide in the winter, and a soft tunic for the warmer seasons. He even has the luxury of multiple belts to hold up his pants, wherhide having been easily accessible at Fort Hold, if not Southern Winds Weyr.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Nycolus’s mother made sure he was never left wanting. They always had food, shelter and clothes which made the catastrophe little more than a rumour the other holders spread to justify the appearance of so many others. It was, in fact, the refugees from other holds (and weyrs) that Nycolus had the most issue with, having learnt early on not to trust strangers. By the time he was old enough to understand the catastrophe was a legitimate problem, his mother had already made sure that she could provide everything they would need to live somewhat comfortably. To be perfectly honest ,the move to Southern Winds Weyr was more of a catastrophe for Nycolus than the catastrophe itself.

Response to dragon color mutations: He finds the hullabaloo over the mutations to be utterly pointless. A dragon is a dragon. If it were as much of a problem as the traditionalists among the weyrfolk believed, then they should destroy the eggs they believe were going to produce a mutant colour. Faranth knows the eggs would feed more than a few mouths. They weren't willing to prevent the so-called problem so they should learn to deal with the results, and stop trying to drag innocent holders into their petty squabbles.

Who are you...


Tavianna ; Nycolus’s mother has sacrificed everything to ensure a safe, happy home for her children and he owes her the world for it. Once he was old enough to understand the sacrifices she was making, he began doing whatever he could to make things easier for her. If she needs something, Nycolus will provide it, no matter the cost.

Winning ; Be it gambling or a wher fight, any win means more ability to provide for his family. He dedicates a least a half mark of his day to testing out various strategies for use in the gambling dens or helping Nycolussk train for upcoming bouts. Anything that can (fairly) give him an edge is useful, and he’s not one to sabotage his efforts just because you give him a sobstory.

Networking ; Not to be mistaken with socialisation, Nycolus works hard to seek out and maintain links in the watch-wher business in particular. Especially now that they’ve moved to Southern  Winds, and a lot of the underground scene has disappeared for fear of reprimand from the dragonriders. If there’s an event that allows him to test the waters with the various folk who made it to Southern Winds, expect him to be in the thick of it


Strangers ; Despite his love of networking, Nycolus has a strong distaste of peopĺe h does not know, particularly if he finds out they weren’t residents of Fort Hold prior to the move. He understands the value of social links, however it will take a lot of convincing for him to let you into his life. His family is too important to him for just any joe blow to be able to waltz on into his life.

Failure ; Mainly in himself, any loss, any time he feels as though he’s not met expectations, particularly when they can affect his family is utterly despised by Nycolus. His mother managed fine despite raising him and his siblings despite the constant threadfall of his childhood and if he can’t manage to do the same for his family then what does that make him?

Mess ;  a mess, to Nycolus, is the first sign that not everything is in order. If you can’t manage to keep home and hearth clean, what chance do you have of providing for yourself and your family. He understands that at times mess can’t be helped, but if you don’t spend that sometimes brief period after the job is done to ckean up then you’re not worth a second of his time.


* CLEVER : To be able to keep track of all the variables that may happen in the gambling dens, or identify the best strategy for a wher fight, all take a certain amount of intelligence that Nycolus appears to have little trouble with. He’s able to apply these wits to most situations, worming his way out of trouble every so often or getting a better turnaround for what effort he’s put in.

* STRUCTURED : He needs to have a plan for everything. His home is ordered. Wher fights are always researched in advance. He takes anywhere up to a full mark in the morning to plan his day, even putting aside additional time should he believe there may be delays caused. Such as a wher causing that bit of extra trouble when it’s meant to be butchered. He gives his children a little more leeway, but only so far as to allow for their own individuality to bloom. Certain parts of the day, such as the evening meal, must be strictly adhered to.

* CHARISMATIC : Blessed by the gift of the gap, Nycolus has the overall feel of someone on your side. This is someone who can sympathise with your plights. Understand what is happening and can be trusted without a doubt. Surely he wouldn’t do anything to screw you over? No. Nycolus is a wonderful person with all the capacity to tell you as much.

* LOGICAL : Nycolus doesn’t need a sob story to justify his actions, or the actions of others. As long as he can find the logical stages through which a person (or persons) have gone through to get to their current situation, he will be able to understand. It doesn’t matter whether he thinks it’s right or wrong, it is what It is and nothing can change that.

* QUICK : Physically and mentally, Nycolus is able to react to situations quickly and {often} in such a way that he himself benefits. This has come in handy when another wher handler has taken a swing at him because Nycolussk “Cheated” or when he’d misinterpreted a conversation with someone and almost gave the wrong person information about the underground wher-dealing that was occurring right under their noses.


* FAMILY : There’s not much Nycolus wouldn’t do if it would help any member of his family out. He learnt early on that you do whatever it takes for your blood, and he will do anything to ensure the safety of his. Unfortunately, that means he’s likely to put himself on the line for them regardless of how illogical that may appear.

* NYCOLUSSK : He’d bonded to the Bronze Wher out of a desire to assist his mother, so it was somewhat of a surprise to find that the bond between the two of them was a far cry from the rudimentary bond he had been expecting. It’s a blessing in disguise, that the Wher enjoys the fighting pits, because Nycolus would have had to have found another way to help his parents in providing for their family if he hadn’t been. And their bond was a bit too strong for him to have been able to send him in to be butchered so that he could bond to a second wher without losing a significant part of his soul. –That was if Tavianna would have even let him attempt that course of action.

* PRETTY : Good looks can get you far, but in a time where the hold was nothing but chaos, being pretty could get you in trouble. Apart from the one and only time a male holder had felt the need to add him to his stash of whores (much to the detriment of said person’s health), it can be difficult for people, on meeting Nycolus for the first time to look past his looks and take him seriously. It can become a problem when trying to establish business connections, or convincing someone that he isn’t the unworked layabout he appears.

* CRAFTLESS : There’s not exactly a knot for Wher Butchery or Fighting, so as far as much of the population of Southern Winds is concerned, Nycolus is nothing more than a labourer – and that only because he seems that little bit better off than your average drudge. Trying to get past that first impression can be daunting, and many a business partner has been lost because he was little more than a pleb. If he’d been able to find the time to pick up a craft – one that would allow him to practice his side projects while maintaining a solid standing within that craft he would have. But it wasn’t possible. And short of being allowed to visit him and seeing that he was much better off than his craftless station would suggest, no-one would be the wiser without his telling them.

* DISTANT : The chances of developing a close, personal relationship with Nycolus is slim to none. He’ll keep anyone who isn’t family at arms-length. This can pose some problems when it comes to trying to maintain solid business partnerships, but ultimately it is something he would rather not do without. Keeping people at a distance reduces the chance that he or his family members can be hurt.

Describe Yourself:

* QUIET: ----- There is no point in chattering all the time. Listening to the discussions going on around you can result in information more valuable than what you can glean through idle conversation.

* LOYAL: ----- Once you’re in, you’re in. There is no middle ground. If you’ve made it this far, shards to anyone that would give you grief. I will always have your back.

* MUMMY’S BOY: ----- I owe everything I am to my mother, and everything I am will be given to her tenfold. For without her, I would be nothing.

* STUBBORN: ----- I’ve made up my mind, and nothing you can say will change it. I don’t decide to do anything lightly, and I’m not about to step aside from what I know to be right just because you think you know better.

* PATIENT: ----- There is a time and a place for everything. It is just a matter of having the drive to wait and see the best course of action. It might take a second, it might take a turn, but you’ll be better off for having waited than had you just rolled on in without testing the waters first.

The Magic Touch: Perseverance. He may not seem very approachable but give him time and you’ll find Nycolus to be a warm, living person.


Mother: Tavianna Lady Butcher, 19.06.2555 9th Pass
Father: Notkerric (Adoptable)

Born 2571. Tresrissa (Adoptable)
Born 2575. Nealros (Adoptable)

All Adoptable
2582: Nylea
2584: Caeleu
2585: Haely
2588: Leucus

Tell us a story...

* 2568, 0 Nycolus is born the turn High Reaches Hold falls. He causes his mother some grief, as her family are too busy dealing with the catastrophe to assist, however is not left wanting because of it.

* 2569, 1 Tavisk is introduced to their small family unit.

* 2571, 3 Tresrissa is born. Tillek Hold and Fisher Crafthall fall. The survivors move to Fort and Nycolus experiences his first sense of over population. Despite being so young, he tries to help his mother by looking after Tresrissa as much as possible.

* 2575, 7 Nealros is born and his grandmother dies. Tresrissa is old enough now that Nycolus is able to look after the majority of her needs. Nycolus is also old enough to take care of Nealros fore most part and throws himself into the chore with gusto, pleased that he can help his mother out. He’s o enough now to understand that Tavianna does a lot more than what is seen on the surface and is happy he can contribute in some way.

* 2576, 8 Starts showing interest in the business side of Whers and keeps an eye out for a hatchling that would be worthwhile bonding to while maintaining the general care of his siblings for his mothers sake. Tavianna does not want him bonding with a wher yet, encouraging him instead to “Go out and enjoy yourself”. In between taking care of his siblings and helping around the house, Nycolus begins to venture into the realm of Wher Fights. He decides that his wher will be a fighter, and tries to see how the wher fighting world would benefit his mothers butchery business.

* 2579, 11 Nycolus is approached by an older gentleman who tries to elicit his “services”. When Nycolus refuses, explaining in no uncertain terms the things he would rather do, the man left him be. It wasn't the end of the situation, however, with a group of older men, their jeering insults and not-so-empty threats identifying them as working on behalf of the earlier man, following him home that evening. Nycolus had noticed the en earlier, and while he dare not speak out loud, had hoped that getting to the safety of his home would have deterred them. On the contrary, they thought he was cornered, and advanced on him with every intention of forcing him into service with their master.

Unfortunately for them, Tavisk, the beautiful beast, was waiting at the door as she normally would, knowing full well when her bonded's loved ones would be getting in. When her growl went unheeded, she attacked the idiot holders, leaving behind nothing but a few more bodies that would be just a casualty of the catastrophe.

It was with a cold apathy that Nycolus watched the short-lived battle, though he remained indoors with Tavisk for a few days after the incident, not really wanting to leave the protective shadow of the gold.

* 2580, 12 Nycolus’s grandfather dies and he decides that is the turn to start moving forward. His siblings are that little bit older and he is given permission to look for a Wher he wants to impress to. Wants to improve Tavianna’s links in the underground Wher Community and so looks for a bronze that appears worthy enough to chase Tavianna’s Wher when she runs, as well as be a decent fighter for the fighting rings. Impresses to Nycolussk near the end of the turn, and adds care of the Bronze to his care of both siblings. He discovers that Wher’s that are unable to earn a keep in the pits make a good source of meat for Tavianna when their bonded’s debts become too high. Ventured into the gambling dens to figure out how those games worked for those times when wher fighting wouldn’t be very productive.

* 2581, 13 Tavianna arranges for a young girl to marry Nycolus in payment for a wher-egg that will allow her to join the peacekeepers. Nycolus is quite pleased by the prospect, despite having never met the girl before. Caleah was a lively young woman and since she had Tavianna's blessings, Nycolus found himself falling for her even before being asked if he would be willing to marry her. They are married later in that turn. Caleah is a fort native and despite benefitting from the advantages that came from Tavianna’s business and Nycolus’s success in the gambling dens, remains oblivious to where their wealth comes from beyond the sale of Tavisk’s eggs. Nycolus does not mind that this is the case, and while not secretive about Tavianna's business, does nothing to stop her from being in the dark about the butchery going on, particularly when her attitude towards her hatchling wher stems more from affection than a sense of duty.

* 2582, 14 The birth of his first child, a daughter named Nylea. She is immediately absorbed into the family unit and Nycolus vows to give her as much of a leg up in the world as he can manage. Since he still lives under Tavianna’s roof, this is not as hard a duty as what it could have been. Tavisk and Nycolussk provide an extra level of security, Nylea never being without a wher nearby as she grows. Caleah and Calesk have almost graduated to become fully qualified peacekeepers and Nycolussk starts to win the first of their matches after a rocky start. Despite the chaos surrounding the constant threadfall, his mother has done her duty well and they want for nothing under her roof. Caleah and Nycolus take it in turns to look after Nylea and Nyc's siblings. Nycolus looking after them for most of the day, while Caleah took the night shift. Allowing Nycolus to enter the fighting pits with Nycolussk. An occupation that Caleah is aware of, and doesn't mind so long as Nycolussk is looked after correctly should he get injured.

* 2584, 16 The birth of his second child, another daughter named Caeleu. While he wouldn't mind a son, Nycolus loves the smallest addition to his family and tasks Nycolussk with ensuring that Nyleah and Caeleu are only ever out of his sight when Tavisk is around. Knowing the Gold wher would look after them just as she had him when he was a babe. Caleah is only home long enough to ensure Caeleu is comfortable before resuming her duties as a Peacekeeper. She returns in the evenings to look after their children while Nycolus participates in fights and/or gambling to assist with maintaining their comfort in the hold. Their home is crowded, by Nycolus wouldn't have it any other way.

* 2585, 17 Haely comes along. Another girl, and a concerned moment as he realises he cannot watch all his children at once, let alone keep track of his siblings. As their family unit grows, the cynicism towards outsiders does as well. Nycolus and Nycolussk know most wher fighters on sight and have accrued a nice reputation with the bronze wher fighting community.

* 2587, 19 End of 9th Pass The move to Southern Winds Weyr – Fort Weyr is abandoned and Caleah has a miscarriage due to the journey to Southern Winds Weyr. Nycolus resents the forced abandonment of his home, and the loss of business caused by the wher sympathises now sharing their home. He blames the riders for the loss of his fifth child and starts assisting in the push for a separate hold for the holders to be able to continue with their traditions without the intervention of the dragon riders.

* 2588, 20 They are graced with the birth of his only son Leucus. There were definitely tears shed as he first held the tiny boy. With Wher Fights near-impossible to find in their new home, Nycolussk is able to focus his attention on all four of the children, often letting them clambour onto his back as he ferries them around the tunnels - Nycolus requiring the bronze wher to escort the children whenever they ventured away from their home. Though he finds being under a weyr leadership stifling at best, Nycolus manages to round up a few of his associates from Fort Hold willing to, when the opportunity presents itself, restart their underground endeavors. In the meantime, Nycolus gets around as a general labourer. Working hard to ensure that his family gets their fair share of the rations and chafing at the restrictions placed on the holders now stuck in the weyr.

* 2589, 21 It is with great anticipation that Nycolus hears of the construction of First Hold beginning. Here was the opportunity he had been waiting for. The sooner the construction could be completed, the sooner they would be able to return to their hold lifestyle. He, Caleah, Nycolussk and Calesk are some of the first to nominate themselves to assist in the construction. The sooner they could get out of the weyr the better. Besides, what better position could he be in where he could scope out a possible site for them to return to the comfortable lifestyle they had before.

* 2590, 22 Caleah and Calesk are killed by hunters during the devastating attack while clearing land at Mine Hall. Nycolus was there with Nycolussk, though the bronze’s warning came too late for them to get to Caleah and Calesk before a pair of hunters had run off with them. Caleah was pregnant at the time, and Nycolus finds himelf blaming the dragonriders for the loss of a second child, as well as his wife. When the lockdown is announced, Nycolus finds himself stranded at the mine hall, having spent additional time there to moarn his losses as appropriate for a holder. Despite his emotional pain, Nycolus sees this as an opportunity to further investigate their options with regards to their aspiring business endeavours.

”You shouldn’t be helping them. Not today. Not in your condition.” Nycolus’s voice was as level as always, only those close to him would notice the subtle worry that clouded his eyes. The Bronze Wher was beside him, his soft grumbles and gentle mental push intended to assist his bonded in convincing the stubborn little woman that was Nyc’s wife.

Calesk, proddy as ever, slipped between the bronze and her own bonded, hissing angrily at the other wher. Caleah, in stark contrast smiled kindly, reaching out to caress  her husband’s jaw – a motion meant to reassure him. “I’m not so heavy yet as to make moving difficult, and Calesk will be doing all the work. I’m just there to direct her.” When the worry didn’t fade from his eyes, she laughed, turning pick up the light shirt that she’d placed on the bed. “You and Nycolussk can come too, you know. You’ll end up working but it’s not like it’s going to kill you, Nyc.”

The young man sighed at that, having noticed the determined set of his wife’s shoulders, not to mention the still hissing green wher that seemed more than capable of giving Nycolussk a scar or two, let alone what she’d do to him if he tried to force Caleah to stay. The stubborn woman would probably sneak her way down to the site despite any restrictions on his part. “Fine. But Calesk needs to keep her mind open to Nycolussk at all times. Any sign of danger and we’re taking you out of there, never mind what you think at the time.” He growled, stomping on over to their chest and pulling out a pair of thick, brown wher-hide boots – the last gift from his mother prior to the abandonment of his home. He tried not to wear them often, mainly because he wasn’t sure how long it would be until there was a sufficient butchery happening to make the leather more available, but this would be heavy work for him, if not his wife, and he wanted to be as prepared as possible for the day ahead.


Everything started out fine. It was incredibly hot, and the dragonriders were their usual arrogant selves, setting themselves up in the middle of the work site and lording it over them as per normal. He was strapping Nycolussk to a particularly hefty looking tree when an odd shiver went through their bond.

The Bronze Wher had been having a few issues with the light, and for a moment, Nycolus thought the odd feeling might have been because the blindfold had slipped. But it happened again, and an immense worry pressed down on their connection.

Reacting quickly, Nycolus lifted his head, scanning the treeline for his wife and her green wher, certain that she wouldn’t be far. They’d been working almost side by side the entire day.

She couldn’t be that far away.

“CALEAH!” He yelled, as chaos erupted all around him.
They were lucky.

They were not the first targets.

Nycolus fumbled with Nycolussk’s straps, trying to unhitch him from the fallen tree as screams erupted all around him. He swore as he slipped, desparate to release his wher. Knowing the creature would hone in on Caleah and Calesk the second he was free.

Knowing that every heartbeat he delayed meant that his wife and unborn child were in danger.

The Wher’s concern was thundering through Nycolus’s skull as he finally managed to release the wher. A vague impression of Calesk and a feeling of confusion telling Nycolus that the wher had been unable to give Caleah the early warning the bronze had given him.

Nycolussk surged forward, his mind-thoughts narrowing to the feelings he associated with Caleah and Calesk.

Affection. Protection. Happiness.

Nycolus couldn’t think. Wasn’t able to process what was happening around him. Hunters had appeared out of nowhere and were killing with reckless abandon.

He saw her then. A beacon in the masses of bodies. Of dragons, Whers, hunters and humans alike all streaming away. Trying to make sense of the attack.

Caleah was there. Her round face set in a scowl as she calmly – always so calm – worked to sooth her wher. The green had become tangled in her straps, and despite everything that was happening Caleah was trying to free her.

Nycolus was furious.

Caleah was safe for now, but it was only a matter of time before the stupid little wher drew the attention of the hunters. He straightened up, intending on dragging his wife away from the pitiful green. He would get her another wher from Tavisk’s next clutch. A better one. One that wouldn’t be so idiotic as to put the woman in danger like that. Who would stand calmly when straps needed to be undone instead of jumping around like a wherry-brain.

He didn’t get more than two steps closer when he was stopped by one of the dragon riders that were meant to be protecting them.

“Into the hall.” He growled, grabbing at Nycolus’s arm and turning him around, shoving him towards the hall where people were scrambling for shelter.

“My wife-“ Nycolus tried, but the rider just turned around, his wingmates creating a wall as the urged him away. He saw her briefly past their shoulders. Her eyes locking with his as she gave him an exasperated smile.

How was she so calm?!

He wordlessly ordered her away from the wher, the hard set of his mouth ignored by a self-depreciating shrug.

She loved that wher. She was not going to leave its side. “Nycolussk. Go to her” he growled, adding a mental urging to the command and almost, for a moment, thinking everything was going to be alright. Nycolusk nosed his way past the riders easily, their attention on trying to contain the situation and not on one little wher who wouldn’t listen.

But then Nycolussk sent back such a gut wrenching feeling of pain. Not physical. But pure, harsh emotion that caused Nycolus to fall, reeling, to his knees. When he got back to his feet. When Nycolussk returned to his side and started urging him towards the weyr hall. When he realised that neither Caleah or Calesk was with him.

Nycolus knew.

Through a temporary gap in the wall of so called defenders Nycolus saw the spot where his wife had been. Where she had smiled so sweetly a heartbeat before. Only the torn straps from Calesk’s harness, still tangled in the trees roots were visible.

Two more casualties for which bodies would never be recovered.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Bring. It. On
Anything Else:
Family members have been left intentionally vague. Siblings and father identified from Sanctified Savage’s App. For Tavianna, Nycolus’s mother. Considering that, Nycolus’s Children are also up for adoption. They can be whatever you want them to be 

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Offline Kyya

Bronze Wher Nycolussk
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2017, 07:09:05 PM »

Image Credit:
Lineart: cweinman
Coloured by: Sir Alahn
Wher Details

Date of Birth:
27.12.2580 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
A pathetic looking egg with a dull, dark speckling on one side and almost flat on the other. It was a surprise that it wasn’t a dud, let alone that it would produce a bronze hatchling as big as Nycolussk.
Mature Length: 3.5m
Mature Height: 1.5m

General Appearance...

When he first breached his tiny little egg, it looked as though he’d grow into a large bronze worthy of being one of Tavisk’s clutch. His colouring was a solid, dark bronze except for the spattering of lighter stripes around his extremities. His skin was almost baggy and his feet much too big for his body, though wings seemed as though they’d be able to support his full weight if he tried to fly. As he grew, however, it became apparent that almost everything about his tiny hatchling self was a fallacy.

The growth spurts that usually came with being a bronze didn’t seem to happen with Nycolussk, instead everything seemed to grow at a trundle-bug’s pace. His muscles never seemed to quite fill his skin, his wings might as well have shrunk, and his feet to leg ratio barely changed at all. That is until his twelfth month.

His muscles finally filled his skin, though they were not so firmly packed as one would expect, while his legs lengthened to offer him more height than normal. His feet finally suited his body, though he was perhaps a little more lithe than one would expect of a Bronze, heavily muscled tail alone becoming half his length. His wings were stunted, adding little bulk to his width when folded. He had, overall, become quite an agile Wher, and despite being small for his size, his proportions made him well suited for fighting.

Perhaps the most significant change as he reached adulthood, however, was the colour change that occurred in a similar fashion to his clutch mother’s. As he reached maturity, the dark bronze lightened, almost shimmering with the golden highlights that gave it the definitive metallic sheen. His wing membranes were slightly darker, retaining a fraction of his original colouring, though glistening highlights leant them a surprising beauty. His lighter stripes became almost white, and an orange-bronze speckling adorned his underside. His pretty patterns, bright colours and agile proportions made him an almost pretty wher. A testament to the Monster Gold who was his mother.


Empathetic: Nycolussk is a quiet Wher, his emotions brushing up against Nycolus with all the tenderness of a mother’s caress. There is always the unwavering sense of loyalty and trust, though Nycolus usually must enquire specifically after the Wher’s thoughts for anything except the strongest of emotions. He is not stunted, mentally, like his clutchmother, and will, on the rare occasion, share a word or image or two with Nycolus when the mood suits.


Competition ; Mainly Fights and Mating Runs, Nycolussk thrives in the environment that comes with competitions. He wants to win, and he’s willing to do what it takes to beat the other Wher’s into submission. Winning something gives him a focus point, and is often followed up with some quality time with his bonded.

Children ; While not quite as cuddly as his clutchmother, Nycolussk has definitely managed to inherit her love of children within his family unit. He’s not very vocal about it, but he’ll often make sure he’s present when the little ones are running around, in a place and position where the children will be unable to resist the urge to clamber around him. On the same note, he’ll also gravitate towards a child when they’re ill, and can be quite stubborn about leaving them until they are up and running once more. It does seem to be specific only to the children in his family unit, including nieces and nephews of his bonded, and does not extend to non-human babies.


Injuries  ; When you end up having to lay low following any sort of injury, you start to despise even the slightest scratch. It makes him more cunning in events where other whers are involved, but even the most cautious wher is unable to prevent injuries all the time. Even catching a gold in a mating run can end up with one (or both) parties being injured in some way, and since a wound will be picked apart in the fighting rings, even minor ones will result in Nycolus asking Nycolussk to lay low for a while.

Watch-Whers ; Excluding those bonded to people identified as “family”, Nycolussk is quite territorial and will not allow Wher’s to be around him long. It makes him that bit more aggressive in the fighting ring, and allows Nycolus to continue to assist with his mother’s business without interruption.


* AGILE : Longer legs, short wings and just a tad less bulk than your average bronze lends Nycolussk an uncanny advantage in the fighting pits. Outranked only by Queen Watch-Whers, and more lithe than your average Bronze, Nycolussk can more than hold his own in a one on one battle.

* PATIENT : A calm Wher, Nycolussk will not hesitate to sit and wait for things to come to him. He can and will give a prompt here and there if he needed food, for example, but he’s not going to start attacking everything in sight should his request be taking too long to fulfil. This comes in handy in the fighting pits, where he will often wait for the other Wher to make a move before engaging in a fight.


* SINGLE MINDED : Once he’s committed to doing something, Nycolussk will not rest until it is completed, regardless of the risk. He can only focus on one thing at a time, and will have trouble following multiple instructions at once. During a fight, this means he focusses only on the one opponent., and when working, it means Nycolussk must always be on hand to tell him each step that needs to be taken as it needs to be taken.

* THIN HIDE : A scratch for your normal Watch-Wher becomes a gash for Nycolussk, his hide not as thick as what it should be. This means injuries take longer to heal, and he can find himself ordered to remain still for large periods of time, particularly when the injury is in a more vulnerable area.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Nycolussk will always chase when Tavisk runs, despite her being his clutchmother.

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Re: Nycolus [33.08.2568 9th Pass] Holder / Wher Handler
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Re: Nycolus [33.08.2568 9th Pass] Holder / Wher Handler
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Re: Nycolus [33.08.2568 9th Pass] Holder / Wher Handler
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Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Wher Details

Date of Birth:
20.05.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Mine Hall
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
Lusk's egg was small and dense, far more wrinkly on one side than on the other, as though it had been pinched on one side to tighten the surface of it almost smooth on one half and all ridged and bumpy on the other. It was a dark russet color with faint streaks of grey.
Mature Length: 2.7M
Mature Height: 0.9M

General Appearance...

Lusk is undeniably pretty for a wher, most of her body a tea or pale apple green that makes her look quite soft. Along her spine, from nose to tailtip, she is faintly darker, with a mixture of crepuscular stripes and dappling like sun through leaves, the latter of which extends onto her limbs. Her wingsails darken from edge to digits, likewise dappled, with the darkest parts toward the joints.

She's toward the smaller side for a Green, barely over two and a half meters long and of average height at the shoulder. For all that, though, she is decidedly not delicate. Lusk will be a very round baby when she hatches, and while most of that fat will melt away to muscle as she grows, she'll always be stocky and solidly built.


Empathetic: While her bond with Nycolus is soft and gentle, Lusk herself is a very no-nonsense Green. She'll get in the thick of things, get things done, and get out. Her handler's feelings about whers of her colors will have no effect on her, and the link between them will remain strong and clear, but softened by her affections for him.


Cleanliness : Messes annoy her. Everything should be in its place. It'll make her all the more annoyed when she runs into something because it was left out or moved.

Routine : Along with that, Lusk does not like change. She prefers things to stay the way they are, and will function best within some kind of set schedule. If there's a task or set of tasks Nycolus wants her to do everyday, at the same time, it will be like a dream come true for her.


Sillyness : Except when she's entertaining her handler's children, Lusk doesn't stand much for any kind of nonsense. She's not even the sort to play with other whers, unless she's absolutely sure there's nothing else more responsible she should be doing. Those who seem too frivolous will earn her annoyance.

Being Thwarted : Lusk has a very low tolerance for frustration, and will attempt to remove or outright destroy things that get in her way or prevent her from doing something she thinks or has been told needs doing.


* HUNTER SENSE : Lusk is a wher with very keen senses, both physically and telepathically. She'll be able to detect the approach of Hunters long before they reach the clearing outside the Mine Hall, and she'll act quickly when she does. This Green will never be one to freeze in danger, and she will make it very clear that it is time to leave.

* HERDING INSTINCT : This Green would have made a good sheepdog. Such as it is, she'll fall naturally into the role of nannying Nycolus' children if he lets her. In particular, she'll demand to always know where they are, and will let him know immediately if any of them wander off or get into trouble -- as well as doing her best to protect and direct them at the same time.


* TERRITORIAL : When it comes to people who aren't part of Nycolus' family, or whers that are not bonded to those people, Lusk has little tolerance for strangers in what she sees as her and her handler's space. Some might think it cute for such a small Green wher to be so pushy about such a thing, but they'll only think that until she does serious damage to their legs. Nycolus may have a bit of work ahead of him teaching her it's not okay to just bite people.

* COLOR BLIND : Whers might not rely on their vision much anyway, but Lusk will have a difficult time distinguishing certain shapes or objects in particular because the color of them looks different to her than to anyone else. If Nycolus tries to teach her using such things, there are definitely instances in which she will become easily frustrated and confused.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Have fun, Nycolus. >:3

When she's mature, Lusk will Run on 23.3. She will not be a Force Catch, unless you have strong preferences otherwise. <3

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