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Author Topic: Approved Y'kin [ 21.10.2561 / Brown Rider ]  (Read 2138 times)

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Y'kin [ 21.10.2561 / Brown Rider ]
« on: February 04, 2017, 07:41:54 AM »

Play By:

First Name:
None. He has always refused to answer to anything but his full name, or - since his Impression - his honorific.
Date of Birth:
21.10.2561 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr.
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Prairie Wingrider
Y'kin has no weyrmate and very little interest in anything permanent or committed. He's a big believer in the promiscuity and polyamory of weyr life. Gender does not factor into whether or not he's attracted to someone.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Y'kin is a rather unassuming looking man, without the bulk, above-average height, or force of presence that many others have. Instead, he's the sort of figure that fades into the background, which suits him just fine -- all the better to observe from. He doesn't go out of his way to draw attention to himself, and will almost never be the center of attention. This Brown rider is much more the type to be found on the fringes of a given situation, expression just as inscrutable as the rest of him.

That's not to say that he's overly shy or withdrawn in on himself. On the contrary, Y'kin carries himself with the quiet assurance of someone who doesn't experience much self-doubt. But his expression is usually distant, even unfocused as he's caught up in the realm of his own thoughts. With gentle, dark eyes and a soft mouth, he does not look like a person of authority; Y'kin's lips are often chapped because he chews on them almost constantly, and his hair comes in thick and soft.

He favors practical clothing of plain shirts and pants, usually in greys, browns, or the off-white of undyed cloth. The flashiest thing about his garments are his riding leathers, which Y'kin keeps polished to a high sheen, a habit born out of turns of duty and pride in what he does. Y'kin's few distinguishing marks include a scattering of small moles on his face, neck, and upper arms, and a series of small Threadscore scars across the backs of his shoulders and arms. Crossed arms, leaning against something, is a common posture for him.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: For the nearly ten turns that Y'kin flew Threadfall, he didn't really live. With everything so precarious, and death so ever-present and close, he spent that time numb to almost everything around him. Wake up, fly Threadfall; eat; sleep; repeat. There wasn't much room for anything else, be that grieving, joy over the birth of children, or searching for the members of his family that might have survived. While he did manage to have a few children that he now visits in the Creche, Y'kin didn't grow close to many people or have much room for anything else in his life. This has only added to his perceived aloofness. All in all, he regards the Pass with the haziness of a bad nightmare. As exhausted as he and the other riders were for so long, there are chunks of time that he scarcely remembers save for in fire, cold, and numbed grief.

Response to dragon color mutations: Frankly, Y'kin doesn't really give a damn. He finds the Blacks and Reds to be interesting, but doesn't think they're worth all the fuss that has been kicked up about them. They're healthy, aren't they? Functional? Then what's the problem? So long as they aren't diseased or a danger to other dragons or people, he doesn't see why everyone's so worried. His concerns about S'bok's abilities as Weyrleader are entirely based upon his age and lack of experience rather than the color of the dragon that he rides. That's not to say that Y'kin is a champion of the new colors; he just prefers to avoid discussions of it all because it doesn't matter to him.

Who are you...

Family : Probably in part because he grew up with no knowledge of who his family members were, much less that there were so many of them, Y'kin has a deep yearning to belong. Reuniting with his mother opened the door to all of that, and he was pleasantly surprised to discover just how much family he has. And as such, he's still in the process of getting to know them all -- but he'd like relationships with as many of them as possible, and will take a very intense interest in their lives.

Quiet : Y'kin isn't shy, exactly, but he doesn't like being the center of attention in a crowded room. He'd much rather observe from the fringes with a few close friends. This also extends to a love for either very early or very late hours when most of the weyr is asleep and things are relatively still.

Atypical work : Though he'll never complain about the more mundane or typical of rider duties, one of the reasons Y'kin enjoys being in Prairie Wing is that they get to do such a variety of tasks. His particular favorites include aiding the Crafthalls, since it allows him a glimpse of life very different from his own.

Monsoon season : Something about extended rainfall just makes Y'kin feel more connected to the planet. He sees it as the opposite of Threadfall in a way, since it brings life to the earth rather than death. And while the weather might be less than ideal for drills, he doesn't mind it as much as other riders might.

Disrespect to Crafters : He sees them as just as important in keeping Pern moving as Riders are, and won't tolerate those who speak ill of them. This puts him in a rather difficult position given the tensions in the weyr right now, since he's sympathetic to their concerns but still bound by his duty to the weyr.

Posturing : Y'kin doesn't feel he has anything to prove, and gets impatient with those who feel like they constantly have to reinforce their own station or power. If someone's being disrespectful or breaking the chain of command, sure. But someone throwing their weight around just to make themselves feel important irks him.

Shouted Arguments : They don't necessarily make him uncomfortable, but he thinks they're pointless. Nine times out of ten, things can be solved with diplomacy or a compromise. Raising your voice just makes people shut down all the faster and slow down getting to a solution everyone can be satisfied with.

Elitists : Just because you're doing a different job, riding a different color, or were born into a different life doesn't mean you're any better than anyone else. Y'kin just avoids these types of people as a general rule because he doesn't want to waste his time listening to them talk about their egos.


* STEADY : As every good Brown rider should be, Y'kin is dependable, responsible, and not easily fazed by much. Very little gets to him, and he doesn't lose his mind or his composure during an emergency. While he might not go out of his way to pick up extra duties or chores, he'll complete whatever's assigned to him without complaint or procrastination. He just wants to get to relax afterward.

* FRUGAL : Money and marks might not be in use any more, but Y'kin would have been a good accountant if life had led him that way. He has a good mind for how numbers work, and he's both careful and efficient with supplies, food, time, and anything else that might need to be rationed or managed. He's not a wasteful person by any means.

* INDEPENDENT: This rider doesn't really care what other people think about him, even if it's negative. Anyone who might dislike him will find it one-sided, since Y'kin lets insults or bad opinions roll off his back with no fuss. The few opinions he will actually care about are those of the family members he wants to have a good relationship with. But if he ends up not getting along with some of them on a deeper level, he'll accept that too without being dramatic. Y'kin will just cut his losses and move on.

* METICULOUS : Having an eye for detail, he tends to notice and remember things that other people don't. Y'kin knows that in seeing the bigger picture, you have to be able to pick out all the little pieces and understand them too. Otherwise the whole won't fit together properly or function as it should.

* ARTICULATE : Y'kin has no issue putting his thoughts or feelings into words, and rarely minces them; he has a knack for explaining things, and would be a good public speaker if he cared enough to hone the skill. It would be an extremely rare occurrence to find him tongue-tied or at a loss for what to say.


* SKEPTICAL : If something is too good to be true, it usually is. Y'kin has difficulty believing good news or optimism, because he just doesn't think it's realistic. He'll always have doubts about something that seems too good, and won't hesitate to ask insightful questions. Y'kin is very much the sort of person to be suspicious of supposed good fortune.

* ESCAPIST : Despite his skepticism, Y'kin never quite lost the habit of daydreaming and seeking something better. It can sometimes distract him from reality, because he wants so badly to be an optimist even though he doesn't think it's reasonable to be. This only adds to how aloof he can seem at times, as he regularly gets lost in his own thoughts.

* INSECURE : He wants so very badly to belong to something. So much of his life he hasn't known who his family is, and now he's clinging to the ones he's managed to find that survived the 9th Pass. He would like to have a good relationship with them if at all possible, and they'll be some of the few people whose opinions he cares about.

* PASSIVE : While Brown riders are usually fairly laid-back, Y'kin is to the extreme. He tends to go with the flow without complaint or comment, to the point that some might think he's lazy or just doesn't care. Which isn't completely untrue. He just doesn't put forth the effort to be bothered about most things.

* DISTANT: Y'kin tends to hold most people at a distance, but iit's not out of a fear of being hurt or distrust. He's just a very private person who doesn't often reveal his innermost thoughts. This can make him difficult to get to know, and there are no doubt some people who think he's stuck-up and aloof out of a sense of superiority. Really, he's just lost in his own thoughts and not very talkative.

Describe Yourself:

* MILD-MANNERED: While seeming aloof most of the time, Y'kin is actually very polite. He's not one to raise his voice or much of a fuss about anything, nor be particularly cruel or dismissive of people. If he seems like he's blowing you off or not paying attention, odds are he's just distracted.

* NON-TRADITIONAL: Not giving a toss about traditions or anything like that, Y'kin will readily have friends from all walks of life, both riders and non-riders, and doesn't see anything wrong with that. He has no hesitation about going against something that is established if a new way could be better.

* STUBBORN: In his own quiet way, despite his lack of concern about traditions, Y'kin can get as entrenched in things as a watchwher -- whether that be a way he likes doing things, or his own viewpoints, he's hard to sway once he has his mind set on something.

* SEDATE: Y'kin doesn't get visibly excited about a lot; it just isn't his way. It's sometimes difficult to tell if something really gets to him, either making him happy or upsetting him. He can seem serene to the point he's unreadable.

* HONEST: If someone does bother to ask his opinion, they'll get what he actually thinks. Y'kin doesn't offer much unless directly confronted or asked, but he doesn't see the point in lying or beating around the bush.

The Magic Touch: When he's thinking about something, Y'kin has the tendency to chew on his bottom lip. If he's been daydreaming for a long stretch of time, he'll sometimes accidentally bite too hard and draw blood. Aduskoth does his best to interrupt him before it gets to that point.


Mother: Yinaya of Rantasyth. Prairie Wingrider. Born 2547. Impressed 2564.
Father: Y'kin doesn't know who his father is, since Yinaya doesn't either. As a child, he always thought his father had to be a rider.

Aunts & Uncles:
Y'vis of Xnyeth. Jungle Wingrider.  Born 2535. Impressed 2552.
Y’rin of Ondorth. Born 2533. Impressed 2547.  Died 2557.
L’kan of Quorlith. Born 2538. Impressed 2559.
L'del of Indulth. Mountain Wingrider. Born 2541. Impressed 2553.
Lakanya of Meirleth. High Reaches Jr. Weyrwoman / Fort Weyr Jr. Weyrwoman. Born 2545. Impressed 2563. Died 2583.

Yestine of Tanilith. Jungle Wingrider. Born 2560. Impressed 2573.
Cayalla. Jr. Journeyman Glassmith. Born 2563.
K'zaya of Fyenoruth. Born 2566. Impressed 2587.
Ysveta. Candidate Born 2572.
Yaina. Weyrbrat. Born 2582.
Sibling. Weyrbrat. Born 2584.

Meyliah. Weyrfolk. Born 2551. 
Y'tol of Bayorth. Jungle Wingrider. Born 2554. Impressed 2569.
Losolda. Rider of Rynesth. Born 2555. Impressed 2567. Died 2575.
K'ton. Rider of Stroth. Born 2556. Impressed 2569. Died 2579.
L'ale. Rider of Illoth. Born 2559. Impressed 2571.
L'nal. Rider of Skeleeth. Born 2559. Impressed 2571.
S'yech. Rider of Turath. Born 2562. Impressed 2574. Died 2581.
Leighta of Untaith. Born 2565. Impressed 2577. Died 2578.
Risvora of Wayeth. Born 2566. Impressed 2578. Died 2586.
Unavin of Caelith. Born 2567. Impressed 2586.
K'ito of Soonoth. Born 2567.  Impressed 2580. Died 2585.
L'ruz of Issuth.  Born 2568. Impressed 2580. Died 2586.
K'eeda of Aeleroth. Beach Wingrider. Born 2569. Impressed 2581.
V'ris of Ibaneth. Prairie Wingrider. Born 2570.  Impressed 2584.
L'tan of Kyrth. Born 2571. Impressed 2584.
U’kir of Goranth. Born 2573. Impressed 2586.
Phaedralena of Deliorath. Born 2573. Impressed 2586.
Pryndel. Sr. Apprentice Harper. Born 2573.
I'ryn of Syrilth. Born 2574. Impressed 2587.
L'syn of Kesulaith. Born 2574. Impressed 2589.
Ysmersa. Apprentice Fisher. Born 2575.
Kelsiss. Born 2577. In the Creche.
Tandena. Born 2584. In the Creche.
Itrisi. Born 2588. In the Creche.
Skedas. Born 2589. In the Creche.

Yenevin. Son. Born 2575. Apprentice Weaver.
Yservek. Son. Born 2578. Weyrbrat.
Ysoina. Daughter. Born 2579. Weyrbrat.
Yellena. Daughter. Born 2582. Weyrbrat.
Yakir. Son. Born 2588. Weyrbrat.

Tell us a story...

* 2561, 0 Ysoikin is born this turn to Yinaya while she was still a Candidate, and is the second of her children. Neither he nor his mother know who his father was, which is never something that has concerned him over much. Growing up, Ysoikin daydreams that his father must have been a dragon rider, but the man's rank and dragon color are different in every dream. Since Yinaya is still standing to Impress a dragon of her own, Ysoikin is given up to be raised in the Creche.

* 2562-2567, 1-6 In the Creche of High Reaches Weyr, Ysoikin grows up among an increasing number of refugees, orphans, and children of dragon riders. He's a distant and unfocused child, having difficulty pulling himself out of his daydreams long enough to study the things that he's taught. While he's not stupid, per se, he becomes the frustration of his teachers; once he actually does focus on something, he does it well. But getting Ysoikin to do so in the first place is an awful undertaking. Instead, he spends most of his time watching other people, curious about them, the things they do, and why. At some point, one of the Creche workers tells him his mother's name, but doesn't remember what rank or walk of life she comes from. Ysoikin keeps hoping she'll show up for him one day, and refuses to believe that she's not still alive.

* 2568, 7 He's old enough at this point to understand that other people are leaving their homes to come to High Reaches Weyr when the nearby Hold falls, and have some inkling of why. While he and the other children are kept safely inside the weyr, and thus he has never seen Threadfall, he learns of it from others in the Creche that have traveled from elsewhere and see the desolation it's left in its wake. Ysoikin starts having nightmares about being caught out in it; in these dreams, the faceless forms of his mother and father save him from adragonback. Wistful and hopeful even so, Ysoikin has begun to understand why they haven't visited him. Rather than resent them, the young boy just hopes they're alright.

* 2571, 10 Still young as he is, the fall of Tillek Hold seems like a distant event, beyond the increased amount of people flooding into the weyr. But all that reality comes crashing down hard later in the turn when the people of Pern make the decision to retreat to Fort Weyr and Hold and abandon High Reaches. During the move from High Reaches to Fort, Ysoikin gets his first actual exposure to Thread; the chaos of people getting ready to leave, dragons flaming overhead as their fellows Between to take people to the other weyr -- all of it simultaneously enraptures and terrifies him. Displaced from the only home he's ever known, Ysoikin starts to pay more attention to his classes because they, at least, are familiar. In his own quiet way, he lets go of the idea that his mother or father will ever come find him:  everything is so scattered now, would they even know who he was? In his dreams about Thread, Ysoikin begins to be saved by a lone dragon instead, who then tells him that Ysoikin is their rider.

* 2573, 12 In the two turns since his move to Fort Weyr, Ysoikin has increasingly daydreamed about becoming a dragon rider. Having always thought of his parents as riders, he feels that it has to be his calling. Someone has to protect Pern, after all, and if no one knows when Thread will end, they're going to need new dragon riders. Whether heralded by his dreams or no, he's Searched by a weary but kind Blue rider shortly after turning twelve. While Ysoikin is excited about becoming a Candidate, it's in a distant way; while not elitist about what he feels is his destiny, the young man felt that it was an inevitability. Though he finds it difficult to force himself to focus on things that don't interest him, he throws himself into Candidate classes with increasing attentiveness. While he may never get to meet them, Ysoikin wants to be something the memories of his mother and father could be proud of.

* 2575, 14 While he's been exploring his sexuality since being Searched -- as all good Candidates must do -- Ysoikin doesn't father a child until this turn, at least that he's aware of. The mother of the child is a fellow Candidate who seems to be having second thoughts about someday confronting the reality of flying Threadfall. But whatever the reason for her decision to see out the pregnancy, Ysoikin is happy to have a son born to him, which he and the mother agree to name Yenevin. He's a bit sad that the babe must be placed in the Creche as he was, but promises himself he'll visit when he can. Even more than before, he's determined that he will fulfill his duty of protecting others from the dangers of Thread.

* 2576, 15 Having been Standing for three turns now, Ysoikin nevertheless does not despair of not Impressing. He still has dreams about Threadfall and dragons, but now he's the one saving others rather than being saved himself. Something about the last Hatching he stands for feels different, more intense and vibrant -- right up to the point that a tenor-voiced little Brown tumbles from his dark egg and crosses the Sands, piteously wailing, to the boy's side and introduces himself as Aduskoth to the newly-named Y'kin. That moment proves to him everything Y'kin has thought and believed over the past several turns, and he feels like a hole he didn't even know he had inside himself has been filled. Though he wishes they could have seen it, Y'kin knows in his heart that his parents would be proud of him.

* 2576-2578, 15-17 Particularly with Aduskoth now as a grounding force inside his head, Y'kin does well in weyrling training. The two turns practically fly by, with him all the while glancing toward the sky and dreaming of the day that he and his Brown will join the Wings. Aduskoth always directs his attention back to the ground, up until the point that he first begins to fly too. They are a matched pair, quiet but detail-oriented and good at following orders. Some of their teachers despair that neither of them are the stuff leaders are made of, but neither Y'kin nor Aduskoth let that worry them. They will be playing an important role in the defense of Pern even if they are just Wingriders. At the end of two turns, when they graduate weyrlinghood, they are proud to enter a fighting Wing and do their part. Still in the throes of puberty, Y'kin fathers another son, this one named Yservek, but his visits to the Creche become less frequent due to flying almost constant Threadfall.

* 2579, 18 Y'kin's exuberance after weyrlinghood wears off some, especially after he and Aduskoth are injured in Threadfall, the rider sustaining 'scores across his upper back and arms, and his dragon getting burned on his back. Exhaustion has already begun to set in for the young dragonpair, but they are never ones to complain -- especially when there are those that have been flying longer, sustained worse injuries, and lost people important to them. Catching what scant moments of living he can, Y'kin has a dalliance with another rider that results in his first daughter, Ysoina. While her birth is a joy to Y'kin, it's short-lived. This begins the nearly ten turns that he and Aduskoth do little other than fly Thread with breaks only for sleep and food. He doesn't have much time for romance beyond the occasional quick rendezvous between almost-strangers, and Aduskoth is often too tired to even rise for the diminished number of Green Flights that do happen.

* 2582, 21 Even the birth of another daughter, Yellena, to a weyrfolk woman, does little to pull Y'kin out of his hazy fatigue. He and the girl's mother have a falling out over it, a fact which Y'kin very much still regrets. More and more, he has come to understand why his mother and father were never able to spend time with him -- if they're even still alive at all. As many dragonpairs as Y'kin has seen succumb to Threadfall, exhaustion, infected wounds, and sickness, his once bright hopes that they still survived have become dull things instead. But as numb as he's become to the reality of the Pass, there's little room for proper grief. There's always more Thread to burn.

* 2583-2586, 22-25 After his falling out with Yellena's mother, Y'kin withdraws into himself even more than previously. He makes few friends and keeps fewer, whether through their deaths or naturally drifting apart with Wing changes, lack of time for a social life, and a wealth of other factors. He and Aduskoth become little more than mechanical things, sleeping when they must, not tasting the food they do eat, and barely reacting when they lose a Wingmate. They simply can't afford to grieve for those that are lost; it's only a distraction from what they must still do. While Y'kin has been distant from others his entire life, he truly earns a reputation for being aloof.

* 2587, 26 The end of the Pass is like waking up from a bad dream. Y'kin can barely believe that it is real, and it takes months for him to accept that he hasn't simply died -- that he and Aduskoth are still alive, and that there might be hope for a future not scored by Thread. He volunteers to help scout for a new location when it becomes clear that the survivors need a new home; but with Aduskoth unable to make the same long-distance treks as those riders who end up in Mountain Wing, Y'kin is politely turned down. Instead, he ends up in Prairie Wing upon the move to Southern Winds Weyr, an assignment that suits him just fine. For the first time since becoming a fully-fledged rider, Y'kin feels like he can breathe. Neisoth's hatching is a curiosity to him, but he believes the dragon is simply an oddly-colored Bronze. The discovery of the Hunters and Snakes leaves more of an Impression on Y'kin, teaching him once again that things which seem too good to be true always are. But at least their tiny island can support life and grow food.

* 2588, 27 Recovering from the end of the Pass, Y'kin has a bit more time for leisure and living. While Fort Island still holds it own dangers and worries, the Brown rider seizes, without guilt, the opportunity to do something other than simply exist. When Aduskoth wins a Green flight, Y'kin ends up having another child -- this one a son named Yakir. Y'kin goes out of his way to stay on good terms with the mother this time, and actively visits all of his children in the Creche:  including Yellena, though he and her mother have still not reconciled. Nevertheless, he sees Yakir's birth as a good omen for the future, and it further serves to pull Y'kin out of the half-life he had been living during the Pass.

* 2589, 28 Despite Y'kin's initial dismissal of Neisoth as nothing more than a curiosity, the Black wins Kalestath's flight this turn. It's S'bok's lack of experience more than the color of his dragon that concerns Y'kin, even when the resulting clutch hatches more Black beasts like Neisoth and the tiny, oddly-tempered Reds. He doesn't understand all the fuss about the dragonets since they seem healthy; and after the 9th Pass, is there really more that can be asked for? The growing tensions in the Weyr, as well as the brutal reality of repeated Hunter attacks, affect Y'kin far more. It's only warily that he continues to hope for the future, all the while relieved when his superiors continue to prepare for the worst.

* 2590, 28 until 10th month Thread may be gone, but the jagged fingers of the Pass continue to touch the lives of those at Southern Winds. With a deadly Beach Snake attack, a disastrous Hatching, Neisoth catching Kalestath once more, and a catastrophic Hunter attack, Y'kin quietly despairs that life will never be easy for the Pernese. He fears that everything they worked to protect is coming unraveled, and the riot in the Weyr Hall only solidifies this fear. He's become somewhat subdued again, his happiness at the end of the Pass apparently rather short-lived. But whatever happens, Y'kin will do whatever is necessary to help them survive. He's a dragon rider, after all, and even if those they protect hate them, it won't stop him from fulfilling his duties.


Y’kin woke up feeling like he couldn’t breathe. Whatever dreams he’d had, they’d been full of fire, and Thread, and darkness—a menacing swirl of heat and shadow and the sound of air against dragon wings. The lack of voices had been worse than screams, the unending anticipation of pain, of grief, of another dragonpair gone from their Wing:  another gap in the formation that would need to be patched over in less than ideal conditions.

Faranth, the Thread. Was he late for his shift? Scrambling clumsily out of bed, Y’kin didn’t even cry out when he stubbed his toe against the frame of his bed, fingers searching along the wall in the dark for the pegs where his riding leathers would be hanging.

Where were they? Why was this weyr unfamiliar?

Where was he?

Y’kin, wake up.

“Aduskoth, we—what?”

Blinking in the pre-dawn darkness, Y’kin became aware of the shape of his dragon at the mouth of their weyr. Aduskoth’s eyes were a worried swirl of yellow and white, making his rider’s heart clench in fear as well. There was rain falling outside; Y’kin couldn’t see it in the lack of light, but he could hear it, the sound of it drumming against the sides of the mountain around them.

Good—Thread would die in rain. But Faranth, if he was late—

We’re not late. As Y’kin felt his pulse starting to slow, the Brown’s eyes took on a less stressed color, the whirling of hues slowing from a sickening churn into something healthier. The white gradually disappeared; and while the yellow still drowned out the few hints of green, the sight of it served to draw Y’kin further out of the nightmare. You were— It was just a bad dream, Y’kin. Come here.

Obediently, unspeaking, Aduskoth’s rider crossed to him and sat between the protective curl of the Brown’s forelegs. Wings flared to prevent the rain from falling inside their weyr, Aduskoth lowered his head to nuzzle the tip of his nose gently against Y’kin’s hair. With the sound of raindrops soft and muffled against Aduskoth’s wingsails, his rider dozed fitfully in the early hours of the morning but did not dream again.

Member Info...

Created By:
By my name.  :para:
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Too many to count.  :shock:
Inactivity Preference:
NPC with no death, plz.
Mauling Permissions:
Rough 'Em Up
Anything Else:
I'm a monster that needs to be stopped. TT^TT

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Re: Y'kin [ 21.10.2561 / Brown Rider ]
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Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Dragon Details

[ ah-DUSK-oth ]
Date of Birth:
2576 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 31.2 M
Mature Height: 6.3 M
Mature Wingspan: 51.8 M

General Appearance...

Aduskoth has been a dark creature from the moment he hatched, his hide a deep leathery brown that bears gentle mottling and darkens almost to black along the trailing edges of his wingsails. The bones of his wings are lighter than the rest of him, but not as light as the underside of his belly and his legs. While when he hatched, Aduskoth didn't bear any extreme markings at all except for very faint striping on his legs, his coloration changed some as he grew older. Now, his once-dark stripes have spread along the length of his limbs and to the tip of his tail; lightening with age, they are now a bright, almost coppery color albeit without the metallic sheen a Bronze would have. Whether or not they will continue to bleach out with age will remain to be seen.

Aduskoth is not a particularly large brown, only a meter and some change bigger than the bulkiest Blue dragon. His height is about average for a Brown of his size. His wingspan, however, is actually a little shorter than normal, somewhat crippling his flight time and endurance. While Aduskoth was capable of flying a full Threadfall shift during the Pass, it left him exhausted, and he may have actually fared better switching out shifts with the Greens and smaller Blues. He does his best to make up for his deficits, but this Brown will never be a spectacular flier nor eligible for Mountain Wing. What Flights he might win will not be Force Catches.


Mind Voice: Aduskoth's voice is rather high, even getting into shrill sometimes when he's particularly upset. It's a very light tenor, almost breathy, and incredibly expressive.

Rituals : Y'kin puts his straps on in a certain order. Oiling starts at his tail and goes forward. They patrol from one particular side of the Cove to another when Prairie is helping the Fishers. Doing things in familiar patterns calms Aduskoth and makes him happy, so he'll turn to these sorts of things when upset.
Music : Aduskoth wishes he could fit in the Weyr Hall to hear the Harpers play. Any that do so outside, or events that draw their performances, will lure him in as a very unlikely audience member. A Harper willing to specifically serenade him will become his favorite person just after Y'kin.
Games : Mostly because they have rules, and he understands those; sometimes, he misses weyrling training when he used to get to do them as a learning exercise.
The Moon Over the Sea : The sight of it fascinates him, since it's not something he ever got to see at Fort; on clear nights, especially when the moon is full or close to being, he'll sometimes find a high spot in the weyr to watch it over the waves.

Redundancy : If Aduskoth feels like he's being asked to do something for no reason, or that has already been done, and he doesn't understand why, he'll get moody and drag his feet.
Grey Skies : Because of his experiences flying Threadfall, he doesn't trust them; it'd be too easy for Thread to be camouflaged against that color of clouds, so overcast days make him antsy and nervous.
Sand : It just... sticks to everything and makes him itch. He'll avoid getting it on himself as much as possible, or at least rinsing off in the sea and then getting oiled afterward so the salt doesn't dry out his skin.


* DOWN TO EARTH : Unlike his rider, Aduskoth is not prone to flights of fancy or daydreaming. He's a very practical and realistic dragon, and will do his best to keep his rider grounded. He won't outright attempt to suppress Y'kin's habit of daydreaming, but Aduskoth will pull him out of them if it gets to the point that he's ignoring reality.

* DIPLOMATIC : This Brown is capable of keeping a level head even in heated disagreements, and knows how to propose even unpopular ideas in the best light. He and Y'kin might not ever have the ambition to be leaders of anything, but Aduskoth is good at coming up with compromises and soothing tempers.


* PEDANTIC : Things must be done just so, or Aduskoth can get downright belligerent and anxious. He's a very rule-bound dragon, even for a Brown, and this can make him tedious or stiff to others who break routines or don't listen to him when he tells them to do something a certain way.

* TRANSPARENT : In all the ways that Y'kin doesn't show his emotions, Aduskoth does. He wears his heart on his metaphorical sleeve. As such, it's difficult for him to conceal what he's feeling even if it's negative, and he would be a terrible liar if he ever bothered to try.

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His markings are weird but I'm diggin' it. 8D

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