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Author Topic: Approved Nealros [ 17.03.2575 ] Holder, Wher Fighter  (Read 1255 times)

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Nealros [ 17.03.2575 ] Holder, Wher Fighter
« on: February 04, 2017, 03:59:59 PM »

Play By:
Gryphon O'Shea

First Name:
Nealros [NEE-al-ross]
Ros, to his family. He detests being called “Neal”, so don’t do it.
Date of Birth:
17.03.2575 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Wife, Ellariel, 04.08.2575

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Nealros is a thin but tall boy. He is full of sharp angles, from his cheekbones to the way his shoulders jut out like horns on a dragon. Like both his parents, his hair is dark and his skin rather fair- the mark of a wellbred Holder in his opinion. Ros’s eyes are gaunt and icey and few find warmth in them.

He styles himself in a mirror to his trade. His clothes are almost exclusively wherhide and he’ll proudly tell you from which wher each piece came, as well as the gorey details of their death. The seasons do give him some variance, he tends to let his hair grow wild in the colder months and then crop it for summer. Likewise, he’d rather walk around with a simple vest, or go shirtless, in the heat so that he can still wear his wherhide cutoffs without getting too hot.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Born late into the Pass, Ros wasn’t old enough to really be affected by much. The last of his immediate family to die was his grandfather, when Nealros was only five turns, and he can’t say he has much memory of the man. His family’s success meant they fared better than most, and it’s made him a bit ignorant to some of the true struggles that others faced. He doesn’t know how to show much sympathy, all in all.

Response to dragon color mutations: Truth be told, Nealros just wants to see Black watchwhers. The aggression they show is unparalleled to anything he’s seen, and he can only imagine how much more vicious an animal they could make if it was given the training routine the rest of his fighters get. As for the Reds, well, he knows an inbred runt when he sees one. They’d make for some interesting jackets, at least.

Who are you...

Wher Fights and General Violence: This is a given, really. Nothing gets his adrenaline rushing like seeing two whers go at it. He’s often not allowed to help with any butchering for he tends to hack away excessively, ruining choice pieces of meat and damaging any hide that can be scavenged.

Gambling and Competition: Raised in the butcher life this went hand-in-hand with his daily activities. He will bet on anything he can, as long as it looks like it could swing favorably in his direction. Evenings often find him gathered around a table with his cohorts if he isn’t off in the fighting pits.

Drinking and Smoking: Anything and everything he can get his hands on. It is rare to find him sober, and he is even less pleasant to be around if you find him in that state.

His Family: For he’d be nothing without them. His parents, siblings, various cousins and whoever else fits into their twisted family portrait are the only people he wants to be around. They are likeminded and he knows he can trust them to the ends of Pern.

Being Denied: Whether it’s someone telling him no or stopping a plan he’s trying to put into action, Ros will not act positively toward them (unless, of course, it’s coming from someone he respects). Often he’ll resort to violence if he must to get his way, using whatever brute methods he can to dish out revenge.

Weyr Life: Dragonriders disgust him. He sees them as happy-go-lucky hippie types with no real idea of how the world should work. He thinks they’re lesser for allowing dragons to have some control over them, and will never understand why they feel the need to fuck everyone around them.

Getting Outplayed: Losing leaves him angry and wanting. Often Nealros won’t enter a competition unless he feels he’s heavily favored to win, at least when his personal pride is on the line. When it comes to wherfights, he is more careless- whers can be replaced and dead whers are still useful.

* Tavianna and his Family Bonds : Nealros wouldn’t be in the position he’s in without the empire his mother and father have made. They are the source of his power, his confidence, and his ability to get through life relatively unscathed.

* Cunning : His intelligence is a key note to his behavior. Ros will often examine a situation thoroughly before involving himself, using it as a means to weigh his odds. He’s good at talking himself out of situations and playing himself up as the victim, too.

* Eye for Detail : Ever looking for opportunity, Nealros knows a good thing when he sees it. He’s handpicked a few prize fighting whers just moments after they’ve hatched, and is often sought out for his opinions of the sport.

* Manipulative : He’s good at spinning a situation into his favor, both with bribery and just better negotiating skills. Nealros does actively keep an eye out for anything that could be easy blackmail material, and he wields it like a weapon.

* His Whers : Where he falls short in physical strength, the brute power of his current wher will always make up for it. Ros trains his wher to be obedient and loyal to him, and him only, often to a fault. He is seldom found in a place where his wher doesn’t have access to, unless he is safely amongst his family.


* Coward : Quite simple. He starts fights and then runs from them, or relies on stronger friends and outnumbering the enemy to win. Growing up as a young boy, he’d often rely heavily on his parents to defend him when he got into trouble. Since getting older, he’s started to find other means of dealing with problems, but if it gets bad he will go right back to them.

* Short-Fused : Ros’s temper is very limited. With exception to most of his family, who he will tolerate endlessly, he is very hard to keep happy. He stresses over the small things and will actively lash out at anyone weaker than him as punishment. His wher often bears the brunt of this, but if his wife is unlucky it may fall to her, too, if she’s at fault.

* Slow to Trust : The nature of his childhood meant he was raised with a large amount of suspicion to anyone that isn’t family. He still doesn’t completely have faith in Ellariel, despite being married to her for three full turns now.

* Physically Weak : Most likely due to his habits of eating little, staying up late, and gambling til the booze is gone, Nealros never put on much muscle. He is tall, yes, but his frame is slight. In fights he doesn’t last long, which is probably one of the reasons he avoids them.

* Substance Abuse : He has a weak will that makes addictions an easy trap to fall into. Drinking, smoking, injecting whatever fermented thing he can get his hands on has been his undoing. He is not happy unless he is imbibing, and there’s a fine line where his rationale seems momentarily balanced before it is lost to the tide of substance abuse.

Describe Yourself:

* Cruel: ----- He picks on anything smaller or younger than him, be they human or wher or anything in between. Nealros craves bloodshed, and relishes in the ichor of a fallen battle wher. His methods for training are very inhumane and depravity is what he lives on. His own children aren’t exception to this, nor his wife.

* Romantic: ----- Despite his flaws, he does try to be an appealing husband. After all, his wife should know that he’s only angry at her when she’s done something bad, right? Any other time he is a perfect gentleman toward her, and he tries to shield her from most of the darker activities his family participates in. Often he’ll pick her flowers or bring her a fine piece of clothing or jewellry in hopes of appeasing her.

* Traditional: ----- Even if the life of a butcher didn’t fit into old Holder life, he makes an effort to keep most other things the same. He likes his wife kept at home and pregnant and won’t often listen to opinions from females that aren’t in his family. Dragonriders are spurned vehemently, and he’d sooner kill his own child than see it end up participating in that disgraceful culture. His father’s word is final, followed shortly by his elder brother’s, and then his mother’s. He does not associate often with non-Holders, unless they can provide a service for him.

* Hustler: ----- Hustling was easier business back at Fort Hold when the population was so great that faces were easily forgotten. He’s a talented salesman, though, playing the role of corrupt bookie. Currency doesn’t mean a whole lot, now, but Ellariel certainly appreciates the jewels and fine bits of pottery that he’s managed to swindle.

* Sheltered: ----- All in all, Nealros doesn’t have a very good grasp on the state of Pern as a whole. He worries only for himself and for his family, and can’t imagine how the bigger picture matters to their well being. He’s never truly suffered, or hungered, or been left out in the dark with nowhere to turn.

The Magic Touch: Those close to Nealros know of his nervous tick, which is a common tell when he’s bluffing. When the stakes are high and he’s put it all on the line, his left pinky finger will always give him away with how it quivers just so. He has tried to amend this by tying a leather thong around his pinky and ring finger when gambling, but even this sometimes isn’t enough.

Ros has also had a number of firelizards over his short life. He can’t seem to keep them though. They either end up taking their chances as a feral flit or dead, and don’t seem to have any desire to fight one another much to his chagrin.


Mother: Tavianna, 19.06.2555, Wher Butcher
Father: Notkerric, 34.10.2547, Peace Keeper

2568, Nycolus
2571, Tresrissa

Children: Two daughters, and certainly more on the way
2588, Nellarie
2589, Rovian

Tell us a story...

* 2575, 0 Nealros is born into Fort Hold. He is the youngest son of a rising empire. As a child, his mother is devoted to him. He’s constantly kept in someone’s company, be it an older sibling or parent. He isn’t a fussy child, but then he doesn’t ever have to demand for much.

* 2576-79, 1-4 The boy grows fat and happy. He is oblivious to where exactly it is that his mother goes in the dark evenings, but he doesn’t need to worry for she always come back. Able to pay for their own home, the sickness that plagues most of the overcrowded hold doesn’t reach here. He takes a liking to the wrinkled, funny looking balls that Tavianna calls eggs.

* 2580, 5 There is a death in the family. Ros can’t really understand why his grandpa left, but he isn’t too worried about it, he knows he’ll come back eventually. One of his relatives gives him a flit egg and it hatches into a shiny little Bronze. Nealros calls it “Stupid”, because all it does is demand food that he doesn’t want to share. His parents tell him they aren’t going to take care of the flit, that it’s up to him. He gets mad at the firelizard one night when it tried to steal a bit of meat and used his tiny fists to hit it. The Bronze, not even full grown yet, shrieks away and betweens. It’s around this time he realizes his grandfather hasn’t come back yet, and wonders too if Stupid will disappear forever. Spoiler, he does.

* 2581-83, 6-8 These are Ros’s quiet years. He is a little older now and a little more aware of what goes on behind closed doors. He knows his family is well fed and in better standing than most of Fort Hold. He knows his family loves him. A few more trial and error runs with firelizards end up in the same general way, but he has his sights set on a bigger prize. Nealros has wanted a wher for a while, but he was told to wait til he was bigger. He dreams of the day when one of those “wrinkley balls” is put in front of him. He also learns the full extent of his mother’s business, but that doesn’t deter the path he is set upon having.

* 2584-86, 9, 10 & 11 Nealros begins to pick fights with other children outside of his family’s circle of influence. He is quick to throw out insults and pick on the smaller ones, throwing a few punches and kicks and knocking down anyone unfortunate enough to be weaker than him. He doesn’t really know why he does it, other than he can, and treats it like a game. When the tide turns against him he retreats back to the safety of Tavianna or Nycolus.

* 2587, 12 Having reached “maturity”, or at least the age of being considered an adult, Nealros is finally gifted his first wher. Truthfully, he wasn’t expected to be able to keep it alive. His past history with firelizards and a growing violent streak left his parents wondering where exactly their boy was going to end up, but nevertheless they doted on his wants. He Impresses the wher, a small Green colored a bright shade of emerald. She calls herself Nealrossk and endears herself to him.

Ros and his wher develop something of a love-hate relationship. Mostly he hates how small she is, especially compared to Tavisk, while the Green in turn has nothing but affection for the boy. He strikes her often and feeds her infrequently. She grows slowly and poorly. Finally, six months after her hatching, Nealrossk’s little body can’t fight any longer. She dies of neglect, without even enough mass on her body to make a good meal out of. Ros acts upset until he receives a pair of wherhide gloves made from her pretty hide.

Threadfall ends. The “bad times” are over, or at least the bad times that he knew. In the months before his family is relocated, he is given another wher egg. This one, a Blue, is a bit sturdier than his predecessor. The day Nealsk hatches is also the day that Nealros marries Ellariel, a girl from a reputable holder family. She is a quaint and quiet thing. He likes making her squeal when he makes her watch him “train” Nealsk with the whip.

When they move to Fort Island things are vastly different. Dragonriders run the show and this doesn’t sit well with the boy or his family. Unable to challenge the weyrleadership, his anger grows exponentially. Nealsk suffers the brunt of it, and dies shortly thereafter of infected wounds. Ros is indifferent, he didn’t think the Blue would’ve lasted through his first fight, anyway. He commissions a belt to be made from the dead wher.

* 2588, 13 Ellariel gives birth to their first child, a dark haired girl. The wife pours all of her love into the baby, hoping to drown out any evil that might’ve gotten in from Nealros’s contribution to her genes. Ros is given another egg to commemorate the moment. It hatches into a dirt colored Brown and calls himself Rossk. Training begins immediately.

* 2589, 14 His second child is born, another daughter. Rossk grows alongside both children, sturdy and fat as they both are. Nealros is, for once in his life, pleased with the progress of the watchwher. At Rossk’s one year mark he begins to put him into small spars against similar aged beasts; these aren’t anything serious beyond a few superficial scrapes and bites, but they demonstrate the dutiful nature of the Brown nicely. He is steadfast and diligent, using his bulky body a bit like a meat shield- his opponent wants to do everything fast and quick and gets worn out much quicker. Sure, Rossk ends up a little bloodier (ichier?) at the end, but when the other wher is too exhausted to fight back it is an easy victory.

* 2590, 15 Nealros has successfully raised his first fighter. Rossk is no longer limited to “play fights” and things escalate very quickly. The Brown is ferocious when he goes in for the kill and with him being at his full size, rivalling even some small Bronzes, Nealros is quite sure no one but himself, and perhaps Tavisk, could put a stop to Rossk once he’s in full bloodlust. The wher is a sight to behold and also why Nealros isn’t much bothered anymore by his enemies.

Give us a taste of your character and a sample of how you roleplay. No real length limit.
The arena was being cleared of its last contenders. The sandy floor was clumpy where ichor had mixed in with the dirt, not to mention the bits of flesh that had been ripped away from an unfortunate wher’s hide. Nealros leaned against the fenceline, admiring the process like it was the first time seeing it again. His eyes were slightly glazed from some substance he’d injected minutes prior, and a rare genuine smile played across his lips. There was no peace when the fights were in process, but afterward was a different story. It was like after a great storm had pounded the coastline for days, with no reprieve in sight, until finally the sun burned through the heavy clouds and brought an end to the deluge. That was him, in this moment, with his body slowly releasing tension from clenched fists and taut muscles and his eyes settling on the repetitive motions of a rake smoothing out the great divots that had been formed in the dirt floor. This was his paradise.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Rough ‘em up.
Anything Else:
Every year more than 2500 left-handed people are killed from using right-handed products.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW
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Re: Nealros [ 17.03.2575 ] Holder, Wher Fighter
« Reply #1 on: February 04, 2017, 04:00:33 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Wher Details

Date of Birth:
02.07.2588 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr, Fort Island
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
Rossk’s egg looked a bit like a crumpled leather hat. It was of an average size and of an unremarkable color, much like the wher’s natural hide.
Measurements: Listed in the wher information.
Mature Length: 4 meters
Mature Height: 1.3 meters

General Appearance...

Rossk has maintained his dirt, matte-colored hide since hatching. He has no remarkable natural markings, however present day finds him riddled with battle scars. His muzzle is gnarled with poorly healed scar tissue and his wings are more pink than brown. He is a heavyset creature, stocky in the legs and barrel-chested. Nealros claims it’s impossible to knock Rossk over and expose his softer belly.


Rossk is steadfast and disciplined when it comes to Nealros. He lives to serve, and serves best when fighting. He wasn’t born bloodthirsty, but the praise he receives after a successful battle has driven him towards it. Though he has been neglected in regards to love and adoration, he has found the pride of his bonded makes up for it. Rossk will listen to no other human and yields only at Tavisk’s instruction.

Likes: Winning: Rossk has never lost a fair one on one fight. He lives for nothing else but to appease Nealros, and winning fights is the best way to achieve this.

Baths: In order to keep him in top condition, the Brown is spoiled and frequently bathed in warm water with antiseptic soaps. He may have initially neglected his wher, but Nealros knows he is far too valuable now to let die of infection.

Dislikes: Fish: It was the main staple of his diet until he refused to eat any more of it. Rossk is now fed whatever is readily available in mass quantity, which more often than not is his own kin.

Children: Their screams hurt a head that has been bashed in too frequently. Rossk was never expected to be around Nealros’s own children, their father doesn’t want them exposed to the sport, and so he was never able to grow accustom to them.

Strengths: 2+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* Size and Strength : The Brown is a bulky son of a bitch. He was a fat wher-ling and most of that transformed into hard sinew and muscle. He still retains a layer of fat, though, and it almost acts like a protective barrier that keeps his more vital flesh safe from tearing teeth and claws. He isn’t the biggest Brown wher to ever live, but he is close to it.

* Slow and Steady : He wins the race. Most wherfights are a violent and quick thing, but not when Rossk is involved. He will bait his opponent into expending most of their energy in trying to make fast lunges. Rossk, meanwhile, spends this time exposing the more expendable parts of his body and guarding what is more important until the tides turn. He watches his opponent and scouts them out for their own weakpoints, and then waits for the perfect opportunity to finally strike back.

Weaknesses: 2+ (list form and please give at least a bit of explanation to each)

* Thick Headed : Rossk can’t really be called stupid, but some things take longer to soak in than others. Beyond his natural instinct he cannot be taught to behave much differently, and finer things that other whers might accomplish in the mines or in assisting with other crafts are things he will never be able to learn.

* Noise : The environment of the fighting pit is usually a loud one. Early on, eager yells and shouts fed him confidence to do battle. That has evolved into a sort of tunnel vision, so when the atmosphere becomes tense and people begin to scream, his mindset settles into that of a wher at the ready to fight. Nealros has tried to fashion some kind of ear muff to keep Rossk safe in public, in case that situation were to ever occur, for he is very difficult to get under control once his blood begins to rise.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Taking bets now for a show down of the century, Rossk vs the Hunter Menace!

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Re: Nealros [ 17.03.2575 ] Holder, Wher Fighter
« Reply #2 on: February 04, 2017, 05:35:14 PM »
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