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Author Topic: How angry can you be? [ 09.01.2589 / 10PM ] S’bok  (Read 750 times)

Offline Halirina

How angry can you be? [ 09.01.2589 / 10PM ] S’bok
« on: February 05, 2017, 08:04:08 AM »
Halirina was in her weyr, sitting at her table, sipping some klah. She didn’t care it was late, she couldn’t exactly sleep. Rather, she didn’t want to. There was never a time Halirina thought she’d miss B’ron, but she was chalking that up to the fact he was familiar. Experienced. Older.

S’bok was a child. She felt… oddly both responsible for him and that more weight had been dumped on her shoulders. He knew nothing about running a weyr, nothing about managing wings, nothing about managing Weyrseconds. The very idea that S’bok would be giving Riders twice his age orders was just…  It gave Halirina a headache. This whole situation seemed like a bad dream she couldn’t wake up from.

You’re being insufferable, her dragon remarked, not kindly. It wasn’t the first time either. The Gold was starting to become irritable because Halirina was, well, being annoying. Could you complain anymore than you do?

Halirina actually shot a glare toward her Gold, so contentedly wrapped around the Black that had caught her. Like it wasn’t a problem.

It’s not a problem. You keep making it a problem. the Gold remarked and then, because she knew her Rider was looking at her, lifted her head from Neisoth’s body to look back at Halirina. If a dragon could glare…  I’ve never heard you whine so much. It’s like listening to a weyrling all over again.

Halirina actually stood and scowled at her Gold. “It’s not the same and you know it,” she snapped aloud.

Then stop acting like a petulant child, the Gold snapped right back.

Halirina actually threw her cup in the general direction of her dragon.
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Offline S'bok

Re: How angry can you be? [ 09.01.2589 / 10PM ] S’bok
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2017, 10:38:57 AM »
Right up until the very last moment when Neisoth had won, S'bok hadn't believed it was possible. That had been a viewpoint shared by well...the entire Weyr actually. If only because more than half had been under the impression that he wouldn't even reach adulthood; no-one had seen him as a contender as a victor for Kalestath but it had all changed now.

Which left both he and Halirina needing to deal with the consequences of that unexpected event. S'bok was perfectly aware that Neisoth was more than happy with the change in living arrangements but the gold actually liked him. S'bok was stuck with a woman who seemed to be stuck between seeing him as some idiot child or else as a useless drudge. Neither was a welcome or particularly pleasant perspective but he had been used to those kinds of attitudes in his life.

He'd cope with that. He had to as his dragon had left him with no choice You are just being stubborn, mine. She is not that bad really. And you'll do very well together the smooth, smug tones of his dragon intruded on his thoughts as he walked down the hall to his...well their weyr and that was an odd things to admit to being the case but it was the truth and had been for a number of days even if he was still operating with a very surreal attitude to the whole experience Your mate is very tense, she is throwing klah in the weyr now. You should fix this S'bok snorted just outside the room and shook his head Oh what do you recommend, hmm? he silently replied.

You have not mated since the flight. Kalestath says it will relieve tension, you should do this said just as S'bok walked in and resulted in him starting to cough.

"The klah was never very good after midday..." he made a muttered comment as he glared at his dragon You're insane... S'bok cleared his throat "Is there any left though?" it would be good to have something in his stomach, his hands, anything really to distract him from thinking about Halirina and their shared bed-furs.

Offline Halirina

Re: How angry can you be? [ 09.01.2589 / 10PM ] S’bok
« Reply #2 on: February 05, 2017, 10:51:02 AM »
There was not a thing on Pern that would intimidate the Senior Queen. A thrown cup of klah would certainly not do it. At all. Kalestath watched the offending cup land just short of her, but the contents splattered her foreclaw. The Gold then eyed Halirina.

//You deserved it,// Halirina snapped before she heard S’bok’s remark about the klah. Fuck. Had he seen her throw it? She actually felt her face heat with angry embarrassment before she went to retrieve her cup. “It’s cold,” she grumbled. “But there is some left.” Halirina near slammed her cup on the table before she crossed her arms, as though it was the cups entire fault.

Fuck. She really was acting like a child.

I told you, the Gold remarked mercilessly.

If Halirina would’ve had something in her hand, she’d have thrown it just then. Instead, she glared at S’bok even though he’d done absolutely nothing wrong so far. “I’m going to bed,” she declared before spinning on her heel toward the bedfurs.

Sleep would fix it. Tomorrow was another day. She could forget about… nothing, because it’d all be the same, but maybe sleep would inprove her mood.

Kalestath shifted so the now dirty claw was further away from her and ended up leaning most of her bulk against Neisoth. Work your frustration out on the weyrleader. It’s what you and B’ron used to do.

Halirina sneered at the ground as she pulled off her dress, tossing it to the ground. //B’ron was different.// Which wasn’t true. She hated B’ron too.

Kalestath thrummed her frustration, the noise a deep vibration in the weyr. You both need to sleep together and get along, she declared, this time to both Halirina and S’bok.

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Offline S'bok

Re: How angry can you be? [ 09.01.2589 / 10PM ] S’bok
« Reply #3 on: February 06, 2017, 01:47:06 AM »
And the cup had clearly committed some kind of seriously treasonous act...or something? S'bok was perfectly aware that he was being a little silly but it was a whole lot better than actually acting like an infant - which apparently was Halirina's present occupation.

S'bok could have said something that about; but he didn't Now you're being smug and silly as well. Go and mate with your female. It will make you both feel better; and less growly definitely snorting at that as the large black rubbed against his brilliant gold with all the signs of clear and obvious affection, he was distracted from an actual reply as Halirina started to undress.

That had been strange.

Now, he was getting used to it, whether he'd become comfortable with her being around him naked was another matter entirely You need to take off your clothes now. Then you should pounce, I can bugle for you? the offer had S'bok almost grabbing the cold klah to swallow down in an effort to avoid choking out loud Don't you sharing dare!! I'm not a dragon No, if you were this wouldn't be so delayed and fussing, you'd be sensible about it and just mate the reply had him nearly growling - which he totally hadn't been doing in the rest of the day, at all.

Yes, you were

Shut up! he snorted "I'll hold off on giving my stomach grounds to rebel. Klah is only good when its properly hot" or perhaps S'bok had just hated the taste as a reminder of the world of left-overs and hand-me-downs that had filled his life from the grudging presentation of such items "I am tired Kalestath, so I will sleep...umm thank you" he wasn't sure sleep would make either of their moods better She means mate, sleep and mate...but mate first I said shut up! perhaps he could borrow the cup and throw it at his black? S'bok instead stalked to the edge of the bed platform and started pulling off his boots, muttering under his breath.

His polite reply, even vaguely shy to the gold was nothing like how he spoke to her rider but the dragon actually seemed to like him and that always improved his own mood.

Offline Halirina

Re: How angry can you be? [ 09.01.2589 / 10PM ] S’bok
« Reply #4 on: February 06, 2017, 09:43:30 AM »
Halirina wasn’t skin shy. That was a concern for young weyrlings and newly graduated Riders. Those who were not comfortable or confident in either their weyr or their place. Halirina was neither of those things. She tossed the chest wrap on top of the dress and kicked off her panties before she simply crawled into the bedfurs. Whether or not glows were left on, or S’bok stayed awake, Halirina didn’t care.

She was going to force herself to sleep. Out of sheer anger.

You’re being obstinate, the Gold grumbled as she arranged herself around Neisoth comfortably, her tail twisted with his.

Halirina didn’t answer her dragon. In either front, about sleeping with S’bok or getting along. She did hear S’bok’s answer though and his ‘thank you’ actually had her snickering softly to herself. //I’m not sure he took your suggestion so well,// Halirina remarked.

About as well as you did. You’re a matched pair in frustrating stubbornness, the Gold shot back.  Then, to both of them, You both are being irritable and making Neisoth and I grumpy. Quit behaving like weyrlings and be adults. Act like Weyrleaders.

That irked Halirina all the more. Not the first time her Dragon had insisted she was behaving childishly and, Halirina hated to admit, her dragon was right. Halirina hated B’ron but she’d not thrown this much of a fit when he’d repeatedly won. S’bok was a different person, but the situation… was… largely the same. They had to live with one another, function as leaders, and reach some manner of common ground.

She shifted on her back then glanced at S’bok. “Well,” she started awkwardly. “What does it take to get you in the mood then?” B’ron had been easy. All Halirina had to do was piss him off. This was just… tragically messy.

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Offline S'bok

Re: How angry can you be? [ 09.01.2589 / 10PM ] S’bok
« Reply #5 on: February 06, 2017, 10:24:06 AM »
As he had currently been engaged in removing his pants, S'bok had been standing when she spoke to him again. Sure he had his boots off, the shirt loosened out and hanging around his waist but he generally took some time to get undressed; not because he was nervous.

But you are a bit, right? Which is silly. You are mates, you should be naked. I understand the clothes are important outside of the weyr but not when you are together. So less is better... the internal commentary as S'bok continued to struggle to sort through his own thoughts and thinking on the matter, if there was in fact one for starters had assisted in making sure he wasn't actively paying attention to Halirina. Which was definitely the reason he almost fell over as he stumbled out of his remaining pants leg and instead ended up with both legs twisted and lying sideways on the platform looking up at her with a wide-eyed expression of...what in the shards name? written across his face instead.

"What did-do, I mean...what even? Are you being serious? Or is this kind of weird Weyrleader joke no one thought to mention?" S'bok could see that being the case.

He likes females who bend over in front of him helpfully supplied so the pair of them could hear that "Shut up!" he didn't yell, even though he was kind of hurting but he loved Neisoth far to much to ever consider ending up being directly mad at him "I've never thought about. It wasn't exactly something I've needed to" he was male, seventeen and healthy, not really much necessary to have his libido working full-time but instead rather the opposite.

Offline Halirina

Re: How angry can you be? [ 09.01.2589 / 10PM ] S’bok
« Reply #6 on: February 06, 2017, 10:33:35 AM »
Halirina hated how terrible this moment was. How awkward. How… well, how all around uncomfortable she was. Facing his back while he was undressing, talking to the back of S’bok was infinitely preferable to the way he then fumbled after her question and proceeded to make more of a fool of himself. Sprawled on the ground now, tangled up in his clothes like a new dragonet in straps. Halirina actually had to prop herself up on her elbow to peer down at him.

Ok, so maybe there was a sense of smug satisfaction seeing she’d caught him off guard.

That immediately went away when Neisoth told her how S’bok liked his women. Halirina quirked a brow down at S’bok when he told his dragon to shut up, which only confirmed the information to be true.

Not the worst way to be and a pretty common position given Flights. She considered a moment before Halirina sighed softly. “No, it’s not a joke. I’d have thought you’d be eager to have sex at this rate. Hasn’t it been a sevenday? You’re younger than me and I am starting to get tense. I could use a good… mm, romp.” She glanced at him, as though dubious he could provide such a thing before she waved a hand. “Well, get out of your clothes. Or do you need instruction on how this works too?” Halirina couldn’t help but smirk at the end. Ok, so maybe baiting him a bit was fun.

Much better, her Gold thought quietly.

Halirina ignored her.

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Offline S'bok

Re: How angry can you be? [ 09.01.2589 / 10PM ] S’bok
« Reply #7 on: February 06, 2017, 11:06:31 AM »
"Suggesting that I would be desperate by now to just leap at the first inclination of an offer?" he replied, resorting to the usual standard of sarcasm when dealing with other people Don't be so stubborn, mine. Just take what she is offering and relax. Before you actually end up growling at the next person who speaks to you the black commented from his location, the end result being that S'bok scowled in his direction before looking at Halirina again.

Pulling himself back up from his prone position and started to shake his head slowly "This is a bad idea. Really bad..." he muttered as he took off his shirt and took the time to untangle his legs from his pants and then looked over his shoulder at her once more.

"I don't need your help to get undressed or for tumbling in the furs" sure he was all of seventeen turns but he had some pride after all and determined to make the point about being able to hold his own in this situation; he just didn't know what this situation actually really was. S'bok had a minor issue with all of this as Halirina had made it clear of how much she disliked him. Not the sort of thing one generally did when thinking about a seduction or anything like that.

He almost sighed "Well only as a partner and as for it being a sevenday, I'd not been counting" Yes, you had. You mentioned it twice when you had that long cold bath this morning Please, just stop helping me...please he silently replied to his black and focused his attention back to the woman in front of him "How do you want this to happen exactly?" the flight lust hadn't exactly encouraged either of them to ask what the other liked.

Offline Halirina

Re: How angry can you be? [ 09.01.2589 / 10PM ] S’bok
« Reply #8 on: February 06, 2017, 11:16:40 AM »
Of all the stupid, fucking, obnoxious times for S’bok to become difficult, it had to be this one. Halirina felt her temper spike as he replied sarcastically and a dark, angry part of Halirina was seriously contemplating rolling over on her side and saying fuck it, and just going to sleep. It wouldn’t solve anything. It’d make everything awkward, but wasn’t that their entire evening so far?

With an annoyed rumble from her dragon on the ledge, Halirina calmed herself somewhat as she watched S’bok, thoroughly unimpressed with his pompous attitude and deflecting remarks. In his own way, throwing as much of a fit as Halirina had. With less throwing of things and more grumbling while he undressed.

Halirina idly watched S’bok and tried to appreciate him in a purely superficial way. He was certainly younger than B’ron and if he could just shut up she could probably enjoy sleeping with him. He wasn’t exactly terrible to look at, though not necessarily Halirina’s type. She did prefer older men; maybe because she was an older woman but that was besides the point.

S’bok is what she had to work with.

When he asked her how this was to happen, she  finally looked up at him with another quirked brow. “How about we start with you getting in the furs with me?” Then… Well, Halirina supposed she’d have to get close to him. Without hitting him.
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Offline S'bok

Re: How angry can you be? [ 09.01.2589 / 10PM ] S’bok
« Reply #9 on: February 06, 2017, 11:44:42 AM »
Don't make this harder than it needs to be, S'bok the dragon commented dryly, peering at him from his obviously very comfortable position resting with his mate. S'bok would have found it very easy to be jealous about how satisfied and happy his dragon was. Not to mention how very sure he seemed as well about everything.

I'm really not he insisted, even as he pulled back the furs and settled next to Halirina. S'bok really, really wasn't sure about any of this at all. He had managed to learn to sleep alongside her but that had resulted in a very restless quality to his sleep. It might end up passing in time but he wasn't sure about it being a valid option between the pair of them; they both had strong characters and it seemed much more likely they would end up butting heads.

S'bok also had to admit that while she wasn't ugly or terribly scarred or anything like that but she was far, far older than he was and it made it harder to really view her in a sexual light.

But he was trying, honest her was. S'bok looked at her "So, here I am then. Are you going to start or am I?" he wasn't at all sure that making a move on her would it ever be a good move They prefer you to be aggressive. You need to be more in control, seriously I can bugle. It really impresses females S'bok was no longer sure if Neisoth was trying to make him scream at him or toss a pillow or anything like that.

Offline Halirina

Re: How angry can you be? [ 09.01.2589 / 10PM ] S’bok
« Reply #10 on: February 08, 2017, 11:06:10 PM »
It wasn’t odd sleeping next to someone. Halirina had been doing it nearly all her life. Especially not another Rider. That it was S’bok was what made the entire moment… awkward. And she hated that it was. Halirina watched him slide under the furs, then look at her and open his mouth. Like this was some sort of meeting.

Halirina sighed.

Well. His dragon had said something that gave her some idea of how she might proceed, even if she loathed to think it. Halirina never thought she’d wish for B’ron back, but right now…. Having him in her bedfurs would’ve made this far easier.

Rather than bitching about it, Halirina shifted on her stomach then to her hands and knees before tossing him an inquiring look. “This should be pretty easy for you to figure out, hm?” The furs had fallen off of her at this point and, though it was chilly, she made no move to cover herself.

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Offline S'bok

Re: How angry can you be? [ 09.01.2589 / 10PM ] S’bok
« Reply #11 on: February 14, 2017, 10:46:33 AM »
Are you sure you don't need any help? I mean it's clear to me... the warm strength of the mindvoice of his dragon as it seized the moment and intruded again. This time for the last time Shut up and tend to your own lady. I don't actually need help...I really, really don't he responded and pulled himself up to sit and look at Halirina.

"This is still on the top five of the worst ideas I heard today" he pointed out as he got up and moved towards her body, one hand creeping out to slide down form the base of her neck and over her bottom - he might as well start with something slow.

He looked up at her head once more as he continued to shift around to kneel behind her and rested his hands on her hips; one dipping between her legs to part her folds and check whether she was really prepared for this. While S'bok was an ass, he wasn't interested in pain as part of his sexual experiences - and the flight lust definitely didn't count. Instead he wanted to at least gauge what was ahead, even as his own body rose up; it didn't take much - as he had said.

Offline Halirina

Re: How angry can you be? [ 09.01.2589 / 10PM ] S’bok
« Reply #12 on: February 15, 2017, 04:53:15 PM »
A part of Halirina believed she would naturally recoil at his touch. An almost childish thought, but part of her was still trying to get used to the fact that he was still so inexperienced. It wasn’t exactly his age that bothered her so much, it was how untested he was. Halirina couldn’t trust him not to ruin everything because he had no idea how to run a Wing, let alone a Weyr. While she’d hated B’ron, the man had been forged in the Catastrophe right alongside Halirina.

She wouldn’t say there was comfort in that, but there was reliability. Halirina knew what she was getting with B’ron.

S’bok was unknown. And it was that that bothered her the most. She didn’t know him. At all. He was some unknown, young Rider who had caught Kalestath against all odds. The fact he kept insisting this was a bad idea had her grating her teeth and biting back a hissed remark that well of course it was but they needed to be able to tolerate one another and, as Kalestath had already pointed out, they needed to work out this odd frustrated tension.

The easiest way for Halirina and B’ron had been to get good, angry, then fuck.

Halirina had no idea what to do with S’bok if he wouldn’t shut up. If was like he was hesitating. If he didn’t want to be with Halirina, that was certainly fine with her.

She did shiver when he touched her, and not entirely out of revulsion. Kalestath thrummed her encouragement into the weyr and damned near shoved all the relaxing encouragement she could into Halirina’s mind. It was like a headache, feeling so much of the Gold’s thoughts in her head, but it didn’t hurt. There was just a lot to feel.

Halirina was tense – that much was obvious as S’bok touched her – and nowhere near ready for any penetrative sex. Not physically. When she realized what he was doing and just how unreceptive she was likely to be, Halirina murmured, “Start with your fingers, hm?” She didn’t have any interest in this being painful either. Not in that way, anyways.

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Offline S'bok

Re: How angry can you be? [ 09.01.2589 / 10PM ] S’bok
« Reply #13 on: February 16, 2017, 09:07:13 AM »
Well this was not exactly assisting in helping anyone rise to the occasion. S'bok was young though and that counted for a lot and in this case it was really all that there was given how much he didn't find her attractive Don't be stupid about this the black was attempting to be encouraging he knew that and while all S'bok wanted to do was sigh and give up he wasn't going to give Halirina that satisfaction. She always seemed determined to see the worst in him.

Always. S'bok wouldn't let her keep it up; the only reason it even mattered is that out of the whole Weyr she didn't have to listen to him - there were other expectations, but this was in general - and he wanted to have at least her respect for him as a person.

"Sure...do you like anything? I mean anything that will help. In spite of Neisoth you don't have to do it this way..." sure he could concede a little and perhaps if this could be worked out, there would be other times. But he'd cope with it being a thing born of the flight lust if he had to; the dragons were nice and regular about things like that if not exactly as often as S'bok would like. Say, every couple of hours...or twice a day? Not that it would appear to be on the cards but now it seemed that he might have the possibility of at least something more than every few months.

So...he'd play moderately nice or at least try.

S'bok continued with one hand, starting to pluck and caress the folds of flesh. He wasn't sure still about how successful this would turn out to be but he wouldn't give up until she started screaming.

Offline Halirina

Re: How angry can you be? [ 09.01.2589 / 10PM ] S’bok
« Reply #14 on: February 16, 2017, 10:07:20 AM »
Halirina wanted him to shut up and damned near told him that if he’d just stop talking, that’d be a grand help. But that seemed too snappy and less helpful that if he really did. Besides, he was trying to be… considerate? Communicative? Asking what she liked as his dragon had told her what he liked. It wasn’t his fault she found the sound of his voice at this particular moment grating.

She just didn’t have the patience to talk someone through the general motions. “I promise you, S’bok, I will never do anything I don’t want to do,” Halirina murmured. It was meant to be reassuring. Dragon’s suggestion or not, Halirina was not the sort of woman to bend to any manner of pressure from an outside source save Kalestath.

She gripped the furs beneath her out of a mix of angry frustration and closed her eyes. Halirina needed to calm down. When he actually started to touch her, though almost timid and maybe hesitant, Halirina had something to focus on. Something to think about besides him talking to her, besides how awkward and terrible and… She just needed to relax. With a long exhale, she worked on doing just that. And, in the spirit of not being a giant bitch to S’bok just because he’d asked a question, she added breathily, “I prefer rougher sex.” An admonition she didn’t exactly like making, but hopefully that meant S’bok wasn’t going to try and be gentle.

Halirina would not break.

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Offline S'bok

Re: How angry can you be? [ 09.01.2589 / 10PM ] S’bok
« Reply #15 on: February 17, 2017, 12:25:54 AM »
Well at least she was talking to him.

S'bok had no clue what she liked or didn't or even what would work to make her become aroused enough to have this not be a painful exercise. Which was why he had asked in the first place "...alright" S'bok wasn't going to argue about what she wanted or could handle. She was surely old enough to speak up about the whole thing.

It made his life easier; even if he wasn't sure that it was actually going to end up helping. But that was just added to the increasingly long list of why this was a seriously bad idea. Instead of concentrating upon that S'bok continued to manipulate her flesh; slipping a finger inside and stretching one of his other hands up to tweak at a nipple at the same time.

Hopefully this wouldn't take that long, it seemed neither of them wanted it to be some protracted encounter - after why would they?

Offline Halirina

Re: How angry can you be? [ 09.01.2589 / 10PM ] S’bok
« Reply #16 on: February 17, 2017, 10:28:19 AM »
Halirina was rarely one to become lost in the moment. It’d only happened on occasion with B’ron and thatd been when the world was ending. Now, when they were trying to rebuild and there were no pressing, immediate dangers, it was a fair bit harder for her to just let go.

S’bok wasn’t exactly the sort to inspire such a mood in her either.

That didn’t mean she was dead either and she could appreciate when something physically felt good. She’d been a Gold Rider long enough to disconnect any sort of emotional or mental ties to the person that touched her. Her life just didn’t work that way. It hadn’t in a very, very long time. So while S’bok wasn’t who she wanted, Halirina would be hard pressed to say anyone ever had been, and didn’t dwell on it.

Rather, she rocked back against his hand to let him know that particular sensation was welcomed and actually relaxed into the touch. Because, ultimately, it didn’t matter. B’ron, S’bok, some other Rider.

Halirina might not have been particularly receptive or excited when he’d first started touching her, but his persistence and her willingness invariably changed that. He even managed to coax and soft, shuddering sigh from her.

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Offline S'bok

Re: How angry can you be? [ 09.01.2589 / 10PM ] S’bok
« Reply #17 on: February 17, 2017, 11:53:40 AM »
It would seem that his efforts weren't in vain; though S'bok was under no illusion to think that it was somehow all about to change things between the two of them. Instead he respected that he was merely  a means to an end - after all that was how he saw her in all of this; so that was only fair. If not exactly any kind of special sort of romance that might have been talked about in a Harper's tale.

He didn't let up as she sighed, carrying just a little further before he removed his hands and shifted his weight, settling his knees either side of her body to give a suitable angle and the right position for moving forwards. Which was what he did.

S'bok didn't trouble himself with finesse or discretion; he instead reached around to guide himself inside thankful that he'd not needed help. Clearly one of the benefits of his youth, stamina and sexual energy - even if it was being wasted on his partner. That was all the fault of his dragon, but he loved the great big ole black too much to be saddened by that. Choice wasn't an option for either of them and so they needed to concentrate on making the best of what they had.

Such as it was...

Slipping inside her was satisfying but only because it had been a while since he'd had this chance to have a sexual encounter of any kind. So that was good. Starting to find his rhythm he didn't hold back once he had settled into it, grabbing ahold and rocking firmly and with increasing force.

Offline Halirina

Re: How angry can you be? [ 09.01.2589 / 10PM ] S’bok
« Reply #18 on: February 22, 2017, 08:39:13 AM »
It wasn’t all bad, she supposed. If only because S’bok was so young and required so little effort on her part. The less Halirina had to do for him, the better on her end. It wasn’t laziness that motivated that particular part of her, but a lack of desire.

Instead, she tried to just… enjoy it. Not something that she did vary often regardless. Sex, for her, was usually about relieving pent up frustration and tension. Rarely was it ever about mutual want or pleasure.

So it would be this time around. Disconnecting from the moment was something Halirina had become adept at. Accepting the situation, taking what she could from it. That was her life. Had always been since she’d impressed to Kalestath. A facet of her station and being a Gold Rider.

When S’bok shifted behind her, Halirina didn’t think about the position she was in or how embarrassing that might be at that moment. Instead, there was a faint, frustrated finally, and he was finally fucking her.  In that, he’d listened to her. S’bok wasn’t careful, didn’t wait, but gripped her hips and set a quick, almost rough pace that she could actually appreciate.

And she did. With hissing gasps while she leaned back into him. If he could do nothing else right, at least there was this.

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Offline S'bok

Re: How angry can you be? [ 09.01.2589 / 10PM ] S’bok
« Reply #19 on: February 25, 2017, 11:15:55 AM »
It wasn't enjoyable but it did scratch an itch. That counted for something in the end; at least it would satisfy the urges he felt in regard to sex and passion but there was little else about the encounter that could be described in any kind of positive light.

S'bok didn't let up, at least his youth could be relied upon to bring them both to the end which was really the goal. She reacted in a way that at least suggested that he was doing the right thing; or at least right enough for the two of them. It would never be any kind of lost moment or encounter - unless you counted when their dragons flew but flight lust was a whole other matter in the end.

He concentrated on what he was doing, holding on tightly and rocking his hips back and forth as quickly as he could manage; the pace starting to quicken as he felt the electric buzz building at the base of his spine signalling that for him that he would be seeing the conclusion some time in the near future. While he would not normally care overmuch in respect about the whole business of making sure a bed partner followed suit S'bok did want to make sure that he did it this time.

Halirina had so little in the way of confidence or belief in him. This was something he could and would do at least that was something he believed had to be possible. S'bok wanted to be more than merely another faceless man but only because his pride was now involved in it all.

Offline Halirina

Re: How angry can you be? [ 09.01.2589 / 10PM ] S’bok
« Reply #20 on: March 24, 2017, 08:32:12 AM »
Halirina met each quick and rough thrust with a panting eagerness. It didn’t matter it was S’bok, just as it hadn’t mattered before that it had been B’ron. For now, for this, who it was wasn’t important.

That they could even come together in such a way, could find some manner of commonality even in sex, was enough. Halirina could take that. If nothing else – though ideally S’bok would be more useful than just sex occasionally.

He was Weyrleader now, after all. With a whole slew of responsibilities that Halirina couldn’t take on. Not when she had her own things to manage.

That’d be later. She could think about that later. Blissfully, having him fuck her now drove all those concerns away. If he could do nothing else, S’bok could certainly drive her to orgasm. Halirina wasn’t difficult in that regard. Rough penetration did it nearly every time. Not a screamer, Halirina pushed back and hissed his name as the tremble of pleasure played up her body.

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Offline S'bok

Re: How angry can you be? [ 09.01.2589 / 10PM ] S’bok
« Reply #21 on: March 27, 2017, 01:30:38 AM »
He had more stamina and S'bok was sure he could have kept going for a while longer but as he wasn't really after much more than release he didn't worry about anything beyond her finding the orgasm - that had been more a matter of pride than anything else on his part at least. So, as she came and called out his name at the same time S'bok hissed loudly.

S'bok had never been loud or even demanding in respect of his lovemaking; mostly because it had tended towards the furtive end of things. He shuddered instead, the pace quickened as he gripped harder and slammed into her body one last time as he spilled himself inside her body. S'bok wasn't worried about becoming a father, Halirina didn't strike him as the sort for maternal urges and more importantly he definitely wasn't interested in having any kind of responsibility even in passing.

He slumped slightly forwards slightly as he let the final juddering moments of his release end. Pulling himself out he moved to lie back on the bed, not that he reached to cuddle or anything, that much hadn't changed between the pair of them.


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