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Author Topic: Approved N'iko [06.03.2556 9th Pass / Bronze Rider]  (Read 1477 times)

Offline Lyndi

N'iko [06.03.2556 9th Pass / Bronze Rider]
« on: February 05, 2017, 10:31:56 AM »

Play By:
Nick Bateman

First Name:
Date of Birth:
06.03.2556 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Southern Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Mountain Wingrider

Your Reflection...

Appearance: N'iko is above average height around six feet and two inches and keeps his body in strict shape. Since the Wing is always exploring, trekking on long stretches of land, hiking through abandoned Weyrs, and doing all sorts of physical activity, N'iko has made sure to maintain his physical shape and stamina. His skin is a golden, sunkissed shade from being born and raised in the South for the first 11 Turns of his life. As a child, his blood always ran hot and he'd constantly be removing his clothes from the heat. It's a habit the creche mothers were always trying to stop, especially as he got older, but it became something that stuck with him over the Turns. Unless he's in the middle of Wing duties--although it happens occasionally then as well--his clothes will eventually be stripped down to just his riding pants...or nothing. He's unashamed of his body and doesn't really care about being seen by others as long as he can cool down.

When he is wearing clothes, it's usually his riding gear since he's most frequently with his Wing. Anytime he's actually relaxing at the Weyr or visiting his children, he'll wear whatever's lightest and coolest. Though, it won't be long before that's off anyway. He does have two scars from Thread: on the back of his right hand and the back of his left shoulder. He isn't self-conscious about the scars and often forgets that he even has them. While N'iko isn't one to announce himself to the room, his body language is one full of self-confidence and often draws the attention of others.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: N'iko wasn't so affected by the 9th Pass catastrophe as others. The overwhelming amount of Threadfall was normal, to him, since he didn't know any better to understand it as anything other than the usual Threadfall. The constant struggle of the Weyr and riders was noticed, but he assumed it to be the usual atmosphere and culture of being in a Weyr. It wasn't until Thread took the life of his weyrmate of 12 Turns that the catastrophe really shook him. He was devastated from the loss, and has never really been the same since. 

Response to dragon color mutations: He's wary of the black and red dragons, but doesn't feel particularly negatively or positively towards them. For now, he's in a 'wait and see' mindset before he determines his judgement of them. It all depends on if they will help or hinder the Weyr in the future. For now, S'bok as Weyrleader is the true test of how they will affect the Weyr. His first Turn as Weyrleader has lead to many deaths of riders, crafters, and holders by the dangers of Fort Island, but N'iko will pass this off as inexperience for being so young. This next Turn should decide him.

Who are you...

Quiet -- N'iko isn't one for large crowds or loud noises. He'd much prefer relaxing either with just himself and Astaroth or a couple of people.
Music -- He really enjoys listening to music and, more specifically, singing. His weyrmate had the most beautiful voice and it was what initially drew him to her. Now listening to music has become nostalgic for him and he can easily be swept away down memory lane when hearing music.
Children -- He loves his children more than anything else. They are the most important thing in his life now and he'll do anything to give them a better future. Because he'd been around all of his kids, he does well with other children as well and is sometimes seen playing with other kids in the creche than his own.
Laughter -- Life has always been serious and stressful, so he tries to find things to laugh and smile about. While he no longer pranks anyone--since he has grown up--he likes to laugh with wingmates or find other ways to have fun.
Sex -- Since the death of his weyrmate, he now uses sex as an escape. He is always searching for his next lay anytime he returns to the Weyr, and has actually found a few green riders who are consistently visiting him when he's around.

Drama -- One of the reasons he prefers Mountain Wing is the lack of people and therefore lack of drama. He doesn't have time for it, and will walk away without looking back.
Bossiness -- Unless it is someone of rank, he won't stand for someone trying to tell him what to do.
Crying -- Seeing others cry makes him very uncomfortable. He'll usually do whatever he can to make it stop.
Crowds -- Being lost in a sea of people makes him feel claustrophobic. He'll become easily irritated apt to fighting until he gets some fresh air.


* CONFIDENT : N'iko is confident in anything he does. He knows who he is and what he can do, so there's no self-doubt. He's already outgrown any sort of insecurities he may have had as a child and no one around to call family.

* EXPERIENCE : His entire life has been spent in a Weyr, so he knows the rules, the order, and how things work. He also Impressed early on in life and has been working with Astaroth for over twenty Turns. They both fought Thread for seventeen Turns as well, so there isn't much that they haven't seen or been through. They are an experienced team who can be counted on in both riding expertise and understanding of Weyr culture.

* FIGHTING : Just as he is experienced in drills and flying with Astaroth, he's also very skilled at fighting hand to hand combat or with knives. He continues to practice daily, both to be prepared for anything and because it releases some of his tension when Mountain Wing is out in the middle of nowhere.

* PROTECTIVE : Since there are so few close to N'iko, he is extremely protective of those he's let in. He'll do anything to protect them, including risk his own life. Currently, his children are the only ones that fall within his protective circle. Any risk to them will cause N'iko to lose all reason and fight until they're safe.

* UNCOMPLICATED : N'iko prefers to keep his life as uncomplicated as possible. He doesn't get involved with others enough to have any sort of drama or stress. His focus is solely on his children and the Weyr. Otherwise, he avoids anything that might upset the simple black and white nature of his life.


* DISTANT : N'iko keeps everyone at a distance when it comes to connecting on an emotional level. Others can sometimes read this as standoffish or maybe that he thinks he's better than them. Keeping this wall up between himself and others also doesn't allow him to really feel for anyone else.

* COMPETITIVE : He's a hard worker, but he also likes to see the fruits of his efforts through a little competition. He strives to prove his skill through competitions and will turn almost any sort of exercise into a competition if he can.

* DISTRUSTFUL : He doesn't trust others easily. Either they will intentionally hurt him out of their own selfishness, or they will unintentionally hurt him as his weyrmate did. She was the first person he ever let in completely, and her death nearly broke him. He refuses to let anyone get that close to hurt him ever again, regardless of how innocent their intentions may be.

* ARROGANT : While he's typically a nice guy to those around him, he's still unmistakably an arrogant bronzer. His confidence can sometimes be a bit much, though he'll swear he can back any of it up. He believes there's almost nothing he can't do so long as he puts his mind to it.

* IMPULSIVE : If something irritates him or endangers the Weyr, sometimes clear thought goes right out the window and he acts on pure instinct. He doesn't always think things through before acting, even in drills. He and Astaroth have worked so long together, that most of their actions are based on instinct through experience of how to react in given scenarios.

Describe Yourself:

* GUARDED: ----- Since his weyrmate's death, he's closed himself off emotionally from others. While he'll laugh and talk with others, he'll never let anyone get so close that they can hurt him. This means no love or close relationships. He keeps everyone at an arm's reach. He has friends, but none so close that he would risk anything important for them.

* SELFISH: ----- He's selfish in that he always puts himself and his children first before anything else. If he needs to do something that will negatively impact his children, he will refuse. He also doesn't worry about others, considering he'd always had to look out for himself as a child and figures everyone else can do the same. The only ones he looks out for, other than himself, are his children.

* HARDWORKING: ----- He's always giving his best effort in everything that he does. He doesn't believe in slacking off. Since his overall goal is to do all he can to ensure a bright future for the Weyr (and his children), it is a disservice to them to not give it his all. 

* INDEPENDENT: ----- N'iko has learned how to be content with being alone since he was little. He doesn't need anyone else around or depend on anyone (other than Astaroth) for anything. He's very self-sufficient and has even grown to enjoy his times alone.

* RESPECTFUL: ----- He's very respectful of Weyr hierarchy. He'll never speak against those in charge, from Weyrleadership to Wingleaders or Wingseconds. He understands the way that Weyrs work and follows it without question.

The Magic Touch: N'iko's weakness is his children. They are the reason he works so hard to make sure they have a better future.


Mother: Unknown.
Father: Unkkown.
N'iko isn't sure who his parents were, as he was never visited in the creche by anyone as a child. He assumes they were both riders since he was born and raised in the Weyr and riders are less likely to visit their children.

Siblings: Unknown

Morghianna. Born 2558. Journeyman Harper. Died 2586.

Tommniko of Bixenorth. Son. Born 2574. Impressed 2587.
Morhea. Daughter. Born 2578. Candidate.
Kolaimor. Son. Born 2583. Weyrbrat. 
Kaylianna. Daughter. Born 2585. Weyrbrat.

Tell us a story...

* 2556, 0 Nerikolai was born in Southern Weyr and was almost immediately passed off to the creche to be cared for. His earliest memories are of playing with the children there and being looked after by the creche mothers. His friends would all have their parents and family visiting them, even if infrequently, and he waited patiently for his own family to appear and welcome him with open arms. His optimism lasted him a long time, or perhaps he was in denial for a long time, before he finally accepted that they were never going to come. It hurt him that there was no one who came to claim him as their own or to show that they cared about him. This was the beginning of him closing himself off from others, in the expectation that he would always be alone and needed to take care of himself.

* 2567, 11 Life in the creche was as fun as was allowed to be during the high stress of the 9th Pass catastrophe. He tried to make friends, play games, and help in the Weyr to keep busy. His occasional pranks were done mostly out of the need for attention. It didn't matter if he was getting scolded. The adults never looked at him unless he was causing trouble, and the kids respected him more when he was so daring. He became the lead troublemaker among his peers, who all looked up to him and would follow him in anything he asked of them. The result of his trouble making was him constantly being forced into additional chores in different areas of the Weyr. He didn't even mind the punishments, since they were different ways to keep busy. When he turned 11, Southern Weyr finally fell and anyone that was left moved to Fort Weyr. Nerikolai didn't feel any sort of attachment to Southern Weyr, so the move didn't affect him that much.

* 2568, 12 Not long after the move to Fort Weyr, Nerikolai is Searched and becomes a late-chosen candidate. He Impresses bronze Astaroth within a month of being Searched, which leads to him feeling unprepared for weyrlinghood. Even so, the bond he has with Astaroth is unlike any feeling he's ever had before. For the first time, he feels connected to someone else. N'iko throws himself into weyrling training to strengthen his bond with Astaroth.

* 2570, 14 As a weyrling, he experiences Threadscore for the first time while assisting in filling and moving bags of firestone. Thread hits the back of his right hand, and he has a small, diagonal white scar from it. He's annoyed with himself for the mistake and spends his last time as a weyrling thtowing himself into perfecting everything he has learned. A few months later, he graduates weyrlinghood and is immediately moved into one of the more active Wings.

* 2571, 15 N'iko's life has become riding during Threadfall, eat, sleep, and back to fighting Thread. He and Astaroth give their best to protecting the northern continent. They feel useful to the Weyr and are proud of what they do. Astaroth is scored by thread in his leg. They are off duty for a short stretch of time.

*2574, 18 N'iko hears a woman singing in the baths and is instantly drawn to her. They sleep together a few times until he realizes he doesn't want to be with anyone else. She's the perfect blend of sweetness and tartness that is always keeping him on his toes and a smile on his face. Knowing her opens up a softer side to N'iko, and he dedicates any of his spare time to caring for her. They have their first child by the end of the Turn. N'iko tries to see his son any time that he can, to make sure his son doesn't go through what he went through as a child.

*2578, 22 He and Morghianna are thrilled to have their second child, this time a girl. N'iko and Astaroth are injured by Threadfall again. N'iko sustains a new scar across the back of his left shoulder and Astaroth on his left side. A blue rider and dragon fall out of formation and swerved into them. N'iko is angry with the riding pair for awhile, but Astaroth never forgets this event and assumes all blues are inept as that one.

*2586, 30 N'iko returns from fighting Thread and learns of his weyrmate's death from Thread. He's devastated by the loss of the one person he truly cared about and who cared about him. He avoids his children while in mourning and leans heavily on Astaroth for support. The 9th Interval begins a few sevendays later, and he curses everything that they were both so close to surviving together. N'iko shuts himself off from others again, refusing to let anyone else in.

*2587, 31 After the move to Fort Island, N'iko finally sees his children again. He realizes that they are the last pieces of Morghianna left in the world and he promises to take care of them and work hard again to make sure their new life in the new Weyr will be a good and safe one. N'iko joins Mountain Wing, where he can remain detached from others. His short visits back to the Weyr are spent between visiting his children and working off sexual tension. He has no intention of becoming emotionally involved with anyone again, and tends to seek out green riders who don't hold any expectations for him. During this same Turn, he proudly watches his son Impress a brown and at the same time he sees a black dragon hatch from the Senior Queen's clutch. He isn't sure what to think of the black dragon, and asks his son about the dragon and his bonded frequently when N'iko is back at the Weyr.

Give us a taste of your character and a sample of how you roleplay. No real length limit.
The candidate studied the eggs scattered around the Hatching Sands. It was a small clutch compared with those he’d once watched as a bystander at Southern Weyr. The limited number of eggs was a telling sign as to the state of things within the Weyr. Only a few Weyrs remained at this point, and there were whispers that it was only a matter of time before only one Weyr remained before…before what? No one ever finished their projections from there. Not that he’d heard at least. Whatever they assumed, it was nothing good.

He turned his attention to the other candidates that stood with him. Almost all of them were fidgeting or shifting in their spot, as if they were nervous for what would happen next. Nerikolai was nothing of the sort. He stood firm on the Sands, no worry or concern visible on the candidate. There were so few eggs that there was already a low chance he would Impress. Especially considering he’d only been Searched a few sevendays ago. Most candidates Stood at least once before Impressing, if they Impressed at all.

It was definitely strange, though, to watch the Hatching from the vantage point of the Sands rather than being in the stands. It had been easy to watch from the stands as a disconnected bystander, merely observing the bond that happened between dragon and human. Now that he was here, almost face to face with the large eggs, he felt the awe and wonder of gazing upon something so amazing. If anything, he felt excitement for what was to come next. To see the newly hatched dragonets struggling from their shells mere feet from him.

The first egg began to quake, and his focus narrowed in on it. This would be the first dragon he would witness hatching so close. Even as close as he was, he felt drawn to it and wanted to be closer. But he’d seen what happened when candidates had become overzealous on the Sands. He needed to remain in his place until the end, before he would leave the Sands and return to the candidate quarters. At least then he’d be able to get out of this uncomfortable robe. Nerikolai resisted the urge to take it and his shirt off. Didn’t they realize it was hot on the Sands? A piece of fabric wasn’t going to protect them from the talons of a newly hatched dragon, so what did it matter what they wore?

The egg rocked back and forth, working into a steady rhythm before a loud crack echoed through the cavern. An answering crack split from the top of the egg almost down to the bottom, splitting it in half. This is it, he thought to himself. He’d watched countless Hatchings and knew the tell-tale signs of when a dragonet was going to break free. Just as the thought occurred to him, the egg shattered to pieces and a warm honey bronze cried out.

Nerikolai watched with surprise as the bronze righted himself, his wings getting a bit in his way as he tried to catch his balance. It was a good sign for a bronze to hatch first, normally, which was odd with the small clutch. He’d expected a green or a blue at best. He watched the bronze with awe, and it was like seeing a Hatching for the first time. Nothing could beat this feeling from watching on the Sands. He’d never felt so…so whole before. Was this why candidates always walked off the Sands with a dazed look in their eyes?

The bronze looked at him. His breath caught in his throat, and for a single, selfish moment, he prayed to Faranth that the bronze be his. It was unfair to ask for something when he’d only just become a candidate. To Impress the first dragon in the Hatching would be even worse. But he didn’t care. There was something about this dragon that called to him, and gave him hope.

Please, be mine, he thought to himself. Of course your mine, N’iko, a voice said matter of factly. Nerikolai blinked and looked around to see who had spoken. The other candidates were also watching the bronze, but another rattling egg had drawn the attention of some of them. He looked back at the bronze. I’m hungry. Do we have to watch the rest or can we eat?

You’re…mine? The bronze began to stumble towards him, tripping now and again on his wings, but catching himself before he could completely fall. Astaroth is N’iko’s and N’iko is Astaroth’s. Tears pricked N’iko’s eyes as realization began to sink in. He’d Impressed. This wonderful, beautiful bronze dragon was his. He belonged so someone. And someone belonged to him. For the first time, he mattered to another. It didn’t matter that he had no idea of any family anymore. It didn’t matter that any friends he had were shallow at best. Because now he could feel it. He could feel the deep level at which they were connected, the hunger of Astaroth, just as Astaroth could feel something within N’iko which had been lost clicking softly into place.

The bronze thrummed softly, a bit confused to what he was feeling. N’iko smiled and moved to help Astaroth off the Sands. He could feel the dragon’s confusion, and it was comforting to feel the care there. There was no questioning how the dragon felt about him. It was pure and unconditional love. I’m okay, Astaroth. This…this is the best day of my life. I’m going to take the best care of you. And I, you, N’iko.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
K'mar, Callista, Z'tai, M'kale, Phaedralena
Inactivity Preference:
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Mauling Permissions:
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Anything Else:
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Re: N'iko [06.03.2556 9th Pass / Bronze Rider]
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2017, 10:33:32 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn  :love:
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
16.08.2568 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 37.5 meters
Mature Height: 7.5 meters
Mature Wingspan: 63 meters

General Appearance...

Astaroth was an awkward bronze when he was a dragonet. His wings grew faster than the rest of him, which made balance and certain exercises a bit more difficult to complete. Eventually, he came into his own and is one of the larger bronzes. It would be hard to describe Astaroth's hue with just one color. He's like a gradient of bronze from a light honey to a darker bronze. His undersides have the lightest of colors before the majority of his bulk is a warm honey and then darkens again along the back and spine to a dark bronze. There are speckles marbling his spine and stretching from his snout all the way to the tip of his tail. He has Threadscore on his left side and leg.


Mind Voice: Astaroth's voice is deep and mild. It can be comforting to those who hear it, although it can quickly become terrifyingly harsh if he's angry.

Exploring -- The bronze enjoys seeing new places during their travels with Mountain. It's far better than the typical doldrums of drills at the same Weyr day in and day out.
Flights -- Astaroth was limited from flying greens and golds when N'iko had a harper weyrmate. While he in no way would ever say he was happy for her passing, he does have a new appreciation for flying female dragons and won't miss the opportunity if they are back home.

Blue dragons -- This is a petty grudge that Astaroth holds onto, as much as N'iko tries to convince him out of it. A blue rider had fallen out of formation while fighting Thread and knocked into them, which caused the last Threadscore that hit both N'iko and Astaroth. Ever since, he's been convinced that they are all inept. He's anywhere from haughty around them to downright dismissive.
Disrespect to dragons or riders -- Having been through Threadfall and experiencing the injuries and loss from it while doing his best to protect everyone, anyone who disrespects a dragon or rider becomes immediate wherryshit in Astaroth's mind. This can sometimes turn him against particular holders and crafters, which can be topic of contention between him and his rider.


* POWER : Astaroth is on the larger size of the bronze dragons and he owns his size. He will use his strength for anything that's needed, including carrying, lifting, or crushing anything that may aid them in their exploration.

* RESPONSIBILITY : The bronze has a strong sense of responsibility to do exactly as he's told and to fulfill the role that is outlined for any bronze dragon. He will carry out any task that is put on him without complaint, taking it on as a challenge for him to overcome.


* SHORT-TEMPERED : Of the pair, Astaroth is the more short-tempered of the two. He has a very low tolerance for disrespect and has a grudge against blues, which can all easily snap his temper. N'iko usually has to calm him down by getting some air and space from others.

* AGILITY : Astaroth is able to channel his power into speed, which keeps him from falling too far behind from the smaller dragons. But when agility or tight turns are involved, he's much slower. His experience in the open air doesn't aid him much in improving that agility as he might have been able to had they joined Jungle Wing. It is something that he and N'iko are working on.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #CC962A; Text: #FFF0A6

Member Info...

Anything Else:

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Re: N'iko [06.03.2556 9th Pass / Bronze Rider]
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Re: N'iko [06.03.2556 9th Pass / Bronze Rider]
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Re: N'iko [06.03.2556 9th Pass / Bronze Rider]
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Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
22.08.2586 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr

General Appearance...

Drakon is a deep, chocolate brown with a marbling of a light brown throughout his small frame that is only visible in daylight. The darkness to his hide makes him appear rather ordinary and boring, with some even jokingly commenting that he could almost be mistaken as the first black flit. It's only when he's out in the sun that others can see the variances in his hide that make him stand out from others. He's on the smaller side of brown fire lizards and is comparable with the size of a large blue flit. 


Mind Voice: Drakon doesn't make many vocalizations and instead focuses all of his communication on sharing images of whatever he's trying to convey. When he does choose to be more vocal, his mind voice is rough and loud, as if to prove his infrequent use of it.

Dark places: Drakon enjoys feeling invisible by hiding and exploring in dark, tight places. He'll be the first to go explore areas that most others would avoid.
Astaroth: The brown is near-obsessed with the large bronze. If he's not helping N'iko and Mountain Wing on a mission of exploration, he can usually be found on or near the bronze dragon.

Making noise: He's a very quiet, self-contained fire lizard. He saves his vocalizations for truly important matters, and otherwise prefers body language and mental images to communicate what he thinks and feels.
Water: The brown actively avoids being close to bodies of water or very slick places. He'll never be seen near baths, lakes, or the ocean if he doesn't absolutely have to be. A downfall of dark, tight places is that it can sometimes lead to water dripping from the rocks. This will freak the brown out and he'll rush to someplace dry.

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