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Author Topic: Approved K'zaya [14.09.2566 9th Pass] | Bronze Rider  (Read 1703 times)

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K'zaya [14.09.2566 9th Pass] | Bronze Rider
« on: February 06, 2017, 02:19:41 PM »

Play By:

First Name:
Date of Birth:
14.09.2566 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
High Reaches Weyr
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Wing Rider of Prairie Wing

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Tall, gangly, lightly muscled. Despite having 23 turns under his belt, K’zaya still hasn’t quite managed to fill the role of a strapping, barrel chested young man. He has the appearance of a bloke that you would pick out in a crowd as being an easy target. You can easily see yourself getting the better of him in a fight, and you’re probably not wrong so long as his clumsiness doesn’t let him get in a couple of lucky shots. Despite his lack of “Rugged Manliness”, one would be inclined to call him pretty, perhaps even handsome in the right light. His face wasn’t quite round enough to be cute, though the devilish grin that often spread across his face added to his appearance.

Not one to fuss about his looks, he regularly sports a light, ginger shadow over his jaw, and his hair, rarely brushed, is cropped just past his ears, long and shaggy in a lovely burnt orange colour. Small green eyes stare out over a broad nose, and his clothing choices more often than not reflect his nonchalant attitude, barely being suitable for the day’s weather conditions though often layered so as to give him some semblance of bulk.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: K’zaya saw his father get threadscored so badly he and his dragon disappeared between forever. Since then he’s felt a cold numbness whenever events become too painful for him. The fear, terror and general panic that followed that incident are barely remembered, despite K’zaya’s age at the time. Some part of his subconscious deigned the full impact of the catastrophe would damage K’zaya, and so he instead finds himself uncaring of the strife that preceded his life at Southern Winds Weyr. His ability to retain information has been compared to that of a dragons, in that excepting important things, he’s not likely to remember or care about events that are more than a few months away.

Response to dragon color mutations: While he may have been concerned about what a black dragon would mean when Neisoth hatched earlier on in the turn, his bonding with Fyenoruth, followed by Neisoth winning a gold flight has made him a firm advocate for the black dragons that could keep up with a bronze. More competition meant he had less chance to catch a Gold and more opportunities for safer pursuits in life, so his attitude is very much “Bring on the Mutants” should anyone care to ask.

Who are you...


Freedom – Having to stick to a daily schedule irritates the shard out of K’zaya. All he wants to do is be able to pick and choose what he does, when he wants to do it. As such, he takes as much time as he can during periods where he’s able to be a little bit more lenient in his duties, and revels in being able to do whatever he likes after their drills and chores are done for the day.

Celebrations – Who doesn’t like a good party? While willing to go all in at events such as turns end, where there’s plenty of cause for revelry, he’s also one to celebrate the smaller things in life. If it’s worth being enjoyed, it’s worth being celebrated. No need to stick to the same old traditions. Let’s have an annual dance to celebrate that cheeky little blue fire lizard finally catching himself a gold. No matter that the resulting clutch is going to be pathetic!

Klah – There is something about a nice strong cup of klah in the morning that just makes K’zaya’s day. The fact that’s it’s one of the only things the Weyr still seems to have an abundance of (fish, of course, being excluded) makes it even better. He will rarely be seen at a meal without a steaming mug of the caffeinated beverage in reach, and will never decline someone’s invitation should there be any mention of klah being consumed once the invitation is accepted. 

Open Spaces – Being stuck underground for a lot of his childhood, and only really being given the go ahead to explore in the last few turns has taken its toll on K’zaya. He is always eager to be outside, away from the confines of the crèche, or a barracks, or a weyr itself. He wants to be in the fields. Out among the stars at night. There was no risk of thread anymore, and he’ll be inclined to spend a night outside with his dragon for company


Queen Flights – In particular the Senior Queen ‘cause he and Fyenoruth are forced to chase when she gives flight. His fear of being placed in a leadership position, however tenuous it may be, making Queen flights almost unbearable.

Chores – The bane of his existence as a candidate and weyrling. Chores were only made bearable by the opportunity for the work to be shared among others. If there was a way he could get out of doing any work at all, he’d commit himself to it. At least now that he’s a fully-fledged rider there seem to be a few less chores to do. Though only because of all the drills.

Choices – In his effort to please everyone, giving K’zaya a choice, particularly in matters of importance, is something he dreads. He knows there are multiple ways to do things, and left to his own devices is perfectly capable of choosing which way he should be going to get a task done. But if someone else were to ask him which of two (or more) things he would rather do, chances are he’s going to hesitate to answer. He doesn’t want to ruin relations with the person asking by picking one thing over another, nor does he want to make himself appear unwilling by selecting a “wrong” choice. Ultimately the best way to go about it is to ask him to do something. He’ll decide on his own how to complete that task, because that’s all that’s been asked. Choices mean he’s being tested, and he gets quite stressed over even the smallest of queries.

Fighting – Mainly of the physical variety, K’zaya will do what he can to avoid any hand to hand combat. He understands the need to learn how to spar, and that riders will always have to train their body’s for a physical fight, but that doesn’t mean he wants to go getting involved in a punch up. Words are fine. Arguments are a part of daily life. But swinging punches at eachother? He’ll have none of it.


* LOVING : Despite the fact he has no clue who his kids are, k’zaya is an affectionate and caring person. Now that weyrling training is over and thread no longer a threat, he’s able to show this side more often.

* PROTECTIVE: K’zaya isn’t the sort of person to allow people around him to be hurt in any which way. He’s the sort that will get in the middle of a fight to save someone from getting hurt and will do what he can to pre-empt any sort of pain to anyone he may know, loved ones or otherwise.

* ENDURING : His ability to forget pain, physical and emotional helps him to do more than what one would expect. He can take a beating and so long as he’s not completely broken, will continue to do his job, particularly if not doing so would cause harm to his loved ones.

* THICK-SKINNED : Insults mean absolutely nothing to K’zaya.He’ll take a physical threat seriously, but words aren’t worth his attention. He won’t try and exchange insults, nor will he give them any acknowledgement. If you end up deciding you want to get a reaction out of him through words, at best he’ll say goodbye before he exits the conversation.

* AMICABLE : Truth be told he wants to be everyone’s friend. It doesn’t matter how different you may be, K’zaya is going to try and find a bit of common ground so you’ll have something to talk about. It does mean he’ll walk away if he thinks there’s going to be a confrontation, because once you’ve done that, there’s no turning back.


* CLUMSY : No matter how long he’s had them for, K’zaya has an issue getting his limbs under control at the best of times. Likely to trip over a stone, stumble into someone at the most inconvenient of time or step on the tip of a dragon’s tail wherever he goes, there is rarely a time that K’zaya doesn’t have some sort of graze on his body (or has been the cause of a graze on someone else). So maybe think twice before accepting his offer to dance during turns end

* UNASSERTIVE : He wants to make sure he’s doing right by everyone, and doesn’t like coming across as the bossy type, so he never really pushes anything on anyone else. He may believe he knows how to achieve something, but if you think you’ve got a better idea, chances are he’s going to follow you on your course of action as opposed to pursuing his own.

* OVERZEALOUS : K’zaya can be a little… over the top when it comes to certain… things. He latches onto an idea and can be relentless in his pursuit of it, to the detriment of all else. It can be very intense if you find yourself the sole target of his attitudes, though truth be told he’s been getting better at controlling it since bonding with a dragon. One of the key points is to control your emotions after all. Just. He can still be a bit aggressive in his affection. He means well.

* RECKLESS : He rarely if ever thinks things through. Since he rarely remembers the bad in his life, he doesn’t have that niggly voice in the back of his head telling him not to repeat past mistakes. He can be very much action without thinking, and doesn’t seem fully capable of learning from his mistakes… So often repeats them.

* PEOPLE PLEASER : He doesn’t want to let anybody down. Which means he’s not going to say no. To anything. Regardless of what it may be. And regardless of whether it clashes with something else he’s said yes to. You don’t even need to ask nicely. Just ask him to do something and BAM. Off he goes. Wonderful trait to have when you’re a bronze rider. Right?

Describe Yourself:
* SUPERSTITIOUS: ----- K’zaya subscribes to the idea that there are signs everywhere. An egg splitting in two or a bronze hatching first in a clutch are signs that the clutch is strong. Not placing bets on a hatching promises a bad clutch. Fate has its place in all of Pern, and he will do everything he can to ensure things happen the way he would like. This was particularly apparent through his routines as a candidate and weyrling. Every morning was to start more or less the same. Too much variation and he would swear it was a bad day.

* MESSY: ----- K’zaya sees no point in wasting precious time on things such as appearance or tidiness. His clothes, if not strewn about the floor of his weyr are shoved into his rooms chest with nary a thought to order. Making the bed seems useless when he’s only going to mess it up that night – if he even bothers at all, and apart from the occasional trim to keep it out of his eyes his hair remains, most of the time, a tangled mess ‘cause why waste time in the mornings for hair care when Klah is waiting.

* FORGETFUL: ----- He doesn’t mean to be, but if you give him an instruction and he’s unable to immediately comply, chances are he’ll forget about it until someone reminds him. Excepting those things that are pretty standard in his life (such as Prairie Wing’s daily schedule) he finds himself easily turning away to do other things while not having finished the original task. This makes it hard for him to remember faces, dragons and the occasional rank or two and makes him come across as a wee bit rude, especially when you share a cup of klah with him in the morning only to have to reintroduce yourself come supper.

* PLAYFUL: ----- Cheeky and a teeny bit mischevious, K’zaya is always up for a bit of fun. So long as noone comes to harm through his actions, he’s all for a prank or two, though does prefer the more harmless banter to  the trickery of others. Nothing beats taking a bit of time each day to muck around with your mates. Or the crechlings. Or a new lover. Anyone, really, so long as it was fun.

* GOOFY: ----- In line with his lankiness and the oddity to his appearance, K’zaya can be quite a silly person. His childlike delight and even his over eagerness to do certain things all make him a little bit of a clown. At least he has the sense of mind to be able to laugh at himself. It’s an overall endearing trait for him to have.

* TARDY: ----- The likelihood of him fooling around, dawdling or just taking that extra fifteen minutes to truly  enjoy that last cup of klah all contribute to his almost perfect ability to be late to most- if not all things. The more important, the harder it seems to be for him to show up. Friends will often give him a time earlier than what is expected to try and minimise this, a trick tAt works in most cases, allowing him to arrive right on time on a good day.

The Magic Touch: There wasn’t a proper spot for it, but since he found out she was his mother, K’zaya has idolised Yinaya. It’s not something he’s vocal about, particularly as he’s trying to bring up the courage to speak to her face to face, but should you mention the green rideri n his presence you’ll find him immediately involved in your conversation.


Mother: Mother: Yinaya of Rantasyth | B 2547 | I 2564
Father: K'zmet of Kaelth | B 2541 | I 2564 | D 2571

Aunts & Uncles:
Y'vis of Xnyeth | Jungle Wingrider |  B 2535 | I 2552
Y’rin of Ondorth | B 2533 | I 2547 | D 2557
L’kan of Quorlith | B 2538 | I 2559
L'del of Indulth | Mountain Wingrider | B 2541 | I 2553
Lakanya of Meirleth | High Reaches Jr. Weyrwoman / Fort Weyr Jr. Weyrwoman | B 2545 | I 2563 | D 2583

Yestine of Tanilith | Jungle Wingrider | B 2560 | I 2573
Cayalla | Jr. Journeyman Glassmith | B 2563
Y'kin of Aduskoth | Prairie Wingrider | B 2561
Ysveta | Candidate/Apprentice Healer | B 2572
Yaina | Weyrbrat | B 2582
Unnamed Sibling. | Weyrbrat | B 2584

Meyliah | Weyrfolk | B 2551
Y'tol of Bayorth | Jungle Wingrider | B 2554 | I 2569
Leighta of Untaith | B 2565 | I 2577 | D 2578
Risvora of Wayeth | B 2566 | I 2578 | D 2586
Unavin of Caelith | B 2567 | I 2586.
K'ito of Soonoth | B 2567 | I 2580 | D 2585
L'ruz of Issuth | B 2568 | I 2580 | D 2586
K'eeda of Aeleroth | Beach Wingrider | B 2569 | I 2581
V'ris of Ibaneth | Prairie Wingrider | B 2570 | I 2584
L'tan of Kyrth | B 2571 | I 2584
U’kir of Goranth | B 2573 | I 2586
L'syn of Kesulaith | B 2574 | I 2589
Ysmersa | Apprentice Fisher | B 2575
Yenevin | Apprentice Weaver | B 2575
Yservek | Weyrbrat  | B 2578
Ysoina | Weyrbrat | B 2579
Yellena | Weyrbrat | B 2582
Yakir | Weyrbrat | B 2588

 Children: He definitely has kids of his own, he just… doesn’t know when or who they are. He was quite promiscuous in his candidate days and while he has some understanding that a few of the pregnant candidates throughout his time may have been a result of their interactions with him, he never felt the need to seek out and identify his children. The crèche would look after them.

Tell us a story...

This is the perfect place for you to write out your character’s history. Dot points work out best. So list the important events in their life and a small description of what happened.

* 2566 – 2571, 0 – 5 K’zaya is born at High Reaches Weyr. As soon as she is able, his mother gives him to the crèche. With her partner a fully-fledged adult dragon, she joins the ranks of those fighting constantly to defend the weyr from threadfall. When he’s old enough to ask questions, he is given information on his parents, and fixates on his parentage. Proud to be decended from not one but two riders defending them from the constant threadfall. He’s still too young to understand the pain and chaos that occurs around him and is as happy as one can be under the conditions.

* 2571, 5 High Reaches Weyr is evacuated for Fort Weyr. It’s the first time K’zaya sees fighting dragons in action, and he finds himself having to be dragged on the transfer between weyrs. The screams of the threadscored, both dragon and human alike rang through his head the entire way. At some point, the screams were right beside him, and when he focused on the sky he saw a Bronze Dragon diving after a huge cluster of thread that had made it through the ranks. The silvery tendrils were turned to ash just above his head, but when the Bronze managed to pull himself from the dive, he found himself succumbing to another clump, the roar of pain from his rider cut off quickly as the dragon disappeared between forever. He found out when they got to Fort that that rider pair had in fact been his father and his dragon. The first few weeks following were met with a comatose sort of numbness, and he subconsciously set up a block in his mind that would protect him from future carnage.

* 2572 – 2578, 6 – 12 Tries to keep his nose clean. Finds himself stepping into the middle of fights anyway. Gets himself beat up a lot. Doesn’t matter. So long as someone else is in trouble finds he can’t help stepping in. Tries to stop fights from getting rough. Spots his mother every now and again. Doesn’t have the courage to talk to her. She seems occupied with the whole. Thread. Thing.

* 2578, 12 Searched. Nearly the big event that he wants to tell his mother about. Decides that he’ll wait. Maybe see if he impresses. Kept busy enough so as not to think too much about what is happening around him. So much death among weyrlings and adult dragons causes him to start setting up a routine for every time he needs to approach the stands. Hopes that he can minimise the suffering of all those involved.
* 2579 – 2581, 13 – 15 Stands each time there is a clutch available, doesn’t resent others impressing, though finds himself hardening his heart every time news comes of a weyrling falling during a training exercise. Particularly the loss of any golds. Wishes there was more he could do to help. Ultimately ends up focussing on his duties as a candidate. Tries to commit himself to being the ideal candidate, though only manages a parody of one. Still finds himself in fights every now and then. Tensions are high, but forgives easily and resents no-one.

* 2581, 15 The death of so many gold dragons at once rattles K’zaya, and watching the weyrleadership try to keep the weyr calm while being able to mourn their losses cements the idea that K’zaya does not, no matter what he impresses, want to have any part in leading the weyr. While the reasoning behind this idea blur as time goes on, the idea does no, and even after impressing a bronze he finds himself dreading gold flights and hoping in the leadup to the flight, that his dragon does not win it.

* 2582 – 2585, 16 – 19 Appears almost too happy as he continues doing what is required of him, avoiding chores where possible and making jokes when he ends up paired with someone regardless. His only bouts of seriousness occur when he is standing for a clutch or assisting with the fighting riders. Others are impressing around him and he finds himself to be one of the older candidates. With the odd fluctuations in weyr population, he hopes there is enough of a variety for the clutches that are being laid and waits patiently for the day where he’s able to bond with a dragon and maybe, just maybe, help with the battle against thread.

* 2585, 19 Rattled by a gold dragonet who never managed to find their partner, K’zaya double shis efforts to keep other candidates safe, doing what he could to try and learn a bit of the healing trade so he can identify when a candidate is sick or might have an infection. It doesn’t help too much – he finds his brain shutting down whenever he’s faced with a difficult situation – but he is trying. And that’s gotta count for something.

* 2586 – 2587, 20 – 21 One more turn of threadfall. One more turn worth of clutches that didn’t produce his partner and finally, a miracle. Thread stopped falling. He was cautious at first, sharing the general concern that maybe it was just a lull. But it didn’t return, and riders searched for a new home, away from the barren wasteland that had become of the mainland. When they get the go ahead to transfer, K’zaya finds himself making the trip over on the back of a green dragon, absolutely delighted to realise that it was none other than Yinaya herself taking him to their new home. She doesn’t recognise him –how could she? But he doesn’t mind. He managed to have the spot directly behind her, and found himself grinning like a child the entire flight. He doesn’t talk to her but knowing she’d survived was enough. He decided he would seek her out when he had impressed. That way they’d have something to talk about!

* 2587, 21 K'zaya knew that this would be the turn he would impress. It was a new start for everyone so why not start it with a dragon to call his own. The first two hatchings were met with pleasure. The hatchlings healthy. And when Imyth's clutch started to hatch he knew that would be the one for him. There were no more chances that turn. When the mind of the bronze Fyenoruth touched his he was elated. Unable to hold bag the woop of joy as he found his eternal soulmate. Later, he would worry about the responsibility that came with impressing a bronze, but most of their first few months together was coloured with nothing but an unbelievable delight that Fyenoruth had chosen him.

* 2588 – 2590, 21 – 23Present day. Once he and Fyenoruth were no longer weyrlings, K’zaya found himself in Prairie Wing. Perfectly content with his wing assignment, he doesn’t aspire to switch at all and does endeavour to meet the wingleader’s orders as often as possible. As it turns out his first flight ends up being Kalestath’s, and it was with much delight that Fyenoruth lost it to Neisoth. S’bok could have the weyrleadership, and excepting the green flights he was more than happy to participate in, K’zaya managed to ground Fyenoruth during the junior queen’s flight later that turn.

He hadn’t slept. How could he with everything that was going on? The Weyr had been unatturally cheery with all the preparation happening, dragons in and out every half mark, picking up supplies, bugling their arrival to the watch dragon in a hustle and bustle that was so decidedly not frantic. Or at least, not the same frantic noise that had occurred almost every day since he could remember.

Thread was gone, and today he got to see their new home! To be one of the candidates assisting in getting the candidate barracks ready. To be one of the first to see the new island. That is, one of the first weyrfolk.

Sort of.

If one didn’t account for all the others that had already been getting everything ready.


He left his bed untidy, there was no need to make it now. He wouldn’t be sleeping in it again and the Candidate Master wouldn’t be doing an inspection. Or at least. Not one that he would have to participate in. He grabbed the fur that was his covering and threw it onto the floor in a swift motion, ignoring the grumbles from his fellow candidates as he hummed a tune, not caring about the noise he was making.

He thrust open the lid of his clothes chest and rifled through it. Giving each item a cursory glance before throwing it onto the bedfurs. Leaving only things that were surely too tattered to wear any longer. His robes he left for last. They were perhaps the only thing that had any natness to them, folded up and carefully stored beneath a spare blanket. He only ever took it out when the Candidate Master requested it, or there was a hatching to stand for. He had to make sure he was perfectly dressed if he entered the sands. If he didn’t, his future partner may overlook him. Might between.

His eyes clouded over slightly as his thoughts took a dark turn, hands resting softly on the material of his candidate robes before shaking himself, as if he’d just been napping.

“Catchya in the new world, boys!” He cried as he scooped everything up into a single sack, the robes going in gently over the top and the last few pieces of wearable clothing being pulled on haphazardly. He laughed at the annoyed groans of the candidates sharing the barracks, practically skipping out to the Weyrbowl where he was to receive further instructions.

“Grab one of those and go stand over there. You’re to report directly to Candidate Master O’sir on arrival. Travel safely” The man who spoke smiled gently at Kizaya’s eager face, clapping his shoulder at the final words and pushing him off in the direction he needed to go.

Giving a firm nod, Kizaya moved to where he was told and stood, eyes skyward as he waited for the dragon that would act as his transport.  He wasn’t given much of a chance to introduce himself as the green dragon landed in front of him, the female rider urging him to scramble up to sit behind her the second the dragon had steadied herself.

He took a moment to marvel at the green’s hide as the other passengers climbed aboard, the lime green hide glistening as if she were only just oiled and the start contrast of the outside of her wings, a deep forest green, to the rest of her making for a beautiful creature indeed. He thought she was familiar, though he didn’t realise who the rider was until she turned around in her seat to give them instructions for the trip.

His face lit up as he recognised that of his mother, his heart practically bursting from his chest. She was here. Right in front of him. The woman who had given so much of herself to protect him and everyone else in the weyr.

He wanted to tell her who he was.

Tell her that he was still there.

He opened his mouth, his words clear in his head, ready to introduce himself to his mother, no matter that he didn’t have a dragon of his own yet.


That was about it. Apparently that’s all his tongue would form before he found himself looking down at the straps connecting him to the dragon. And then they were taking off. All further conversation ceased. She wouldn’t be able to hear him now that they were flying, and if her quick take-off was anything to go by he wouldn’t get a chance when they landed either.

The bubbly voice of Rantasyth warned him a few heartbeats before they went between. And he had just enough time to decide he would seek Yinaya out again once they were settled in before being enveloped in the all consuming nothingness.


Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Adoptable & NPC
Mauling Permissions:
Bring. It. On
Anything Else:
Made with Inanna and Cremath in mind

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW
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Re: K'zaya [14.09.2566 9th Pass] | Bronze Rider
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Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
28.10.2587 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr.
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 36.6 M
Mature Height: 7.32 M
Mature Wingspan: 60.76 M

General Appearance...

Fyenoruth is a very dark Bronze; while he'll never be mistaken for a Black, the bulk of his hide looks like it's aged -- been left out in the elements too long until his hide has taken on a tarnish. It's darkest along his face, spine, tail, and the bones of his wings. Along his undersides, it lightens almost to the color of his wingsails:  a not-quite-greenish bronze hue that looks like those parts are slightly less tarnished if nothing else. Despite that darkness, he's a handsome dragon with a dull metallic sheen best visible in bright light. Though he doesn't bear any extreme markings or variations in color, he's freckled throughout his hide, which gives him something of a shifting, mottled appearance, especially while he's moving.

He's of average size for a Bronze, neither particularly tall nor with an especially wide or short wingspan. However, his body is rather narrow and supple; he's always been a flexible creature, his curiosity occasionally getting him stuck in narrow places that K'zaya had to help him out of in their weyrlinghood. This translates to an agility in the air and on the ground, allowing for tight turns and tricky maneuvers a larger or clumsier dragon couldn't accomplish.


Mind Voice: Fyenoruth is a booming, loud, exuberant dragon, and it definitely shows in his voice. Without much sense of how to modulate his "volume", his voice seems to vibrate through the skull of anyone who hears him like the noise of a gong. Much like that same instrument, at least, it's got a pleasant ringing too it.

Optimism : Negativity gets you nowhere. While he might not be outright dismissive of those who are cynics or pessimists, Fyenoruth greatly appreciates those who can look on the brighter side of things. He never says upset long, so those who do can tend to be a drain on his energy because he just can't relate to that feeling.
Dramatics : He can tend to be a bit of a gossip, although it's more out of nosily wanting to know everyone's business rather than mean-spiritedness. Mostly, however, this manifests as a love of theatrics; this Bronze is the sort to give lofty monologues, flatter a female dragon that catches his attention, and make overt displays of affection.

Promiscuity : He likes Flights in the heat of them, but Fyenoruth feels drawn to having a single mate. While he doesn't really want to catch a Gold since it makes his rider so uncomfortable, he idolizes the idea of having one lady that will be his. For a dragon, he's a surprising romantic.
Bullies : Despite the irony that others will probably perceive him as one, this Bronze has a distaste for those who are needlessly pushy, cruel, or mean. There's a difference, in his opinion, between being a firm leader and just being thuggish.


* FLEXIBLE : Fyenoruth can bend and twist himself in a variety of ways that even dragons normally can't. He's a very sinuous beast in part because of his size, and he's always had the ability to both get into and out of places he shouldn't. It was likely a problem while he and K'zaya were weyrlings, though now at least he's gotten to a size where there's not many narrow places for him to wedge himself into.

* FRIENDLY : As far as this Bronze is concerned, he's never had an enemy. He's not a very competitive dragon, and so if there ever are any clashes over such things that involve him, it's only ever going to be one-sided. Even those he dislikes won't ever get a bad word from him; he's sure they're perfectly pleasant, even if their personalities don't mesh well. But, like his rider, he'll try to befriend everyone who's around him for more than two minutes.


* BOSSY : While K'zaya has no desire for a position of authority, Fyenoruth wistfully dreams of command. He thinks he knows best, and has no problem giving others directions if he thinks they're doing something improperly. Rather than out of a sense of arrogance or superiority, he just wants to help everyone be their best. But since he can be loud and rather overbearing, this can be misinterpreted as him throwing his weight around.

* STRICT : At times, Fyenoruth despairs of K'zaya's goofiness and irreverence. While now and then the Bronze can get pulled into his shenanigans, most of the time he's the one driving the man to be on time, to clean up his messes, and remember things that need his attention. He'll never be a cruel taskmaster to K'zaya, but he will do his best to keep him on track as much as possible.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #413204; Text: #85810B

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Made per the process outlined at the Optional Weyrling Application. Please let us know via PM if you choose to accept or reject this dragon. :love:

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Re: K'zaya [14.09.2566 9th Pass] | Bronze Rider
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Re: K'zaya [14.09.2566 9th Pass] | Bronze Rider
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Image Credit:
Link to line art. coloured by Wren
Flit Details

Anything you like.
How you'd say it.
Date of Birth:
17.05.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

A dark beauty, her hide is a very rich sea green with highlights of bottle green that seem to shimmer under sunlight or moonlight alike. She is fully aware that she's pretty, and will preen and primp in the presence of those she likes or is seeking to impress. There's a particular grace she always moves with, almost like a dancer or an acrobat.


Mind Voice: Crooning and sultry, she'd be a temptress if she were human. Since she's not, she'll lavish her bonded with affection and teasing, and will turn the heads of male flits with little effort. There's always a tinge of dark warmth to her projections, but any images she sends cannot necessarily be trusted. Ugly or unfavorable details tend to get smoothed over in favor of a prettier picture, though whether she does this intentionally or not is anyone's guess.

-- PREENING ; she always wants to look her best, though it's more out of pride rather than arrogance or vanity. Certainly, she wants to be seen as pretty, especially if she's accompanying her bonded person somewhere. And if they help her preen, bathe her, or oil her, she'll thrum and purr in vocal thanks.
-- MALES ; the first time she Rises may be earlier than what her actual Flight date settles as, and it's likely she'll start to notice male flits that way before her clutchmate sisters do. While she won't commit herself to one mate, she will always welcome attention from any Bronze, Brown, or Blue in the vicinity.

-- EGGS ; despite enjoying Flights and male attention, she has little interest in the actual outcome of such things. As soon as her eggs are laid, she abandons them, and will never be a good mother. She'll make a cursory attempt to hide the nest so that it isn't raided by predators, but she won't brood over it or revisit it once it's laid.
-- HAIL ; something so solid should not be falling from the sky. Fortunately, it doesn't happen often given the climate of Fort Island. But on the rare occasion it does, such as during particularly harsh storms in the winter, she will refuse to go outside.

Member Info...

Anything Else:


Force Catch: Y/N

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