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Author Topic: Info SWW Ranked Knots  (Read 1629 times)

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SWW Ranked Knots
« on: February 07, 2017, 01:22:26 AM »

Pern Knots
Across the history of Pern, shoulder knots have been used to identify a person’s rank by an easy to view braiding pattern with unique colours and patterns for each location and rank across Pern. Since coming to Fort Island and establishing Southern Winds Weyr, supplies to make shoulder knots for every inhabitant has been scarce. Therefore, Holders and Weyrfolk without rank have not been given any identifying shoulder knots.
Additionally, a color based on location is now no longer necessary to identify an individual. Due to supply limitations, the longer, more complicated, knots have been reworked, to use less material, and now the knots are simply attached into a loop made onto their tunic material on their shoulder.

Crafting Knots
The nature of these knots is that they are not permanent. They are made out of a variety of materials, rope, cloth, leather, anything the wearer can get their hands on. The beauty of these knots is that, when a person is no longer in need of their colours (either by going up a rank or changing wings), they can return the unneeded colours back to the weaver hall, retrieving the new colours so they can plait/braid their knots themselves. It is an essential part in all Crafter and Rider training, at apprentice and Weyrling level they are taught how to identify the knot colours, and how to braid their own, so that throughout their career as they advance, they can use that knowledge to apply to their new braid.

Riders Knots
Riders in wings have two strings braided together, one to denote their rank and their other their wing:
White denotes Wingrider
Red denotes Wingsecond
Black denotes Wingleader
Green denotes Jungle
Brown denotes Mountain
Light Blue denotes Beach
Yellow denotes Prairie
Weyrlings have two Yellow strings.
Candidates don't have any knots, but they learn to recognize them.
Wing Name Wingrider Wingsecond Wingleader
Mountain Brown and White Brown and Red Brown and Black
Jungle Green and White Green and Red Green and Black
Beach Light Blue and White Light Blue and Red Light Blue and Black
Prairie Yellow and White Yellow and Red Yellow and Black

Weyrleadership Knots
Weyrleadership has more strings in their braid, three strings versus the two strings of riders in Wings.
Weyrleadership (Golds, Weyrseconds, Wingleaders, Wingseconds, Candidate master, Weyrling master, Weyrleader) will all wear their knots on their left shoulder. Plain wingriders will wear their knots on the right shoulder
Senior Gold Junior Gold Weyrleader Weyrsecond
2 Gold 1 Black 2 Gold 1 Red 2 Black 1 Red 2 Brown 1 Red
Candidate Master Weyrling Master Assistant Weyrling Master Weyrling
2 White 1 Brown 2 Yellow 1 Brown 2 Yellow 1 White 2 Yellow

Craftspeople will wear two braided strings together, one to denote rank, and the other their craft. Masters and Craftmasters wearing their knots on their left shoulder, Journeymen and Apprentices on their right.
The Craftmasters wear three strings braided (left shoulder). Two denoting the colour of their craft, and one black.
Eg. Craftmaster Harper: 2 royal blue braided with 1 black.
White denotes Apprentice
Yellow denotes Jnr. Journeyman
Green denotes Snr. Journeyman
Black denotes Master
Royal Blue denotes Harper
Light Purple denotes Weaver
Red denotes Smith
Sea Green denotes Fisher
Black denotes Miner
Royal Purple denotes Healer
Grey denotes Hall-Less ( Glass, Beast, Printer, Tanner, Vinter, Technician, Plastic )
Craft Apprentice Jnr. Journeyman Snr. Journeyman Master
Harper Royal Blue & White Royal Blue & Yellow Royal Blue & Green Royal Blue & Black
Weaver Light Purple & White Light Purple & Yellow Light Purple & Green Light Purple & Black
Smith Red & White Red & Yellow Red & Green Red & Black
Fisher Sea Green & White Sea Green & Yellow Sea Green & Green Sea Green & Black
Miner Black & White Black & Yellow Black & Green Black & Black
Healer Purple & White Purple & Yellow Purple & Green Purple & Black
Hall-Less Grey & White Grey & Yellow Grey & Green Grey & Black

Harper 2 Royal Blue 1 Black
Weaver 2 Light Purple 1 Black
Smith 2 Red 1 Black
Fisher 2 Sea Green 1 Black
Miner 3 Black
Healer 2 Royal Purple 1 Black
Hall-Less 2 Grey 1 Black

Holders wear theirs on the left shoulder.
Holder leadership is unrecognised by the Weyr and all their members. However, the Holders have taken it upon themselves to create their own knots to signify those members of their community that they still deem ranked. Riders would not need to learn the meaning of these knot and as only four holders wear these knots, the colours have been chosen to stand out, each colour and combination does not have any specific logic upon which it was based. Additionally, since only four people wear them, it's entirely possible that everyone knows who they are anyways.
Lord Holder Lady Holder Headwoman Steward
1 Gold,1 Black,1 Grey 2 Gold 1 Light Purple 2 Grey 1 Light Purple 2 Grey 1 Black

This was a consolidated effort by SWW Members, plotted out in this thread and coded for use on SWW
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