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Author Topic: Moving to Fort Island [ 20.2.2587/ 2PM ] Tavianna’s Family  (Read 645 times)

Offline Tavianna

Moving to Fort Island [ 20.2.2587/ 2PM ] Tavianna’s Family
« on: February 07, 2017, 02:34:44 PM »
No one thought Thread would stop falling. When the silver death had continued to rain well past it’s supposed ‘stop’ date, Tavianna and those she knew had just accepted this was life. Until there were no more Riders to protect Fort. The constant presence of flame and dragon in the air was just… normal. A constant reminder that any day could be the last.

Until it wasn’t anymore. Nearly a month and a half ago, there was just… no more Thread. The Holders didn’t seem to know what to do with themselves, but Tavianna had carried on like normal. Her family needed to eat, after all. Thread or not.

Apparently in that time the Weyr had sent Riders out to see if any part of the planet had survived. Which it had. Surprisingly enough. Now… Now they were all moving. There was no choice, no one could elect to stay. Which meant all of Taviann’s work, her butchery, everything had to be left behind. She couldn’t very well haul thick cages to a dragon rider and justify bringing them. So it was with pursed lips and a clenched jaw she walked out of her butchery for the last time.

Out of her home. Her family actually had a fair few personal effects. Clothes. Furs. Kitchen supplies. Stores of food. More than most when they were called to bring their belongings to the Riders so they could leave.

Tavianna hated being uprooted. She also recognized there would be some benefit to being one of the firsts there. Her family was large and, if they didn’t want to be split up, they needed to be there to claim a cavern for them. The Miners and Smiths had gone first, of course, to work on the living spaces.

Now it was their turn.

The cold of Between was a minor annoyance. Experiencing a brief bout of flight to arrive to the island didn’t even make her feel better. Granted, she’d not seen so much… green. Grass. Trees. A jungle? This island was not their dead land of Fort Hold.

Once her family was safely landed in the weyrbowl, and gathered around, Tavianna was told what tunnel belonged to the Holders. Directed where her family would be made to live. She hid her scowl from the Rider and moved down the tunnel with her family to find the biggest cave. “We need to find space for all of us,” she murmured. That was the goal. Claim as much space for themselves as they could.

And they were not the only ones with that same idea.

Spoiler for OOC:
The mad rush to claim space. Let me know if you guys have any questions or the like. 8D

Offline Nealros

Re: Moving to Fort Island [ 20.2.2587/ 2PM ] Tavianna’s Family
« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2017, 07:07:16 PM »
The move to the island was the first time Nealros had had to interact with a dragonrider. He showed up at the appointed time, dragging his leashed wher behind him. His wife, his hand clutching hers, had a hard time keeping up, too, as he marched them both to the meeting point. The small Blue was laden with what supplies it could carry, while Nealros himself had shouldered a large pack. Ellariel had insisted on bringing a few dresses, so he’d packed those for her but only because she’d agreed to carry the heavy petticoats. “You won’t need the heavy cloth on the island,” he’d told her, but the silly girl was determined.

Between could’ve been a beautiful thing, but Ellariel’s scream shattered it. He was briefly aware of Nealsks’s struggle in the makeshift cage they’d strung him into, but it was over too fast for any real concern to be spared. The heat of the island washed over him in an unfamilar and unwelcome way. He was too pissed to fully appreciate the greenery that was suddenly everywhere. Green, he decided, was a stupid color. His hands clenched, making his wherhide gloves creak as the material recovered from the bitter cold.

He stuck close to his parents once landed. Nealsk was leashed again, and Ellariel was under strict orders to stay close- he didn’t want any riders getting any ideas about her. However his true attention was on Tavianna and Notkerric, he knew their subtle (and not so subtle) expressions and he wanted to see how they gauged the situation so he could act accordingly.

At least the caves were cooler underground. Even the small Blue wher seemed to instantly relax when the bright sun couldn’t impede further down the tunnels. Ros regretted that the wher was not an adult, his weight would’ve been a nice thing to throw around right about now.

Well, he’d end up throwing him around anyway, eventually.

Nealros was quick to set off on Tavianna’s order. He had a stronger sense of a family’s needs these days, knowing that he’d have his own additions to provide for once his wife fell pregnant. He tugged sharply on Nealsk’s leash to bring the wher to heel, and urged the pathetic creature ahead of him to act as his eyes. Even though the main tunnels were lined with glows, he figured the riders wouldn’t have put too much effort in making this place welcoming and he didn’t want to end up lost in a strange cave somewhere.

Offline Nycolus

Re: Moving to Fort Island [ 20.2.2587/ 2PM ] Tavianna’s Family
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2017, 12:08:43 AM »
Nycolus and his family were not far behind his parents, not having slept much the night before. It was a difficult thing for him to just up and leave his home, and he resented not being given the choice to stay. Sure the world outside of Fort’s caverns was barren, but they would have found a way to survive once those perfectly willing to move to this so called ”Fort Island” had done so. They weren’t even given the chance to try and remain.


The dragonriders just swooped down from their mountain to announce that they’d be leaving.

No arguments.

No questions.

No appeals.

He had been as shrewd as possible in packing his belongings, dividing them up between himself, Caleah and their two whers. Nycolussk himself being able to carry a significant weight without becoming too much of a burden to the dragons that were so gracefully transporting them.

They should be greatful.

How generous of the weyrfolk.

“Come along girls. Why don’t you help Nycolussk and Calesk into their cages” He said softly, his voice gentle as he spoke to his children, despite the frustrated thoughts spinning round in his head. His oldest child, only five turns herself tugged on the bit of rope keeping Nycolussk tethered to her, the Bronze where snorting as he shuffled along beside her, face covered to protect him from the sun as the child guided him into a cage.

Caleah had the other two girls and Calesk. And while the wher wasn’t a violent creature as such, she did not allow the other children to hold her leash as they had allowed Nylea to. The Green where lacked much of the intelligence of Tavisk and Nycolussk, and they didn’t trust her entirely with the children as they would the gold or bronze.

When the Whers were in their cages, their straps checked briefly to make sure their burdens would not fall off mid-flight, Nycolus helped his wife and children onto the seat behind the rider of the dragon that had been tasked to carry them.

He gave his mother a grim nod. Not fully trusting the mode of transport they were on and wishing her a brief farewell should they end up lost between before gripping bundle tightly.

It was quick, as to be expected, though the greenery that surrounded their new home did nothing to lift his spirits. As they spiralled down to land, he found himself glancing behind him, making sure his family was still there and brushing softly against Nycolussk’s mind, unsurprised to find the wher as calm as if he had done the jump himself.

They retrieved their luggage once on the ground, Nycolus trying to think of a reasonable explanation for why they should be allowed to keep the cages the whers had travelled in. If it weren’t for needing to secure a space large enough to house their entire family he would have preferred being one of the last to arrive, for at least then he could be seen as doing the riders a favour. For why would they need the cages once all the whers had been transported. He sighed as he handed Nycolussk’s leash back to Nyleah, Caleah carrying Haely while Caeleu squealed and toddled over to the bronze, scrambling up his back and finding a spot for herself amidst the bundles he carried.

Again, a gentle huff from the Wher, pleasure rippling over their bond and causing Nycolus to smile as he looked to see if his mother was ready.

Neal's Wher was eager to enter the tunnel, and Nycolus waited until his sister had entered before following, giving Caeleu the OK to remove Nycolussk’s blindfold once they were well away from the light of day. He figured his parents would take up the rear, not wanting to let them out of their sight so soon to entering what was to be their new home.

“Towards the back, Neal! We can get the Whers to investigate if it’s too dark for us to see” Nycolus called, smirking as he shortened the younger boys name, knowing it would annoy him. He assumed that the Crafters who had expanded the tunnel system to make it liveable would have focussed more on the areas closer to the tunnels entrance. It would be harder to navigate the tunnel system the further in you went, so your wherless holderfolk would most likely prefer the caverns closer to the entrance – less chance of getting lost.
While that meant the front caverns would probably be prettier in comparison to the rest of the place, there would be more chance of getting a group of caverns – perhaps even some additional tunnel space should they be lucky enough – the further from the entrance they themselves went. He found himself thinking of the various reasoning’s behind additional space should someone query him. Nealros, himself was reason enough. He needed a separate area to house his wher once he started having children. The amount of Whers between them being another excuse.

“Tavisk will need a space for clutches” He called again, verbalising his most recent thought and grinning in the darkness. Given enough time they’d be able to get themselves some semblance of the luxury they had been forced to leave behind. He’d make sure of it.
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Offline Tavianna

Re: Moving to Fort Island [ 20.2.2587/ 2PM ] Tavianna’s Family
« Reply #3 on: February 16, 2017, 01:42:36 AM »
Tavianna was a lady and did not shove past people as they made their way through the tunnels. Tavisk did all of that for her. Holders that got in her way were shoved by the large Gold who hissed and grunted. She was not leashed, muzzled, or even blindfolded. Rather, Tavianna was utterly confident both in her control over the Gold, but in having her able to have free range.

People cursed and shouted when Tavisk shoved them, but they fell silent pretty quick when both Tavianna and Tavisk turned back to them. It would really be a shame if someone were to get really injured in the rush for family space, but she wasn’t above muscling her way where it was needed.

Neither did she want any of the cavern that were so close to the entrance that so many fought over. Sure, they were nicely cut and rounded out. But they were small and wouldn’t suit her family.

They went deeper. Until only the light of glows would work and the wher were comfortable. Few families dared the darkness of the rough cut tunnels and even rougher cut rooms, where there weren’t doors but cloth strewn over haphazard holes. Some doorways were too small for a wher, so she didn’t even consider those. But one, deep in, Tavisk fit easily.

“Children!” she called, knowing they’d both recognize her voice and come to it as she pushed aside the rough fabric and peered into the darkness. Tavisk went in first, nosing about and snapping at a few tunnelsnakes that had lingered. They fled quickly.

The cave was big. Quite big. The glow light barely touched on the ceiling overhead so it didn’t quite feel like the mountain would crumble in around them and there seemed to be a vast amount of space for all the wher.

The downside, of course, was that it was one, giant open space. Tavianna stood, surveying it with a neutral expression. It would do. They could make it work. It would mean they’d all be living close, but they were family. The lack of privacy might become annoying and bothersome, but better to be too close than split up. Eventually they might be able to create some manner of privacy seperators. Later on.

Offline Tresrissa

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Re: Moving to Fort Island [ 20.2.2587/ 2PM ] Tavianna’s Family
« Reply #4 on: February 16, 2017, 04:07:17 PM »
“Don’t worry Tressisk.” Tresrissa said as she guided her Wher into the cage that had been supplied to her for the trip between to their new location. “We’ll be to our new home sooner than you know it. Even if I did have to leave so much stuff behind.” The young woman shot a glare at the dragonrider waiting to take her to Fort Island, as if it was him personally who had decided that her things weren’t important enough to come with them.

She said a goodbye in her mind to Fort Hold, and started at the cold of between. It was a day of firsts. First talking to a dragonrider, first touching a dragon, first going between, first day of Fort Island.

It was the green that shocked her, almost burned her eyes with the brightness of it, and she couldn’t help but grin. It was beautiful. And was going to be much more interesting than Fort Hold had ever been. However, she composed herself when she made it to the ground, knowing that her family was anxious for this move, leaving behind their butchery and everything.

So she was determined to be helpful.

Clipping on Tressisk’s leash, and making sure the green’s blindfold was secure, she followed after Nealros into the tunnels, knowing that Nyc would be coming in behind her.

Tressie kept an eye out for a suitable space for them as they walked deeper into the depths of the mountain. She wasn't going to find a space with a window, so she crossed that off her mental list, a place convenient to the underground lake would be nice, she had heard the dragonriders talking about it, and definitely big enough to house all of them. Tavisk needed room for her Whers, her mother needed room for a shop, and she wasn't going to let them all be crowded if she could help it. They were a growing family now.

They needed their space to work.

When she heard her mothers voice, Tressie quickly turned away from the line of siblings towards the direction of where she had heard her mother. Stepping through the doorway, she saw why, the cave was big, and the doorway large enough that even Tavisk would have no trouble getting through.

"It's perfect, Ma."

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Offline Nealros

Re: Moving to Fort Island [ 20.2.2587/ 2PM ] Tavianna’s Family
« Reply #5 on: February 16, 2017, 06:48:04 PM »
His brother’s voice echoed down the passage. His loud voice, and his use of “Neal” repeating, each time a little softer, further and further down the tunnel. In the fading light the man shot his brother a dark look over his shoulder, “Watch yourself,” he barked back, though it was without any real venom.

He pressed onward, though. One hand was kept trained to the wall on his right, his fingers deftly curving over each lump and bump. Indeed, the rock had begun smooth enough but it very quickly gave way to a poorly hewn surface. Nealros spat on the ground, showing his displeasure for this forced move, but kept walking.

Nealsk, ahead of him, seemed determined for once in his short life. Perhaps the Blue was feeding off the excitement of all of the bodies moving through the tunnels, or perhaps he was just eager to find a safe place to settle. Whatever it was, he didn’t halt his pace until a familiar voice rippled down the cave system. Tavianna had found home.

“Let’s go, mutt.” Nealros tugged his wher in the direction of his mother. Retracing his route with his left hand now, he navigated the passage back to a fork he’d passed earlier. He took the unexplored route and very quickly found the deep cavern with his mother and sister already within.

“Aye, yeah, this’ll do.” Nealsk scuttled and scrambled at the edge of his lead in Tavisk’s direction, wanting the safety the large Queen offered, but Ros kept him at his side still. “I’ll see if I can find a chisel, we’ll need to get the whers chained in until pens can be made.” He meant to hammer in a few clasps to the rock wall so they’d be able to attach the chains and leather thongs used to tether their beasts. It was a simple, albeit temporary solution, and mostly for his own use so Nealsk wouldn’t cause issue. The Blue was timid in the way of a cornered beast, if he was unsure of the situation he often preferred to lash out.

Nealros shouldered his pack off. It was heavy enough to act as a dead weight so he could loop Nealsk’s leash to it. He then motioned for Ellariel to stay in the cavern and safeguard it against would-be invaders. Well, she was more likely to bore them to death with small talk but that was fine too. He headed back into the tunnels to gather what supplies he could to start personalizing the cave to their needs.

Offline Notkerric

Re: Moving to Fort Island [ 20.2.2587/ 2PM ] Tavianna’s Family
« Reply #6 on: February 16, 2017, 07:43:26 PM »
Notkerric was comfortable with letting Tavianna and their children find the space they needed. He trusted her. Oh, after so many Turns he trusted her. She always did what was best for their family, no matter how difficult or unpleasant the task. Watching Tavisk part the crowd for her handler was just part of the show -- Tavianna had full control of her gold. The odd looks people shot him at his wife taking off bounced off of his back.

He commanded people in Fort Hold. He could command them again.

In fact, if push came to shove, Notkerric was fully prepared to let Kerrisk roar into the crowd and get them to settle down. He was well aware of how frenzied desperate people could become from the old ration centers in the Hold. It was only a matter of time before things became just as bad in this new home.

So while Tavianna and her golden shadow melted into the darkness of the caves, Notkerric made his post just outside the entrance. As it turned out, just the presence of the bronze wher and a face that some people recognized as a former (how he hated that word) Peacekeeper, kept things under control.

As things settled down, he left his self-imposed post and let Kerrisk lead the way down the cave, trusted the wher to find the family he knew so well. Kerrisk stopped short, revealing Nealros just exiting a side cave.

"Is that the one she picked?" Notkerric asked, pointing at the door he just left. If so, he'd have to pull aside three or four caves around them for his friends.

Offline Tavianna

Re: Moving to Fort Island [ 20.2.2587/ 2PM ] Tavianna’s Family
« Reply #7 on: February 16, 2017, 10:04:40 PM »
No matter how disappointed Tavianna might’ve been with what she had to work with, and the fact this wasn’t as good as what they’d left, her children’s reaction warmed her considerably. No complaints, no whining. Rather, they surveyed the space they had to work with and went right to it.

Her darling daughter and her tiny, albeit smart enough, green wher arrived first to survey the cavern. It really was big. Big enough for all of them. With the right touches, some work, and it could be home. Would be home. Tavianna offered her daughter a smile that didn’t reach her eyes before idly combing through Tressie’s hair. “I’m glad you approve, dearheart.”

Tavisk nosed at Tressisk, idly scenting the tiny green wher but not out of anger or even curiosity. She knew this wher, it was part of the family. The Gold did purr, a sound that rippled across her muscle mass as she then bumped ever so gently into Tressie – who she considered more her child than any wher she’d ever laid.

“Well, go figure out what section of this cave you’d like for yourself. We’ll have to see about getting some beds and partitions set up,” she said, keeping the frustration from her tone. This was what they had to work with. She’d been making due for a long time now.

Tavianna leaned against the frame of the ‘doorway’ and smiled at her youngest boy when he made it to them, his light filling up the space more so than it had before. She eyed his wher a moment. His might be one that needed a cage but Tavisk was often free roaming and wouldn’t need it. “Cages will take quite awhile to procure,” she murmured softly, still smiling. “But a way to keep Nealsk tethered should do for now, yes.” Most of the family’s wher were quite well trained and well behaved.

But there were always exceptions.

Tavisk grunted at Nealsk and nosed at Nealros, a familiar and affectionate motion she did to all ‘her’ kids. She even did it to Ellariel, who was as much apart of the family for being married into it as those born into it. Tavianna smiled at her wher’s actions and saw no need to correct her. Tavisk did not often feel things and the affection she had for Tavianna’s family was one of the very few joys in the wher’s life.

Tavianna slid inside the cavern and made her way toward the farthest side. That would obviously be where she and Notkerric slept. Tavisk lumbered after, so Tavianna could unload what supplies the wher had been carrying for her. This will have to do. She reiterated over and over to herself. They would adjust, they would persevere, and they would thrive once again. Tavianna believed that, whole heartedly. She also believed that one forged their own future and she’d be damned if she would be laid low just because they were in a weyr.

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Re: Moving to Fort Island [ 20.2.2587/ 2PM ] Tavianna’s Family
« Reply #8 on: February 16, 2017, 10:30:50 PM »
Grinning down at Tavisk, Tressie reached down to run a finger over the Wher's eyeridges, and Tressisk nuzzled her from the other side.

Tressie was glad her mother seemed to be pleased with the cave she had found, and happily went off to stake her claim on a section of the cave which was close enough to all areas. Not right next to the door, and not right in the back, just off to the side a little. The wall was lumpy and rough where she picked, an indicator of how deep into the depths of the mountain they were, but she didn't mind.

She could already imagine where her bed would go, and the trunk at the foot of it, and started to sketch out in her mind how she would be able to decorate it. This was going to be perfectly okay after all. Sure, maybe they would all be in close proximity to one another, but they could make it work. Standing in her little section, she held her arms out, pretending like there was a privacy drape where she was.

"Oh Neal! I can... help..." But her younger brother was already out of the cave before she finish.

"Come on Tressisk." Tresrissa reached down to pull off her Wher's blindfold, now that they were deeper inside the mountain that it wouldn't hurt her eyes. "What do you think?" She moved out to the centre of the room and pointed out different areas of the cave to the general population of the room.

"Ellariel, you and Neal can take that side." She pointed to the opposite side of the cave to where she had picked out. "Nyc and Caleah can go right by the door." Obviously her older brother would want to be where he could see everything going on. "And Mum and Dad can go in the back there." They would have as much privacy as they would need, and could also keep an eye on what everyone was doing.

"Hey Ma? Do you think we're going to need a cave for Tavisk to clutch in? It'd get a bit cramped if we just had to put all the eggs in the middle here." She gestured around her feet where she was standing in the very centre of the room.
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Offline Nycolus

Re: Moving to Fort Island [ 20.2.2587/ 2PM ] Tavianna’s Family
« Reply #9 on: February 18, 2017, 12:36:28 AM »
Both Nycolus and Nycolussk turned immediately at the sound of Tavianna’s voice. She never had to yell very loudly for them to come ruinning, though just to be certain heechoed her call down the tunnels to make sure Nealros and Tresrissa had heard. “Mother found it!” He yelled, waiting once again for them to pass him and his family before following them into the cavern.

He ushered his wife and kids into the cavern, smiling as Caeleu gave another excited squeal. Nycolussk, at least, was delighted with the space, and practically pranced over to the gold and green wher’s already there to give them a somewhat affectionate snuffle. He lay down carefully once he was there, giving Caeleu a chance to slide off him and allowing Nyleah to remove the makeshift leash before watching the two girls toddle off to drape themselves over Tavisk, the familiarity of the wher’s enough to minimize any trauma they may have experienced on arrival.

There was no need to watch their children with Tavisk there, and Caleah and Nycolus shared a smile as they listened to Tressie point out where each of their areas would be. He was glad that she decided he’d suit the doorway, though he had expectd nothing less from hi ssister. She knew him well, and while he would expect Caleah to always remain on the side of the cot away from the opening, he would prefer to be the closest should they encounter any … unsavoury characters.

“Caleah, Calesk will be OK to be off leash while we’re here. Perhaps I can hold Haely and you can start unpacking?” He spoke in a low voice, the offer to take their youngest child off the woman not out of spite, but because she was a woman who much preferred to work with her hands instead of sit back and watch while everyone else took action. Nycolus, however, was perfectly happy to simply watch… It was a lot easier to react when one wasn’t occupied in other things.

“I don’t mind.” Caleah purred as she handed Haely over with a gentle kiss to her forehead. Though an odd tension to her usually calm voice caused Nycolus to frown.

“Are you hurt?” HE asked softly, hoping to keep his mother from hearing and worrying just yet. He’d been careful to watch Caleah while they were around the dragon riders, but there was always the possibility…

“No… No. I’m just…. A little uncomfortable.” His wife responded in a soft tone to match his, before smiling and giving him a not entirely appropriate kiss considering their company.

It did the trick, mind, Nycolus smiling in an almost goofy way as he watched her turn away from him, bending down to tend to her wher before fulfilling his request. 

Caleah unclipped Calesk’s leash and moved to follow the green over to the pile of whers. Giving Tresrissa an affectionate hip bump as she passed the younger girl. “Make sure you set aside enough room for your future husband” she teased before crouching down amidst the whers, Calesk earning herself an affectionate eyeridge scratch as she flopped down beside Nycolussk. The Bronze essentially the green’s mate despite his insistence of chasing Tavisk when she ran.

She knew better than to pull the children away from the gold wher, knowing full well that she wouldn’t harm them at all. The girls were as much Tavisk’s grandbabies as they were Tavioanna’s. Nycolus often reminiscing about having grown up with the hulking monster of a wher as a constant companion. Instead she worked on removing the straps that kept all their belongings in place, at ease with the various wher’s in the pile and able to do so without causing too much interruption to the games the girls were playing with the gold. Once she had all the wher’s unhitched, as it were, she then started moving the items to the areas Tresrissa had pointed out for everyone, leaving the cavern, when she was done with the intention to secure beds for all the family members as soon as possible.

With Caleah and the children occupied, Nycolus moved closer to Tavianna and Tresrissa in time to hear his sisters question about Tavisk’s clutching.

“She’s not due to run for two more months, and our whers know better than to get possessive over her eggs. If partitions are possible, we can create an area just for her for when she clutches until we can carve out something more… permanent.” He said softly, glancing at his mother in the hopes of seeing agreement there. There was no doubt the room would be large enough to accommodate one of Tavisk’s clutches, though they may end up having to reduce their sleeping areas a little to ensure there’s enough room for the gold to be in and out as she pleased without disturbing anyone. And until they could find an area for Tavianna to conduct her previous business, they would not be allowing the eggs to hatch without someone to bond to for at least a brief period of time.

In any case, once Nealros could provide them with a decent estimate as to what supplies and tools they had on hand, Nycolus would not shy away from the work required to try and expand what they already had. He would have to take Nycolussk out once they were settled and find out what limitations there were on their current circumstances.

Offline Nealros

Re: Moving to Fort Island [ 20.2.2587/ 2PM ] Tavianna’s Family
« Reply #10 on: February 20, 2017, 07:26:39 AM »
Passing his father on the way out, Nealros paused. “It’s big, a little rough but it’ll do.” He nodded curtly to the older man, respectfully dismissing himself to complete the task he’d set. “I’m off to scavenge tools, sounds like the women are dividing the space up.” With that, he was off.

Just twelve turns, Nealros was already close to his adult height. He was more gangly than proportioned, though, and to be less conspicuous he slouched his shoulders and back. Finding tools translated to stealing, or at least borrowing without permission, whatever he could find.

Again using his hand-to-the-wall method to track his route, Nealros picked his way back to the entrance of the tunnel system. More families were streaming in but most were too occupied with their own matters to care about his skulking presence. He found daylight again and within the weyrbowl there was a growing pile of supplies still being ferried over on dragonback. This was his best bet, and easiest to play dumb about if he was questioned.

Shuffling through the miscellaneous supplies took time. Eventually he did find a toolkit, probably belonging to a novice craftsman that was off in the caves claiming space. Nealros shouldered the bag and ducked back into the darkness.

He counted his steps to get back to their cavern. The path wasn’t so straightforward that they’d be off of a main walkway, and he was glad for that. Still, it wasn’t terribly hard to find his way back to, though he used Nealsk’s presence to lead him there, too.

Entering their new home, he slung the toolbag down with some care. “This will get us started. Doesn’t look like they’re letting holders access the better mining tools.” Probably intentionally, some of those big pick axes would be handy in an argument over living space. He motioned to his wife, “Get started looking for heavy drapery. We can use furs to line the walls and separate off sleeping quarters.” The thick material would help to dampen sound, too.

He went to his Blue’s side, tugging the wher over toward his side of the wall. “Stay here and don’t move.” The small thing shuffled a few steps closer to the rockside and then sat. He let Nealros know he was happy in this space, pressing images of the current occupants into his handler’s mind. If he was in this big cavern alone, though, things would be different. The family made it warmer.

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Re: Moving to Fort Island [ 20.2.2587/ 2PM ] Tavianna’s Family
« Reply #11 on: February 20, 2017, 08:51:09 AM »
Tavianna was so wrapped up in her own thoughts she didn’t largely hear her daughter plotting out the placements of everyone else. Not that she was upset with it, she just had a lot on her mind. Losing her business, her butchery, her connections weakened now that the weyr had essentially dissolved both her and her husband’s way of life.. Did they just expect all the Holders to be drudges? To do drudge work?

While Tavianna was not one to shy away from hard work, she’d been butchering her own meat for most of her life, she’d been doing that to avoid her and her family becoming lower class. Then, in one fell swoop, there they were. Bottom rung with everyone else.

It pissed her off.

With a soft sigh that she knew her children wouldn’t hear, Tavianna did look in Tressie’s direction when her daughter asked her a direct question. She straightened from unpacking and frowned prettily as she considered. While she knew having her wher’s eggs in the center of the cave would be doable if it had to be, having somewhere else would be better. Tavisk was not the typical Gold when it came to her eggs. She’d been giving them up for so long that the Gold felt no attachment. Perhaps an idle protective instinct from strangers, but not from Tavianna’s family.

While she considered, her Gold greeted both Nycolussk and the babies that came with Nycolus entering the cavern. Since Tavisk no longer had supplies strapped to her, she was free to meet and greet family members. While she had cursory interest in the other wher, it was Nycolus’ children that she really adored. There was nothing else on Pern that turned Tavisk into a pile of purring wher more than children. Much like she had when Nycolus had been a baby, the wher lay on her belly and turned into a pillow and playground for the kids.

Tavianna watched her oldest son and his wife, taking heart that they all would be safe. That they all were there. They’d survived. This was just another step. Another part of their life to figure out. She had a small sense of pride knowing that she’d provided for her family through the Pass. Now, she just had to adapt to the Interval. They had to adapt.

When Nycolus made a remark about partitioning off the eggs, Tavianna finally nodded. “I suppose that will do for now, until we can explore farther in.” They were starting over with Wher eggs. If that’s all Tavianna had to work with, then she’d have to start with that. Surely there would be Holders who wanted more than what was being rationed. There always were. Or those who wanted a wher for themselves.

There was always an angle to exploit.

Partitions. Better beds. Some tools. They already needed things. It was just a matter of figuring out how to go about procuring them.  If the Weyr thought turning the Holders into a work force was a good idea, then Tavianna already knew there would be problems. There were plenty of arrogant, narcissistic pleasure seekers who would want the gambling dens, the whores, and the wher fighting back as a distraction. And where there were hedonistic pursuits, they’d want extra food, nicer clothes… Things Tavianna could inevitably provide given enough time.

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Re: Moving to Fort Island [ 20.2.2587/ 2PM ] Tavianna’s Family
« Reply #12 on: March 19, 2017, 10:41:00 PM »
It had been absolutely terrifying. She knew that her screaming had been wrong but the sound had been ripped from her throat before any suggestion of common sense had been able to rein in the terror. Ellariel respected that it had been the only real way it could happen; she'd even understood the concept behind between but the reality was completely different.

On arriving that stunned shock as well as the lingering traces of her terror kept her more or less mute as Nealros and the rest of the family started to make the arrangements for securing a suitable dwelling for them all. So, there was no resistance - not that there would be - when Nealros told her to stay put in their chosen section. Ellariel was almost grateful to have stone walls about her again and to once more not have to think about riders, dragons and the Thread. It was a good feeling to concentrate on the more immediate future and what was needed.

Not just in terms of securing comfort but also making the place homely and a proper home for all concerned. Ellariel was still nervous and jumpy around Nealros' family; not surprising as she really didn't know them that well. She'd only been married a short while, she didn't really know her husband beyond a very basic sense of the man.

Ellariel was a quick learner though and so, settling the pack down that she been carrying, she started to sort through the items packed to see what might be useful for their plans of separating sections.

Offline Nealros

Re: Moving to Fort Island [ 20.2.2587/ 2PM ] Tavianna’s Family
« Reply #13 on: April 12, 2017, 01:50:39 PM »
Nealros knew that days from now, maybe even weeks, he’d be coping with the emotional exhaustion of leaving one’s birthplace and everything they’ve ever known. Even with his family, his wife, his wher with him, it wasn’t enough. The air here was dense and it was told to get hotter in the summer months, he didn’t like the constant sensation of fog in his lungs. And while these caverns were enough for the population they held none of the secrets at Fort Hold. He did not know which ones were safe to duck into to avoid an enemy or which hall would lead him among friendly kin. Nealros combatted with those insecurities and returned his mind to the task at hand.

In his and Ellariel’s section of the cavern he began to chip away at the rock wall. His tools were small things and the work would take some time, but eventually a niche was carved into a groove in the stoneface. He secured a metal pin in it, and then tapped that firmly, further in. With all of his might he pulled at it, testing it, bracing himself with a foot against the rockside until he was quite sure that the metal couldn’t be pulled free by something weaker than him.

Not that he was very strong.

But then, the sorry excuse of a Blue wher that he currently had would never be able to match up against him.

Nealros dragged the beast over and wrapped its leash securely to the pin. Nealsk settled easily once he realized what his bonded was doing. The wher didn’t want for much, though he wasn’t given much anyway. He had come to accept that his life was one of few graces and many pains. The less he did, the less notice he garnered, seemed to leave him better off and today the tension in the air told him that this was the correct path to take.

The background noise of his parents conversing, his sister and brother planning, and the distinct void of sound where he knew Ellariel lingered was enough for now to keep his thoughts in the present. “Nealsk is settled,” he said to no one in particular, and then moved to assist his wife with the unpacking.

For all of his cruelty he had a weakness for the blonde haired girl. He knew she endured much and he felt all the worse for it, while still continuing his self depreciating spiral. It was his nature, it couldn’t be helped. Now, though, he rested his hand over hers to still her movements. As lost as he felt, he knew she had to be in worse shape. “Are you doing okay?” There was a little more warmth than usual in his eyes as he studied her face, looking for signs of weakness. He did not want her to exhaust herself and the day already felt as though it had lasted a hundred turns.

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Re: Moving to Fort Island [ 20.2.2587/ 2PM ] Tavianna’s Family
« Reply #14 on: April 12, 2017, 03:36:28 PM »
Kerrisk butted into the cave. Notkerric followed to see a large space filled with his family. Grandchildren and whers in the center of the space, and the rest of the bunch working on setting things up. It made his heart happy. They were holders, they were resourceful, and resilient. They would do what must be done.

He nodded at Nycolus and moved over to his daughter, rubbing her hair playfully like he did when she was younger. "I hear someone's already planned out our new home," he teased, offering her a smile. He also gave Caleah a friendly smile, stepping around the girls and moving to his wife in the back of their cavern.

He stepped up behind Tavianna, wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her close. "We didn't build what we had in a day," he said gently, taking a guess at what was running through her mind. "Things won't be easy, but what else is new?" He moved to face her and tilted her chin up until he was looking into her eyes. "But we have each other, and we have our whers. I know you will defeat this."

Tavianna hadn't let anyone or anything stand in the way of providing for their family -- even Notkerric's own misgivings hadn't lasted long against her iron-clad will. His family was nothing but resourceful. They would do what must be done.

"I'll get Ophyonis and the others near us, that way we'll all be closer than back in Fort. It can help with the planning," he told her. Tavianna wasn't the only one with plans. While the peacekeepers had been disbanded, Notkerric had donned his leather armor and badge for a reason before their move. He made a name for himself, and he was respected. The weyr might not recognize his authority, but the holders would, and he would do anything he could to help maintain their former way of life.

Kerrisk too joined the pile of whers in the center of the room, nosing at Tavisk affectionately. She was his favorite, although the bronze enjoyed curling up with Tressisk and even Calesk, seeing the greens as something to keep close.

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Re: Moving to Fort Island [ 20.2.2587/ 2PM ] Tavianna’s Family
« Reply #15 on: April 12, 2017, 03:39:11 PM »
Tavianna expected a certain behavior out of her children. A certain sense of decorum and propriety that, honestly, she just didn’t extent to everyone else in their lives. That often included their spouses. While Tavianna would have never agreed to a union between someone she deemed unfit for her children, or embarrassing to the family as a whole, neither did she honestly expect anyone to really measure up to those she’d raised.

When Ellariel screamed at going Between, it’d been embarrassing. Tavianna had schooled her flinch and had managed not to scowl outright at the girl. She was Nealros’ wife, after all, and not expressly Tavianna’s daughter. But she was part of the family. It grated on Tavianna’s nerves but she let it go.

At least the girl could follow base instructions and seemed to be adapting to the relocation as well as anyone might. As well as Tavianna could hope. So long as she didn’t do anything expressly annoying or further embarrassing, Tavianna saw no reason to pull her aside and mention it further.

She had other, more pressing matters on her mind anyways.

When Notkerric arrived, Tavianna tried to smile for him. To hide the stress and irritation she felt at being in a new place, starting all over. Apparently she’d done a poor job of it, or he simply knew her well enough to already guess at what she was thinking. Reminding her that her entire business had taken her turns.

Which made it all the more frustrating it’d been taken from her in such a small amount of time.

Tavianna let out her frustration in a sigh, leaning back into him. Briefly. Until he was in front of her.

Right. The others. His men. People Tavianna didn’t particularly care about, now that she had no use for them. Presently. That could change. She nodded, thankful that Notkerric was still looking out for their future while she took the moment to grieve the past. Such was the way of it. “Thank you,” she said softly, and meant it.

She needed to focus on what must be done, now, and not on what she’d lost. What they’d lost. Reinvigorated, she turned to face the cavern and her family gathered with a small smile. So they were all here. Alive. At the end of the Pass. “Tressie, be a dear and take your brother. See if they’ve got anything to eat in this place, hm?”

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Re: Moving to Fort Island [ 20.2.2587/ 2PM ] Tavianna’s Family
« Reply #16 on: April 12, 2017, 03:39:56 PM »
Tressisk was scouting out the cavern, chomping down on spinners if they sought to lurk out of their crevices. It wouldn't do to have Tresrissa bitten by one, and neither did her handler particularly like the thought of them crawling all around while she was sleeping.

She wanted to go explore, go talk to people, see what was happening. Sure, she'd been at Fort Hold for her whole life, so there was no reason for her to have not seen dragons before but this was different, she was in a Weyr. Tressie had never even touched a dragon before this day, and whilst she was perfectly happy with Tressisk, there was a whole new hold... Weyr... of people for her to get to know.

When her mother asked her to go source the food, Tressie happily obliged, calling out to her brother as her and Tressisk exited the cavern. She didn't wait for Nyc, but she didn't really need to, he would either catch up with her, or she would be fine on her own, besides, she had Tressisk with her.

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Re: Moving to Fort Island [ 20.2.2587/ 2PM ] Tavianna’s Family
« Reply #17 on: May 12, 2017, 12:28:57 AM »
Nyc hesitated only for a moment when he heard Tresrissa call his name, brow furrowing as he watched his wife wince as if in pain.

She would be safe there. Among family.

His sister however…

He frowned. The entirety of Pern, in one tiny weyr, and his little sister just waltzes on out of the one guaranteed safe spot?

She could have at least waited for him.

“Wait up Tressie!” He called after her, knowing only that prior to her leaving she’d been speaking with their mother, and assuming that was the reason she was able to leave without Tavisk stopping her from doing so. “Nycolussk, come.” He added with a firm tap against his thigh. Opinions be damned, he wasn’t about to make the bronze any less intimidating by muzzling and leashing him when his skills as a fighter could get them out of any unsavoury situations.

He jogged out of the cavern to follow his sister, slowing down to keep pace beside her while keeping a steady gaze on what lay ahead, a scowl offered to any person giving her a more-than-polite look over. “What’d mother ask us to get?” He questioned her softly, knowing full well she wouldn’t be exploring so soon after they found their new cavern. He was aware she may want to go get to know each and every person that would occupy their new home, and he wasn’t going to stop her from being her usual chatty self, just keep her somewhat on task.

However impossible that may end up being.

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Re: Moving to Fort Island [ 20.2.2587/ 2PM ] Tavianna’s Family
« Reply #18 on: May 12, 2017, 07:40:15 PM »
"Food." Tressie said happily, as she paused in her walk to look into an alcove branching off the main passageway. "Looks like we got a pretty good cavern." She said, pulling her head from out of the room and starting to walk again, constantly looking around, occassionally having to squish up against the wall to let those carrying chairs, tables, cots and chests into their new caverns to get past her.

It was busy, and Tresrissa was glad for it, she wasn't going to have to be cooped up in here, sure, she'd tell her parents where she was going, and check that it was okay to go. But they were safe here now, and Tressisk had never left her side in turns.

"We're going to like it here I think." She said matter-of-factly to her brother and Tressisk. Tressisk on the other hand, was not so excited about the hustle and bustle. It meant a great deal of strangers being far too close to Tressie for her liking. But at least she was out of that horrid cage.

Tapping a nearby man on the shoulder, and having to reach up significantly as he was so large, she waited patiently for him to acknowledge her. "Excuse me, do you know where the uh.." she tried to remember what it would be called in a Weyr, "Weyrhall is? Somewhere we can get some food." Tresrissa couldn't help the batting of her eyes, nor the smile that would dazzle many a man that lay on her face. She had advantages, and she was sure going to use them.

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Re: Moving to Fort Island [ 20.2.2587/ 2PM ] Tavianna’s Family
« Reply #19 on: May 14, 2017, 09:38:05 PM »
She didn't move far from the side of her husband, it would be hard to say if she was more afraid of the unknown in front of her or the people bustling around attempting to arrange everything that was going on, Ellariel didn't like any of this but as Nealros spoke the simple inquiry regarding her health she found the strength to nod.

"Much better, now I am back on the ground" if she never had to be on the back of a dragon again it would come far too soon. Ellariel knew that many people had the ambition to become a rider but that had never been one of her personal goals and it seemed like it was very sensible.

The shocking cold and the jolt as the beast took flight...Ellariel had barely coped with any of it and even though it suggested weakness she was determined not to let it continue "I feel much better. Still dizzy" she admitted, after a little while but it was spoken slowly and could well be missed unless he was actually paying attention. Which was possible but with the rush of everything going on it might not work out that way as the rest of the family moved around and spoke.

It would be easy to become overlooked.

Offline Nealros

Re: Moving to Fort Island [ 20.2.2587/ 2PM ] Tavianna’s Family
« Reply #20 on: May 15, 2017, 04:38:11 PM »
His sincere concern for her did not abide with her reassurance. She was better but still not at her best. “Sit then, for a bit. We’ve all the time in the world to get this place sorted out.” If she let him, he’d guide her over to their share of the pile of furs. Beds and actual chairs still needed to be brought in but this surface was still a soft one. “Tresrissa and Nyc should return shortly with some food, that should help shake off the last of the cold of between.”

He lingered beside her until he was sure that she was comfortable. However, knowing his mother’s thoughts on idle, lazy hands, he dug out a few heavy drapes and brought them over. “If you’re up to it you can try sewing these together for partitions, but don’t push yourself.” Faintly, he recalled that betweening could be quite dangerous to a woman with child. He hoped that wasn’t the cause of her current state. Nealros didn’t broach the subject but he’d keep an eye on her in these coming days nonetheless.

He returned to his tools and made a point to give his parents a moment of quiet privacy. Nealsk was napping and therefore as much out of the way as the Blue could get, Nealros saw no reason to change that. Of course, that meant no more chiselling or hammering. He needed to do something, however, so for now he sorted his equipment back away.

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Re: Moving to Fort Island [ 20.2.2587/ 2PM ] Tavianna’s Family
« Reply #21 on: May 18, 2017, 11:17:08 PM »
She wanted to believe he was concerned, it was a doubtless vague kind of hope but one that she retained all the same "I can do that" it would mean sitting and working, at least in some way she would be useful though Ellariel remained less than confident that any one else actually saw things in the same sort of way but she would have to worry about that another day.

Instead of dwelling on something that she couldn't change Ellariel secured the space and pulled out the sewing kit that would assist in allowing her to actually work at the task. She didn't really expect Nealros to do or suggest anything more. Not like offering physical comfort or spending time sorting out whatever her needs or desires might end up being. Instead he would doubtless do and be with his family and concentrate on doing the other necessary tasks.


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