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Author Topic: Brezella [16.02.2567 || Drudge]  (Read 774 times)

Offline Alerri

Brezella [16.02.2567 || Drudge]
« on: February 07, 2017, 07:56:59 PM »

Play By: Lily Collins


First Name: Brezella
Nicknames: Bree, Ella, Zel
Date of Birth: 16.02.2567
Place of Birth: Tillek Hold
Weyrmate/Husband/Wife: None right now

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Zel has a few burn marks on her hands and arms where she has worked in the kitchen. She tried her hardest to hide those.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: She is afraid of thread. Having heard of thread harming more than once she has done her best to not really be outside or enjoy anything of that nature. She keeps to the kitchens or in a place out of the way during these times.

Response to dragon color mutations: As long as they are there to protect her and her loved ones she doesn't care what color is what. Dragons only mean protection for her. She does like looking at them though especially the blue or green ones as she thinks they are pretty.

Who are you...


*Baking - when allowed she likes to do the baking. She finds she excels at it more often than anything else. She enjoys seeing what she can make with the ingredients she is given.

*Exploring - Being inside building when younger and caves more recently she loves to explore around. She won't go where she isn't allowed mostly as she doesn't want to be yelled at. She does like seeing places she hasn't been.

*Running - since moving into the caves she has found she liked to run. Also being outside more she enjoys seeing how fast she can go. She knows there are probably beings faster than her, but she doesn't care. She loves being able to move around and not be cramped all day long.


* Dishes - Zel hates having to do the dishes. She knows its part of her job, but still she can't find a love for them. She does see satisfaction when the task is over, but is hard pressed to avoid having to be put into dish duty if she can.

*Precise People - When things have to be a certain way or someone will scream. Usually that ends up being Zel. She does things as best she can the way they want, but she always manages to do things her way as well and get the job done.

*Know-it-alls - Basically anyone who tries to outsmart someone with knowledge. Anyone who seems to think they know everything and won't listen when others happen to know something too.


* Adaptable : Change doesn't bother this girl. She does what she can to figure out new things. If a problem arises she gives it some thought and tries to solve it quickly. She tries to think on her feet.

* Energetic : Zel takes on a lot in a day's time. She will run for hours before having to rest at all. She does her best to keep moving. She hates to sit still.

* Protective : She won't give up anyone even with a fight. She would rather let someone harm her than give up someone for anything. If one is in trouble she usually takes the heat for it. She tries to spare as many as possible in things. Doesn't always work, but she tries.

* Thorough : Zel doesn't leave a stone unturned when she is at a task. She does her best to make sure everything is done as it should be. She hates doing things half way. Means she has to waste energy and do it all over again.

* Witty : Looking at her you might not think so, but Zel can have her moments when she has a good comeback. Sometimes it even makes others laugh hearing it.


* Graceless : Zel has had a few accidents in the kitchen. Broken dishes, her hand above a flame, several nicks with a knife. It's why she's mostly on mopping or some other chore that doesn't need someone being too careful.

* Insecure : She is more one to blend into the background. She doesn't like having attention drawn to her. Once it is though she wants to run and hide. She isn't sure what others would think of her, and does her best not to really find out if she can avoid it.

* Procrastinator : Only when it comes to doing chores she hates. She will do any other ones first putting them off to last. Then she has to grudgingly do them one right after the other.

* Timid : Often she will keep quiet instead of speaking up mostly for herself. She lets others get the good stuff often sticking herself with things that she would prefer not. She needs to learn to speak up.

* Uncomplimentary : Zel is not one to take a compliment. She doesn't really know how honestly. She just triest to blend in hoping not to stand out any ways. So a compliment isn't something that she sees as a good thing to be desiring.

Describe Yourself:

* Ordinary: ----- Zel isn't one to stand out anywhere. She likes being behind the scenes. She enjoys her quiet time during the day before everything gets busy. She is average in looks except scars and she hides those. She keeps her hair pulled back as well. Nothing memorable about her if she can help it.

* Busy: ----- Hating to sit still, she is a busy little bumble bee. If she isn't doing something somewhere she isn't being her happy self. She prefers not having a moment where she has to be still.

* Friendly: ----- She doesn't have many friends, but she does her best not to get on anyone's bad side.

* Determined: ----- Zel is always determined not to get dish duty. She is also determined to see every task on her list for the day through no matter what. She tries to keep a smile as well, but that doesn't always work for her.

* Predictable: ----- She likes doing the same thing in and out all day long. She doesn't look for new things to do considering the task lists in the kitchen. She responds to things sometimes the same. It's rare when she's not being predictable.

The Magic Touch: Once the work is completely done, Zel will take off for the outdoors. She does her work as efficiently as possible so she can spend her time outside now that they don't have to worry about thread.


Mother: Karre - JM Harper, 2542.
Father: Bybe - JM Fisherman, 2540. 


Darimio -  Apprentice Harper, 2562.
Shil - Candidate, 2574.

Children: Being shy around boys who show an interest in her she hasn't really had many opportunities. She is afraid of what they will think of her considering her arms and hands. So far any children she has carried hasn't come to full term.

Tell us a story...

This is the perfect place for you to write out your character’s history. Dot points work out best. So list the important events in their life and a small description of what happened.

* 2567, 0 Zel was born in Tillek hold. She was a quiet baby surprising all considering her siblings were loud as all heck.

* 2571, 4 Tillek Hold closed down. It wasn't easy having to move, but being only four years old it wasn't something that really was something she would remember better than other things. Life beings at Fort Weyr.

* 2572, 5 Being small for her age many saw as a perk. She was put to work in the kitchens, but not near knives or the fire. Usually she was under tables or picking up things those older than her dropped. She was closer to the floor after all. She felt scared at first, but grew to realize she was doing something that might be important. She eventually chattered at anyone will to listen as she did her chores. There weren't many. She started looking forward to every day she was in the kitchens now.

* 2575,8 Zel wasn't expected to be bumped up in duties from sweeping and dusting things. It was the first time she was washing dishes, something she hated. They also let her keep an eye on things like soup so it wouldn't burn something she could stir if sitting on a stool. She was excited by the prospect that she would be helping even more. It made her wonder as well why she was bumped as well as what would come next.

* 2579, 12 A feller noticed her. She wasn't used to the attention and tried to get him to leave her alone. He kept pestering her though. She did what she had to to get him to leave her alone. About six weeks later she buried her first child. She mourned heavily at night or when she was alone. She kept a brave face around everyone refusing to talk about it.

* 2582, 15 First time she's allowed to bake anything. It turns out only okay, but she is allowed to expand into such a field and starts learning from the other ladies on how to bake better. Takes her lessons in stride. Her second baked good turned out much better, but she still has strides to make in the baking world knowing she has much still to learn. She was disappointed with her first attempt, but later she was thrilled she could learn something like this.

* 2587, 20 Moving day. She wasn't sure how she felt about leaving the only home she knew. Zel kept it to herself though. It would just be complaining, and she wasn't about that. She did what she had to to make sure their move was smooth. She had been noticed when it came to her work and was sent to work in the weyr kitchens. She wasn't sure of the change, but kept her mouth shut. She wasn't some fool to throw away such a chance. Rumor had it about a black dragon making an apperance. She didn't do much with rumors though.

* 2588, 21 Some rider noticed her. She wasn't sure what to do about him. He pestered her not going away. She knew the drill and made sure that he went away. She had yet to learn the word 'no' in that respect. Eight weeks later she buried her second child. Again she silently bore the fact that she buried another child. At night she would mourn, but in the day she kept up a brave face.

* 2589, 22 Working in kitchen in the weyr she heard many things. She even heard the day when a black rose to a gold. She wasn't concerned about that though. As long as she kept her head down, worked hard, and didn't stick out. That was what was important to her. She was more nervous than anything about working in this kitchen. She wasn't sure she was up to snuff to get the job done.

Zel wasn't sure about this. She knew it was a brand new time for her. She could reinvent herself any which way she wanted to. She could be anyone. They were in a new place, but she had a feeling it wouldn't be that easy. Someone probably would recognize her and that would be that. She sighed and went to find where she would be working.

She entered the kitchen and immediately someone slapped a mop into her hand. She knew this was how it would be. New place same old thing. She got started not sure where they wanted her to mop. She did as she was told though.

Member Info...

Created By: Alerri
Other Characters: Sheklelu, K'vish, Cayalla, T'kyll, Gillior
Inactivity Preference: Kill em off or have them fade away.
Mauling Permissions: Bring it On!
Anything Else: Nope everything covered above.

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Re: Brezella [16.02.2567 || Drudge]
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2017, 02:49:19 PM »
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Re: Brezella [16.02.2567 || Drudge]
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2017, 11:52:00 PM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

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