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Author Topic: Approved J'thir [12.1.2550] Bronze Adakhanyth  (Read 1375 times)

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J'thir [12.1.2550] Bronze Adakhanyth
« on: February 09, 2017, 06:24:54 AM »

Play By:
Richard Armitage

First Name:
Jarra, if you dare
Date of Birth:
12.1.2550 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Delta Hold, Southern Continent
Dragon Color:
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
None currently.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: He's quite tall, standing at about 6'1", with a slimline build that manages not to make him look gangly; A build that betrays his abilities as lying in speed and agility rather than brute strength. He's never been the weak type, and puts on enough muscle to do what he needs to do, maintained by regular fighting practice, riding and the rare jog, and of course caring for Adakhanyth. His skin is lightly tanned and shows health, and is peppered with numerous small scars from the rest of his life, spent largely outdoors with the traders or, more recently, at the Weyrs. A couple of threadscores have left their marks on his forearms and thighs, but none were serious. He has two larger scars, on his torso and left shoulder/arm from a scrap he got into back at Delta Hold. Let's just say that he didn't win, to his chagrin, so ask and you're unlikely to hear the full or true story behind them. He's proud of his body, lean and well cared for, with enough strength for what he needs to do and fitness to make a quick getaway, if the occasion arises, and the skills to stand and fight.

Facial wise, his features are well defined, verging on sharp, but with evidence of charm. So too, are they perilous, for it is what they do not show that would most clearly define him. His eyes are of a dark blue hue, with small traces of greenish grey here and there. Depending largely on his want, his eyes can be expressive or blank, as he's well practiced at keeping things hidden from others, straight faced even if inside he's boiling. Nose is a little pointy, but fits well with the rest of his face, considering that the trait is shared throughout. So too, are his lips which, depending on his mood, either turn down in a grimace or up in a grin, though whether sly or cheeky is anyone's guess. His hair is a dark brown, verging on black, and is usually kept fairly short, often only cutting it enough to keep it out of his eyes if he doesn't have time for a full cut. Around his left wrist he wears a braided leather bracelet, faded with age.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: The 9th Pass is all he's known, but that's not to say he's completely immune to feeling loss. It just happens that he lost those most important to him through other means, never directly through Threadfall. Even so, he hasn't let himself grow particularly attached to anyone since losing his daughter, for fear that they too will be wrenched from him by some means or another. All he cares for now is Adakhanyth and his brother K'mir. Alcohol was and is a coping mechanism for the hopelessness that was constant Threadfall, though he's learned better than to overly indulge in the poison.

Response to dragon color mutations: Quietly intrigued, but wary. They’re a challenge to the status quo of bronzes flying golds, which means that they're in direct competition with his own chances of getting back into the Weyrleadership, giving him a reason to dislike them. He won't hate on the dragons themselves, a dragon is a dragon after all, but would like to know more about them. Strengths, flaws, things he could use to get a one up on them should Adakhanyth ever come up against one in Flight. He’s less forgiving of their riders and so far the black riders aren’t giving him a great opinion of themselves. He would't say he hates them, however. He was too much like them as a teenager himself. There's still hope they won’t be complete shit. The reds are a mere anomalous curiosity that he doesn't particularly worry about, as long as they have their use in the long run.

Who are you...

Challenge: J'thir works best in a dynamic environment, as he stagnates easily when there's not enough to occupy him.
Runners: He had a young filly as a trader and would have another if he could, but unfortunately Weyr life keeps him too busy with Ada to worry about some runner.
Being clean: Not obsessively so, he'll get dirty with everyone else, but he believes that a tidy appearance is the best way to be taken seriously by another, and not smelling is a key part of that.
Power and Control: He likes it when others do what he says of them without having to intimidate them into doing so, though he's not above feeling the thrill of doing things that way either. This extends to his bedroom habits too. He also thrives off of the responsibility that comes with power, though he's not for of the idea of all the hate from a decision made badly being directed at him. He'd rather keep his hands clean of that and is happy to let B'ron or S'bok take the hit as Weyrleader instead.

Boredom: Always one to be doing something, even if it's thinking over a problem, he gets fidgety when he's got nothing to do or to think about, which in the past has often lead him to getting into trouble.
Disrespect: He stands by the order and hierarchy of the Weyr, does what he is told even if he does not like it, and takes a poor view of those who don't comply with the rules. He also finds it irritating having to put some upstart in his place when his own orders are being questioned. He believes that all dragonriders, particularly those who've laid their neck on the line in defence of Pern, are due a sharding sight more respect from the Holders and Crafters they died to protect that they're currently being given.
Complainers: He has no time for people who spend all day whinging about how shit their life is without taking any radical steps to chance their situation. Pern has gone to shit, sometimes you've got to step in it to get what you want, because nobody's gonna just hand it to you any more.


* Adaptable : He can roll with things not going to plan, since in the early years of his life there really wasn't a plan. He just took life as it came. Now as a bronzerider there's a very clear path set out for advancement, to which end he shall work. He had it all as Weyrsecond: influence, power, respect, yet out of the direct firing line when decisions didn't work out as planned. It was a loss he didn't take lightly but will overcome in time somehow.

* Controlled : He's learned that things go more easily his way when he's not wearing his heart on his sleeve. Always keep people guessing. To that end, he often appears rather passive in conversation, giving little indication of his true feelings on the matter. Once an ill tempered wild child, now his anger is more controlled, focussed, let loose when it best suits him, not when it rears it's ugly head. Beyond a tensing in his fingers that only someone very observant would notice, and maybe a flash in his eyes, one wouldn't know he even was angry.

* Observant : One benefit of not saying a whole lot is that he can keep his attention on the people around him. He's as good at reading others as he is as coping himself inscrutable. It means he has a good idea of the capabilities of those around him and how to use them. He's also willing to quietly discuss someone else's pros and cons, so is a good man to come to for an opinion on someone. He tries not to let personal dislike cloud his judgement of how useful a person is.

* Rational : J'thir is not one to take an idea and run with it without considering his options first. Not to say he spends as much time thinking on them as others might, for he is still a man of action despite having developed a sense of caution.

* Dependable : J'thir understands Weyr hierarchy, and can be depended on to follow orders when given them, even if he doesn't personally support them. He'll commit to doing something he's said he'd do too, outside of orders. Otherwise he'll just tell you to get lost.


* Bitter : Losing his queen was a big down step in his life. Sure he didn't love HER, but he did love the influence such a pairing gave him. Being dropped right back to Wingrider and then being passed over for promotion several times doesn't sit well with him.

* Guarded : Keeping everyone guessing can be a good thing in many circumstances, but it's not particularly great for building trust among his peers. His ambitions are plain, he makes no bones about that, but not knowing whether he intends to user yourself or your rival doesn't tend to foster confidants.

* Alcohol : He has a habit of drowning his sorrows in spirits but after a few nasty episodes during his first stint as Weyrsecond, for which he bears the scars to remind him, he's limited himself to only a few drinks per night. He's strict on that. It's a good short term fix, but he doesn't want to ruin his shot at regaining Weyrsecond forever.

* Untruthful : J'thir isn't above lying when it suits him. He'll manipulate the truth as much as he manipulates people. He's not such a fool as to lie to his superiors, not outright, but to those that don't actually matter he's happy to tell them what they want (or don't want) to hear in order to get them to piss off, or do something he wants.

* Empathy : J'thir has no great sympathy for the suffering of others. Everyone's lost someone, buck up and stop crying. It'll annoy the crap out of him if someone suffers from grief for more than a couple days. Just get over it and move on with your life already, be thankful you've still got yours.

Describe Yourself:

* Ambitious: ----- He knows what it is to have influence in the Weyr and wants it back. He's willing to play the long game if he has to, since with so few golds at current Adakhanyth doesn't have as many chances of catching one as he used to, but being a lowly Wingrider is beginning to chafe badly after 5 turns.

* Private: ----- He may not be a particularly complicated man at the core, but he's not overly fond of telling his life story either and will steer the conversation away should it come up.

* Active: ----- J'thir liked to be occupied with something. If he's got nothing to plan for or practise, he get's fidgety. He actually enjoyed the tasks expected of him as Weyrsecond. They were numerous and even though many were quite banal others were challenging too.

* Charming: ----- He long ago worked out that Weyrs didn't give you what you wanted when you punched the people in them. Flying a gold could, but other than that you had to keep in the good graces of the ‘Leadership to get promoted to Wingleader. He's not given to outright flattery, he's more economical with his words than that, but a smile or a nod in the right place could swing someone's opinion much better than violence. There were some people you could control through fear; a whole Weyr of dragonriders wasn't that.

* Manipulative: ----- J'thir is ultimately out for himself and frequently used people for his own personal gain. He'll give back just enough that it goes largely unnoticed however, else he'd quickly run out of people to use, and makes sure to look after his Weyrmate lest she ban him from the next Flight.

The Magic Touch: Wears an old faded braid of coloured leather around his right wrist at all times. It was made for him by his first daughter, but he won't freely give that information, so to most it's just something odd that he insists on hanging onto.


Mother: Amikira, Trader, 2531-2555.
Father: Jaredan, Trader, 2527-2565.

Siblings: K’mir [b. 2555] brown Astaath [i. 2571]

Children: Jesha [F, 2564-2571] is the only one he cared about, as he vowed not to get attached to any others that he may sire in the future after her death. There's probably a few more knocking about, though since he spent a large part of his dragon riding career weyrmated to a Goldrider he's had little opportunity to dally about during Flights like most dragonriders.

Tell us a story...

* 2550, 0 Jarethir is born to a herder couple desperately trying to eke out a living from the remaining pastures around Delta Hold. Life for them and the rest of their small cot is harsh and dangerous. They've already lost three children so far.

* 2555, 5 Against all odds, Jarethir survived his first 5 turns and Amikira managed to carry another child to term, after two miscarriages. The birth is hard on her however, leaving her weak from exhaustion and blood loss. She survives barely two months before passing on. Responsibility for watching out for the baby quickly falls to Jarethir, as Jaredan is often out tending to his cattle, though one of the other mothers in the cot is able to provide milk for the babe. Jarethir initially resents Kemir for 'killing' his mother, but after gaining a turn or two of extra maturity he comes to understand that Amikira's death was no fault of his brother, merely circumstance and her being apparently unsuited to childbirth. Besides, the babe grows on him, especially when Kemir grows old enough to toddle around following him, calling him Jareth, even though Jarethir repeatedly tells him not to because that's a dragon name. It takes another child being mean to his little brother and pushing him into a pond for Jarethir to fully realise how protective of Kemir he has become.

* 2560, 10 The Thread is just too much. Southern Weyr is struggling to cover the farmland adjacent to the Hold, let alone the those farther out. The families in the outer reaches of Delta Hold are encouraged to migrate to the Hold itself, their land abandoned to Threadfall. Jaredan takes up what work he can, as does Jarethir. After a turn or so of working for a Tanner, Jarethir is formally apprenticed. He misses having the time to run around with other children, but recognises that they need to make a living and that his father is struggling to provide for them as well in the Hold as he was on his farm. He's not particularly fond of the work while just helping out, but the increased theory content of the apprenticeship keeps him busier and he settles into it well.

* 2564, 14 Jarethir falls for a young woman by the name of Sashara and they marry when the pair later find out that Sash is pregnant, for fear the babe is born out of wedlock. The baby girl, whom they name Jesha, is born early the next turn. Unlike when Kemir was born, Jarethir immediately connects with the little girl. It's not easy caring for a small family on an apprentice's wage, but Jared helps them out. They all live together, after all.

* 2565, 15 Jared is killed on the docks of Delta Hold as a weakened hoist snaps whilst transferring the boat's fishing haul onto land. Responsibility for caring for not only Kemir, but also Sash and Jesha, falls to Jarethir, though by now Kemir is helping out at the tannery much as Jarethir was at his age, old enough to have some limited independence. He's cut by his father's death, for although Jaredan was often away working on the boats, Jarethir appreciated how hard his father worked to keep their small family afloat and misses him and his advice.

* 2567, 17 Thread finally prices too much for Southern Weyr to handle and it, and all of it's protectorate Hold, retreat north to Fort. Though now well into his senior apprentice years, Jarethir never gets the chance to become a journeyman, his progress interrupted by the move North. Instead he's miraculously offered the chance to stand by a Fortian dragonrider shortly after arriving in the North. Kemir was also found suitable. But dragon riding was a dangerous business. Jarethir had been old enough to remember the many nights huddled under what rocky shelter they could find between the Holds as the war against Thread was fought over his very head, the screams of dying dragons caught mid-wing by the silvery menace, the hiss of it eating through the foliage before his very eyes. Kemir was all too keen to take up the offer for Jarethir's liking, but at 12 his brother was old enough to make his own decision on the matter. Despite being so close to completing his apprenticeship and having a young family of his own to think about, Jarethir can't shake the responsibility to look out for his little brother and accepts candidacy for himself, if only to keep an eye out for Kemir. Sash and Jesha join the ranks of Weyrfolk.

Jarethir is chosen by a bronze dragon that very year, on his third time standing. He's surprised that it was he chosen rather than his brother, who was after all the one so keen to Impress. Jarethir was only intending to stand for as long as it took him to do so then return to his apprenticeship, but young Adakhanyth apparently has other ideas.

* 2568, 18 Sash contracts a virulent disease. Though the healers isolate her in the infirmary, they are ultimately unable to save her. Jarethir, busy with Weyrlinghood, is unable to visit her as much as he would have liked. He felt and still feels guilty that the one time his wife needed him the most was the one where he was the most absent. It took the Weyrlingmaster weeks to get the young bronzerider focussed back on his studies, eventually giving the young man a reality check: "You're alive, J'thir, now be alive, lest your daughter thinks her father dead also."

* 2569, 19 J'thir and Adakhanyth graduate and join the Wings. It's a big step up in intensity from Weyrlinghood, and the pair go into it with confidence as they excelled during Weyrlig training. They take a few close knocks in their first turn Threadfighting due to this cockiness, Adakhanyth bearing the scores on his flank to this day, but somehow the pair manage to pull through with no more than their initial overconfidence broken. J'thir is a little shaken by it at first, that he let his dragon get wounded, but Adakhanyth assures his rider that he is forgiven as the bronze was just as much at fault. With more experience they get better at ducking Thread, learning better awareness of what is going on around you.

* 2571, 21 Adakhanyth catches Gold Palmoth on her maiden Flight. She rises suddenly and unexpectedly on an evening when J'thir has Jesha in his Weyr with him. He's making new riding straps, and she's braiding together some offcuts of wherhide, because they're blue and green and would make pretty bracelets for herself and her friends. In the haze and confusion that comes with a bronze and his rider scrambling down to Weyrbowl for a Flight, Jesha is left alone in his Weyr. J'thir doesn't find out until the next morning that she's fallen to her death from his Weyrledge. His relationship with Palmoth's rider after such a start is disastrous at best, and the bronzerider vows to never get attached to any offspring he fathers ever again, nor weyrmates for that matter either. He's done with love. It's a difficult year, not least because he's expected to command a Wing of riders after only two turns of flying 'Fall himself, though he focusses on trying desperately to be a good Wingleader to distract himself his 'home life.'

Kemir finally Impresses this year, to a brown sired by none other than Adakhanyth himself. It's something to celebrate that year, which J'thir desperately needed.

* 2572, 22 Unsurprisingly, Adakhanyth loses Palmoth's next flight. J'thir and Adakhanyth return to Wingrider status. It's probably a good thing: J'thir didn't exactly make a stellar Weyrsecond that first turn, and the break from administration allows him to get a better grasp on the functioning of a Wing without the pressure.

* 2574, 24 Adakhanyth catches Mierleth in Flight. Now with a much more senior weyrwoman than before and two turns to cool down after the last disaster, J'thir has another crack at being a Weyrsecond. He does better this time around, settling into the job and the requirements therein admirably. He's still quite young and more than a bit impulsive, but he's tempered himself down a bit by the time Adakhanyth again catches Mierleth the following turn.

* 2576, 26 Mierleth is taken from them by Leneth, but this time their stint as Wingriders is not a long one, as Adakhanyth again catches Palmoth a few months later, giving J'thir new reason to wish he were a Wingrider still. Palmoth's rider seems intent on holding their disastrous first turn against him (rightly so) and he can't help but see her as having contributed to his daughter's death. He spends most nights sleeping with Adakhanyth rather than in their shared bed and buries himself in his work during the day.

* 2577, 27 Palmoth is caught by another and dies a few short months later in another Gold's flight. Though Adakhanyth keens for his past mate, J'thir can't help but feel cold hearted vindication at her passing.

* 2578, 28 Ellith is Adakhanyth's mate this time around, and the pair remain together until Ellith's rider dies of a heart attack in 2581, a three turn stint as Weyrsecond. They manage a peaceful relationship amid all that goes on those turns. J'thir doesn't entirely lose rank this time, however - with the carnage that is several queens rising at once, he's hastily thrown into a Wingsecond role to fill a gap left by the previous 'Second's bronze getting too caught up in the queen's fighting. It's only one step down from Weyrsecond, really, though it involves more Wingriders seeking him out for petty grievances.

* 2583-5, 33 Imyth's maiden flight ends with her being caught by Adakhanyth. Eimerra is more timid than he'd used to in a Queenrider and though he tries to be more gentle with her, it doesn't always work out.

* 2585, 35 The turn that marks the end of his reign as a Weyrsecond, not that he knows that it will be five turns or more until he gains the position back. He drops back to Wingrider again, but gets another shot at Wingsecond a turn later when yet another falls to Thread. He can only shake his head. A Wingsecond should be more careful than that.

* 2587, 37 Thread finally ends. For all their efforts to protect it, they're left with a tiny, bedraggled portion of the once great Pern to pick over. Nonetheless, J'thir joins the search for lands untouched, in the vague hope that something still remains. He heads back to the Southern continent, in the hopes that the grubs may have been able to protect some small valley that had previously escaped their notice. As it turns out, that somewhere is an island in the Western Ring chain. He, along with everyone else left, joins the effort to move what's left of Pern to Fort Island, though in the reshuffling of the Wings he loses his rank in favour of the twins, however irritatingly younger than him they are.

The hatching of Neisoth takes J'thir as much by surprise as it does everyone else, let alone when Neisoth take the senior queen the following year, barely out of Weyrlinghood. Even Adakhanyth, who'd flow half of the Queen in Fort Weyr, hadn't been able to oust Leremith from his perch on Kalestath's Weyr, and it'd taken him a few Flights to work out how to catch even a maiden queen. It makes him even more cautious of the blacks than he was before, though quickly erased his doubts about Neisoth's survival.

* 2589 With the death of S'tas, J'thir is passed over for the younger L'andis as Wingleader of Jungle, which infuriates him. It doesn't last long, and yet again he's passed over for another Wingrider, but this one he at least respects. R'sin was Weyrsecond alongside him for a time, after all, and a long term Wingleader besides. Plus when R'sin is instantly grounded he decides that he'd rather not have gotten that particular promotion himself; the inactivity would drive him around the bend.

They were calling it a riot? J'thir could barely believe his ears when he'd heard that. That had been no riot. It was a punch-up at most, between some over-eager riders and some pissed off crafters. It was all over in the blink of an eye, the coordinated efforts of Jungle and a few members of the others Wings ending it before it had really even began. There hadn't even been a broken bone.

Nabol had been a riot, he ruminated, as he settled back into his chair, eyeing the bottle of spirit sat on the table in front of him judgementally. The events of the day were enough to make him want to down it in one. He hadn't even set foot on the Northern Continent at the time, but the shit-state that was Nabol at the time of its fall was legendary. This little bicker that they'd had today would all be forgotten in a turn's time and yet everyone was making such a hullabaloo about it.

Still, the lesson had to be learned, and it was a lesson needed by more than just the Holders and Crafters who were unused to such a heavy-handed judiciary system as the Weyrs had. Orders were there to be followed, whether you liked them or not. Certainly not to be questioned openly, in public, in full view of an already enraged rabble of holders! He downed the small measure in his glass, finger tapping the edge as he thought. Stupid, stupid girl. He'd known her to be young and naive when he'd been Weyrmated to her, but he'd never taken her to be such an idiot before.

And Imyth was due to rise any time now. Half his Wing were planning on leaving the Weyr when it happened in protest already. A goldrider who can't keep control of her dragon is no Weyrwoman, they said. J'thir begged to differ. A gold was still a queen and her rider still a Weyrwoman, disgraced or not; the pair to catch her in Flight still became Weyrseconds. With only three queens in the Weyr rising that turn, she was still his best and likely only hope of getting it back before the next. Whether Kalestath were too wily for Adakhanyth to catch or Leremith the same in reverse, the fact remained that Adakhanyth had never beaten either in all his years of trying. And while Neisoth remained in possession of Kalestath and Peremith relegated to Oriath, that left Imyth as his only option. He didn't even want Kalestath, no matter Adakhanyth's opinions on the matter. As S'bok was so nicely proving, the Weyrleader himself was subject to the full weight of the criticism that fell upon the weyr's leadership. Weyrsecond slipped under the radar better, suited him better. Baron was welcome to Halirina. While B'ron had been Weyrleader, he'd had a good thing going with the older bronzerider, they'd built a good respect for one another over the turns of J'thir's yo-yo-ing between 'Second and not. It was in his interest, ultimately, to have he man back there, if only they could work out how to sidestep Neisoth.

Eventually they'd find a way. Until then, he'd had Eimerra once before and he'd have her once again. Being closer to S'bok would only make it easier to find the man and his dragon's weakness.

Relenting, he poured another measure into the glass before downing it immediately. Leaving both glass and bottle being on the chair, he retired to bed. There was nothing more to be done today, but he'd be all the better for a night's sleep come morning.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
J'hal, Arrobella, Danaera
Inactivity Preference:
NPC, adoptable within SWW if he does ever manage to catch a queen again.
Mauling Permissions:
Rough 'Em Up
Anything Else:
Career bronzerider here, yo.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Dragon Details

Date of Birth:
16.8.2567 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Measurements: Listed in the dragon information.
Mature Length: 38
Mature Height: 7.8
Mature Wingspan: 63

General Appearance...

Adakhanyth has ever been among the more graceful of his brethren. Though neither the tallest or the widest of bronzes in terms of Wingspan, he's bang on what's expected in proportion to his length and oh boy is he a specimen of what a bronze should look like. It's not just a pretty face, either; from his record of catching queens, it's a winning combination.

Colour-wise Adakhanyth is a pale bronze with smatterings of slightly darker bronze. A greenish cast gives him a more tarnished look in places, most notably sweeping backward from his forehead down his neck like a feathered headdress.


Mind Voice: Adakhanyth doesn't often shout when it's not called for, but he makes himself heard. By no means quiet, he nonetheless carried an air of being unconcerned even when he finds something intimately interesting, with the exception of when issuing commands in crips and clear tones. He's a mellow tenor, but takes on a rumbly quality when amused.

Likes: Queens: Unsurprisingly, Adakhanyth just can't resist them. He also likes being able to snuggle without feeling as if he's about to squish them with his bulk like he does greens.
Children/Weyrlings: They're so playful and inquisitive. He'll happily lay stock-still with children playing Lord of the Hold on his back so he doesn't dislodge them.
Warm water: He welcomes the change to Southern Winds from the chilly lakes of old Fort and will happily spend an hour or two soaking in his bath if he can get away with it.
Challenges: He's as happy mulling over the pros and cons of Wing tactics as his rider is and the two often debate long into the evening, bouncing ideas off of one another.

Disrespect: Adakhanyth is a firm believer that anyone is deserving of respect, particularly those who are willing to lay there life down for others. So, automatically, all dragons and their riders. He doesn't take kindly to those who don't see it this way, and will speak up to quash any such insults to his fellow dragons and their riders.
Bullies: He taken an even dimmer view of those who seek to victimise others for no reason other than to vindicate themselves.
Irresponsibility: It can get others killed, so for your own sake watch out for yourself and others, or Adakhanyth will come down on you with all the impressive weight of a bronze dragon, let alone a mere tone of bricks.
Itches: Because who likes that? He's not bendy enough to scratch them all himself.


* Laid-back : It takes a lot to rile up this bronze, meaning he maintains a clear head through almost any situation, even hopeless ones.

* Strategic : Adakhanyth is intelligent enough to know where his strengths lie and to spot flaws and weaknesses in others which he could seize upon. It's served him well so far in mating flights, as it has in Threadfall, being able to see when and where a failing Wingate may need support.

* Patient: Especially with children and Weyrlings, but also with mates. He knows he's got a good track record of catching golds and thus it's only a matter of time before he gets another, working on his shortcomings each time he makes an attempt.


* Cocky : Often a bit too self-assured, Neisoth wouldn't be the first time that he has underestimated a young upstart in Flight and likely won't be the last.

* Exacting : Adakhanyth often expects the same level of performance from others as he does from himself, and in his time in the Wings has been frequently disappointed by his Wingmates. He's lived through a world where imperfection could get you killed, after all.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #e3d869; Text: #89962c

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If your dragon is female, please include the dates that she has Flights -- or will when she's mature, if she's still a weyrling. Also please note whether or not she will be a force catch. Information on Flights can be found here.

Any notes or comments you’d like to make.

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Re: J'thir [12.1.2550] Bronze Adakhanyth
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This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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Re: J'thir [12.1.2550] Bronze Adakhanyth
« Reply #2 on: February 10, 2017, 10:38:43 PM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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