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Author Topic: Notkerric [34.10.2547, 9th Pass] Head Peacekeeper  (Read 849 times)

Offline laceface

Notkerric [34.10.2547, 9th Pass] Head Peacekeeper
« on: February 09, 2017, 08:48:51 AM »

Play By:
Stefano Cassetti

First Name:
Kerric, Ker (but only to his wife)
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Notkerric likes the finer things in life. His clothes are rarely threadbare and he keeps what little leather he owns shiny and clean. He keeps his hair and beard short, preferring a little bit of scruff to a clean face. He's slightly vain about his appearance, but he's certainly not afraid to do his job and get down and dirty.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Notkerric focused on his family. The rest of Fort could burn for all he cared -- his wife and his kids were his primary focus. He did his job to provide for them and make their home a safe place to live (as much as he could, anyways).

Response to dragon color mutations: Notkerric agrees with his wife on this one: it's just another dragon. As long as these new colors don't turn around and destroy his home and all he's worked for, he doesn't care.

Who are you...

Control: Notkerric likes to have order in his life, and the best way to achieve that is through control. After the move to Fort Island, he's established his own group of former Peacekeepers from their time at the Hold. They help maintain order on the holder side of things, and he loves it.

Fights: If things with the peacekeepers escalate into fights, Notkerric isn't one to back down. He might not fight his wher, but there's nothing like the adrenaline and aggression he can release when something comes to blows.

Wher meat: Blame Tavianna for this. Wher meat is good.

His family: Notkerric loves his family, including those brought into it by marriage. They're his portion of the world to protect and take care of. It's a joy for him to come home to them every day. If anything were to happen to them, well... He won't be held liable for the actions of him or Kerrisk.

Dragonriders: The riders forced themselves on his home of Fort and dragged more and more refugees into their already cramped Hold. The fact that they're now shoved into a weyr with the riders and he's out of a job is not helping their image.

Upstarts: There are rules, roles, and order to follow. If anyone jumps over a rung in the ladder or tries to find a short cut to success, it irks him. He worked damn hard to get to where he is now, and the idea that someone could just jump their way into the kind of position he has now without working for it makes him angry.

Disrespect: In a similar vein, anyone who doesn't respect their authorities, elders, etc, also makes him angry. The sacrifices he's put into his life to get to where he is today weren't for nothing, and they better be respected.

The quiet: With his days of small children in the house behind him, he relishes in the quiet they left behind. Sadly, with the move into the weyr and being shoved into caverns with the other holders, quiet is far from easy for him to find now. It makes it all the more sweeter when he actually gets it.


* DETERMINATION : Notkerric has had determination by his side his whole life. Sheer perseverance got him through difficult days and times. When he sets his mind on something, he'll likely finish it.

* DEPENDABLE : He's always been the dependable sort. It's part of why he's taken on so much responsibility now -- he set a name for himself when he was younger, and now everyone relies on him to continue keeping the peace.

* ARROGANT : Notkerric believes that he's the best of the best and should be treated as such. Best father, best husband, most reliable, etc. He's quick to feel slighted because of the size of his ego. Calling him less than amazing is a surefire way to tick him off.

* RESERVED : Even with all of this ego, he doesn't volunteer personal information. To him, work and home life are separate. He'll brag to his friends all day about things other than his family, but the second you bring them up he changes the subject to something different.

* LOYAL : He's loyal -- to the friends who have proved themselves, to the workers who earned it, and especially to his family. It's why he protects Tavianna's business interests -- she proved herself to him early on in their marriage and has continued to support him. He's loyal to Tavianna and they bond they share. The only feminine wiles that will work on him are those of his wife.


* STUBBORN : When Notkerric gets an idea in his mind, it takes a lot to change that idea. He and Tavianna have butted heads over issues like this in the past, but ultimately they up reconciling to each other. In working relationships, he's very stubborn in his leadership -- it's his idea and that's the best idea.

* SELFISH : Notkerric really only looks out for his family and those extremely close to him. He's willing to throw anyone under the bus if it helps out himself, his family, and their station.

* MATERIALISTIC : He likes the nice things in life. His family has worked hard to maintain their relatively well-to-do lifestyle, and creature comforts have always been important in his life. He likes to gift his wife pretty things, and it carries over in his dress.

* JUDGMENTAL : Notkerric judges people very easily. Because of his focus on material things and how hard he's worked, he doesn't understand how people could not work hard and make a better life for themselves.

* HARSH : He has a hard time keeping his words "politically correct." He just speaks his mind without thought as to who he might offend.

Describe Yourself:

* LEADER: ----- Notkerric likes to lead. He's the head of his family, head of the group of Peacekeepers he's rounded up... It's just a natural place for him. Maybe because he's loud and bossy, but he's there all the same.

* FATHER: ----- Kerric takes pride in his family. He is the father to three amazing children who have found their own place in the world. It's his life.

* PROTECTOR: ----- He's a protector -- mainly of his family, but also of the people under his charge as a quasi-Peacekeeper. It's important to him to keep his family and close friends safe (thus the gift of whers).

* COARSE: ----- He's also a blunt man. He's not afraid to tell things like he sees it and will talk very plainly about anyone. He's rough, born mainly of survival rather than a lack of filter.

* BIASED: ----- Notkerric is biased towards the Holders and towards the people who look up to him. If a situation arises he'll likely side with those under his hedge of protection regardless of whether they're in the wrong. These biases also lead him to make conclusions about people without getting to know them.

The Magic Touch: He's made a name for himself and hopes to be named head Peacekeeper once the new Hold is made.


Mother: Kythae, b. 2534. Wife, unofficial baker. d. 2574
Father: Firneal, b. 2529. Peacekeeper. d. 2572

Ganos, b. 2549
Evelthra, b. 2550
Catyra, b. 2552
Thoridan, b. 2553

Nycolus, b. 2568
Tresrissa, b. 2571
Nealros, b. 2575

Tell us a story...

* 2547, born Notkerric is born to a Peacekeeper & his new bride in Fort Hold the year Igen Weyr falls. There's a small influx of riders to Fort Weyr that make his parents worry about the increased tithes.

* 2549, 2 His brother, Ganos is born. Ista Hold & Weyr falls and more refugees pour into Fort. Kythae has realized that she has skill as a baker and bakes bread all day with Ganos swaddled to her back. Notkerric is tasked with chasing dust-bunnies around the house.

* 2550, 3 His sister, Evelthra is born. Notkerric, or Kerric as he likes to be called, has to keep an eye on Ganos while Evelthra is wrapped up in his mother's scarf.

* 2552, 5 His sister, Catyra, is born. Firneal has started to talk to Kerric about official jobs, like Peacekeeping or working for the Lord Holder. He's more closely introduced to his father's wher, Firnesk, and Firneal explains the increasing importance of a wher to Peacekeepers.

* 2553, 6 His brother, Thoridan is born. Kerric has gained more and more responsibility around the house while his mother has little ones underfoot. He begins to help his father feed Firnesk and is even introduced to some of the whers that his father's friends have. It's this not-so-subtle influence that leans Kerric towards peacekeeping -- he finds the whers intriguing creatures and starts to sit with Firnesk on his own.

* 2554-2558, 7-11 Paradise River Hold, Eastern Weyr, Southern Boll, and the supported Craft-halls fall. Kerric spends this time learning from his father and helping with his father's wher. It's clear that Firneal wants him to be a Peacekeeper, too, but the young boy is just happy to spend time with his dad.

* 2559, 12 Firneal gifts his eldest with a wher egg on his twelfth nameday.. It hatches into a bronze, named Kerrisk. Kerric is delighted that the wher shares a name with him, knowing that it means their bond is strong. Once he's grown, his father tells Kerric he can officially begin training as a 'keeper. Kerric throws himself into physical training, joining some other young men who dreamed of joining the force.

* 2561, 14 Crom Hold, Telgar Weyr, and the Miner Crafthall falls. Kerrisk is finally matured, which means that Kerric can join the force. To prevent his fellow 'keepers from accusing him of playing favorites, Firneal gets his son assigned to the squadron of a friend of a friend. Kerric appreciates the gesture but tells his father that he doesn't need to worry about him -- after all, he's got a real job now. The leader of the squadron, Togum, starts Kerric on some general guard positions near the markets. These gradually increased into patrols and solo guarding positions as he and Kerrisk grew more comfortable in their roles.

* 2563, 16 Nabol Hold falls. Kerric is reassigned from a training squadron to one specifically assigned to the marketplace. While this had turned from a center of trade and bartering into a rations distribution center, he and his fellow 'keepers either helped to hand out rations or protect those who were doing so. The poverty he sees around him makes him even more thankful for the hard work of his parents, and he decides to do his best to provide for his family as well.

* 2564, 17 Ruatha Hold falls and joins in with Fort Hold. Half of another squadron gets assigned to help out the one Kerric's in with the influx of new holders. Firneal, a squad leader in another part of the Hold, shared with Kerric that the 'keepers from Ruatha were struggling to fit in with the wat Fort did things. He agrees. His own position has gotten more difficult because Ruatha didn't have ration distribution centers, so the people he's working with don't understand how their assignment works. It frustrates him to no end until Togum partners a Ruatha and Fort 'keeper together so the new guys learn the ropes.

* 2567, 20 Southern Hold, Delta Hold, Dorado Hold, Ierne Island, and the Dolphineer Crafthall fall. The survivors of the Holds join in with Fort Hold. The peacekeepers deal with integration issues again, but this time they're minor. His parents approach him, saying that there's a young lady whose family has showed interest in arranging a marriage between the two. He agrees, mainly because he trusts his parents and hasn't even had time to look for someone on his own. The woman, Tavianna, is a pretty young thing far different from the few short encounters he's had. He's glad that she's not hard on the eyes.

* 2568, 21 High Reaches Hold falls. Some merge with Fort, while others move to Tillek. He and Tavianna do their duty and she gives birth to a son, Nycolus. Kerric is given control of the market squadron as the other, more experienced 'keepers were needed elsewhere. It's a huge responsibility increase to him, so it takes a month or two for him to get used to the scheduling. There's some conflict, due to his age or his inexperience, but he silences the dissent with a growl from Kerrisk and tells his men to do his job. He won't take any excuses from them.

* 2569, 22 Tavianna is getting restless and Notkerric is starting to feel some resentment directed towards him. Work has settled, but there's always new 'keepers who need training. He gets restless himself, especially the mergers with fallen Holds as more people come into their home. Kerrisk runs with another gold wher and the clutch contains a gold egg. Kerric takes it as a gift for his wife, and the egg hatches into a gold named Tavisk. He feels better about Tavianna being at home all day with a wher to protect her and trusts that she can handle the responsibility of a toddling child and a wher.

* 2571, 24 Tillek Hold, High Reaches Weyr, and the Fisher Crafthall fall. Everyone moves to Fort. Notkerric is given charge of the second ration station that had been created in light of the mass consolidation to Fort Hold. If he though scheduling one center was bad, two is even worse. In addition, there's another merger with the last of the Peacekeepers. Overwhelmed, he comes home one night and just collapses in bed. Tavianna comforts him and later in the turn, his daughter, Tresrissa, is born.

* 2572, 25 Notkerric gives up in trying to resolve the differences between the 'keepers under his charge. Instead, he pairs the keepers who came from the same Hold together and lets them work the same area in the old market places. It's successful in both areas. Firneal, working with Firnesk in a nearby patrol, is killed in an altercation between the newly-settled refugees and the original Fort holders. It really wrecks him. He's given a week off to arrange family affairs and takes full advantage of it.

* 2573, 26 Tavianna asks for some of his Peacekeeper friends to escort her out one day so she can run some errands. He puts some of the newer 'keepers with her, but doesn't really ask what's going on. This becomes the first of many clues that his wife is up to something.

* 2574, 27 Kythae dies due to a disease running through Fort. To make things even worse, Notkerric discovers that Tavianna has been butchering whers to provide meat and leather for their family. He loses it, between the loss of his mother and this brutality his wife commits. He doesn't speak to his wife for weeks and spends all of his time either working or crashing at the 'keepers headquarters. While out on the streets he sees families struggle to feed their kids or maintain a steady job. Tired of avoiding his wife, Kerric returns home and reunites with his wife. They reach a compromise -- don't expect him to help, and he won't say anything in return.

* 2575, 28 As the turn progresses, Notkerric realizes that Tavianna is just providing for their family like he does. After the death of her mother, the strengthen their relationship, and Nealros is born. She expresses interest in gaining a workspace, so he pulls some strings and cleans out a small abandoned building. He doesn't ask what for.

* 2577, 30 Tavianna's...hobby has provided a lot more security for their family that Notkerric originally realized. He sees more pretty things around her neck and a few more wineskins than he expected. He gives up on trying to keep her from doing anything and instead turns a blind eye. His people don't go near Tavi's building. Ever. An unrelated scuffle turns into a full out brawl and Kerric loses his left pinky to the first knuckle. He spends the last month with a bandage on his hand and a scowl on his face.

* 2580, 33 Tavianna's father dies despite her desperate efforts to get him care. It changes Kerric's opinion of the dragonriders too -- why do they rank more important than his job of protection? In the meantime, Notkerric is promoted to head of the smallest quadrant of Fort Hold, which is still an accomplishment.

* 2585, 38 Notkerric reaps the benefits of his new position and begins to gather a gaggle of Peacekeepers who prefer his leadership to those above him. He likes this, the loyalty to him and not to their office. It's a powerful position to be in, and he loves it.

* 2587, 40 The end of the 9th Pass. Everything Tavianna and Notkerric have worked for has been uprooted. His relationships with the locals in his quadrant, his wife's hobby, his entire position... The anger at being told he's to turn to manual labor until the new Hold is established burns deep inside him. When they land at the island and after his family has established their cavern, he searches out his Peacekeeper associates and starts to look for others who became angry at weyrleadership.

* 2589, 42 Over the past two Turns Kerric's turned the holder caverns into his quadrant and has gathered a group of unofficial Peacekeepers who are very angry at their job being taken from them. Only a select few of this group have gained access to his inner circle -- the people who protect his wife's business interests.

* 2590, 43 Notkerric is ready to move his family out of the weyr and get their own Hold established. They've been oppressed too long.

Notkerric scowled as the two young peacekeepers shuffled their feet in front of him. "Out," he growled, Kerrisk looming behind him. "I'll get you later." The two practically scrambled out of his small office in the heart of his quadrant. It was little more than an alcove, but it was a central place that his people could count on him to be if they needed him. Which these two did, apparently.

There were reports of some kind of shady black market opening up in the heart of the Hold, starting with something involving whers. He couldn't believe it. Tavianna had told him that she was being careful -- that no one would suspect her. He made sure of it, too, knowing that the building he had gotten her was in a seedier part of the Hold. He wasn't extremely comfortable with it, per se, but he knew Tavisk wouldn't let anything happen to his wife.

But with reports of something bad popping up, he needed to protect her. Thankfully her building fell inside his quadrant. He needed to find some Peacekeepers who could be persuaded to their side. Maybe some who needed some extra income, or wanted to further their position in the force. He had no issues helping people see things from his point of view.

Like those two young men who were desperate for some whers to help them in peacekeeping. Good thing he knew where to get some eggs.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Jungle Wingriders L'ren & Esclamonde
Assistant Werylingmaster Isotarïne
Prairie Wingrider I'ryn
Weyrling Nalata
Candidate Thiis
Apprentice Weaver Velatha
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Rough 'Em Up
Anything Else:
I have no self control.

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Re: Notkerric [34.10.2547, 9th Pass] Head Peacekeeper
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2017, 08:49:28 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Wher Details

Date of Birth:
10.2559 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
Kerrisk's egg was large and extremely wrinkled. Notkerric could barely hold the egg when his father gave it to him.
Measurements: Listed in the wher information.
Mature Length: 4.5m
Mature Height: 1.5m

General Appearance...

Despite the size of his egg, Kerrisk hatched as a small wher. It was a cause for alarm at first, but the wher had a large growth spurt and grew into a massive beast. There was never any doubt as to his abilities, though. He's a shiny bronze through and through.


Empathetic: Kerrisk's a gentle presence in Notkerric's head. He is fierce when his handler or his family is at risk, but otherwise he's very quiet. He doesn't intrude on his handler and is simply there as someone who will always have his back.

Greens: Kerrisk likes to play with the greens. There's this innate draw to them that pulls him to them -- Notkerric often has to refocus the bronze.

Quiet: Between the chaotic din of the ration areas from Fort Hold and the new, tight quarters they live in now, Kerrisk hasn't really heard peace and quiet often. Much like his handler, they try to steal away for some quiet time. It doesn't come often enough.

Wher Meat: It's meat. Kerrisk likes meat. Especially when Notkerric tosses him some jerky treats in the middle of a long assignment.

Threats: If anyone looks remotely threatening to Notkerric or his family, Kerrisk is on them. He's got a "bite first, think later" mentality that Notkerric has struggled to control.

Being alone: Kerrisk has never been alone. Notkerric has always been with him, and then there was Tavianna and Tavisk, then their kids, then the kids' spouses and kids, not to mention the peacekeeping handlers. He's always surrounded by people and he likes it that way.


* STRONG : Kerrisk is a bronze. He's big, and he uses his strength to control things. Oftentimes Notkerric will use him to intimidate uncooperative parties.

* BRUTAL : When Kerrisk is allowed to attack, he does so with gusto, and relishes in it. He goes straight for killing blows unless Notkerric tells him to drag it out, in which case he'll be brutal. There's nothing more satisfying then crunching some bones.


* FAMILY : Notkerric's family is dear to the bronze (as much as they can be). If anything were to happen or threaten them, he would go after them without question, whether or not Notkerric wanted him to or not.

* GOLDS : As much as the bronze likes to play with greens, Kerrisk will never disrespect or go against a gold. Tavisk has a certain weak spot in his small mind because Notkerric loves Tavianna, but even other golds can stop the bronze in his path.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
He likes to run with Tavisk, but Kerrisk doesn't have a preference.

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Re: Notkerric [34.10.2547, 9th Pass] Head Peacekeeper
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Re: Notkerric [34.10.2547, 9th Pass] Head Peacekeeper
« Reply #3 on: February 10, 2017, 10:53:13 PM »
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Re: Notkerric [34.10.2547, 9th Pass] Head Peacekeeper
« Reply #4 on: April 12, 2017, 08:37:39 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Wher Details

Pronounced: [
Date of Birth:
20.05.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Mine Hall
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
Notsk's egg did indeed have the so-called lucky fold at one end, though it was tiny and difficult to see from a distance. The shell of the egg itself was a pale pink in color, almost a rosy hue, but with a very faint opalescence to it.
Mature Length: 3.5M
Mature Height: 1.7M

General Appearance...

The first impression most people get of Notsk is his striking coloration. He's a very bright and vibrant Bronze, and no part of him more so than his wingsails. They're a dark, dark copper, almost reddish with how vivid the color is. Some might even say difficult to look at. They're liberally splattered with a darker, rather rusty hue, and closer to the joints they have a bit more of the tell-tale bronze shades characteristic of his caste. The upper portions of Notsk's body are shiny and weathered, almost scintillating with flashing fire of amber, gold, brass… his lower portions and extremities are much duller, so pale and coppery pink that they look much like the egg from which he hatched.

In contrast to Kerrisk, Notsk is as small as Bronzes come. But don't let that fool you -- he's still a powerhouse of a wher, a consummate and efficient fighter. He'd have done well in the fighting pits if his handler were inclined toward that sort of thing, but such as it is he'll instead be eager to direct his energy toward whatever work Notkerric does have for him.


Empathetic: Notsk is solid and strong, but a bit volatile. Washes of annoyance, anger, or territorial feelings will be common occurrences through his bond, and his handler might even characterize him as sullen. The Bronze doesn't resent being given orders, exactly, but he does dislike work that he sees as simple or below him. Whatever images or sensations he projects are bound to feel rather abrasive.


Exercise : Sometimes just for the sake of it. Notsk doesn't necessarily care if what he's doing will accomplish something, he just likes to be in motion. Whether it's running, patrolling, training, or anything else, he appreciates getting to move around and use his muscles.

Praise : He likes to know he's done a job well. This doesn't always have to take the form of verbal confirmation either -- treats, physical affection, or even emotional impressions from Notkerric will be more than enough to assure Notsk that he's doing his handler proud.


Crowds : Mostly because he can't see everything or keep track of it all. How can he tell what things might be dangerous if everything is so cramped and mashed together? Wherever he, his handler, and his handler's family goes, Notsk will all but push people out of the way to give them space.

Having His Sleep Disturbed : Much like the old adage of "let sleeping dogs lie", Notsk gets downright snappy when his slumber is disturbed without good cause. It can leave him in a poor mood the rest of the day, which will make his presence in Notkerric's head all the more trying.


* QUICK LEARNER : Notsk picks things up fast, from the very moment he hatches. It takes very little by way of practice or reinforcement to teach him something, which means he'll train quickly under his handler's practiced touch. His mind is naturally receptive and quite flexible, so new or unfamiliar things don't faze him.

* DISCIPLINED : Notkerric could balance a steak on his nose, tell him not to eat it or move, and leave him there for hours. Notsk has no problem denying his own nature, instincts, or desires if he's told to, and will obey without question. So long as it's his handler or Tavisk giving the orders.


* MOODY : Some might even say grumpy. Notsk isn't always the most pleasant wher to be around, and he's given to being very vocal about his opinions with growls or grumbles when he's annoyed. He'll never disobey his handler, nor make any indication that he'll be waspish toward the man's family, but to other people he's far less tolerant.

* TUNNEL VISIONED : When Notsk is given a task or is trying to do something, he'll get focused on that one thing to the exclusion of everything else. Often times, this leads to him essentially "brute forcing" his way through problems rather than trying something different or adjusting his approach. He'll just barrel right on through, or beat himself bloody against an obstacle he can't get past.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Will be interesting to see how he gets along with Kerrisk. :3

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In the Radiant Sun - 15.03.2590 x T'lor

Three Cheers to Sweet Isolation - 17.03.2590 x Penderton

Napping on a Wher - 18.03.2590 x Sarinea

Coryza - 20.03.2590 x Vanelwynne

Now It's a Party! - 07.04.2590 x B'lye

Dragon's Dance - 08.05.2590 x Bekareni

Evening Showers - 11.05.2590 x K'ran

Singing with Flits - 20.05.2590 x Lokin

They Aren't That Heavy - 21.05.2590 x Tiynnalacia

Talking to a Wher - 22.05.2590 x Omenya

Lunch With Mum - 35.05.2590 x B'lye

Avoiding Responsibility - 04.06.2590 x Elremmiria

Another Homecoming - 15.06.2590 x K'eir

Come One, Come All - 15.06.2590 x Notkerric

In the Dark of the Night - 35.06.2590 x Tayvelle

Try and Try Again - 01.07.2590 x Saviavi

Congratulations Are in Order - 02.07.2590 x Kenna

Training for the Test - 09.07.2590 x Zilanie

Storming Brainstorming - 10.07.2590 x W'lleni

Ways of Life - 16.07.2590 x Vironethian

Soggy Salutations - 28.07.2590 x Roxalin

Drills, Drills, Drills - 10.08.2590 x Wa'by

Morning Shenanigans - 11.08.2590 x Tythinaden

Training a Flit - 15.08.2590 x S'den

In The Beginning - 16.08.2590 x W'um

To Dance in the Rain - 23.08.2590 x Isalia

Flit Eggs and Fun! - 03.09.2590 x Arlais

A Hard Day's Night - 04.09.2590 x Elrethra

The Pain Never Fades - 25.09.2590 x Allevaithe

Who Doesn't Want a Surprise Flit? - 27.09.2590 x A'lori

Movin' On Up - 29.09.2590 x Wa'by

Communication is Key - 05.10.2590 x W'um

Breakfast Chitchat - 21.10.2590 x Cetorex

Here a Flit, There a Flit - 28.10.2590 x Arlais

When the World is Waiting - 33.10.2590 x Allevaithe