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Author Topic: A Bittersweet Homecoming [06.04.2590 6.45am] || Tavianna (& Family)  (Read 1301 times)

Offline Nycolus

He was tired of waiting.

The Bronze Rider, obnoxiously cheerful considering his refusal to take Nycolus to the Weyr the day the dragons delivered supplies to the hold, had promised he would arrive the second his wingleader allowed it.

He had been ready for two marks. Had even managed to get a group of ‘handlers together so they wouldn’t “waste” the trip. Yet there had been no sign of dragon wings in the sky.

The Holders who were returning to the weyr with him shuffled restlessly behind him, soft murmurs indicating a calmness Nycolus himself didn’t feel. He gripped the tiny satchel he held tightly, the leather, wher, as most of his more useful items tended to be, creaked slightly at the motion.

How easily most seemed to have forgotten.

It made sense, to an extent.

Most of those who were abandoned had others with them. Not many had been alone as they continued to work on the Mine Hall.

He was not one of those.

Nycolussk had been all he had to comfort him throughout the long month.

Nycolussk and the knowledge that his family would find a way to get him home soon.

An odd noise in the sky above and dark wings silhouetted against the light. The single dragon began the agonisingly slow descent to the ground and Nycolus found himself gritting his teeth in annoyance. Rukbat had been making its way into the sky for over a mark now, and as far as he was concerned that made the bronzer late. “Get ready to load up.” He said instead of complaining, stepping back to give the dragon that little bit of extra room when he finally made it to land.

The group of holders he’d amassed, each with a wher cage containing one of the beasts fussed for a moment, gathering their belongings and moving forward just as the dragon landed, the breeze as he tucked his wings in pleasant.

“Sorry for the delay,” the rider called as he scrambled down, the bronze crouching to make it easier and displaying the reason for their tardiness. A row of children, none older than eight or nine had been strapped into place, though they were quickly offloaded and guided in the direction of the hall by one of those who were remaining at the hall.

Children, separated from their parents for the month.

Nycolus shrugged and pointed to the others. “If we can go while the, light isn’t too strong, the wher’s would appreciate it.” He said simply, his words painted with the thick grief that had yet to heal over.

The Bronze Rider nodded and helped with loading up the dragon, showing himself to be capable if a little too optimistic considering the circumstances.

By the time they were backwinging into the weyrbowl, a half mark had passed since the dragon had appeared in the sky, and it seemed as though Prairie Wing were in full swing.

He brushed aside the Bronze’s offer of assistance, half falling off the Bronze as he sought to make contact with the ground himself before releasing the straps keeping Nycolussk’s cage in place. He opened the door and let the wher out apologising quickly for the brightness but doing nothing to fix it. He gave the rider a stiff nod, and turned away from him and his beast, the Bronze Wher pressing up against him, able to sense the turmoil of emotions that ran rampant through Nyc’s very soul.

He would not help the others. Wouldn’t take the cage now that they were back at the Weyr. Nycolussk had no need for it and it would be required to transport any other whers to or from that day.

He only had eyes for an all too familiar head of curly brown hair. Everything about the shorter woman’s posture said she was not happy, and the rider- wearing the Prairie wingleader colors did not appear any happier to be the object of the woman’s attention.

Nycolus’s ears rang as he pushed through the crowd of people, Nycolussk growling a warning as he assisted in clearing a path, the familiar wall that was a hulking Gold Wher’s mind giving him direction despite his visibility issues.

Nyc paused a few paces away from the woman, his knuckles white as he clutched at the tiny satchel, eyes red as he fought back tears.

He thought he had lost everything. He knew she hadn’t been there. Knew that there was only one casualty that tore at his heart.

It didn’t change the overwhelming sense of grief that was bubbling over at the sight of her. He had needed to see her. To see anyone, really. It could have been Tressie, Kerric or even Neal, despite the younger boy’s aggressive tendency’s. But to see her, so… Normal.

It was almost unbearable.


Spoiler for OOC for Sanctified and Lyndi:
I’ve taken a few liberties this post so please make sure you’re happy with it. Nycolus demanded I type it out at the very least but I don’t mind altering it. I’ve saved it to a word doc on the computer so if I’m asleep and it’s completely inappropriate, please delete, PM me and I’ll sort it out 


[{K’zaya}] is the Bronze Rider mentioned in the above. I assumed there would be priorities, such as children not having seen their parents for a while and K’zaya would have been eager to take them down if that were the case.

I’ve also taken it upon myself to give K’zaya and Nycolus some background together, in that Nycolus would have stopped K’zaya when they were delivering supplies long enough to confirm that he would be able to return to the weyr early on the 6th, and have tried to make sure the timeframe wasn’t ridiculous. Basically to ensure that the passengers could be loaded and offloaded in roughly 45 minutes, if K’zaya were to be ready to cart people to the minehall at 6am exactly.

I have also assumed that Tavianna would have sought Z’tai out as soon as possible on the 6th, and demanded a lift to the minehall, but that Z’tai would have required her to wait until the more urgent rides were given. Nycolus is an adult after all, and while she (may) have pressed the demand based on how far along Caleah was in her pregnancy (It’s quicker for Tavianna to go to the minehall than for a dragon to fly her back up without going between), again, Caleah and Nyc are adults and there would have been more urgent transfers required.

Which brings me to @SanctifiedSavage

I’m playing a bit with the idea that None of Tavianna’s family hold (official) ranks, and so wouldn’t have been able to pull any strings to get someone on that dragon to get to the minehall sooner. I assume knowing she could go to the mine hall that day, she would not be inclined to leave Z’tai alone until he could confirm when she would be going (sooner rather than later) and thus would be preoccupied when Nycolus landed. Also, I figured, as with the Duties to Weyr event, she would be there with Tavisk.

Again, if you don’t like what I’ve done for any reason, let me know and I’ll fix it.
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Offline Tavianna

Re: A Bittersweet Homecoming [06.04.2590 6.45am] || Tavianna (& Family)
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2017, 09:04:33 AM »
Tavianna hadn’t lied. She’d been there very, very early and ready to go. She’d ensured she was up before the sun had kissed the weyrbowl, helped get the food ready for her grandbabies because she wasn’t going to be there when they got up, set clothes out, then left the family cavern.

Tavianna was out there before just about anyone else. There were a handful of overeager people and children being rounded up from the crèche and they had priority. She damn near lost her mind. Tavianna wanted to see her son, and she wanted him sooner rather than later. All she’d thought about since being denied was what might be happening to him when she wasn’t around. A month was a long time and the last two days had been torture.

Only when a Rider had decided she could go next was Tavianna allowed to approach.


Tavisk hissed at the Rider as Tavianna turned to look at Nycolus. When had her boy arrived? When had they sharding went to retrieve others and why hadn’t this thick skulled, good for nothing, useless, waste of space Rider… Tavianna broke away from the man and rusher to her first born. She needed to hold him, to touch him, and reaffirm that he was there. That he was alive.

She was tiny but there was nothing gentle about how she pulled him into an all-consuming hug. It was all affection, nearly lifting herself from the ground to hold him to her. “Nyc, Nyc,” she murmured, relief washing through her and cooling the temper that had spiked and had caused Tavisk to turn an angry orange eye to the Rider. Instead, the giant Gold wher nosed at his side and shoulder with closed eyes, thrumming softly. Happily. She didn’t express much, but the wher knew her babies.

Then, holding him at arm’s length, Tavianna looked around. Where was her daughter-in-law? Where was Caleah? A quick look around, then back to a red-eyed Nyc and she imagined the worst. Tavianna’s jaw set and she gently pulled her son back to her, before she asked softly, “Where is Caleah, Nyc?”

Spoiler for OOC:
It all looks good to me. <3

If other family members want to show, I just had tavianna leave first, doesn't mean they can't show up while she's being made to wait. 8D 

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Offline Nealros

Re: A Bittersweet Homecoming [06.04.2590 6.45am] || Tavianna (& Family)
« Reply #2 on: February 11, 2017, 07:46:05 PM »
For a family that has stuck together through thick and thin, Nealros wasn’t extremely concerned about seeing Nycolus at his arrival. He knew his mother would be there, front and center, and so he didn’t think it was necessary to add another person there to fuss over him.

Daylight came and Nealros woke slowly. His wife was attending to their daughters and he expressed his wishes that she remain in their cavern and also watch over the many nieces and nephews. Ellariel wasn’t any good in times of stress, she’d just add unnecessary emotion to an already upsetting situation.

His head felt heavy and alien to him. Since the lockdown he’d been pursuing a sort of drug cocktail, mixing whatever substances he could that would make his mind drift and his heart hurt less. Last night’s combination hadn’t been a good one. The high was brief and the headache was long, finally giving way to nightmares when he found sleep some time in the early morning. He’d never admit to the despair he felt, wondering if they’d get to see Nycolus again, but the physical effect of his brother’s absence was very obvious.

Stumbling out of their sleeping quarters, he headed for his wher. Rossk had slept better. The beast hadn’t been fought lately, Ros had enough foresight to figure they should lay low while holders were out of favor. Because of his inactivity, however, the Brown was eager to stretch his short legs and pump blood into his muscles. He greeted Nealros with a low bellow, their minds touching briefly and filling both males with some feeling of kinship. “Here, Rossk. We go to meet Nycolus and Nycolussk.”

The Brown dutifully stepped into the collar that Nealros had fetched, allowing it to be snapped around his thick neck and then tightened so his smaller head couldn’t slip it off over the grooves of fat and scaly, lumpy hide. Rossk allowed a strip of dark cloth to be folded over his eyes, and then tied beneath his chin, too. He knew the pathways around their home by heart, but furthermore he trusted Nealros enough to let the man lead him blindly.

They made their way together through the winding caves and into daylight. Nealros briefly wished he had a blindfold of his own to stave off the bright light suddenly assaulting his eyes, scorching past his corneas and pounding directly into his brain. He sucked air in through his teeth, steeling himself.

The weyrbowl was full of families. His own was easy to pick out, Tavisk gleamed beautiful and radiant in the sun. Rossk, catching her scent, increased his lumbering pace until Nealros had to jog to keep up with his wher’s stride. The gold was hardly alone, and he knew his mother’s frame anywhere. She was wrapped around Nycolus already in an embrace and he stopped some feet away to allow their private moment the time it needed. He instead positioned himself like a guard, taking up a stance on the opposite side of Tavisk.

He was still close enough, however, to hear his mother’s question once their hug broke. His blue eyes, usually narrowed in some form of contempt, snapped open as he took in the scene fully. Nycoloussk was there but the Green wher belonging to his wife was not. They had all heard of the hunter attack, it was easy to piece two and two together.

He dropped his head, looking away. Caleah had been a respectable woman, he preferred her even to Ellariel in terms of conversation and company. It was a hard loss and he didn’t know how to address it. It felt best to direct his attention elsewhere, tightening his grip on the lead hold Rossk. He tugged the leather sharply and the Brown shuffled obediently closer.

Spoiler for Hidden:
I'm severely inebriated so if there's glaring mistakes in this I probably won't catch them, just PM me and I'll fix tomorrow <3

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Re: A Bittersweet Homecoming [06.04.2590 6.45am] || Tavianna (& Family)
« Reply #3 on: February 16, 2017, 04:51:18 PM »
Tresrissa had slept in this morning. The sounds of the rest of her family getting ready to go to the minehall to meet Nyc and Caleah had evidently not been loud enough to rouse her from her slumber. So it was Tressisk nosing her awake, projecting an image of her brother's face that eventually had her springing to her feet.

"I'm going to miss the dragon!" She threw on a set of clothes from the trunk at the bottom of her cot, and whizzed out of the cave, running lightly through the halls of the holder and crafter caverns.

After a while however, she got a little out of breath, and she slowed to catch it again, resting one hand against the wall. "Why do we have to live the furthest away from the bowl Tressisk?" The green wher didn't say anything, just nosed the back of her leg to get her moving again.

"Alright, alright. Let's go see Nyc and Caleah." It had been a long time since she had seen either of them, and she was looking forward to being able to have girly chats with Caleah. Nealros' wife Ellariel simply wasn't a viable replacement for Caleah, the conversation was way too dull.

Emerging into the Weyrbowl, she broke into a run towards where the dragonriders were assembling the waiting holders, before a growl behind her made her stop. "Oh right, blindfold, sorry, sorry." Tressisk had thought to bring that too, and she took the piece of fabric from between the whers teeth, and wrapped it over her eyes.

"Now let's go."

It was Tavisk she spotted first, the Gold Wher gleaming in the early morning sun, and next to her... Nycolussk.

"NYC!" He had made it here before they could make it over there, she awaited her turn to give her brother a hug whilst bouncing on the balls of her feet. Quickly throwing herself into his arms when her mother was done she turned around to grin at Caleah.

"Nyc!" She said, a smile still on her face, not grasping the meaning of Caleah's absence. "Where's Caleah? Did she not come across with you? Still at the mine hall?"

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Re: A Bittersweet Homecoming [06.04.2590 6.45am] || Tavianna (& Family)
« Reply #4 on: February 16, 2017, 07:51:51 PM »
Notkerric and his family had been waiting for this day for ages, it seemed. With the absence of their eldest and silence from the riders about his fate, both Notkerric and Tavianna had paced restlessly and pestered the riders endlessly for news about their son. The lockdown did not sit well with them.

Notkerric was just as ready to greet his son, so he went with Tavianna to the weyrbowl in the early morning to get a ride. He'd make an exception on any public displays of emotion for his children.

So when he heard Nycolus' pained cry for his mother, Notkerric turned and looked. He was haggard, and carried a large weight on his shoulders that wasn't there when the young man left for the mine hall. He was also missing two members of his family.

"Make room," he commanded Kerrisk, who despite his eye coverings matched Tavisk for ferocity and cleared a spot for their family to gather. He felt tears start to gather in his eyes; just the sight of Nycolus, alive in front of them, was enough to stir his heart. But Notkerric held back and waited, just for a moment, to allow Tavianna and Tresrissa their moments with him.

He'd give Nycolus a bit of room. Just a bit to respond to his mother's question. But the second that his son confirmed where his daughter-in-law was, Notkerric was going to hold him. His flesh and blood came back to him, and they would not be separated again.
Any and all powerplay by Tavianna allowed.

Offline Nycolus

Re: A Bittersweet Homecoming [06.04.2590 6.45am] || Tavianna (& Family)
« Reply #5 on: February 19, 2017, 10:19:36 PM »
Nycolus couldn’t hold back the shuddering breath as his mother pulled him into an embrace, bending so that he could bury his face in her hair and fully lose himself in her easy affection. He’d needed her. This last month, oh how he had needed her. And here she was, in all her familiarity. Her love almost overwhelming as it had been since the day he was born. He went to straighten, almost lifting her up as she clung to him. For a few heartbeats, he did the same.

He wanted her to stroke his hair. To comfort him. Tell him he was dreaming. That he’d open his eyes and Caleah would be there standing next to him. But those were childish thoughts. An innocence born of the time he and Tavisk could literally see eye to eye when they stood. The Gold Wher reminded him now how large she had grown, and as his mother pulled away, he released his clutching fingers from the back of her shirt to give the Gold an affectionate pat, needing his childhood playmate as much, in that moment, as he did his mother.

He didn’t –couldn’t answer Tavianna straight away, a lump in his throat forming at the mention of his wife. His eyes flashed angrily for a moment as he tried to form the words, sorrow quickly replacing it.

It was Nycolussk that gave him the courage to speak, pressing closer to him and keening, almost inaudibly as he picked up the turmoil of Nyc’s emotions, the image of the rest of his family, minus his children, as they approached. A heartbeat of warning before Tresrissa wrestled her way through the crowd to throw her arms around him even as his mother waited for his answer.

“Hunters.” He rasped, clenching his jaw as he forced his emotions to reign themselves in. It would not do to cry. Not here. Not so public. Not when Tressie was so close. He needed to be strong. His sister had lost her friend. His mother had lost a child. His children… Their mother. This was not his time to grieve. That had been and gone already. He had bene given over thirty days to come to terms with the death of his wife. It would not do to take that opportunity from his family. They had lost as well.

He drew on Nycolussk’s strength. Another shuddering breath as he straightened himself up. Eyes on his mother, trying to gauge how she felt. He was back, at least. That would offer some comfort. He would have time to speak to her later. He knew neither she, nor his father would abandon him. Tressie was the most fragile of the present company, however, and it was she he addressed next, speaking in a soft, soothing tone. The sort of voice one would use on a frightened runner.

“Calesk was tangled in her straps. Caleah wouldn’t leave her behind. She’s not coming back, Tressie… I…” His voice cracked, eyes flashing to his mother’s face as he silently saught her strength. “I couldn’t save her.” His voice, quiet, held every iota of grief he felt for his loss, the grief he was bringing to the family members he loved so much.

He looked at his father then, swept up into the affectionate man’s embrace and once again finding himself holding back tears. “Sorry Da.” He whispered for his father’s ears alone before separating himself.

He couldn’t even look at Nealros. He was supposed to be the example for the younger boy. He was supposed to pave the way for Neal to find his place in the world. As a brother. As a Son. As a Father and a Husband. Yet here he was, witnessing first-hand the older brother who couldn’t even protect his wife. His pregnant wife at that.

He straightened with a sigh, looking forward but seeing nothing. “How’re the children” He asked woodenly, half expecting some news about them having falling ill in his absence. A disgruntled growl from his bronze forced him to cease that train of thought however. An almost painful series of images pressing against the bond of each and every member of their family. There was no way they would have let anything happen to his kids. In that, they were better than he. Tavianna and Notkerric themselves had managed to raise him and his siblings in an environment ravished by the horror of constant threadfall, after all. And he couldn’t even keep his wife from being eaten.

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Re: A Bittersweet Homecoming [06.04.2590 6.45am] || Tavianna (& Family)
« Reply #6 on: February 19, 2017, 10:55:44 PM »
Tressie's smile fell from her face at the mention of Hunters. The horrible beasts who lurked in the Jungle just waiting for the unsuspecting to pass too close. Why of all places, did the Hunters have to live here? Fort Island was their home now, why couldn't the Hunters just leave them in peace?

When Nyc turned to Tressie, she almost couldn't concentrate on the words. Tressisk, sensing her distress, pressed up against her thigh, pushing her ugly head into her handlers palm. Warmth filled her mind, and the blur that had set over her cleared. It meant she registered what Nyc said.

She's not coming back.

And it all clicked for her. Caleah was dead. Dead and gone.

I couldn't save her.

Those words were something Tressie had never heard from Nyc before. 'I couldn't' or 'I can't' is not something that was part of Nyc's vocabulary, or at least, not when he was around her. But she didn't blame him. How could she? The Hunters were horrible, they took down dragons and riders and whers alike without much of a warning.

So Tressie understood.
She just didn't know that it would hurt this much.

"Oh..." Right. Caleah was gone. Caleah wasn't coming back. Caleah was dead. "Right..."

A tear pricked her eye. She couldn't move from her position. Didn't know what to do. Didn't know what to say. Tressie just stood, a hand resting on Tressisk's head, staring at the ground.

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Re: A Bittersweet Homecoming [06.04.2590 6.45am] || Tavianna (& Family)
« Reply #7 on: February 20, 2017, 09:10:35 AM »
Tavianna didn’t want to hear that her adoptive daughter, her first born son’s wife, had been killed. To know that her son had been alone with his grief this entire time renewed her anger at the Riders, but now was hardly the time.

Her son needed her.

She’d known from the moment he’d clung to her what had happened. Not necessarily how, only that Caleah had been lost to him. The how was still important, because if it had been human error, then there was a way for Tavianna to see vengeance. A way to correct it, in a way. To make some right in this largely wrong world. But when he finally said ‘Hunters’, he was essentially saying some force of nature.

For Tavianna, there was a sense of calm in that. Some things, no matter how much one tried, couldn’t be stopped. She was certainly sad that Caleah was gone, but the anger was gone. There was nothing anyone could have done if it was something like that. Illness, wher attacks… These things happened. When Nycolus looked to his mother, he would see that calm knowledge writ on her face.

Life was full of loss. While her family had largely been sheltered from it, Tavianna had not been. Her own mother and father had been lost to illness. While Tavianna had not been in a position to help her mother, there had been nothing she’d been able to do to help her father. None of her connections, nothing she’d been able to bribe or barter had been able to save him.

Sometimes, life was cruel. Tavianna had been faced with the very real realization that she could’ve tried to ruin her business trying to save her father – giving everything she had to save him – or to let him pass so she could continue to provide for her family.

When Nycolus explained to Tressie, trying to be strong for her, Tavianna lightly touched his back. Offering silent support. She had tried so hard to shelter her children from loss but some things… Some things couldn’t be stopped.

When Tressie stood, absorbing the news, it was Tavianna who pulled her baby girl into a tight embrace. “My dearheart,” she murmured into her daughter’s hair. So sweet, so innocent. It wasn’t Nycolus’ job to comfort her though. He had his own pain to manage. Instead, Tavianna murmured sweetly into her daughter’s hair, “It’s important, in moments like this, to remember those we lose fondly and to celebrate those memories. She isn’t with us anymore, but Caleah would want you to smile for her, wouldn’t she? And now Nycolus will need help with his babies. Do you think you can manage that, dearheart?”

At the mention of his kids, Tavianna glanced at her son with a warm, soft smile. “Your babies are fine, Nyc. I can tell them if you’d prefer.” Even in this, now, Tavianna would spare her son if he wanted her to.

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Re: A Bittersweet Homecoming [06.04.2590 6.45am] || Tavianna (& Family)
« Reply #8 on: February 20, 2017, 11:11:49 AM »
The big, brown wher pressed his head against Neal’s side. Using his superior weight, he slowly but surely nudged his handler in the direction of his family. The vacancy of emotion, other than anger, in Nealros’s heart was felt by his Rossk and it unnerved the wher enough to want to fix it. He wanted Nealros to hold and be held, to flourish under the gentle hand of his mother and the approval of his father. Neal resisted, for a moment, but then allowed himself to shuffle awkwardly toward Tresrissa’s side. He brought one arm around her shoulders in a half hug, unwilling to go further lest he drop Rossk’s leash. This was close enough.

“We can help with the kids,” by we, he of course meant Ellariel. His wife had been a good aunt to them in their parents’ absence, no doubt she’d easily continue that role. He didn’t say anything further, unsure of how to lighten the situation.

Rossk sat back to give Nealros room if he wanted to untangle himself from the huddle of bodies. The wher was satisfied with the result, and even more so when his bonded did not immediately move away. Physical affection in public was not usually a common sight in holder families, so this moment was more important than the Brown could properly grasp. Still, he felt prickles of understanding and acceptance emanate from the usually gloomy center of Neal’s consciousness. That had to account for something.

Nealros did step away eventually, but he remained close enough to offer a shoulder to lean on if needed. His family meant the entire world to him, his family was his greatest strength and represented all that he had. He’d suck up his pride for them.

Furthermore, a small ember of determination started to burn within him. It was true that blame was hard to pin on someone in this situation, but the fact of the matter was that the hunter attack was still the result of negligence from all folk living within the weyr. Through the haziness in his head a plan of sorts began to form. They needed to know more about the jungle and its inhabitants. They could not live within the weyr forever, after all.


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Open Affiliate! Open Affiliate! Open Affiliate! Open Affiliate! | Open Affiliate! Open Affiliate! Open Affiliate! Open Affiliate!