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Author Topic: Approved C'bryn [ 11.07.2567 / Brown Weyrling ]  (Read 1255 times)

Offline RaynePOTM

C'bryn [ 11.07.2567 / Brown Weyrling ]
« on: February 10, 2017, 07:45:06 PM »

Play By:
Joy Navon


First Name:
Cabryn (Cah-brih-n)
Cabby (Cah-bee) or Bryn (brihn)
Date of Birth: 
11.07.2567 9th Pass 
Place of Birth: 
Dorado Hold, was quickly moved to Fort Hold after birth which is where she lost her parents.
Job Before Search: 
She was apprenticed to the weaver hall
Color Preference: 
Admin choice
I would prefer a brown or non-impression pretty please <3
Cabby is strong willed and loyal but she doesn’t give orders well. She is a born and bred follower who wants to do her best for the weyr and hopefully find herself a little slice of happiness along the way. She was proud to be a weaver because of all the good they did for people, but being a dragon rider is an honour that she doesn’t really believe she deserves, but the rest of us do. I think those qualities best suit a brownrider, and she’s always joked that she needs a big dragon for someone her size. She could do well as a green rider, but I don’t think she has enough pizzazz for it. In my mind greenriders have always been massively individual to make up for the fact that there are so many of them, Cabby is too much of a soldier in my opinion. For the same reasons I don’t think she’s a queen rider. And although she has the broader sexuality fit for a female blue, I’m not sure she has the energy that blue riders (in my mind) seem to typify, she’s a little too mellow I think. A black dragon wouldn’t suit in the slightest in my opinion (unless you want the bubbly, chubby dress maker with an affinity for colours and small children for the next black?) and I think a red could be nice but it just doesn’t seem to sit right with the other red riders at the moment. I’m super happy for her to return to being a weaver, which I think she’ll do if she doesn’t impress after three clutches, so I think that is the second best option after a brown. Much respect to the admins regardless and I’ll be happy with their choice.
Future Rider Name:
If male dragon C’bryn, if female Cabryn.
Cabryn is married but it is a very fluid relationship, in that she really isn’t his type but they can’t let his family know. He is a journeyman miner and lives at the new hall, giving the excuse that he ‘has to put his craft first until Pern is re-established.’ She, being the loyal and honourable person she is will not betray his secret and up until recently has not lain with another. She has just found out that he has no such qualms so she may be open to someone (or multiple someones) in the near future.

Your Reflection...

Cabryn is one of those people who light up the room with their smile. Due to her talents as a weaver she makes her own clothes that fit her perfectly, she likes dresses but given her new candidate status she is more likely to be found in pants and a tunic. She likes bright colours but given the (up until recent) lacking of vibrant dyes she is usually in light blues and soft creams. Her hair is usually in tight braids then thrust up in a ponytail but occasionally, on a lazy afternoon with a cool breeze, she’ll let her hair out. She has a nose ring that her children like to attach small flowers too, they likewise enjoy braiding flowers into her hair, if they don’t have time for a full braid they’ll be happy to make her a flower crown instead.   

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: 
Cabby was mostly just exhausted from all the destruction, she was proud to do her part to help as a weaver, but the fact that she was making more bandages than baby clothes and all of the clothes she had to repair were covered in blood and scorched around the edges took a toll. Now that she’s been searched she feels honoured that someone thinks she’s meant to do more to help than stitching, but she knows that she’ll be even more attached to anyone who is lost now than she ever was before.   

Response to dragon color mutations: Cabby hasn’t heard particularly nice things about the new dragons, but she can’t bring herself to judge the way nature thinks it best to adapt. She’ll base her opinion on the riders individually, not on the colour of their dragon. The new weyrleader seems to be someone that, even if Cabby doesn’t like him, she’d be happy to respect him, and the obvious prowess of his dragon.

Who are you...

•    Colours – more importantly, she likes coloured dyes. Give her bright coloured dresses and fake flower pins and watch her light up like an uncovered glow basket.
•    Losing herself in a task – she enjoys spending time on difficult tasks, more importantly, she enjoys spending as much time as necessary on doing these tasks right and well. Give her a difficult pattern that she has to figure out how to stitch and she’ll spend as much time as she needs (often losing herself for hours on end) to get it perfect. 
•    Spending hours pruning in the bathing pools – who doesn’t like a bath at the end of the day? Luckily for Cabby, she can do lots of her chores in the bathtub while she soaks. 

•    People underestimating her – Cabby isn’t stupid, she isn’t lazy and she isn’t meek. She’s just quiet and happy with her station, yes she would love to be a rider, but she’s happy to help however she can. People underestimating her won’t get shouts or snide comments though, they’ll just get a flick of her hair as she sets out to prove them wrong.
•    Klah – she’s just never been a fan and it’s the most common thing that everyone offers to drink. Honestly she’d rather that brackish moonshine passing around the crafter halls than bloody klah
•    The heat – with her hair and her chubbiness heat just seriously doesn’t agree with her. She’s fine to go to the cove as long as she can swim but at almost any other point she cannot stand it. 


* INDUSTRIOUS: Not only the menial work to be done around the weyr, but any task that requires time and patience is one that Cabby can do without hesitation and complaint, she might even enjoy it. Cabby secretly watches the weyrling drills while she’s doing her stitching so that when she gets to weyrling training she’ll already know what to do and can focus on helping her bond mate and her fellow weyrlings. And even in her relax time (bathing in the afternoons) she continues her weaver chores. 

* STEADFAST: Not only is Cabby loyal to a fault and someone you can rely on, she sticks to her guns in all her decisions, opinions and all her work. She is strong to her morals and her friends, although this does sometimes make it difficult for her to admit she’s wrong.   

* CONTENT: Cabby is one of those people who takes what she’s given and makes her home with it. She doesn’t whine or moan about her lot in life, she just makes the best of things and lives her life in steady contentment.   

* SOLDIER: Good at taking orders and doing what needs to be done. Although she’ll suggest a thing or two every now and then, she’s never wanted a leadership position, never causes strife for those above or below her in the food chain. 

* MOTIVATED:&nbsp; Often times through sheer determination, or spite, Cabby is always on the move. Always working, always helping, always training and always learning, Cabby rarely can sit down and just relax for a while.   


* DOESN’T UNDERSTAND THE TROUBLES OF OTHERS: Thinks that others should be happy with what they have and if they don’t like it should do something to better themselves, rather than just sit there and complain. If she can be happy as an orphan in the crèche, then as a mother with an absentee husband, then as a weaver whose work was all about the destruction and pain in the weyr, and finally as an old candidate who only has a few hatchings to find a bondmate that others (her husband included) keep telling her will never come, then by Faranth so can they. 

* TRADITIONAL: Cabby was raised in a Hold and struggles with doing what she can to help, proving others who doubt her wrong and sticking to her place. Not in the ‘out of her station’ kind of place, but the ‘woman and a mother’ place. These were the values she was raised on but they simply don’t always fit with doing what is right, especially in the weyr. This wars with her strengths and tires her at times. 

* CAN’T HOLD HER LIQUOR: Cabby can’t drink at all, if she does she will end up dancing on the table and feeling the guilt (because of her traditional upbringing) for a week. She’s never actually slept outside her marriage, but she’s come close and still turns pink whenever she sees the people who know. 

* RUNNING: Not that there’s much need for it either as a weaver or a candidate, but cardio exercises simply don’t agree with Cabby. She’s strong and can do long stretches of land clearing or carrying crates, but running or fast paced exercises are just not her strong suit.   

* BEING TOLD WHAT TO DO: Now previously it has been explained that Cabby likes being told what to do because she likes helping and following. That’s true. But sometimes she likes it a little *too* much. In that Cabby probably has a small crush on any of her senior dragonriders that like to talk in an authorative ‘take control’ kinda way. What I mean to say is given Cabby orders is a *very* good way to get her into the sack. 

Describe Yourself: 

* LOYAL: ----- To her friends, her word, her home and her protectors, Cabby is loyal to a fault.   

* STABLE: ----- Cabby likes schedule and chores, so she’s usually exactly where she’s supposed to be, at the same time, almost every day. She finds this stabilises her emotions when she’s stressed and it helps other people come to her for help, which she thinks is her most important purpose. 

* SPITEFUL: ----- If someone tells her she can’t do something, if she overhears someone say ‘no one can do that’, if it’s a hard job that she knows no one else has the guts or compassion to do, Cabby *has* to do it. It’s a matter of dignity and responsibility, she can be ordered to step down from doing it, but it will take someone with a lot of authority to force her to stand down. 

* COURAGEOUS: ----- Cabby isn’t brave, she’s courageous, in that even when she’s scared that she can’t do it because she isn’t good enough, she’ll do it anyway. Either because it is the right thing to do or to prove to herself and everyone else that she can. 

The Magic Touch: Cabby chews on her lip and tugs on her braids when she’s nervous.


Mother: Menneria (05.09.2555) 
Father: Sebbeth (11.09.2551)
Doesn’t know anything about her parents other than their names, and that they were drudges, her last two children are named after them instead of her husband.
Siblings: No idea.
Kelebryn – 2580 (10 turns) – Male (Cabby was 13)
Brynret – 2582 (8 turns) – Male (Cabby was 15)
Kelleryn – 2583 (7 turns) – Male (Cabby was 16)
Cabbia – 2584 (6 turns) – Female (Cabby was 17)
Cabberyn - 2586 (4 turns) - Female (Cabby was 19)
Sebberyn – 2587 (3 turns) – Male (Cabby was 20)
Cabryn fell pregnant every time she and her husband slept together, so although she has many children she is still very inexperienced. 

Tell us a story...


* 2567, 0 Birth and evacuation to Fort Hold
No one really knows what happened in the confusion of the evacuation. Some places were more organised than others and when Cabby was born she was handed to the nurse and taken away, the nurse remembered the names of her parents, but really nothing else about them. It is still unclear whether Cabby’s parents wanted her or not, but regardless, Cabby knows nothing about her family and was raised in the crèche at Fort Hold. 

* 2575, 8 Weaver classes
As part of her teachings, most women at the Holds take some small lessons on sewing and stitching. Cabby took to these lessons like a dragon to the air and was swiftly moved into more advanced classes so that she could be judged for apprenticeship.   

* 2579, 12 Apprenticeship
Apprenticed to the weaver craft, even though there had been no hall to speak of for some time, Cabby felt real achievement for her skills for the first time she can remember. Although she’d been learning the craft for years, now she was now officially recognised and had a station (though it was a lowly one).   

* 2580, 13 Marriage
It was what was expected of her and her husband was a beautiful man. Strong, capable, an apprentice in his own right at the miner hall and he came from an actual family, one that she could be a part of, Cabby was exhilarated. But that didn’t last long, her husband held the idea of marrying her in such distain that she felt as if she was nothing, usually when people thought so lowly of her she simply set out to prove them wrong and did whatever they thought she couldn’t do, but how can you make a man who despises you feel love? Over the years of her marriage she did try, and eventually (one night in a drunken stupor) he told her of the real reason he would never love her, because she was a woman.   

* 2580-2587, 13 to 20 Kids
They saw each other very little after that, and the only times he ever touched her were out of duty, and each led to her being pregnant. Cabby loves her children, but let her husband’s parents raise them while she focussed on her apprenticeship, obviously she spent much time with them, but her work was more important. Each time Cabby has been with child, her pregnancy is easy and she only has a little morning sickness (only in the afternoons though) but her births were always painful and long. She’s fairly sure she does not want another child. 

* 2589, 22 The Search
Shortly after moving to Southern Winds, Cabby was hard at work in the washer rooms, preparing new fabric for the weyr. Life at the weyr was very different from the Hold, but she felt far more peaceful (if more busy) than ever before. The people in the weyr had hope for a safer life, even though it wasn’t *entirely* safe. She was searched by a blue rider who happened to come across her while she was working, helping any of the new recruits to get their stitchings right, they had seen something in her, apparently. They didn’t interrupt her work at the time but asked to see her later to talk to her, right in the middle of her dying session. She was honoured and a little hestitant, even if she made it a goal to prove anyone who thought less of her wrong, it was hard to rebel against your own fears. She truly wants to be a rider, a helper, a protector, but she just doesn’t know if she’ll ever be worthy. 

“Hey Bryn? There’s a dragonrider outside who wants to see you? I told him not to come in because of the smell, you want me to get him to come back later?”   

Raising her head from the cloth that she was beating red dye into, Cabby looked very confused. Eyebrows furrowed, she tried to remember if a dragonrider was expecting any work from her now. She knew she had some tunics to tend to but she’d told them all they’d be done at the end of the week, and that she’d drop them off. Thoroughly apprehensive, Cabby straightened, “what did they look like? I don’t have anything due?”   

The blond waif of a girl who brought the message shrugged, “ahhh… he’s a blue rider? Kinda tall? I don’t think he’s here for clothes, he said it was important.” She shrugged again and offered a look that was a mixture of sympathy and boredom, before returning to the drying racks. 

//Important?// Cabby thought as she passed her cloth onto another helper and dried her hands with a rag in her pocket. //What dragon rider is coming to me about something important?// Straightening the front of her tunic (that was dirty and splotchy with the splashes and mulch stains from different dyes), she strode outside to meet the bluerider. 

His eyes briefly widened as he took in her appearance before his face split into a wide grin. “I can see the new apprentices aren’t quite up to standard then. You need me to hide any bodies?” 

It was only then that Cabby took a real look at herself. The humidity of the boiling room had made her hair frizz and stick out unattractively from her swollen braids, her shirt and pants were splattered and stained, her hands, which is probably where the dragon riders remark had come from were stained red almost up to her elbows from the last dye she’d been beating into the fabric. All in all, she looked like an unruly apprentice murderer who was bathing in the blood of her fallen victims. 

Truly at loss with what to say, she managed to stutter out “uhhh, no. That’s okay. We like a little extra body in the dyes anyway.” //Idiot, stupid, idiot. A little extra body? A pun? REALLY?// Smiling tightly, she tried to gather her wits as the rider broke out in a short laugh. 

“Oh good,” he said, “I’d hate to have to explain to the wingleader that our new candidate had a bloody record.” 

//A candidate? Wait, what?//

Member Info...

Created By:
RaynePOTM Other Characters: 
Keron and Neriherem
Inactivity Preference: 
Kill them off or adoptable
Mauling Permissions:
Bring it on! She’ll just sew herself back up.
Anything Else: 
Romance/Sexy time is appreciated

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Re: C'bryn [ 11.07.2567 / Brown Weyrling ]
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2017, 07:51:22 PM »
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Re: C'bryn [ 11.07.2567 / Brown Weyrling ]
« Reply #2 on: September 30, 2017, 08:42:50 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Coloured By:
Flit Details

Like the word
Date of Birth:
06.08.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

What you see is what you get with this flit. Her nose is a pale, almost white green that leaches across her jaw and around her eye ridges, all the way to the tips of her headknobs. From there, her main body is a light green shade, blending the the same pale green of her face for her underbelly and decorating her tail with pale strips of the same. The darkest part of her is her wingsails, a deep forest green that is a stark contrast to the rest of her, and throughout her hide are light striations as if someone took a brush and stroked her as she was hatching.

Appearance aside, she is not a flit that pushes to be seen. As small as they come and perfectly suited for flitting about unnoticed, her preferred perch is Cabryn's shoulder – preferably close enough to her hair so as to really bury herself in the background. While an undeniably sweet firelizard, there is no mistaking her for anyone else’s… when you finally notice her, that is. 


Mind Voice: This firelizard has a very demure mental voice. It’s not intrusive, it’s simply there. She has an odd way of making you understand things, and guides you more than instructs you when she’s trying to get a message across. She is quite in tune with Cabryn’s feelings, and will only ever get aggressive when Cabryn, or someone close to her is in trouble.


Children:- Cabryn's in particular but she'll always enjoy the company of younglings, be they human or otherwise. It doesn't matter what the task. If it involves children, she will commit to it 100 percent. It'll be very easy to get this firelizard to leave her side once Cabryn clicks onto the enjoyment she gets from any interaction with children she can get – regardless of the amount of time she is required to attend to them.

Learning:- It doesn't have to be something she herself learns, and to be honest her memory doesn't last long enough for most things to stick… which means lessons that repeat are just as exciting as brand new ones. She's going to want to be attending every one of her candidate classes when they happen, a trait that will extend to weyrling classes should Cabryn impress or Weaver classes should she return to that. If a lesson asks that she not be present, she'll go and find her own – preferably with one of Cabtyn's children. There are set times in a day where she is guaranteed “class”, and this flit is going to make the most of it. Her enjoyment does peak when she is able to learn something unique to her. A new skill, even just a trick that gets reinforced every few weeks will be loved immensely.

One on One Time For all she enjoys being out in the midst of things, this flit adores those moments when it's just herself and Cabryn. She's not going to go and get cranky when and if this time is interrupted, but there is a definite mood change when she is able to just exist with Cabryn. Bonus points if it includes a bit of solo training.


Upset Cabryn: While she can definitely control her own actions so as not to do anything to cause a negative emotion in Cabryn, she is not able to have much of an influence on the outside factors that may have an affect on her bonded. Pain. Fear. Insecurity. Anger. These are just some feelings that this flit isn't fussed about. However, instead of disappearing when she senses any of these things, this flit’s attentiveness will increase. She will work increasingly to try and bring about a happier mood, and can become irritating in her persistence. Though she will make herself scarce should Cabryn request it.

Cruelty: There is no such thing as necessary cruelty and the sight of it is enough to cause this placid flit to lash out herself. If she can't remove the inflictor of what action she has deemed “cruel”, she will do her best to get the victim out of the way or at the very least comfort them until they are safe, or can be brought to safety. Cabryn will be instrumental in developing this trait, as her own sense of right and wrong will be mirrored closely by this little green, almost as soon as she has hatched.

Fleeing: Since she has a highly protective instinct, this green will resent any triggering of a “flight” response. While not invulnerable to the instinctive reaction to danger, she will attempt to ignore it until she knows the ones she is with are safe. There is little loathed more than when she can't push down her own fear and flees a scene before her self-proclaimed charges are safe… charges that usually consist of Cabryn and her children, but can extend to flitters, or anyone Cabryn has shown affection towards in the events leading up to the situation that caused her danger response to rear its unwanted head.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
she flies on 06/08 and isn't a force catch.
A present from Oarlen, from a clutch between Q'nys's Hag and Raen
I hope you like her.

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Re: C'bryn [ 11.07.2567 / Brown Weyrling ]
« Reply #3 on: November 11, 2017, 12:40:33 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Dragon Details

[ OH-toh-loth ]
Date of Birth:
33.10.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 30.2M
Mature Height: 7M
Mature Wingspan: 54M

General Appearance...

Much of Otoloth's hide is a deep ash brown, tending more toward a brown than a greyish cast that gives him the soft appearance of suede or treated leather. His coloration is gentle rather than bright or flashy, fairly smooth in appearance. The most notable part of his markings is the long stripe that runs down his body; connected at his nose, there is one that runs along his spine to just above his flanks, and one that spans the underside of his neck and underbelly all the way to the tip of his tail. A deep hickory or walnut color depending on the ambient light, it makes him look almost as though he's been painted with a racing stripe the same color as his claws. Otoloth's wingsails are a reddish cedar, with faintly darker markings near the joints of his wings almost like a wood grain. Throughout, his hide is speckled with subtle specks almost like flecks of mica, and which almost disappear when he's shadowed.

Short in length for a Brown, Otoloth will always be a rather small and narrow creature -- lanky, perhaps. He's tall at the shoulder for a dragon of his size, with long limbs and tail. As a dragonet, he looks like he's been stretched out, but in time he'll grow into these proportions some. His wingspan is longer than average, but he's possessed of narrow sails that will make him very maneuverable and quick for his color -- but never an endurance flyer. With time, his skinniness will smooth out into lithe muscle.


Mind Voice: Otoloth's voice isn't smooth, exactly -- there's too much warmth and confidence in it, with a faint roughness to it that sounds friendly rather than threatening. He laughs easily, a low and deep sound that sharpens into an earnest cackle at the jokes he finds funniest. He talks somewhat fast, a low baritone that deepens to a bass when he's angry.

Comfort : Otoloth isn't a lazy dragon by any stretch of the imagination; but when it comes to his downtime, he wants to be at ease and comfortable both. He'll fuss over his sleeping couch until he finds just the right spot, or go lay in the grass of the Weyr Bowl if he can find an unoccupied place. He values his comfort and can be downright grouchy if it is disturbed in some fashion.

Having a Family : Not in the sense that he wants to catch a Gold and father children, but that he wants to surround himself and C'bryn with a solid, dependable support structure that goes beyond what would classically be considered the boundaries of friendship. He enjoys having close and lasting relationships with people, and above all spending time with them -- even if that time is just companionable silence in some instances.

Delays : This Brown is the sort of person that would have something scheduled for every hour of every day if left to his own devices -- and that kind of busy schedule suits him, though he does understand that allotting time to relax or decompress is necessary for himself and C'bryn. Even so, he dislikes having his schedule delayed or put off for any reason, and people who show up late or finish work slowly will ever get on his nerves.

Broken Promises : To Otoloth, everyone's word is binding. If you tell him you're going to do something or not, you'd better stick to it, or he's going to give you a piece of his mind. He's inflexible in this, not understanding that sometimes, people might have very good reasons to break promises.


* CHARISMATIC : Otoloth is a charmer. Not in an overly flirtatious sense -- except, teasingly, to C'bryn -- but he's warm, engaging, dependable, and has a silver enough tongue to smooth over all but the most heinous of faux pas he might ever commit… not that he's prone to committing them anyway. Otoloth inherently understands how to make others like him, how to appeal to their generosity or better nature, or tone things down if he's dealing with someone more serious. Underneath it all, he's a very positive and supportive dragon, and believes that everyone has useful talents even if they aren't readily apparent.

* TAKES CHARGE : Perhaps it's just coincidence. Perhaps it was one of the things that drew him to her in the first place. But Otoloth is every bit the authoritative, confident order-giver C'bryn seems to like. That's not to say that this Brown throws his weight around or thinks he should be heeded just because of his color. He knows he'll have to earn the respect of others and prove himself to be the leader he knows he is:  but that's a challenge he'll happily rise to and fully expects himself to surpass.


* PEDANTIC : Otoloth believes whole-heartedly in the rules. He has, perhaps, too much good faith in those that made them in the first place, as he believes that such restrictions would have been bucked against and changed already if they weren't satisfactory to everyone. As such, he will resist rebelling himself for every reason but the best ones. Similarly, he relishes a chance to show off his learning and knowledge, which will no doubt seem insufferable and presumptuous to some. This Brown can come across as a bit of a know-it-all.

* OVERBEARING : With all the other facets of his personality, this dragon can unintentionally push others to the wayside if they don't go toe to toe with him, are slower, or simply don’t make it obvious that they want to share the spotlight with him. Otoloth thinks fast, moves fast, and will move like a whirlwind through situations, dictating actions and giving out orders, assuming that he knows best and others would argue with him if they disagreed. He won't hold it against anyone who objects, as he thinks feedback will only improve his leadership -- and Otoloth is far from a tyrant -- but he may inadvertently bruise some feelings of the shyer or more submissive at heart.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #825339; Text: #2b1b12

Member Info...

Anything Else:
We hope you like him! :love:

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