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Author Topic: Info Crafter Guide - Master Crafter Desk  (Read 2054 times)

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Crafter Guide - Master Crafter Desk
« on: March 02, 2014, 03:22:32 PM »

This details all the relevant information for the Craftmasters and Master Crafters of the various Halls on Pern. Once a Senior Journeyman has reached at least 40 turns of age, and is seen by their peers as having achieved the pinnacle of learning and expertise in their Craft, they may be voted to become Masters by the other members of the Crafthall. This is the highest level of achievement for a Crafter, and all Masters share the same rank. These Masters then vote to elect a Craftmaster from among their midst -- a senior accomplished Master who will then represent the Crafthall to the rest of Pern, and takes on a role that puts him or her on par with a Lord Holder or Weyrleader.

The events of the 9th Pass left many of the Crafthalls in a shambles, and there may be only one or two Master Crafters left for each of the Halls. Some currently do not have a Craftmaster at all, as the members of that Hall are struggling to survive like the rest of the people of Pern. As work on the first Hold gets underway, the Crafters will be pushing to build Crafthalls for the added space and resources. This may be the first time some of them have been able to truly regroup, count their losses, and work to organize scattered information and people left to them. Fortunately, the Harper Hall has worked to preserve the knowledge of Crafthalls whose leadership largely crumbled during the Pass.

Southern Winds currently has the Craftmasters and Masters for the Halls listed below. More positions may become available as the Hold and Weyr alike recover and continue to build. This thread details the current states of each of the Crafthalls at Southern Winds. For now, we will only be accepting Craftmasters for the Fisher, Harper, Healer, Miner, Weaver and Smith Crafthalls:  these are the only ones that Southern Winds has actively invested energy into.


Fisher Craftmaster –
Harper Craftmaster –
Healer Craftmaster – Brigan
Miner Craftmaster – Castivill
Weaver Craftmaster - Alshan
Smith Craftmaster –

Brigan, Castivill and Alshan are currently Adoptable NPCs! Click on their names to read about them and the requirements for claiming them as a character.

Defunct Crafthalls

We will not be accepting Masters from those Crafthalls that have been all but destroyed during the 9th Pass -- such as the Dolphineers, Plastic-smiths, Printers, and Technicians. These Crafthalls are most likely not going to be rebuilt. However, we will accept Crafters from these Halls with the understanding that they will only be Journeymen at most.

Craftmasters and Masters are the backbone of the Crafthall hierarchical structure, and are instrumental in not only teaching other Crafters, but in working to improve the conditions of their Hall, perfect their Craft, and preserve the knowledge and practices utilized by their Hall. These individuals will be in charge of tapping Apprentices when they can become Journeymen, and voting to promote Journeymen to Masters in time. They are well-respected by all of Pern for their expertise and good judgment. Craftmasters are considered on par with a Lord Holder or Weyrleader, and Masters take up a role just below that in the hierarchy of Pern.

OOC Expectations
The Craftmasters and Masters are an important part of life in both the Hold and the Weyr. As such, they are usually expected at events and interacting with other Crafters and high-ranking individuals. We'd like the Craftmasters and Masters to be active participants in the Crafthalls and Holds.  Currently, the Craftmasters with names listed above are adoptable NPCs. You can read more about how to adopt them here. Those positions that are currently blank may be filled by PCs as we receive applications. The following is a list of things a Craftmaster, or Master, could, and may be asked, to do.
+ Post in events.
+ Post with other Crafters, and other Masters or Craftmasters.
+ Create threads detailing tasks for Crafters in their Hall.
+ Post with Hold, Weyr, and other Crafthall leaders.

The Craftmasters and Master Craftsmen are admin guided positions. This means that there may be some events or occurrences in which the admin will ask for help or input. While we will never tell you how to play your character, some roles come with a certain activity and personality preference. For instance, we don't want a negligent Master Crafter who is openly dismissive of his responsibilities. This is a position granted by the other members of the Crafthall and as such, anyone that fails to adhere to the OOC expectations will be asked to step down. Your character will not lose the knowledge they have gained that makes them capable of crafting great things, but they will be demoted to Senior Journeyman or Senior Journeywoman.
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