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Author Topic: Info Healer Crafthall  (Read 1034 times)

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Healer Crafthall
« on: February 14, 2017, 02:38:22 PM »
Types of Healers
Emergency Response/Field Medic – These healers must know a general knowledge of many different fields, they must be familiar with all sorts of surgeries, medicines, and dressing techniques. 
General Practice – These healers work in the healer hall, and are those who take the majority of patients complaining of simple aches and pains. However, they all must have the knowledge of symptoms of diseases and infections, in order to be able to diagnose.
Dragon Healer – These healers are experts in dragon anatomy and nutrition. They have to be familiar with all aspects of dragon healing. Often times, they are also taught how to treat watchwhers and firelizards.
Spoiler for Sub-specialties::
Threadscores – Healers who specify in threadscores, are the field medics and surgeons of the dragonhealer community.
Physical Therapy – After major injuries, dragonhealers must be able to devise therapy plans to allows dragons to recover to full health as much as possible.
Childcare – Those healers who specialise in child healing have the basic training of a general specialist, however, have shown a particular aptitude towards a more calming bedside manner. Once choosing this path in apprenticeship, the anatomy and illnesses of children are studied more specifically and child healers are considered the first option for anyone less than adult size, but the last one you would call upon to care for an adult.
Midwifery – An incredibly important part of the Healer Hall, midwives must know every trick in the book to deliver a baby with the least risk to both mother and child. Additionally, they should advise mothers throughout their pregnancy what to avoid, and what to encourage. (The duty of a Pernese midwife is a combination of a real world obstetrician and a doula.)
Physical Therapy – Physical therapists must have general anatomical and medicinal knowledge, in order to devise the best plans for their patients, and bring them back as close as possible to full health. They are the only ones trained in medical massage and physical manipulation.
Medicinals – Salves, poultices, and solutions are the specialities of those medicinal experts. They must know the right amounts of numbweed, nettlesap or fellis to prescribe to patients, and have knowledge of the effect dilution has on both patient and medicine.
Surgery – These Healers specialise in the dirty work of the hall, from amputations to stitches, surgeons must have a steady hand and mind. Pern's knowledge of surgery is very limited, but some remains.
Mindhealing – These healers specialise in helping Pernese people recover from traumatic events or manage other concerns of mental health.

Rare/Lost Crafthall Specialties
Inoculations/Immunisations – AIVAS gave the Pernese a more in depth knowledge of immunisations, however, with the fall of most of Pern, the advanced technology has mostly been lost. However, if the records from Moreta’s time can be found again, the advanced technology from AIVAS would not be needed. 
Disease/Plague – This speciality is sometimes combined with the Harper Hall, given the need for access to records. The history of the spread and cultivation of diseases and plagues is the expertise of these healers.

The Healers' Garden
Fort Island has a garden restricted specifically to Healer usage, not open to the public for viewing, wandering in and definitely not for picking anything. The garden consists of a roughly rounded cave attached to their Hall, with an open shaft at the top to allow in daylight. Apprentices are permitted inside the garden space but their purview is limited to tending what plants they have already been trained on with Journeyman oversight. Planting, tending, curating and harvesting are done entirely by Journeyman Healers or above, primarily those with medicinal plant specialties, though all are capable of rudimentary botany. All others are strictly kept away because some plants can be poisonous or even deadly if handled or processed. incorrectly. (Those who had a tendency to kill plants in their apprenticeship are encouraged to stay away, however.)

Apprentice Classes
Given the incredible amount of information those of the healer craft must learn, the distribution of apprentice studies are significantly different than many of the other crafts. For the first 2 turns of study, apprentices only take theory classes, each turn, the practical component of their study increases as the Master Healers see fit. By the 6th turn of study, most apprentices should no longer be taking theory classes, and will be assisting Journeymen and Masters with whatever duties they need, whilst continuing to take practical classes. 

Specializing is often done starting with the 5th turn of apprenticeship.

Class Subjects
Pernese Anatomy
Dragon Anatomy
Plants and their uses
Bodily systems
Common Ailments, infections and other maladies
Keeping a sterile environment
Physical Therapy and its uses

Basic Surgery (stitches, splints etc)
Salve, poultice, and balm making
Curing common ailments, infections and other maladies
Bedside manner
Physical exams

Apprentice Schedules
Turn 1 and 2
7:00am Breakfast
8:00am Class 1 – Alternating Pernese/Dragon Anatomy
10:00am Class 2 – Alternating Sterilising/Midwifery
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Class 3 – Alternating Plants/Common Ailments
3:00pm Chores
5:00pm Dinner
6:00pm Class 4 – Alternating Bodily Systems/Physical Therapy
7:00pm Own time
10:00pm Lights out

Turn 3 and 4
7:00am Breakfast
8:00am Class 1 – Theory
10:00am Class 2 – Practical
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Class 3 – Practical
3:00pm Chores
5:00pm Dinner
6:00pm Class 4 – Theory
7:00pm Own time
10:00pm Lights out

Turn 5
7:00am Breakfast
8:00am Class 1 – Theory
10:00am Class 2 – Practical
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Class 3 – Practical
3:00pm Chores
5:00pm Dinner
6:00pm Class 4 – Practical
7:00pm Own time
10:00pm Lights out

Turn 6
7:00am Breakfast
8:00am Class 1 – Practical
10:00am Class 2 – Practical
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Class 3 – Practical
3:00pm Chores
5:00pm Dinner
6:00pm Class 4 – Practical
7:00pm Own time
10:00pm Lights out

In the 5th turn of study, one of the practical classes each day will be shadowing a Journeyman or Master with whatever they need. In the 6th turn of study, they should no longer be taking theory classes, and can substitute 1-2 practical classes for shadowing Journeyman/Masters that have need of them.

Advancement and Practical Exams
At the end of each turn of practical study, a practical exam is given. These are challenging and there is not a lot of leeway in what is considered a failure. Apprentices who fail a practical exam will be held back a practical turn and required to repeat everything they had previously studied until they are considered proficient enough to move on; completing an apprenticeship in 7 turns is a minimum, not an average.

If an apprentice does not show aptitude to progress beyond the apprentice level, they may see the Turn 6 schedule for their foreseeable future. In classes they excel, they may do private/personal study per the approval of a teacher or classes may be substituted for chores or work in the actual craft hall. An apprentice that will not be tapped for Journeyman often knows and must accept this. Not everyone is cut out to be a journeyman/journeywoman.

Jnr Journeyman

As a Jnr. Journeyman, healers can begin to specialise under the tutelage of a Master Healer. Most healers know once they are tapped, what specialisation they will choose. However, if they are undecided, they can use their time as Junior Journeymen in order to explore a variety of specialties. (In an Earth hospital, a junior journeyman would be the equivalent position of a resident physician.)

The schedules of Jnr. Journeymen are largely up to the specialists that they have chosen to study under and they may still participate in the chores or upkeep of the Crafthall.

Jnr. Journeyman can be tapped at the youngest age of 19 turns, and only after a minimum of 7 turns of apprenticeship, these are the bare minimum requirements and is certainly not a common occurrence.

Senior Journeyman
As Senior Journeymen, healers are considered an expert in their field. They have been taught all they can by their Master teachers, and now must learn the Healer craft by working. Some Senior Journeymen will choose to study and research, rather than engage solely in working at the Healer Hall, however, all Journeymen are required to do a certain amount of Hall Hours in a sevenday, as per the requirements of the Hall. Most Senior Journeymen are also required to take on an apprentice or Junior Journeyman to tutor. Senior Journeymen can be voted to Master when they reach 40 years of age but they are not guaranteed Master rank. Some crafters will retain the rank of Senior Journeyman if there are already several Masters in their Crafthall of their chosen specialization or if they have not been voted into it. (In an Earth hospital, a senior journeyman would be the equivalent position of an attending physician - similarly the apex of many doctors' careers.)

Master Crafter
Masters are considered the authority in their fields of specialization and in the Crafthall. They create schedules, mentor Journeymen, oversee Crafthall supplies and administration, and generally create their own work schedule. They’re expected to maintain respectful relations with the weyr and other crafthalls. Their job is half administrative, maintaining their Crafthall and interacting with other Masters within their own Craft, and overseeing the progress of those beneath them. They review the progress of of Senior Journeyman and decide what will be accepted into Crafthall Records, as well as deciding what apprentices will not advance. Masters only answer to the Craftmaster, who is senior amongst them and has the final say in all matters relating to the Crafthall. (In an Earth hospital, a master would be the equivalent position of a director of a medical department.)

Spoiler for Healer Masters:
Field Medic Total 2-3 masters
Current: None

General Practice Total 2-3 masters
Current: None

Dragon Healers Total 2-3 masters
Current: None

Childcare Total 1-2 masters
Current: None

Midwifery Total 2-3 masters
Current: None

Physical Therapy Total 2-3 masters
Current: None

Medicinals Total 2-3 masters
Current: None

Surgery 1-2 masters
Current: None

Mindhealing Total 1 master
Current: None

Inoculations/Immunisations Total 0 masters
Current: None

Disease/Plague Total 0 masters
Current: None

This is a singular role, earned through vote by the Masters and held until the Craftmaster either dies or steps down, and holds the highest authority in the Crafthall. This person speaks for the Crafthall in all matters and oversees the overall running of the Crafthall, usually with the help of other Masters. It is their job to maintain the integrity and stability of their Crafthall in a desolate Pern, ensuring their Crafthall is well supplied, and always advancing.

Credited to Inki for use on SWW; Edits and additions made by Aster, SirAlahn, and SanctifiedSavage.
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