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Author Topic: Murrinah [14.01.2572] Apprentice BeastCrafter  (Read 155 times)

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Murrinah [14.01.2572] Apprentice BeastCrafter
« on: February 14, 2017, 08:22:49 PM »

Play By:
Sarah Gadon

First Name:
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr

Your Reflection...

Appearance: She has these bright expressive blue eyes that are truly the windows to her soul, making it hard to hide her true emotions from those around her. Murrinah keeps her blond hair chopped short, rarely letting it get past her shoulders.

She enjoys wearing nicer clothing but knows that unless there is a reason anything other than functional clothing is a waste of perfectly good fabric. She has a tendency to wear pants and tunic tops but on the occasion wears skirts made from the same material as her pants so as not to waste the nicer fabric.

Rinah carries herself like one not afraid of hard labor. She is strong and it shows in her petite form with the way she walks and moves. There is a strange grace to the ways she moves, steps of grace intermittent with moments stiffness due to her leg injury when she was younger.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: She lost everyone in the 9th, her parents, her siblings, her first love. Even with all the loss and pain, Rinah never lost herself. She carries her grief like a scar on her soul and lives on. Living for those that can not.

Response to dragon color mutations: She really doesn't care. A dragon is a dragon regardless of their hide color.

Who are you...

Flowers:She loves them in all their stages of beauty; even in death she finds them beautiful. She also like the smell of fresh flowers in spring.

Sunshine: She loves the feel of sunshine on her skin and the burn it leaves behind when one has had just a little too much. A delicate balance between life giving and life threatening.

Hunters: There is something about these creatures that call to a darker, deeper part of her. She finds a fascinating beauty in their ferocity that she can’t explain to others.

Herd/runner beasts: She fell in love with them when she was just a little girl and finds an innocence in them that is akin to children. Since joining the beast craft she sees a few special Runner beasts like the children she was never able to have.

Sand: While she likes the water and sound of the waves, she could careless for the sand of the beach. It gets every where and in everything.

Lying: She does not like being lied to or lying to others. She feels like lying is a wasted of energy for most of the time, the truth comes out eventually

Kitchen work: She can remember helping in the kitchens as a little girl before she joined her chosen craft. She hated the work and being in those stuffy hot rooms.


* INGENUOUS : Everything she does, she does out of the goodness of her heart and never expects anything in return. She believes that she owes the world the goodness that all of her family would have spread if they were still alive and that she honors their lives this way.

* ASTUTE : As perceptive and in tune with the world around her it is not shock that she is as smart as whip. She is quick thinker and does well under pressure and in sticky situations. It is rare that she can’t turn any situation to her advantage. It is what makes her such a smart pupil and brilliant worker.

* GOOD HUMOR :  There is never a joke or a funny moment wasted on this woman. She likes to laugh as much as the next person.

* VIGOROUS : She is strong and full of energy, both physically and mentally. She owes her vigor to her apatite for life and youthful age.

* BELIEF : Her belief is what drives her and gives her strength to push through the moments of no hope. She believes that their lives on Pern will get better. Her belief that the Beastcraft needs to be restored to its once glory and works her hardest to make sure that the Beast crafters will one day not be considered a hall-less craft.

* EMPATHETIC : She can understand other's pain, their thinking and even forgive any transgressions against her. It's what makes her her. She its the core of her being and shows in her kind and caring ways.


* ROMANCE : She melts a small romantic gestures. While she might not fall head over heals in love with you right away (she is not that easy), she still grows weak in the knees at them. Romantic gestures do not even need to come from a lover, she enjoys small gestures of love between friends just as appealing.

* PAIN : This isn’t a weakness in the normal sort. Pain gives her a type of pleasure that sets her free from a feeling she doesn't exactly understand that is embedded deep in her soul. She has rarely finds a kindred soul that enjoys pain the way she does, or that accepts her for it.

* PEDANT : She has a bad habit of correcting others around her, at least those she feels comfortable enough to do so. Whether it's grammar or facts or details, if your wrong she has to correct you; it's almost like a tic.

* CANDID : Some times she can be bit to forthright with those around her. For being so attentive to her surroundings she is not all ways that way with people; which probably stems from her refusal to lie just to make others feel better.

* INJURY :  When she first started her apprenticeship she injured her left leg badly. While it healed very well, it does tend to be a little weak. This has given her a bit of a reputation as injury prone for she rarely gives into the weakness and winds up with cuts and bruises (even if they aren't always due to her stumbling about thanks to a weak leg).

* TENACIOUS :  There is no stopping this female once she puts her mind to something. Her focus can be so pin pointed that if she is in the middle of something she would not even notice if a hunter was crashing through the door.

Describe Yourself:

* MASOCHISTIC: ----- From the smallest cut to the tedious, painful work of her craft, to the rare rough sexual encounters; she loves and lives off the pain. This dark need is something she doesn't fully understand or know how to explain but she can remember the day that pain became pleasure.

* VIBRANT: -----  Much like the burning sun, Rinah is the bright light in any of her friends lives. She is always happy and sociable. She lives life to the fullest that she can, soaking in every minute and living for those that no longer can.

* HARD WORKING: ----- She is one that can always be counted on to get the job done. She doesn't like leaving things unfinished and has,no problem working until her hands are bleeding to make sure it's finished.

* EMOTIONAL: ----- And not the hormonal way. Rinah loves and feels as brightly as she lives. There is no disconnection from her and how she feels. This woman doesn't see the point in hiding her emotions and lives with them on her sleeve.

* BEAUTIFUL: -----  With her stray colored hair, delicate facial feature, bright blue eyes and petite body she is the embodiment of beauty. Even with her scars and bruises its hard to describe her as anything else. While she does not see it herself, others around her do. This humility only adds to her beauty.

The Magic Touch: She has a tendency to blink when ever she cusses .

Personal History & Education

Mother:  Jeinnal B. 2532 D. 2572  Weyrfolk
Father: Milakai B.2529  D. 2580  Master Smither.

Dianiel  B. 2547 D. 2586 Holder
Mallinal B. 2550  D. 2585 JW Harper
Vikkahal B.2554 D.2568 Apprentice Healer

D’vol of Naggianth B.2548 I.2560 D.2585
Dexinal B. 2560 D. 2589 JM Smither

Children: None.

Craft: Beastcraft

Date Apprenticed: 2584/12

Specialty: Runner beasts

Education Details: She was a smart pupil and took to the craft with ease. She learns quickly and works hard to help preserve the remaining beasts of Pern. It is her goal to become the best beastcrafter and wanted to do anything to help rebuild the craft and see them one day have their own craft hall once again.

Tell us a story...

* 2572, 0 Rinah is the last born child to Jeinnal and Milakai. Her mother dies during childbirth due to complications and is placed in the Creche with the other weyr children.

* 2573-79, 1-7 Rinah thrives in the Creche among all the other children. She makes friends that last her childhood and are only severed later in life by their deaths. Even though her siblings are a bit older than herself a few visit her often.

* 2580, 8 At the age of eight Rinah losses her father to thread fall. While he is doing ground clean up with his Wher. She feels the loss greatly for this was her only parent and clings closer to those siblings that she can. Rinah clings to her closest friend in the Creche, an older boy named Belinael.

* 2584, 12 Rinah chooses a craft and enters in to apprenticeship of the Beast Craft along side her friend Belinael. She is thrilled to have finally found a craft she loves as much as her father loved his. A few months into her apprenticeship she is kicked in the leg by a runner beast that happens to hit her at just the right angle and breaks the bone pretty good. While the leg does heal it gives her a bit of trouble sometimes.

* 2585, 13 This turn she loses both her rider brother, D’vol, to thread score and her harper sister Mallinal to disease of the lung. Just two more holes dug into her heart and soul but she bares the loss with grace. She throws herself even more into her apprenticeship. This turn she learns that her emotions for Bel are stronger than friendship and they kiss for the first time.

* 2586, 14 She has her first sexual encounter with Bel. Its magical and she knows in her heart she wants no one else to spend the rest of her life with. At the end of the turn they become engaged. Her elder holder sister dies in childbirth, She mourns the loss of her sister and ends up pregnant at the end of the turn when she turns to Bel for support..

* 2587, 15 Rinah suffers a miscarriage from jumping between with a rider friend and another at the end of the turn due to natural causes at 3 months along. The first doesn’t seem to bother her too much for she does not fully understand what's going on but the second cuts deep. At the end of this turn, before they could wed, Bel gets very sick from infected thread score and dies.

* 2588, 16 Fort Island is founded and Rinah feels hope for those survivors of a now lost Pern. She is eager for the move and does all she can to assist. Rinah has her third miscarriage but takes it all in stride.

* 2589, 17 She losses her last remaining sibling during the latest hunter attack at the Mine Hall. It tears into her heart greatly but she continues to smile and live on. Feeling that if she was to lay down and die it would mean those lives lost would have been in vain.

Rinah sat inside the stable, her chosen chair and upside down water bucket. The patter of the rain on the roof was soothing as she slowly worked on fixing the runner beast halter in her hands. She hummed softly as the sounds of the beast eating and the rain mixed together. Her deft fingers braided the rope as a soft groaning noise escaped the sound of one of the stalls. She bit her lip and set it down gently before peaking a look over the top of the door. Her blue eyes fell on the large runner beast as she bit at her sides and moved about her stall. She was due to foal any day and it seemed she was due to foal within the hours, that was as long as no one or nothing bothered her.

This was her first foal and also one of Rinah's favorites and so she had eagerly taken the watch duty to make sure she foaled without complication. She moved to sit back down a quietly as she could and returned to her original seat not wanting to disrupt the nesting mother.
”It's ok momma” she said softly over her shoulder then returned to what she was fixing.

When she sat back against the barn wall next to the stall she hissed softly, a mix of pleasure and pain flooding her, as her bruised shoulder touched the hook for the halter on accident. ”damn it” she said softly and placed a hand over the bruised area. If one was to inspect the bruise with any sort of attention they would find that it wasn't simple bruise caused by one of her usual accidents but from a rather rough and pleasurable tumble in bed-furs a few nights before.

A warmth burned through as she thought of that night and all that had transpired. Perhaps that male would want to enjoy her again. Her body reacted to the idea but it didn't last long for a bang on the mares door had her looking up.

She smiled as a soft brown eye looked down at her. Rinah stood up and pressed her hand against the mares cheek as she pressed her forehead into Rinah. ”I was trying to be quiet darling.” she said as she stroked the mares cheek and kissed her gently between her eyes. She ran her fingers through the mares forelock as she hummed softly to the new mothers. Her breathing huffed against the soft fabric against her stomach. ”You got this momma” she said softly before encouraging her to head back into her stall and do what she needed too.

Once the mare was back in her stall she looked over the stall and inspecting her water bucket. It was almost empty so she picked up the water bucket and walked off to fetch the mare some water. When she returned she found that the Runner beast had finally laid down and was pushing. She set the bucket down as silently as she could and rested her face on her hands on top of the door and watched the mare start to labor.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Tallorine, Yestine, Eimerra, Ilse, Palissa, Ehrran, Unavin, Albree
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Mauling Permissions:
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Re: Murrinah [14.01.2572] Apprentice BeastCrafter
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Re: Murrinah [14.01.2572] Apprentice BeastCrafter
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