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Author Topic: Maeron, Lord Holder WIP  (Read 51 times)

Offline Red

Maeron, Lord Holder WIP
« on: February 15, 2017, 08:39:04 PM »

Play By:
Hugo Speer

First Name:
Lord Maeron, Lord Holder Maeron, Lord Holder, The First Holder, Lord Maeron the First Holder, other formal variations.
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
For Hold
Lady Holder [{Lhamoire}]

Your Reflection...

Appearance: The Lord Holder always dresses in attire that is fitting for his position. On formal occasions, he wears the full fledged Lord Holder attire, complete with feathers, cloaks, and medals. Most occasions, Lord Maeron wears a fine woven tunic under a wher leather jacket that displays his shoulder knot and a simple, yet elegant, cape.  At all times, the Lord Holder carries a finely crafted beltknife at his hip. Maeron keeps his beard tightly trimmed and shaped, and keeps his hair cleaned and combed neatly. He carries himself with pride and never slouches, a form of proper posture.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: The Lord Holder coped with the destruction of Pern in the only way that the Lord Holder of Fort could; he cooperated closely with the dragonriders until Fort Weyr and Fort Hold were the only centers of civilization left on Pern. The stability of the Hold fell on his shoulders and he burdened it with a sense of duty and pride.

Response to dragon color mutations: Understanding the nuances in politics and the politics of everyday life, the mutations are a point of concern for Lord Maeron. He would never be one to speak out against dragonriders, but he can, and does, understand that the black and red dragons have upset the balance in Weyrlife and that such a disruption will ripple in the Hold.

Who are you...

Order: There is nothing in life that Lord Holder Maeron likes more than order. Not just any order, but his order. He saw the holders and crafters through the fall of the Pernese and will not tolerate someone coming into the mix to shake things up.

Autonomy: While he supported the dragonriders through the Fall, and still supports them in their new life, Maeron is in favor of the autonomy of holders, of crafters, and of the weyrfolk. The sooner that the status quo can be resumed the better.

Traditions: Traditions are what has held Pern together for centuries. It was a breach in traditions, in fact, that put all of Pern on the brink of extinction. The Lord Holder maintains the traditions that he was taught as a child by the Harpers. He tithes to the riders, just as he expects the minor holders under his rule to tithe to him whenever they become able to.

Criminals: A side effect from the fall of Pern, the crime rate among holder and crafters has grown exponentially. When all of Pern is dying and the survivors are cramped inside a hole in a the side of a mountain, people get desperate. Maeron understands this, but does not tolerate criminal actions.

Disrespect: Lord Holder Maeron's dislike of disrespect is multifaceted. First and foremost, disrespect towards himself or his family is punishable in his Hold. Second, disrespect towards dragonriders is not allowed; they are the only reason why there are any Pernese left on the planet. Finally, general disrespect towards people is discouraged, as it causes division within the populace.

Charity: The Lord Holder and his holders survived the 9th Pass through their duty towards the Weyr and the riders' duty toward the Hold. It was a mutual effort and neither side owes the other any debt, nor does either side need charitable actions to keep themselves functioning. On Fort Island, it is the Hold's responsibility to assist the Weyr until First Hold is completed, just as its the riders' responsibility to keep the holders and crafters safe while their homes are being built. There are no charitable actions being taken place, nor would the Lord Holder allow them to occur.

Intelligent: Lord Holder Maeron is a smart man. He is able to comprehend all of the happenings of the Hold and Weyr, and is able formulate the best course of action for his people. He can is able to calculate crop growth, supply intake and consumption, and all of the other facets of Hold life, all without the assistance of his steward, [{Prost}], and headwoman, [{Xuline}], though they make his job easier.

Diplomacy: One does not last long as a Holder, much less a Lord Holder, without being able to partake in diplomacy. Maeron is able to diffuse most situations and come to compromises that both sides find favorable, all while gaining some sort of edge or profit for the Hold.

Even-Tempered: Slow to anger and hard to excite, the Lord Holder tends to lean more towards a stoic attitude hidden by a smile. He understands that even an expression can send ripples through a crowd and spark dozens of rumors. With the disaster of the 9th Pass falling around him in his early Lordship, Maeron learned to steel his expression and keep his composure in trying times.

Equalist: Maeron believes in equal opportunity for all people. He will not prevent someone from rising above their station in life, so long as they are truly capable of doing so. If a drudge is unable to do anything more than drudgery, he will not allow them to hold, but if the seventh son of a minor holder shows that he is able to hold better than his brothers and sisters, Maeron will grant him the right to hold.

Loyal: The Lord Holder is a Holder first, a Pernese second. Though the dragonriders may be their guardians and providers, and Maeron ensures that they get everything that they deserve, his first responsibility is to ensure that his people are taken care of. His loyalty lies with the Holders first, and after they have what they need, then the crafters and riders.

Weary: The 9th Pass took a toll on everyone, but Maeron was responsible for the safety of all of the holders and the crafters that were in his Hold, increasing the strain on the man at an early age. Behind closed doors and only around his wife, does Maeron let his quiet mask fade and his exhaustion show.

Stoic: While his quiet demeanor and fair ruling has endeared him to all that he has worked with, until one gets used to his level-headed personality, Lord Maeron can seem a little off and his lack of outward emotion can be unnerving.

Parsimonious: Always looking forward to the future, Lord Holder Maeron is the last person to use resources that could be saved and used for something more important. He is miserly with the Hold's supplies and getting the authorization to use even a single piece of timber has been proven to be difficult for those who cannot justify their need.

Soft-spoken: Not one to raise his voice, Maeron can struggle to be heard in a group. Many of his holders and those that work with him know to let the man have his piece, but those who are strange to him may not be able to hear him in a crowd.

Teetotaler: Because of his busy life during the 9th Pass, and the lack of available resources currently, Maeron was never one to drink too much alcohol. Now, when an occasion wineskin passes his way, he would be drunk off of two or three strong pulls of wine.

Describe Yourself:

* WORD: ----- After the word used to describe the character, give an explanation or an example of that word to do with their personality.

* WORD: ----- After the word used to describe the character, give an explanation or an example of that word to do with their personality.

* WORD: ----- After the word used to describe the character, give an explanation or an example of that word to do with their personality.

* WORD: ----- After the word used to describe the character, give an explanation or an example of that word to do with their personality.

* WORD: ----- After the word used to describe the character, give an explanation or an example of that word to do with their personality.

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Mother: Rank, birthdate, deathdate if applicable. If she was a dragon rider, we need to know the turn she Impressed and the name of her dragon.
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Siblings: Name, rank, birthdate, deathdate if applicable. If any were dragon riders, we need to know the turn they Impressed and the name of their dragons.

Children: Drudges, Holders, and Weyrfolk very rarely have an opportunity to Between when pregnant. If they come from a traditional family, they'll be married off between 12-16 and should have a child around that time. If they just end up sleeping around the Weyr, the risk they'll have a child is still rather great though they may not be involved in its life.

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