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Author Topic: Maeron [21.07.2543 / Lord Holder]  (Read 369 times)

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Maeron [21.07.2543 / Lord Holder]
« on: February 15, 2017, 08:39:04 PM »

Play By:
Toby Stephens

First Name:
Lord Maeron, Lord Holder Maeron, Lord Holder, The First Holder, Lord Maeron the First Holder, other formal variations.
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
For Hold
Lady Holder Lhamoire

Your Reflection...

Appearance: The Lord Holder always dresses in attire that is fitting for his position. On formal occasions, he wears the full fledged Lord Holder attire, complete with feathers, cloaks, and medals. Most occasions, Lord Maeron wears a fine woven tunic under a wher leather long jacket that displays his shoulder knot. At all times, the Lord Holder carries a finely crafted beltknife at his hip. Maeron keeps his beard tightly trimmed and shaped, and keeps his hair cleaned and combed neatly. He carries himself with pride and never slouches, a form of proper posture.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: The Lord Holder coped with the destruction of Pern in the only way that the Lord Holder of Fort could; he cooperated closely with the dragonriders until Fort Weyr and Fort Hold were the only centers of civilization left on Pern. The stability of the Hold fell on his shoulders and he burdened it with a sense of duty and pride.

Response to dragon color mutations: Understanding the nuances in politics and the politics of everyday life, the mutations are a point of concern for Lord Maeron. He would never be one to speak out against dragonriders, but he can, and does, understand that the black and red dragons have upset the balance in Weyrlife and that such a disruption will ripple in the Hold.

Who are you...

Order: There is nothing in life that Lord Holder Maeron likes more than order. Not just any order, but his order. He saw the holders and crafters through the fall of the Pernese and will not tolerate someone coming into the mix to shake things up.

Autonomy: While he supported the dragonriders through the Fall, and still supports them in their new life, Maeron is in favor of the autonomy of holders, of crafters, and of the weyrfolk. The sooner that the status quo can be resumed the better.

Traditions: Traditions are what has held Pern together for centuries. It was a breach in traditions, in fact, that put all of Pern on the brink of extinction. The Lord Holder maintains the traditions that he was taught as a child by the Harpers. He tithes to the riders, just as he expects the minor holders under his rule to tithe to him whenever they become able to.

Criminals: A side effect from the fall of Pern, the crime rate among holder and crafters has grown exponentially. When all of Pern is dying and the survivors are cramped inside a hole in a the side of a mountain, people get desperate. Maeron understands this, but does not tolerate criminal actions.

Disrespect: Lord Holder Maeron's dislike of disrespect is multifaceted. First and foremost, disrespect towards himself or his family is punishable in his Hold. Second, disrespect towards dragonriders is not allowed; they are the only reason why there are any Pernese left on the planet. Finally, general disrespect towards people is discouraged, as it causes division within the populace.

Charity: The Lord Holder and his holders survived the 9th Pass through their duty towards the Weyr and the riders' duty toward the Hold. It was a mutual effort and neither side owes the other any debt, nor does either side need charitable actions to keep themselves functioning. On Fort Island, it is the Hold's responsibility to assist the Weyr until First Hold is completed, just as its the riders' responsibility to keep the holders and crafters safe while their homes are being built. There are no charitable actions being taken place, nor would the Lord Holder allow them to occur.

Intelligent: Lord Holder Maeron is a smart man. He is able to comprehend all of the happenings of the Hold and Weyr, and is able formulate the best course of action for his people. He can is able to calculate crop growth, supply intake and consumption, and all of the other facets of Hold life, all without the assistance of his steward, [{Prost}], and headwoman, [{Xuline}], though they make his job easier.

Diplomacy: One does not last long as a Holder, much less a Lord Holder, without being able to partake in diplomacy. Maeron is able to diffuse most situations and come to compromises that both sides find favorable, all while gaining some sort of edge or profit for the Hold.

Even-Tempered: Slow to anger and hard to excite, the Lord Holder tends to lean more towards a stoic attitude hidden by a smile. He understands that even an expression can send ripples through a crowd and spark dozens of rumors. With the disaster of the 9th Pass falling around him in his early Lordship, Maeron learned to steel his expression and keep his composure in trying times.

Equalist: Maeron believes in equal opportunity for all people. He will not prevent someone from rising above their station in life, so long as they are truly capable of doing so. If a drudge is unable to do anything more than drudgery, he will not allow them to hold, but if the seventh son of a minor holder shows that he is able to hold better than his brothers and sisters, Maeron will grant him the right to hold.

Loyal: The Lord Holder is a Holder first, a Pernese second. Though the dragonriders may be their guardians and providers, and Maeron ensures that they get everything that they deserve, his first responsibility is to ensure that his people are taken care of. His loyalty lies with the Holders first, and after they have what they need, then the crafters and riders.

Weary: The 9th Pass took a toll on everyone, but Maeron was responsible for the safety of all of the holders and the crafters that were in his Hold, increasing the strain on the man at an early age. Behind closed doors and only around his wife, does Maeron let his quiet mask fade and his exhaustion show.

Stoic: While his quiet demeanor and fair ruling has endeared him to all that he has worked with, until one gets used to his level-headed personality, Lord Maeron can seem a little off and his lack of outward emotion can be unnerving.

Parsimonious: Always looking forward to the future, Lord Holder Maeron is the last person to use resources that could be saved and used for something more important. He is miserly with the Hold's supplies and getting the authorization to use even a single piece of timber has been proven to be difficult for those who cannot justify their need.

Soft-spoken: Not one to raise his voice, Maeron can struggle to be heard in a group. Many of his holders and those that work with him know to let the man have his piece, but those who are strange to him may not be able to hear him in a crowd.

Teetotaler: Because of his busy life during the 9th Pass, and the lack of available resources currently, Maeron was never one to drink too much alcohol. Now, when an occasion wineskin passes his way, he would be drunk off of two or three strong pulls of wine.

Describe Yourself:
Steadfast: When Lord Maeron is confronted with an issue, he takes a stand and holds true to it. He places his people first and does not waver from striving to make their lives better.

Thoughtful: There is an old saying that goes "measure twice, cut once." Well, Maeron's saying is "think it through, then decide." The Lord Holder is sure to evaluate all of the options for any particular situation and chooses the best course of action for himself and his holders. He is sure to think about his words before he speaks.

Honorable: When the Lord Holder says that he is going to do something, he follows through with his promises. He is one to keep his word and fulfill his obligations.

Reputable: Most holders, and many of the riders and crafters, hold Lord Holder Maeron in high esteem. He held Fort Hold together during the 9th Pass and negotiated a working relationship between his holders and the other two social groups.

Even-handed: When it comes to his holders, and the disputes between them, Maeron is impartial and unbiased with his mediation. He makes his decisions based off of fact and for what is best for his Hold.

The Magic Touch: When deep in thought, Lord Holder Maeron fidgets with his fingers, by rubbing his thumb in the space between his middle and ring fingers, or by spinning any rings that he may be wearing on his ring fingers.


Father: Steward Merrik, born 7.4.2524, died 4.9.2560
Mother: Daeris, Steward's Wife, born 21.10.2527, died 10.10.2561
Siblings: Danisa, Sister, Holder, born 4.6.2547
Daelrik, Brother, Master Smith, born 17.8.2548

Children: Mannis, Son, Holder, born 24.7.2560,
Lhoran, Daughter, Holder, born 30.1.2562,
Lhaeson, Son, Holder, born 12.2.2563
D'vhon of Aboth, born 12.2.2563, Searched 2577, Impressed 2578

Tell us a story...

This is the perfect place for you to write out your character’s history. Dot points work out best. So list the important events in their life and a small description of what happened.

2543, 0 - Born to the Steward of Fort Hold, Merrik, and his wife Daeris. The Catastrophe had just started a few Turns back and his father, being the Steward to Lord Holder Groghe of Fort, was a busy man. Daeris was forced to care for the newborn on her own. This is the same turn that Nerat Hold and the Farmer Crafthall fall. Merrik realized that the Hold needed to have a good caretaker and formulates a plan to train his son to be the Steward after him.

2546, 3 - Igen Hold and the Tanner Crafthall fall. Merrik becomes more strained in his duties as Steward but makes the effort to spend more time with his son. Maeron starts to speak full and coherent sentences. He recognizes the passage of time and is able to distinguish between morning, afternoon, and night. More importantly, to his father, at least, he is able to sort objects by color, size, and shape, and is able understand the concept of counting.

2547, 4 - Igen Weyr is disbanded. Merrik and Daeris have a second child, a girl that they name Danisa. Maeron understands her as a baby that will be around him now. Merrik starts to take Maeron with him while he performs his duties. Maeron is able to count past ten and is able to correctly name four or five colors and a handful of shapes. He recognizes around half of the letters and is able to write his name, as well as being able to follow three or four part commands.

2548, 5 - Daelrik is born and Maeron is happy that he has a little brother. He understands, now, that Danisa and Daelrik are related to him. He is able to write simple, but complete, sentences as well as count to fifty. He recognizes many more shapes and is able to name all of the primary and secondary colors. Merrik continues to teach him personally, while Daeris takes care of the other two children.

2551, 8 - Telgar Hold an the Smith, Technist, and Plastic-smith Crafthalls fall. The refugees from these settlements trickle their way west and Merrik has to settle a large number in and around Fort Hold. Maeron, at Eight Turns, is practically his father's Apprentice, though Stewardship does not normally have ranks as such. He goes with his father to each and every function that Merrik has to attend as Steward, and assists him with paperwork. He starts to understand the gravity of the situation that Pern is in and steels his resolve to survive and to assist the Pernese to the best of his abilities. Merrik is confident that Maeron will replace him as Steward when he steps down from the position.

2555, 12 - Maeron reaches adulthood and starts the courtship process that his father arranged for him. His future wife, Lhamoire, is not yet of age, but their engagement is announced. Maeron thinks that Lhamoire is a pretty girl and he understands that their marriage is important to their families, but he knows that with the wedding being several Turns off, it is more important to focus on the tasks at hand, as he may not even be alive in a few Turns.

2558, 15 - Still assisting his father with his Steward duties, Maeron feels the stress and strain as Southern Boll Hold fails and its people migrate north to Fort Hold. Though many people have died, Fort Hold is growing crowded as, once again, it seems like Fort Hold is acting as the stronghold for all of the Pernese.

2559, 16 - Maeron and Lhamoire wed in the beginning of the Turn. Both are ecstatic and fallen in love the past couple of Turns. Neither of them believed that they would live to see this day become reality. Later in the Turn, in the eighth month, Lhamoire and Maeron announce to Merrik and Daeris, as well as Lord Groghe that they are expecting a child.

Later, during the same Turn, Danisa marries a Telgarian holder that moved to Fort Hold after Telgar fell, and was a strong supporter of Lord Groghe and her father. Maeron welcomes his brother-in-law with open arms and looks forward to having nieces and nephews around to play with his child.

2560, 17 Lord Holder Groghe of Fort Hold and Steward Merrik, Maeron's father, are killed by Threadfall as they traveled back to Fort Hold from Fort Weyr. They had refused dragon transport, wanting the dragon's to have a brief respite between Falls, arguing that the distance between Hall and Weyr was short. However, Thread fell unexpectedly and devoured Lord Groghe and Merrik, as well as the rest of the retinue, a mere few dragonlengths from the Hold's doors.

Though distraught at his father's death, Maeron has to stifle his feelings and put the Hold first. Fort Hold, in the midst of the destruction of the Catastrophe, was without both its Lord Holder and its Steward. There was a power vacuum and Maeron managed to keep Groghe's sons from killing each other as they vied for the title of Lord Holder, all while managing the constant influx of refugees from all around the Northern Continent.

Acknowledging his efforts and the successes that he achieved during the past few Turns and during this tumultuous time, the remaining Lord Holders nominated and confirmed Maeron to become the next Lord Holder of Fort, over the sons of the late Lord Groghe. He had demonstrated himself as an effective leader who put holders' well-being and safety first and was an efficient manager of Hold resources and land. Shocked and extremely grateful, Maeron filled the position of Lord Holder easily, being able transfer his lifetime of experience of working with his father to being the Lord of Fort. He was certain that his father would have been proud of him.

Maeron's brother, Daelrik, starts his apprenticeship under a Master Smith that resided in Fort Hold. Maeron is proud of his brother's decision to make sure that the crafts are continued on through this time of death and destruction. Maeron encourages many of his holders to join the Crafts and learn from the Crafters that have taken refuge in Fort Hold.

Later in the Turn, Maeron and Lhamoire welcome their first child in to their lives. He is a bouncing baby boy that they name Mannis. The delivery did not have any complications and Mannis demonstrated that he had a good set of lungs on him almost immediately after he was delivered. Despite the horrors that were around him, Maeron felt that he and his wife carved out a little piece of happiness for themselves.

2561, 18 - Lord Maeron faces his first trial as Lord Holder. Crom Hold and the Miner Crafthall fall to Thread. The survivors flee southward and many end up in Fort Hold. Aware that his holders are already overcrowded and unhappy with the large amount of refugees, Maeron has to be selective with who he lets in his doors. He vetted the refugees and only allowed holders and crafters that have talent and writs of recommendation on hand. While many people were turned away, those who were accepted in, as well as Fort Hold's holders, approved of Maeron's reasoning and methods of selection. Lord Maeron also puts out an edict that would ensure a stockpiling of supplies and foods for the future.

Maeron's mother, Daeris, was never able to come to terms with Merrik's death and passes in her sleep. Though deeply saddened at the loss of his mother, Maeron is able to smile as he knows that Daeris is no longer suffering without her husband by her side.

2562, 19 - Maeron and Lhamoire welcome their second child into the family, a small girl that they name Lhoran. She is born with a head full of red hair and quickly develops a personality of independence, even in her first Turn. Maeron is overjoyed that his family is growing. He become even more excited when Lhamoire tells him that she is pregnant once again, later that Turn.

2563, 20 - Nabol Hold crumbles from within and its holders scatter like tunnelsnakes. Aware of the troubles that the holders themselves caused at Nabol, Lord Maeron is even more selective about who he approves to come in through the gates. He refuses to allow troublemakers in his Hold and most of the people that he allowed to stay in his Hold were related to a holder that already lived under Maeron's provision. Maeron reached out to the dragonriders at Fort Hold and reassured them that their tithe would continue to be delivered.

The devastation of Nabol Hold is juxtaposed by the birth of Lord Maeron's final children. He and Lhamoire welcome a pair of twin boys after a difficult delivery. They name the twins Lhaeson and Daevhon. The two twins seem inseparable, to the point of crying when they are in two different rooms from each other. Proud to have a family of three boys and a girl, Maeron is satisfied with the composition of his family and strives to make their lives the best that he could.

2564, 21 - Ruatha falls and Maeron opens his gates to the citizen of Fort's sister hold. With the consolidation of resources, supplies, and personnel from the two holds into one, as well as the rising death toll, Lord Maeron feels less of the struggle to make sure that his Hold is able to stay open. Another benefit of the merger is that Fort Hold had one less Hold to fly over and protect.

2567, 24 - Fort Hold receives refugees from the Southern Continent and has to make sure that the Southerners are educated about the lifestyle and climate of the Northern continent. Many of the Southerners did not have clothing or cold weather gear to protect them from the harsh winters at Fort Hold. Maeron manages to keep the holders of Fort Hold peaceful through occasional feasts and by ensuring that there was always food for their plates and clothes for their backs. The strain of the position starts to return and affect Lord Maeron's sleep. Lhamoire recognizes that he does not sleep often but instead stays awake and pours over Records until late in the evening.

2568, 25 - High Reaches Hold closes and survivors scatter between Tillek and Fort Holds. Maeron understood that Fort Hold was starting to reach its limit, reluctantly lets the refugees in, though it lends to a state of near-overpopulation of the Hold. However, Fort Hold and Tillek were the only two Holds left on Pern, so the responsibility of the Pernese people fell upon his shoulders.

2570, 27 - Maeron's brother, Daelrik is tapped and becomes a Journeyman Smith. Maeron throws a celebration within Fort Hold and the kitchens pump out a great feast. The party boosts the morale of his holders and settles some of the rebellious murmuring that had drifted down the corridors of the Hold.

2571, 28 - Fort Hold is the only remaining Hold on the planet. Tillek Hold was devoured by Thread and many of its holders died. The remaining holders evacuate to the safety of Fort Hold. The strain of ensuring the survival of Pern falls heavily on Maeron and he suffers from insomnia. Rarely does he share his bed with Lhamoire, as he spends his nights in and around the Hold. He checks on the holders and their families personally.

2572, 29 - Mannis marries a woman from the Southern Continent. She is a dark beauty, her tanned skin and relaxed lifestyle contrasted with his pale coloration and intense personality. Maeron is happy that his first born son was married and would soon be starting a family of his own. Though they are still in the midst of constant Threadfall and death, Maeron understands that Thread will one day stop and that there would be a need for people to have children.

2574, 31 - Lhoran marries a holder that is outspoken in his support for Lord Maeron. Her husband comes from a politically strong family from Tillek Hold and helps solidify the unity of the Pernese people in the walls of Fort Hold. Maeron is pleased with her choice of husband and is happy that the marriage has joy in it and is not a strictly political marriage.

2576, 33 - Still in the thick of Threadfall, Lord Maeron is able to manage his holders in a way to constantly provide his storerooms and the storerooms of Fort Weyr with food. Many people have died in the past five years, but many lives have been saved in the process. Maeron settles into a routine of management and survival that keeps his Hold alive. The stress of the position, though still high, becomes the norm for the man and he is able to sleep at night with a small modicum of peace.

2577, 34 - One of the twins, Daevhon, is Searched by a blue dragon from Fort Weyr and is taken to its high peaks. Maeron is proud that the dragonriders would think to search outside of their Weyr to replenish their ranks, but he is terrified for the safety of his son.

2578, 35 - Lhaeson marries a woman from a family from Southern Boll and announces shortly after the marriage that they are expecting a child. Lhaeson's in-laws are a family with a long history as Weaver Craftsmen, though his wife is not a Weaver. This marriage appeases many of the Crafters that were afraid that their voices were not being heard.

Daevhon stands on the sands at Fort Hold and Lord Maeron and his family are invited to watch the Hatching. Shortly into the Hatching, the boy exclaims that he could hear a dragon speaking in his head. It was the brown dragonet that had been nudging him. D'vhon shouts again that he can hear the dragonet and that his name was Aboth. Overflowing with pride, Maeron does not sleep that night, much to Lhamoire's dismay.

2583, 40 - D'vhon manages to visit the Hold while he was injured and brings a small pot to his father. In this pot was a large fire-lizard egg that was close to hatching. D'vhon, after giving Maeron some pointers about the egg, left to go back to the Weyr. Maeron, following his son's suggestions placed the pot next to the hearth in his quarters. A couple of weeks later, the egg hatched, and with hands trembling with excitement, Maeron fed the bronze fire-lizard that had burst through the shell. He names the little bronze "Titan" and begins to train the little bronze.

2587, 44 - Thread stops falling from the sky and the Holders, with trepidation, emerge from Fort Hold. Other than the lands nearby the Hold and Weyr, Pern was devastated. Shaken by the destruction, many Holders argued that they were all going to die. Maeron managed to ease their fears by suggesting that the riders were going to find a solution to this, as they always did. Sure enough, the riders were able to find a chain of islands that had survived the 9th Pass. Thus began the exodus to the new island, aptly named Fort Island. It was a colossal effort and a massive undertaking of planning and coordination, but Maeron managed to get all of the people living in Fort Hold to the island by the end of the seventh month of the Turn. Maeron felt as if his whole life had been in preparation for this event.

The Turn, however, has one more surprise in store for the Pernese. A black dragon hatched from Kalestath's clutch. The even sent ripples of conflict throughout the Weyr and even into the Hold. Many people were disgusted by the mutation and believed that it would be better to see the dragonet dead. Maeron struggled to clamp down on the violent undertones that spread through the holders, but was ultimately able to keep the peace.

2588, 45 - Shortly after the arrival to Fort Island and Southern Winds Weyr, Maeron's brother, Daelrik, is chosen to be a Master Miner. Maeron gathers his family to their quarters and has a quiet dinner in celebration of the promotion. This promotion, however, causes Maeron to reflect on the past forty five Turns and on the devastation that Pern suffered. There were very few people left alive, much less master craftsmen, and it was sobering.

2590, 47 - The black dragon caught the senior gold dragon on his first time chasing a gold. Maeron knew that this would cause a major political upheaval in the Weyr and would strain relations with the Hold. Maeron was able to work with Halirina and B'ron, as he was used to the way that they functioned. However, with a new, young Weyrleader, Maeron was concerned that S'bok would be impulsive and that he would not be able to get what he needed for his holders.

RP Sample:
It had been a long night and Maeron had spent it crouched over his desk, delving into Records in search for an answer, any answer this Hunter problem. It felt like he was still living in the 9th Pass, he mused, as he stretched backwards in his chair and rubbed his eyes. He looked over his shoulder at the lithe form of his wife as she slept in their bed, the sheets masking her bare body. He wished that he could crawl into the bedfurs with her and sleep next to the warmth of her skin, but he had to place duty first; his holders were dying at the construction site and he had no way of stopping the advance of the Hunters.

Maybe, just maybe, a wall would work, he thought. Maeron had heard that dragons could not jump between to a place that they could not envision. Maybe if the Hunters could not see where they were jumping to, they would not be able to go between to where his Holders were working. The question is, how are we going to keep the builders safe while they work on the wall? Lord Maeron read the reports that the watchwhers were able to sense the Hunters before they attacked. Maybe he could place a large number of whers in the construction site to act as an early warning system.

He rubbed at the inside of his knuckle. That just might work.... he thought as he leaned back over the vellum on his desk.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Calladren, Kaladesi, T'lor, T'nax, T'veck, U'thar, and V'len
Inactivity Preference:
NPC Adoptable
Mauling Permissions:
Bumps and Bruises
Anything Else:
Ranked Character

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Re: Maeron [21.07.2543 / Lord Holder]
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Image Credit:
Link to Line Art
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
16.10.2583 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold

General Appearance...

Titan has a dual toned hide of a rich bronze color with a few spots long his back that were a few shades darker. The bronze is kept well oiled and well fed, which keeps his eyes at a general color of blue or green.


Mind Voice: Titan communicates exclusively with mental images, though these are always projected in quick succession. Maeron frequently has to ask Titan to repeat what he says several times before he is able to understand the message.

Fish - Titan loves the taste of fish and, luckily for him, that is about all that is available for him to eat. He would rather eat the fish with all of its scales and bones than a fish fillet, but all fish is still good to him,

Being Oil - Maeron take the effort to oil his firelizard once every two days, much to Titan's pleasure. He loves when Maeron massages the oil into his hide and scratches behind his head or on his eyeridges while oiling him.

Dragons - Seeing dragons drives Titan into an excited chorus. He trills in response to a sighting and calls out to his larger cousins.

Herdbeasts - The bronze firelizard does not like herdbeasts. He thinks that they smell bad and they are no fun to play with. Not to mention, they are stupid too and don't talk to him.

Children - Whenever Maeron's grandchildren come around, Titan disappears. He does not like children as they always want to pull his tail or bend his wings in awkward directions.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Maeron's only flit, he will not have another. Titan often serves as a messenger for Lord Maeron, especially to the Weyr.

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