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Author Topic: Approved Tresrissa [18.04.2571 9th Pass] Wherhandler/Holder  (Read 1457 times)

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Tresrissa [18.04.2571 9th Pass] Wherhandler/Holder
« on: February 15, 2017, 10:19:20 PM »

Play By:
Candice Huffine

First Name:
Date of Birth:
18.04.2571 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Not yet

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Tresrissa was well provided for as a child, she did not have to want for food or shelter, regardless of the circumstances of others around her. It shows in her clear skin, and voluptuous figure. Rarely having to get down and do any dirty work, her hands are uncalloused and smooth, and her skin has a sunkissed look.

Her clothes are important to her, she always wants to look good, and her family has never denied her that privilege. She likes to adorn herself with beautifully crafted wherhide jackets, and bracelets made out of wherhide. It doesn't really register to her, that her Wher could one day be made into a jacket, that logical step is simply something she chooses to not think about.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Tresrissa survived because of her parents, without them she wouldn't be the pampered woman that she is today. Mostly, she is blissfully unaware of the catastrophe, whenever the family conversation turns to anything important, Tresrissa never really understands the implications of death and devastation, and therefore has never truly known the full extent of the disaster that almost everybody else has had to come to terms with.

Response to dragon color mutations: Tresrissa doesn't really care about them that much. She doesn't like being told what to do by anyone other than her family (who gives them the right?), so overall is annoyed at their current situation. But if a dragonrider is nice to her, then good for them, she won't be overtly mean to them but if a dragonrider isn't nice, she'll go tell her mother and father. She doesn't really care about what colour dragon they impressed. 

Who are you...

The sun - her skin is the perfect tone to get deepen her tan but not get a sunburn, so she loves to spend her time evening out her skin tone.
Her family - they're the most important people in Tressie's life (other than herself of course)
Tressisk - her Wher has always been there to protect her and if Tressisk would ever actually die in the line of duty, then it would hurt Tresrissa for a long while.
Nycolus' wife - Caleah and Tressie just clicked when they first met. Tresrissa has always looked up to the wife of her older brother and it's devastating that her and her Wher were dragged off into the Jungle.
Socialising - Tressie loves to talk, about anything and everything, never at a loss for words, Tresrissa will talk someone's ear off, and usually has to be told to shut up.
Crafty things - She doesn't like being still, so having things to do with her hands keeps her amused. Not usually sticking to one thing for an extended period of time, Tressie has tried a whole load of different arts and crafts.

Weyr life - Tresrissa wants to be a good wife, she wants to be looked after and cared for by a man, and she doesn't understand the fluid lifestyle that dragonriders can lead. Being raised by her parents her entire life, she cannot reconcile the idea that, in the Weyr, they don't raise their own children.
Being told what to do (anyone other than family) - Being so well looked after by her family has meant that the idea of anyone else believing they have the right to lord over her, when the only people who have ever done anything for her is her family, is absolutely ridiculous to her.
Being told no - There's something about the word 'no' that just irks her. The only people she will actually listen to if they say no, are her family members, however she will only complain, and then submit.
Being still - Tressie has a reasonably short attention span, so doesn't stick to things for very long, that includes listening to speeches and having to not fidget.
Maeron - what a waste of space, he did nothing for her family when they were struggling.


* WARM : Not one to shield her emotions, Tresrissa likes to make people feel good and likes to feel good herself in return. She likes compliments and therefore the logical step is that she would compliment people. She likes to be supported by physical touch, therefore she would do the same for other people. Generally, a happy and kind person, she's someone that people want to be around.

* BEAUTIFUL : Tresrissa has inherited her mothers good looks, and knows how to use them to her advantage. If, Faranth forbid, one member of her family isn't around to make sure she gets what she wants, Tressie knows how to use her wiles to her advantage.

* FAMILY : Her family is one of her biggest strengths. They have always been there to support her and encourage her, and will always be there for her to count on.

* COOPERATIVE : Even though Tresrissa will complain all the way through her task, there is no reason for her to not actually do what her family asks of her. After moving to Fort Island, she has become determined in her task to be a helpful and functioning member of her family.

* LIVELY : Tresrissa enjoys doing things, being out and about, and talking to people. Not really being touched by the horrors that many others faced, she doesn't see any need to be sad about anything. Tressie just wants to have a good time with everything she does.


* NAIVE : Since Tressie never really understood what everyone else on Pern went through, she seems to think that everyone should be happy and nice. Which makes her not the best judge of character. However, she can acknowledge her own naivety and therefore will always try to take advice from her family.

* OBLIVIOUS : Tresrissa doesn't really understand the implications of her family's business, if she truly understood the concept of death, or even actually came to terms with what her mother actually does for a living, she would probably break. So she'll ask about how their day went, and she'll be sufficiently interested, but she won't understand how it could really affect other people.

* IMPATIENT : Waiting is definitely not one of her strong points, if someone says it'll take a sevenday for them to complete something, she'll ask why they can't just work harder and get it done sooner. She doesn't really have a concept of how long things take to do, and therefore doesn't like to be told that what she wants is impossible.

* TATTLER : If someone crosses her, Tressie will most likely go and tell her family about what happened. She might try and sort it out herself, to an extent, but she is more than happy to let her family use their collective muscle to get Tresrissa what she wants, or to teach someone a lesson, if she can't do it herself.

* WASTEFUL : Tressie was never really old enough in the hardest times of the pass to truly understand the conditions in which people lived in Fort Hold. All she knew was that she always had food, clothes and toys, and was therefore never really worried about wasting them, as she could always easily get a replacement.

Describe Yourself:

* OPTIMISTIC: ----- Everything has always turned out alright in the end for Tresrissa, thanks to her solid framework of family ties, so it just makes sense for her to assume that everything will always turn out okay in the end.

* PAMPERED: ----- Tressie likes to be spoilt and always has been by her mother and father, who fought tooth and nail against the slowly declining society of Fort Hold, to keep their children safe. If she ended up married to someone who wasn't going to give her attention and flowers and gifts, then she would not be a very happy girl.

* EXCITED: ----- It's not very hard to get Tressie enthusiastic about something, if someone else is happy about something, Tressie will be too. Even if it doesn't directly effect her, if something interesting or new is happening, Tressie will want to be in on that.

* PREJUDICED: ----- Whilst Tressie tries to make up her own opinions, at first meeting, if her family shares a certain opinion on someone and something, it is likely that Tressie will also have that same opinion. It is not impossible to change that opinion, simply by being nice to her, but if her family is very steadfast in theirs, it would be unlikely.

* COMPLAINER: ----- If something does not go her way, or if Tressie decides she doesn't want to do something, she will stamp her feet and moan and whine until she gets told off by her family.

The Magic Touch:
She has a sweet tooth, and the lack of supplies at the Weyr for sweet treats has made her not very happy indeed.
She is also not a fan of manual labour. Cleaning out Wher cages and the like for her family, she will do, but if anyone asks her to muck out the herdbeast stalls for the Weyr, she will moan about how a proper Hold-bred lady should not be forced to do the work of drudges. 


Mother: Tavianna, 2555, Wherbutcher
Father: Notkerric, 2547, Peacekeeper

Nycolus, 2568, Wherhandler
Nealros, 2575, Wherfighter

Children: Her parents haven't found anyone worthy for her to marry, so she hasn't had any children yet. 

Tell us a story...

* 2571, 0 Born with one older brother, to Tavianna and Notkerric at Fort Hold.

* 2575, 4-9 Her younger brother Nealros is born and their close family unit grows by one. Tresrissa is so incredibly loved by her entire family, Nycolus by this age, is old enough to be keeping Tresrissa occupied and takes care of her when their parents are working. This forms a very close bond between the two of them. Whilst Tresrissa will tell her mother she is a Mummy's Girl and her father she's a Daddy's Girl, she truly looks up to her older brother and is grateful for their close bond. Not much of a protector herself, she doesn't take on the role of looking after her younger brother Nealros when he comes along, and is more than happy enough to let Nycolus look after both of them.

* 2581, 10-11 Nycolus is of an age where he asks his mother for a working Wher. Tresrissa on the other hand, becomes jealous at her brother's new companion, and when she is helping her mother clean the cages, she falls in love with a newly hatched green Wher. She begs her mother to let her keep the ugly little thing, and Tavianna gives in to her daughter. Tressie bonds to Tressisk.

Her elder brother Nycolus gets married to a beautiful and lively holder's daughter, Caleah. The two instantly become friends and form a lasting connection. The birth of her first niece, brings the two women closer together, and Tressie oohed and aahed over the newborn, but not really connecting and wanting one of her own yet.

* 2583, 12-15 In one of her expeditions throughout the Hold, Tresrissa met a boy, only a few turns older than her. She decides now that she's of age, that perhaps she should get to know him better, in order to introduce him to her parents, and potentially be the good holder wife that her mother is. They arrange to meet early in the morning, when the sun is too bright for her Tressisk to follow her and discourage her from going to meet him. Their secret rendezvous didn't exactly go as planned when she was led through the back door of a whore house.  Luckily, Tresrissa managed to talk her way out of the situation, and slipped through the hands of the thugs waiting at the front entrance. When she returned home flustered, she explained to her parents the situation. She returned to the abandoned house, where she new the boy had been living, with Tressisk the next day, to teach him a thing or two about taking advantage of women, but he wasn't there. She never spotted him in the hold again.

With the birth of more nieces, Tresrissa has to grow up a little bit as their family gets bigger with so many babies in the house. She asks her parents to give her the opportunity to find a man good enough for her family, and not have them do this all for her (the one thing she wants to do on her own), but over the years she discovers she doesn't have very good taste, being easily swayed by a pretty face or sweet words, and realising just before introducing them to her parents that they would not fit in well with her family, and quickly dropping them.

* 2587, 16-18
The move to Southern Winds and the end of the 9th Pass
Once again oblivious to the suffering of those around her, Tressie doesn't really understand the significance of their move to a completely new location. All it is to her is a welcome adventure, and a bright and green new location. However, after being delegated by the Weyr to do drudge-like chores, she starts to resent the Weyr lifestyle and the change in circumstance that her family has been subjected to. Tresrissa begins to dedicate herself to being more helpful to her parents and her mother's business.

Her younger brother Nealros gets married and gets a Wher. Honestly, Tresrissa finds Ellariel way too boring for her liking, but the woman is now family, so she accepts her wholeheartedly, even if they don't become the best of friends. Over time, she realises that with both her brothers marrying and having children of their own, it is time for her too to grow up and get married herself. Tressie decides, in late 2589, that her parents can be given free-reign to find a man of their choosing for her. 

* 2590, 19 Caleah and Calesk are killed by Hunters at the minehall attack. It devastated Tresrissa and is the first encounter with death which has made her truly understand, that death means gone forever, not just gone from here, but vanished and no longer existing in the world, with no potential to come back.

“Don’t worry Tressisk.” Tresrissa said as she guided her Wher into the cage that had been supplied to her for the trip between to their new location. “We’ll be to our new home sooner than you know it. Even if I did have to leave so much stuff behind.” The young woman shot a glare at the dragonrider waiting to take her to Fort Island, as if it was him personally who had decided that her things weren’t important enough to come with them.

She said a goodbye in her mind to Fort Hold, and started at the cold of between. It was a day of firsts. First talking to a dragonrider, first touching a dragon, first going between, first day of Fort Island.

It was the green that shocked her, almost burned her eyes with the brightness of it, and she couldn’t help but grin. It was beautiful. And was going to be much more interesting than Fort Hold had ever been. However, she composed herself when she made it to the ground, knowing that her family was anxious for this move, leaving behind their butchery and everything.

So she was determined to be helpful.

Clipping on Tressisk’s leash, and making sure the green’s blindfold was secure, she followed after Nealros into the tunnels, knowing that Nyc would be coming in behind her.

Tressie kept an eye out for a suitable space for them as they walked deeper into the depths of the mountain. She wasn't going to find a space with a window, so she crossed that off her mental list, a place convenient to the underground lake would be nice, she had heard the dragonriders talking about it, and definitely big enough to house all of them. Tavisk needed room for her Whers, her mother needed room for a shop, and she wasn't going to let them all be crowded if she could help it. They were a growing family now.

They needed their space to work.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Rough 'Em Up
Anything Else:
Sanctified, Kyya, Lace, Spiffy, Rayne and Alahn are responsible for encouraging me.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Coloured by SirAlahn
Wher Details

How you think
Date of Birth:
27.02.2581 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold. In her mothers butchery.
Wher Color:
Egg Description:
Tressisk's egg had no folds, however was particularly wrinkly.
Mature Length: 2.5m
Mature Height: 0.8m

General Appearance...

Tressisk is one of the smallest Whers currently at Southern Winds, and is a pale green colour, which makes her seem somewhat more attractive than the rest of her ugly wrinkled hide suggests, perhaps even being considered an attractive Wher, because her colouring is so brilliant.

Not overly muscular, but not overly thin, Tressisk is perfectly average in terms of muscle definition.
As a hatchling, she was a little wrinkly green ball, which is what made Tresrissa fall in love with her. 


Empathetic: Tressisk is somewhat of an intelligent Wher, or at least, as intelligent as green whers can get. She is always a steady, supporting warmth in the back of Tresrissa's mind, and when she needs to pull Tresrissa back into line, she can project images of her family members, as if to remind her handler to think of what her family would say about what she is doing, but those are the only images she will project.

Warmth - Tressisk has developed a like for the warmth of sun on her back, as she usually goes with Tressie blindfolded when she goes out to tan in the sunshine. What she doesn't like about the outings is that she has to be blindfolded for the most part. It leaves her feeling worried that she won't be able to protect Tresrissa effectively. She also likes to sleep with Tresrissa at night, both of them enjoying the body warmth that they can provide for one another.

Children - Much the same as many of the other Whers in Tresrissa's family, Tressisk enjoys being in the company of their many babies, and will be incredibly proud to take care of Tressie's when she eventually has children.

Fish - Tressisk is not usually picky about what she eats, however, she has enjoyed the change of diet to fish, compared to what she was being fed at Fort Hold.

Being locked up - Her only goal in life is to protect Tresrissa from whatever and whoever may hurt her, if she is locked inside a cage, it would make it very difficult to quickly run to Tressie's side.

Other green whers - She thinks that she is way out of their league, living in such close proximity to higher ranked whers who are important and useful to the family business, has given her a superiority complex.


* LOYAL : Tressisk is surprisingly loyal to all members of Tressie's family, person and Wher alike. Even if those Whers don't like her back, she would fight for them if need be. Regardless of the fact that every single one of them is bigger and stronger than she is.

* INTELLIGENT : Surprisingly for a Green Wher, Tressisk has a pretty good ability to think ahead to any possible trouble that Tresrissa may get into, and try to prevent it. Either by trying to communicate the danger to any of Tressie's family members, or somehow guilt Tresrissa into not doing whatever potentially dangerous thing she is considering.


* PROTECTIVE : Tressisk's biggest weakness is her handler Tresrissa, if her handler were to get in any trouble, Tressisk would give her life without hesitation.

* PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTES : In terms of muscularity, speed and endurance, Tressisk is perfectly average, but would never be able to survive as a fighting Wher, or even be able to truly protect Tressie if they were determined. She would try to scare them, and would definitely go in to attack, but the most likely scenario of a legitimate fight would most likely end in Tressisk's death.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Runs on 20.06

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Tresrissa [18.04.2571 9th Pass] Wherhandler/Holder
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2017, 02:14:55 PM »
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Re: Tresrissa [18.04.2571 9th Pass] Wherhandler/Holder
« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2017, 07:18:14 PM »

Major Events:
Another Lunchtime Announcement - Her father, Notkerric, is promoted to Head Peacekeeper of the newly formed Peacekeepers of Fort Island. This raises their families political standings significantly.
The World Changes Around Us - The first wher clutch at the mine hall reminds Tresrissa of how perfect her bond with Tressisk is, and despite her older brother, Nyc's, insistence, she refuses to bond with another wher.

Important Personality Trait & Why:
*STUBBORN : At 19 and way past grown, Tresrissa has decided that she doesn't like being told what to do, especially when she believes it is illogical. She won't back down from what she believes, unless someone provides her with a well thought-out and seasoned argument. Her mothers "Because I said so," is usually good enough. But she's decided that she's not going to do anything that doesn't make sense to her.

Tresrissa is starting to feel chafed by her family lording over her, and whilst she still loves them, she's not going to allow them to completely run every move she makes.


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