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Author Topic: Flitter Watch [01.04.2590 7.30pm] Lunielle  (Read 166 times)

Offline W'um

Flitter Watch [01.04.2590 7.30pm] Lunielle
« on: February 16, 2017, 03:31:09 AM »
Once again, making the most of his post training evenings off, W'um was enjoying the hustle and bustle of the Weyr winding down for the night.

Lying back against Liramyth, his blue was the perfect pillow, his tired body enjoying the fluffy grass underneath his and the steady breathing of Liramyth at his back. Liramyth was tired too, it was sometimes hard not to be. They were old. That was all. The early mornings every now and then had to take their toll.

He supposed it probably wouldn't be the best idea, to be lying out in the Weyrbowl when they didn't want to be disturbed. But he just couldn't bring himself to rise from this comfortable position.

Maybe we can just sleep out here tonight. W'um suggested to Liramyth as his eyes started to drift closed.

Don't close your-... eyes. The hefty sigh of the blue made W'um laugh. If you close your eyes, you're definitely going to go to sleep out here, and then you'll blame me when you have a stiff neck tomorrow.

Well then, be a good dragon and wake me up in a couple of candlemarks. It's just a nap.

Yeah right. But the blue was too content where he was as well to really bother arguing with his rider.

Spoiler for Hidden:
Sorry to keep you waiting, but here you go  :love:
@JusticePrevails @Lunielle

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Offline Lunielle

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Re: Flitter Watch [01.04.2590 7.30pm] Lunielle
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2017, 01:01:58 PM »
The day was over, only dinner really remained to complete everything.  She was actually tired today, mostly because she'd been pulling weeds all day when she wasn't trailing after one of the Journeymen.  She loved what she did, and she was sure she'd get used to it eventually, but for now she was exhausted.

Zale and Korin were curled up, one in her lap and one around her shoulders, snoozing already.  Her two blues were....Renaald was with the crechelings, and Asper...she had no idea.  Lunielle sighed.  "Zale, where's your brother?"  They weren't actually siblings, but that was how she addressed the male flitts to each other.  The brown lifted his head and yawned, giving the impression he had no idea.

"I'd better find him before he gets into trouble."

Unfortunately, Asper had already found trouble.  Or, in this case, his favorite sort of entertainment.  The little blue dived down from the high point of the bowl, tapping his little feet against W'um's head and hitting him with his tail.  Not the claws, he didn't want to hurt anyone, he was just harassing him.  He even turned and made a return pass, gleefully chirping the entire time.

Offline W'um

Re: Flitter Watch [01.04.2590 7.30pm] Lunielle
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2017, 10:10:51 PM »
"What on Pern...?" W'um awoke with a start, the tap on his bald head with tiny feet being quite a strange sensation to interrupt his dream.

Liramyth rumbled happily with laughter. The little thing is apparently enjoying harassing you.

W'um made a half-hearted swipe in the general direction of the blue when he came around for another pass, but he missed by a mile, and probably didn't seem very scary with Liramyth chortling away behind him.

Aren't you supposed to protect me from these things? Not encourage them?

But they're so cute. See? He's having so much fun making you mad.

W'um sighed and got to his feet, putting his hands on his hips to sternly give the firelizard a talking to. "Where is your bonded, huh? Don't you think you're going to get in trouble when they show up and find you've been harassing a poor old rider?"

I don't think firelizards feel guilt.

Well I don't know what to say to it! W'um returned waspishly to his dragon.

All he had wanted to do was have a nap in peace.

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Offline Lunielle

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Re: Flitter Watch [01.04.2590 7.30pm] Lunielle
« Reply #3 on: February 21, 2017, 01:50:24 PM »
The little blue hissed at the rider for swiping at him and came around again, angling for another pass.  Of course, that was when his bonded showed up.

"ASPER!  Said firelizard popped between in alarm at being yelled at, reappearing on the ground near the rider.  His head was on the ground, little eyes whirring with colors.

The blonde came over at a run, scooping the flitt up into her arms and scolding him rapidly.  "You naughty little thing!  You leave that dragonrider alone.  His dragon could eat you, you know?"  Asper made a muted trilling sound, more annoyed than apologetic, though the sound he made was akin to a child telling its parent 'sorry mom'.  Lunielle brought the misbehaving creature to her face so that his little head touched hers. "I don't know what I would do if I lost you.  Please be good?  For me?"

Asper made a soft chirping sound and wrapped against her neck, making the firelizard equivalent of a purr.

Finally, she was able to address the rider. "I am so sorry.  He usually limits his harassment to the little dragonriders, rather than those with grown dragons.  He doesn't mean any harm.  Did he scratch you?"

Offline W'um

Re: Flitter Watch [01.04.2590 7.30pm] Lunielle
« Reply #4 on: February 23, 2017, 08:42:34 PM »
W'um watched as the girl scolded her firelizard for his behaviour and that cheered him up considerably. The little blue had such interesting mannerisms, so responsive, that it changed W'um's annoyance to humour quite quickly.

He was never one to hold a grudge after all.

Don't be too annoyed at the little thing. He just wanted to play with you. The hulking blue was almost cooing at the firelizard, so entranced by him as the blue was.

You're biased. You love the little creatures even though he attacked me!

Because he's so CUTE! The blue ducked his head toward the height of the girl and her firelizard, his multifaceted eyes whirling as he gazed at the firelizard.

You're really going to freak them out one day.

And so are you if you don't talk to the girl soon enough.

"OH right! Sorry, I get distracted with Liramyth in my head sometimes, I forget that the rest of you can't hear him too." He turned away from Liramyth to smile at the blonde haired woman. "You look familiar?"

The healer. The blue supplied, even though he had barely spared a glance for the blonde before he had been captivated by her firelizard.

"Liramyth has reminded me we've met before. You did a wonderful job tending him at the healer hall if I remember correctly? And don't worry about your little firelizard, Liramyth has obviously forgiven him for me already. The crazy beast is in love with the little things, thinks they're so cute."

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