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Author Topic: Approved Ophyonis [ 15.08.2555 / Holder, Enforcer, & Peacekeeper ]  (Read 2834 times)

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Ophyonis [ 15.08.2555 / Holder, Enforcer, & Peacekeeper ]
« on: February 16, 2017, 11:45:03 PM »

Play By:

First Name:
[ OH-fee-own-iss ]
Date of Birth:
15.08.2555 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Nabol Hold
Weyrmate or Spouse:
Are you kidding? Who'd ever want this grungy son of a bitch.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Ophyonis might actually be a decently good looking man if he ever bothered to clean himself up. As it is, he always looks a bit filthy and unkempt -- his short, sandy brown hair, for example, is only ever neat because it's cut so short. It's fair to say that he's got stubble on his jaw most of the time, since he only really bothers to shave it when it gets long enough that it's starting to annoy him. Again, if he was better kempt, someone might think it gave him a rakish charm, but this is very much unintentional. Ophyonis doesn't really care what other people think of him, and having grown up without much during the Pass, he's used to going without most of the luxuries of life -- including a regular bath.

He tends to wear a lot of wher leather, especially in the form of boots, jackets, belts... he might not be a dragon rider, but he has leathers like one. Especially since his previous jobs as enforcer and Peacekeeper required a "uniform" of leather armor. This is one of the few possessions that Ophy actually tries to keep in good shape, since it could mean the difference between life or death for him if he gets involved in a serious fight. Currently, however, it sits unused in a trunk in his small living space. Since the Peacekeepers are not officially recognized by the weyrleadership, he hasn't had any occasion to use it since the move to Southern Winds.

Sly and cruel, Ophyonis is very much a man of smirks, snarls, and harsh laughter. There's usually either a wicked gleam in his eyes or something harder, meaner, but rarely anything in between, and his smiles can be downright nasty since they usually mean something unpleasant for another person has happened, is happening, or is about to. Having a bit of an oral fixation, Ophy can usually be found chewing on a toothpick or the like; lacking that, he tears his nails to pieces with his teeth. Owing to his way of life, his naturally tall if rather narrow frame has bulked out into more muscle, and he has a very strong physical presence. He's littered with scars all over his body from past fights, but most of them are on his arms or hands. Ophy's nose is also crooked from having been broken so many times.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: The man that Ophyonis has become is very much a product of the Pass. Born to a family with almost nothing, caught up in the tensions between Weyr and Hold, and ultimately getting swept into the gang activity that went on at Fort Hold, he knows the world is not a nice place. It never has been, at least not since he's been alive, and that suits him just fine. Ophy was not built for a gentler time. As it stands, he has little sympathy for those who bemoan their losses from the catastrophe -- everybody lost people, but there's no point in bitching about it now. The world keeps turning, and those who slow down will get climbed over by those all trying to get to the top. Even now, Ophyonis misses Fort Hold -- it was home. He understands why they had to move, but the whole way it happened still pisses him off, since he very much does not want to be crammed into the Weyr with all these damn riders. Fort Hold might have been a horrible conglomeration of cutthroats, whores, and thieves, but at least there things were established and had a balance. To say that he misses his old job(s) is an understatement.

Response to dragon color mutations: To put it frankly, he gives zero fucks. All they are is a new kind of dragon and rider for him to hate -- though as far as Ophyonis is concerned, they're all the fucking same. He dislikes S'bok slightly less because he's an ex-drudge, and he sees that as a sort of triumph for people from his walk of life. When the kid first caught the Senior Queen, Ophyonis had hope that things would change around the Weyr, maybe go back to more like how they were at Fort Hold... but he's quickly realized that the older riders of the Weyrleadership aren't going to let S'bok get away with that. And, if anything, the little brat has embraced his life as a rider, which Ophy sees as a betrayal of sorts.

Who are you...

Intoxicants : When he's off-duty, Ophyonis likes to spend as much of his time as possible either drunk or high. It's much harder to get his hands on such things now that they're living in Southern Winds Weyr as opposed to Fort Hold, which makes him hate the place all the more. When the new Hold gets constructed, and if someone begins making alcohol more regularly or growing some of the various plants that can be smoked, it will be a very happy day as far as he's concerned.

Whers : Never in his younger years would Ophyonis have thought he'd learn to like the beasts as much as he does. But they're useful for so many things -- protection, companionship, hide, food... and even more than that, Ophysk is the only living thing he's cared for deeply in his life. Perhaps it's because this is the one mind that has actually touched his, but Ophyonis adores the Bronze.

Fighting : Maybe as a result of where and when he grew up, but Ophy has always had a thing for fights. They ignite something in him that is almost gleeful in its cruelty, and he never feels more alive than when he's involved in a scuffle.

Gambling Dens : They feel like home in a way, especially since the one owned by the leader of his gang was the hub around which Ophyonis' life rotated for so many turns. He's not much a man given over to nostalgia or sentiment, but he was loathe to leave that system of tunnels behind in Fort Weyr. Someday, he hopes that such things get to exist on Pern again, and he'll be able to return to the job that he once had.

Dragon Riders : Ophyonis basically blames them for everything bad that has happened on Pern -- an opinion he picked up in his formative years at Nabol and has subsequently only seen proven time and time again during his life. Dragon riders fucked with the Red Star and destroyed Pern. They crammed the entirety of both Weyr and Hold into one settlement despite the Holders doing just fine on their own. They disbanded the Peacekeepers. And now they won't even let them make their own home or take them seriously when they air grievances. He fucking despises them.

Cowards : People who whine, wheedle, and cringe away from fights disgust him. Particularly those that will recant their opinions in order to avoid conflict. They're certainly useful, since these are the sort of people who can be bullied or threatened into doing things or giving up resources, but Ophy is a bit too happy to hurt or terrorize them because he thinks they're pathetic.

Being Touched : It's just... a thing. If you put your hands on him without him inviting you to, you're gonna get punched in the mouth. Probably a result in part because of all the fights he's been in, and having to defend himself from a young age as a drudge from people who wanted to take things he had or hurt him. Sex is an entirely different matter, but people who get overly familiar will not enjoy the result.

Being Restless : When Ophyonis has nothing to do, he gets antsy. When he gets antsy, he becomes even more unpleasant than normal. He has a very low tolerance for boredom and no patience, and this usually results in him brooding or finding someone he can either hurt or push around in order to entertain himself. It's just best not to let him get bored.


* OPPORTUNIST : Perpetually looking for a leg up in the world, Ophyonis jumps at whatever chances he gets for, well, anything. He does his best to squeeze every single opportunity he can out of every situation. Anything that could potentially give him an advantage, he goes after like a tunnel snake after a spinner. Ophy tries to look at things from all possible angles to figure out how it could be of use to him.

* SLY : He might not be book-smart, but Ophy has never needed that to take care of himself or get things done. Generally a cunning son of a bitch, he's quick on the uptake and is particularly good at reading people after all these years of being an enforcer; it isn't difficult for him to tell when someone is lying, or uncomfortable, or afraid.

* CARDSHARP : Though someone might not guess it, considering he usually has no issue with letting his emotions show, Ophyonis has a great poker face. When it matters, he can hide everything behind a mask of idle boredom, which serves him well when he has the opportunity to gamble -- especially if it's over a card game or anything like that. In addition to that, Ophy is good at counting cards.

* FEARLESS : Ophyonis doesn't really experience fear about anything -- be that death, pain, loss of station, nor being disciplined. It gives him a unique strength in that he cannot be bullied, intimidated, nor pressured into anything he doesn't want to do. Ophy won't hesitate to tell people to fuck off, jump into a fight, and he has little concept of risk to his own life. Whatever reckless shit needs done, he'll do it, and won't even bat an eye.

* HUSTLER : Having grown up when he did, where he did, Ophyonis learned at a young age how to best navigate the world and the people in it to make things better for himself. He's a quick talker, able to get his way into or out of things as needed, and can adapt to changing circumstances easily. It's difficult to catch him off guard -- and if he ever is, he usually recovers smoothly.


* UNSTABLE : Of all the things he might be, level-headed is not one of them. Ophyonis has always had a quick temper, and he tends to react explosively and violently to things that piss him off. He's a bit unpredictable in that aspect, and there might even be something about him that isn't... quite right. His reactions to things that anger him are not always consistent across situations, which can make him hard to deal with.

* HEDONIST : Growing up with so little, Ophy has learned to enjoy what pleasures of life he can get his hands on -- sex, gambling, alcohol, drugs... anything that has the potential to be entertaining for him, he'll try at least once. Much of his gambling, historically, has been to the end of trading for substances or things that he could trade to the whores in exchange for sex.

* GRUNGY : Suffice to say, he's not the most well-kept person ever, and he doesn't give a fuck if someone thinks ill of him for it. He's no pampered, spoiled brat of a Lord Holder, so why would he bother trying to look like one? He's much more comfortable just being what he is.

* SELFISH : The only living thing Ophyonis has ever cared about other than himself is his wher, Ophysk. Beyond that, he doesn't form attachments to people and has no issue with stepping on or over them if they get in his way.

* LAZY : If there's a chance that he can bully someone else into doing something so he doesn't have to, Ophy will take it. There are some things that he just has to do his damn self so they get done right, but minor things he'll delegate off to people he can intimidate or otherwise influence.

Describe Yourself:

* CRUEL: Perhaps oddly for someone of his position and background, Ophyonis isn't really into the whole wherfighting scene. He'll bet on it, sure, but he's not about to use Ophysk for that sort of thing since he already needs the wher for his livelihood, and that's just needlessly risking his life. That being said, Ophyonis has a huge cruel streak when it comes to people. He loves seeing them squirm, whether it be out of pain or fear -- especially when he's the source of that.

* SHARK: Ophyonis carries himself like a predator and acts like one too. If he senses weaknesses in another person, he will take advantage of them in a heartbeat, whether it's for something he wants or just to entertain himself. He's sharp in a way, both in his actions and bearing.

* CORRUPT: Never in his life has he lost sleep over hurting someone, stealing, lying, or anything else immoral. He's always open to making a deal, whether in bribes or barters, so long as the other party is offering him something worthwhile. If what they're trying to trade is of no consequence, he'll just laugh and tell them to fuck off.

* VIOLENT: Won't ever be the sort to back down from a fight, but also enjoys violence just for the sake of it. He has no issue fighting with his fists, but if given the chance he does tend to get a bit knife-happy. Especially if he has leave to do permanent and serious damage to someone.

* ENFORCER: It's almost like he's been made for the job. Strong, a fighter, with a high pain tolerance, Ophyonis likewise knows how to deal with people quickly, efficiently, and brutally if necessary. From his long years in a gang, and as a corrupted Peacekeeper, he has experience intimidating people to get things done... and breaking some bones if it comes down to that.

The Magic Touch: When he's getting bored, and not actively trying to hide his emotions, Ophyonis will start tapping his foot, or his fingers... this is usually a sure sign that he's reaching the end of his patience.


Mother: Ophyria. Drudge/Whore. Born 2540. Died 2566.
Father: Viscionis. Drudge. Born 2536. Died. 2563.

Ophyrine. Sister. Drudge/Whore. Born 2556. [ Reserved for Aster. ]
Phivry. Brother. Drudge/Gangbrat. Born 2557. Died 2572.
Vyrine. Sister. Gangster/Drug Dealer. Born 2559. [ ADOPTABLE ]
Vatarin. Brother. Fosterling. Born 2562. Died 2565.
Phyris. Half-Brother. Stillborn. Born 2565. Died 2565.
S'nis. Half-Brother. Rider of Masath. Born 2566. Impressed 2590. Played by SanctifiedSavage.

Children: Ophyonis has been around the block more than once, so he no doubt has a handful of children floating around from whores and various other women he's slept with over the turns. Has made no effort to keep track of them, however, since he bluntly does not care. They aren't his problem. Anyone who would try to tell him he should be involved in their lives will just get laughed at.

Tell us a story...

* 2555-2562, 0-7 Ophyonis is the first child born to Ophyria and Viscionis, a pair of drudges from Nabol who dream of greater things. They want something better for their children than what they grew up with, and endeavor to cross the boundary into the Hold's general laborer force, or even the skilled laborers, as opposed to staying drudges. However, given the increasing problems in Nabol, and the influx of already-skilled labor from other places, this isn't meant to be. As a result, Ophyonis grows up taking care of his younger siblings while his parents work, but even this doesn't save him from the effects of the Pass. There's never enough to eat, and the rest of the Holders make it very clear to he and his family that they are lesser and thus not as deserving of resources. Additionally, Ophy picks up on the opinions of those around him, and begins hating dragon riders from a young age for what he is told is their failure to protect the people of Pern.

* 2563, 8 This turn, the internal conflicts in Nabol finally rip it apart. Ophyonis' father, Viscionis, ends up being a casualty of one of the riots, and this leaves quite an impression on his oldest son, though perhaps not the one people would have expected. Ophyonis grieves, yes, but it's a brief feeling caught up instead by the results of witnessing the riots in the first place. There's something hungry in him that it ignites, and he watches the ensuing violence with a sense of excitement rather than fear. The rest of his family is far more affected by Viscionis' death than he is, and the move to destabilized Ruatha only makes things worse. Ophy starts to pick fights with other children, especially the ones who think they're better than him, and he does it with an unsettling sense of glee. It's the first time in his life that he gets the feeling of being in control of something, and he loves it.

* 2564, 9 Just as they're settling into life at Ruatha, his family gets moved again -- this time permanently to Fort Hold. With so many people now crammed into the Hold, the drudges are shoved into the increasingly seedy corners of the tunnels. And with such an overabundance of people with mouths to feed, it's difficult to find work:  particularly for a woman like Ophyria, who is not native to Fort. Desperate to provide for her children, she turns to whoring on the side, and ends up under the protection of the gang ruling their section of tunnels. Since she spends her time trying to make sure they have food and other supplies, Ophyonis gets stuck caring for his siblings again -- a task which he very much hates.

*2565, 10 Since drudges have almost no access to birth control of any sort, Ophyria ends up pregnant. Her sixth child, Phyris, is stillborn, and the labor was a difficult one; it takes her quite a while to recover. As a result, her older children get swept up into doing whatever drudge work they can in exchange for food. Later that turn, because of their even greater want for resources and care, Vatarin contracts pneumonia from the cramped and less than sanitary conditions of the Hold. Ophyria is distraught, having lost two children this turn, but Ophyonis thinks they're better off with two fewer mouths to feed. He's turning into a hard youth already, jaded and growing accustomed to the less than generous circumstances of Fort Hold.

*2566, 11 Ophyria gets pregnant again and this time dies giving birth to her last son, Siconis. The boy gets taken in by another whore, protected by the same gang, that had also recently had a child and been friends with Ophyria in her few short turns at Fort. She can only afford to care for the babe and not Ophyria's older children, however, which leaves the rest of them in the lurch. Ophyonis would rather take his chance with the gangs than the drudges, because at least there's some sense of community and mutual benefit there rather than a free-for-all scramble for supplies. His siblings end up following him, and become incorporated into the child portion of the gang -- running interference to keep people out of the tunnel sections that house the gambling dens and wher fighting pits, pickpocketing, and doing other errands for the gang. Like with the death of his father, Ophyonis doesn't feel... much. He regrets that she's gone, but there's no time to mourn when you need to eat.

* 2567, 12 This turn sees the falls of Southern, Delta, Dorado, and Ierne Island Holds, the Dolphineer Crafthall, and Southern Weyr. Understandably, this means that there are that many more refugees getting shoved into the remaining settlements on the Northern Continent, of which Fort is certainly one. Seeing what happens to those who try to fend for themselves, Ophyonis is increasingly glad that he's decided to be part of the gang he's in. He's learning quickly from them -- how to fight with both fists and a knife, how to avoid the Peacekeepers that can't be bribed, how to gamble... It's an environment in which he's starting to thrive, against all odds.

* 2568, 13 The fall of High Reaches Hold makes things even more crowded and cutthroat than they already were. Having grown into her own, Ophyrine gets recruited into the ranks of the whores that are protected and pimped by their gang. Despite how she might feel about it, Ophyonis thinks this is a good thing. At least this way there are people who will take care of her, even if it's only because she's valuable merchandise to them. On his own end, he's already starting to earn a reputation for getting things done, and is hoping to move out of the child gang as soon as possible.

*2570, 15 After four turns of making himself useful, Ophyonis gets a promotion of sorts; while more complicated errands aren't exactly the most glamorous of tasks, he's entrusted a bit more not to do something fucking stupid. As a results, he is allowed to move product for the gang, patrol the edges of their territory, and even carry messages that are a bit more sensitive in nature. Proud of having crawled his way up a few ranks, Ophy starts to gamble more frequently and with more confidence, as well as order around the younger kids that are ranked below him now. Resultingly, he ends up with a favor from a whore that turns into his first sexual experience -- and is the start of his hedonism, as well as Ophyonis familiarizing himself with alcohol and the more illicit substances that the gang deals in. The world might be an awful place, but he'll take what pleasure he can get out of it without apology.

*2571, 16 When Tillek Hold, the Fisher Crafthall, and High Reaches Weyr all close, there's nowhere for the refugees to go but the Fort settlements. Both the Hold and Weyr are essentially at capacity and beyond, barely able to scrape by with reduced food supply, and far too many people crammed into too small a space. There's a rash of various illnesses that sweep through the Hold this turn, clearing out swathes of the population. Ophyonis is lucky in that he seems bizarrely healthy for a former drudge brat. However, it's this turn that he gets into his first serious knife fight with a member from a rival gang, as the increasing lack of space is making territory disputes more common. The fight ends up with the other scrawny teen dead at Ophyonis' hand, and it's an experience that he won't soon forget:  never more in his 16 turns has he felt more alive, save during the riots at Nabol, and it's this incident that teaches him he has a taste for this sort of thing. Thus, he sets his sights on someday being an enforcer for his gang.

*2572, 17 As he gets older, Ophy is developing into a whipcord of a man, tall and wiry with the possibility to gain more muscle if he's fed more reliably. As he goes through a growth spurt, his height and reach give him an advantage over other fighters, and he continues to prove himself an asset. His siblings have by and large been less successful; Phivry, thriving less well in that environment, gets caught in another one of the frequent territorial disputes and ends up dead. Honestly, Ophyonis is more pissed off about the principle of another gang fucking with their holdings than his own brother's death, but he does use his relation to Phivry as an excuse to get included in the group who exact a very bloody revenge upon the handful of people they succeed in catching that were loyal to their enemies.

*2573, 18 Over the turns, Ophyonis has made a name for himself in the gang as a quick hand with a knife, and someone who can get things done quickly and efficiently -- if brutally. He is very much a blunt force instrument, not necessarily suited for the more subtle work but good when some bones need broken. As yet, he hasn't been trusted with a solo assignment of the enforcement sort, but he's steadily been working his way into the good graces of those who hold that rank. Idly, he's still aware of his three surviving siblings, but doesn't really go out of his way to spend time with them. He and Vyrine cross paths more often than he and the others, as she's doing much the same thing he is and climbing the ladder of ambition. If anything, he respects her a bit more because she refused to become a whore; it helps that she's a tough little bitch.

*2575, 20 Finally, he's officially welcomed into the gang's enforcers, and he is content. This position means he's entrusted with a variety of new tasks -- guarding valuable supplies, merchandise, or other goods; "paying visits" to people who don't pay their debts; acting as a bouncer for the gambling and wher-fighting dens; and whatever other things might require a rough touch. He essentially has the run of the place now that he's a full member, and basically made his "living" hitting people in the face. Or breaking fingers. Especially since people in his position get a better pick of foods and other goods, he starts to fill out more with muscle, smoothing out the wiry youth of a few turns ago into a far more intimidating bruiser.

*2578, 23 This turn, Ophyonis strikes up a friendship with another enforcer:  the man's name is Xerlyle, and he's been a Peacekeeper about as long as he's been an enforcer, since their gang's leader saw having a corrupt 'Keeper on his payroll as a valuable asset. Xerlyle suggests to Ophyonis that he might make a good Peacekeeper too, and notes that he'd have more weight and influence in the gang if he was. While this wasn't something he'd ever considered before -- since so often Peacekeepers were people to be avoided at all cost -- Ophy takes the idea to heart and keeps his ear to the ground in the event he crosses paths with someone who might be willing to trade him a wher egg.

*2579, 24 In the process of beating up "talking" to a wher fighter who hadn't been paying his fees and other owed debts, Ophyonis learns that the man's wher had caught a Gold who recently clutched. He makes a deal with the handler that he won't break any more fingers than he's been ordered to... in exchange for the handler making sure Ophyonis gets his hands on an egg. This happens toward the end of the turn, and it takes all of Ophy's short patience to wait for the damn thing to hatch.

*2580, 25 The egg hatches early the next turn into Bronze Ophysk. The Impression is smooth and strong, and Ophysk becomes the only other living thing that Ophyonis has cared about in his life. Now that he has a wher -- a requirement for the Peacekeepers -- his friend Xerlyle introduces him to his squad and then quadrant leader, Notkerric. The man sees promise in Ophyonis and keeps an eye out for him over the next two turns, helping in his training so that he'll end up being the sort of Peacekeeper that Notkerric wants under his command. It takes a bit of getting used to, but Ophy gradually realizes it's basically the same as enforcing -- it just has a nicer name on it, and for part of his days he's reporting to someone else.

*2581-2582, 26-27 Ophyonis spends these turns comfortable in his position as enforcer and enjoying the pleasures of women, gambling, and various substances he has access to as a result. He uses Ophysk more and more in his enforcement work until the wher is fully grown, at which point he officially joins the Peacekeepers. Knowing that he'll do his best work in a familiar environment, Notkerric assigns him to the squad that oversees his gang's section of the tunnels and the nearby ration distribution center. Having spent the last few turns training for this, Ophy falls easily into the pattern of his particular squad and beat, especially since he and Xerlyle are in the same unit. With his now hulking Bronze wher, he finds that even more doors are opened to him with this new title -- and Ophyonis very much enjoys the increased standing he has as a result.

*2583-2586, 28-31 Having settled into the rhythms of his work, he spends the time both on his boss' and Notkerric's proverbial payrolls, doing protection schemes and enforcing for both, as well as his patrols and guarding duty for the Peacekeepers. As awful as things are in the Hold, these are the best years of his life -- he has enough station and authority to get things done, has a job he enjoys, and doesn't want for food, drugs, or whores since the Peacekeepers are well supplied and he has basically graduated to a senior member of the gang. He might not be in a leadership position, but that suits him just fine. It's the most secure Ophyonis has felt in his life. Things are familiar, and predictable in their vaguely controlled chaos. Gradually, his work for his original boss diminishes during these turns; Ophy still puts in his time, but his interests get tangled up more in Notkerric's family when Tavianna approaches him to be one of her guards and an unofficial "helper". The two have a peculiar mutual understanding, though most would not exactly call it a friendship.

*2587, 32 The beginning of this turn heralds the end of the Pass -- something that Ophyonis never thought he'd live to see in his lifetime. At first, he's excited at the new opportunities this might bring; that is, until he hears word that the dragon riders of Fort Weyr are looking for a new settlement. Even then, he doesn't really believe that they'll find anywhere on Pern that hasn't suffered and died during the Pass. But when one of the damn overgrown flits and their rider finds an island with green on it, he's pleasantly surprised. Up until they're told that, instead of both a Hold and a Weyr, everyone surviving on Pern is going to get crammed into a Weyr. The Peacekeepers are disbanded, their authority not recognized by the Weyrleadership, and the gang he was so long a part of essentially ceases to exist because there's no real territory for them to claim, and they can hardly flourish under the militaristic purview of the dragon riders. Not that he'd been nearly as involved with them in the past few years as he had been previously, since he'd gotten more involved with Notkerric's family -- specifically serving more and more as Tavianna's personal guard. Most everyone he's known ends up scattered, and Ophyonis himself is pushed into general, physical labor -- both because the only thing he was ever good at was hurting people, and because Ophysk proves useful in construction. Particularly with Tavianna's butchery business not currently viable, he's not got much else to do. The whole situation leaves him seething with rage, and Ophyonis resents the Weyrleadership for the loss of his job, his station, and basically his entire life. Nothing is as it was, and he's left adrift. Only Notkerric's determination that someday, somehow, the Peacekeepers will be reformed gives Ophyonis direction, and he stays loyal to the man and his family in the hope that Notkerric will eventually get him his job back.

*2589, 34 Ophyonis oesn't really care about S'bok winning the Senior Queen's flight, cause he doesn't give a shit about dragon rider affairs. He's idly pleased that the boy, a former drudge, is now Weyrleader -- cause isn't that fucking ironic? -- but quickly loses interest and gets disillusioned when he realizes that nothing is going to change or return to the way it was. At least not while they're forced to live in the Weyr. He's becoming an even more vocal part of the group pushing for a new Hold to be constructed so that they can get the fuck out of the Weyr, and has no issue making his hatred of dragon riders known. He sees them as self-important tyrants, and avoids contact with them whenever possible. Instead, he throws himself into whatever work he can find for himself and Ophysk -- primarily of whatever sort Notkerric can arrange since he wants to stay in his good graces.

*2590, 35 in month 8 This turn ends up even worse than the others, and Ophyonis nearly loses Ophysk during the Hunter attack early in the turn. Even so the Bronze sustains serious injuries, which keeps him confined to Ophyonis' small quarters and cuts down on the type of work his handler can do. Ophy blames the riders for not dealing with the threat, and is furious about both the lockdown and the near loss of the only creature that has ever meant something to him. It's no surprise, then, that he ends up involved in the riot in the Weyr Hall, relishing the chance for some long-stifled violence, especially against the riders and their ilk. The single lash he receives as a result doesn't even phase him, but now Ophy has a taste for hitting dragon riders in the face -- most of the other Holders went down easily, but he was not one of them. Nor will the Weyrleadership's dramatic show of discipline discourage him from voicing his opinions.


Disposing of the Evidence [ 10.02.2583 / 11 PM ] Solo

First thing Ophy’d done when it was over was strip out of his leathers to the plain pants and white undershirt beneath. The less blood he got on them the better, since he still had to make his way back through populated tunnels once he was done. Less to wash off then. Not to mention the rest of his work in the emptied brothel would be hot, particularly in the geothermally heated tunnels deep beneath Fort. A shovel and bone saw might not be his usual tools of the trade, but he’d make it work.

The whole scene was a bloodbath, really. Tavisk and Ophysk had made short work of those unfortunate enough to be inside the makeshift whorehouse, and Ophyonis himself had taken care of those who’d tried to bolt out through the one exit. Panicked as they’d been, they’d put up little fight. Especially since the first thing he’d done after arriving was take care of the single guard the brothel’s pimp had seen fit to have on hand. The rest weren’t fighters, not really; just desperate people who had made one mistake too many.

Girls got taken in by pimps all the time, but this was different. Whoever had tried to recruit Tresrissa had clearly not known whose family they were dealing with—or had been too stupid to understand what it’d mean.


With a jagged crunch, Ophy finished sawing through the first corpse’s shoulder and tossed the limb toward Ophysk. Sitting hunched like a boulder in front of the door, the blood-spattered Bronze sniffed at the arm and grumbled. Even projected a memory of sorts, something even more visceral than an emotion at his handler, which had Ophyonis spitting in disgust onto the stone floor.

“Don’t make me taste that shit.” Left boot still planted in the dead man’s back, he lifted the remaining arm to get better access to the shoulder joint. “I know you don’t like it, but I need you to, ya big monster. And it’s meat.” He jabbed the end of the saw in the direction of the disembodied appendage. “You should be grateful you’re getting extra.”

Still reluctant, Ophysk sent something else:  this one the familiar sensation of a full belly after a good meal.

“Fuck you. I ain’t eatin’ people. That’s your job.”

The two stared at each other a moment, before the Bronze wher huffed in defeat and dragged the arm closer.

Ophy began sawing again then, the meaty noise of steel through flesh drowned out by the even worse sound of Ophysk crunching bone and sinew, mouth wet with blood in the dim light within the roughly hewn cavern.

They made quite a pair, both covered in blood and only growing more so as they dealt with the evidence of what they had done. Ophyonis wasn’t afraid of getting caught, exactly; he’d killed people before for his gang boss, and often in messy ways meant to send a signal. Particularly with the protection of his commanding officer, who had been as responsible for the deaths of these people as he and Tavianna, there’d be no repercussions for Ophy. But that wasn’t the point. Unless it was meant as a warning or a threat, leaving evidence behind was just sloppy, and that wasn’t the way Tavi did things.

Ophyonis was good at following orders when it suited him. And while he didn’t necessarily fear her—nothing scared him, but if there was anything on Pern that did it’d be Tavianna—he respected her enough to do a good job of whatever she asked him.

Even if it was messy work.

That had never bothered him anyway, and it certainly didn’t now. People these might have been once, but they were just hunks of meat now. And whatever Ophysk couldn’t finish off in his hunger, his handler would dispose of in other ways. He’d brought a shovel, after all. And there were other whers being raised in Tavianna’s butchery that would do well by an increased amount of meat. It’d benefit the Hold as a whole with that many fewer mouths to feed and eventually thicker whers that would yield more food.

Casting sections to his Bronze as he worked through arms, legs, trunk, head, he made quick work of the former guard. And that’d been the biggest of the bodies strewn in bits around the brothel, and the most whole. Taken by surprise, he’d gotten his throat slit with one of Ophyonis’ knives before he even knew they were there.

The rest hadn’t been so lucky. Seeing the carnage that the two whers had wrought upon their victims, Ophy couldn’t help but be impressed. Sure, he’d seen violent deaths before; after so long in his line of work, they were familiar. And wher maulings were about as common, since the big beasts made effective deterrents, and even more so after they’d taken some chunks out of someone. But things like this…

It made him shiver, and not necessarily in distaste.

“Gonna be a long night,” he reflected thoughtfully to Ophysk in between breaking down corpses and piling the remains once the wher would eat no more. Wiping his hands on a scrap of cloth that had probably once been clothing, Ophyonis crossed to where his wher hide jacket hung draped over a rickety chair. He rifled through the pockets until he found one of the cigarettes and matches he was looking for, striking the latter against the rough stone wall to light the former. It was nothing that’d get him high—he wasn’t stupid; it was just something to pass the time.

Taking a long drag, Ophy held the smoke in his lungs a long moment before letting it slip back out one side of his mouth. “What time d’you think it is now?”

A rhetorical question; the enforcer hadn’t been expecting an answer from his wher, and Ophysk didn’t give one. Though he did glance up at his handler a moment before returning to licking the blood off the parts of himself he could reach—particularly between his claws and the pads of his feet.

“‘Bout what I thought.” Exhaling more smoke, Ophy stepped deeper into the brothel in search of sheets. He’d need something to bag the remaining parts in, ideally in several layers to minimize the amount the blood could soak through. Having gone through all this effort now, it’d not make sense to be sloppy in the rest of the disposal.

It was late, and he had deliveries to make, grisly or no. 

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Alany Walany Woo
Other Characters:
It's a damn long ass list, so no
Inactivity Preference:
NPC with no death plzkthnx
Mauling Permissions:
Bring It On
Anything Else:
I am holding Inki, Rayne, lace, Kyya, and Sanctified all responsible for this.

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Re: Ophyonis [ 15.08.2555 / Holder, Enforcer, & Peacekeeper ]
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2017, 11:45:23 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Wher Details

[ OH-fisk ]
Date of Birth:
11.02.2580 9th Pass.
Place of Birth:
Fort Hold
Wher Color:
Bronze, baby
Egg Description:
Ophysk's egg was a large one for a wher, which is part of the reason that his handler picked it in the first place. The color of tanned leather, it bore a mass of deep wrinkles, with a pinched appearance on the top end where most of them began. While it didn't have the so-called lucky fold, the unique marking was another contributing factor to why Ophyonis chose it.
Mature Length: 4.3M
Mature Height: 1.43M

General Appearance...

Ophysk is just as gnarled and bulky as the next wher, and he certainly won't be winning any beauty contests for his features -- and particularly not since he's littered with scars. He's a hulking gargoyle of a creature, thick with muscle and a heavy bulk that makes him an intimidating sight to most. While he's not at the very top of the Bronze size class, he's still grown into a well-proportioned beast well-suited for the kind of work that he and his handler have done in the past and hope to do again.

What he lacks in physical beauty, Ophysk makes up for in the color of his hide. While his legs, belly, and the underside of his neck and tail are dark, tarnished bronze -- almost brown -- the rest of him is almost pale, bearing the tell-tale metallic sheen of his caste. He's bright and shiny like a wealthy lady's polished brass mirror, in a color so light it could almost be mistaken for gold. His wings in particular bear a mottling of bright marks.


Empathetic: Ophysk is one of the few steadying presences in his handler's life, and it's very much reflected in the calm, sturdy bond between them. The Bronze is like a constant warmth at the back of Ophy's mind, and their connection would almost be touching if not for who they are and what they do. They trust one another completely, and there's not anything one wouldn't jump in front of to save the other. While Ophysk is a very well-behaved wher as a general rule, his aggression will spark to life if his handler is threatened, hurt, or pissed off. He communicates with memories of emotions, which over time they have worked out into a sort of nonverbal system -- at least on the wher's side.

Working : He likes to be doing something, and gets restless when he doesn't have a job to do. His recuperation from the Hunter attack is testing both his and Ophyonis' patience in that regard.

Flit Eggs : They're a treat that his handler would occasionally give him during the Pass, and are his favorite thing. Suffice to say that if he stumbles across a nest somewhere, he's going to devour the whole lot. Best to keep him away from any that are wanted to hatch.

Grass : It's delightfully soft on his feet and hide, and he'll roll around in it like a dog if given half the chance. In their off evenings, it's not uncommon to find Ophy sitting in the Weyr Bowl while his Bronze frolics like a hatchling in the open space.

Touch : Ophysk is very much a physical wher, and enjoys being rubbed, oiled, bathed... He regularly nudges Ophyonis with his nose or shoulder as a gesture of affection, though the days are long gone when he can lean against him without risking knocking him over. But they do still wrestle on occasion like they did before he was fully grown.

Cold Weather : He's never been a fan of winter time, especially with how chilly some of the tunnels would get at Fort. As such, the balmy winter months at Southern Winds suit him much better, and the heat during the rest of the turn never seems to bother him.

Tight Spaces : Partly due to his lack of flexibility and agility, Ophysk is not a fan of spaces so small they touch his sides or folded wings. He'll flat out refuse to enter them if at all possible, so getting him into a cage for the trip to Fort Island was no small feat on Ophy's part. This wher feels much more at home in wide open caverns or well-maintained tunnels, and even the Weyr Bowl so long as the sun isn't out.

Screaming : Typically, it just makes him antsy and grumbly. But it's one of the few things that actually sets off his aggression more if he's already riled up. Whenever he's told to bite or maul someone, them crying out will only make it worse.

Human Flesh : There have been occasions in the past when Ophysk has had to "help" Ophyonis deal with destroying evidence. Probably fortunately, he doesn't enjoy the taste, and will only do so reluctantly. For the best, really.


* CALM : Naturally rather serene for a Bronze, Ophysk doesn't get worked up over much. Perceived threats to his handler, or portions of their job that he knows require him to be intimidating, are the few exceptions. But the bulk of the time, he's very easy-going and well-behaved. Almost like he got all of the polite bits that Ophyonis didn't.

* INTELLIGENT : While he's not got anything on a dragon, Ophysk is rather intelligent for a wher. He can be given rather complex tasks beyond "stay here", "guard this", "let these people through and no one else"; whether or not this is due completely to natural inclination or the advanced training Ophyonis was able to do with him is unclear. But, so long as he's not in one of his fighting mindsets, he's very easy to direct and give instructions to.


* LUMBERING : Ophysk is not an agile wher, in part due to his size and bulk. If he works up enough momentum, he can run fast and far and do a lot of damage when he hits something; but he'll never be able to turn on a dime or wiggle his way out of a tight spot. Simply put, Ophysk is a brute of a watchwher, not a creature built for finesse.

* BERSERKER : Maybe because he's usually so well-behaved and rather mild for a wher, when Ophysk gets angry he fucking loses it. He'd be a terror in the wher fighting ring if Ophy ever had an inclination toward that sort of thing. As it stands, this is something that is only really useful for guarding duty, enforcing, and helping Tavianna occasionally deal with problems. At its worst, it can blind the wher to everything but his and Ophyonis' well-being, and the only person that can get him to calm down is his handler.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Ophyonis and Ophysk were present during the Hunter attack on 26.02, helping to do manual labor like drag felled trees across the clearing to the Hall. Really, the Bronze is the reason that Ophyonis isn't dead or seriously injured; but in the process of blocking a small Hunter's path to his handler, Ophysk sustained deep puncture wounds on both of his sides -- from where said beastie bit and shook him. Ophysk almost died, which only fueled the ex-enforcer's hatred toward the riders, who he sees as having failed to protect them.

The wher himself is recovering well, but slowly. He'll always bear the scars of the fight, marring his otherwise bright hide with duller shades. Since he still is healing, he spends most of his time sleeping in Ophyonis' quarters at present.

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Re: Ophyonis [ 15.08.2555 / Holder, Enforcer, & Peacekeeper ]
« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2017, 12:24:13 AM »
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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Re: Ophyonis [ 15.08.2555 / Holder, Enforcer, & Peacekeeper ]
« Reply #3 on: November 09, 2017, 11:45:24 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Wher Details

[ OWN-isk ]
Date of Birth:
22.10.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Mine Hall
Wher Color:
Blue, my man
Egg Description:
Onisk's egg was a dark, steely grey and incredibly wrinkly, almost rough in texture. Rather small and narrow, it was an egg that Ophyonis specifically chose in the hopes that it would hatch a Blue or a Green rather than a larger wher.
Mature Length: 3.27M
Mature Height: 1.3M

General Appearance...

When he first hatches, Onisk almost looks more grey than blue -- at least until he spreads his wings. His body doesn't bear much by way of markings, with his underbelly only a slightly lighter shade of steel blue than his limbs and flanks. The top of his spine, from nose to tailtip, bears a darker albeit washed out navy in slightly mottled markings and a pattern that echoes the appearance of the sharpfish or a Terran shark. His wings are by far the brightest and bluest part of him, since they are a textured combination of sky blue, pale turquoise, and periwinkle like weathered glass.

Just above the midrange of size for a Blue, Onisk is tall for his size -- sleek and streamlined like a hound. He will never be the powerhouse that Ophysk is, given over to lean and lithe muscle instead, but he can run for ages and chase things down. He also has rather good eyesight for a wher. However, his legs are thin, almost delicate, and are a distinct disadvantage for him in a fight.


Empathetic: The brush of Onisk's mental presence is as brusque and rough as the rest of him, not abrasive exactly but constant, almost like a low and vibrating drone. His preferred method of communication is through pictures which, even for his comparatively good eyesight, are going to initially be a bit difficult for his handler to decipher. Eventually, they will work out a system of recognizable smells and certain distinguishable pictures.

Biting : He's a mouthy little thing that likes to explore the world through that too. Especially when he's a baby, before he learns better, he'll be prone to playing a bit rough. It's not malicious nor intended to hurt, so much as he doesn’t know what's too much, and it will take both his handler and Ophysk's guidance to learn where the boundaries are.

Noise : This Blue is soothed by the background chatter of people in the Mine Hall, and his favorite naps will be those where he can hear life going on around him while he sleeps. Even overly loud surroundings -- nor screaming or yelling -- will never bother him.

Sitting Still : Onisk is far less calm than his Bronze counterpart, and with infinitely less patience. He always wants to be doing something, whether it be patrolling, tracking, or even just investigating his surroundings in down time. Getting him to stay in one place and heel while Ophy is doing other things will be a near constant battle.

Being Pushed Around : While Onisk doesn't have a chip on his shoulder due to his size and build, he isn't really cognizant of it either. He has the attitude of a much larger wher, which may get him in trouble if he ends up picking a fight with a wher bigger than him that puts him in his place -- at least until he learns to obey his handler. But even after that, larger wher throwing their weight around -- unless they're a Queen -- irk him.


* KEEN : Highly observant and quick on the uptake, Onisk is a good lookout and scout. While he might not be able to physically guard the things he's keeping an eye on, he'll notice changes in their surroundings quicker than Ophysk will. He's also very sensitive to Hunters, though it will take some training for him to be able to relay more detailed information reliably.

* FAST : Built like a greyhound, Onisk is fast for a wher too. He can turn sharply and quickly, not inhibited by thick and muscular bulk like a Brown, Bronze, or even a Gold might be. He's a creature of lean muscle and sinew.


* THIN : Some might almost say spindly, and Ophy will be the first to admit that Onisk will never be the tank that Ophysk has become. He's tall, but with narrow legs and wings; and while Onisk is quick on his feet and far more dexterous than Ophysk, he's not built for fighting and can easily be beaten down by larger whers.

* CANTANKEROUS : Where Ophysk is the calming presence in Ophyonis' mind, Onisk is a more volatile one. He's not aggressive, exactly, but he's commonly fidgety, impatient, and doesn't necessarily always listen to what his handler thinks is best. Training him is going to be far more of a trial for Ophy than his Bronze was.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Onisk hatched from Tavisk's and Kerrisk's 2590 clutch.

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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