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Author Topic: Approved Domnitissa [ 31.02.2559 / Holder ]  (Read 1164 times)

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Domnitissa [ 31.02.2559 / Holder ]
« on: February 17, 2017, 03:15:07 PM »

Play By:
Koda Kumi

First Name:
Domni by those close to her. Tissa by favored clients.
Date of Birth:
31.02.2559 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Nabol Hold
Weyrmate or Spouse:

Your Reflection...

Domnitissa has been either very lucky, or very unlucky, to be born with a pretty face. From the moment she was birthed into the world, luck was set against her. Though she’s always been lithe and wiry, pretty and supple, that was where her luck ended. Domnitissa is not a tall woman, hitting a modest 5’3” and the lack of real nourishment has destroyed any real curves to her. Bruises frequently decorate her body given her line of work but her olive skin tone hides all but the darkest of them. She frequently applies a thick line of black around her eyes, the only real ‘luxury’ item she has.

If it’s a rough day, the powder runs down her cheeks and darkens around her eyes.

She wears what is available to most whores of Fort. Tattered fabric, rarely washed, and ripped dresses. Her time spent as a whore has earned her some niceties – some presents of older clients that she guards as any gold might her clutch. One such gift is an old peacekeeper knife that she usually keeps somewhere close by, at hand. While she would never dream of using it on a client, Domnitissa hasn’t been the victim of theft in a long time because of it.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
Domnitissa has survived by being sold and then selling herself. It’s all she’s ever known because it was all she ever had. Her mother sold her off to a brothel for food when she was young enough to walk, where she did chores until she was old enough to work there. It’s been her entire life. Idly, she’d always wished that thread would actually fall and take it all away.

Response to dragon color mutations:
If impressions could happen in dreams, Domnitissa used to hope it could happen to her. She’d always seen as being searched and impressing as fortune and fate favoring a soul. Since she was never one of those picked to become a candidate, she’s turned her attention away from the weyr and the politics of it all. She was never meant for a dragon, obviously, believing that she was too broken and used to be of use.

Who are you...

Quiet; It’s few and far between in her life, so she cherishes the moments she’s alone.

A good bath; another rarity in her life. Getting to actually clean herself is a luxury she’d kill for. The hot springs at the weyr are a dream come true. Getting to really scrub and clean the grime off of herself is heaven. Anyone looking to get close ( either because they genuinely like her or just want to take advantage ) will quickly learn escorting her to the hot springs is the fast way to get on her good side. She doesn’t like going alone.

Flits; She’d always seen them as like tiny dragons. Little creatures that blessed someone with their presence in their lives. Never being able to get one herself, she’s always wanted one. She has, however, been desperate enough to eat their eggs. Not the best days of her life.

Bondage; Domnitissa can handle a lot of odd sexual requests, but don’t tie her up. Nothing makes her panic more than feeling like she can’t get away if she needs to.

Wher; they terrify her. They’re ugly monsters and she’s seen what they can do to a person. The stuff of nightmares.

Living in the Weyr; she doesn’t really have a place in the weyr. While she can still ply her trade, she doesn’t have a pimp and she doesn’t have anyone taking care of her. Left largely to her own devices, she feels lost. Even a trip to the hot springs, while her favorite thing, makes her supremely anxious if she’s going alone.

Drugs; Life is hard enough, she doesn’t like actually losing her mental facilities. She’s seen what has happen to women that do so. She’d rather not be one of them.


* SURVIVOR : She grew up in a rough time, in a rough place, and it’s all she’s ever known. That being said, she’s not broken for it. Domnitissa accepts her lot in life and makes the best of it. She understands what she can get, what she’s worth, and will do what she has to to survive.

* DREAMER : Somehow, someway, she finds somethings to look forward to. Be it the idea she might eventually get a flit, or that she might eventually become her own, self-sustaining person. She might not be capable in the slightest, but she still has the hope alive.

* FLEXIBLE : It’s a necessity being a whore. She’s limber, she’s physically fit, and has the stamina to long outlast most men and women. When she tells someone she can go all night and then some, she means it. You’ll get your worth out of her. This has come from being a whore nearly her entire life.

* OPPORTUNIST : While she is not an expert thief by any means, if an opportunity presents itself she has no qualms taking from anyone. She looks out for herself first and foremost. Always.

* DETATCHED : Someone being surrounded by trade of flesh for services is best to close themselves off from the suffering of others and she does so remarkably well. While Domnitissa can smile and fake it like the best of them, she cares little for anyone or how bad they might have it.


* UNSKILLED : Her entire life, she’s been taken care of. Maybe not in the best way, but she has no idea how to cook, how to get anything. How she might provide for herself. The only currency she understands is what she might procure with her body.

* UNCIVILIZED : Domnitissa is a product of her upbringing and life as a whore. She has no idea how to behave around ‘polite company’ and would probably offend just about any proper lady with being too crass, too blunt, and she wouldn’t know any better. She’s unrefined, through and through.

* UNKEMPT : She’s dirty and she can’t necessarily help it. Her lifestyle doesn’t exactly lead to frequent baths. She gets to ‘clean’ herself between clients, but it’s a rudimentary wipe down at best and a cursory pass of a dirtied rag over herself at worse. At the weyr, that has somewhat changed and she’s cleaned herself up a bit more. She’s discovered the hot springs and she’s totally taking advantage of them.

* DEPENDANT : Domnitissa needs people. Desperately. Whether it’s a pimp to tell her what to do, a client to tell her how to behave, or a firm hand to direct her life. She doesn’t know how to function without direction. She talks a good game and she can pretend to be quite the strong willed lady – and she is in controlled situations – but if left to fend for herself, she’s utterly hopeless. Like any addict, she’ll go crawling back to what is familiar, what is ‘safe’ and ‘comfortable’. Even if leaving and forging her own path would be the best option.

* DENSE : Domnitissa is not exactly smart. She’s clever, and she can be crafty, but no one is going to be accepting her into a craft hall at any point based on her intellect. Gambling is just beyond her, mostly because she can’t retain the rules or follow the games.

Describe Yourself:

* HEDONIST: There are few pleasures in this life that she gets to take for herself, and she’s greedily eager for them. Almost obsessively so. Especially now at the weyr where she can hide out at the hot springs.

* SELFISH: There isn’t much in this world to share, and she wouldn’t even if she had extra to share.

* INFERTILE: Between various diseases transmitted to her and a handful of miscarriages, Domnitissa is incapable of having children.

* NAIVE: All she knows of the world is what she’s grown up into. She can’t even fathom a world where someone isn’t valued for what they can get with their body.

* LONELY: Part of the small, undying hope inside of her is that someday, someone will show up to actually take care of her that actually takes care of her. This makes her very easy to manipulate and control – especially folds into how dependent and reliant she is on other people.

The Magic Touch:
Domnitissa doesn’t like wearing shoes and prefers to be barefoot. Not even sure she owns a pair of shoes. She also obsessively brushes her hair as it’s the only way she feels personally clean.


Mother: Topartessa. B. 2541 D 2587, though she didn’t know since her mother sold her for food.
Father: Donathas. B 2543. D 2583, though she never knew him.

Siblings: Domnitissa has no idea if she has siblings or not. Probably, but she doesn’t know them.

Children: She’s had several miscarriages over the course of her life.

Tell us a story...

* 2559-2563, 0-4 First born to a young couple that meant well. They were excited for their first baby but they quickly found, in a collapsing Pern, that they couldn’t really take care of the child. With the fall of Nabol and losing their home as they’re crammed into Fort, Topartessa trades away her baby girl for food and some supplies to a Brothel.

* 2563-2571, 4-12 Domnitissa is essentially raised by the other whores in the brothel and learns what she can during this formative time in her life. She only cries a little, missing her mother, until she’s beat for being loud. The Brothel owner, a rough and lean man, has her do chores and help the ladies where they need it from the first week she’s there. She earns her meals through work and any day he’s not satisfied with her, she doesn’t eat. A couple of the whores take a liking to her and sneak her food on days the owner is feeling particularly stingy. There is no doubt in Domnitissa’s mind as to what she’ll do when she eventually comes of age and while she doesn’t fear her first bleeding, she’s not exactly thrilled. The whores that have looked after her have prepped her as much as they may. Domnitissa is sold as soon as she’s physically mature, shortly after her twelfth birthday. Her world during this entire time largely consists of the back tunnels of the brothel and it isn’t until she’s an adult that she’s really introduced to the world she’d only been living on the fringes of.

* 2571-2575, 12-16 This is a rough, transitional time for her. A period of learning as much as she can now that she’s been thrust into the ‘service’ side of the brothel and not just the chores she’d been doing growing up. The intricacies of tending a client are the difference between eating some days and not others, so the devours gossip, suggestions, and lessons from the other whore more than she’d ever been able to when she had no idea  what they were talking about. She also learns how to serve alcohol, do basic stitching, and tend to herself in minor ways so she can be remotely self-maintaining between clients if it’s necessary. It’s a darker time for Domnitissa as she struggles to make enough to satisfy the owner, still learning the ‘trick of the trade’ as it were. She falls ill several times and a ‘debt’ is often tacked on to her name to pay for the various trips to the healer hall. She doesn’t know that they’re miscarriages and various illnesses that wreck her reproductive system – only that she is treated each time and she has to make up for each absence.

* 2575-2587, 16-28 Domnitissa slowly falls into the life that she’s been sold into. After the various treatments, her body toughens up. She learns how to attend clients better, her socializing picks up, and she rarely goes hungry. She doesn’t really get close to anyone though – always looking out for herself. Even when other, younger girls are taken in much like she had been. She’ll occasionally toss them scraps of food when she notices they’re starving, as she had been during her own learning period of time, but she doesn’t help the ones that are too stubborn to help themselves. She picks up a few favorites – men and women that treat her well enough and adopt a sweet nickname for her; Tissa. These people often pay more than they need to, to ensure she’s well fed, or give her small gifts. A peace keeper’s knife so she can protect herself and her things, decent clothes that aren’t so ratty, or even occasionally allowing her to visit their homes so she can bathe with them. The outings are rare, but the sight of dragons and fire in the sky is mesmerizing. The sort of thing that fills her dreams for turns upon turns. Favorites come and go, but one generally sticks around. Ophyonis seems to take a particular liking to her and visits often, maintaining a regular place in her schedule. Even once he’s left the gang and comes under the employ of a butcher, his connections keep him in her rotation.

The end of the Pass terrifies her, as it signals the sudden collapse of the brothel. She’s rounded up like so many others to be taken to the Weyr. The possessions she does take with her fit in a small bundle of cloth in her arms. Though this is an opportunity to set herself apart, to free herself, even at the weyr she finds herself moving from bedfur to bedfur rather than claiming space for herself.

* 2587-2590, 28-31 Rather than embracing the supposed freedom the weyr has to offer, Domnitissa has sought out the comfort of the familiar. She found herself tumbling with old favorites and invariably falling frequently in bed with Ophyonis until she’s nearly almost always in his weyr. Her dependence on him near present day, some would say, is almost pathetic. Though it has been nearly 3 turns since the Hold, Domnitissa still hasn’t learned much by way of becoming independent and becomes overly anxious if she’s supposed to be anywhere without him or someone familiar from her past – even though all the people from her past are decidedly poor influences.

Take me to the baths, please oh please [ 31.02.2588 / 7PM ] Ophy

It was her birthday.

Though Domnitissa did not celebrate much, she’d always tried it some small way to celebrate that one small thing. It was the only thing she could remember of her mother’s voice, wishing her happy birthday and chanting the numbers to her. Teaching her the date of her birthday when she was too small to really remember anything. Domnitissa couldn’t even remember her mother or father’s face, but she could still hear them sing their little song to her, chanting the date and her name in a warm way that no one had ever spoken to her.

That made her birthday special. Even if, to no one else, it was to her.

With her arm threaded through Ophyonis as they made their way from the Weyrhall, where there were entirely too many people crammed in such a place for food, she actually slowed. Forcing him to slow. While she could be opinionated, she didn’t usually express herself to clients. Was that what he was? Even here and now? It was hard to see him or think of him in any other way. Domnitissa looked up at him and offered Ophyonis her sweetest smile – the sort she used to get what she wanted. “So. I was thinking,” she said, softly, “That it’d be really nice if we could head toward the hot springs before it gets too crowded… While a bunch of people are still eating.”

She wanted a bath for her birthday. She wanted to be clean, and warm, and… not alone. Domnitissa hated going anywhere in the vastness of the weyr by herself. The Riders intimidated her, the sheer amount of strangers made her anxious, and Ophyonis made her feel safe. Now, she just had to convince him that a bath was a good idea.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Sr Weyr Woman Halirina
Mountain Wingleader W'sar
Jungle WingsecondL'ale
 Search Rider C'ace
 Wingrider Niema
Wingrider K'eeda
Wingrider  Cassipiora
 Wingrider B'nyn
Wingrider Yinaya
Wingrider Seaphonellqua
Weyrling Haithen
 Weyrling Sethunya
 JW Herder Keassa 
JW. Dragon Healer Loressa
 JM Harper Sevastjan 
AP Fisher Ysmersa
Candidate S'ric
Wher Butcher Tavianna
Weyrfolk Daysepona
Inactivity Preference:
Mauling Permissions:
Rough’em Up
Anything Else:
T^T Kill me now.

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Re: Domnitissa [ 31.02.2559 / Holder ]
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2017, 03:27:56 PM »
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Re: Domnitissa [ 31.02.2559 / Holder ]
« Reply #2 on: May 25, 2017, 02:29:06 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Flit Details

Date of Birth:
13.06.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Mine Hall

General Appearance...

A base navy blue in color, he'll hatch very dark and soften some as he matures. There exist some subtle markings down his spine and along his limbs, which are likewise dark but appear as a deep sapphire color in bright light. His wingsails are pretty and flashy, almost seeming to shimmer with a unique iridescence that sparkles like a gem. There's a certain gauziness to them like thin silk.

He'll hatch as a tiny, spindly thing with long and narrow limbs and wings. Even more than the average flit, he's a creature of neck, tail, and length. Once he grows, his proportions will even out a little more, but he'll never be much longer than 0.9M and will always look lanky. Nevertheless, he's not as delicate as he looks.


Mind Voice: Overall, his mental presence is comforting and warm. He's usually a calm flit -- the exceptions being when Domni is upset or in trouble -- and his 'voice' reflects that. More than anything, he's quite vocal:  he'll trill and chirp at her, purr when she pets him, and thrum when he's happy. He'll excel equally at projecting pictures and emotions, and may even learn to parrot a few words that she'd be motivated to teach him.

Cudding : He's a very physically affectionate creature, and will dote on Domni so that there's no doubt he cares for her -- laying across her shoulders, licking at her fingers or her ears, rubbing against her, and napping with and on her whenever he can. He'll be unhappy when he can't be in physical contact with her; and unlike some flits, he won't wander off or spend much time away. Neither will he go Between much unless absolutely necessary or she asks him to fetch something.

Playing : Along the same lines, he likes being able to make her laugh or smile. He'll chase her hands under blankets, dart around her, play with her hair, splash water at her… Perpetually gentle and conscientious, he'll be careful not to hurt her with his teeth or claws, but he'll always be something of a puppy with her.

Strangers : Much like Domni herself, he doesn't trust people he doesn't know. While he won't attack them -- unless severely provoked -- he'll be dismissive of others and essentially ignore them. It will take a while for him to trust new people around his owner, and he'll jump to her defense if ever necessary. Only if she relaxes around someone will he do so as well.

Separation : If he can be on top of or touching Domni, that's preferred. Lacking that, he needs to be able to see her. He'll become frantic if he's ever prevented from going to her, especially if she's in distress, and it's at that point that he won't hesitate to fight something or someone else if they try to stop him.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
He's a sweet thing, because Domni needs something in her life that is. But, while cute for her, he's also meant to be smart, useful, and should learn quickly. His particular talents will focus on directions, pathfinding, and memory, which means he'll be her little escort wherever she might end up needing to go without Ophy. <3 How he feels about Ophyonis and Ophysk is up to you.

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