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Author Topic: Approved Nishi [19.07.2575] || Green Rider  (Read 2158 times)

Offline RaynePOTM

Nishi [19.07.2575] || Green Rider
« on: February 21, 2017, 01:55:11 AM »

Play By:
Xiao Wen Ju

First Name:
Nishitol (Nih – shi – tol)
N’shi or Nishi, depending on dragon personality.
Date of Birth:
19.07.2575 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr.
Dragon Color:
Job Before Search:
She had a turn of an apprenticeship in the Fisher Craft before being searched.
Impression Age:
Wing Rank:
Beach Wingrider
Weyrling - I’d like her to eventually be in Jungle (if admins think she suits) but she’ll be happy with beach because those were the riders of her childhood, and she does like fishing, even if she says she hates it.
Not yet, she’s pretty happy to sleep with anyone who gives her compliments.

Your Reflection...

Nishi might be a little on the small side in that she’s very skinny but rather tall for her age. She isn’t particularly strong of body but does have nimble fingers and corded arms from her training and work as a fisher. She wears tight clothing as much as possible to show off the little curves she has (and it uses less fabric to help the crafter hall) and likes styling her hair in many different ways, always trying to be new and different and impressive. She takes great pride in her appearance, making sure her clothes and herself are always emasculate, with the exclusion of a purposeful messy hairstyle.

OOC note: If RPing with Nishi, feel free to make up an interesting style for her hair that day.
Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe:
It may have ended in disaster but it was done for the best reasons, dragonriders always make the best decisions for the people, with the knowledge they have at that time. If things hadn’t gone wrong, everyone would have loved them, and it wasn’t their fault it went wrong, but that stupid AIVAS. Dragonriders had saved everyone they could and gave their lives to atone for a mistake that wasn’t even theirs ever since. She’ll do the same when she finally impressed.

Response to dragon color mutations: They kinda freak her out. Why would the mutations crop up now? They’ve just arrived at a place with the Hunter abominations and now the dragons are changing? Don’t fix what ain’t broke, the dragons were great with the original colours, they don’t need the reds or blacks, they certainly don’t need to be lead by one.

Who are you...

Dragon watching – Driven by a mixture of ambition and pride, and of course how awesome they are, Nishi has always loved watching the Beach riders fly over the water down at the cove.
Fishing – Even if she says she doesn’t like it, there’s something calming about just sitting there with a line or watching a net and a great satisfaction when she brings in a viable catch. She hates the menial netmaking and the boatswaining theory classes of her previous apprenticeship, but the actual fishing she can love.
Her hair – Nishi has always been proud of how her hair looks and how versatile and unique it makes her.
Rain – Rain brings fish to the surface, and it’s always nice to watch and listen to.

Mutations – She just feels like they’ve appeared without adding something better to the equation, and now it’s just more positions she has to figure out how to navigate.
Sweet food – Absolutely hates sweet food, she’d be teased about it by her friends and siblings until they realised if they were nice to her they could have her deserts.
Bugs – Honestly, just gross, anything with more than 4 legs is just awful, she will scream.


* DRIVEN: Nishi has… high goals. Achieving those goals is her number one priority, at least, she thinks it is. She’s not truly ruthless enough to go after what she wants if it means making enemies or people simply not liking her, but she always aims high.

* DEDICATED: Nishi likes to get what she wants, the easiest way to do that is to do absolutely everything in her power to make it happen... within reason. She works hard and long, not only for her own goals but to help those she wants to impress, and she does so with honesty, unless telling the truth will make people upset.

* LOYAL: To her friends, her family and most importantly the dragon riders, because they’re her heroes. Nishi stands by the people who stand by her with unwavering loyalty, this is probably the one instance where she would be perfectly willing to have people dislike her, if they went against her friends, she’d no longer care enough about their opinion to make the effort.

* POPULAR: Her constant need to impress and help others had earnt her a lot of friends, also her natural (if a little obnoxious) confidence has helped her maintain that popularity and in some cases admiration, in other cases mild irritation and amusement.

* FUN LOVING: If she’s always having fun, and causing the people around her to have fun then more people will love her and it will make her a better leader.


* PUSHOVER: Nishi knows what she wants in life and is driven to achieve it but she can be easily manipulated by someone saying that it would be ‘cooler’ to do this or ‘this would be more impressive’ or that someone would be disappointed in her for not doing it a certain way. Even in some cases if she just really wants to impress the person she’ll just do whatever they say.

* DEPENDENT: Or needy depending on how harsh you want to be, Nishi needs people. She needs validation and praise and energy from others, and if she isn’t getting attention she feels… empty, lost. Hopefully, once she has a bond mate to occupy her mind, it will get easier and she’ll mellow out a bit, but Nishi hates being alone, even when she wants quiet.

* PROUD: To the point of it being a downfall, partly from loyalty, partly from her need to be accepted and validated, partly from her obnoxious confidence, Nishi finds it very hard to admit she or the people she cares about are wrong, going to great lengths to prove or ignore otherwise.

* CHANGE: Nishi isn’t afraid of spontaneity or mystery, she finds them interesting, but she likes to know where she stands in any situation, because then she’s confident she won’t come out looking stupid or offensive. She likes her room a certain way, she likes to have the same thing for breakfast/lunch/dinner excluding parties and she can’t stand the mutations because she doesn’t know where they belong.

* BOSSY: Partly from pride and obnoxious confidence, partly from wanting other people to see her as an impressive leader, Nishi likes being in charge, until someone is angry with her. Then she gets either petulant or upset, and will find it very hard to admit she’s wrong or will break down entirely. Public conflict for her is the worst of all.

Describe Yourself:

* Pretentious: ----- If you want people to see you as impressive, you want older people to think you’re on their level, and you want younger people to look up to you. When you’re as obnoxious and needy as Nishi, this becomes pretentiousness.

* Servile: ----- Nishi doesn’t just like praise from others, she needs it and will go to great lengths to get it. She can pretend she’s confident enough on her own, but if she doesn’t receive validation from others, she’ll get very upset.

* Obnoxious: ----- Partly from the pretentiousness, and partly from her actual confidence in her abilities, bolstered by praise, Nishi can come off as obnoxious. And by can, I mean, mostly does. She has enough other qualities to make and keep friends, and mostly it is obnoxiousness you can laugh at, rather than flat out arrogance, but it can still get on some people’s nerves.

* Ambitious: ----- Why have goals if you can’t achieve them? And why have goals at all if they’re set low enough not to be a challenge? Aim high and work hard, that’s how Nishi lives, she just pretends it isn’t that high and that she has no doubts.

* Traditional: ----- Partly because she doesn’t like change, Nishi is more traditional in her mindset. More traditional for weyrfolk that is, she doesn’t very much have the holder mindset at all. If something has worked for so long, why bother changing it? It just makes effort and mess and people (her) have to relearn how to interact.

The Magic Touch: She scrunches up her nose when she is annoyed or concentrating.


Mother: Korinla – Green Rider, 2559. Impressed 2577 to Green Jarunth deceased, 02.08.2580
Father: Y’tol – Bronze Rider, 2554. Impressed 2569 to Bronze Bayorth.

Siblings are listed in this thread on her father’s side and she knows at least 3 of them, but one very closely.

2572 – Yolata - 18 - Green rider with a rider mother
2578 - Tiranatol - 12 - Apprenticed to the healer hall
2579 - Yolinadae - Weyrbrat
2581 - Yonila - Weyrbrat
2585 – Minatol - Weyrbrat - Crafter mother

Her siblings on her mother’s side are unknown as the greenrider always laughed when Nishi asked.

Keleshi – Female – BD: 2588, father is K'eir of Brown Sicharth
Neritol – Male – BD: 2587, father is K'eir of Brown Sicharth

Tell us a story...

* 2577, 2 Sisters
Raised in the crèche means you have to make alliances and find friends otherwise you’ll never have any fun. And Nishi likes fun, she likes people, she likes people to know how good she is at having fun, and pretty much everything else. Even from a young age Nishi blossoms into being a socialite and leader. At this point it is basically just saying the biggest words she can parrot and watches the adults fawn over her, but it’s a start. She likes hanging around and following her older siblings and half siblings, because they encourage her just like the adults do, but their much cooler rolemodels.

* 2580, 5 Death
Kids in the crèche are no strangers to death, pretty much everyone had lost someone, and it has to be explained to them at a young age to avoid massive panic and tears. Up until this point, death still seemed as an abstract concept, until Nishi found out her mother had died due to thread. Her mother had never visited her often, not specifically, her mother visited the creche just to see any of the kids who might be hers, ‘that was just the way it was in the weyr’ she had explained. But Nishi felt such a strong connection to her mother and her dragonrider history that it hurt knowing her mother would never see her impress. Which she would, she was certain of it.

She decided at this point too, that she would be a queenrider. Queens didn’t fight thread so she’d have plenty of time to see her children impress to the eggs of her dragon.

* 2584, 9 A one sided rivalry
Nishi had always loved dragons, especially knowing from such a young age that her parents were riders, so when her sister is searched shortly after her twelfth birthday, she is ecstatic. And thus the jealousy begins. She cares very much about her family and about loyalty, so she tries never to let her sister know, but Nishi is very easy to read.

* 2587, 12 Apprenticeship
Fishers? Bloody fishers? She knew she shouldn’t have spent that much time down at the wharf. Initially she’d just gone down to watch the dragons, but then she knew she needed an excuse to stay and talk to them, and the fishermen on the wharf didn’t treat her like a kid, they just said to sit down and bait so she did. They didn’t force her to talk or ask her why she was here, they just accepted her help, so she kept helping and watching the dragons and learning a little about the fish that were being caught. She didn’t expect them to call her to apprenticeship! She wanted to be a rider! That was where she should be!

It was… annoying for the first few months… then upsetting that none of the riders she’d still talk to would search her, but it wasn’t like she could just straight out tell them to? And after the first year, she was doing pretty well in her classes, so she kind of just… accepted it? Well, not quite, but she wasn’t going to cut off her nose to spite her face. Instead she did what she needed to for the fishers, and longed not so quietly for the riders.

It was especially upsetting that her elder sister Yolata impressed that same year, she loves her sister and wanted to be happy for her, but it was hard to do so when she felt she should have been beside her.

* 2588, 13 Candidacy
Finally! She was giving up hope of ever becoming a rider, she knew some people were searched late, in fact, most weren’t searched the moment they turned twelve, but she’d always assumed she would. Whenever the riders had visited the crèche she’d gone to speak to them, they always told her how precocious she was and that was a good thing, right? Finally being tapped on the shoulder while she was sitting on the wharf baiting lines, by a blue rider with a soft smile, she almost let out an ‘about time’ but thankfully caught herself last minute, instead going for a beaming hug.

* 2588, 14 Impression
Two months after turning 14, Nishi is standing at Oriath’s clutch. Nervous, although playing it cool to impress the other candidates and her future rider fellows, Nishi rocks back and forth on her heels on the hot sands. And impresses to the most beautiful… green. Nishi is overwhelmed and overjoyed for the moments that it takes her to get outside, then she starts to doubt. As she watches her beautiful bonded gorge on her first meal, something inside of Nishi screams that she isn’t good enough, she isn’t a Gold. It’s a hard thing to hide from your bonded when you share such a deep connection, but Nishi knows they are meant to be together, she just had to figure out… why.

The word rang out amongst the candidates that the eggs were hatching, suddenly there were arms and limbs flying everywhere as people threw themselves towards their chests to get their robes on. White robes, clean and perfect, worn by many successful candidates before her. Bouncing on the balls off her feet, still in the oversized shirt she wore to bed, she took a moment just to feel the fabric between her fingers.

Today was her day. She felt it in her bones. She’d be a Junior Weyrwoman in training by the end of the day. At least this clutch wouldn’t have to deal with… them. Hopefully. She just wanted to impress a gold from a nice, straight forward, non-mutated clutch.  And she didn’t want to wait, her sister had already impressed this turn and she wanted to impress too. Even though she loved her sister, the jealousy that Nishi felt when her sister impressed before her still tasted bitter in her mouth.

Swallowing the feeling, she forced herself to smile, it didn’t matter anymore. Today was her day. Striping off her bedclothes and pulling on the robe, she belted it pulled on the thickest soled shoes she had. People always talked about how hot the sands where underfeet, and some hatchings lasted for quite a while depending how early the Queen woke to start the dragon hum.

She moved out the door, knowing her robe was pristine, knowing her belt and shoes were gleaming bright from her constant polishing. As she walked she braided her hair into a plait that curled around her head and lay over her shoulder, she wanted her hair out of the way while she was on the sands. Heat and sticky dragonettes were not conductive to looking good.

As she reached the massive entrance to the weyrbowls, she saw the hoards of dragons of every colour and sized, pearched around the room humming to their unhatched brethren. Taking one moment just to breathe it in, Nishi shone the brightest most confident smile she could with a thousand butterflies trying to launch out her mouth and take flight, and strode onto the sands towards the candidate master.

Today would be her day. Even through the butterflies in her stomach, the roughness of the tunic, the heaviness of the boots, the heat of the sands and the bone deep thrumming of the dragon hum, she could feel it.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
B'lye of Green Uereth
Inactivity Preference:
Kill them off OR Adoptable
Mauling Permissions:
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Re: Nishi [19.07.2575] || Green Rider
« Reply #1 on: February 21, 2017, 04:01:58 PM »
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Re: Nishi [19.07.2575] || Green Rider
« Reply #2 on: February 21, 2017, 05:22:11 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Dragon Details

[ za-SHAYTH ]
Date of Birth:
07.09.2588 Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 22.8 M
Mature Height: 5 M
Mature Wingspan: 40.02 M

General Appearance...

Xasheyth is an almost luminous Green, practically seeming to glow even in dim light -- and shining like a bright gem in the sunshine. Her chest and underbelly are a dark but vibrant jade in color, but much of the rest of her is overlaid with very faint speckling and swirling patterns of much brighter emerald and sea green. These are particularly visible along her headknobs, down her neck and spine, and onto her tail. Her wingsails, almost glaringly bright when not seen in shadow, are relatively free of marking and mottling, instead a very consistent shade of green that could appropriately be called lime.

She's a tall and regal looking dragon, carrying herself with all the confidence of a Gold without the actual will and caste standing to back it up. She'll hatch as a narrow-bodied Green, almost bony in her delicateness. And while, as she grows, she'll put on more muscle, she'll always remain a slender creature. Her wings, like her height, are longer than normal for her size class, but the wingsails are narrow. As such, she's built for speed and agility; sustaining long flight times will be difficult for her, and even a strict training regimen won't quite put her on the level of the larger Greens that have wider wings.


Mind Voice: Xasheyth's voice is a high soprano, not shrill but definitely young and girlish -- a trait that she won't lose with age, and will always make her seem younger than she actually is. It's clear and bright, but sounds almost childish.

Rainbows : From the first time she sees one after rainfall, Xasheyth will love them, thinking them one of the most beautiful things on Pern. She particularly likes the very beginning of fall on Fort Island, when the sun still shines but the rains have started and she gets to see them frequently.

Other Greens : She feels a particular kinship and sisterhood with them, and will no doubt contribute to her rider cultivating friendships with other Green riders. Truthfully, she believes they're superior to Golds precisely because there are more of them.

Loud Noises : They hurt her ears and will startle her; she particularly dislikes other dragons roaring at or near her, and the showy, over-dramatic announcements that Golds make before their Flights annoy her the most.

Strong Winds : Since she's a fairly small dragon, and with wings more built for speed than sustained flight, they trouble her. Xasheyth doesn't like flying during storms, especially since the winds around Fort Island can get to gale-force and higher in particularly bad weather. It's an irrational fear of hers that she's going to get blown away.


* STEADFAST : Xasheyth's foremost strength is that she is unshakeable -- she'll never be bothered by much of anything, including Nishi's initial doubts about her color. She doesn't need a shiny hide or the ability to lay eggs to do great things, and Xasheyth won't tolerate Nishi thinking less of herself just because she didn't Impress as Queen.

* SUPPORTIVE : Whatever her bonded decides her goals are, this Green will be behind her completely. With her own solid self-confidence, she'll make sure that Nishi knows just how much she is worth too, showering her with praise and undying affection whilst simultaneously offering her own stability of mind. 


* ATTENTION-SEEKING : Like her rider, Xasheyth craves approval and praise. She will be easily swayed or manipulated by those who compliment her and Nishi, especially any friends her rider might make -- or any other dragons -- that put in the time to sweet-talk them. While far too flighty to be a romantic, she gets giddy when someone flatters her.

* SOLIPSISTIC : As far as Xasheyth is concerned, the world revolves around her and her rider; while she understand that this isn't technically the case -- there are higher ranked dragonpairs, after all -- this Green will only ever see the world in terms of how it affects her and her bonded. She's not selfish, per se, but she is very self-centered.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #34A975; Text: #AADE96

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Made per the process outlined at the Optional Weyrling Application. Please let us know via PM if you choose to accept or reject this dragon.

When she is physically mature, Xasheyth will fly on 16.02, 18.04, and 03.08. Per player request, she will be a Force Catch.   

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Re: Nishi [19.07.2575] || Green Rider
« Reply #3 on: February 21, 2017, 05:53:55 PM »
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Re: Nishi [19.07.2575] || Green Rider
« Reply #4 on: October 12, 2017, 02:11:04 AM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn
Flit Details

Like the word
Date of Birth:
27.09.2590 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr

General Appearance...

Much of this flit is a weathered bronze in color, just this side of skewing green. If anything, though, the shininess of his hide as well as his size banish any confusion as to what his rank is. His wings are striated with highlights and darker shadows, making him look even more metallic and scintillating, like a well-polished mirror. There's a slightly darker stripe that runs down along his spine onto his tail, and a webbed net of lighter scalloping over his head, neck, and chest. He'll be a big Bronze even from the moment he hatches, muscular and built for catching Golds.


Mind Voice: Haughty and commanding though he think he might be, this Bronze is actually a bit braying. He thinks he's Faranth's gift to Pern, and is blissfully unaware of his flaws -- such as the fact that his projections might seem overloud or overbright to those not used to them.

The Ladies : A flirtatious Bronze through and through, he's very much the sort to chase the metaphorical skirt and want to woo all the Greens and Golds. Along the same lines, he feels protective and affectionate of both Nishi and Xasheyth, seeing them as his no matter who else's affections he might pursue.

Being obeyed : Simply put, he likes to get his way. He's well aware that he's a Bronze, and expects to be treated with the rank he feels he deserves. Uppity subjects will not be tolerated.

Other Males : He wants to be the king of his domain, and is just insecure enough to object to the presence of other men in his bonded's life -- whether that be flits, dragons that might be fond of Xasheyth, or potential suitors for Nishi. He won't be outright unpleasant to them if the two constant ladies in his life don't object to their presence, but he'll huff and sulk when they're around.

Overcast Days : They're cold, boring, and they don't allow his hide to shine brilliantly like the sun does. All in all, he would banish them forever if he had any control over the weather.

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Born of Vanity's 2590 Clutch
OOC Distribution x IC Distribution

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