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Author Topic: Approved Ysveta [02.04.2572 // 9th Pass] Blue Weyrling  (Read 1810 times)

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Ysveta [02.04.2572 // 9th Pass] Blue Weyrling
« on: February 23, 2017, 05:14:50 AM »

Play By:
Sveta Barbachakova

First Name:
Whatever anyone wants to call her
Date of Birth:
02.04.2572 9th Pass
Place of Birth:
Fort Weyr 9th Pass
Job Before Search:
Apprentice Harper - Musical Theory
Color Preference:
I've thought about this a whole bunch, and I've tried to write down my own ideas about each possible colour, but I don't want to limit you because I think you'd do a really good job with whatever dragon you would design for her.
My top two are probably green and red, but also she could suit a brown or blue.
I'd like her to eventually impress, but I'm more than happy to wait as long as it takes.
So I just want you guys to do what you think is best for her.
Future Rider Name:
Her name will stay the same.

Your Reflection...

Appearance: Ysveta has been given the gift of her mothers long raven coloured hair, which is very easy for her to keep in a good condition, she doesn’t have to put very much effort into it at all to keep it sleek and straight. Typically preferring sandy coloured clothes that fit her body loosely, she stays away from the more dramatic darker colours that don’t suit her personality. She likes to keep neat and tidy, however, it is not always easy when she has stayed up all night in the same clothes she wore the day before.

Response to 9th Pass Catastrophe: Ysveta just buried her head in her books and didn’t really look up. She’s sure to feel sympathetic to those who lost so much in the catastrophe, but she’s of the opinion that this particular horrible event is in the past, and should stay there.

Response to dragon color mutations: Ysveta couldn’t care less, neither S’bok nor any of the new coloured dragons have ever impacted on her ability to study, nor have they done anything to her personally to make her dislike them. However, since she has become a candidate, she had become more interested in finding out why these new dragon colours exist, why did Neisoth appear in the first place?

Who are you...

Satriet - Her best friend from her childhood who turned out to be her half brother. He always seemed to get her as a child, and was always there for her when she came running to him with her problems.
Study – Being able to focus on just one thing really makes her feel at peace, she can forget everything around her.
Teaching – Ysveta loves to be able to help other people when they are struggling, however, she hasn’t been able to extend the love of teaching to being a crèche assistant yet, those her own age or older are much easier to deal with.
Hard workers – It’s hard to not appreciate those who don’t shirk from their duties, if Ysveta knows that someone is a hard worker, she’ll find it way easier to trust them and like them, because that's something they have in common.
Silence while working – She has found that her best work is done in the middle of the night, when everyone else has gone to bed. It’s the only way she’s found to be able to work well, with so many people shoved together in the Weyr.

Failure – Ysveta doesn’t understand failure. If she can prevent failing, she will. Handing something in late, isn’t failure to her, but handing something in that isn’t perfect is.
Complainers – She likes work, she likes to succeed, she likes late nights, those who complain that they had to work hard to do well aren’t worth her time.
Egotistic people – The only people who deserve to act like they’re the best in the world, are the people who actually are. Those who aren’t all that good, but are still very cocky, annoy Ysveta to no end.


* AUTHENTIC : What you see is what you get with Ysveta. She’ll always stay true to herself and if you ask for the truth, she’ll say it, regardless of how much it may hurt, because she never really learnt how to be tactful.

* KIND : Whilst Ysveta will tell the truth if you ask for it, she won’t purposely go out of her way to hurt someone with the truth. She genuinely enjoys the company of other people, and endeavours to be kind to them. However, unfortunately, she is just awkward sometimes, because she doesn't know if something is the right or wrong thing to say.

* SCORES: Musical scores are really her strength. If someone can’t figure out why their chord isn’t sounding right, or why the progression doesn’t seem to work, Ysveta can pick it out without even having to look at the music.

* INTELLIGENT : Whilst Ysveta did have to work hard in her studies, musical theory does just come naturally to her. She has both a good ear and a good brain for remembering all the various rules and exclusions for “proper” musical composition.

* WELL-SPOKEN : Ysveta’s training at the harper hall has left her with a clean and intelligent speech pattern. When she was younger, it astonished her elders to hear her speak as such, and even now, she prefers to keep slang and swearing out of her vocabulary.


* TUNNEL-VISION: Ysveta will block out everything around her, just to focus on one thing at a time. Either, her current score, or her health, or, when the time comes, her dragon. This means that she is not an efficient multi-tasker and be consumed by one project for potentially an unhealthy amount of time.

* SELF-WORTH : She didn’t do anything special to get the chance to stand for a dragon, some search dragon simply liked the look of her. Ysveta feels like she's been given an honour which she hasn't worked for and it worries her that she may not ever have closure on that fact.

* INDEPENDENT : The worst thing about the harper hall, was group performances. Working with other people, and trying to learn how to hold her critiques to avoid offending others, caused her to simply enjoy working by herself.

* TACTLESS: Wanting to be kind and wanting to be truthful is not always easy for Ysveta to achieve. She has learnt over the years to keep her mouth shut when the truth might hurt, however, as a young child, getting punished for telling the truth, has turned her into an awkward socialiser now. Paired with her unbalanced lifestyle, she is not always the easiest person to be friends with.

* OBLIVIOUS: Ysveta knows nothing about "being in love", she’s experimented sexually with a few people when she first entered her candidacy, but she didn’t exactly feel the need to spend more time on it, not when she could continue her harper studies in her spare time instead. Satriet has been in love with her since childhood, and it has never even crossed her mind.

Describe Yourself:

* LOVING: ----- Ysveta cares a lot about the people around her, but she hasn't identified the concept with "loving" people yet. Whilst she may never be aware of romantic love, meeting her family will really bring out the caring, family-oriented side to her that will enjoy being loved. Ysveta will also accept close friends into her family bubble, not really needing to differentiate between family and friends.

* PROUD: ----- When Ysveta has put a lot of work into something, she can be proud and even pretentious, knowing that her work is the best that she could have done. Depending on the people around her, this can come across as annoying, however she isn't trying to be obnoxious, she is simply stating, what she believes, to be fact.

* PERFECTIONIST: ----- Instead of handing in something sub-par,  but on time, Ysveta would rather miss the due date of an assignment and force the Master Harper to mark her work anyways. She cannot handle the possibility that work she is being judged on is not absolutely perfect.

* UNBALANCED: ----- Ysveta doesn’t know how to balance her social life and her academics. Staying up all night working, and sleeping in her free time, made her an awkward friend in the Harper Hall. Satriet was the only one who persisted through her strange hours, but Ysveta constantly needs to be reminded to balance her own needs against her work.

* NIGHT OWL: ----- Whilst everyone is asleep and quiet, Ysveta gets the majority of her work done, luckily, she doesn’t need much sleep to function during the day.

The Magic Touch:
- Her brother Satriet is in love with her and has been since they were children.
- Ysveta has perfect pitch
- She has given up everything she has over known in the Harper Hall for the chance to be a dragonrider. Ysveta will really need the guidance of other people to help her understand how


Mother: Yinaya of Green Rantasyth b. 2547 imp. 2564
Father: S'vet of Brown Myjuth b. 2540 imp. 2560 d. 2586

Half-Siblings from Yinaya
She hasn't met may of them so far, but intends to if they want to meet her.
Yestine of Green Tanilith b. 2560, imp. 2573
Y'kin of Brown Aduskoth b. 2561, imp. 2576
Cayalla - Glasscrafter b. 2563
K'zaya of Bronze Fyenoruth b. 2566 imp. 2587
Xaeybl of Green Nicynth b. 2578 imp. 2591
Yaina - Weyrfolk b. 2582
Unnamed Sibling b. 2584

Half-Siblings from S'vet
After the death of S'vet, Ysveta never bothered to seek out Sirana, however Satriet is her best friend and half-brother.
Sirana of Green Taith b. 2570 imp. 2587
Satriet - Harper Crafter b. 2570

Ysveta potentially has other half siblings from her mother Yinaya or her father S'vet, but she is unaware of them.

Living Cousins:
Meyliah – Weyrfolk b. 2551
Y'tol of Bronze Bayorth. b. 2554, imp. 2569.
Unavin of Green Caelith. b. 2567, imp. 2586.
K'eeda of Blue Aeleroth. b. 2569, imp. 2581.
V'ris of Blue Ibaneth. b. 2570, imp. 2584.
L’kan of Green Kyrth b. 2571, imp. 2584
U’kir of Bronze Goranth b. 2573, imp. 2586
Ysmersa. Apprentice Fisher. b. 2575.

Children: Ysveta never slept with anyone before her candidacy, however, if she was to get pregnant during her candidacy, she would probably take a swift trip between, because she doesn't want to deal with a child.

Tell us a story...

* 2572, 0 Born at Fort Weyr, she was raised in the crèche with a wonderful gaggle of other children.

* 2576, 4 This is when the children really started to take general lessons. Ysveta forms a close friendship with a fellow creche child, called Satriet. He is sweet and bubbly, and even for Ysveta's more quiet personality, friendship between them is natural and easy.

* 2580, 8 Discovers her love of learning, and music. The Harper who comes to teach to children the ballads and songs starts to become almost an obsession for the young Weyrbrat, and she tries to coax as much knowledge out of him as she can when he is teaching them. This go get ‘em attitude, mostly gets on the nerves of the other children, as she simply won’t sit still and let them listen to the harper singing, constantly jumping up and down wanting to ask a question about how the music was composed, not how to sing it, as all the other kids were happy to know.

* 2582, 10 Her friend Satriet, goes to study at the Harper Hall, much to Ysveta’s excitement as she can live vicariously through him until she is old enough to go study there as well. Not at all jealous of his achievement, because she simply knows that it would be only another two turns until she can join him there.

* 2584, 12 Obviously, she wouldn’t let her Harper teacher get away with not recommending her to the Harper Hall (not that it took much persuading), and she took to her studies with excitement when she was finally accepted. It was a hard time for her, her enthusiasm for work made her alienate many of her peers. None of the other children wanted to be in private tutoring with her, because she would constantly be asking the teaching Journeyman to correct the things that she was doing wrong. Through Satriet’s kindness, getting her to classes and meals on time, she learnt the value of being nice, and learnt how good it felt to have people who cared about her in her life, even if it was a difficult process.

* 2586, 14 Still fast friends with Satriet, his father S’vet, comes to visit his son at the Harper Hall. However, S'vet, despite not actually ever having met Ysveta, calls her by the name, Sirana. Once he realises his mix-up, S’vet apologies for his mistake, explaining that she looked freakily like his daughter Sirana. After a lunch of lingering glances, S’vet asks who her mother is, and Ysveta informs him of the name that she was told when she was in the crèche, Yinaya.  It is then that all the pieces seem to fall together for S’vet, even if Satriet and Ysveta still haven’t understood what is going on. S’vet says that he thinks he is Ysveta’s father, remembering a couple night stand with Yinaya, and recalling vaguely her pregnancy afterwards, although, he had not made the connection back then. Ysveta was too involved with her studies to really spare any thought for her father, she didn't need his involvement in her life to be successful, and so she never really bothered to connect with him much more.

* 2587, 15 S’vet gets killed by Hunters in one of the first encounters with the terrifying creatures that inhabit Fort Island. Satriet and her relationship begins to strain, already Satriet had been distancing himself from Ysveta (although she was too focused on her studies to notice), and now the death of his father hit him hard. It was not the loss of S’vet that affected Ysveta, but the newfound distance of her best friend. Satriet was the only person who truly understood her, and now, for a reason that Ysveta can’t fix, he was running away from her, and so she throws herself into her studies even more and uses her tunnel-vision to her advantage to avoid the hurt.

* 2589, 17 After throwing herself into her studies, Ysveta is searched. Only a few turns away from the potential of being tapped, the decision to accept her candidacy was a wild one. Confused by the lack of Satriet in her life, she takes this one leap of faith, and decides also, to seek out her mother. After all, it’s never to late to have a mother figure in your life, especially if you need one. 

This was the day, she needed to find her mother. After asking around a bit in the candidate barracks with the more social and experienced of the candidates, Ysveta had a pretty good idea of where she could find her. She was a Prairie Wing rider, so Ysveta was going to look there first. Hopefully, she would be able to pick her mother out of a crowd, but having never really talked about Yinaya with S'vet before he died, she didn't really have an idea of what kind of person she was looking for.

It was the hair that she was hoping would stand out to her. When she had met S'vet, the first thing that had stood out to her was his tight blonde curls, so if her mother didn't have the same perfectly straight her as her, she would probably question the truth of her parentage.

Deep breath. It won't be weird. Hopefully she wants to know about her children, because Ysveta... needed someone to talk to about why she was here, and what being a dragonrider was all about. But if Yinaya didn't want to know about her, she would steel her nerves and walk away, it was just something that she would have to move on from.

Ysveta's head snapped up from where she had been staring at the ground thinking, tapping her hands against her thigh in her anxiousness, the riders were back from their drills, landing in the middle of the Weyr bowl to gather for a final send off it seemed. She stood, her fingers still playing at her thigh, her eyes trained upon the group, waiting for them to disperse.

Member Info...

Created By:
Other Characters:
Inactivity Preference:
Adoptable or NPC (depending on what Sanctified wants for Yinaya's babies)
Mauling Permissions:
Bring it on!
Anything Else:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW

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Re: Ysveta [02.04.2572 // 9th Pass] Blue Weyrling
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2017, 10:00:57 PM »
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If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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Re: Ysveta [02.04.2572 // 9th Pass] Blue Weyrling
« Reply #2 on: September 15, 2018, 09:37:04 PM »

Image Credit:
Link to line art.
Colored by SirAlahn.
Dragon Details

[ OSS-kyth ]
(note the 'S' is soft, rather than a 'Z' sound)
Date of Birth:
24.06.2591 9th Interval.
Place of Birth:
Southern Winds Weyr
Clutch Mother:
Clutch Father:
Mature Length: 26.8M
Mature Height: 5.9M
Mature Wingspan: 38.2M

General Appearance...

Oskith looks like he got caught in a snow storm. Most of his body is a dark, dark blue, nearly the color of the night sky -- though his underbelly does lighten to a deep cobalt. His wings are an even darker shade at the outward edges, and for most of the membrane, only fading toward a frosty, incredibly pale blue near to the bones. However, his wingsails are also speckled with flecks of that same icy hue, rather like snowflakes scattered against the dark. On the rest of his body, he carries some softly smudged patches of that same ice blue, most prominently on his feet, breast, tailtip, wing bones, and face. He also carries a very faint speckling on his shoulders and the back of his neck.

In terms of build, Oskith is of average length for a Blue. Despite that he's very tall, giving him an almost stretched out appearance with long, spindly legs. Unfortunately, his wingspan does not match his height -- it's instead remarkably short for his size, making sustained flight difficult. He has to beat his wings a lot more than similarly-sized dragons to stay in the air, since they are not proportional to the rest of his body.


Mind Voice: Oskith's mind voice is crisp and precise, his words well-enunciated and measured. He manages to do it without sounding stiff or stilted or cold, his inflection still emotive. There's an almost glossy feel to his presence, like unmarred lacquer on an instrument, and Oskith conducts himself at all times as a well-polished gentleman with good manners.

Complicated Problems : Oskith loves nothing more than a good puzzle, and he takes a great amount of joy in not only the solution but the process of getting there. He thrives on both hypotheticals and practicals, so long as they're interesting enough to be a challenge.

Causes : Above all, he wants him and Ysveta to be part of something bigger. They don't have to pick a hill to die on, but he wants to contribute, along with her, more than just the standard Wingrider duties. Whether that's teaching, becoming Search riders, or even just helping out with the Creche children, Oskith wants to have a purpose.

Outliers : Oskith wants things to fit neatly into boxes. It bothers him when something doesn't, and he will dwell on it until he figures out how to classify it -- even if it's just him forcing the thing to fit a mold it doesn't completely match.

Immaturity : There's little he can stand less than someone acting childishly. If they're an actual child, that's different. But if you're an adult and act like a Crecheling? Well, then he won't engage with you until you decide to be a little more mature.


* INTERPERSONAL INTELLIGENCE : Capable of great empathy, Oskith just gets people. Throughout his life, he'll help his rider navigate social interactions without making her feel alienated. After all, the way she thinks is the only thing he'll ever know. He'll just play translator and help her judge the boundaries between honesty and tactfulness. But Oskith will never let Ysveta think she's inferior for processing things differently than other people.

* MULTITASKING : As organized and precise as he is, Oskith would have made a good personal assistant. Rather than manifesting as a lack of focus, he is incredibly focused -- just on a lot of things. He's naturally good at juggling schedules, responsibilities, and to-dos, but also knows the value of not being constantly on the go 24/7. In that, he'll be able to help Ysveta balance her needs with work and be all the better for it.


* EXACTING : Much like his rider, this Blue is also a perfectionist. He wants everything to be done just so, and gets annoyed when things don't go according to plan. His standards for other people are very high, and he expects theirs to be too. Oskith will always want to make sure that he and Ysveta are living up to their own ideals.

* SLEEP : Oskith isn't a lazy dragon, per se, but he's not convinced on the issue of staying up late. This may be a bit of a struggle for him at first, as he tries to adapt to Ysveta's night owl tendencies. Eventually, the two of them will have to work out that balance -- because Oskith is never going to be good at staying awake very long after sundown. The later it gets into the night, the more likely he is to just fall asleep wherever he is and be nearly impossible to rouse.

Dragon Speech Code: This is what your dragon's voice will look like. Background: #001354; Text: #c6d9ff

Member Info...

Anything Else:
Ideally, Oskith will be a good ballast for Ysveta while still bolstering her strengths. Anyway, we hope you like him. :love:

Coded by SanctifiedSavage for SWW
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

SWW Staff
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