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Author Topic: Info Weaver Crafthall  (Read 984 times)

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Weaver Crafthall
« on: February 25, 2017, 11:57:52 AM »
Specialties and Professions
Leather Workers – These Weavers are the backbone of the Hall in terms of supplying clothing to the riders, they receive the measurements from the Tailors and proceed to cutting, and preparing the materials for the garments needed. Leather Workers must have a good knowledge of tailoring, tanning, and stitching.
Spoiler for Sub-specialities:
Dragon Saddle Makers - The specialist in the knowledge of all that encompasses the dragon saddle, from the straps, to the mechanism itself, these Weavers will be able to fit a saddle perfectly to a dragon.
Tanners - These Weavers are the ones with a knowledge of Wherry hide preparation. Whilst mostly the hide comes from the Beastcraft Hall in a good condition, processes of weathering, sealing, drying out and sometimes shaping must be applied by the tanners of the Healer Hall. Some Beastcrafters have also developed this speciality in their own hall, and take off some of the pressure from the Weavers.
Rider Leathers - These Weavers work specifically with the dragonriders to produce the safest leathers for their fights against thread and their journeys between. Since the end of the pass, some of the protective measures against thread have been discarded, but no rider will forget the cold of between, so the insulation features of rider leathers are still enforced.
Belt Makers - A relatively easy specialty and is usually paired with another leathercraft specialty or Cobbling, but is important to the weyr and supplies large quantity orders for the weyrfolk.
Fur Workers - Fur workers have the same issues as regular leather workers for shaping and sewing, but they also have to know how to do so without damaging or displacing the fur for an overall good feel and appearance. Mostly they make the bedfurs for the weyr, but in old times clothing was also made and the art is still passed down in theory.
Tailors – These weavers have the most complete knowledge of the way cloth and leather hang on the body. They must be good with numbers, a variety of cloth types and human anatomy.
Dyer - These weavers must know the insides and outs of the different dyeing concoctions that can be made with Southern Winds Weyr’s current resources. Their speciality has undergone some major changes in the past few years as they have adapted to the lack of resources allowed to them. They are also in charge of dyeing the knot strings to their correct shades.
Garment Decorators - These Weavers have an eye for detail, and a steady hand. They are who the Hall turns to when a special commission is made, as they know what looks good and what doesn’t. They have a flair for the creative perhaps more so than any of the other specialities. Unfortunately for the weyr, lack of materials allows this craft little freedom at this time, and most Decorators are only allowed to use offcuts of other material, thus very few are considered good enough to specialise in this area.
Spoiler for Sub-specialities:
Embroidery - Those who become embroiderers usually show special promise in Stitching 101.
Loom Builder - Closely aligned with the smithcraft/technician craft but has been maintained by the Weavercraft since the AIVAS disaster, loombuilding is hard with the current materials but the Weavercraft is making do with old looms that have been carefully maintained from mainland Pern, or managed to snag some of the early wood from before the big Hunter attack.
Cloth Weaving - Without Cloth Weavers, there would be no cloth for the Weavers to work with on any accounts. These Weavers must have a knowledge of cotton and it’s various difficulties and understand how to weave it into a usable cloth. Since the addition of new plants at Fort Weyr, even though they are hard to collect with the threat of Hunters, as well as the slow rise in beast numbers, additional flax based (linen) and wool based clothing has been added back to theory classes.
Spoiler for Sub-specialities:
Thread Weaving - Basically the same as clothmaking classes but for the specific difficulties of different thread types.
Bandage Weaving - The making of the different types of bandages needed for the Healer Hall. These range from compression bandages to sterilized cloth for stuffing wounds to general high-porosity, reusable cloth for dressing.
Cordwainers/Cobblers - Working closely with the leather workers, these are the Weavers that make all the riding boots and sandals for the Weyr and it’s inhabitants.
Knitters/Crocheters - Although the threadweavers are mainly in charge of making the yarn, knitters and crocheters need to know the basics of how to make, purify and preserve yarn in a variety of sizes, as well as how to make a variety of garments or blankets.
Rare/Lost Crafthall Specialties
Room Decorators - With the lack of materials available to everyone, room decorators are few and far between, they simply do not have the materials to give everyone a rug and a tapestry. They have mostly been put to use with the Cloth Weavers, creating privacy screens for the Weyr, however, the Rug Weavers have been slowly gathering speed to civilise they weyr from the harsh discomfort of cold stone on bare feet.
Spoiler for Sub-specialities:
Rug Weavers - The weaving and maintaining of thick fabric rugs, either by hand or by loom.
Tapestry Makers - Once considered a specialty all of its own, given its use to all the halls as records of historical places, events and machinery, the art has taken a great hit with the lack of materials. Instead Stone Carving as taken up residence as the large scale artform, some Weavers who specialised in this trade before the fall of the original Weaver Crafthall have teamed up with Harpers and Smith/Miners to preserve the focus of the art, but the tapestries themselves are no longer being created.
Lace maker - Considered a subset of Garment Decorators, but also employed for use in Room Decorators, this art is simply too delicate to be of use in the current days of the weyr. It is still studied in theory but is rarely practiced.
Silk Weaving - All of the properties of raising, caring for, extracting, purifying, weaving and preserving the silkworms and the silk itself. In current day, the silkworm population is low, not nearly enough to be maintaining silk production for material making, however a steadfast few Weavers are keeping the population going in the hope that one day the silk can be harvested. These weavers are at the very least Sr Journeyman, and no one of lower rank will be allowed anywhere near the silkworm cave. The current Craftmaster is the main proponent of saving the silk art, and it will be he you answer to if you mess with the silkworms.

The Weaver Caves
The Dyeing Room – The largest of the caverns allocated to the Weaver craft, this room has a number of deep pools of water, temperatures ranging from boiling to hot, which are used to soak and set the dyes. This was a natural cavern that has been enlarged, most of the pools of which are naturally fed, but some are too hot to be proper bathing pools, as such the cavern was allocated to the Weavers. A number of smaller pools were hand-carved by the Miner and Smith craft and they are filled with cooler water for the rest of the dyeing and washing processes. This room is often hot and unpleasant and filled with a variety of aromas that make it a task for the strong of stomach and mind.

Along the back wall of the cavern sits a small garden with the plants and fungi necessary for the colours of the dyeing process.

Sewing Caves
Off to the side of the dyeing rooms, there is a set of small office spaces, separated from the walkway by long curtains. These rooms could fit anywhere from 6 to 14 weavers at a time, with long central benches and shelves dug into the rock walls filled with sewing supplies. Usually these rooms would be filled after breakfast, and the sounds of laughter, singing and general shit talking would fill them and spill into the hallway. All of the sewing caves are well lit, the extra expenditure of glows is considered worth it for the Weaver craft as long as their in the caverns.

One of the smallest Sewing Caves is set aside for the Craftmaster, it has a desk for paperwork on one side of the room, and a desk for sewing on the other.

Apprentice Cavern
The apprentice cavern takes the same shape as the general sewing caverns, but has the desks shaped not in the standard long table, but in smaller square tables so that apprentices are grouped together to encourage teamwork and efficiency.

The Dry Cave
The dry cave is ampitheater in shape with lines of either stone, wood or string to hang the variety of materials the Crafthall works with to dry after creation, dyeing or washing. This cavern has a variety of natural wind tunnels, that constantly create and eerie whistling noise, clearing the cave of moisture and allowing the materials to dry at a relatively fast pace for the underground setting.

It is considered a punishment to be sent to check the materials in the drying cave, and the place is the center of many Weavercraft superstitions, even though Southern Winds Weyr is so recently founded.

Silkworm Castle
Technically it’s just a small cavern of the personal weyr of the Craftmaster, who is the main proponent of saving the silkworms. But, it’s also another place of mystery and superstition for the Weavercraft because of the off-limits nature of the silkworms.

Apprentice Classes
Given the lack of ready supplies for the Weaver Hall to practice their craft with, the beginning of young apprentice study is theoretical. Over the years, the practical component of their craft is built up, as they can be trusted more and more to produce usable goods from the practical classes. By the 5th turn of study, all apprentices should no longer be taking theory classes, and will be assisting Journeymen and Masters with whatever duties they need, whilst continuing to take practical classes.
Specializing is often done starting with the 5th turn of apprenticeship.
Class Subjects
Note: The basic classes apprentices will take in first year are considered open classes. If weyr or hold folk, or even dragonriders sit in on classes to learn the basics, this is perfectly acceptable, but unlikely that they will be allowed to participate in practical classes. This is to ensure that weyr and hold folk can do their own mending and sewing to take some pressure of the Weaver Hall and so that in future, when the craft halls are restored to their former glory, the hold and weyr will be relatively independent from the hall, which will allow for focus on inventing and creating.

Stitching 101 (the most basic of all courses, not continued after 1st year)
Spoiler for Note::
If an apprentice cannot pass the requirements of this class within the 1st year of their apprenticeship, they will be dropped from the Weavercraft. Unless there are extenuating circumstances in which an apprentice is kept on specifically for a specialisation that does not involve stitching, which can only be done with the express permission of the Craftmaster, and with the endorsement of a Sr Journeyman or Master of that specialty.
Decorative Arts
Loom Building
Human Anatomy
Dragon Anatomy
Leatherworking 101
Dyes and their beginnings
Shoes and their components
Leathercraft - shaping, curating etc.
Shoemaking and fitting

Apprentice Schedules
In any practical class which an apprentice has not been deemed ready to partake, they will simply watch and learn. They are still to attend all classes, regardless of current skill level.
Turn 1 and 2
7:00am Breakfast
8:00am Class 1 – Theory
10:00am Class 2 – Theory
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Class 3 – Practical
3:00pm Chores
5:00pm Dinner
6:00pm Class 4 – Theory
7:00pm Own time
10:00pm Lights out
Turn 3 and 4
7:00am Breakfast
8:00am Class 1 – Theory
10:00am Class 2 – Theory
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Class 3 – Practical
3:00pm Chores
5:00pm Dinner
6:00pm Class 4 – Practical
7:00pm Own time
10:00pm Lights out
In 5th year all apprentices must have passed all theory classes.
Turn 5
7:00am Breakfast
8:00am Class 1 – Practical
10:00am Class 2 – Practical
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Class 3 – Specialty
3:00pm Chores
5:00pm Dinner
6:00pm Class 4 – Practical
7:00pm Own time
10:00pm Lights out

In 6th and 7th year apprentices will either progress to only specialty classes or will maintain general practical classes as well as specialty classes depending on the prominence of their specialty and on how time consuming it is.

Also in 6th and 7th year, depending on specialty, and with the express permission of a Sr Journeyman or Master, may take on extended projects with supervision instead of attending regular classes.

If an apprentice does not show aptitude to progress beyond the apprentice level, they may see the Turn 5 schedule for their foreseeable future. In classes they excel, they may do private or specialized study per the approval of a teacher, or classes may be substituted for chores or work in the actual craft hall. An apprentice that will not be tapped for Journeyman often knows and must accept this. Not everyone is cut out to be a journeyman/journeywoman.

Junior Journeyman
At the very youngest Junior Journeyman can only be tapped at 19 turns, and/or after 7 turns of an apprenticeships.

As a Jnr. Journeyman, Weavers begin to specialise under the tutelage of a Master Weaver or Senior Journeyman. Most weavers know once they are tapped, what specialisation they will choose. However, if they are undecided, they can use their time as Junior Journeymen in order to explore a variety of specialties. The schedules of Jnr. Journeymen are largely up to the specialists that they have chosen to study under and they may still/will probably still participate in the chores or upkeep of the Crafthall.

Senior Journeyman
As Senior Journeymen, weavers are considered an expert in their field. They have been taught all they can by their Master teachers, and now must learn the weaver craft by experiment with techniques of their own and developing new trades for the crafthall. Senior Journeymen can be voted to Master when they reach 40 years of age but they are not guaranteed Master rank. Some crafters will retain the rank of Senior Journeyman if there are already several Masters in their Crafthall of their chosen specialization or if they have not been voted into it.

Senior Journeymen may also choose to become assistant teachers of theory or practical classes rather than developing new techniques, but this also needs to be voted on by a panel of Masters to ensure the apprentices are receiving the best tutelage. This is beneficial to assist the limited number of Masters as well as maintain a stable relationship between the apprentices and the teachers if the Master is called away for a special assignment.

Master Crafter
Masters are considered the authority in their fields of specialization and in the Crafthall. They create schedules, mentor Journeymen, oversee Crafthall supplies and administration, and generally create their own work schedule. They’re expected to maintain respectful relations with the weyr and other crafthalls. Their job is half administrative, and half practical, most Masters running classes for the apprentices or being called away to work on more important commissions. They review the progress of of Senior Journeyman and decide what will be accepted into Crafthall Records, as well as deciding what apprentices will not advance. Masters only answer to the Craftmaster, who is senior amongst them and has the final say in all matters relating to the Crafthall.
Spoiler for Weaver Masters:
Leather Workers
Dragon Saddles: Total 1-2 masters
Current: Berlya
Tanners: Total 1-2 masters
Current: None
Rider Leathers: Total 1 master
Current: None
Belts: Total 1 master
Current: None
Furs: Total 1 master
Current: None

Tailors Total 2-3 masters
Current: None

Dyer Total 1-2 masters
Current: None

Decorators Total 1-2 masters
Current: None

Loom Builders Total 1-2 masters
Current: None

Cloth Weaving Total 2-3 masters
Current: None

Cobblers Total 1-2 masters
Current: None

Knitters Total 1-2 masters
Current: None

Room Decorators Total 1 master
Current: None

Lace maker Total 0 masters
Current: None

Worms: Total 1 master
Current: Gwinn
Other: Total 1 master
Current: None

This is a singular role, earned through vote by the Masters and held until the Craftmaster either dies, steps down or is voted down by 80% of the Masters, and holds the highest authority in the Crafthall. This person speaks for the Crafthall in all matters and oversees the overall running of the Crafthall, usually with the help of other Masters. It is their job to maintain the integrity and stability of their Crafthall in a desolate Pern, ensuring their Crafthall is well supplied, and always advancing.

Credited to RaynePOTM for use on SWW; Credited to Inki for use on SWW; Edits and additions made by SirAlahn.
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Re: Weaver Crafthall
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2018, 09:01:37 PM »
Tanner Hall

The Tannercraft in the past had been one of the more fluid crafts, one of the few allowing those to study the basics and then move on to their own halls and holds. Simply put, the Tannercraft was an official study of a skill which many Holders already had, and therefore, not many decided to dedicate their life into such a Crafthall as it was.

However, the knowledge of tanning was known all across Pern, and therefore when the Hall fell in 2546, it was easy enough for the Harper and Weaver craft halls to absorb their knowledge and crafters.

The Weaver Craft has now obtained the knowledge of working with the clothing and shoe creation side of the leather working, whereas the Harpers (along with their knowledge of the Printer Hall), have been able to maintain the knowledge of booking binding and such. However, at Southern Winds Weyr, booking binding is not an activity within which the Harpers are investing any resources, they have simply ensured that the knowledge is preserved.

Credited to Inki for use on SWW
This is the admin account for Southern Winds Weyr. All records, notes, and items of import come from here.

If you have questions, shoot us a PM @ Southern Records!

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